CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e01 Episode Script

For Warrick

Control, this is One-David-Two.
I have a 444.
Officer down in the alley north of the 800 block of Rayson Street.
Requesting three backup units and paramedics.
I am in pursuit of the suspect.
Suspect is a white male, possibly armed, wearing dark clothing, traveling southbound toward Malpassat Road.
Officer down.
Officer down.
Alley north of 800 block of Rayson Street.
Units four-five-one, four-five-six and four-five-seven, respond code three.
Officer down in the alley north of Rayson Street.
All officers respond.
Warrick Oh, God! Stay with me! Warrick It's Grissom.
I was first on the scene.
Heard the shots.
I was in pursuit of the suspect.
What? No, Warrick, come on.
Come on, Warrick! Where are the paramedics?! Please.
Come on, Warrick.
You got to fight.
I need you to fight now.
Fight for me, okay? Give me an ETA on the paramedics.
We need them here now.
No No, come on.
CSI S09e01 For Warrick (2) I was on my way to the diner.
I was going to tell Warrick in person that he could keep his job.
I parked my car over there just before 4:30.
I started to walk west towards the diner.
I was in this area here when I heard the shots.
I saw a white adult male running north down the alley away from the vehicle.
I checked the vehicle-- observed CSI Brown bleeding from a gunshot wound.
It appeared to me he was dead.
So I went in pursuit of the suspect and called it in.
He got into a dark four-door sedan.
Late model.
Headed east on Malpassat Road.
I got a partial on the plate, George-Robert-Victor.
George-Robert-Victor George-Robert-Victor- Zebra-9-0-3? That's Officer Pritchard's car.
- Was it a black Chrysler 300? - Uh Was it Pritchard you saw? I only saw him for a second.
It was dark, but but who else could it be? Okay.
Have you photoed the body yet? I haven't done anything.
Gil, how do you want to handle this? I want us to do this, Conrad.
I want Nick and Catherine on the car.
I feel sorry for whoever did this.
Greg's coming back from the airport.
I told him to go straight to the lab.
We're going to have to take your clothes to get processed.
I'll drive you.
I'm going to go with Warrick.
Are you going to do the post? No.
I've asked the day shift ME to handle this one.
I, uh need to do something.
You could, uh pick up Warrick's clothes from the coroner.
I got a bullet.
Looks like a .
25 auto pistol on the floor.
And a .
25 shell casing right next to it.
Warrick's service weapon's still in evidence.
He didn't carry a backup.
It's got to be the murder weapon.
Leave the gun, take the cannoli.
This was a hit.
Looks like Pritchard's been taking lessons from Gedda.
There were at least two shots fired.
One of which came from inside the car.
Window was down.
I don't think the killer was sitting there.
I think he w standing out here.
He stuck the gun through the open window and fired.
If you're right, there should be GSR on that headliner.
It's positive for lead.
Why was the window down? I don't know.
It was a warm night.
If he wanted to get some air, why not roll down his own window? It's all hands on deck.
Right now I'm pulling everybody off whatever it is they're doing.
Warrick Brown is our only case, okay? Officer Daniel Pritchard is our suspect.
The assignments are going to break down generally like this-- some of you go to the airport with photos.
If Pritchard tries to get on a plane, we grab him.
Now, Vegas highway patrol is already setting up roadblocks on all the roads leading out of the city.
Now, we have the addresses of his ex-wife, his family, his friends, all his known associates.
Most of you will be following those leads.
Now look under every rock.
If he's within spitting distance, I want him in custody immediately.
i got the first flight out.
He didn't want to go, Sara.
Tell me.
I was holding him.
God, I could feel his life.
I guess I felt if I could hold him tight enough, he'd be okay.
You know there is nowhere in the world that he would've rather been at the end.
He loved you.
I loved him.
I'm so sorry.
It's so good we can all be together.
I'm glad you're here.
Look, maybe I can pick up some of the slack.
I-I know I can't work the case, but maybe I can make some of the, uh arrangements? That'd be great.
I'll help you.
I'd appreciate that.
Since his grandmother passed, we were the only family he had.
He once told me he'd like to be buried next to her.
I went to her funeral with Warrick.
She's, uh, buried at the Baptist cemetery on Eastern.
We're going to need a a key, I guess, to his place.
I've got one.
I went over to his place to get him some fresh clothes when he was in custody.
Warrick was right about Gedda.
And he was right about the department.
Let's finish this for him.
Hey, Jim.
Look, uh, there's something I need to get off my chest.
I know that you and Warrick were close.
And I don't want you to think that I had it in for the guy.
Why would I think that, Jeff? I don't know.
Maybe I'm feeling guilty.
I thought Brown was a bad apple.
I was certain that he killed Gedda.
And I was wrong.
I know it's a little late for apologies, but I-I I just wanted to tell you.
Hey, we all have regrets.
I thought he killed Gedda, too.
You know what the last thing I told him was? No.
"I hope you remember how lucky you are.
" Some luck, huh? Thanks.
Looks like he never settled in.
Sunday, May 18, 2008 at 2:05pm You know, after being in so many victims' houses, I never left my house without making the bed and taking out the trash, just in case I didn't come home.
What about now? Since I left Vegas, I don't do that anymore.
See if you can find a tie.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Sara? Probability of Paternlty:99.
999% Warrick has a son.
Did you know? He never mentioned it.
At least not to me.
This is from his attorney.
"I have enclosed the DNA results which were filed with the court, "along with a copy of your psych evaluation as ordered by the judge in connection with our battle to win custody of your son.
" Gun's a dead end.
No prints, shooter wiped it down.
No recoverable DNA.
The serial number was filed down, but I got one on the grip.
Traced it back to an armed robbery.
Pritchard was the arresting officer.
The case was adjudicated, and according to the log, the gun was destroyed last July.
Or not.
Pritchard stole it from Central Property.
He had to have somebody on the inside to fudge the records.
Maybe Gedda's got another cop on the take.
But why would Pritchard kill Warrick with a gun that could be traced back to him? 'Cause he didn't care.
He's in the wind.
I got something.
When I rolled up the passenger side window, I found a cluster of impressions on the glass.
No ridge structure, so they're not fingerprints.
They're knuckle prints.
The stereo was turned down low.
The only fingerprints on the volume knob are Warrick's.
And if you've ever ridden with him, you know he'd he'd make your eardrums bleed.
So volume turned down, knuckle prints on the glass.
I think the killer knocked on his window.
Well, Warrick would have never rolled down his window for Pritchard.
No, not after he'd just killed Gedda and he was trying to frame Warrick for the murder.
Are we saying it's not Pritchard? I think we are.
He's the only eyewitness.
He's the one that placed somebody that looked like Pritchard in the alley.
He's the one that said the suspect got into a vehicle with a partial plate that was a match to Pritchard's.
There's something you need to see.
Has to wait.
We're going back to the alley.
It can't wait.
So what makes you think you'd be a good father? You were raised by your grandmother.
You never even knew your biological father.
Which is exactly why Eli needs to know his.
Look, the most important thing you need to know to raise a child is how to give a child love.
And I've been loved.
Listen, I've always tried to be a good man.
I've screwed up.
And when I have, there's always been one man in my life that set me straight.
I've learned a lot from him.
How to be fair.
How to forgive.
How to be inspired.
How to inspire others.
That sounds like a special person.
He is.
If I could've picked my own father, I'd have picked him.
We're ready on this end.
McKeen said he was about 20 feet west of the alley when he heard the shots.
I'm there.
Let's do this.
Firing two.
Gil, what is it? I just realized something-- there was music, loud music coming from here.
We need to do this again.
Come on back.
This is the volume level from around 4:00 a.
last night.
Go ahead, Nicky! Where are you? I didn't hear any shots.
There's no way that McKeen heard those shots.
So why did he say he did? He also implied that he saw Pritchard running away from Warrick's car.
But he never said it was Pritchard.
He led us to believe that though.
You know, when I first came to Vegas, over 20 years ago-- I haven't thought about this in a while-- Jeff McKeen was a detective then, he invited us all up to Mount Charleston to his cabin, you know, all the new guys.
Have a barbecue, we'll cook some steaks, have a few drinks, get to know each other, you know? And it was a nice place, you know, but not too nice for detective pay.
I mean, my radar's already out because I came from Jersey, you know? Guys took more than they gave.
And they made an art form, how not to push it, how not to make it showy, you know.
Anyway, Jeff is sizing me up, he's sniffing around, he's telling me great Vegas is, how great it'd be for my career.
But I let him know, without busting his balls, that I wasn't in the game, I wasn't for sale.
And it's a good thing I took a look around up there at Mount Charleston, because I never got invited again.
No more barbecues for me.
First witness at the scene is the first suspect, right? Right.
When I told Warrick that Pritchard had framed him, he said that Gedda's mole had to be higher up on the food chain.
If I were McKeen, I would worry that Warrick would never let it go.
It'd take more than a beat cop to get over that fat bastard.
I'd think it's got to be somebody much higher up.
Let's say that McKeen saw the interview video.
From the time that Warrick left the PD to the time that Warrick got killed was, like, an hour, an hour and a half.
Is that enough time to frame Pritchard? For all we know, Pritchard's not even in Vegas.
Yeah, but if Pritchard gets picked up somewhere else, that gives him an alibi, and McKeen is screwed.
Unless he knows exactly where Pritchard is.
I can't believe Bobby Cox is still managing.
What took you so long? I'm starving here.
I thought I was clear with you.
About what? Where's my food? I told you not to leave the room.
I didn't.
t's honor.
Why would I leave the room? I'm trying to leave the country.
You killed Brown on the way out.
I get it.
But now you made a mess, and I got to clean it up.
You think I killed Brown? Come on, who else? I just framed the guy-- why would I want him dead; I wanted him in jail.
If I wanted him dead, I would've shot him in Pigalle instead of going through all this freakin' crap.
The murder weapon was traced back to one of your cases.
What case? What are you talking about? An armed robbery, I believe.
A .
Judge ordered it destroyed.
That gun.
Look, you can blame everything on me when I'm in Mexico, but I'm not in Mexico yet.
Killing you might just be easier.
Then do it.
You shoot me here you're gonna have a lot of explaining to do.
We going to Mexico, or what? Gil, you take this to the wrong judge, and McKeen finds out he's being investigated, he'll stick a fork in all of us.
I think that's a risk we're all willing to take.
Well, all I'm saying is, let's be smart about it.
Get more evidence.
We got what we got.
Knuckle prints on glass.
Yeah, but knuckle prints can't be individualized.
Even if we had exemplars, we couldn't exclude Pritchard or include McKeen.
All right, wh-what about the murder weapon? We printed it, swabbed it for DNA.
It was wiped clean.
The gun was evidence in an armed robbery case, right? Was there any ammo with it? No.
So if McKeen lifted the gun from Evidence, he still had to load it.
No prints on the magazine.
What about the bullets? A .
25? We've never gotten prints off a cartridge that small.
That is one tiny partial.
This may be f-four millimeters.
- So we got one shot.
- Yeah.
So don't screw it up, right? Just enough for a comparison.
Here, compare it to Pritchard's ten card.
It's not Pritchard's print.
Thank you, Mandy.
I need you to step out.
You're kidding, right? No, I'm not.
No, Your Honor, we all understand the gravity of this situation.
But we're under a lot of pressure, and we have to move fast.
No, I didn't call the mayor-- I wanted to call you first.
He's not at home, he's not at work, and if we tip him off, he'll run.
Judge Judge I wouldn't call you for a warrant if I wasn't sure.
I need you to pull McKeen's phone records.
The undersheriff? The last 24 hours, all incoming calls.
Eliminate any that are work-related, from a PD number.
Three calls from the same number.
Do a reverse look-up.
Whiskey Bend.
That's a place you go to get lost.
He recognized McKeen.
Said he paid cash.
Wasn't staying here-- it was for his buddy.
"Do not disturb," give me a break.
Okay, go ahead.
Okay, come on.
It's clear, Captain.
Ice in the glass.
Wet towel.
We just missed him.
Pick a station and go with it.
You're driving me crazy.
It's all country.
I don't like country.
Yeah, well, at least they're all in English.
Bienvenidos a Mexico, my friend.
ID's confirmed.
Pritchard was in the room.
McKeen's had this room for four days.
Pritchard's probably been holed up here ever since he killed Gedda.
Pritchard's his problem solver.
McKeen is protecting him.
Not anymore.
He killed Warrick.
Now he needs a fall guy.
Which makes Pritchard a dead man.
Hey, Jeff, it's Jim Brass.
Well, looks like Pritchard is our guy.
All the evidence points that way.
No, we're still looking.
I'll put an APB out on him right away.
Keep you posted.
Yeah, Brass is talking to him now.
Archie's working on triangulating his cell.
Jeff, you're breaking up.
Are you in your car? Yeah, sure, get some rest.
The press is gonna want a statement from you when we bring Pritchard into custody.
McKeen's with Pritchard.
You have his 20? Not yet.
Got him.
He just moved from tower eight to tower nine.
He's heading east on Boulder Highway about a mile west of Highway 166.
Let me know when you got him, Jim.
Got who? Relax.
What happens when we get to the state line? Every cop in Nevada's got a picture of my mug.
Don't worry about it.
I got a radio on.
Anything happens, I'll hear about it.
I'm the undersheriff, remember? Nobody's gonna search my car.
In 12 hours, you'll be sitting on a beach in Mexico sipping margaritas.
What's so freakin' funny? What, are you gonna shoot me going 80 miles an hour? You think I'd let you get in this car with a loaded gun? Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Air One, this is Captain Brass.
Air One here.
Do you have a visual? Affirmative.
We're about three miles behind him.
Stay on radio frequency tac three.
In case he has his radio on, we don't want to tip him off.
Copy that.
The green is Nick? Yeah.
He and Brass are on his tail.
Air One at your six.
All ground units be advised your next is in 90.
Hairpin right.
Easy speed.
What's happening? Nick, McKeen's vehicle has stopped.
Where is he? You should be right on top of him.
Either McKeen threw his phone out or he pulled over.
He's just ahead of us.
Nick cover him.
Control, this is Brass.
One-David-Two's vehicle has broke through a guardrail and gone into a gully near mile marker 114.
Send additional backup and paramedics.
Copy that.
We're notify backup and EMS.
Got a .
357 magnum.
McKeen carries a nine.
Looks like Pritchard's got a broken neck.
No holes in him.
Control, this is Brass.
Pritchard is dead and David-Two's on the run, armed and dangerous, possibly injured.
We're in pursuit.
Copy that, Captain Brass.
Will advise.
D2 is on the run.
D2 is on the run.
Nick, Nick this is Brass.
Come in.
Go to channel three.
Nick? We're on channel three.
You copy? Stokes, thank God you're here.
I was trying to bring Pritchard in.
Shut up.
He got the drop on me.
He grabbed my gun.
I lost control.
I said shut up! Air One, Air One, come in.
This is Brass.
Air One, Air One, do you copy? Air one here.
There are four of us.
We spread out.
We're all heading due west.
CSI Stokes is in the lead.
We're looking for a visual on McKeen.
Can you verify? Stand by.
Air One confirm visual.
CSI Stokes has located the suspect and has him at gunpoint Copy that.
Okay, you want to know why I did it? Warrick had a big mouth, and I had to shut it.
I tried to warn him, but he was just too stupid to listen.
You know, when I shot him, he had a big smile on his face.
I told him he could keep his job.
I didn't have the heart to fire him.
Shut up.
He was your friend.
What kind of friend are you?! Shoot me, you son of a bitch! Nick? McKeen has a gunshot wound to the stomach.
He's lost a lot of blood-- we should get the medevac chopper here ASAP.
What was that shot? A miss.
Jeffrey McKeen, you're under arrest for the murder of Warrick Brown.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.
Thou anointest my head with oil.
My cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
As crime scene investigators, we meet people on the worst day of their lives.
They've just lost a family member, somebody they loved, often in a horrible way.
A piece of their heart is gone and will never be replaced.
The phrase we're trained to offer them, "I'm sorry for your loss," as we know now, doesn't offer much.
Warrick Brown was a young boy when his parents passed away.
Much too young to learn that life can be so tragically short.
But I think that it taught him how precious life is, and so he lived his life to the fullest each day as if it was his last day.
I was with Warrick on his last day.
All the qualities that defined him-- his tenaciousness, his deep sense of loyalty, his courage to risk his life for what he knew was right.
All those traits were with him on that last day.
Just before he died we were all having breakfast together-- our team his friends his family.
And Warrick was he was I'm gonna miss him so much.