CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e24 Episode Script

Living Doll

The details.
Terrifying I think malibu barbie did it.
Well, then there's a lot more to barbie than just a pretty face.
'Cause this is a perfect half- inch- scale model of the room.
Three different views of the same dead doll.
Assuming that they're all dell foster kids, there's 13 of them.
I found a common e lementin all four miniaturesBleach.
Stunned by the death of former top- ranked junior middleweight lorenzo "happy" morales, whose body was found floating in a pool late last night at the sugarcane ranch brothel in bryant county.
Morales, best known for his ability to take a punch, was reportedly attempting a comeback to boxing.
hey, boss, heard you got a lead on another one of the dell fosters.
Just got an e - mail.
Raymond dell.
Died two years ago in some bizarre backhoe incident in rapid city.
That's good.
One less suspect.
Court order for another dell kid in old henderson- the 1621 water street- it just came through.
Are you up for a house call? I'll meet you there.
So, we've been trying to contact mr.
Dell for a couple of weeks.
Have you heard from him? No, but that's probably 'cause the rent's due.
See, around here, we mostly have the kind of tenants who don't like to pay their bills much.
this is the one.
I wonder why.
Trevor dell, open up.
Las vegas police.
You got my authority to use deadly force.
Hey, shut up and stand back.
Anybody home? This is the police.
Somebody likes it cold.
Vegas in may, plus global warming.
Hey, gil, we got a body.
yeah, control, this is jim brass.
I got a 419 at 1621 water street, apartment 2b.
What, you lose your interest in dead bodies? No.
But I'm afraid the miniature killer was here first.
two distinct lacerations- one on the forehead, one on the back of the skull.
Lividity is fixed.
Decomp is pretty well developed.
Air conditioning would have slowed that and accelerated mummification.
Body's been sealed in the apartment.
There's no insect activity.
So much for T.
Could be a couple of days to a few weeks.
Miniature killer? it's hard to say.
Haven't found a miniature of the scene yet.
Just this.
Clothes match.
The, uh, vic's a P.
Nurse, but there's no blood on the doll, and it's not posed like the body.
Bleach at the scene, just like the others.
Maybe this one wasn't planned.
Maybe the killer has to make the miniature after the fact, which is why it's so cold in here, to preserve the body.
I don't think we can rule anything out.
It's all yours, my dear.
comparing construction materials of the new doll to see if it's the same work as the others? - yeah.
- Is there any doubt? I live by the uncertainty principle.
The mere act of observing a phenomenon changes its nature.
So in trying to catch the killer, we've changed his behavior.
I'm certain we have.
what? A fingerprint.
Well, there was no physical trace on any of the other dolls or the miniatures.
Maybe he's finally gotten careless.
Uh, natalie? Davis? Natalie davis? You're next, Izzy delancy.
Hoity - toity, hmm? It's a real shame what happened to him, huh? Were you there for all that nonsense? Too bad, huh? you're a little lawbreaker.
Says here, you, uh, prefer to be paid in cash.
You like working off the books, huh? Good ol' uncle sam probably not too happy about that, huh? That'S because I - I Uh, uh, ooh, uh, uh.
you speak english, you got all your papers.
No, fine.
It's fine.
But in all seriousness, you wouldn't mind having your fingerprints done? See, we were lucky enough to get a contract for the municipal buildings downtown.
You know, mayor's office, police department.
But, you know, they require a background check for anyone going to work in that building, even temps.
That'd be okay.
Yeah listen, hon, you seem like a real nice girl, real nice, but we're called platinum maids for a reason.
I - I just don't see the sparkle.
No, I'm very good.
And I have exceptional attention to detail.
You clean in between the blinds? No.
More like memory.
I can see a room one time and remember where everything is.
After just one time? Okay.
Describe the reception area.
There's a lavender orchid on the reception desk.
It's top bloom is about to open.
A glass coffee cup with a chip on the edge.
A half inch of coffee still in the cup.
Cut glass bowl full of chocolate kisses - two gold, one purple.
A glass vase with a rose etched in the glass.
Three leaves etched on its stalk.
You sit tight.
I got some choices for you.
BATHROOM CLEANER Victim's cell phone and I.
Logs show no activity for the past 12 days.
So far, that's the best I can do for a time of death.
According to the doc, C.
Was cerebral hemorrhage due to multiple blunt force trauma.
The head injuries are consistent with the blood stains on the sink and the wall behind it.
It does suggest a struggle.
it'S kind of up close and personal for this killer.
Hodges ran fabric, paint, glue, and plastic samples of the trevor doll.
The materials were consistent with the previous minis.
No luck with that print? It was only a partial, not enough to put through afis.
But there were epithelials in the print.
Wendy's running dna.
Hello there.
Can I help you? I need to order a special part.
Well, why don't you just check out our spaceship isle.
I'll be right with you after I help this little fellow over here.
Look, you really need to buy these polyhedral dice.
Just in case.
You're always losing them, man.
I just come from the police.
They showed me your miniatures and they showed me some pictures of some dead people.
The cops know I helped you put some of that stuff together.
They know I delivered that package to the old lady's house, like you ask me to.
They think I killed, I killed all those people.
You didn't? Natalie, did you kill them? Did you kill those people? Yes.
Why? They're going to put you in jail, honey.
unless there's something else? If you had a good reason they'll listen to that.
Raymundo did he put his hands on you? Yes that smell and the old lady? And that pervert rock star? If they done something to you just tell me what it was.
Honey I know there's some people out there that deserve killin' and you you had good reason to kill 'em, right? Yes.
All right.
I want you to listen to me.
What you've done is done.
I can't fix that.
But I can still take care of you.
I ain't going to let the police get you.
But you got to promise me you won't kill nobody else.
Promise me you'll be a good girl.
Your special girl? That's right.
My special girl.
I promise.
You were the one thing I thought I'd done right.
I found a thriving miniature hobbyist community on line.
Sites where people meet, chat, exchange building tips, list stores they shop in.
So that's why you built this thing? I mean other than to creep us all out? Items like trevor dell's metal bracelet are difficult to make, even for skilled craftsmen.
I'm trying to find people who specialize in miniature metal work.
Hey, I got dna off the trevor doll.
The vic and an unknown.
There was nothing in codis, but the unknown was xx.
The miniature killer's a woman? Female serial killers are rare enough.
Delusional psychosis in women rarer still.
Well, "female" cuts the list down a little bit.
We could also narrow it down even further by cross-referencing the dates that trevor lived with ernie.
I mean, that's got to be enough to get the foster records released,right? family court judge is explicit "No fishing expeditions.
" We need to go in with a name.
come on down to schuster's hobby shop.
A whole world awaits you.
I'll be back.
I have to go see the shadowcaster of the forgotten realms.
Unless the female killer was an amazon, I kind of doubt a guy like this was justbeat around his own bathroom.
You have another theory? In the penny garden case, the victim was poisoned, then died falling out a window after going into convulsions.
In the barbara tallman case, the method of murder was gassing but was disguised by potential poisoning and suffocation.
You think I overlooked something? You know, I asked for an expanded tox panel.
It came back clean as a whistle.
take a look at this.
That little round spot is that discoloration consistent with decomp? Maybe not.
And idea what it is? No.
But I can find out.
- Hello,art.
- Well, hey,dr.
How's the, uh, miniature going? Coming along, thank you.
We found another one.
Oh, man.
He struck again? I think so.
By any chance, did you make this bracelet? Oh, yeah, I made that.
For a chick, man.
Uh natalie.
She have a last name? Uh, I-I didn't think to write it down.
"Paid cash.
Call cell phone when ready.
" It's the same cell number we already have.
Do you remember what she looked like? Late 20s, early Uh, brown hair.
Uh, she's kind of a skinny chick.
Weird how? I got guys who come in here trying to recreate civil war battles hoping for a different outcome.
I get the desperate housewives who are trying to build the perfect thanksgiving dinner.
Control freaks with social problems that's my bread and butter, but, uh, this chick, she hadcrazy eyes,you know.
Was that the last time you saw her? You know what? She came in a few days ago.
She yeah! She bought one of these.
Battery powered micro-motor? You just attach that to anything you want to animate.
Just like,uhlike this, see.
No one ever wins.
The nuclear streaming indicates that trevor dell was subjected to a significant electrical current.
The shock must have sent him into convulsions, resulting in several impact injuries.
He was electrocuted? From what? If I could tell you that, you'd be out of a job.
All the outlets in the bathroom are dead.
Must be on a separate circuit than the lights.
I just reset the breaker.
That do the trick? we're hot.
What you got? Possible burn mark on the tile.
If this is where trevor's foot grounded out, he must've been at the sink when he got zapped.
The outlet doesn't look scorched.
Looks like some burned skin.
The sink is still damp.
Hey, hit that crack.
I think we may have found the mini killer's booby trap.
hot wire's touching one of the metal brackets that's holding up the sink.
Sink is cracked, water pours in, touches the bracket trevor touches the water zap.
I see where it's been rigged.
Whoever tapped into this power line must've gained access from the apartment on the other side of this wall.
You saying the killer's the next door neighbor? Ivpd! Open the door! Hey, here's another one for you.
You sure, uh, get a lot of packages Oh! Oh, god! **Quit his day job to write the next dreamgirls.
Anyway, he didn't pay his bills and the power company shut off his lights.
So the genius steals power from his neighbor and ends up electrifying trevor's sink.
Yeah, another weird tragedy for the dell family.
Doesn't explain what that doll was doing there, though.
Well, the guy liked action figures.
Maybe his sister, the miniature killer, gave it to him as a gift.
- Grissom.
- Hey, grissom, it's sofia.
"Female dell foster child, first name natalie" was finally specific enough.
Family court just ordered cps to release her records.
Sorry, did I totally flake on an appointment? We're not with social services.
We're here to ask you about a foster child you had a number of years ago.
Oh, geez.
You can try.
We've had about You said we could watch dora, But simon's watching soccer.
Well, simon has tv privileges until 4:00, so tell him that now it's your turn.
Nicely please, thank you.
Her birth name was natalie davis.
She would've been about seven when she came to you in 1982.
Oh, '82.
My god let's see.
Let's take a look.
What did you get? Oh! Good for you.
Do you take a photo of every child? Every single one, their first night here.
I just feel like it gives them a sense of belonging right away.
Most of them come to us so damaged they don't know what it's like to belong to anything.
Here we are.
Oh, natalie.
Yeah, shy as anything until I tried to do her laundry and then she screamed her little head off.
Do you use bleach, mrs.
Wetzel? Have you ever even seen a load of kids' laundry? Of course I use bleach.
Excuse me a second.
According to child services, she only stayed with you a week.
Do you remember why? Yeah, a couple of nights into her stay, she climbed up to the top bunk and pushed another little girl out.
Of course we talked to her about it, but she did it again the very next night, almost broke her collarbone.
So you just sent her back? After a few dozen kids, you get real good at knowing the difference between damaged and broken.
And natalie was broken.
"Great rainone and his little bisque doll.
" Oh, that looks like the doll images from the miniatures.
What's a bisque? Fired unglazed pottery.
Her biological father was christopher davis, a ventriloquist.
A grown man who sticks his hand up the back of a doll and speaks like a girl.
Sounds healthy.
I googled him.
Who's chloe? Natalie's younger sister.
a tree house and died.
But her father's still alive.
And still performing.
So how do you feel today, chloe? I'm not doing so good, daddy.
Well there, what's the matter, doll face? Well, I feel like a hobo.
A hobo? Now you know what that stands for don't ya? That stands for "homeward bound.
" But, I ain't got no home, daddy.
Well now, that's silly.
Chloe, everybody's got a home.
Where do you live? I live in a box.
In a box? A box that's giving me a pain in my sawdust.
a pain in your sawdust? I got a pain in my sawdust that's what's the matter with me something is wrong with my little inside I'm just as sick as can be don't let me faint, someone get me a fan someone else run for the medicine man everyone hurry as fast as you can I got a pain in mysawdust.
okay, we're in a david lynch movie.
Where's the dwarf? As sure as the stars shine above you are nobody till somebody loves you so find yourself somebody get yourself somebody you are nobody, nobody yeah, that was my other daughter.
So, being a performer and a parent had to have been hard at times.
Well, my folks were in vaudeville.
It wasn't hard until my wife passed away.
Natalie was six and chloe was four.
It was, um, pepper and salt.
Darkness and light.
Within the year, my whole family was just poof.
What happened? Can I tell the story, daddy? Sure, sweetheart.
It was a sunny day in june.
And my sister who couldn't hold a tune was playing with me in our house in the tree Hi, daddy.
Hey, chloe.
I love you baby.
I fell to the ground with an awful sound.
A puddle of blood as big as the sea was all that was left of dear old me.
Had the girls been fighting? Chloe would never fight.
How did natalie deal with it? I don't know.
It was hard on both of us.
I tried for a while,but I just couldn't handle it.
I had to give her up.
The great rainone is in denial.
Of course,losing a child at the hands of another could do that to you.
You do agree that natalie killed chloe,right? Yeah,I was just wondering what it must've looked like to her.
Sara? Control,this is Jin Brass Yeah,we found sara sidle's car, but she's missing.
There's no sign of her.
Looks like an abduction.
Come on,sara,pick up.
Please pick up.
- Who was in my office while I was gone? - No one.
Just some girl from janitorial.
She went in,vacuumed,emptied out the trash.
That's all.
The doll's still alive.
That means sara's still alive.
Generic stretch of desert.
She could be anywhere in a four-state radius.
Let's just focus on the details.
There's always something to go on.
She has to make these in advance,right? But how do you plan a car wreck? There's no way to know how the car's going to land.
Unless you wreck the car first,and then put her under it.
- I think I got a vin number.
- Give me the first six.
Her name is natalie davis, and she works for our janitorial service.
- What? - Here in the lab? For over a month.
She's never been arrested, so there's nothing to flag on a security check.
She used ernie dell's address on her work form.
She has no home phone and no driver's license.
okay,I got it.
A 2007 red mustang totaled outside the trip wire bar six weeks ago.
Driver fatality.
Cawent to scrap.
Lead csi on the case-sara sidle.
Pull up the case photos.
my god.
She was at the crime scene.
So,she salvages the car, and somehow gets it out to the desert, and then grabs sara,and puts her under it? I don't get it.
What does sara have to do with bleach? I don't know.
This just feels different.
It is different.
This girl holds me responsible for the death of ernie dell.
I took away the only person she ever loved, so she's going to do the same thing to me.
It's not about a psychotic reaction to bleach, or some dead sister or the doll.
Notur little bisque doll Notur little bisque doll This is gil grissom at csi.
I need to get an attorney general's waiver.
She went out the window! She's headed for the alley.
I don't want to waste time screwing around with this nutcase.
I'm going to get some bleach and drip it on her until she gives up the location.
And they can't accuse us of police brutality for that.
I want to talk to her,jim.
My name's gil.
It's so nice to finally meet you.
I,uh probably shouldn't say this, but I'm a huge fan.
I've been a crime scene investigator for 22 years.
I've worked over 2,000 homicides, and you are by far the best I've ever seen.
I mean you're such a great artist.
And to be so young and so talented and so pretty.
I've thought about you every night for the last nine months.
I even tried to do what you do.
I built my own miniature.
You saw it?How'd I do? Do you play chess?I play as a hobby.
It quiets my mind,you know?Soothes me.
At one point,I became so consumed by it that whenever I closed my eyes, I could see the chess pieces moving all around the board.
I was obsessed with correcting all my bad moves.
I wondered if a game could ever be played without a mistake.
I'd love to play you sometime.
I'm so impressed by the way you embrace your passion.
You'd make a great csi.
This last one was brilliant.
You studied our crime scene so well.
Tracking the car to the junkyard and then towing it all the way out to the desert where you knew we wouldn't find it.
And then the way you killed sara.
I didn't kill her.
You didn't? This is about her.
Her,her,her!It's always about her.
- No,it isn't,natalie.
It's about you.
- It's always about her.
sad was the day for the little bisque doll, for they cut all her stitches away, and found the seat of the terrible ache t'was a delicate task natalie,listen to me-tell me where she is.
- For none of the doctors had ever before - natalie - performed on a dolly's inside.
- Please tell me where sara is.
They tried to restuff her "but didn't know how, - and this was her wail as she died - stop it!Just stop this! Tell me where sara is! I've got a pain in my sawdust.
That's what's the matter with me.
Something is wrong with my little inside.
I'm just as sick as can be.
Don't let me faint.
Someone get me a fan.
Someone please run for the medicine man.
Everyone hurry as fast as you can, 'cause I've got a pain in my sawdust.
To Be Continued