CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s08e05 Episode Script

The Chick Chop Flick Shop

Cut! Cut! Damn It! Can Somebody Please Get Her A Glass Of Water?! What Happened? Babe? What Are You Doing? Are You Choking On The Blood? I Did What You Told Me To.
Yeah, But This Time, Get It On Her Face, Not In Her Mouth.
The Mouth Is Part Of The Face.
Yeah, I Know, I Know.
But Hit Her From The Side, From The Side.
And Get Plenty On The Rack.
We're Dying Here.
I'm Going To Go Ring It.
All Right.
Hey, Grab Me A Bear Claw.
How Long Have I Known You, Huh? This Is You And Me.
Get The Shot-- Not Too Tight.
Wide Enough To Fit In The Fun Bags.
Baby-Cakes Where Was I? Want Me To Laugh? Don't Laugh.
You Were Scary.
Get Away.
Honey, This Time, Don't Inhale The Blood, Okay? All Right, Let's Get Her Cleaned Up.
- Let's Shoot This Bitch.
- Oh Not You, Baby.
The Shot.
The Shot's A Bitch.
I Love One-Ers.
And You Know What Else I Love? I Love Sushi.
Do You Want To Go For Sushi? Our Lead Actress, Weatherly Adams, Had Her Dressing Room Violated Last Night.
So She's The One You Suspect Is Missing? She Missed Her Call This Morning.
The Woman Is Nothing If Not Professional.
She's Predictably Precisely 35 Minutes Late Every Day.
You Could Set Your Watch To It.
She's Already Three Hours Late and Still No Sign.
Nothing To Worry About, Gentlemen.
It's Just A Bad Bulb.
If You Will, Please, Follow Me.
Here We Are.
Check Out The Flowers In The Vase.
"Congratulations On Your Last Film.
" Any Idea Who Sent Her These, Mr.
Vespucci? Stalkers, Creeps, Cranks, Nut Balls, Degenerates-- We Get Them All Here.
Weatherly Attracts Them Like Flies.
These Are, Uh, Some Of The Guys We've Had Trouble With In The Past.
I'll Take That.
When Was The Last Time You Saw Her? At Wrap Yesterday.
We Shot All Night, Finished About 4:00 In The Morning.
Did Anyone See Her Leave The Building? Her Car's Still Parked Out Back.
This Hers? - Hi, It's Weatherly.
- Yeah.
Leave A Message Or I'll Scream.
Wallet, Keys, And Cell Phone Still In There.
Still No Answer On Her Home Phone.
I'll Send A Patrol Car To Her House.
You Said There Was A Break In, Why Don't You Show Me? Ah, Weatherly How Has She Died For Us, Let Me Count The Ways.
Bludgeoned, Boiled, Filleted, Defenestrated, Decapitated, Disemboweled, Oh, Yeah, And Strangled With Her Own Intestines.
Autopsied While Still Alive.
Made To Eat Her Own Liver, Fed Slowly Through A Tree Chipper, Roasted And Served On A Bed Of Belgian Endive.
When Weatherly Adams Dies, It's Money In The Bank.
Here You Are, Gentlemen.
Looks Like Somebody Broke The Glass, Reached In, Unlocked It And Opened It.
Yeah, That's The Way I Found It When I Got Here This Evening.
Uh, Jim I Got Her.
And I Believe She's Died For The Last Time.
"I Have To Axe My Mother" Whoever stuck around this poster Was Trying To Send A Twisted Message.
Either That, Or The Killer's Got A Wicked Sense Of Humor.
Lividity Is Fixed Along The Anterior Aspect, And She Is Still In Full Rigor.
She Was Last Seen Alive About 15 Hours Ago.
No Panties.
I'll Do An S.
"The Horror.
" The Horror Huh? Bra-Brando? Brando From Apocalypse Now? Oh, Yeah, Yeah.
I Know, Dave.
Everybody Knows That.
I'll Get The Gurney.
Looks Like The Lady Lost A heel.
There's A Whole Lot Of Something Here, But It Doesn't Really Look Like Blood To Me.
No, It's, Uh, It's The Wrong Color.
It's Too Red.
Smells Sweet.
Karo Syrup And Food Coloring-- It's Prop Blood.
And I Am Not Seeing Any Prints.
It's Been Wiped Clean.
The Question Is, Where Does The Fake Blood End And The Real Blood Begin? Now, I Know This May Come As A Shock To Most Of You, And I'm Sorry For Your Loss.
I Understand That Weatherly Adams Was A Long-Time Member - Of This Company - Well, Do You Have A Suspect? Uh, Sir, We Just Found The Body About An Hour Ago.
We're Just Beginning Our Investigation.
Yeah, I Get It, I Get It.
I Mean, It Could Be Anyone.
Now, I'm Going To Have To Look At Your Ids And I'm Going To Take Statements And Fingerprints From All Of You.
And I Thank You In Advance For Your Cooperation.
Anything We Can Do To Help.
- So What Am I Supposed To Do Today? - Edit.
Excuse Me, Mr.
Do You Think That It Would Be All Right If We Were To Continue To Shoot No.
I Want That Little Twerp Zarco Found And Locked Up.
Uh, Who Are You? Vincent Lafoon.
This Is My Brother Mason.
We Own This Place.
Who's Zarco? Oliver Zarco.
He Used To Work Here.
He Had A Thing For Weatherly, And Then He Got Hurt, Blamed It On Us, Went A Little Nuts.
He Was The One Who Got He Was The One Who Sent The Flowers And The Note.
So He's Done This Before.
- Yeah, Like, Three Times.
- Would You Shut It? Three Times.
He's Your Guy.
Do You Have Video Surveillance By Any Chance? Yeah, Only On The Exterior, But The Video System's Been On The Fritz Lately.
I Had It Repaired Three Days Ago-- I'll Get The Tapes.
Oh, Good.
Look, Just Find Zarco, Okay? Everyone, Come Together.
Um, I Can't, I Still Can't Believe She's Gone.
I Mean She Was A She Was A Real Beautiful Lady.
Let's Form A Circle And Touch Hands With Someone You Care About.
Yea, Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I Will Fear No Evil, For Thou Art With Me.
Thy Rod And Thy Staff, They Comfort Me How's It Going In Here? The Vase Is Clean.
I've Got A Spiral Notebook Filled With Dates, Times And Weights.
Looks Like She Was A Bit Concerned About Her Size.
You Really Don't Recognize Her? No.
You've Ever Seen Chop Chop, Fizz Fizz? No.
- Can I Lick The Spoon? - Please, David.
They're Classics.
Those Are Not Classics.
The Exorcist.
The Shining.
Rosema's Baby.
Those Are Classics.
You Know What I Loved About Her? She Really Made You Feel The Terror.
When She Was Scared For Her Life, I Was Scared, Too.
Zarco Tell Me About You And Weatherly Adams.
It Was The Happiest Time In My Life.
I Had Realized My Dream.
I Was Working In The Movies.
Though I Was Only In An Entry-Level Position, Weatherly And I Were Already An Item.
Just Like Julia Roberts And What's His Name.
We Were In Love.
hi And Then It Was All Over In An Instant.
Oh, God! Oh, My God! I Was In Rehab For Six Months.
That Slime Ball Lafoon Convinced Me Not To File A Worker's Compensation Claim.
He Said That He'd Take Care Of Me.
And You Trusted Him? Yes.
And Then, When The Deadline Passed To File My Claim, Vincent Offered Me Two Grand, Take It Or Leave It, And Then He Fired My Ass.
And I Could Have Lived With That, But But What? Weatherly Dumped Me.
She Felt We Were No Longer Compatible.
The Truth Was, She Couldn't Stand To Look At Me.
She Cried When She Told Me.
Actresses Can Do That.
The Smell Of Her Skin Like Fresh Lemon Poppy Seed Scones Baking In The Oven.
Gold Flecks That Danced Like Valkyries In The Emerald Depths Of Her Eyes.
Her Hair-- Oh, God Her Hair So You Started Stalking Her.
I Brought Her Gifts From Time To Time, To Let Her Know That I Still Loved Her.
Is That Against The Law? It Is If You Break In To Do It.
They Wouldn't Let Me In The Front Door.
So You Came In Through The Window.
Only This Time, You Got Caught.
You Argued.
She Told You Where To Shove Your Flowers, And You Thought To Yourself, "You Know, Do I Really Need This Aggravation?" So You Killed The Bitch.
I Think You Killed The Bitch.
Why Would I Kill Her? How Should I Know? Do I Know You? Listen, Zarco, You Whack Job, You'd Better Focus! You Focus.
I'm Trying To Explain To You.
I Haven't Been Near That Place In Over A Year.
You Got The Wrong Guy.
I Don't Do That Anymore.
I'm In Therapy Now.
Lots Of Therapy.
Freudian, Jungian, Gestaltian-- All That Crap.
I've Let Go Of My Anger.
Have You Seen Catherine Around? No, Why? 'Cause I Just Got The Dna Results For Weatherly Adams, And The Skin Under Her Nails And The Semen From Her S.
, They Both Belong - To Vaughn Krunty.
- Who? Vaughn Krunty, Aka "Zack Putrid.
" Who's That? The Titan Of Terror, The Sultan Of Slash.
He's The Movie Director.
I Just I Found Him In Codis For A Statutory Rape Charge In Laughlin When He Was 18 And The Girl Was 16.
Can You Believe That? What's The Matter With You? Nothing.
Go Tell Catherine What You Found, Make Sure That You Pull All The Old Evidence Out Of Storage In Case She Needs It.
That Looks Pretty Stupid, Doesn't It? Well, You Could Cut Out Earlier, Maybe Go To A Wide Exterior Shot, You Could Carry The Scream Over A Big Flock Of Birds Taking Off.
Yeah? Or Yeah Or Not.
Or Not, Just Bad Idea.
All Right, Okay.
Detective Brass.
Man, I Love That.
Detective Brass.
You're A Detective, And Your Name Is Brass.
I Can Use That.
That's Like A Cop Named Officer Copper.
Or A Tin Horn Sheriff Named Sheriff Tin.
- You Cannot Write That Stuff.
- Listen, Buddy Dude, I Know Why You're Here, Okay? Weatherly And I, Yes, We Were Knocking Boots, Man.
So, You Acknowledge Having Sex With Her? Well, Yeah, I Just Said I Had Sex Why Would I Deny It? Hey, I Bang All My Stars.
It Builds Trust.
It's Part Of My Process.
We Found Traces Of Your Skin Under Her Fingernails.
Maybe She Wasn't Into Your "Process," So You Raped Her.
You Find That Funny? Dude, You Gotta See This.
You're Gonna Love It.
Bring Up Double D.
Here Goes.
Hi, Baby.
Check It Out.
Oh, Yeah.
You're A Star, baby.
I Can't Believe This Is My Life.
Oh, Man, Oh, Man Come Over Here, Baby.
This What You Do All Day? Does That Look Like A Woman Being Taken Against Her Will? That Still Doesn't Explain How Your Skin Got Under Her Fingernails.
Weatherly Was How Can I Put This Delicately? She Was An Ass-Scratcher, Man.
She Liked To Scratch My Ass.
She Wasn't Pushing Me Away, Man, She Was Pulling Me In.
Brass, Look At My Ass.
Freaking Claw Marks.
Are You Trying To Make Me Throw Up, Mr.
Putrid? Oh, My God.
no way.
That Is So Cool.
I Can't Believe You Worked For Repulsion Pictures.
Well, I Did It On A Whim.
I Was Supposed To Be An Extra, But Then They Liked Me, So They Gave Me This Whole Featured Bit.
I Got 600 Bucks For That.
What? What? I Was Fresh Out Of College.
I Really Needed The Money.
I Don't Get It-- What's The Thrill Here? It's Always Hot Babes With Huge Breasts Falling Out Of Their Shirts, Getting Hacked Up I Don't Have Huge Breasts.
Mine Are Kind Of Medium.
But Perfect Ly Adequate.
Better, In Fact.
Uh, I'm Out Of Here.
Hey, Let's Watch It Again.
When I Removed The Axe, I Noticed That The Dermis Along The Margin Of The Wound Showed No Vital Response, Except In A Small Area On Both Sides Of The Center Of The Track.
The Cause Of Death Was Perforation Of The Liver, Spleen, And Pancreas.
But The Injuries Are Inconsistent With The Position Of The Axe Wound.
The Axe Isn't What Killed Her.
The Perforation Was Caused By A Sharp, Hollow, Cylindrical Object Entering Through The Lower Back, And Then Passing Upwards Into The Organs.
Like A Spear, Or A Pipe Of Some Kind? Perhaps.
If The Axe Was Planted In Her Back Postmortem To Conceal The Original Puncture Site, Then We Don't Have A Murder Weapon.
The Only Thing I Found On The Surveillance Tapes Was This.
That Guy Looks Familiar.
Oh, That's Vincent Lafoon.
He And His Brother Own The Place.
Well, Here's Where It Gets A Little Weird.
He's Trying To Make It Look Like Somebody Broke In.
I Think He's Framing Zarco.
If He Owns The Place, He Must Have Known About The Surveillance Cameras.
All Right? Why Would He Let Himself Get Caught On Tape? I Don't Know, But According To Brass' Notes, He Thought The System Was Down.
- So, We Found No Physical Evidence Linking Zarco To The Scene.
Vincent Knew He Had An Easy Fall Guy.
He's Been Playing Us The Whole Time.
Hey, You're Making A Big Mistake; You Got The Wrong Dude.
Yeah, A Lot Of Guys Tell Me That.
But I Didn't Do Anything.
Why Would I Kill Weatherly? She Was My Company's Best Asset.
Plus, I Liked Her.
She Was My Friend.
That's Him.
That's Zarco.
That's Your Guy.
What Happened, Lafoon? She Get Too Old, So You Killed Her For Real? Where's He Going? I Don't Know.
Probably Out For A Nice Dinner.
You're Letting Him Go? Are You Out Of Your Mind? We've Got Nothing On Him.
But I'm The One Getting Set Up Here, Me! Don't Let Him Go-- I'm Telling You -- You'll Regret This.
I Never Touched Her.
You Know It, I Know It, And They Know It.
You Killed Her, And You're Going Down.
Can I Go Now? Yeah, Get Out Of Here While I'm Still In A Good Mood.
So Long, Lafoon.
I Hope They Tear You A Big One.
What's Up? You Know, In The Slasher Movies, When They Go After The Dark-Haired Girl, She Always Dies? Yeah.
And The Blond Always Lives.
Aren't You Glad It Wasn't A Movie? I Think, Um I Think I Am Sick Of Having My Face Shoved In Death Every Day.
The Murder Rate Has Gone Up Every Year Since I've Been Here.
It's Totally Out Of Control, And We're Not Even Slowing Them Down.
After Examining The Crime Scene, I Determined There Were Between That's Less Than A Cup-- Of Weatherly's Actual Blood Outside Of Her Body.
Originally, We Had Assumed That The Axe Blade Had Sealed The Wound, That The Position Of Her Body Had Caused Her To Bleed Internally.
But If She Had Been Gored First By Another Weapon And Then Axed, There Would Have Been A Lot More Blood.
Right, Right.
So, I Compared The Initial Coroner's Report With The Last Entry In Her Weight Loss Journal-- Which Was Taken No More Than An Hour Or Two Before Her Death.
And Guess What? Her Body Came Up Light? Six Pounds Light.
That's Six Pints Of Blood At A Pound Each Nowhere In Or Around The Body.
She Was Moved.
The Trace From The Puncture Wound Came Back.
It's Zinc, Which Is Electrically Coated Onto Steel To Make Galvanized Pipe.
Well, We Should Go Back, Expand The Search Perimeter, Try To Find The Actual Murder Site.
I'll Get A Hold To Swing.
We're Going To Need Some Help.
I Heard You're Holding Vincent Lafoon On Suspicion Of Murder.
His Lawyer Called Me.
I'd Be Surprised.
Yes, The Guy Is A Bit Rough Around The Edges, But I Don't Think That He, Uh Hello.
Why Don't You, Uh, Take The Offices, And Ronnie And I Will Start In The Storage Area.
My Name Is Stanley.
But You Call Me Stan.
- Hey.
- Hey, Nicky, what you got? I've Got The Hat Lafoon Was Wearing In The Surveillance Video.
The Wear On The Strap Indicates That's It's Been Set Larger Like It Was Adjusted For Somebody With A Bigger Head Or Something.
So I'm Going To Get It Back, See If I Can Get Some Prints Off It.
Okay, I'll, Uh, Meet You Back At The Lab.
Dickie Jones.
And You Are? Busy.
How About After Your Shift, I Take You Out For A Cup Of Coffee? And I Could Tell You My Whole Life Story.
No, Thanks.
It's Just A Cup Of Coffee, Doll.
I'm Not Asking You To Make Love.
Not Right Away, Anyway.
You Know, I Could Open Up New Worlds To You.
Have You Ever Had The Back Of Those Thighs Kissed By A Man Who's Standing Up? So You Find Dwarves Funny? Sometimes, Yeah.
Come On, What Do You Say? Is It Because Of My Receding Hairline? I Don't Go Out With Persons Of Interest In An Ongoing Investigation.
Well, I Just Think You Might Be Missing Out, Pookie.
Don't Call Me Pookie.
But You Haven't Told Me Your Name.
- Catherine.
- Catherine.
Well, Catherine, We Little People See Things From A Different Perspective-- Things Other People Might Miss.
If You're Implying That You Know Something About Weatherly's Death, And You're Not Giving It Up, That Makes You, At A Minimum, An Accessory After The Fact, And That Buys A Long Stretch For A Stubby Guy.
I'm Just Talking, Doll-Face.
Why Don't We Leave The Nice Woman Alone To Do Her Work? Here's My Card.
If There's Anything That You Want To Tell Me As It Pertains To The Case Uh, Call Me.
Hey, Archie, Could You Bring Up The Surveillance Video From Repulsion Pictures, Please? Yeah, Got It Over Here.
What's The Best You Can Get Me On The Face? He Seems To Be Deliberately Looking Away From The Camera.
Take Him To The Window.
Freeze That.
Zoom In On The Sleeve.
Does That Jacket Look A Little Small For That Guy To You? Maybe.
I Measured The Height Of The Window.
It's Five Feet.
How Tall Is The Guy? Well, He's A Head Taller Than That Window.
Vincent Lafoon's Only Five-Foot-Ten.
This Guy's Six-Foot-Two, Six-Foot-Three, Easy.
And A Lot Rounder.
The Only Guy That Big In The Bunch Is Mason.
Catherine, It's Nick.
Listen, The Surveillance Video Footage Is A Fake.
I Think We Got The Wrong Brother In Custody.
I Think Mason Set Up Vincent To Set Oliver Up.
it's getting complicated.
Hey, Ronnie, Anything? No.
This Place Is Creeping Me Out.
It's Supposed To.
I Think We Just Found Our Murder Weapon.
Hidden In Plain Sight.
Catherine? I've Got Something Else Here.
Looks Like Weatherly's Missing Heel.
This Is Where She Died.
Ah, Damn.
Oh, Good.
Auxiliary Generator Just Kicked In.
And I Don't Have Any Service.
Mine's Dead, Too.
I'm Going To Get A Dolly For You To Move This Thing.
Photo It And Get It Back To The Lab.
Here you go.
Damn It.
Control, This Is C-147 Lake For C13 Willows.
Copy, C-147.
Stand By.
C-147, You Have C-13.
This Is Catherine.
Hey, Catherine, I Left My Cell Phone At The Studio.
I Need To Go Back And Get It.
Yeah, You'd Better.
They're Department Issue.
And If You Lose It, You Replace It.
Does That Include The Cost Of The Contract? Oh, Yeah.
I'll See You Later.
We Found The Pipe That Killed Weatherly.
It's In The Print Lab Being Processed.
She Was Killed On The Soundstage And Then Dragged Over.
We've Got A Warrant Out For Mason Lafoon.
We're Looking For Him Now.
Let Me Know What You Find Out.
What Do You Want? - Pookie, It's Me, Dickie.
- I Know.
I've Got Information I Think You Might Be Interested In.
Okay, Shoot.
It Has To Be In Person.
Where Are You? I'm At The Studio.
I Thought There Was No Phone Transmission From There.
There Wasn't.
Now There Is.
That's How It Is With Phones And Electrical Storms.
Look, It's Urgent.
Get Here As Soon As You Can.
I Just Came From There.
Why Didn't You Tell Me Then, You Annoying Little Man? The Situation Is Evolving.
If You're Screwing With Me, I Will To String You Up And Beat You Senseless.
I Look Forward To It.
Just Hurry.
That's You, Mason.
All Six Feet, Three Inches Of You Impersonating Your Brother, Which Makes You Good For Weatherly's Murder.
- You Did That One, Too, Didn't You? - No, No, No.
Nobody Killed Weatherly, Okay? - She Killed Herself.
- Oh, Really? What, She Axed Herself In The Back to death? No, You Don't Understand.
She She It Was An Accident.
She Tripped.
Good Night, Weatherly.
Good Night, Kid.
Yeah, Great Stuff Tonight.
- Have A Good Night.
- See You Tomorrow.
See You Tomorrow.
Whoa, Ah! Call 911! Call 911! Wait, Let's Think About This.
- No, But Stanley - Mason, She's Dead! This Time She's Not Coming Back.
We've Got So Many Health And Safety Violations.
If We Report One More Set-Related Accident-- Especially One Resulting In A Death-- We Will Lose Our Bond, Our Liability Insurance, Osha Will Shut Us Down, We'll Get Our Asses Sued For Wrongful Death, And That Will Be The End Of Repulsion Pictures! Is That What You Want? Is That What You Want?! No! He He Said "The Show Must Go On," Th-That Weatherly Would Have Wanted It That I Don't We We Didn't Kill Anybody.
But You Made It Look Like A Murder, And Then You Framed Your Brother.
Well, He's Been Treating Me Like Crap My Entire Life.
Yeah, But For That, You're Going To Send Him To Jail For The Rest Of His Life? This Was All This Was All Stanley's Idea.
Do You Realize How Much Trouble You're In? Look, Stanley Was The One Who Wanted To Frame Vincent, Okay? All I Was Supposed To Do Was Clean Up The Accident Scene And Pretend To Be Vince And Buy The Roses And That Was It.
The Rest Was Him.
If You Don't Believe Me, Talk To The Dwarf.
Why? What Did He Have To Do With It? Dickie Saw The Whole Thing.
And That Will Be The End Of Repulsion Pictures.
Is That What You Want? - Is That What You Want?! - No! And He's Been Trying To Shake Down Stanley Ever Since.
Well, That Would Explain The Animosity.
Control, This Is C-13 Willows, Trying To Contact C-147 Lake.
C-13, Control.
Stand By.
Hello, Dispatch? Hello? C-13, Control.
C-147 Is Not Responding.
Okay, Thanks.
Over And Out.
Catherine, It's Ronnie.
I'm Stuck At Repulsion Pictures.
I Need Backup.
- Ronnie - hello? Uh, I'm, I'm Coming.
- Just - hello? Just Stay On The Line.
Ronnie? hello? Ronnie! Hello? Dispatch, This Is C-13 Willows Requesting Backup To Meet Me At Repulsion Pictures.
You Gotta Help Me.
I'm Shot! I'm Shot! You Gotta Get Us Out Of Here.
It's Gonna Be Okay.
Keep Your Voice Down.
Do You Know How Many People I've Killed In This Place? Shh! The Irony Is Exquisite, But The Pain Is More Formidable, You Know? I Think The Pain Is Preventing Me From Enjoying The Irony.
Shh! Shut Up! But I completely For The Love Of God, Stop Talking.
Oh, That's Not Good.
I Should probably Stop Talking And-And Try And Relax.
That's Good.
Yeah, Stop Talking.
- But I Can't Stop Talking.
- Shh.
- I've Got That Thing That - shut up okay? i know.
- It's A Syndrome.
- Shh.
It's A Word There's A Word For It.
People Have It.
It's A Syndrome.
- I Can't Stop Talking.
- Okay.
Stanley Stanley, Don't Shoot Me Again.
I Don't Want To Die, Okay? You Already Shot Me Twice.
I Learned My Lesson, Okay? Sir, I'm A Csi.
Think About What You're Doing.
Put Down Your Weapon.
I'm Sorry, I Don't Think I Can Do That.
Are You Okay? Yeah.
I Really Loved Her.
I'm Editing Late, Like I Always Do, And I Hear A Shot.
So, I Go Outside And Check It Out.
Stanley! You Gotta Help Me Hide The Dwarf Before The Cops Come Back.
Dickie Was Blackmailing Us About Weatherly's Accident.
He Wants To Bring The Whole Company Down.
But You Killed Him! You Killed Dickie! What's It Gonna Be, Zack? You Gonna Help Me Here Or What?! Next Thing You Know, I'm Running For My Life.
And The Nut Job Is Chasing Me.
He Shoots Me, And Then I See The Hot You.
And All I Can Think The Whole Time Is, "Man, This Is Great.
I Could Use This Stuff.
" I Mean, This Is Life Imitating Art Imitating Life.
You Are So Beautiful.
You Are Your, Your Face Is So Expressive.
It-It Emotes.
You Do Terror So Good.
- I Wasn't Acting.
- I Know.
I'll See You.
Well, Hey, Listen.
If You Ever Get Tired Of Fighting Crime, You Know, There's Always A Future For You In The Horror Business.
I Mean, I'll Take You There.
Thanks, But I Like What I'm Doing.
Oh, Hey, The Offer's Still Good.
Okay, Thanks.
No, I'm Serious.
I Could Build An Entire Franchise Around You.
you me franchise call me.
That Is Impressive.
As The Woman's Throat Is Being Slashed, You Can Actually See The Entire Transverse View Of The Trachea.
That's All You've Got To Say? I Believe I Can See The Epiglottis.
Epiglottis? What About The Pathos? I Mean What About The Humanity? This May Be Weatherly's Finest Performance.
Oh, Just Watch The Movie.