CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e06 Episode Script

Say Uncle

Did you see anything? Okay, hold on.
Hold on.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Did you see this? Did you hear anything? You just ran over there? Did you see it? Three holes in the male, two holes in the female.
Five holes, one casing.
But with all this foot traffic, the other shells could be anywhere.
There's no I.
or anything on the female.
But we do have a big bulge right here.
Got a license.
Vic's name is Sung Bang.
And apparently, his day started a lot better than it ended.
Prison release forms.
Spent six months in Jean for repeat DUIs.
Walked out today.
It's weird.
The female vic doesn't even have a lint in her pocket.
This guy, it's an I.
I meant I.
Must have been at least a dozen people within ten feet of the victims.
Yeah, well, I don't think we're gonna learn much from this crowd.
Tells me we're probably looking for a Korean.
If the killer had been black, white or brown, we'd already have height, weight hair and tattoos.
Smells like a gang hit.
I found a pair of kid's sunglasses with blood spatter all over them.
Prints and smudges.
He must have been standing right here.
Heould have seen everything.
If it was me, I would have run.
The killer could have taken him.
Either way, he's missing, and we have to find this child before something happens to him.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ µ°¸â¸â Episode06 'Say Uncle' ******* where partiers were celebrating until the violence broke out.
Officers have been unable to identify the female victim.
ThatS holding things up.
The investigators say they're hampered by a language barrier, and their job is also complicated by the fact that many of the partygoers distrust or even fear the police.
I don't know, I don't know.
That is all I know.
All right, thanks.
You're free to go.
How's it going? I know you're tired.
We need to finish the interview.
Sir, how close were you standing to the victims? If you speak English, now would be a good time to start.
If it's gonna get me out of here quicker, I'll be William freakin' Shakespeare.
From what I understand, the Korean culture's very big on respect.
So how about giving maximum respect to the two people who were murdered and tell me what you saw? You know, I like your style.
I give you all the forensics you want.
A Q-Tip in the mouth.
You can have my ass prints if you want, but don't ask me what happened.
It's not my business, so I shouldn't be flapping about it.
So, you think that's real, too, letting murderers run free? We know it's a gang thing.
You don't need me then, do you? Male C.
is exsanguinations due to multiple GSWs.
Same with the female.
Exsanguinations due to multiple GSWs.
The bullets in the male were cannelured.
He was shot with a revolver.
Female was shot twice with a semiautomatic.
Two guns, two killers? Or one killer, two guns, gangsta style.
Well, his shots seem fairly straight and level, but it looks like the bullets entered her at a much steeper trajectory.
Yeah, approximately 20 degrees up, front to back.
So what? He gets gunned down, she's terrified, tries to flee and then falls down as she's shot, exaggerating the trajectory? Could be a drug thing.
She's got the needle marks to prove it.
I sent blood and tissue samples to Tox.
This ian odd-looking scar on both eyelids.
Could be cosmetic surgery.
She's a little young for a facelift, don't you think? Attractive girl on drugs, on the street with an ex-con and no I.
Sounds like a street hooker.
Yeah, but not someone who pays for plastic surgery.
Well, maybe it's a business investment courtesy of her pimp.
So he's unmarried with no children and apart from the DUIs, clean record.
No known gang affiliation.
He was at Dempsey's Department Store a half an hour before he was shot and was released from Jean an hour before that.
Jean is a 45-minute bus ride to Vegas.
So this guy gets out of jail and in under the running time of The Godfather, he's dead.
Well, a lot of people die at the end of Godfather.
Riley ran all the bullets and casings from the scene.
The gun is clean.
Any I.
on the female? No, but she had a blepharoplasty.
Asian eyelid procedure fairly common in Korea and apparently catching on here, too.
Brass passed the vic's photo around Makeover Town.
Makeover Town? L.
? No, it's a block of plastic surgeons in our Koreatown.
Our Koreatown is a block.
Maybe that's why he was able to find a doctor.
I didn't know her name.
You put a woman under anesthesia, you cut her open, and you don't know her name? Sir, she was not an ordinary client.
So they forced you at gunpoint to perform eye surgery on women in a procedure that Westernizes their appearance, resulting in an effect called "round eyes"? Ever since Jackie Chan got his eyes done, the surgery's been very popular.
And then they just left? Yes, after they forced me to agree to give them 15% of my profits.
I'm gonna need names, Doctor.
They didn't leave any business cards.
I think they belong to a group called The KD.
The Kkangpae Dragons.
I never heard of.
And there isn't much of Vegas I haven't heard of.
A new outfit.
They don't have any tattoos or drive lowriders or spray graffiti.
They don't even sell drugs.
So what do they do, just force plastic surgeons to operate on their prostitutes? Extortion is their trade.
- They just take.
- Right.
And they take from their own because they know their own.
They know that their own won't turn them in.
Well, you're very courageous to come in and report this.
Why won't others come forward? You want a bunch of immigrants to come to the police? Why don't you protect them the way you protect the tourists on the Strip and the big shots in Anthem and Seven Hills? Save the stump speech for when you run for mayor.
I'll vote for you.
Are you still paying extortion? No, not anymore.
Six months ago, I joined an HMO.
And they installed several security cameras around my building.
The Dragons don't like to be seen.
They prefer to be invisible.
Excuse me, Captain.
We got a surveillance hit.
CSI said there were no surveillance cameras at the crime scene.
Hit didn't come from CSI.
One of my video analysts caught news of your double in Koreatown and recognized the male vic while scanning one of our video feeds.
from a unrelated shoplifting investigation.
Video analyst? Yeah, why? What do you call them? Forensics Services.
Must have a hell of a shoplifting problem.
We're in a high crime area, and this facility represents a corporate mission to prevent theft, fraud and personal injury in our stores.
You're not outsourcing that to China, too, are you? All right, Artie, bring it up.
You know, what's your solve rate on property crime these days? One in ten? One in 20? Hey, you didn't tell me we were going to have a quiz.
You know, we nail 93%.
Nationwide, Dempsey's Forensic Services has put three fugitives behind bars.
We're going to be in 300 locations by next summer.
Hey, look, you know, if it, uh, if it's legal and makes my job easier, I'm all for it.
There's our guy.
Sung Bang.
Archie Artie could you enhance the image of the boy? You've got some really great cameras.
Good as any on the Strip.
In fact, our crime lab is better equipped than most in the country.
Now, that's a crime.
We're going to need that toy.
Mindy? The toy and the lift.
We didn't bother running it through AFIS.
He's obviously under 14 years old, so he wouldn't be in the database.
We licensed it from the Feds.
Loupe, please.
Thank you.
This is the same boy.
Is that the vic's kid? From everything we know, Sung Bang had no children.
He sure looks like the happy dad to me.
This is the last footage of Sung Bang leaving Dempsey's Department Store.
Who's the kid? The boy's name is Park Bang.
Sung is his uncle.
You positive? I've been Park's CPS investigator for over two years.
I know what he looks like.
Who's this? Here.
Come over in the light.
Her name's Kora Sil.
Park's mother.
Poor boy has lost everyone.
What about his father? Dead.
He was supposedly some big gangster here and in Korea.
The Kkangpae Dragons? I don't know.
I never actually met him.
He died of AIDS a few years ago.
That's when Sung took over the father role.
In fact, it was Sung who notified us about Kora's drug use.
He loved that boy.
You know, CSI did a tox panel on the mother.
Came back positive for HIV.
What's the boy's status? Do you know? He's also HIV positive.
Park's on a very strict drug regimen, so we need to find him immediately.
Well, I mean, the drug regimen may be the least of his problems.
I think the gang killed his uncle and his mother, he saw it; he may already be dead.
Our girl has done time.
Three months for prostitution.
Three months? That's pretty harsh for Vegas.
Prostitution with HIV.
That's like pointing a gun and pulling the trigger.
Any last-knowns? Over a dozen.
She's moved around a lot.
PD's running them down.
Kora Sil's Friend Agenda page.
Born in Seoul.
Likes rap music.
Doesn't drink or smoke.
But likes to shoot drugs and turn tricks with HIV.
Well, it's always something, isn't it? Let's check the IP address of the last comment she posted.
Well, looks like she's using this page to score drugs.
Welcome to the dark side of social networking.
The IP address is What a surprise.
Of course I know Kora.
But why do you ask? We're looking for her son.
Why would Park be here? We're going to take a look around.
That's a field I.
We photograph every person of interest in a case.
It's standard procedure.
I have no reason to lie to you.
I know Pk and Kora.
They come over to usey computer.
Pan, you don't strike me as the kind of guy who would have nefarious individuals in your home.
Captain Brass, may we talk outside? No.
I've known Park's father his entire life.
We came over from Korea together, but we went in different directions.
But I still treat his family as my own, and if they want to use my computer, I let them.
There's nothing wrong with that.
No, I'll tell you what's wrong.
The young woman Kora is dead, and her son Park is missing.
Now, this crime happened about a block from where you live.
I can't believe you haven't heard about this.
I had no idea.
I was in Phoenix on business.
Phoenix, huh? - House is clear, sir.
- Thanks, Kwan.
Do you have any idea where Park might be? No.
I don't know.
I I'm truly sorry.
Okay, look.
Here's my card.
Call me if you hear or see anything that may be useful to me.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Park Bang left Dempsey's Department Store at around 4:00 p.
with a shopping bag full of stuff his uncle just bought him.
The shooting occurred here about a half an hour later, and that's only a couple blocks away; the uncle doesn't have a car, so they probably walked, using one of these routes.
What's on that receipt again? T-shirt, novelty sunglasses, Crunchies, Double Fudge, Fruit Funzies and Nutty Cups.
Nothing says I love you like processed sugar.
The only thing we found at the scene were the sunglasses.
Where's the rest of it? Okay, we're digging through trash.
More specifically, anything from Dempsey's Department Store.
Clothing tags, assorted candy items.
Okay? Check the cans, the Dumpsters, sewage drains, Port-a-Potties.
Okay, be thorough.
Yeah, let's do it.
Remember to check along the fences, under cars.
These are places where evidence can hide.
Use your imagination.
I know this seems like a simple trash hunt, but it could make or break the case.
The sooner we find the stuff, the sooner we're going to find this kid, so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.
Come on, man.
I know you're not nuts about the field, but I didn't bring you all the way out here to just stand around.
You know what I mean? Can I see you for a second? What? You can work hard or you can work smart.
Can I go now? LVPD! Open up! Sorry to barge in on you, ma'am.
We're just looking for a missing little boy.
Gun! She's got a gun! Nick, she's got a gun.
What are you doing? Put that thing down.
Lady, put that gun down right now.
- Put the gun down or we'll shoot.
- No, we won't.
Ma'am, we're looking for a little boy who's in really big trouble.
His name is Park Bang.
She doesn't understand.
Where the hell is the translator? She understands just fine.
Don't you? Park Bang.
- We just want to help him.
- She doesn't understand.
Drop the gun! Nick! Riley.
What's the deal? Kid's pretty weak.
I asked him if he remembered anything about the shootings, but he wouldn't even open his mouth.
Where is his CPS investigator? En route.
You interviewed a minor without an advocate present? Not officially.
Those regulations are there to protect the welfare of the child.
Don't ever do that again.
Look, I didn't do anything wrong.
I was just trying to help our case.
Maybe you should go back to the lab.
Happy to.
Okay,let's get that shirt off.
Sit up a little bit.
Good job.
Excuse me,Doctor.
I'm with the Las Vegas Police Department.
Why does this boy have a gastric tube? Might be an issue with feeding.
Trouble swallowing,that sort of thing.
We'll do a chest X-ray to be sure.
What about this skin condition? Yeah,probably a side effect of his HIV meds.
CPS sent his records over.
He's on a pretty severe regimen.
Why is there dried blood around the feeding tube? He could have caught it on something-- tried to pull it out.
Hey,kiddo,I'm going to take good care of you,don't worry.
She says that she was just watering her garden when she heard gunshots and people started running.
She took the boy in and fed him and let him play with some old toys.
And then the boy went to sleep like little boys should.
She says she was just trying to protect the boy.
Why'd you pull a gun on the police? She says that where she comes from,people would take care of their neighbors.
You should have turned him over to us right away.
She asks why? So you can cut another hole in his stomach? Okay,then,how about these guys? Any of these guys look familiar,huh? Come on,Park,you can talk to me.
These people are here to help you.
If you see one that hurt your mommy or uncle,all you have to do is point,okay,pal? Don't want to do it now? Okay,I'll tell you what,we'll do it another time.
Take care,buddy.
I'm going to put some police officers at the door.
I don't think the KD will try anything here,but you never know.
Are you finished? I still got to collect biologicals.
I'll see you later.
He understands English,right? Hi,Park.
My name is Gil.
I'm not a doctor,I'm not a policeman.
I'm kind of a What am I? I don't know.
I mostly do a lot of thinking.
But I do need to look under your fingernails.
I'm not going to grab your hand.
I'll just wait here until you want to give it to me,okay? But I promise you it won't hurt.
Thank you.
I got here as fast as I could.
Eisling,this is Mr.
Grissom from the crime lab.
How do you do? Hey,Park.
We're,uhwe're going to have to give him his medication here.
He doesn't seem to want it.
Well,that's why we gave him a gastric tube.
Okay,now come on Okay,come on Can you hold him,please? I know,I know.
Okay,I know.
Come hold him.
Come hold him.
Just take his arm.
I know.
I know.
Lay still,lay still.
All right.
So Park was wearing the white T-shirt during the shooting.
He changed into the blue one at the old woman's house.
Threw the white one away.
Makes sense.
It had his mother's and his uncle's blood all over them.
Park Bang's tox report.
Most adult cancer patients don't have this many drugs in their systems.
But an eight-year-old I've never seen anything like it.
Most of the drugs on that list are meant to stop cell development and stop bone marrow from producing blood,stop proteins from assembling.
If he continues on this regimen,by the time he's 15, he won't even have the physical development of a ten-year-old.
Does he actually have AIDS? No,not yet.
He's HIV-positive.
If you ask me,he's being badly overmedicated.
Zendrek has an FDA black box label.
That's the strongest warning there is.
Life-threatening side affects Some other drugs aren't even in the market, they are only being used in clinical trials.
maybe he is in one.
How does a little kid with a junkie mother and gangster father get on a clinical trial? Well,so much for the upstanding businessman.
This guy's real name is Jin Ming and his mug shot was taken when he was 18 years old when he was caught stealing cars with a street racing gang.
Now he's 30 and he hasn't been busted since.
And Park had this guy's skin under his fingernails? Yeah.
So they must been fighting? Possibly.
The thing is,that skin that was under Park's nails-- it was gluteus maximus.
It's very similar to the epidermal tissue on the rest of the body, but it's got far fewer hair follicles.
So,in addition to everything else,this kid's been molested? Well,maybe not.
Take a look at Jin's neck.
No tattoos.
He had a major makeover.
I went out a couple times with a casino executive who had some really unusual scars.
And,long story short,he told me that he was very embarrassed by some old tattoos that he had.
So he had them covered with replicated skin.
From his butt? I didn't ask.
But,you know,if you're a street racer,then it might be kind of cool to flash a lot of ink.
But if you're a Kkangpae Dragon It pays to be invisible.
I got left.
This basement's the only room with anything in it.
The uni's were looking for the kid first time through.
It's probably why they missed it.
This must be where Park and him mother lived.
Why would this guy Jin kill somebody he let live in his house? He's in a gang.
She's a druggie.
The possibilities are endless.
James Klondike trial lawyer Look at this.
Scumbag's in the picture with them.
Down! Officer down! Clear the house and call the paramedics! Det.
Cavaliere's going to be all right.
Minor injuries.
Bomb squad said the explosive was a trip wire booby trap.
Yeah,if Jin and the K D.
really wanted to hurt somebody, they would've sent a more powerful message.
So,I found d an ambulance chaser's card on Kora Sil's desk.
Just got off the phone with him.
He claims that Kora was suing Park's doctor.
For what? Money.
According to the lawyer,the doctor paid Kora to put Park on the clinical trial.
She wanted more.
How much was she getting? She wanted 50.
the immune system of hiv-positive children and the use and effect of anti-hiv therapy Hello,Doctor.
What are you doing here? I'm here to give Park his medication.
He needs to get it every day,doesn't he? Yes.
Or else the data's useless.
I suppose so.
Then what good would it do to continue to dose him after he went missing for two days? These drugs are saving his life.
No,they're not.
I don't need to be a medical doctor to see that.
No,what you're seeing are side effects.
And there are side effects to every drug.
Look,this is a legitimate clinical trial,Mr.
Grissom,approved by a formal committee Consisting of doctors who are shareholders in the pharmaceutical companies that make the drugs.
Without these trials,these kids get nothing.
And what do you get? Kickbacks? Your medical opinion is irrelevant.
What I'm doing is perfectly legal.
So,we're done here.
Excuse me.
You touch that kid,and I will charge you with reckless endangerment.
Child Services will back him up on that.
So I think you're done here.
We'll see about that.
Park I need to ask you a few questions.
You don't have to answer them,if you don't want to.
Okay? Do you know this man? That's Jin.
Did you and your mother live at his house? Is that where Uncle Sung found you? Yeah.
Uncle Sung didn't like my tube.
He fought with Mama.
Then Jin came down.
Uncle Sung saved me.
What happened after that? I'm not gonna let Jin or Dr.
Eisling hurt you.
But that's why I need to know what happened.
Jin and Mama found us.
Why would he want to hurt your mother? I guess he was just sick of having us around.
finally got a statement from the kid.
He says that Jin shot both his mother and his Uncle with two different guns.
Well,that's great.
Uh,that should be enough to charge Jin when we find him.
I-I just got faxed Sun Bang's prison record.
And there's something weird on his personal release form.
Listen to this: the guy left prison with a nine millimeter.
They let him out of jail with a gun? Well,it's only a misdemeanor,you know.
It's like a hotel; you get back what you checked in.
So you can go out and commit a felony.
Now,is there any chance that Sung fired back? No, we would have found extra bullets or shells at the scene.
Well,maybe there's a bullet lodged in Jin's body.
No sign of a third bleeder.
And if I understand the kid,Sung never got a chance to shoot back.
I'll work on this.
He carried his gun in his waistband.
Still doesn't mean he used it.
And doesn't really change Park's story.
How do we know Kora wasn't packing? The father of her son was a gangster.
She was living with a gangster.
I wouldn't put it past her.
Well,let's see.
Most women's clothes don't have a place to hide a gun.
That's,uh That's what purses are for.
Maybe Kora didn't need Jin to get her son back.
Maybe she took care of it herself.
You think they shot each other.
Why not? There's motive,the evidence suggests it.
Where are their guns? Dead man with a gun in the hood.
Gone in 60 seconds.
Jin skips town because this family dispute uncovers his once invisible gang.
He leaves the booby trap because he's angry about it.
It's possible.
It's also possible that Jin shot both vics.
Which is what the kid said.
And he was the closest witness.
If your uncle and your mother shot each other,you would probably blame the gangbanger,too.
We'll settle this on the street.
If you need any water or anything,you just let me know.
Okay,Park,I know you already told me what-what happened, but now I need you to show me what happened,okay? Now,we're gonna pretend that this is your mother,this is your uncle,and that's Jin.
Would you show me where your uncle was standing when the shooting began? Where was your mother standing when the shooting began? Would you show me where Jin was standing? And where were you standing? Did your uncle have a gun? Did your mother have a gun? Did your mother fall down before Jin shot her? Did Jin fall down before he shot your mother? He's lying.
Well,the ferrotrace doesn't confirm that either of them had guns at the time of the shooting.
But the trajectory.
Neither Kora nor Jin fell.
How do you explain Kora's 20-degree entry? Park,could you show me how Jin shot your mother? It was like this.
Bang,bang! Park,would you do that again? But this time,keep your arm out.
Bang,bang! The kid shot his mother for shooting his uncle.
So you think Jin had nothing to do with it? Not the shooting.
Well,it makes sense.
His uncle was trying to protect him,and his mother was torturing him.
Park never controlled anything in his life till he fired that gun.
An HIV-positive eight-year-old.
No wonder no one wanted to talk.
Juvi may be the best thing for him.
He'll get the care he needs there.
I'm sorry we solved this.
I really am.