CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e07 Episode Script

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

XviD-LOL Minor Corrections - UF She's got a pulse! Airway's clear.
Adrenaline's going in.
Heart's holding steady at 60.
Give me the Ambu bag.
Oxygen to 15 liters.
Keep the pressure on her.
Let's move out, got to go.
Got to hand it to the paramedics.
They keep things interesting.
Yeah, well, life does take priority.
I'll ask Riley to stop by the hospital and get their boots for elimination.
Where do you want me to start? Wherever you like.
Her name is Janelle Rowe.
Her daughter's name is Nora.
Neighbor heard gunshots, called it in.
Is the kid going to live? It's touch and go.
Food's still warm.
- What's going on? - Sir, wait.
They must have just got home.
- Sir - My daughter.
- Oh, my God, Janelle! Janelle! - Sir, sir, sir, you can't come in here, sir.
Get off me! Hey, hey, take it easy.
Take it easy.
You're under arrest for assaulting a police officer.
- Get him up, get him out of here.
- No.
No one should have to come home to this.
Yeah,but was it grief or was it guilt? CSI.
XviD-LOL - Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - CSI found a .
38 revolver in the glove compartment of your car with empty shell casings in the cylinder, which means it was recently discharged, and your hands tested positive for gunshot residue.
So what if there's a gun in my car? I have a permit for it.
You had no right to search my car without a warrant.
W-What, what are you talking about? You were agitated and hostile,you attacked a pice officer.
You fired your gun tonight.
I was target shooting in the desert.
I can show you where.
I appreciate the offer, Mr.
Rowe, but unless someone was out there in the desert with you, it's not an alibi.
Why would I need an alibi? Bullet entered the neck below the chin and exited just below the right occipital bone.
I'm guessing the bullet's around here someplace.
Thanks for the tip.
This chair's been knocked over.
Assuming the paramedics didn't do it,there might have been some kind of a struggle.
Hey, Dave, does the vic have any head wounds? I don't see any but I heard the little girl had a forehead laceration.
She might have slammed her head here unless someone else did it for her.
You think I did this? I want to see my Nora; I want to see my little girl.
She's in Desert Palm Hospital.
Severe head trauma.
She hasn't even regained consciousness yet.
I want, want to see her now.
We're going to see her, okay, when we're done.
Now, help me out.
Think about this.
Who would want to do this to your wife and daughter? I don't know.
So what do you think? It's just a tragic, random act of violence? Why don't you tell me? That's your job.
Take a couple of high school kids and put 'em in a fast car.
Add a few beers and a driver with a lead foot.
Yeah, baby.
Throw in an unexpected obstacle and a little physics Whoa, dude! and what you get is very abrupt end to a party on wheels.
You just described my whole senior year which admittedly ended better than theirs.
From their D.
's, driver is Chase Bowman, passenger is Max Poole.
Varsity football at Ridge Valley High.
At least he was wearing his seatbelt.
The safer they make the cars,the more risks the drivers are willing to take.
It's called the Peltzman Effect.
Tree practically ate the car.
Anybody see anything? Only after the fact.
Somebody must have heard something.
We're in the sticks.
Houses are pretty far apart.
What do you got? Splinters in the wound.
There's no branches on this side.
If a car hits a tree and there's nobody there to hear it, it still makes one hell of a sound.
Hey, look what I found.
I let my fingers do the walking.
What does that mean? Never mind.
Lock's been forced.
This was probably the killer's point of entry and exit.
I'm gonna go search the perimeter.
How many times do I have to say this? I didn't do this.
Let' let's go over this.
So a neighbor gets up, she hears some arguing, and she looks out her window.
She sees a muzzle flash and hears a gunshot, and she hears footsteps go out a back gate.
Now,this neighbor says she hears arguing-- she says it's like a fight club over there.
So I checked Dispatch, and there are three calls out for domestic violence in the last three months.
I never laid a hand on Janelle.
You know, one call is, like, a misunderstanding, but three is a pattern.
I loved my wife, but she had-- she was a wannabe actress with a flair for the dramatic.
We fought a lot, but it was only words.
Well, here's an interesting development.
Well, good news.
We have a new suspect.
His name is Mark Redding-- the prime suspect in a homicide about 12 years ago, but he went under the dar for a long time.
But, uh, you must know who he is because according to these fingerprints, he's you.
Changing your name is not a crime.
Okay? No, it's not.
But let me tell you what is.
Your first wife Amy hired a private investigator named Trevor Murphy to find out if you were cheating on her.
Of course, you were.
Isn't that right, Mark, Peter? Which do you prefer? So, anyway, this private investigator Murphy-- he proved Amy was right, and she was, uh, disappointed, so he consoled her,you know,in her time of need.
He comforted her in the biblical sense, and you found out about it, and then Murphy was no more.
His car was found abandoned at a gas station in the desert, and you were the prime suspect.
I was never even charged.
That's because Trevor Murphy's body was never found.
Maybe that's because he's not dead, which is what I told the cops back then.
I didn't kill anybody.
Okay? Yeah, but bodies keep piling up around you.
Why is that? You just having a string of bad luck? Listen, I think I know who might have killed Janelle.
I think I do,too.
I don't have a name,but I've been getting death threats-- anonymous e-mails.
Here, I can show you.
"I promise death is coming.
You will not know when, but when it comes" "you will know why.
You will rot like Trevor rots.
" I will watch.
" I've been getting stuff like this for months.
Whoever killed Janelle I think they, they were gunning for me.
Driver's C.
is subdural hematoma as a result of injuries sustained in the crash.
Same deal with his buddy, more or less.
Multiple skull fractures consistent with flying face-first thugh a windshield.
here is atlanto - occipital dislocation.
So his skull just separated from his spine? Yeah.
Well, at least it was quick.
Whoa, whoa, hold your horses.
There's something you should see.
About that shoulder wound you found, I found a cluster of related injuries on the right arm-- fractured right distal humerus, dislocated shoulder, and torn rotator cuff.
Come here.
The direction of applied force in a break is indicated by the fracture plateau.
That's the flat section of bone at the break.
The arm must have been hanging outside the car something like this.
In this case,it indicates that something bent the arm back, snapping it on the backside of the elbow, which in turn caused chain reaction injuries to the rotator cuff and shoulder.
That's an unusual injury for a head-on collision.
Could have injured it before the crash? I don't think so.
Bruising doesn't suggest that and all the wounds are perimortem.
Well, maybe the arm just broke itself.
- That'd be a first.
- Thanks.
People vs.
Natalie Davis the transfer hearing her mental illness hospital to prison The EDR records vehicle data for about five seconds prior to the airbag's deployment.
This indicates that the antilock brakes activated four seconds before impact.
Sounds like the car lost traction.
- Was it wet? - Nope.
- Was there oil? - No.
According to the data, looks like the driver veered right and then overcompensated left.
If the car veered onto the shoulder, then one tire is on the asphalt.
The other one's spinning in the gravel, which would activate the ABS, and you did find this gravel in the soft top, right? But you do not appear to be convinced.
The shoulder was undisturbed at the scene.
We're still missing something there, Columbo.
Logged onto Facebook lately, Doc? I've been a little busy.
That's too bad.
I just schooled you in Logolous.
I played "quilt" across.
The "T" made "ire" into "tire" on a double word score.
36 points.
Very impressive.
You want COD on Janelle Rowe? Bullet to the head? Exsanguination from transection of the jugular by a .
38 caliber round, if you please.
And I bet there's something you don't know.
This bruise was inflicted perimortem.
Looks like a gun sight.
Maybe she was pistol-whipped.
Certainly a possibility.
Is that it? Yeah oh, oh, I'm almost forgot.
I played "quartz" off your "Q" with a triple-word score of 72 points.
So much for youth and enthusiasm.
I look forward to old age and treachery.
Thanks for coming in, Ms.
Thank you.
You said this was about my father.
Did you find his body? Unfortunately, no.
No, this is about a a murder suspect we have in custody.
His name is Mark Redding.
Wacky guess: he says he's innocent.
You know, I remember you from when my father went missing.
You bought me a soda in the waiting room.
You were really nice to me.
Well, I'm glad I was able to help a little.
You don't remember.
I wish I could forget.
What does this have to do with me? Uh, about nine years ago, uh, Mark Redding changed his name to Peter Rowe.
He said he did it because he felt like there was a target on his back.
Couple of months ago, he started to get death threats from anonymous e-mails, and all those e-mails mentioned your father.
My dad had a lot of angry friends.
Well, the e-mails were sent from an account that was set up on your IP address.
You think I wrote them? It's a wacky guess-- did you? Of course not.
He probably sent them to himself.
Do you mind if I ask you where you were last night? Do you mind if my lawyer answers? You guys are unbelievable.
Uh, Ms.
We have a warrant for your computer.
Knock yourself out.
My dad has been dead for a long time.
All I want to do is get on with my life.
Just leave me alone.
The pink cell phone belonged to Nora Rowe.
Maybe the killer took it.
Why would the killer take a kid's cell phone and then ditch it less than a block away? Probably thought they trashed it.
Most people don't realize how tough these memory cards are.
Look at this.
Most of these pictures were taken within two hours of the murder.
Hold it.
That'Janelle Rowe's kitchen, taken right around the time of the shooting.
You know, the neighbor said that she saw a muzzle flash when she heard the gunshot, but what if it was a camera flash? No, get away I bet the killer thought his face was in that photo.
Got Ballistics on Peter Rowe's gun.
It's not the murder weapon.
No IBIS hits on it, either.
Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he didn't do it.
Okayyou know, let's say he was telling the truth, that someone blamed him for the death of Trevor Murphy, and his wife and daughter got caught up in the revenge.
So, the death threats were more than just threats.
So, let's find out who really sent those e-mails.
On the left, the exemplars from the aspen tree found at the crime scene.
On the right, the splinters from the passenger's shoulder wound.
They're different.
Whatever stabbed him, it wasn't that tree.
It was, uh, treated hardwood and white ash, known for its durable bending quality and hardness.
Not unlike me.
You didn't learn anything in sensitivity training, did you? I took what I needed, and I left the rest.
Where would you find white ash? It's found in long handles, such as garden rakes, spades, shovels.
And it's also found in some baseball bats, because it's a lighter wood wita long grain.
Mailbox baseball.
These guys were playing mailbox baseball.
Yeah, that would explain the the weird fracture to his right arm.
Yeah, right there, right there! You're serious.
Oh, yeah, I'm dead serious.
It's really fun.
When you're a bored teenager who's feeling destructive.
If you knock the box cleanly off its post, then it's a home run.
Everything else, just a base hit.
That's pathetic.
- Actually, it's awesome.
- It's a release.
You know, in high school, in chem club, I once painted iodide of beryllium on the inside of my best friend's desk drawer, let it dry overnight, so when he opened up the drawer the next morning, he got this-- pa! -- explosion of pink powder in his face.
For no reason.
Well, this is all very fascinating and really quite sad, and while it might explain the roots of violent crime, it doesn't explain why you didn't find a bat at the scene or how a mailbox full of air could shatter an arm.
Recess is over.
And it did it go in his mouth? Oh, yeah.
Went in his mouth-- he was walking around school like a lizard, like Natalie Davis.
You're a serial killer.
You crushed the skull of a rock star while he was eating breakfast.
You poisoned an elderly woman,whose convulsions sent her flailing through a window.
You electrocuted a janitor at a chicken slaughterhouse.
You gassed an undercover cop.
And when your foster father,in an attempt to protect you, confessed to your crime in a video suicide, you kidnapped a CSI and trapped her under a car, alone,in the desert, and left her to die there.
You were captured and you were tried by a jury of your peers in a court of law.
What was the verdict? I was found guilty, but mentally ill.
And what does that mean? It means that when I committed my crimes, I knew that what I was doing was wrong.
But after I was arrested, I suffered a psychotic breakdown.
You were diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia.
You don't seem catatonic now.
I'm taking medications that make it go away.
And how do you feel? I feel like I used to.
And that is why you no longer need to be treated in this psychiatric facility.
You are well enough to serve the sentence that you were lawfully given.
You're not mentally ill.
Not anymore.
You're just guilty.
I put Ms.
Davis on risperodone to treat the catatonic schizophrenia.
I'm quite pleased with the results.
How are you treating her psychopathic compulsion to kill? We're not really.
She's on a couple of anti-O.
meds, but Isn't it true that as the catatonia lifts, her psychopathic tendencies will eventually reasser themselves? It's certainly possible.
That's because Natalie Davis has an incurable disease.
Do we imprison people with M.
? With cancer? She is not responsible for her actions.
She needs help.
She needs to remain here.
Thank you, Counsel.
These proceedings will resume at 10:00 a.
Until then, we're adjourned.
Come on.
Miss Nichols.
Glad to see you.
Is Sara coming, too? I'm afraid she's not available.
I see.
You know, Gil, you were the only person in the room when Natalie had her psychotic break.
It would really help me out if you'd get up there and testify.
I can't render an opinion to her mental state.
I'm not a psychiatrist or a psychologist.
I'd call you as a percipient witness.
You'd only have to testify about what you observed with your own eyes.
How she was then, and how she is now.
I can arrange a meeting with Natalie.
I would like to see her.
Archie located the e-mail server that sent death threats to Peter Rowe.
I thought they were sent from Kelsey Murphy's house.
The e-mail account was created there.
The e-mails themselves came from a halfway house downtown.
I assume Brass is checking it out? Definitely.
I had them fax over a resident list.
One of the names jumped off the page.
Nathan Murphy? Kelsey has a brother.
Making death threats is a felony, Nathan.
So I go to jail for that while Mark Redding gets to walk for murder? He's only a murderer according to you.
How'd you find him? My dad was a P.
And the Internet's a beautiful thing.
Why should Mark Redding live happily after what he did? New name, new wife, new life? It makes me sick.
I wanted him looking over his shoulder at night, feeling afraid.
I gave Nathan my old laptop six months ago.
He was staying with me for a few days, and that's when he set up the account.
That's why it traced to me.
So, why didn't you mention that earlier? He's my brother.
I wanted to protect him.
So you two are close? Not anymore.
Why is that? When we're in a room together, he doesn't see me.
He only sees Dad.
Somebody had to remind Mark Redding what he did.
Did you do anything other than write e-mails? I wanted to kill him.
I think about it every day.
If anyone had ever laid a hand on me or my sister whe my dad was alive, he would have laid them down like dogs.
If my dad saw me now letting the scumbag that killed him breathe air for nine more years he'd spit on me.
His son should have been stronger.
Where were you last night between 8:00 and 10:00? On the strip alone.
Come on.
Come on, Nathan.
You got to do better than that.
Why? Because Mark Redding's wife was murdered lt night, and his daughter is hanging on by a thread at Desert Palm Hospital, that's why.
I want my phone call and a lawyer.
Yes! Nicky! For God's sakes! Are you trying to break your arm? Oh,no.
Don't sweat it.
I tried it on the dummy first.
If it didn't break his arm,it's not gonna break mine.
It became clear during our experiments that it would take something far more massive than an aluminum mailbox to generate the force necessary to cause the fracture of the victim's arm.
We're thinking telephone pole, sign post.
I want to go back out to the crime scene, check it out.
Then why are you guys still in here smashing mailboxes? Because it's fun.
My turn.
- I'm gonna go a little bit faster than you did last time.
- Please go faster And I wonder why I'm still single.
- Hodges.
- Hey, it's Nick.
Did you have a chance to process that gravel I collected from the convertible top yet? Of course.
It was concrete.
- Why? Did you - Thank you.
Nick? Hey,I want to be cooperative here and everything, but, uh, you know, seems to be a little bit intrusive.
Well, we could get a warrant, Mr.
Jackmin, but we'd have to keep you out of the house if we did.
Seems like a real big hassle to me,you know,unless you got something to hide.
Uh, no.
You know, hey, like I said, feel free to look around.
Notice that your new mailbox out there is removable.
Why is that? Uh, old one got smashed a while back.
You know, kids.
I figured it was cheaper to take it down every night than to keep on, uh, replacing it.
Kids,huh? Yeah.
Did you do it yourself? I'm a do-it-yourself kind of guy.
It's a nice walkway.
This looks new.
Charlie,give me a hand, will you? What is this? A concrete-filled decoy? Man,you really taught those boys a lesson,huh? Four times those kids trashed my mailbox.
Four times! Yeah,there's a better way to handle it.
Weren't you ever a kid? 'Course I was.
If I met myself now the way I was then, I'd kick my snotty nose ass.
I didn't mean to hurt those people.
I heard the crash,I went out there.
There was nothing I could do for them.
No, but you could still do something for yourself, huh? What was I supposed to do? Just roll over and let them keep on doing it to me? You could have done something else.
Use cinder blocks, set up a camera to get their license plate, but this? I didn't make them smash that mailbox.
But I bet you were hoping they would, huh? Mr.
Jackmin, you're under arrest for two counts of negligent homicide.
Hello, Natalie.
I wasn't surprised to see you yesterday.
You weren't? You want to make sure I go to jail.
I understand that.
People who do bad things need to be punished.
Well, I think you're already being punished.
Then why did you come here? The only time I ever saw you, you weren't yourself.
I wanted to see the person you really are.
Well here I am.
Is Sara gonna speak at the hearing, too? No.
She doesn't work with us anymore.
Because of what I did to her.
I don't know.
Occupational therapy? By working with the thing I fear the most, I diminish its power.
I'm very sorry for what I did to Sara.
And to you.
My foster father killed himself because of me.
I was wrong to blame anybody else for it.
Is that how you really feel, or is that how you think you should feel? I understand if you don't believe me.
Psychopathic personalities are very often skilled at mimicking genuine emotion.
But I'm truly sorry.
A year before Trevor Murphy disappeared, he was staking out a liquor store for a client.
One night the joint gets robbed, Trevor storms in and drops the suspect with one shot It's pretty ballsy for a P.
Well, the bullet was still in evidence.
So, I compared it to the bullet that killed Janelle Rowe.
Ballistics confirms they're both fired from the same weapon, a .
38 Special.
It's not uncommon for a killer to keep his victim's gun.
What if Kelsey and Nathan are right? Peter Rowe killed their father, used Trevor's own gun to do it.
I'll call Brass.
We'll bring Peter back in.
Grissom,your department pursued the so-called "Miniature Killer" for nearly a year before you identified her as Natalie Davis.
By the time she was captured, she had kidnapped a member of your team.
You interviewed her one time.
Why only that once? During the course of our interview, she had a psychotic break.
Witness has no medical standing here whatsoever.
Will you please rephrase? During the course of our interview, Ms.
Davis became non-responsive.
So,one moment you were having a conversation, and then the next Tell me where Sara is! I've got a pain in my sawdust.
That's what's a matter with me.
She started singing.
To you? No.
I believe she was singing to her dead sister.
Her eyes were no longer focusing on me.
She no longer seemed to hear what I was saying.
All right, Dr.
Grissom, you've been here with us in this room and you spoke to Natalie this morning in the laundry.
How does she appear to you now? She makes eye contact.
She answers questions in a logical manner.
She seems very present.
She even expresses remorse for her past actions.
In other words-- normal.
Thank you.
I really only have one thing to ask you, Dr.
What do you hope to get out of coming here? I don't understand the question.
Let me help.
Are you trying to punish Natalie for what she did to Sara Sidle, your co-worker and lover? Objection.
I'll allow it.
During our interview I did become frustrated.
Oh, I know, I saw the police video.
You violently shook Ms.
Davis when she wouldn't give you Ms.
Sidle's location.
If you'd been alone and unsupervised, you prould've beaten it out of her.
Objection, this is hythetical.
As I said, I was frustrated.
I was also afraid for my co-worker.
Then you are here for revenge? I don't care about revenge.
I have no stake in the outcome of these proceedings.
Whether Natalie stays here or goes to prison is at the discretion of this court.
I've been trying to believe that people can change.
Even people who are damaged.
But I don't know if they can.
I just don't know.
Brass went to Desert Palm to look for Peter, but he was already gone.
So, head of surveillance sent me over this security video for you.
Did someone tip him off? Well,that's what I would have thought until I saw this.
Peter went down to smoke a cigarette every couple of hours.
That's Kelsey.
Look how she's standing behind him, with her hands in her pockets.
Does she have a gun? That looks pretty intense.
Where'd they go? Let's see what she drives.
Look at that.
Kelsey's car is equipped with an Auto-Shadow G.
We'll need an Attorney General Waiver to activate it - Please - Dig! Let's put the gun down, Kelsey.
Tell them what you did.
Tell them! I killed I killed Trevor Murphy, and I buried him.
If you do this, Kelsey, I can't help you.
Give me the gun.
When Nathan told me he found him, I I couldn't get it out of my head.
I staked out his house for a few weeks.
Just like dad would've.
Learned his schedule.
They weren't supposed to be there! Mom! Get away from my daughter! Everything got so messed up.
We know you didn't mean to hurt Janelle and Nora.
We know that.
Dig! Now I talked to the hospital.
The little girl's going to make it.
Really? Good.
That's good.
Now all you have to do is give me the gun.
We can still fix it.
Listen to them.
Shut up! I confessed, all right? Arrest me.
Just-- I'll spend the rest of my life in jail.
Shut up! Just-- Come on, everybody, just take it easy.
We don't have to do anything.
So don't do anything.
Just calm down.
Daddy That's good.
There you go.
That's okay.
Come on.
Give me the gun.
Come on.
I really tried to forget.
Come on.
Judge Brenner has ordered her to be transferred to the State Prison in Jean.
She'll continue to receive her meds, but as far as therapy goes, they can't do much.
I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help.
I'll take her from here.
You're wrong about me.
I really have changed.
I have changed.
And I really do believe that people who do bad things need to be punished.
XviD-LOL Minor Corrections - UF Original SUBS from CSI.
XviD-LOL Minor Corrections - UF Original SUBS from