CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s08e10 Episode Script

Lying Down with Dogs

you were at the strip clubon official business earlier in the day, but then you went back on your own time later? I already told you,yes.
And that's when you met the victim? Are yo Ar any of this down? I first met Candyin the parking lot the strip club.
Later on,I talked to her inside.
Approximately how much money did you spendgetting to know the victim? it was part of an investigation.
- And that would bethe investigationthe Undersheriff told you to drop? - Yes You still on the modafinil and thezolpidem? No,I'm off them.
Did you take them yesterday? So,today is the first dayof the rest of your life,hmm? Dispatch said body at a dump.
Yeah,this is definitely not the city dump.
Nick? Greg? Kids were out here drinking beer,found the dead dogs.
Patrol unit came,responded and found the female DB.
Looks like animal bites on her arms and legs.
No purse or ID on her.
Okay,Dave,let's see what we got.
Whatever bit her must have been at it for a while.
But I doubt they tied her up and beat her.
Check out the contusions,ligature marks.
Disposing of animals like this is illegal.
Whoever dumped the vic must have known about the sitefrom dumping dogs.
It looks like he's moving up the food chain.
proudly presents Season 08 Episode 10 Lying Down With Dogs Hey.
Hey,could you do me a favor? Um,bring me one of the swabs? Sure.
What's up? There's some white trace on the soles of her feet.
You were at the scene.
Did you happen to notice any white material that might have transferred? Maybe.
I can't say for sure.
I mean,there were dead dogs and trash all over the place.
Excuse me.
- Would you help me remove her dress? - Sure.
Let's just roll her.
That look like a needle mark? I'll send samples to Tox.
****** So,in the course of developing this informant, you took her to a motel and had sex with her? That part was personal.
CSI Brown,in your mind,is there any distinction between personaland official? Have you guys bothered to call the motel? I checked in with a credit card.
I checked out around 5:00.
I called a cab.
Talk to the cab driver.
When I woke up,Candy was gone.
When I got back to the cb to pick up my car,she was dead.
No! Listen to me.
I did not kill her.
But I know damn well who did.
Lou Gedda to see you,Captain.
What's this? Candy's mother's phone number.
Her parents have already been notified.
Candy wrote it down for me last nightjust before she died.
That's why she came back to the club after her shift.
Her mother was pressuring her to quit.
Candy wanted me to call her,give her the talk.
It's exotic dancing,not stripping.
Show business.
Did you make the call? I don't get involved in family business, but I thought it might help your investigation.
How's this going to help me? How should I know? I'm just trying to be a good citizen.
- Hey,Doc.
- Hey.
I heard your band killed last night.
Really? Who'd you hear that from? My wife's second cousin.
Works in the mayor's officefor the budget and finance director.
He was at the country club.
Grooved to your moldy oldies all night.
They're classics.
So,uh,people were talking about me? What did I do? I know her.
Her name's Elizabeth Rodriguez.
She and her husband Felix were honored last nightbyhe Nevada Enterprise Association.
Humanitarians of the Year.
They opened that outreach center in the Alphabets.
They were dancing right in front of me.
She and Felix were very philanthropic.
I admired both of them.
Did they leave the party together? No.
He left first.
Do you remember what time that was? Sometime between "Louie Louie" and "You Really Got Me.
" Could you be more specific,Doc? Well,it was just before the end of our third set.
We broke at 10:00.
Just before that And she stayed? For a little while.
I didn't see herafter that.
Guess it was around 10:30.
And the kids called in the dead dogs around 2:00.
So,that's a three-and-a-half-hour window.
I'll talk to the husband.
I'll keep you posted.
Thank you.
Can you tell me anything about these bites? Definitely perimortem.
Right around time of death.
So,it's unlikely it's coyotes.
Are you going to be okay with this one? I'm just not used to seeing them alive.
You went home without your wife.
Why? I hate dry chicken and small talk.
And more than anything,I hate dancing.
So,I went home,and I passed out on the couch.
Next thing I know,you guys are banging on my front door.
Where's Liz? Do you always leave your wife on the dance floor? Liz is out every nightat some charitable function,saving the world.
We have a deal.
If I make an appearance,I get to duck out early.
You know what? I've done my time.
I think I'm going home.
All right,well,don't wait up for me.
And I'll miss you.
Look,if you don't tell me what's going on,I'll need to talk to my lawyer.
Your wife was murdered last night.
Rodriguez,this is CSI Sanders.
He's here to take your fingerprints and your clothes.
Please stand up.
What? Mr.
Rodriguez,stand up.
I want to see my wife.
When we're finished here,we'll talk about it.
Stand up,please.
I didn't kill her.
I loved my wife.
****driven him home.
I have to trust the people I work with,Jim.
Look,Warrick's a loose cannon.
We both know that.
He was in Gedda's strip club He was off the clock.
Conducting his own police investigation.
He's very passionate about this case.
Yeah,passionate enough to sleep with the vicwho ended up dead in his car.
Look,I know Warrick didn't have anything to do with it, but he needs to back off.
Guys like Lou Gedda--they don't skip on murder and extortion by being lucky.
What does that mean? You think Gedda's got "friends"inside the department? Well,unlike Warrick,I don't make accusationsuntil I have proof.
Did you talk to IA yet? Yeah.
They cleared me.
They didn't seem to have much interest in Gedda.
That's because it wasn't about Gedda.
It was about you.
It's everything to do with Gedda.
Sending me a message.
Murders an innocent young girlbecause I got too close to them.
I want this case,Gris.
I hope you know that's not gonna happen.
You're in the rotation as of tomorrow,so go home.
The white flaky traceon your victim's feet was permethrin, an insect repellent,also used in flea dips.
She was found with a bunch of dead dogs.
What about the husband's tux? No flea dip,no dog hairs,no blood.
Just a little bit of champagneand some underarm deodorant.
You just exonerated our only suspect.
So how crazy was last night? You.
Dinner? I thought the Syrah was quite nice.
Yes,and thank you for offering to split the check.
My date really appreciated it.
Oh,no problem.
Let it be known,that I am nothing if not a gentleman.
Why were you at a restaurant like Nob Hillby yourself anyway? The Golden Rule.
Always treat yourself the wayyou would like others to treat you.
That's not exactly the rule.
What are you working on? The Elizabeth Rodriguez homicide.
She had bite marks on her with saliva in them, and the saliva turned out to be canine, and anytime a dog is impounded in a criminal case, its DNA is collected and profiled.
It's just like CODIS.
Anyway most of the casesin the database are gang-related.
But I figured,well,it's worth a shot.
Well,that'll look good on the old Grissom point meter.
It's protocol.
I'm just saying,be careful: no one likes a kiss-ass.
Really? Hey,Nick,have you seen Catherine? Yeah,she got another call-out.
We're a little bit shorthanded right now.
What's up? The canine DNA database got a hit on the saliva.
It's a pit bull named Hannibal.
Confiscated during a drug raidat a gang house three months ago.
And then held at Del Santos Kenneluntil he was released to his owner,Gino Aquino.
A member of the D Street Killers.
Rodriguez Outreach Center is on D Street.
Well,you do good work in that neighborhood, and you're bound to piss off the DSKs.
Maybe enough to want her dead.
Go see everyone's ID.
Fine,do your cop thing and don't tell me nuthin'.
Go ahead,look around all you want.
Keep an eye on him.
My dog ain't here.
You arrested him with me a couple months ago.
I never got him back.
Aquino********* Quítese los zapatos! Lo siento pero est? prohibido.
Look,you or any of your homies hang outat the Rodriguez Outreach Center? Yeah,right.
A bunch of rich peopletrying to feel good about themselves.
They should just give us the money.
I thought you said your dog's been gonefor a couple months now.
Yeah,check the police report.
Then why do you have a bowl of fresh water for himout in the shed? In case he comes back.
And the leashes? I'm still in mourning.
What about the treadmill? You crazy? I bought that for her.
Eh,no me metas en esto.
Cállate,ya! Do I need to tap my defender? Tell him to meet you downtown.
Voy a la cárcelporque estas muy ocupado comiendo y no limpias.
Mm-mm,como porque tuno llenas mis necesidades emocionales,okay? Ah,pegame.
Vas a ver.
Vete de aqu? So I'm offering a $100,000 rewardfor any information leading to the arrestand conviction of my wife's killer.
I will not rest until the murderer is caughtand brought to justice.
I knowgovernment employees aren't eligible for reward money, but I think we should at least get a small percentage.
It's called your salary.
What have you got? Possible COD on Elizabeth Rodriguez.
Phenytoin and pentobarbital.
An anti-epilepticand a sedative hypnotic? In combination,they're used to euthanize animals.
Dog bites,mass dog grave,euthanizing solution.
Well,those drugs are controlled substances, so their salesshould be registered.
Already put together a list of the buyersin the Las Vegas area.
Del Santos Kennel.
Yeah,Nicky,where are you? Elizabeth Rodriguez.
She was friends with the owner.
She bankrolled the place.
Her old man's rich.
We need to see your controlled substances; any records you haveon a confiscated dog named Hannibal; and I'll have to print everyone who works here.
All right,no problem.
The owner's got the key to the cabinet.
His name's Steve Card.
He's just down the hall.
Anybody else have access? Uh,no,I have the only key.
Are you a licensed veteririan? Vet tech.
Oh,I didn't realize that techs were allowedto perform surgeries.
Not on live animals,but once the dog diesI can harvest the organs.
I sell the hearts to research labsdoing heartworm studies.
It's a rescue kennel.
Most the dogs who come in are problematic,aggressive.
Most don't make it out.
Card,I'm going to have to ask you to step outside so I can take your statement.
What do you think that is? I don't know.
But the pattern on these restraintsis consistent to ligature marks on the victim.
i found a hidden camera pointing right at it.
It's an awful lot of blood.
Long red hairs.
I don't think these came from a dog.
Wait,what is he being arrested for? Murder.
Who got murdered? Mrs.
Do you have any ideawhat that contraption's used for in the back storage room there? Um,I'm not allowed back there.
I just pick up the poop and walk the dogs.
It says here you released the dog back to its owner, but Mr.
Aquino claims he never got Hannibal back.
That's not true.
I was here when he picked Hannibal up.
How many dogs you got here? Like 47 right now.
I'm gonna need to collect saliva samples from all of them.
Most of these guys are pretty jacked up.
Ooh,yeah,looks like he's been in a few fights.
Yeah,most of them have.
You can go ahead.
He's not gonna bother you.
Must get pretty tough working here,huh? Yeah,you try to make a difference.
I spent some time in a cage,so I know what it's like.
Yeah,you're a good boy.
You're a good boy.
It's okay,boy.
It's okay.
You got any print results from off my car? Should I be talking to you? Yeah,I've been cleared.
Well,no,actually all I got so far are your prints.
Wait,I got something.
I know that guy.
****talk to you **** His name is Richard Dorsey.
You know,you keep pursuing this,you're going to end up suspended.
Dorsey's prints were foundinside my car under the broken window.
Well,that's consistent with him putting the body in your car.
Grissom,he's a homeless guy.
He lives in the alley behind the strip club.
Don't you get it? He's Gedda's fall guy.
This is a frame job.
Okay,I'll have Brass check it out.
You stay out of it,though.
We've got the victim's blood and hairat your kennel.
She died of an overdose of the same drugs that were found in a medicine cabinet that only you had access to.
If I were you,I'd save my money and start talking.
Are you acting as his lawyer now? Mr.
Card,I found this hidden camerain the exam room.
Where's the receiver? I don't know anything about this.
Did you forget about the camera when you killed Elizabeth Rodriguez? I didn't kill Lizzie.
She was my business partner.
I'm advising you to stop talking.
It's not your ass.
I'm a victim here.
How do you figure? It was on the morning news that Lizzie was dead.
And when I came into work So instead of calling the police, you cleaned up the crime scene.
That makes you an accessory.
He was afraid for his life.
Nobody cheats the D Street Killersout of 50 Gs and lives.
You cheated them out of $50,000? Not me.
We banked 50 Gs.
I bet Gino's getting sick of losing.
It never fails.
When I fight a dog,I fight to win.
Lizzie was the #1 dog fighter in all of Vegas.
That drove Gino nuts'cause he was like this closeto knocking her off the top spot.
You seriously want us to believe that Mrs.
Rodriguez,humanitarian of the year, was into dog fighting? Oh,she was no Mother Theresa.
But,see,she'd still be aliveif she wasn't a dirty dog fighter.
That rub,it made the other dog sick.
Gee,I hate to see the sport tainted like that.
Why do you think she gave money to my rescue kennel? She didn't even like dogs,but fighting them,that was in her blood.
Passed down from her daddywho taught her the whole family business.
Okaywhat is this? It's ait's a breeding stand.
The sport has a highmortality rate, and,uh,combative bitches won't breed without a fight.
So we have to tie them down to consummate the act.
The victim was tied to that stand.
That's sick.
My client's willing to give you everything.
What's "everything"? My client cleaned up the scene,but he didn't dispose of the evidence.
We can alsogive you Gino Aquino.
LVPD! Police! Freeze! Nadie se mueve! Manos arriba! Hands in the air! I give up! I give up! on ground, now! Freeze! Don't even think about it.
Let me guess.
****dog? Hey,what's going to happen to all these dogs now? They'll have to be put down.
Law says they're dangerous.
And the people who turn them into killers, they just get away with a slap on the wrist,huh? It's not illegot to train them to fight.
Well,it should be.
Get away from my house.
All these guys know Dorsey.
This is where he lives.
That's him.
Richard Dorsey,time to wake up.
You're under arrest.
No weapons.
He's clean.
all right,**** Pulled this bullet out of Mr.
Aquino's shoulder.
It looks like a like .
25 caliber.
That's friendly fire.
My armain't never gonna work right again.
I'm gonna sull your asses.
No,no,no,it wasa .
25 caliber slug they pulled out of you.
It means it was one of your boys.
It was probably some cop'sbackup.
Yeah,that's probably it.
Ya basta,Gino.
We hav witness who says you killed Elizabeth Rodriguezbecause she cheated you out of 50 Gs.
Let me guess: you been talking to Steve Card.
Little screamer.
That finger's pointing the other way.
Lizzie had cojones.
I loved that woman.
I respected her.
You never cross Lizzie,she'll cut 'em off.
But Card,he thought he had that immunity idol'cause he worked for her.
You cheating little bitch.
You been doing this all night? If I evercatch you cheating again,I will feed your heart to that dog.
That last fight wasn't on the up.
Next dog's not right either.
You forfeit.
Without her,he was nobody.
She was a bad bitch.
That's your motive.
Anything else you need help with? Tell me about all the dead dogs I found down the Silverado Wash.
Were you the one that tortured them? Made them fight? When they died,were you the onethat threw them out with the trash? Was that you? I thought this was about Lizzi One way or another,Gi,you're not going to see the streets for quite a while.
You know,there are two things a jury can'tta: people who abuse kids and people who abuse animals.
So buena suerte.
Classic he said/he said.
Steve card was the only one with access to the drugs and he admitted to cleaning up the crime scene.
There's no forced entry at the kennel.
He has no alibi.
And why would he give us all of Elizabeth's personal effects? You know,I'm starting to get the feelinge guy's not really all that smart.
He has a good lawyer.
Realized that we were onto his clientand wanted to throw us off the scent.
Well,maybe Gino's telling the truth.
Problem is,we don't have enough evidenceto convict either one of them.
One pair of woman's shoes,size 7,silver.
Swabbed a blood sample from the instep of the right shoe,sent it to DNA.
One woman's handbag,also silver.
Contents includeone tube of Superla Red lipstick #36 one mirrored compact one set of keys holdingS.
four-- no,five keys--one Mercedes key,one Schlage brass key.
Steve Card was lying when he said he was the only onewith the key to the drug cabinet.
Elizabeth had one,too.
Means the killer could have used her key.
Got a print.
We,uh,we can't really talk to him yet.
He's still waiting for his lawyer.
- He's waiting for me.
- Hmm? He's confidential informant.
The DA's investigating Steve Card,Gino Aquino,Elizabeth Rodriguez, everybody associated with the dogfighting ring.
So you knew about this? Knowing about it and proving it are two different things.
Okay,so what's this guy's story? Same old-- he used to ride with the D-Streeters,shot his old man when he was 15, did four years in juvie,got out,tried to turn his life around.
We busted him 18 months ago for possessionand assault.
He cut a deal.
So he's got a history of violence.
You think he killed Mrs.
Rodriguez? It took me over a yearto get him inside that dogfighting ring.
I'm reserving judgment.
I did the bestthat I could.
I'm sure you did,Tommy.
And I told you what they were doingto those dogs and I gave you all the tapes.
It wasn't enough.
We needed to see the dogs fighting; that's the felony.
But they had the fights in different places.
I mean,she never told me where they were,s-so Tommy,did you kill Elizabeth Rodriguez? I,I could understand if you did.
A whole lot of people that would say she had it coming.
You know,I've been on the streetsin juvie.
I've seen people do some bad things to each other,but those dogs,like you can beat their brains in and, like,a minute laterthey come up to you just wagging their tails.
I know,man.
That's how they are.
I always had dogs growing up.
Did you? No,I never had a pet.
My mom was allergic.
No,but you really cared about those dogs at the kennel.
Now,I know.
I saw the way you treated them.
Do you know how they train them? They'd run them till they dropped.
They'd strengthen their jaws.
Then,they would feed them little dogs,sometimes cats just to give them the taste of blood.
And I showed you what she didand you did nothing to stop her.
No,but you did.
Didn't you? She was fighting dogs.
All right,she was she was killing dogs in the ring for moneyweek after week.
And the city decides to give her an award? I gave her what she really deserved.
At least I had the decency to euthanize herbefore I threw her to the dogs.
Well,you don't look like a guy who just got a confession.
Oh something's still bugging me.
If Mr.
Rodriguez hadn't left the party,Elizabeth might still be alive.
You think he would have gone to the kennel with her? I don't know,but he received a phone call from somebody that night that made him leave his wife.
Check the phone records.
¿Tienes tiempo? Detective Vega,Mr.
Did you catch the man who killed my wife? Yes,sir.
Tommy Halpert.
We have him in custody now.
Hey,witnesses at the party saidthat you received a phone call the night of the murder and then you just left.
We know that phone call was from Tommy Halpert.
What'd you two talk about? Tommy said if I didn't speak to my wife that night,he would.
Speak to your wife about what? The dogfighting.
He showed me the tapes.
What did Elizabeth say when you confronted her? I didn't.
So you just left her there, knowing that Tommy was going to come after her? Violence begets violence.
Is that all? You let this happen.
You did.
Hey,you still with me,Richard? Yeah,yeah,yeah.
Remember her? She worked at Pigalle.
They all look the same to me.
No,they don't.
There's blondes,brunettes,B-cups,D-cups.
How about a cup of coffee,huh? Hey,you got a cigarette I could bum off you? It's bad for your health.
How about a diet soda? Diet? No.
No diet.
I need the ups.
Where did you get this? Where's the soda? Hey,it's a two-way street,Richard.
You answer the questions,we'll get you a soda.
UhI found it.
That's it.
I found it.
No,you didn't.
I didn't? Damn.
Uh,yeah,I stole it.
That's right.
I stole it.
Give me my purse! Give me my purse! Help! Somebody! I needed money.
Then what happened? I got high.
- Then what? - I got high again.
Then what? Did you kill her? We found her purse and the bloody murder weaponin the placewhere you were sleeping.
We foundher dead body inside this car.
Why'd you pick that car,Richard? I don't know what you mean.
We found your fingerprint inside the car.
No,that wasn't me.
Tha-tha-that wthat was them.
Who's them? I c I can't talk no more.
- Come on.
Tell the truth.
- Get him out of here.
- Not you.
- Tell the truth.
This is all your fault.
We'll take care of you.
We'll get you into rehab.
Come on.
- There is no truth! - Tell the truth! - There is no truth! - **** Hey! As of right now,you're suspended for two weeks.
Grissom,you and I both knowthat Gedda killed that girl and pinned it on that bum.
They gave him drugs,got him high,and planted the evidence.
You just got to give me a chance to prove it.
You've had all your chances.
You take the suspension or you're fired.
I got an update for you.
He got suspended.
Good work.
proudly presents Season 08 Episode 10 Lying Down With Dogs