CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s08e09 Episode Script


Hey, bro, I'm driving drunk, and you're lighting up a J? Maybe we should wait for those hell, dude.
Man, we're in Vegas.
Sweet potato Vegas! Whoo! Hide that! Hide it! Hide it! Get it out of here! Hey, hide that liquor! hÑ Hide the liquor! Hide it! Throw that joint out! Get him! Get him! Shoot him! Shoot him! Get out of the way! Hello? Hello? Unknown caller.
No call list.
Probably disposable.
Where's Warrick? We've been calling him.
There's no answer.
See what happens when you get in a high-speed chase with a garbage truck and end up with two dead bodies.
Where's the other one? I take it he came out of the truck? He flew out.
At least that's what every eyewitness tells us.
Well, city landfill is a couple of miles down the road.
What's the TOD, David? Nine, maybe ten, hours.
I got no ID on either of the bodies.
No ID on the truck.
I ran the VIN number and the plates.
They're not in the system.
Good luck.
Control Sanitation is the only waste company in Vegas.
If the garbageman works for them, his prints would be in the system.
All right.
Catherine, you and I got the bodies.
Greg, since Warrick's MIA, you have a choice: the truck or the trail.
I'll go for the fresh air.
Do I get a choice, too? Because, if you don't mind, I'm going to take the garbageman.
Be my guest.
I thought I told you not to call me on this line.
Maybe that's because I don't want to talk to you.
Are you kidding me? Why don't you ask the father of your unborn child? No.
That's stupid.
Don't call the lawyers.
Tina, don't call Tina! Tina! Don't call Tina! Damn it.
Hey, Gris, I'm sorry I'm late.
I had some business to take care of.
This is your business.
You were first up.
That means you're supposed to be here first.
You get to process the trash truck.
No problem.
But get it off the street.
Tow it to the impound yard.
CSI 809 ·­Òë: У Ô: ʱ¼äÖá:ÆÈÕ¥ þÈË×é&¾ÆÄÒ·¹´ü These coveralls are brand-new.
Your garbageman was in excellent shape.
COD is as expected.
Massive BFT due to his unfortunate collision with the T-bird.
And your other vic was in his late 20s.
He was definitely crushed by something.
Most likely, the garbage compactor.
Which happened postmortem.
Oh, it's always better to be compacted dead rather than alive.
He had petechial hemorrhaging.
I found white fibers in the nose and mouth.
Sent them over to Hodges.
He called back, confirmed they were silk.
I tried to trace garbageman's cell phone.
Like we expected, it's disposable.
So I tracked down the distributor.
It was paid for in cash under a bogus name.
But I did get an AFIS hit off his print.
Brody Biggs.
Former cop.
When was this taken? I contacted LVPD.
They said he quit the force back in 1980 with a perfect record.
Then what? Social came back to several different garages around town.
He was a freelance mechanic for 20 years.
All right, we got to get his personnel file.
What about the other vic? It's Jason Crewes.
off his work card.
He's worked at five different casinos over the last six years.
Well, it doesn't look like Jason planned on going anywhere.
I know a lot of people in this phone.
You do not.
Knows some famous people.
Or uses famous nicknames for his friends.
Did you see anything? Nick! I think I just found ground zero.
I think Jason was killed here.
Well, this would have been the perfect murder if Jason's body would have actually made it to the landfill.
Would have been incinerated.
At least now his mother has someone to bury.
He was alone last night.
We talked at about 3:00 in the morning.
He said he got off work early and was going to bed, and he'd call me when he woke up.
But he never did.
Have you ever seen this man? His name is Brody Biggs.
He's a mechanic.
Are you sure? We think this is the man that killed your son.
If he's a mechanic, maybe he worked on some of Jason's limos.
I thought Jason was a club owner.
He was a limo driver before that, long time ago.
Well, couldn't be that long ago.
Jason was only 27.
You have to be 25 to be a limo driver.
He had all kinds of fake IDs.
Drove his first long one at 18.
The owner of the limo company liked Jason.
Made him a VIP driver.
Celebs liked Jason.
He could take his clients to a Motel 6 and it'd be the hottest spot in town.
it Wasn't long before the club owners invested in Jason, made him a group partner, gave him his own spot.
Then two, then five.
Suddenly, he's running the whole club scene.
I guess I should say he ran the club scene.
He's not going to be running anything anymore.
I'll be damned.
Look at that.
The good old days.
Here's an ad for the Silver Slipper Casino-- buffet.
Back when they had real eggs, not powdered ones.
Hey, Gris, listen.
About me being late You have a cell phone paid for by the department.
You call, you say you're running late.
What's going on with you? I don't know.
This, uh This whole divorce has taken the wind out of my sails.
You know, I used to have the team to distract me from all this, but even that's changed with Sara being gone.
I feel kind of disconnected.
You've got your work.
Don't screw that up.
Van Halen, 1984.
Either this truck was delivering merchandise for a memorabilia store or it's just plain old.
Maybe that's why Brass couldn't find the registration record.
These old blue license plates were issued in the '80s.
I don't think this truck's been on the streets since.
I think this guy was disguising his truck.
It was orange before it was green.
They used to use orange garbage trucks in the '80s.
The hydraulic cylinder blew.
Maybe when he crushed the body.
Found this .
22 in the parking lot near the crash.
Check these bullets.
Usually used for shooting small animals, but in some cases they're used on people in place of a silencer.
Less gunpowder, less noise.
Look, if the garbageman had this gun, why didn't he just shoot the vic? He found Jason sleeping.
Why make a mess if you don't have to? Sounds le a professional hit man.
Well, if he was, we still have to find the guy who hired him.
??? truck back to The Regency, the company that made it.
The only model of that truck sold in Nevada was to a company called The Regal Sanitation Group.
They shut down in '83.
That explains the garbage.
Regal Sanitation was owned by Anthony Pezzulo.
I'm studying mob history for my book.
Pezzulo? Wasn't he the mob boss who owned the Starfly? SANDERS: They called Pezzulo "Whacko," not so much for his wacky personality as for his love for whacking guys.
GRISSOM: Until he himself got whacked at the onsin Dells in 1983.
Every mob-owned business in Vegas shut down when Pezzulo died.
These scumbags lay roaches.
Just when you think they're gone, they pop back up again.
Somebody put a hit out on Jason.
It couldn't have been Pezzulo 'cause he's been dead for 20 years.
Pezzulo's wife Kate got rid of Regal Sanitation right after he died.
She still around? She fell off the radar.
All I could find was this old photo.
WOMAN: I told you the truth.
You lied about your name.
The feds told me to forget I ever had the Pezzulo name.
I wasn't about to remember it for you.
My husband had more cops than capos on his payroll.
So you went into witness protection.
You changed your identity.
And then you stayed in Vegas? Feds felt we'd actually be safer here.
They thought if we left, we might suffer the same consequences as Anthony.
BRASS: Did Jason have any mob ties? Jason was three years old when Anthony died.
He never even knew his father.
The last time we talked you said you didn't know Jason's killer.
What about this guy? That's B.
That's the same guy.
is short for Brody Biggs.
didn't kill Jason.
There's no way.
He was Anthony's friend.
Friend? B.
was driving one of your husband's old garbage trucks.
Your dead son was in the back with the rest of the garbage.
How did B.
get the truck? I haven't seen.
in 23 years.
You got rid of the business.
What happened to the trucks? I gave that stuff to Lou Gedda.
The owner of Pigalle Boulevard Strip Club.
???? Of course, they were both on Anthony's crew,e but they would never Never what? Never kill your son and dispose of him in one of the trucks you gave him? When was the last time you saw Gedda? I haven't had any contact with him since Anthony died.
So you're telling me you haven't seen or spoken to Lou Gedda in 23 years? Gedda and I had an agreement.
He was to keep away from our family.
Forget Jason and I ever existed.
Obviously, Lou Gedda is not a man of his word.
This place has always been bad news.
My guys are in here at least twice a week.
Yet there's always a line.
Never underestimate the power of the ass.
Looking for Lou Gedda.
MAN: Yeah, come on in.
Who let you two up here? Just so I know who to fire.
Gold card.
Oh, yeah, those seem to work everywhere.
Got to get me one.
Ahh! I know why you're here.
And I don't know what to say.
I can't control these girls.
They want to leave with customers and do whatever it is they do, I can't prevent that.
Believe me, I don't like whores.
I like dancers.
When I find out they're whores, I kick them curbside.
We're not here about your girls.
We're here about this guy.
Yeah, works at my auto detailing.
But I tell ya, he's in here more, getting drunk and checking out the breast-est-es.
Well, you don't have to worry about him anymore.
He's dead.
Well unless you invite me to the funeral, what's this got to do with me? Tell me about Jason Crewes.
He brings me boatloads of celebrities, which equals boatloads of money.
I love the kid.
Oh, don't tell me.
You think Jason killed B.
? We think B.
killed Jason.
Now, see, that makes more sense.
When is the last time you saw Jason Crewes, sir? Last week.
How long have u known him? A couple years at most.
I still don't understand what this has to do with me.
You missing a garbage truck? Go again? Regal Sanitation Group.
Your buddy Pezzulo's old company.
Yoinrited the trucks.
So what? Jason Crewes' corpse flew out of one of your trucks earlier this morning.
Do you kno yhow much this club made last year? You think I'm still messing around with trash? And that's the end of this.
You want to continue asking me questions, U ????do it With my ??? BROWN: Here you go.
Thank you.
So you're the talented Mr.
Raykirk, agent to the stars.
Uh-uh, manager.
What's the difference? Uh, well, an agent gets ten percent and a manager gets 15.
Listen, I'm here in town for a film festival and I have to get to a screening, so you can you just, you know, cut to the chase? Jason Crewes is dead.
Um So he took you to Pigalle Boulevard in August.
Do you remember that? How do you know about that? I'm an investigator.
Some things I do know, but there's a lot that I don't.
Somebody put a hit out on your friend.
You want to help us out here? I have an agent friend who I work with who had a bachelor party out here, and Jason hooked us up VIP-style.
He took us to Moon and LAX and Drai's and then of course, naturally, we ended up at a strip club.
And everyone knows the best girls are at Pigalle Boulevard.
It couldn't get any better until the check showed up.
Ten grand? The manager said $800 a bottle.
We ordered five.
I hear you don't want to pay what you owe us.
No, no, no, no.
I just think you overcharged us, man.
This place is a rip-off.
And your girls? They're beat, overrated, and oversized.
Get it? I'm not paying.
Let's take a walk.
I'm gonna give you a minute so you can figure out what you want to do.
I'm cutting something.
But I'm gonna give you the choice of what it's gonna be.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I can slice you here or I can slice you here.
(sobbing) Come on, no, no, no.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
Come on, you choose.
I mean, I was never more scared in my life.
You know, he was so sweet enough to give me the choice of my throat or my genitals, so I chose the latter so I'd live.
Then he charged my card and escorted us out to the parking lot.
Oh, here's something really cool.
I left with a broken nose, some sore wrists, and some really nice bruises underneath my arms.
And I just should've given him the ten grand because I paid my plastic surgeon twice that.
And you told Jason about all this? Oh, yeah.
I mean, he gave this guy Gedda a call right in front of me.
Then he cursed him out and he told him he would never take anyone to Pigalle anymore.
Listen, I'm really sorry about all this.
But, um, thanks a lot for your time.
Oh, yeah.
By the way, if you're gonna prosecute this guy, I'm not a witness.
There's a reason that I didn't press charges, if you know what I mean.
Four shots.
Got an IBIS hit off that gun.
Unsolved murder in '93.
Victim was found in the desert.
His car was found at Pigalle Boulevard, the last place anyone saw him.
GRISSOM: Our hit man's good for two murders.
The unsolved in '93, where he actually used a gun, and Jason Crewes, who he suffocated.
So, who hired him? I have a good feeling he works for Gedda.
Yeah, but we don't work off feelings, do we? According to Mr.
Hollywood, Jason cost Gedda a lot of money, and he dissed him, which is more than enough for Gedda to order out a hit on someone, even if Jason is Pezzulo's son.
Any evidence? I ran Pigalle's address to find out if there are any more crimes linked to it over the years.
I found hundreds: The list goes on.
y consistent suspects? Only thing consistent is that the victims refused to file charges and the witnesses refused to give statements.
d it's funny enough the cops lost interest in pursuing it.
What are you saying? I'm saying it looks like Gedda is running an old school extortion racket, and you can't do that without having cops on the payroll.
Hey! I just want to talk! I got warrants, man! I'm not a cop.
I don't care.
You got a piece.
Calm down.
I'm not going to hurt you.
You live here? Pretty much.
What do you want? You ever see anybody get beat up inside? No, no, I never seen none of that.
Don't ke me pull those warrants, man.
Yeah, I seen guys get beat up.
This is Strip Club Strip.
Guys get beat up and down this block.
You ever see the owner beat up anyone? Hey, they let me stay here.
They're real good to me.
I didn't ask you that.
Lot of troublemakers, they come out of there and they get hauled off.
That's all I know.
What do you mean by "hauled off"? You goa warrant? Do I need one? I ??? Unless you're lookin' to get a detail job, you're trespassing.
What do you do with this? I burn meat.
What's up? Trying to get this warrant for Gedda's property.
I'm getting close though.
Check out these bruise patterns.
Hey, what are those? What? Those pills? Oh, they're supposed to keep me alert.
Really? Yeah.
How long you been taking those? I don't know, for a couple months.
Aren't you still taking those sleeping pills, too? What's it to you? So now you're taking uppers and downers.
Gimme a break, man.
No, you need to give yourself a break, Warrick.
Hey, let it go, bro.
No, I'm not going to let it go.
(pills clattering) What are you doing, man? You need to take a look at yourself, Warrick.
And I care because I'm your ??? All right? Yeah.
All right, tell me about these bruises.
BROWN: The 415 vic claims he got beat up inside the Pigalle.
Couple days later, he dropped all the charges.
And then there's the unsolved murder.
They find a vic out in the desert, but they find his car outside of Pigalle's.
Same bruise pattern.
Now we got this Hollywood agent who mentions that he also has bruises under his arms.
He claims that he was strapped to a barber's chair in Gedda's office.
That should be enough for a warrant.
BRASS: The judge doesn't think the bruises are enough probable cause to issue a warrant.
BROWN (on phone): What judge? Greene.
When I was running bets for Judge Cohen, she was in on the action.
I have no comment.
You know, these club owners-- they pay a lot of taxes; they fund campaigns; they hand out free drinks, all in exchange for protection.
I mean, what can I do? Go to the Undersheriff, see if he can use his influence.
But I doubt it.
Excuse me.
BROWN: McKeen! Excuse me a moment.
Judge denied me the warrant.
What do you want me to do? Get me the warrant.
Lou Gedda is getting away with murder.
All right, say that I get you the warrant.
What are you looking for, something that made armpit bruises? The barber's chair in Gedda's office made the armpit bruises.
I'm agreeing with the judge.
McKEEN: Grissom! You need to save your CSI here.
What he has is circumstantial based off of weird bruises and a barber chair.
Brown needs to get better evidence and leave the rest in our hands.
I'm sorry, leave what in your hands-Gedda's money? Listen to me.
Putting Gedda in jail is not gonna solve your problems.
You just got the rest of the night off.
Hey! (gasps) What's in the bag? All my stuff.
I'm just cleaning out my locker.
Show me.
Here, let me help you with that.
I'm sorry.
What can I get you tonight? Got any Dom Perignon? Mm-hmm.
What about Cristal? We do.
We also have DP Rose.
I'll take one of each.
Hey Hey! I'm sorry about earlier.
I thought you were carrying a dead body in there or something.
You're a cop, right? I'm Warrick Brown.
I'm Candy.
Nice to meet you, Candy.
So, you work here? Yeah.
What do you want? Everything.
Hey, cheers, girl.
Hey, let's get out of here, you and me.
I'm working.
Come on, I just want to ask you a few questions.
I don't go home with the customers.
Pay the bill and let's go.
How'd you know I was here? You've been here twice already today.
y We're leaving.
NE Come on, Gris, why don't you sit down ??? I'm on the clock.
So am I.
So you want to get fired.
No, I want to let them know I'm here.
I figured I'd order a couple bottles and not pay for it and see what happens.
You think he's that stupid? It's worth a try.
Here you go, sir.
Thank you.
Well, now you gotta pay for it, 'cause we're not allowed to accept gifts.
BROWN: I left my car.
I gotta get my car.
You gotta admit, though, once I get this done Get in the car, Warrick.
??? Go on.
Go home.
Sleep it off.
FL I'll see you in my office in the morning.
Hey follow that girl.
??? You don't give up.
Not tonight.
Irish whiskey.
What's your real name, Candy? Joanna Krumsky Joanna.
I'll stick with Candy.
So, now that we're out of the Pigalle, you can help me out with a few questions.
Good luck.
Anybody ever get heavy-handed with you over there? Not with me.
I'm a black belt.
Not even the owner, Gedda? Not even him.
So what about the customer? They ever get beat-downs? When the guys get drunk and start groping the girls.
That's not tolerated.
You ever see a barber's chair in Gedda's office? No, but I heard about one.
It's supposed to be Al Capone's.
Al Capone.
Yeah, but that has to be a rumor.
Mob guy with Al Capone's chair-- it's so cliché.
Gedda's like the last wise guy left in Vegas.
Guess that's his way of keeping his culture alive.
Scumbags like him don't have culture.
Scumbags like him started Vegas.
None of these lights would be here if it wasn't for them.
What's a hot young thing like you doing working in a nasty place like that? Money.
The hours.
The dancing.
How about you giving me that last dance of the evening? COME HERE ??? WHAT ??? JOANNA: Relax.
??? It's just for your protection.
??? It's just for protection.
OH YEAH RIGHT ??? I DON't ??? U WANT IT? ???? U BAD GIRL U ??? NOW ??? I LIKE ??? TROUBLE ??? I like trouble\are u scare DON"T Thanks.
No, no, no! You can't cross the tape! Not this time.
This is your car.
No! No! No, this is wrong! She didn't do anything! » Ó­¼ÓÈë