CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s08e01 Episode Script

Dead Doll

Previously on CSI: Her name is Natalie Davis.
She works for our janitorial service.
This girl holds me responsible for the death of Ernie Dell.
I took away the only person she ever loved so she's going to do the same thing to me.
Sara? Stop this! Tell me where Sara is! All units,444 in progress.
Still no response from C-27.
WFA,five foot-nine,120,brown-green.
Last known location: parking structure at Imperial and Las Vegas Boulevard.
There are two cameras on each level.
This eye has the best view of Sara's car.
Now if we could just see what it saw.
Where are the damn tapes? Like I've been telling everyone, this is a strip mall not a casino.
The feeds go off-site.
My boss is bringing it right now.
You recognize this woman? No.
What about her? Yeah,she,uh,she eats at the veggie place a couple times a week,downstairs.
When was she here tonight? I don't know,like 7:30,maybe.
That's when she usually comes.
That givesata time frame.
I'll take care of the tapes.
There's a lot of landscape drawings.
The whole city's a desert.
Could be anywhere.
Warrick,take a look at this.
In those photos of Natalie observing Grissom and Sara at the crime scene,I never remember a sketch pad or a camera in her hand or anything like that.
You saying she drew this from memory? Well,maybe she's eidetic.
You know,a human camera.
The eyes snap a photo, scan it to the brain.
Sara's location is probably locked away inside of her head.
I'll take it.
Keep it there.
They found Natalie's car on Fremont Street.
All right,go ahead.
I'm not leaving here till I find something.
I just got off the horn with Search and Rescue.
We have three choppers in the air with night vision and IR.
The weather's getting cooler, so a warm body will be easier to find.
If Sara's under the car, the metal will conceal her.
Maybe she got out.
They've just issued a severe weather alert for north Las Vegas, so let's go right to Gina for the latest on these thunderstorms.
Three thunderstorms are converging and heading right for us.
So,up to three inches of rain.
They're expected to hit in the next eight hours.
Flash flood warnings have been issued for the city and surrounding desert areas.
CSI S08E01 Dead Doll, part 2 What do you know,Nick? Natalie's been spending a lot of time in the desert.
About a dozen different spots, all off the beaten path.
No roads,just general locations.
Hang on.
Warrick,how far was the last trip? Give me a second, I'm getting it right now.
Nick,get all those locations to Brass.
Tell him to focus his search on any destination within 34 miles.
She has wounds on her scalp.
Swab for DNA and trace.
No scumbag defense attorney is going to make their reputation setting her free.
A blow to the head can cause many things memory loss delirium dementia.
But not psychosis.
They wouldn't understand.
She said something.
She's not talking to you.
Or anyone else here.
This patient is exhibiting all the signs of a psychotic break: delusions,hallucinations, disorganized thought.
How long is she going toe like this? Days.
Any longer, we're looking at schizophrenia.
I promise.
Your special girl.
Did you find something? Taser barb.
It doesn't tell us where,just how.
Sara,we got an I.
on the miniature killer.
Her name is Natalie Davis.
One of Ernie Dell's fosters? Yeah.
Catherine and I just spoke to the biological father.
He says he put Natalie up for adoption after she shoved her kid sister out of a tree house.
Does he know where she is now? No,but with a name, it's just a matter of time.
All right,I'll be right there.
I'll meet you at the lab.
Sara? She went on Imperial.
Restrict your search to targets in the western desert.
Rain over a dry desert has really caused a lot of problems, one of the biggest storms we've seen over the past few years.
Mudslides are already a big problem for the Valley and most areas will be evacuated, especially low-lying areas, so stay tuned.
A zip-tie unlocked.
I think Sara got out of this trunk.
The speaker's completely ripped out from the inside.
She could have reached through and released the backseat.
And there's blood on the glass.
There could have been a struggle.
Yeah,but none of that's going to tell us where she is.
We need a store receipt or a parking stub, something with a location on it.
If she got out of this car,she might not even be in the desert.
We might be completely off base here.
Natalie completed the miniature.
I saw it in her eyes.
Sara is under that car.
Pollen spores off the bumper and Natalie's head both overlap in Red Rock Canyon.
Did you notify S & R? Yeah,they're on it.
Natalie Davis.
I know who you are.
I know a lot about you.
You make miniatures.
I've seen you before,right? You work in the lab on the cleaning crew.
So sorry about hitting you back there.
I guess,uh I have a fear of trunks.
In my business,you only find one thing in them.
We actually have a lot in common, you know? I was a foster kid,too.
I do know what it's like to be alone afraid that nobody's ever going to be there for you.
Ernie was.
Yes,he was.
That's true,Natalie.
I lost my father,too.
I know that Ernie loved you.
He would not have wanted you to do this.
Ernie loved me more than Grissom could ever love you.
Grissom? Oh,I know what this is about.
What did you put in the water? Natalie? Huh? Natalie? Natalie,what are you doing? Natalie what are you doing? Natalie? Don't do this.
Natalie? Natalie.
Natalie! You think she's alive.
You're acting like you're going to rescue a person, not recover a body,and on this job that's just not usually the case.
I was rescued.
It was not your day to die.
When it's your day,it's your day, you know? DESERT DIAMOND AUTO YARD 555.
0737 Hey,buddy.
I'm in a hurry.
This girl bought a red Mustang off our impound lot.
Yeah,couple of,couple of weeks ago, for,for art.
Who the hell is Art? No,she's an artist.
She thinks all this stuff is art.
Yeah,where'd you take it? I don't know.
It was dark,I followed the taillights.
Wait a minute,you towed a you can't remember where you took it? Well,w-what's going on? Look,you towed a car for a serial killer.
That makes you an accomplice.
You helped abduct one of my people.
Now,you either tell me where you took it or you're going to end up in the hospital and after that you're going to end up in jail.
What is it? Come on,focus.
Um Ice Box Canyon.
All right,h-hey,look,look.
Look,this is a map.
Show me on the map.
To the left.
Down there.
That's it,that's it,that's it.
Control,Air Three.
We are 20 miles west of the 159, near Ice Box Canyon.
Red-colored vehicle spotted.
Fits the description.
Sara Sara Nick! She's not here.
Okay,that's good news.
Guys,park rangers said there's some roads on the other side of this basin.
We're gonna go scout them.
Allright, I'm going with her.
Catherine! I got shoe prints! She got out from under that car.
Everyone, listen up.
We're searching on foot.
I'm not seeing any more footprints, are you? No.
I think we just lost the trail.
What? This is better than a footprint.
Good girl.
You see another one? Oh,no.
What? Oh It's not her.
His name is Matthew Hoffan.
Ranger said he checked in at a trail head 3 days ago.
No one's seen him since.
Ok, thanks.
Park Service issued him a camping permit.
He was supposed to hike out this morning.
Must have got caught in the flash flood.
Couldn't make it to higher ground.
Where is she,Catherine? It's 110 degrees.
She's been out here all day, without water.
She's disoriented,she's dehydrated.
She's a survivor.
Just keep going.
Don't stop.
Three times four is Keep walking.
Keep walk Four times five is 20.
Four times four is What is it? Sixteen.
Four times five Four times five four times five is 20.
Keep walking Keep walking.
Four times five is Get up.
Get up.
Don't sleep.
Don't sleep.
Don't sleep don't sleep.
Stay awake.
Stay awake.
I just don't sleep.
Wait,slow down,slow down,slow down.
What is it? Go that way.
Sara Sara, it's Nick, can you hear me? I can't get a pulse.
We found Sara.
North on the 159 at Turtlehead Peak.
We need a med evac out here right now.
Don't worry,we're going to get you out of here,okay? They're coming for you now.
You're going to be okay, Here! What have you got? Female,35,unconscious.
She's been in the sun all day, about 15 hours.
Can we get a blood pressure? - What's her name? - Sara.
Get that oxygen going.
- How is she? - Put her on 15 liters.
Give me an I.
prep tag.
Possible fracture,left arm.
Copy that.
How's the back look? Anything? Cervical's good,spine's good.
Prepare to move.
Hold this.
Get the arm in there.
On my count.
Let's go Where are you taking her? Desert Palm! Move over! I'm going with her! Switch off the oxygen.
Desert Palm,inbound.
Six minute ETA.
35-year-old female, obvious heat exposure, obvious fracture of left radius ulna.