CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e02 Episode Script

The Happy Place

Hello? No! What's with the bikini? Maybe she wanted to leave a good-looking corpse.
Guys,you might want to take a few steps back.
This could get messy.
Soup sandwich.
Should have taken the elevator down.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode02 The Happy Place It's the lab again.
- Do you want to get it? - No.
Maybe we should go away for a while.
I can't.
We're so short.
Why don't you stay? I can't stay here.
It would be nice to take a trip.
I don't know.
Get on the Sea Shepherd.
Go to the Gal¨¢pagos.
We can literally walk in the footsteps of Darwin.
The fall is like flying.
It's the sudden stop that gets you.
Momentum's a bitch.
The doorman I.
'd her as Sprig Greniger.
Apartment 2204.
Lives with her boyfriend.
We're putting out abroadcast.
Well,let's find out why Sprig was sprung.
No sign of forced entry.
No struggle.
Nice place.
Something smells really good.
SLOW COOKED POT ROAST Cook ten hours at 200 degrees.
- She was getting married in less than two weeks.
- What? Yeah,she was having dinner with the in-laws tonight.
"Pot roast.
Make and reheat.
" Less than an hour left on the pot roast.
Turn on the news, make a pot roast, slip into a bikini, and commit suicide? Yeah,it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
She got a call just before midnight.
Maybe she and the boyfriend had a fight.
- What? - Nothing.
Archie,it's Catherine.
Can you run a number for me? Sir.
What took so long for the lab to get here? We're a little shorthanded, Detective.
Delivery guy found her here a couple of hours ago.
Rough neighborhood.
Looks like someone was having a five-finger discussion with her.
The language of the streets.
And there's your money shot.
Blunt-force trauma to the back of the skull.
I think I found ground zero.
And I found a room key in her back pocket.
I'll check it out.
I don't see a purse.
Maybe she was a tourist trying to score something a little stronger than alcohol.
- Detective,give me a hand here,would you? - Yeah.
The globes of her eyeballs are ruptured.
Looks like someone thumbed them back into the orbital socket.
You know,they,uh, they squish like grapes.
This was rage.
Pure rage.
Sorry to hear about Brown.
Gonna miss him.
Me too.
Your victim was a Been in a coma for eight years.
Result of a rape assault.
I worked the case, along with Sidle.
Looks like the husband disconnected the breathing tube.
I can't get him away from her.
The uniforms are gonna go in and drag him out.
I'm just waiting for you.
Why don't you,uh, hold off on that.
I'd just like to make a call first.
THE CHOICES I MAKE CONTROLS MY WEIGHT I wonder how many guys go on diets before their weddings.
She was filing for unemployment.
Bank teller.
Maybe losing her job sent her over the edge.
This is Catherine.
So,the last call to Sprig's cell was from a pay phone on Paradise and Moesser Avenue.
That's right across the street.
Whoever called Sprig had a front-row seat.
I'll print the phone, see what I can get.
This is Brett Davidson, the victim's fianc? Mr.
Davidson, I'm sorry for your loss.
- How often do you have to say that? - Often.
- You live here.
Right? - Yeah.
I'm sorry,I'm gonna have to print you.
Where were you, Mr.
Davidson? I had a business trip in Phoenix.
I was just gone for a day.
Was your fianc? e depressed? No,she invented the silver ling.
We were getting married.
We were having my parents over for dinner.
She'd been planning it for weeks.
- Were the two of you having problems? - No.
I mean weddings don't always bring out the best in women.
What do you mean? She didn't want "fat" wedding pictures, so she stopped eating.
Obsessively counting calories, and all that dietstuff.
And there's the cost of the wedding, the honeymoon.
Plus the,uh,mortgage on this place.
I told her not to worry about money, that I could pay for everything.
I told her that all the time.
Did she quit her job? It was a misunderstanding.
Her drawer came in short.
After five years of loyal service, the bank accused her of stealing ten grand.
She didn't do it.
It's just not who she is.
I held the scene for you.
- Tom? - Sara.
What are you doing here? I thought you'd been away.
I am so sorry.
I know how much you loved her.
I promised to protect her.
I failed her once.
I wasn't gonna fail her again.
What do you mean? He started calling me.
Harassing me.
And he was here in her room.
Who was here,Mr.
Adler? The guy who put her here Tony Thorpe.
He left me a newspaper clipping from eight years ago, with a note.
Said he violated her again.
That she liked it more the second time.
It's the only way I knew to save her.
You still have the newspaper? We could run it for prints.
It made me sick to my stomach.
I burned it.
Adler, you need to come with me.
We need to go downtown so you can give a statement.
I am no longer a CSI,but I'll go with you.
Okay? I won't leave you.
Here is we got our jumper fired.
He's making change.
He gave her two 50s.
She gave him a hundred hundreds.
Ten grand.
Bank manager said when he questioned her, she couldn't rember the customer or the transaction.
But there's no gun,no note.
She doesn't appear to be under duress.
Which is exactly why the bank figured it was a scam-- she was in on it.
Now,this is a day-shift case from a couple of weeks ago.
Different bank, same guy,same gag.
The guy hands her two $50s.
She counts out a hundred hundred-dollar bills According to the case file, she can't remember anything either.
I've been working at First Federation nine years.
Perfect record.
Miss Powell, do you recognize this man? If I knew who he was, I'd hunt him down myself.
You know,memory is a funny thing.
Even when they showed me the video, I couldn't remember this guy.
Now my mind starts thinking I do know him.
But I'm just recognizing him from all the times you cops keep showing me his damn,ugly picture.
And you don't have any memory of what happened the day he came in.
You always remember the day you got fired.
What I can't remember, is "Light Fingers" Louie there.
Miss Powell, have you been doing anything to lose weight recently? Now you saying I look fat? Because I only gained three pounds since I quit smoking.
And how did you quit? Went to the stop-smoking lady.
You trying to quit,too? 'Cause,uh I got her number.
My,that's a big,big egg you're trying to lay.
All right,back to your roosts.
Back to your roosts.
Back,back, back to your roost.
Now,on my count of three, you will go into a deep state of relaxation.
Your eyes will become heavy.
One two three.
Deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation.
Deeper and deeper.
You are feeling very comfortable.
Now,sweetheart, I'm handing you a delicious,crunchy apple.
When I tell you to open your eyes,you will bite into this delicious, crunchy apple.
One,two,three-- open your eyes.
Well,the show just pays the bills, but most of my work is private client therapy.
Was a young lady named Sprig Greniger a client of yours? She wanted to lose weight for her honeymoon, and she lost 12 pounds.
Well, what did you do? Well,I didn't doanything.
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
Look,people clucking like chickens and humping chairs, that's all that's all schtick.
But when they come to me for therapy, they have a goal.
They want to lose weight or stop smoking, and I do visualizations to help them get there.
"See your lungs healthy.
" "See yourself in a bathing suit.
" What kind of visualizations did you give Sprig? I told her to,uh, picture herself in a in a teeny bikini, on a beach in Hawaii, taking off her towel, then running across the sand and jumping into the water, feeling fit and confident.
- Sounds pretty simple.
- It is and it isn't.
Hypnosis just helps you go into different states of consciousness.
I mean,beta is your most conscious state.
That's what we're all in right now.
And then there's alpha.
That's your meditative state.
And then theta.
That's your dream state.
And finally,there's delta.
That's that super deep sleep you go into after feeling really exhausted.
I mean,have either one of you ever gotten to work and then forgotten how you got there? Forgotten the entire ride? Well,then essentially,you've been in a hypnotic state.
I mean,being in love, all you see is good.
Being in grief, all you see is bad.
It's all altered states, and we float between them.
What state of mind was the onion-eater in? Well,he was somewhere between alpha and theta.
And what will he rember? Eating an onion? Or eating an apple? As far as he knows, he ate an apple.
Because you told him it was an apple.
Well,because he wanted to eat an apple.
So,could you convince people to do anything? Like rob a bank? Hypnosis is not magic; I cannotmakepeople do things that they wouldn't otherwise do, unless unless it was already in their nature.
The prints came back.
Paula Bonfilio, high school guidance counselor from Henderson.
How about the Tangiers room key in her pocket? The room was registered to a pit boss there.
Says he uses it to entertain high rollers.
She didn't sound like a high roller to me.
Pit boss says he can tell like clockwork when she gets her paycheck.
Last night she was in pretty deep.
- He helped her get out of the hole.
- Oh,I get it.
You get a DNA sample? It matched the semen Grissom found in her vaginal vault.
Well,I'm glad she's guiding our youth.
Look,I'm hung up at the sheriff's office helping them look for a new undersheriff.
You're gonna find out what she was doing in Alphabet City? Yes,sir.
I'm on my way to talk to the family right now.
- Okay,stay safe.
- Okay.
Can I help you? And you are? I'm,I'm Scott Bonfilio.
So,Scott,is your dad around? I don't have a dad.
I mean,I I don't know who he is.
I'm Detective Williams, LVPD.
This is Gil Grissom, from the Crime Lab.
Is this about my mom? Is she in trouble? I'm sorry to have to tell you this,but your mom has died.
It appears she was murdered.
But I,I talked to her last night.
She was fine.
What time? Like around 10:00 or so.
She was with Lexi.
Who's that? She's my baby sister.
We interrupt our program with this important Amber Alert.
Please help police find this little girl She's just two years old and named Lexi Bonfilio.
Lexi's mother was last seen alive up at Tangiers Casino Hotel Wow,that's was really fast.
We take missing children very seriously.
- Did you find me anything with DNA on it? - Yes.
I - I haven't washed it.
Will that work? It's perfect.
Scott,when was the last time you saw your mother? Yesterday at school.
She said she and Lexi were going shopping I had to work, so I didn't get home till around 7:00.
- And she called around 10:00? - Yeah.
She said she would be gone for the night.
- Is that normal? - Gone for the night? Yes.
With Lexi only if I have to work.
Did she say where she was or No.
And I stopped asking.
I know this sounds terrible, but I'm I'm a straight-A senior.
Going to community college next year because my mom gambled away my college money.
I started hiding my paychecks but my mom would find them anyway.
And then she'd go to the tables and lose it all.
This isn't your typical mother-son relationship.
Is it possible that your sister's with her father? No.
My mom's always been kind of a kind of a party girl.
But she never brought guys home.
When she got pregnant with Lexi she said she was a gift from God.
I got a pretty good timeline on Paul Bonfilio.
At 4:15 p.
,a hold was placed on Paul's credit card by the Tangiers Casino Day Care.
Casino day care; there's the fifth sign of the Apocalypse.
She loses big for a couple of hours.
Leaves the table around 6:00 p.
Picked her up on another camera heading away with some cheesy-looking dude.
Brass ID'd him as a pit boss.
Entertainer to the desperate.
She goes back to the tables around She got a call from a disposable cell phone.
I'm thinking it was from this guy.
He grabs her.
She grabs her last 500-dollar chip,and they split.
He got her out of there before she lost it all.
You know,higher denomination chips sometimes carry a radio frequency device.
I'll call the casino.
They'll flag it.
Someone tries to cash it,they'll tell us.
At 8:15 p.
,she and Mr.
Grabby pick up the baby.
So now she's got the baby.
The next time I have her is at Pete's Pawnshop downtown,B Street.
Right where you found the body.
Her ATM card was rejected there just after 9:00 p.
The account was overdrawn.
And then we have a cell phone call to home around 10:00 p.
That's it for the timeline.
Last seen with a man wearing glasses inside Pete's Pawnshop.
I found broken optical glass in the alley out back.
Maybe we're looking at her killer.
Is this justice? He's a victim in this.
He had admitted killing his wife.
Active euthanasia is felony murder.
I feel for the guy,but it's out of my hands.
He said that Thorpe went to Pam's room,did God only knows what, called his house,bragged about it We're checking into that.
It would have helped if he saved the note.
Would you if it was your wife? Sara,the fact is,he unplugged her tube,and he watched her die.
This is why I can't do this anymore.
home phone could be traced back to Tony Thorpe.
Well,he could use the pay phone or a disposable phone.
There's no evidence Thorpe was ever in Pam Adler's room.
No trace of him on her or in her.
And Doc Robbins found no sign of sexual assault.
Yeah,but we don't know when that happened.
And we both know that semen deteriorates within 12 to 24 hours.
Sara,you have to consider the possibility that the husband made up the story to justify his actions.
No,absolutely not.
I'm not saying he didn't love her.
He loved her so much that he kept her alive for eight years.
You're still a scientist.
You know that after that many years of atrophy,she wasn't coming back to him.
I mean,sooner or later,a relationship in stasis withers.
You get angry.
You need more than the safety of knowing that you're not alone.
Then he should have just walked away.
Well,maybe he couldn't.
Maybe he needed her to leave him.
Who are we talking about right now? I'm going to count backwards from ten to one.
When I get to one,you'll be at work the day of the robbery.
Ten nine eight breathing seven six getting closer five,four breathing three,two,one.
Now,Grace,there's a man at your window.
He has a beard and baseball cap.
Do you see him? What is he saying to you? He wants change for two 50s.
And what do you do? I give him a hundred singles.
Surveillance showed hundreds on the right,singles on the left.
She definitely gave him hundreds.
Does he say anything else to you? I can't remember.
Usually,the witnesses I hypnotize for the department remember even tiny details.
In my opinion,whoever hypnotized her put a block in.
What do you mean by a block? A command to keep her from remembering what happened.
So,you're saying this guy can just roll into a crowded bank, walk up to a teller and in 30 seconds, look her in the eye tell her she's getting sleepy and sloppy with her hundreds? You couldn't do it in 30 seconds.
But if there's a block,it wasn't the first time he hypnotized her.
During a prior session,he must have implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion with a word or a phrase as a trigger.
Could this post-hypnotic suggestion get people to do anything even if it's against their moral code? It's all in the phrasing.
You don't say "Rob the bank.
" You say,"Liberate the money.
" So,anybody says,"Liberate the money" and she sees hundreds as ones? No,it has to be the same voice that planted the suggestion.
She had a female hypnotist.
We gotta get a better description on this guy.
The man with the baseball cap is standing in front of you.
What else do you notice about him? Small hands.
Little sissy hands.
Jacked-up fingernails.
Maybe it's a fungus.
I don't think it's a fungus.
I think it's a nail glue.
That's how your nails look after you take off the acrylic tips.
When someone comes to me for therapy,they have a goal.
Archie,pull up the DMV photo of Viviana Conway.
And now do a biometrics comparison with the guy with the funky nails.
I figured out why Thorpe was harassing the Adlers.
Eight years ago,the law was if a victim dies,within a year and a day from an assault, - the suspect can still be charged with the murder.
- Right.
We're working this case as a murder.
At least for the next year and a day.
And even then,I'm still a juvie.
According to D.
Klein,the law's changed.
Nowadays,if Pam Adler died,and her death could be attributed to the rape assault, Thorpe could be charged with her murder at any time.
So if Thorpe knew that,he would have had motive to terrorize Tom by making Tom believe that he was raping Pam.
Because if the husband goes down for it,Thorpe's free and clear.
- It's murder by proxy.
- Thank you.
Grissom,ALPR's got a hit on Paul Bonfilio's car.
We're sitting on it now.
I'll let you know.
Excuse me,miss.
Is that your car? I'm driving it.
Then you're under arrest for receiving stolen property Hey,hey,watch the nails! - I didn't kidnap nobody.
- Where'd you get the car? Some dude.
Hey,baby,want to taste a little sugar? I don't do looky-loos.
I'll give you this car if you drop her off for me.
Some white boy with real hair gives you a car,you don't say no.
Well,then it's your lucky day.
Where'd you drop her off? At Palermo.
They got the best buffet.
I need to pick up the child this woman dropped off.
- Name? - Trixie,Jr.
You're over the four-hour limit.
She made a couple of stops.
You're not supposed to leave the casino.
Bitch,can you not read a situation? It ain't my real baby,stupid! There you go.
There you go.
that's okay,I got him.
Come here.
- Here's your big brother.
- Who's my good girl? Who's a good girl? I was so scared.
I was so scared.
I missed you so much.
Can I keep her? I'm 18.
I've basically been taking care of her since she was born.
That's up to C.
But I'll have my captain put in a good word.
- Now stage left.
- Yeah.
Yeah,that's it.
It could have just looked like teller error twice.
I know you're quite the performer,but in our business wearing a disguise is called consciousness of guilt.
I believe that's beta level consciousness.
These people trusted you.
And you got them fired from their jobs.
Why would you do something like that? Because I could.
I can't sing.
I'm not a surgeon.
But I have this gift.
I have this energy and this voice that makes people feel very calm.
Calm enough to get inside their heads.
You give me 20 minutes with anyone,and I can put them under.
Cops,soldiers,bank tellers.
I mean,come on,I had not one,but two clients who were bank tellers.
- I had to try.
- Sprig Greniger is dead.
We don't think it was a suicide.
Sprig wrote five checks to you.
According to her datebook,she had six sessions.
The last one was the day she died.
Explain that to me.
I gave her a free session.
I mean,it was the least I could do.
Like you said,you know,she'd just lost her job.
Maybe she hadn't lost her memory,and she was on to you.
Hey,I've never even been to Sprig's apartment.
No,but you used the pay phone across the street.
Your prints are on it.
All she need to hear was the sound of your voice.
It's time for your honeymoon.
She put on a bikini.
She grabbed a towel.
She went out onto the balcony.
You told her to picture herself on a beach in Hawaii running across the sand, feeling fit and confident.
You told her to jump into the water.
You guys might have me for bank robbery but there is no way that you can prove I had anything to do with her death.
It's like I told you-- I cannot make people do anything that they don't want to do.
I can.
Get in jail.
Sara,they're bringing Thorpe in now.
Now look,I know you have personal interest in this.
- But you're not on the job anymore.
- I know.
Remember me? Detective Vega.
Well,screw you.
I want a lawyer.
I'm not charging you with anything.
I just want to talk.
How'd you end up with the wheels? Pepper Street doing some bad shots.
I'm too tough to die.
How long ago? Last Christmas.
So this is what we got.
We found your prints all over Paula Bonfilio's car.
So tell me,Leon,how'd you bust up your hands? Can't remember.
Picking blueberries,I think.
How much did Paula owe you? Lending money to those who need it isn't against the law.
But killing them if they can't pay up is.
All you got left is the baby and the car! Pay me right now or I take them! Yeah,I roughed her up.
And yeah,I unburdened her of her car and her baby.
But when I left her in that alley,she was completely alive.
Then why not unburden her of that Lady owed me 12,000 bucks.
$500 barely covers the interest.
You got to tough-love these junkie twits or they never pay up.
I swear on my professional oath, I was going to give her the car and the baby back.
Then why give them to the hooker? That was just after I saw that crap on the news.
Kid's cool,right? I didn't kill her.
We,uh found Thorpe.
Why'd you lie to me,Tom? I can't win for losing.
People told me I was selfish keeping her alive for so long.
And now look at me.
Mostly I was pissed that he's out walking around.
And whenever I wasn't working or paying for her care,I was just sitting by that bed.
After a while,I realized the only one who was feeling any suffering was me.
I just wasn't living.
I just couldn't move on and leave her there like that.
You could have asked the doctors to help you.
By telling them what? That I was tired? I wanted them to kill my wife so that I could have a weekend to myself? At least that would have been honest.
Archie Johnson.
Someone tried to cash that chip? Yeah,send it over.
This looks like the same gold link strap I found at the scene.
And there's blood on it.
Honey Paula called Scott around 10:00.
Maybe she need his help.
I screwed up big time.
- Where's Lexi? - Don't be upset.
I can fix this.
No! Are you out of your mind? Just tell me where Lexi is.
He won't give her back until we give him the money! How could you do this? This might explain the rage.
He was Oedipus.
I was just running the DNA profiles, and Paula and Scott Bonfilio don't have any markers in common.
I mean,these two are definitely not mother and son.
And I checked for adoption records and foster records for Scott,and there's nothing.
Now,Lexi,on the other hand,shares markers at every locus with both of them.
- So she's their kid? - Yeah.
Now,according to Paula's employment record, they've only been living in Vegas for a little over two years.
So the child was conceived before they got here.
Which means that Scott was 15 years old.
This also says that her previous place of employment was Archfield High School in Akron,Ohio.
Scott was her student.
And his fingerprints are in the missing children's database.
She didn't kidnap me,but I became her hostage.
Why didn't you call your parents? That's like switching arsenic for cyanide.
They'd never let me keep Lexi.
Someone cared enough about you to put you in the missing kids' database.
My alkie dad was missing his cigarette runner.
That's hardly love.
But you and Paula She was my guidance counselor.
She listened to all my problems.
It was the first time I felt heard.
Then it all went to hell.
I got too old for her.
She only liked me when I was risky.
As soon as the naughty faded away she started seeking risk anywhere else she could.
I was just trying to start a a better life.
To make a family.
And then she gave away our baby for a gambling debt.
Have you ever loved someone so much that you would kill for them? I do.
And even if Lexi can't be with me,she's better off without her.
She promised me everything.
And then she took it all away.