CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e16 Episode Script

Turn, Turn, Turn

- Happy Birthday, Nicky.
- Happy Birthday, Nick.
Your favorite.
Oh, wow, thanks.
Here you are.
Didn't know if you were a stripe or solid man.
I told him to let it ride on paisley.
You can wear it to your next arson scene.
Fair enough, thanks.
Hey, you know, Pancake Hutch has a free breakfast on your birthday.
My treat.
Uh, not tonight.
Maybe another time.
They know you're lying when you try it any other night.
You've done it, too.
Got it.
Uh, got a 419, East Fremont.
A place called Park Pines Motel.
I'll take it.
But Uh, what about your cake? Save me a piece.
So the victim is a 16-year-old girl who lives on the premises.
She's the daughter of Mark and Nicole Jones, who run the motel.
You remember them? So All I can tell you is that our daughter was there I knew her.
Yeah, well, I'm going to, uh I'm going to go knock on some doors.
So what happened? 365 Days Ago - What's your name? - Haley.
- What's yours? - Nick.
So what happened? Well, Haley, that's what I have to figure out.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ µ°¸â¸â Episode16 Turn, Turn, Turn How far into decomp is he? He isn't.
Look, it's a fresh wound to the back of the head.
The body's still warm.
It's the immaculate decomposition.
The manager heard a gunshot.
Called it in.
Vic's ID says Harry Steadwell.
One round fired from Dirty Harry's revolver.
Well, he wasn't shot.
Is he the registered guest? I found a room key in his pocket, but no luggage or belongings in the room.
But he brought his own garage door opener? - Is this his? - Yeah.
All right, I'll go talk to the manager.
I don't mind stepping out.
Looks like the dresser gave him the hair cut.
You know, if he fell back from sitting in the chair, he wouldn't have had enough momentum to whack his head this hard.
Unless he was standing on it.
That could be a bullet hole.
Hey, Dave? You might want to God! No.
No, that didn't happen.
- Sorry, brother.
- Oh, my God! Hey, friend? Got five bucks for a cup of coffee? Five bucks? Venti half-caf latte, couple biscotti.
You know, it's a fair price.
Oh, sorry, bud.
You'll be back.
Cops are always here.
Every night, manager'd be banging on that door.
Cops are here! Cops are here! Last manager took off a week ago without notice.
The new guy started today, so the office is a mess.
Here he is.
Here you go.
What do you got for me? Harry Steadwell.
Checked into room seven last Thursday; paid for one night.
There's no record of him checking out.
All right, I need to get into the crawl space above room seven.
Does every room have an access panel? Beats me.
I just got here.
Look, uh, you're welcome to check.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- Let me know what I can do.
- Okay.
I just spent two hours testifying about decapitation by blown tire.
Then I realized something.
Happy Birthday, pal.
You figure it out yet? No.
No, not yet, Haley.
You can tell me.
I'm not scared of that stuff.
I can see that.
Haley, leave the man alone! If it were up to her, I'd be locked in my room all day.
But I told her, forensics is just science, you know? It's what you go to school for and But you don't look like my Chem teacher.
I think.
You, uh, do know the crime scene's in the next room? I always look for the yellow tape.
There's something dead up there, Greg.
And it's big, heavy and smells awful.
One of us has got to go up there and get it.
You know what? It's your birthday.
I'm keeping that gift card.
What? I think I found your Big Drip.
Looks like he, uh, crawled in the same way I did.
Always die downstairs.
"Dale Durney.
" Same address as the motel.
I think we just found that missing manager.
That is a lot of green.
And a little grey.
It's got to be insulation.
Found the same stuff in the crawl space.
In a No-Tell like Park Pines, ceiling's a favorite spot to stash your goodies.
Hey, the, uh, prints on the remote were all Dale Durney, the dead manager.
FYI, the batteries are dead.
And the prints on the money's rubber band are Dale Durney and Harry Steadwell.
Well, we know Dale pocketed it.
Harry probably stashed it.
Why would he leave it there for a week? It wasn't by choice.
Harry got arrested the same day he checked into the motel for violating an ex's restraining order.
Got released from this morning.
So he goes back to the motel.
Yeah, to retrieve his money.
And then what? He shoots the man who swiped his cash? Even though the dude's been dead for? About a week.
Judging by the presence of first and second instar maggots.
Decomp appears to have been accelerated by extreme heat and the lack of airflow in the crawl space.
Recovered a bullet from the right iliopsoas muscle.
No evidence of hemorrhage in the abdominal cavity.
No bleeding in the muscle or intestinal walls.
So wound occurred after he was dead.
What about C.
? Well, it turns out his fortune can be read from his palms.
Silvery wounds.
I excised samples of flesh for histology.
Under magnification, the samples showed streaming of nuclei consistent with electrical burns.
is cardiac arrest.
He was in the crawl space, so maybe he came in contact with exposed wiring.
I found the receiver to that remote conol.
Can you tell what it's for? Yeah, it's wired to the access panel above you.
I killed the circuit.
There's a layer of metal sandwiched in the middle here.
It's like my eighth grade science fair project.
A homemade electromagnet.
Wire wraps around an iron rod.
Current runs through it, creating a magnetic field.
Guy who lives here said that the manager, Dale, was beating on room seven's door every night, saying the cops were coming.
Don't remember many call outs.
Me, either.
I think it was a setup.
A week ago, Harry Steadwell checks into room seven with $10K, dirty money.
Cops in the lot! Cops! What Harry doesn't know is that Manager Dale's got a plan to profit off guys like Harry.
He turns on his electromagnetic lock.
Harry can't get his money.
Gives up and leaves.
So, Dale goes to see what goodies had Harry all fired up.
But he can't get the panel open.
The batteries in his remote are dead.
So he hustles up and over to reap his harvest, notices the panel's a little off, thinks it's a casualty of Harry's pounding.
The real casualty is the frayed wire inside the panel.
And the crawl space is hot.
Dale's got sweaty palms, and sweat is a great electrolyte.
A week later, Harry gets sprung from the clink, comes back to get his money.
But why did he shoot the dead guy? I don't think he knew Dale was up there, man.
The panel was still magnetized.
Maybe he was ung his gun to bang it open.
It got magnetized, and shot by accident.
Got a few numbers of the crime scene cleanup people.
Decomp can be a little bit harder to get out of the carpet than you think.
Boy, she makes friends fast.
Nah, Bree and her have been friends for a while.
She didn't have to switch schools when we moved.
- Well, that's good.
Take care now.
- Yeah.
- Hey, thanks for those numbers.
- Yeah, you got it, man.
Hey, buddy-- you still want that cup of coffee? Hell, yeah.
There you go.
Happy Birthday.
It's not my birthday.
Thanks, man.
240 Days Ago **t know what they did to me.
They? That whole family-- they're weird.
Like obsessed.
Aren't you friends with Haley? Was.
I-I guess.
But then she and her mom started giving me the creeps.
Jones would just stare at me.
And when Haley showed up in home room with her hair exactly like me a few weeks ago, that was it, I was done.
So, Bree, what happened? I turned 16 tonight.
Everyone threw this bonfire for me.
It was tons of fun.
And then the world went all weird.
I don't remember anything until I woke up here-- in Haley's living room.
My pants off.
Where was Haley's father? Standing over me.
Get off me! Get off me! We were here.
We were asleep.
Mark heard something.
Bree was in the living room and just ran out.
I have no idea what she was even doing here.
Jones, I'm, uh, I'm going to need to collect your underwear.
No, no.
You can, uh, leave that door open, if you don't mind.
I swear to you, I was sleeping.
I heard something.
I I came here and I saw Bree and she just just took off.
- What was she doing here? - She has a key.
My wife gave it to her.
Told her she could hang here anytime she wants.
Her parents, they they work.
They're not around a t, so She's my daughter's best friend.
All right.
Why don't you put on some clothes.
You're going to need to come with us-- give your statement.
I just need a little more information.
- Hey, Jim.
- Yeah.
This SUV over here's got mud all over the tires.
You might want to find out whose it is.
It's the Jones'.
Okay, so tell me again-- where we you all tonight? Uh, we were here.
We stayed in all night.
So the car just drove itself to the bonfire? Is that what happened? - It was me, I went.
- What? I knew what was going to be going on there tonight.
And that's why I didn't want you to go.
So I went there and I took some pictures, - so that you could see what I'm talking about - Did people see you? - Haley, it - Unbelievable! - I hate you! I hate you! - Okay, Officer Mitchell, Officer Mitchell, why don't you take Haley and buy her a soda on us, okay? You got it.
Miss, let's take a walk.
So what, you grabbed your camera and said you were talking pictures for the yearbook? I'm going to need to see that camera.
Can you tell me who's in this photo from last night? These guys are all baseball players.
Bryan Rupert and Cole Maliska were my boyfriends.
Dave Henkel is.
And Trey Gallo wants to be.
Though some people have been saying he already is.
And what about this one? He was there? No, this creep should not have been anywhere near my party's galaxy.
Zack Fenish.
At school, even when I don't see him following me, I can smell the Sharpie on his fingernails.
I reported him for stalking last semester.
There's paperwork and everything.
So if you weren't invited to Bree's birthday party, why'd you go? I was looking for someone.
- That'd be Bree, right? - Epic fail, sir.
No, I can't stand Bree Lindale, her Neanderthal harem, or the ozone of suck that lingers around them all.
Well, according your school disciplinary report you were stalking her.
I was not stalking Bree Lindale.
- I was stalking Haley Jones.
- Zack.
Who always follows Bree around.
Haley's the one that I went to go see at the party.
- Zack - Dad, she's the hottest girl at school.
'Cause I can tell there's a vicious bad girl inside just waiting to claw its way out.
And as soon as it does, I'm gonna be there to rope it up and take it to homecoming.
Anyway, she wasn't even there, so I just left.
Okay, that's all he's got to say.
That's it.
Come on.
We're gonna need a DNA sample.
Absolutely not.
My son-client will not be offering any All right, all right, look, look, I heard what happened to Bree, and until Pops here gets me my birthday Beemer I'm rolling ten-speed.
I don't think I took her anywhere on my bike.
I got your message.
What's going on? Well, um - You know the snapshots of the bonfire Nicole Jones took? - Yeah.
Well, I checked the camera's memory drive.
Discovered some recently-deleted photos.
They're all of Bree Lindale.
But not one of her own daughter.
Why don't you tell us about these photos from your camera? I had a daughter.
You mean another daughter? Melissa.
She died when she was an infant.
It was before Haley was born.
When Haley became friends with Bree, I couldn't help seeing that Bree looked just like Melissa.
But I thought you just said she died when she was a baby.
I can see it in her eyes.
It's what Melissa would have looked like if she had grown up.
So that's why you went to Bree's birthday party to take photos of her.
I let myself pretend, just for a moment that Bree is Melissa.
She isn't dead.
Then why did you, uh, delete her photos? I was worried that Haley would find them.
We've never told Haley about Melissa.
Do you have any idea what it's like to lose a daughter? When I was driving away from at party Bree was drinking with those boys.
Did you-- did you even talk to the boys? Tox from Bree Lindale.
Positive for GHB in her blood.
Date rape drug.
Yes, but Wendy said to tell you the S.
came back negative for penetration.
However, there were epithelials of an unknown male in the region.
By region, do you mean the pubic region? Because the trace on Bree Lindale's "down there place" came back as Neatsfoot oil and hydrotreated paraffinic petroleum distillates.
Neatsfoot oil? Used to use that to treat our mitts in Pony League.
Much as I'm intrigued by this bizarre equestrian competition of which you speak, the compound's actually a consumer product sold to condition baseball gloves.
What's up, you need to swab me again? No, no, the first swab gave us what we needed.
A warrant to search your vehicle while you were at batting practice.
Where we found your GHB.
My trainer gave me that.
- What about Bree Lindale? - What about her? She's my girlfriend.
I want you to listen to me now.
I know she was with you.
Now, if u wa me to match the muddy shoe impressions all over your passenger side floor mat to her, I will.
You're 18, man.
You'll go to jail.
I didn't do anything.
- You didn't drug her? - Come on.
You didn't assault her? I didn't get the chance to do anything.
I never do with Bree.
She keeps saying that she's saving herself.
But half the dugout's been saying that Trey Gallo,the pitcher,he's been hittin' it.
They even had a motel room.
Are you okay? What's wrong?Do you want to go? Figured no point in letting that room go to waste.
Especially if Trey paid for it.
And that GHB-- that stuff barely worked.
What are you doing?Get off of me! What are you doing? Bree,wait.
Surveillance cameras picked you up walking down Fremont.
The motel's only a couple blocks from there.
You jumped out of Dave Henkel's truck.
Then what happened? I was kinda freaked and I didn't want to deal with getting home.
So you just crashed there? The Joneses didn't drug you or kidnap you? No.
Then what did Mr.
Jones do to you? Tell her what he did to you,Bree.
He didn't do anything.
I just didn't want Haley to think we were friends again.
Like I was there for a slumber party or something.
So your boyfriend drugs you,attempts to rape you, and you're willing to let your friend's family take the rap? Haley is not my friend.
Hey,Crime Scene,check me out.
Yeah,lookin' good.
Flossin'! Hi,Haley.
Parents around? Okay.
Well,I brought back your mom's camera,couple other things here,so Well,sorry to,uh,sorry to interrupt you.
You want to see something? And the hits just keep coming.
Don't worry about that.
Blow it off.
You don't get it,do you? My life is over! Manager's daughter found the body when she came in to clean the room.
Check-in records have her listed as Tanya Carrow,Arizona driver's license number.
Manager's wife confirmed she checked in last night.
And she's only 32.
Long years,though.
Just got released from Arizona state pen.
Nine years on a narco rap.
Lot of priors before that,mostly drugs.
Foam around the mouth.
Clothes are damp from sweat.
Both indicate overdose.
Where's all her stuff? There isn't any.
She could have just checked in to use.
Then where's the paraphernalia? Flushed the evidence before the high killed her? Hey,Nick,I hear you're putting together a college fund for Warrick's son? Thank you,David.
Appreciate it.
So what's with the shattered lamp? She could have knocked it over during her OD seizure.
Or there was someone else in here with her.
They could have used together,had a fight.
Could have grabbed Tanya's stuff and bailed.
Oh,God! Maybe they heard something.
I'm on it.
From the Lime Crab.
The Crab Lime.
No,I am from the Crime Lab.
Were you here last night,sir? Hey,sweetheart,firecracker wants to know if we were here last night.
Oh,yeah,we were here,all right.
We were here,over there and back there and everywhere till my lumbar went out.
That's lumbar,mind you,not lumber.
Okay,that's Thank you.
Sir,were you taping last night? Oh,yeah,live at 11:00,12:00 and 1:00.
All right,so I'll work on amplifying and isolating the background noises from the neighboring room.
And I'll try to scrub my mental tape deck of the rest.
The frequency range for a live human voice is much broader than what comes out of a crappy motel TV-set speaker.
How many voices? Two,from what I can tell.
And judging from the pitch they're both female.
Well,can you tell ifhey're arguing or what? They're pretty loud.
They'd have to be to get through the walls,even thin ones.
I'm afraid we don't know much at all.
We know the cause of death was multiple organ failure due to oral ingestion of methamphetamine.
A lot more than a recreational dose.
My colleagues tell me there was meone el in the room.
Possibly a fight.
But as far as what else happened to your daughter,we really don't know.
I'm sorry,Mr.
I know you deserve more answers.
No,I don't.
You know,you think it's gonna be easy.
Even with her mom dead and you busting your ass working every day, small town like Eagar,Arizona,you figure,you know,what do you got to do to keep her out of trouble? By 16,she was already gone: drugs and juvie.
It's lost.
It's a long ride up here.
I realize that's probably about the most time I'd ever spent on her.
Hadn't really talked for ten years.
So,no,I I don't know what she and the world owed each other,but,uh I don't deserve any answers.
Okay,here's what we got.
The victim is a 16-year-old girl who lives here on the premises.
She's the daughter of Mark and Nicole Jones who run the motel.
You remember them,don't you? I knew her.
She was stabbed in the chest.
Nick? Nick,looks like a single wound.
Yeah,close kill like this,the killer's prably covered with blood.
So,the girl's parents were inside the apartment when this happened.
The didn't hear anything.
They came out and found her like this,but we have a suspect.
The victim broke up with her boyfriend yesterday.
Things got ugly,officers responded,so we're bringing him in now.
I heard this one was personal for you.
Hey,Nick,I found this in her pocket.
Same hairstyle,not the same gir though.
I'll spiral out,see if I can find the weapon.
A few months ago,she came to me and she said that she had a vision.
That's what she called it,a miraculous vision of her destiny.
And she said that she was going to embrace that destiny today.
She just told me about it yesterday.
So she dumped you for St.
I'm gonna ask you again.
Where were you tonight? I don't,I don't We're going to need a,uh,a promise of immunity before my client reveals his alibi to you.
I'll mention it to the DA.
He is not saying anything until we've been legally assured against prosecution.
- I was in Reno.
- **** and I was-- I was ere slinging crystal.
I was dealing drugs.
That's what I do.
And Haley,she helped me.
But if that's why she didn't want to be with me anymore, why I wasn't "fit for her destiny" I would have changed.
She didn't use drugs.
I didn't have to.
I would have done whatever she wanted.
Now,the photo you found in the victim's pocket I asked Archie to blow it up.
Well,at first we thought this girl and her baby were in a park.
You see the barbed wire? It's not a park.
It's a prison.
White Sands Youth Detention Center,Arizona.
You see the logo on the guy's jacket? Any idea when this was taken? Yes.
Archie dated the Polaroid stock by batch number,narrowed it down to 1993.
Now,the foliage here suggests summer,so we checked the facility's records.
Three Caucasian inmates gave birth that summer.
One of those babies had the same birth date as Haley Jones.
So Haley was adopted.
What's her name,the birth mother? Tanya Carrow.
Overdosed at the Park Pines back in November.
Tanya Carrow.
She went and found her daughter.
Mark and Nicole Jones denied knowing her.
They might be telling the truth if it was a blind adoption.
Pull my other leg and it plays "Jingle Bells.
" Hi,uh,my name is Tanya.
Tanya Carrow.
Remember me? Um,I'm not here to make trouble.
I was just wondering if I could see my daughter.
I** We had Tanya's juvie record unsealed.
She was 16 years old.
She was babysitting your daughter.
We would never have left Melissa with her if we had known that she was Getting high? WeWe were just going to the movies, and we had asked Tanya if she would give Melissa a bath before she put her down.
She left her in the tub.
She drowned.
Okay,so Tanya's in juvie.
She finds out she's pregnant.
And that's when we get this call that She wants to make amends.
A life for a life.
Haley for Melissa? So,16 years later,she shows up,wants to see Haley, who doesn't even know she's adopted.
What do you do? I gave her a room.
She never checked out,so what happened? Nicole went to see her that night.
She went to her room and,um She told Tanya that she would never,ever see Haley.
They fought.
Tanya agreed that,um she'd leave.
I kinda figured the disappointment I guess that's what made Tanya kill herself.
Are you sure she killed herself? No coffee breaks right now,my man.
Yeah? I'm moving,into a dorm.
Got a student loan.
Hospitality Studies.
Oh,a few months ago,I saw something.
Jones came out of room eight with two coffee cups.
I thought it was strange she went all the way over there to toss them.
I could smell the meth.
The next morning you were here and that woman in room eight She was dead.
I didn't tell you about it at the time becae I figured you wouldn't believe somebody like me.
The old me.
Nick? I found this under the mattress.
It was an accident.
I was in the office.
Haley came in.
With that hair.
I told her it looked disgusting and that she would have to dye it back,or I'd cut it off.
So she stormed out.
I grabbed the scissors.
You were just trying to give her a haircut? I was just trying to scare her a little, to finally get her to do something that I wanted for once.
You dye it back or I swear to God,I will cut it myself.
Leave me alone! You little bitch! I hate you! I've always hated-- Why didn't you call 911? I don't know.
She was dead when she hit the ground.
I panicked.
Her hair,huh? It wasn't just the hair.
It was everything.
It was the mouth,the attitude,her boyfriend She was just always trying to get to me.
The hairthe hairstyle,it was just one more thing.
Something that I would hate.
Yeah,because it made her look exactly like Tanya.
That is her real mother,right? The one that killed your daughter.
And who you killed four months ago.
She was an addict.
She killed herself.
We talked to Haley's boyfriend.
He told us about the stash of meth Haley was holding for him.
It was hidden in her room.
And when it went missing,they figured,you found it,flushed it.
But you didn't flush it,did you,Mrs.
Jones? Zack volunteered a sample of the meth, and we matched it to the drugs that were found in Tanya's stomach the night she died.
And I have an eyewitness that saw you toss two coffee cups into the dumpster that night.
One of which was laced with meth.
How did you get her to drink it,Nicole? Was it a peace offering? She had no right to just show up.
- So you killed her.
- No.
And when you saw that Haley looked exactly like Tanya at 16,you killed her again.
I never wanted her.
Mark brought her into our home.
I had a daughter.
She was murdered.
So I'm supposed to let the ghost of that murderer live with me? Sleep in the next room? You all right? She didn't have to die,Ray.
You're right.
She didn't have to die.
You aren't beating yourself up about this,are you? If I could have figured out what was going on in Tanya Carrow's murder sooner, then Nicole Jones would've been locked up.
Haley would still be alive.
I knew you were a fellow masochist.
Tell me what your favorite form of self-flagellation is.
Tell you what I like to do.
Get on the Internet.
Go to a Web site,movie site.
Find my favorite movie of the moment.
And then I like to read all e comments telling me why I'm wrong and have such terrible taste.
And when I really can't sleep, I like to sculpt orchids because it's the on thing that will silence the voices in my head.
Tonight,there's only one voice.
And she keeps asking me what happened.
What happened? What happened is a young girl died because of events that were set in motion long before she was ever born.
It doesn't make it feel any better,does it? You know,Nick? Everyone keeps telling me what this job isn't.
How you feel right now tells me what it is.
I'm so sorry,Nick.