CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e09 Episode Script

19 Down…

It really brings back the good old days, huh? So, what do you think it's worth? Riley at the city dump.
Trash run for the low man on the totem pole.
I promise not to abuse my power over you.
Watch your back, Riley.
And for our new CSI level three, vehicle at McCarran.
Nick, 402, possible arson at the Burger Giant.
Well, there goes the night.
Why don't we all meet up at the coffee shop after work? Level three over here is gonna buy.
I'll take care of breakfast.
And the 419 in Green Valley.
Looks like the king gets to sit on the bench for now.
That it? No.
I know this has been a tough year for all of us, and I've been thinking I mean, more than usual.
I made a decision.
I'm gonna leave CSI.
Catherine will become the new supervisor, so you'll be in good hands.
While I'm clearing my caseload, Ecklie's preparing a list of candidates for a new level one hire, so you won't be shorthanded.
And I guess I just came off the bench.
Okay? # Who are you? # # Who, who, who, who? # # Who are you? # # Who, who, who, who? # # I really wanna know # # Who are you? # # Oh-oh-oh # # Who # # Come on, tell me who are you, you, you # # Are you! # Sir? You okay? Yeah.
I was just wondering what it would be like to go fly fishing.
Uh, a couple of hikers came across the body this morning.
According to them, it's not a popular trail.
How long do you think that's been here? I don't know.
Sealed bag, cool, moist environment.
Could be weeks, could be years.
But it's definitely human.
Call the coroner.
Tell him he's got soup to go.
All right, so let me get this straight.
Grissom didn't say that he was leaving permanently, so he could be taking a leave of absence.
That's a form of leaving, right? I think this is leaving, leaving.
What's he gonna do? Teach? Write a book, go off and study bugs somewhere? You know as much as I do, Nicky.
Star of David.
Looks like some kind of pendant.
Victim must have been Jewish.
These clothes are pretty generic.
Jeans, T-shirt, sneakers.
It's not gonna help with TOD or sex.
There's hair in our soup.
Most of them are brown, but some of them are blonde.
So, maybe the vic got a piece of the attacker.
Or maybe the victim just had a streak of dyed hair.
Hodges Hodges.
Hmm? Collect and separate both sets of hairs.
Get them over to Wendy.
Run exemplars for mitochondrial DNA.
It's best to stay busy.
Based on skull morphology and femoral bone dimensions, I'd say we're looking at a Caucasian male, around five feet, nine inches.
Partial fusion of the coronal-cranial suture says that he was at least 25 years old.
Any idea of COD? Very good idea.
Broken hyoid.
- Yep.
Are you really leaving? Yep.
Think of it this way, Doc.
You'll have somebody new you can tell all your old jokes to.
I like the old guy just fine.
Are you, uh, running away from something? Or running to something? Someone? I'm running to my office.
I think you're nuts.
I am never going to retire.
The Dick and Jane Killer's name is Nathan Haskell.
Suspected of killing at least 14 people in Nevada, California and Arizona in the mid-90s.
He was picked up at a sobriety checkpoint near Reno.
It was a lucky break.
The blood on his car matched a male DB dumped in the desert several weeks earlier.
And he had blood under his nails which matched another male DB who had just been found.
A witness placed him with one of the vics.
There was a potential murder weapon.
Case went to trial.
In the middle, Haskell changed his plea.
He got life without parole, and he's serving it at Ely.
I remember this guy.
He was called the Dick and Jane Killer because he targeted couples.
It says here not any of the female vics were ever found.
He refused to discuss the females, but seven male bodies were found in various remote locations, each with postmortem stab wounds.
The first body they found had two stab wounds.
The second body had three stab wounds.
The third had four, then five, six, seven, eight, so the theory was that the first couple was never found.
And Joel Steiner and his fiancée were considered possible victims since they lived near DJK and they were reported missing in 1997.
That's before any of the other confirmed victims.
Guess all we need is a positive ID on Joel.
I had this made for Joel for his bar mitzvah.
He had a matching one made for his fiancée when they got engaged.
Oh, Mrs.
Steiner, I'm sorry.
You can't take it with you.
It's, uh it's evidence in an active case.
I promise to get it back to you right after we confirm the I.
of your son's remains.
I will.
I'll get it back to you.
But you can't keep it right now.
- It's all right.
Thank you.
I'm also going to need DNA samples from each of you.
But you already have Joel's DNA.
We gave it to the police in Reno, 11 years ago.
I gave them his toothbrush.
They sent the sample out to a private lab for DNA analysis, and that lab, um, misplaced it or lost it.
It happens.
David, I've been meaning to talk to you.
It's a little too late for that, huh? Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Have a nice life.
Well, when I heard that those hairs might actually be connected to the Dick and Jane killer, I just put the screws to this guy I know at Accuregen.
And he ran our mito samples immediately.
What do you got on him? He's my uncle.
I really didn't want to wait around for three weeks and then get the results after you were gone.
And it turns out that the blonde hairs are definitely a mito DNA match to Nathan Haskell.
Well, as far as we know, he was an only child.
So, it's got to be him.
- Grissom.
I just want to thank you for everything.
For the support and the encouragement that you've given me.
You earned it.
Wasn't the "body soup" vic I.
'd as the DJK's first victim? Yes.
Brass said that Joel Steiner's parents confirmed that the Star of David pendant was his.
And we're getting their DNA to positively establish I.
Okay, I don't believe that it was Joel Steiner.
The sneakers that Soup Man was wearing were made two years ago.
And the Dick and Jane Killer's been in jail for at least ten.
Well, how did he end up with DJK's hair on his body? And who is he? Lindsey was once given a gift certificate for a pair of customized jeans.
So we go to the store, we spend two hours picking out the wash, the rivets, you name it.
And-and she has her boyfriend's name embroidered on her butt pocket.
Well, guess what? She breaks up with the guy a week later.
She doesn't wear 'em once.
Still beats a tattoo, right? Oh, don't go there.
In any case, the sneakers were definitely a custom job.
We got a warrant for the customer records.
Catherine, I, uh, I know I surprised you today with the I knew.
I knew before you knew.
Well, looks like the sneakers were "designed" by a Gerald Tolliver.
See if he's in missing persons.
Well, he's not only missing, he's got record.
Petty larceny, grand larceny.
Several drug busts.
Reno P.
registered him as a criminal informant just before he disappeared, six months ago.
You know what that means? Road trip.
Kenny Martz, Reno P.
Nick Stokes.
- Greg Sanders.
So, did you work this case? No, but I brought the related file.
Anything having to do with DJK is near and dear to my heart.
Busted him back when I was in uniform.
Practically made my career.
So you guys held this scene for six months? Not intentionally.
The house is still in probate.
Our CSIs found some blood drops on this wall.
They sampled it for DNA, and matched it to Gerald Tolliver.
We'd gotten him to roll on some local junkies.
We were just starting to move him up the food chain.
We figured he pissed somebody off, got into a fight, skipped town.
Is there blood on the floor as well? Yeah.
They luminoled this area.
There wasn't much blood, not enough to suggest murder.
They found what appears to be a partial shoe tread in this blood.
Look, Gerald Tolliver was 17 when DJK was doing his business.
He never turned up in the investigation.
So what's the connection? We don't know.
That's why we're here.
Looks like Gerald was a collector of sorts.
Maybe he was one of those "murderabilia" freaks, you know? All it takes is one shady prison barber, and suddenly people are bidding for a lock of DJK's hair on eBay.
But Joel Steiner's body was never found.
How'd this guy end up with his Star of David? I don't know.
But I'm betting a guy like this has other little "treasures" stashed around here somewhere.
According to court transcripts, Haskell's attorneys were attempting to argue that the murders were the work of more than one killer.
That's when Haskell changed his plea.
What was the theory? That it would've been impossible for Haskell to have strangled the males while simultaneously controlling the females.
They could've been sedated.
Tox on the male vics was clean.
Except for traces of THC.
Well, these guys are all narcissists.
Maybe Haskell just didn't want to share the spotlight.
Or maybe Gerald was more than just a murderabilia collector.
Maybe he was an accomplice.
- Greg.
You guys aren't going to believe this.
Remember that apparent S & M double murder from five weeks ago? Well, whoever killed Gerald Tolliver was also involved in the murders of Ian Wallace and Justine Stefani His shoe print was at both crime scenes.
And Ian had nine postmortem stab wounds.
Didn't mean much at the time, but it's consistent with the DJK's MO.
I think we're dealing with a copycat who was trying to make Ian and Justine the ninth couple.
A DJK copycat who just so happened to kill a DJK accomplice that nobody knew existed till just now? I've clearly missed something.
I'll catch you up.
So let's just go up to Ely and question him.
This guy pled guilty to avoid even the suggestion that he wasn't responsible.
He's not going to talk to us.
All roads lead to Rome.
So Ely State Prison sent over all the correspondence, video logs, phone records of the Dick and Jane Killer.
So I told the detectives to be on the lookout for any names that are associated with both the DJK and Gerald Tolliver.
I think that might be our best bet.
That's a lot of material.
Yeah, well, the guy likes to give interviews.
Dateline, 20/20 Time magazine.
The guy likes to talk.
I think he likes to have people listen to him.
So I hear you're moving on.
I am.
That's too bad.
We'll stay in touch.
You know, the barbecue, Labor Day, Fourth of July.
Go out on the boat.
You got a boat? No.
Captain, something interesting.
It's not a connection between DJK and Gerald Tolliver, but there is a lot of back and forth between the warden and a professor at WLVU.
Apparently DJK's participating in some kind of criminology seminar.
They're setting up a video conference for a Q & A with the students, the whole bit.
I'd take that class.
That's a good idea.
You should do that.
These letters say the seminar is open to faculty.
You could go in as a visiting professor.
So what's the real professor going to say? We won't tell him.
We'd be risking too much if he's not willing to play ball, anyway.
I'll clear it with the university administration.
I'm Dr.
Raymond Langston.
I'd like to welcome all those faculty members who have bravely come out of the closet and revealed themselves to be murder freaks.
Now, one of things I am most often asked is, "What does a serial killer look like?" It's not a bad question.
Statistically speaking, nine out of ten are Caucasian males under the age of 30, but you never know.
There was the case of a mother and daughter.
In a three-year spree, they killed over and over again, systematically murdering ten infants, and they ate the remains.
That's Passion and Pom.
Jane Goodall observed their rampage in Gombe in the 70s.
Now, remember, we human beings share 99.
5% of our DNA with chimps.
The urge to kill maybe it is just a big-brain mammal thing, but it is in all of us.
I want to reemphasize the ground rules here.
Orderly conduct is to be maintained at all times.
Don't reveal any personal information.
No names.
And the warden has requested that the ladies please refrain from wearing any revealing clothing.
My dear, you might want to put on a sweater.
Now, last semester, some of you came to me and said you wanted to know what the face of evil looked like.
Well, here it is.
Hello, class.
Everybody ready to learn? What can you tell us about your father? Apart from the fact that he was a mean, miserable son of a bitch who beat me at every occasion nothing.
What about your mother? Was that who that lady was who lived with us? I always wondered.
I killed my first small animal when I was nine.
It was a cat.
It's usually a cat.
No one knows why that is.
I mean, I know it's a terrible thing If you're going to waste our time on playing games and phony remorse, I'll pull the plug right now.
Honesty it is, then.
I didn't like your book.
It's too technical and too depressing.
Then, let's talk about something you enjoyed your first kill.
Oh, you never forget your first time, but I think that discussion's a little too intimate for this stage of our relationship.
Maybe when know each other a little better.
That's why we're here.
Class, question and answer.
Serial killers usually have some sort of selection process.
What was yours? How'd you choose your victims? Did you ever buy a car? You go down to the showroom.
You're pretty sure you're gonna get one, but why the red one? Why not the blue one? Nobody knows, but just one of them speaks to you and that's the one you got to have.
How much premeditation was involved? Did you fantasize about what you were going to do? Of course, I did.
All the time.
You remind me of my first lay.
She was a hooker.
I mean that as a compliment.
Did, uh you ever share any of your experiences with anyone? Like, with a buddy? I didn't have any buddies.
Well, you must have had some friends.
You seem like you could be friendly.
These days, I mostly have fans.
I get at least two or three marriage proposals every month, but they don't allow conjugal visits, so why carry the baggage when you can't have the fun? You're not a student.
What do you teach? Sociology.
Tell us your definition of fun.
Fun is taking something away from somebody.
Like a nice Jewish girl, for example.
Taking her off on a little vacation.
Just three days and three nights of Heaven on Earth.
And then just Heaven.
The night before Ian Wallace and Justine Stefani were killed, they went to a Paramore concert, and according to his credit card records, he bought tickets for all three nights: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
And we also found these old Pearl Jam ticket stubs in Gerald Tolliver's mattress.
According to the DJK file, Joel Steiner and his fiancée went missing after attending that concert back in '97.
So, maybe the killer finds his victims at concerts.
Exactly, so we checked with the online ticketing service.
Hard tickets were mailed to Ian-- they all get scanned at the venue-- but on the night of Ian and Justine's murder, they were never used.
But the ones from Saturday night were.
You waste a couple why waste the tickets? You never revealed the location of any of your female victims-- why? Because nobody ever asked me that question ever before.
I always thought it was strange.
Well, then, tell us now.
Why not? You're serving two consecutive life sentences.
You have nothing to lose.
Of course I do, Professor, because when I took those women, they stopped being somebody's girlfriend or sister or daughter or fiancée.
They became what I wanted them to be.
They're mine.
Did any of them resist? No one tried to escape or fight back? Tiffany and Cynthia fought a little at first.
Um How did you control them? Not with force.
I'm gonna return to the Jewish theme here, Doctor, although I want you to know that I have also killed Catholics and Protestants and one atheist.
By the way, they all prayed eventually.
Anyway, during the Holocaust, when the first arrivals at the death camps realized they were going to be killed, they flew into a panic, so the guards-- the Nazis-- started telling them that they were going to be put to work, that their skills were going to be used, and they all calmed down.
And they all marched obediently into the showers.
You have to give them hope.
If you bring a human being to the brink of death, and then you offer a chance-- no matter how small a chance-- to survive, they'll grab it.
And they'll thank you for it.
And then you can do whatever you want.
And believe me I did.
Hello, warden, thank you for calling.
Am I making you proud of me? Thank you.
Okay, that's it for today.
See you tomorrow.
Be careful out there.
Could I buy you a drink? Definitely.
So, all these videos are from the Paramore show the night after Justine and Ian were killed? Got to love the Internet.
The vics' tickets were in section 203 seats M26 and 28.
And this video has the best view of those seats.
Looks like they have the same logos on their ball caps.
I'll enhance that.
Reliant Wash and Wax.
Uh, yeah, I recognize them.
That's Richie and Donny-- they're in the tunnel.
Yeah, okay.
- Yeah.
All right, shut the machine down.
- Okay.
Go in the west entrance.
Buckle up these two guys.
Las Vegas Police! Las Vegas Police.
Put your hands on the hood.
Put your hands on the hood where I can see them.
Okay, here's a simple quiz.
The Paramore concert five weeks ago.
Where'd you get the tickets? I told you not to do it, you idiot.
I got them off a scalper.
That's not illegal-- it's the scalping them that's illegal.
- Shut up.
I don't know what this guy's talking coming in here - What the scalper look like? I don't know, it was dark.
It was in a parking lot.
Some skinny white dude, man.
Well, that's a big help.
Any chance either of you have the ticket stub? Yeah, I do.
It's in my wallet.
What is this, a phone book? Yeah, I keep everything.
Somebody's home.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go, go, go, go.
Curtis Keesey-- LVPD! Open up! The lights are on a timer.
Late instar, synthesiomyia nudiseta.
So, I hear you've been going back to school.
Sort of.
I loved college.
Me, too.
Green Bottle Blow Fly.
These typically pupate in about two weeks and emerge as adults in four.
The AC on in the trailer slows down the timeline a bit.
He's been dead at least a month.
You're going to miss this, you are.
There's bugs everywhere, David.
I will miss you, though.
Hey, Nicky, he's got Pirellis in the front and Michelins in the rear.
Consistent with the tire treads found at the Justine Sephani murder scene.
That's great but unfortunately, his shoes were not.
None of these treads match.
So, Curtis must've been the wheel man.
At least we got half the team that killed Ian and Justine.
Yeah, it's the half that's out there walking around that I'm worried about.
So, six months ago, Shoe Print Man kills Gerald Tolliver, an accomplice of the Dick and Jane Killer.
And then, five weeks ago, Shoe Print, along with Curtis Keesey, abducts and kills a couple in what appears to be a botched DJK-style murder.
Can we connect Shoe Print with the murder of Curtis Keesey? There's no physical evidence.
But we do know that Curtis scalped his vics' concert tickets, which isn't too bright.
Reason enough for one crook to kill another.
So, let's assume that Shoe Print was involved in all four murders.
It's possible he knew Gerald, right? Is it also possible that he was an accomplice of DJK? That would explain the nine post-mortem stab wounds in Ian Wallace.
It's a continuation of the master's work.
But if he was DJK's helper back in the day, why go quiet for ten years and then suddenly start killing again? Maybe he was doing time.
And when he realized that his old partner turned informant, he got scared and killed him.
Maybe that's what brought the old thrill back.
Once these guys get a taste, it never seems to go away.
So, we've been talking a lot about how you did what you did.
Let's shift gears from what you did right, to what you did wrong.
Do you mean in a Ten Commandments sense? I mean in how you got caught.
That's the least exciting part of the story.
Yeah, but didn't you want it? Didn't you want to get caught? Why would I want that? You were caught because a rookie patrolman spotted blood on your car, correct? For a careful man, that seems a little careless.
Everybody makes mistakes.
Not someone like you.
Not a mistake like that.
I'm flattered you think so highly of me.
Any other questions? Anybody else? Mr.
Haskell, you're of average height and weight.
And not overly muscular.
I try to watch what I eat.
In jail, that takes more strength than you would know.
A few of your male victims were pretty big.
One even played college football.
How were you able to overpower a man like that, while still keeping control of the woman? Why don't you tell me, Professor? You obviously have a theory.
Well, I think you must've had help.
The works of great men can be hard to comprehend for those less great.
You said you were going to be honest with us.
Now, answer the question.
Did you have help or not? Well, let me think.
With Melanie, it was just me and the baseball bat.
With Kristin, when I cut off her right breast, that was just me.
When I crushed Joel's neck and felt his veins burst under my fingers like rotten grapes, and watched his throat fill up with blood, I didn't have any help there, either.
Where is he, you monster! Where is my Joel? Where is he?! Oh, I think I hit a nerve.
You tell me where he is! Can I think about that and get back to you? Okay, I thought about it, I'm not going to tell you.
Oh, please tell me Don't give him the satisfaction.
Joel was the first.
Joel is in the perfect place, the place where it all began.
And if I could get out of here, believe me, I would bring him some company.
Haskell, we know that you had accomplices.
If you were to reveal who they were, it might get you out of keep-away.
Oh, how nice that we have a member of the law enforcement community with us today.
For you real students who don't know, "keep-away" is what they call the kind of solitary confinement I'm in.
Kill the feed.
It's kind of funny, don't you-- You hijacked my class without my consent for your investigation?! We're working a multiple homicide.
We didn't want to talk about it outside the department.
You talked to the Dean.
Well, it was on a need-to-know basis and he had a need to know.
Look, I don't teach this course because I get off on the subject matter.
If there's another DJK out there, I want him just as bad as you do.
I would've helped.
I would've been happy to help you.
I'm sure that's true.
You believe DJK had an accomplice? I do.
Do you have a name? Not yet.
Okay, now we're all up to speed.
Doctor I will keep you informed.
To the extent that we can.
I know a kiss-off when I hear one.
A little cranky for an academic, isn't he? Actually, he's an M.
from back East.
A colleague at his hospital turned out to be an Angel of Death.
Killed 27 patients before he was caught.
Langston was the staff research pathologist.
All the morbidity evidence came across his desk, but he was unable to connect the dots.
He wrote a book about it.
- Any good? I liked it.
This is Langston.
Working late? I kind of thought you might be.
This must be my lucky night.
Maybe it's yours, too.
What do you want? I want you to look out the window.
Why? Because I'm in the parking lot.
I made you look.
Is that why you called? No, I wanted to talk to you about what happened in class today, with Mrs.
Sure, just, uh, hold on a second.
Let me close the door.
Ray Langston.
I have Nate Haskell on the phone.
He wants to talk about what happened with Mrs.
I'd like to put you on the other line.
Go ahead.
Haskell, are you there? I'm sure we're all here now.
What I learned in class today, as I was looking out at all those scared little faces who couldn't take their eyes off of me, was how much I miss being out in the world.
And when Mrs.
Steiner had her "moment," it got me thinking about closure.
Which is what you'll find at the corner of Boulder Highway and Hasbrook.
It's just another empty stretch of desert out there.
At least it was ten years ago.
The way this city's changed, it's maybe all different now.
Although, maybe not.
It's kind of an ugly place.
Anyway, it's just the same in my imagination.
There's a concrete bridge built in 1938.
You can tell because the year is stamped in the front.
25 feet from that, look west.
You'll see one dark stone that just doesn't quit fit with the rest.
Under there that's where you'll find Joel.
And if we're lucky, maybe something else.
Grissom, we got something here! Because that's the problem with closure.
Sometimes when something closes, Something else opens up.
There's ten stab wounds.
Guess you won't be leaving just yet.