CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e10 Episode Script

One To Go

There's a concrete bridge built in 1938.
look west.
That's where you'll find Joel.
His directions to the crime scene were very precise.
We found the bones of a male body buried in three feet of dirt.
The hyoid bone was broken,which indicates death by strangulation,so pending DNA,we're tentatively ID'ing him as JoeSteiner, the first victim of Nate Haskell,the Dick and Jane killer.
We found another male d.
in close proximity.
We estimate he's been dead no longer than 24 hours.
His name is Jeffrey Masters.
He was strangled like the others.
He has a wife-- Maureen.
She's not at home,she's not answering her cell.
According to friends,e two of them were out clubbing last night.
We have a broadcast out.
But you're not 100% certain she's actually missing.
How are you so sure they're victims of this Dick and Jane killer? Well,Sheriff,we believe the killer is actually one of his accomplices.
DJK's signature is post-mortem stab wounds to the male.
They're his version of notches on a gun.
Jeffrey Masters was stabbed ten times.
He and his wife would be the tenth couple taken overall.
The M.
of the killer is,he usually targets a couple-- a male and female.
He strangles the male,then dumps the body; Takes the female,holds her hostage,tortures her; eventually,he kills her,too.
How much time do we have? It's hard to say.
We placed CSI Grissom undercover in a college seminar in which Haskell was being interviewed.
Haskell implied that he kept one of his female vics alive for three days.
The general rule of thumb is,we probably have less than 48 hours.
This is quite the PR crapper you've dumped me in.
LVPD and the Crime Lab run some kind of a sting operation in a class about serial killers, and the serial killer uses it to reach out from behind bars and kill again? Want to know how you can make it up to me? Find the girl.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode10 One to Go A new body at the site of his first kill can't be a coincidence.
I think that Nathan Haskell somehow got a message to someone.
No,,I agree-- I spoke to the warden at Ely.
The only communication Haskell's had with the outside world in the last 48 hours was the phone call to Langston, and that seminar you were in.
Also,Sheriff Buick wants to start a task force about this, and he's asked me to ask you to stay on-- so I'm asking.
Okay,I have an answer.
I'll keep you informed.
Tell us your definition of fun.
Fun is taking something away from somebody.
Oh,you never forget your first.
Welcome back to Question the Answer! Dana's our current leader and passed Joel.
Okay,it looks like you've been the jumper today,jumping all over the board.
What's your category,Dana? How about happiness for $800? And happiness for $800 it is.
Okay,"In the central nervous system, this plays an important role" in modulation of happiness.
" Can you Question the Answer? What is the thalamus? I'm sorry,that's wrong.
Serotonin is the chemical that produces happiness in a person.
serontonin is released,happiness is the result.
Yes,it is.
I will.
Come in.
I need a favor.
It's something you're going to have to clear with the sheriff.
What,do you have bugs in my office? No.
I have bugs in my office.
What? What are we talking about? Sheriff Burdick is reorganizing the department.
From now on,the crime lab will report directly to him.
He just made me the new undersheriff.
And I have a great idea for your first official act.
Langston,I was just going to call you.
I'll,uh,save you the trouble.
Come on in.
What's on your mind? When I was doing my background research on Haskell,I found something very interesting.
Now,as you pointed out in class,he's 5'10",160 pounds.
Most of his male victims were over 200 pounds.
One was a football player,uh,one was a black belt, but none of them had defensive wounds and none of them were bound.
Now,most people respond to being strangled by fighting back.
Unless they're already unconscious.
My feeling is that DJK subdued them first, and I doubt it was using some kind of stranglehold,that would've left bruises.
Well,all the male vics had THC in their system.
But even the most potent cannabis would not completely incapacitate an able-bodied male.
So,maybe DJK was using something stronger.
Something mixed in with the dope.
GHB,Diphenhydramine,Salvinorin-A,Fentanyl Any of these in the proper dosage would render a subject incapable of fighting back.
I thought if you could I.
it,it might be helpful.
I realize that this might be a long shot,but I-- No,no,no.
We'll try.
I'll take this to Tox.
Grissom I don't like feeling like an accomplice to murder.
You told me you'd keep me in the loop on this.
I intend to hold you to that.
You don't have to.
I've arranged with the lab to retain your services as a special consultant.
I mean,we need all the good brains we can find.
What do you think? Oh,I'm in.
- I have a theory of my own.
- Tell me.
I think that Haskell's accomplice was someone from your class.
Whose idea was it to talk to Haskell? Uh,one of my students from last semester Dan Forester.
Okay,so how does a clean-cut,good-natured PhD student like yourself end up writing letters to a serial killer in jail? Well,maximum security felons aren't allowed unsolicited phone calls.
You look like a smart kid.
Don't be a smart-ass.
Well,I was tired of secondary sources.
I mean,there's only so much you can learn about the emotional dynamics of psychopaths from books and psychologists, retired police officers reliving their past glories.
I wanted first-hand material,and that's what I told Professor Langston.
He thought it was an outstanding idea.
Is that true? Unfortunately,yes.
Why'd you pick Haskell? Well,he was the only one with a response.
We sent letters to about half a dozen.
You recognize these people? Uh,no.
How about these people? No.
Okay,how about now? Nate Haskell somehow managed to kill at least three people from inside his cell.
That means he has an accomplice on the outside.
Me? You can't possibly believe that I had anything to do with this.
I'm not a suspect,am I? Well,it was your "outstanding idea.
" Well,I may have misrepresented that slightly.
Now,I don't know whose idea it was first, but we were all having coffee after class last term, and several of us drafted that letter.
I suppose,yeah,I may have been the one that personally took it to Professor Langston, but he redrafted it and sent it to Haskell.
Who were the other students? I need their names.
- I don't know.
- You don't know.
Sincerely,I don't remember.
I Are these people really dead? Courtesy of your pen-pal.
So,what do we do next? Do we interview everyone that was in the class? Well,even if we can find them all,there must be 50 students.
I don't think Maureen Masters has that kind of time.
We have to figure out who Haskell was communicating with.
Maybe we can see for ourselves.
Ever have the feeling you were being watched? Even in a crowded room,someone making eye contact with you, just for a second,triggers a powerful response.
It's the brain filtering through a mass of visual information,telling you what's important.
Yeah like which predator wants to eat you.
If Haskell was communicating with someone in this class, I'm betting that they made eye contact with each other.
More than once.
Are we going to try to match eyelines with the students? The University wouldn't allow the students' side to be recorded for liability and security reasons.
Okay-- there.
We thought he said this to Mrs.
He's clearly talking to his accomplice.
Joel was the first.
Joel lives in the perfect place,the place where it all began.
If I could get out of here,believe me,I would bring him some company.
Pretty clear now what Haskell meant by that.
I'll loop it.
Joel was the first.
Joel lives in the perfect place,the place where it all began.
Andi I could get out of here,believe me,I would bring him some company.
If I could get out of here,believe me,I would bring him some company.
Steiner was standing right there.
It's hard to tell who he's really talking to.
nything else he say stand out? Yes,um Try two-and-half minutes in.
Someone asked how he selected his victims.
Did you ever buy a car? You go down to the showroom,you're pretty sure you're going to get one, but why the red one,why not the blue one? Nobody knows,but justne of them speaks to you.
That's the one you gotta have.
Nobody knows,but just one of them speaks to you.
That's the one you gotta have.
He's looking right here.
Dan Forester.
Brass already interviewed him.
We don't think he's our guy.
You know,if you're alrea a serial killer's accomplice, why take a class about serial killing? Maybe because he screwed up with Ian and Justine.
Big time.
Did anyone ask Haskell for any pointers? Try four hours,23 minutes in.
Someone asked him how he was able to manage to control his victims.
You have to give them hope.
If you bring a human being to the brink of death, and then you offer a chance-- no matter how small a chance-- to survive they'll grab it.
And they'll thank you for it.
And then you can do whatever you want.
And believe me I did.
Thomas Donover.
Let's see if we can find Thomas.
- Hallie Donover? - Yes.
- Where's your husband? - He ain't in there.
He-He He's gone He's gone camping.
- Where? - Um,Mount Charleston.
He goes to Red Rock Canyon,different places,I don't know.
All clear.
What's going on? Where's your husband work? Right now,kind of nowhere.
No,sir,but he's in construction.
You know,these day's the city's pretty dead.
But he's going back to school.
Yeah,we know that.
So you have absolutely no idea where your husband is? No,sir.
Tom goes camping a lot,and he doesn't always tell me where he's going.
I don't ask,so You always keep tabs on your wife? Yeah.
That's why I'm divorced.
Everybody take a room.
We're looking for anything that tells us where Tom Donover could be.
Shoe tread's a match to Tolliver's house and Justine in the desert.
This is definitely our guy.
His browser history is clean.
The laptop is filled with encrypted files.
I'm going to get it back to the lab.
But this guy knows how to cover his tracks.
- Do you have your cell phone on you? - Why? Let's get it on; let's call your husband up.
We need to talk to him.
Yeah,you're welcome to try it,if you like.
Tom turns his cell phone off when he's camping.
He likes his alone time,so You have to give them hope.
If you bring a human being to the brink of death,and then you offer a chance-- no matter how small a chance-- to survive,they'll grab it.
And they'll thank you for it.
And then you can do whatever you want.
Just don't kill me.
I'm going to give you a little rest.
No,don't! You can relax.
You act like I'm going to turn you into the Joker or something.
The only way through that door is to break it down.
I've locked us both in here on purpose.
There are a few windows around.
You could probably try those,but that would be dangerous, because I would shoot you in the back of the head.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
The only way out of here alone is dead.
The only way out of here alive is with me.
Now,if you behave,do what I say,and you make me happy you'll get out of here just fine.
I'll make you happy.
I'll do whatever it takes.
Now,when we do leave,I can't be seen with you looking like this.
You need to make yourself presentable.
Well,this sure feels familiar.
You,me,a serial killer Who's he? Dr.
Ray Langston.
He's an expert on the Dick and Jane killer and he's a consultant on the case.
We usually don't need a consultant.
When the team gets a case like this,we go into hyperdrive.
It's why we get up in the morning.
I can't imagine my life without it.
And you are? David Hodges.
Pleasure to meet you.
- So the red flags are the original DJK body dumps? - Correct.
- The green ones are Tom Donovers? - That's correct.
What are the white flags? The last places the victims are seen alive.
They were all abducted in Arizona,Nevada and California.
But the male bodies were all found here in Nevada You know,Joel Steiner was last seen at the Desert Rose Arena.
His body was found 40 miles away just off the 215.
Couple number two was last seen in Bullhead,Arizona.
And the male body was found just off the 93.
He dumped the male bodies like like they were trash,like he wasn't really interested in them.
Maybe he dumped them where it was convenient-- on the road to somewhere else.
Lake Mead? The only problem is Lake Mead has 550 miles of shoreline.
I can cut that in half.
Greg found didymodon nevadensis on the bottom of Tom Donover's sneaker.
That moss only grows on the north side of Lake Mead.
This is what we live for.
Hey,I was checking the attic.
A lot of dust-- but a box was recently disturbed with a bunch of VHS tapes in it.
DVD player,stacks of DVDs.
I'm listening.
Well,Gerald Tolliver had a VCR at his house,but no tapes.
And we know he took souvenirs.
I found concert ticket stubs from the summer of '97.
This tape was made about the same time.
I want to get this back to the lab.
You look exhausted-- why don't you let me take care of that.
I'm fine.
I'll push through it.
It's just It feels like Grissom's last big game,you know.
I want to win it for him.
Recognize this guy? How about him? That's uh that's Gerry Tolliver.
- He's an old friend of Tom's from Reno,I think.
- Right.
Kind of friend always putting the arm on you for money when you're doing okay,you know? - He's a sleazy guy.
- No,what he is,is he's dead.
He's dead; so's that guy-- they're both dead.
So's this guy and this guy-- and all these ys here.
They're all dead.
See,your husbans a murderer.
Where is he? Do yourself a favor,tell me-- where is he? But he made me promise not to tell.
******** - Tox.
- Hey,Henry,it's Catherine.
Grissom said that you were testing tissue samples from the DJK victims for the presence of some incapacitating agent? Yes.
Actually I just finished.
Langston was right.
- They all showed high levels of - Salvinia divinorum? Usually Grissom does that.
Are you bucking for a promotion? - Yes or no,Henry.
- Sorry.
It's an intense hallucinogenic.
It'll knock you on your ass for 15 to 30 minutes.
Mandy,it's Catherine.
The print I just sent through,it's priority one.
We're looking for anyone who might lead us to Tom Donover.
If you get a hit,get it to Brass ASAP.
on a pedestrian fitting your description.
Let's grab him.
Let's grab him.
Control,this is 3-David-34 in foot pursuit of one male Caucasian,east on Fremont.
Requesting backup.
It appears that the drug dealer was pretty heavy into his own inventory.
His tox was positive for THC and opiates.
Fresh red around the needle marks,and they were oozing when he was brought in.
This guy shot up less than 24 hours ago.
Did you check his urine? Yes.
Urine-heroin levels were The half-life of heroin in the system is 24 hours.
So,when Jeffrey Masters was murdered,and Maureen was kidnapped, he had to have at least twice that amount in him.
He wouldn't have been able to stand up,let alone help.
Which makes him another dead end.
You gotta see this.
Oh,my God! That was awesome! I cannot believe you got those tickets,baby! Thank you,thank you,for our almost-getting- married present.
Got this video from Tom Donover's attic.
That's Joel Steiner and his fianc\e Tiffany Cohen,DJK's first victims.
- 11 years ago.
The night they disappeared.
- Right.
That's Tom Donover and Gerald Tolliver.
Honey,I got something that'll keep the party going over here.
And the "something" is probably a joint laced with salvia.
Gerald likes souvenirs.
I'm guessing that Tom probably grabbed this videotape after he killed him.
- Could be why he killed him.
- Keep watching.
- I'll do whatever you say.
- I know you will.
That's Nate Haskell.
That's all there is.
We got a better view of the house? We know that Tom was continuing in DJK's work.
It would make sense that he would carry it out in the same place.
Certain places hold a special power for some people-- Stonehenge,the pyramids-- that house could have the same kind of power for Tom.
Could be his sacred ground.
His wife said that he went camping a lot.
Bet that's his favorite spot.
That's as good as it gets.
We checked Nate Haskell and Tom Donover for property titles.
Neither one of them owns anything in Lake Mead.
Maybe the house belonged to one of their relatives.
Well,that could take you forever to run that down.
Have Archie pull stills of the house.
Get them to every local unit in the area; have them check with real estate offices; see if anybody can recognize it.
Recognize what? A house with a window in it? Maureen Masters is running out of time, and the only person who can get us to where she is is Nate Haskell.
This is the most fun Haskell's had in a decade.
He's not going to help us.
It's a waste of time.
What we're doing now is a waste of time.
'cause when I took those women,they stopped being somebody's sister or daughter or fianc\e.
They became what I wanted them to be.
I don't want to die.
It could just be our little secret,and I won't say anything,I promise.
Don't do this! Oh,God no! It's a shame to hide that face behind this hair.
I don't like it.
What is that? What are you doing? I'm going to finish your haircut.
Marco Marco You're supposed to say "Polo.
" Strange time to be stargazing,don't you think? Ansel Adams often forgot when he took his photographs, so a bunch of astronomers tried to figure it out using the image itself.
By referencing the moon's position in relationship to known landmarks and lunar azimuth tables, they were able to determine the date and time the photo was taken.
I thought we could reverse the science.
We know when this was made.
Maybe the moon can tell us where.
Forensic astronomy? I will never forget the things you've taught me.
You're the best student I ever had,Nick.
Let's see if we can figure this out.
Professor Langston,how good to see you.
What brings you here? I came to gloat.
Come in,Nate.
We got these from a videotape of one of your kills.
It's hard to believe,isn't it? Now,in all fairness,you did say that only dummies take souvenirs, and Gerald Tolliver was a pretty dumb guy.
Maybe that's why Tom Donover killed him.
I've been thinking that maybe that's the reason Tom Donover decided to follow in your footsteps, and carry on with the work.
Anyway,none of that really matters now,because, s you can see,we found your house in Lake Mead,and we have Tom.
and the girl.
She's alive.
- Then what do you need me for? - Closure.
You once told me that you'd been thinking about it a lot.
Well,I've been thinking about it,too.
I need you to tell us where the girls' bodies are buried,Nate.
Us? So you're working with that cop now? We're gonna find them eventually.
You know that.
We'll dig,we'll dredge the lake,we'll tear that house of yours down to the studs,if we have to.
Now why don't you save us the trouble? Tell me what I need to know.
Look,maybe I can get something out of it for you.
Like what,you're gonna reduce two consecutive life terms down to one? Like,maybe I can guarantee that this isn't the last conversation you'll have with someone who isn't shoving your food through a hole in the door.
I promise you,Nate,you don't tell me what I need to know the only person who will hear the sound of your voice ever again is going to be you.
You follow the fence in the backyard.
To where? To where,what? There is no fence in the backyard.
You thought you could make me slip up and give you something you want.
You thought you could get inside my head.
Get him out of here.
A person has to do what I've done to understand me.
You have no idea what I've started.
I'm a teacher,too,and my students are everywhere.
They're out there,and I've cut them free.
- Get him out of here.
- They're spreading the word.
By the time you find them,it' be too late, because they'll just pour blood on your hands.
- She's already dead.
- Get him out of here! She's already dead.
That's it.
All right,I can sharpen that up.
Gris,I just,uh,want you to know how much I appreciate you putting me out in the field.
I'm sure there were times you wish I probably didn't.
Well you changed my life.
Got the moonrise tables foLake Mead.
It's not gonna get much better than this.
So the moon is waning gibbous.
On June 15,1997,the moon rose at 7:46 p.
This video was recorded at 10:41 p.
That's two hours and 55 minutes after moonrise.
That puts it about 45 degrees above the eastern horizon.
So that view is west to east.
You know,those peaks look like they're roughly the same height.
I've got the topo map.
Look for two peaks that are approximately the same elevation with that geographic relationship.
Arch Mountain,3,335 feet, and Hamblin Mountain,3,310.
Fits the bill.
The moss on Tom Donover's shoes can only be found on the north side of the lake.
So draw a vector from the center of those two peaks to the north shore.
Black Mesa.
If you let me go right now,I won't tell anybodwhat happened.
You can't! I did everything that you asked! Sorry,I lied.
Don't move! Don't move! Guns down! Okay,you're okay.
You're all right,Maureen.
You okay? There we go.
It's okay,it's okay.
It's okay,Maureen.
Okay,look at me.
This is Sniper One.
I saw pink mist.
Do you copy? This is Brass.
Suspect is down.
Code four.
Copy that.
We're comin' in.
A penny for your thoughts? He was sitting right there.
He was looking at me; I was looking at him.
All I saw was another student.
That's all I saw.
I guess I'm tired of getting fooled.
People lie,Professor.
The only thing we can count on is the evidence.
Thank you for letting me help.
It was something I well,it was something I really needed to do.
I don't know if you'd have any interest but we have a job position open at our lab.
You're serious? I can't imagine myself as a cop.
We're not cops.
We come from a wide variety of backgrounds.
You're a medical doctor; you're totally qualified.
It's an entry-level position.
The hours are terrible,the pay's bad But money's not exactly the object,is it? I think you'd be a great help to CSI.
And you might really enjoy it.
I'll think on it.
So this is really real.
Then,as your friend and colleague, I feel it is my obligation to inform you what a colossal mistake you're making.
- Hodges - Guys like us don't just get to hang it up.
This job is who we are.
We are the thin blue line between order and chaos.
You take yourself out of the equatio who knows what's gonna happen? That's the Butterfly Effect.
You taught me that.
The bad guys will win more if we don't have you.
Who is Watson without Sherlock Holmes? Watson was a genius in his own right.
It's the right time for me to go.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ