CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e17 Episode Script

No Way Out

Drop your weapon.
Drop your gun! Drop your gun now.
You can't win; it's four on one.
Then I guess it's just about how many of you I take with me.
It's okay,Riley.
We got you covered.
You're dead.
Nice shot,Willows.
And,Adams,you get points for calling Sanders by your name to communicate your intentions.
That's a good job.
Hey,how many points does she lose for missing? I don't want to be defensive or anything, but the only reason I missed was because Greg couldn't get out of the hold.
Lee knows the signals better than we do.
And besides, you could've been more subtle.
Play nice,kiddies.
I need sidearm clearance and I've got to take a look at the tactical manual again.
These codes are very, very confusing.
Uh,the most important signal is Code Four.
Situation's secure-- Code Four.
Second most important: four eighty-two.
I know this.
482 is What is it? - Lunch.
- Okay.
- And Riley's buying.
- Nice.
I'm buying? Well,then I hope you all like value meals.
This is Catherine.
Uh,uh, ten minutes out.
Copy that.
Multiple 419s at Green Valley and Elm.
All hands on deck.
I looked at a house around the corner from here when I first moved to town.
I thought this was a nice neighborhood.
It is.
I heard this big crash, so I ran outside, and I saw three,maybe four guys fighting with Reggie Hatcher.
Bill came out running with his gun.
He tried to stop the fight, then they shot him.
It was likeHalo 3; everybody started shooting.
Next thing you know,I go down.
Okay,here's what we got.
A call came into 911 at Neighborhood Watch captain was shot dead in the street.
A seven-year-old boy was shot and killed by a stray bullet when he came out to see what was going on.
All this happened in front of the Hatcher house.
Any suspect info? Well,it's early, but what we know so far is it could be between two, three or four suspects, black,Hispanic or white.
They were driving an SUV that's either black, navy blue or dark green.
Okay? I know that doesn't give us much to work with.
There's plenty for us to work with here.
proudly presents Episode17 No Way Out to witnesses,the suspects' car was parked here in front of this house, facing the wrong way.
The suspects then proceeded on foot to the Hatcher house.
The owner,Priscilla Hatcher-- she was transported to the hospital with a head injury, so the interview was limited-- but she told me that a group of men-- uh,she wasn't specific about how many-- broke in,they roughed her up, they roughed up her son Reggie and her nephew Frankie.
So what do the son and the nephew have to say? Well,they're in the wind.
We're looking for them.
So they could've been abducted.
Something bigger than a bullet came through this window.
You've got bloody glass, blood drops.
Fight looks like it came out this way.
Well,that confirms what Priscilla Hatcher said.
She said that her son Reggie got into a scuffle with one of the intruders, and they came through the window.
The Hatchers were the targets, yet suspects didn't park out front.
Maybe the suspects didn't want the vehicle to be seen.
Or didn't know which house they were going to hit.
- Why don't you guys take the house.
- All right.
The Neighborhood Watch captain.
His name is Bill French.
He's a veteran.
Survived a tour in Iraq only to get gunned down in front of his own house.
It's a shame,really.
We have a gun here.
He got off two rounds.
38 caliber.
Nine millimeter.
Shells all over the place.
Most of the recent gang shootings were with nines.
A blood pool and a blood trail away from the body.
Got to be from a second source.
Maybe the Watch commander shot one of the bad guys.
- You got this,Riley? - Yeah.
- Sir,I know this is hard.
- I am just doing my job.
- Just leave us alone.
- Sir,please Listen,you can't take him.
I'll drive him to the hospital,okay? I'll drive him.
I need to take him.
- You don't even know his name.
- Excuse me.
I'm Greg Sanders.
I'm with the crime lab.
What is your son's name? Jason Morley.
All right, Mr.
Jason's no longer with us.
He's in a better place.
There's nothing any of us can do to change that.
But you have to let us take him, so we can figure out who did this.
David here will take very good care of your son.
I promise.
Fresh collision damage.
And broken car lights.
Paint transfer.
Got to be from our suspects' vehicle.
That's what I'm thinking.
Suspects' car is parked on the west side of the cul-de-sac,facing north.
If that blood does belong to one of the suspects I'd say he got into his car,peels out, leaving behind these yaw marks Go,go! sideswipes the two parked cars? - Yeah,that's about it.
- Riley.
Make sure that you process the collision damage on the two cars.
- You got it,boss.
- Thank you.
This must be Reggie and his cousin Frankie.
Reggie was valedictorian of his high school class.
Smart kid.
Hope he has some street smarts,too.
I'll go take a look around the rest of the house.
What do we have? I got a pretty good handprint off the TV here.
We have two bedrooms-- Mom's and Frankie's.
Found a rolled up sleeping bag and Reggie's backpack on the floor in Frankie's room.
He's a student at WLVU.
I don't think he lives here though.
Maybe he comes home to do his laundry.
According to this he lives right down the street.
It's all clear.
Nobody home.
This is the house the SUV was parked in front of.
Okay,look,I'm going to want to talk to him.
I'll be right there.
So a shooting victim just rolled in to Desert Palm Hospital.
Could be one of our suspects.
I'm gonna go.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
When can we talk to him? Well,he's in rough shape.
The docs are working on him.
The bullet hit an artery.
He's lost a lot of blood.
I don't know Hey,Doc.
He's dead,I'm afraid.
We found a gun on him.
It's in there with his clothes and a bullet that I pulled out of his leg.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Nine millimeter.
Cuts on his face-- maybe he went through the window with Reggie.
Snakeback tattoos.
Guy's a gangbanger.
Marcus Garfield.
Five arrests for drugs and various armed assaults.
Well,the Snakeback gang's primary source of revenue is drugs.
But that street-- it's not in their territory.
Well,Reggie Hatcher was a student at WLVU, which is in their territory.
Maybe Reggie knew them.
That would make Reggie the target,not the house.
Then Reggie and Frankie are probably dead.
Let me drive.
Just give me a second here.
I'm trying to do Archie a favor, not get him fired.
He's at the Academy meeting.
In Denver.
Which means he's snowboarding.
There is more to life than work.
That's a lesson I learned from your predecessor.
Where did it go? Camera angle's too high.
I can't isolate the driver's face.
I thought I missed something.
With these tinted windows, you can't tell if anyone else is in the back.
But I did get you the license number.
And,uh,just for the record, Archie may be riding a half-pipe, but it's only in between lectures.
Such as,uh,"Breath Analysis as a Forensics Tool.
" That one's for me.
It's a part of our deal.
He got funded and I didn't.
is Marcus Garfield.
- So I got you the driver.
- No.
He may have driven to the crime scene, but he didn't drive to the hospital.
He's the one that got rolled out.
Hey,ran the bullets and the shell casings.
All nine mill.
gun, 13 from some other nine.
So they were packing high-capacity semiautos.
Nick and Langston didn't recover any ammo evidence from the Hatcher house.
If they went there to kill Reggie, they would have shot him inside.
If they didn't want to kill him, what did they want? Jim,what's up? Copy that.
On my way.
Brass may have just found both Reggie and Frankie.
The mall security smelled it,too.
When she was writing up the third parking violation.
The car's registered to Aaron Sweets.
He ran with the Snakebacks.
And according to his record, he knew Marcus Garfield.
James,come on in and open this up.
We're only about six or eight blocks from the crime scene.
Well,that's not Reggie or Frankie.
Who's buried in Grant's tomb? Sweets.
You see the candy cane? Aaron Sweets.
Well,first ticket was written day before yesterday.
Well,that means Aaron Sweets is not our missing suspect.
That makes four.
None of the players in our mess had.
TOD? Mr.
Sweets here had assumed room temperature.
Been dead 24 to 48 hours.
So he was dead before the shoot-out? I get gangbangers in here all the time.
Might be unrelated.
Scenes were six blocks apart in a nice neighborhood.
This isn't just a coincidence.
Marcus Garfield and an unknown suspect gained access to the Hatcher house there.
He's not unknown anymore.
I ID'd the handprint on the TV-- Robert Danward, aka Little Bobby.
Another member of the Snakebacks.
All right.
We compared the blood on the glass to the DNA on the toothbrush found in Reggie's backpack.
Confirmed that Marcus Garfield and Reggie crashed through the window together.
The fight continued into the street.
According to the witnesses, the Neighborhood Watch captain confronted the suspects.
The bullet pulled from Garfield's leg matches the Watch captain's.
38 The bullets they pulled from the Watch captain came from Garfield's nine.
One of Garfield's stray bullets hit Jason Morley who lived here.
He was the seven-year-old boy.
Aaron Sweets,another Snakeback, was shot four times with a.
22 His body was found in the trunk of his car in a parking garage six blocks from the crime scene.
There was no.
22 ammo at the scene.
Can we find any connection between Sweets and Reggie? Brass checked with WLVU.
Um, Reggie's a straight-A student.
He was accepted early admissions for graduate school next fall.
And I checked Reggie's cell phone and land line records.
No calls to or from our suspects.
What about Sweets? Didn't have his number.
Try 555-0121.
Sweets called Reggie's land line six times in the last four days.
Well,that's our connection.
Has anyone checked Reggie's house? The uniforms cleared it, but they were only looking for bodies.
I tore the kitchen apart.
No drugs,no weapons.
This doesn't really look like a college kid's place.
Reggie inherited this house from his grandmother.
Lots of sculpture,paintings.
Lots of phone jacks in Grandma's house,but no phones.
Did you see a phone in the kitchen? No,and none in the master or guest bedroom either.
Let's try Reggie's home phone number.
Who puts a phone in the closet? Wait,wait,wait.
Let me go first.
When you start carrying a gun, you can lead next time.
- Odd place for a phone.
- Yeah.
Hydrochloric acid, magnesium turnings.
This is a PCP lab.
This is all highly explosive.
- We should get out of here.
- Yeah.
Word on the street is a college kid with talent as a mixer is pushing sherms in the Snakeback turf without paying them tribute.
Okay,so Reggie's got a target on his back because he's operating under a different business model? You can get a degree, but it doesn't make you smart.
Any word on Little Bobby? I heard he's taking some vacation time.
What do you want? Hey,I just wanted to let you know we got the the guy who shot Jason.
He's a known gang member.
I'd like to rip his heart out.
I'd like to let you but he's already dead.
I know it probably doesn't help.
You have to do this very often? It's not part of my job.
Thank you.
I lost my wife last year.
Jason just started sleeping in his own bed again.
Cops like coffee,right? You want a cup? Sure.
Send these up to Catherine.
She says Hazmat wants to know exactly what's down here.
Pure white powder.
Clear crystal finished product.
Usually this stuff looks like yellow sludge.
Reggie had it going on.
It's high grade.
Still wet.
Stop right there! Don't move! Hey,I'm just gonna go check on my guys.
- If you need anything, let me know.
- All right.
Drop your guns! We're not cops.
We're lab techs.
We don't carry guns.
Over there! Sit down! Just put the gun down,okay? We'll do whatever you want.
There's a lot of chemicals in here.
If you shoot, you're gonna blow us all up.
Sit down! Shut up! Go! And shut up! - What happened to your friend? - I said shut up! Knock,knock? Anybody home? Who the hell is that? A cop? No.
He works with us.
I'm gonna get rid of him,okay? You don't need any more problems.
Hello? Hey,guys.
Get over here.
Hey,you down there? I was in the neighborhood, thought I'd stop by, see if you need any It's okay.
Riley we don't need any help.
See you back at the lab.
Here,sit,sit! We have a situation downstairs.
Suspects on the premises.
There's a surveillance camera over the front door.
I'm going to go call it in.
Langston and Riley have been taken hostage at the PCP lab.
I don't know who or how many.
I'll call SWAT, notify Catherine.
You're Reggie,right? Hey,man,you listen,okay? I'm not gonna tell you again,okay? Just sit there and shut up.
All right,Frankie, try to calm down.
How do you know who I am? Reggie,your mother's in the hospital.
She's worried about you.
She's worried about the both of you.
Reggie looks like he's hurt pretty bad,Frankie.
I can help him.
I'm a doctor.
I can help him.
All I need to do is look at him.
No,no,no, you sit.
I need more light to examine him properly.
Can we bring him into the lab? Yeah,okay,okay,okay.
But this better not be a trick! We'll lay you down on three.
One,two three.
You hanging in there? Is my mom okay? I think she's going to be fine.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
Well, no one ever does.
Am I gonna die? If you tried to take this glass out yourself, you probably would have.
You know,I was I was a big fan of Steve Irwin.
Hey,come on,man, there's nothing wrong with his head.
Get your finger off of there.
I need to check his vitals; his heart rate.
I want to make sure that he doesn't go into shock.
Look at me,Reggie.
Open your eyes,look at me.
Frankie,Reggie's having a reaction to the chemicals in this room.
He's been in here too long and so have you.
We've to get the both of you out of here.
What do you think I am,stupid? I think you care about what happens to Reggie.
Frankie,let him help me.
Oh,come on,Reg.
Don't be on their side.
What, are you stuck on stupid,too? Can't you see they're playing you? You know,that's your problem.
You always let people sucker you.
My problem was I tried to help you.
I should've just let you die in the streets,man.
Book Smart.
Man,you ain't that smart.
You don't know nothing about the real grind like I do.
- The real grind,Frankie? - Yeah.
- The real grind? - Yeah.
The only thing you know is a gun.
Without that gun, you're nothing! I'm nothing? Man,without me, you wouldn't even have a dime for grad school! I'm the one who turned your little chemistry projects into paper! And then you want to go pay off Sweets like a chump.
Man,you didn't need to pay for protection! Talking about,you need protection,this and that! You didn't need protection! You had me! I'm the one who killed Sweets! I'm the one who protected your ass when you need it! - That was me! Me! - Look at me,Frankie! - What? - He's bleeding.
Sit back,Reggie, sit back,sit back.
All right,Frankie, he's gonna die if I don't help him.
You've got the gun-- that means you're in charge, so you better make a decision.
Do something, whatever.
I need,um,a towel, some kind of cloth to clean up this wound.
I have to irrigate the wound.
I need alcohol or water.
Do you have any of that here in the lab? We also have to seal up all those chemicals.
Here Here are paper towels.
fresh water over there.
We don't have any lids here.
But I have some tape in my kit that will work,okay? Okay.
What the hell are you doing? Frankie! You calling the cops,huh? Is that what you doing, Miss Smart-Aleck,huh? Leave it! Drop it! Listen to me.
If I don't pick up that radio it's going to send out a "horizontal alert.
" Now,that means the police will know that we're in trouble within 30 seconds.
So just let me pick it up,okay? Turn it off.
Turn it off! T - Turn it off! Turn it off! Ray e-mailed me photos from the PCP lab, one of which includes a surveillance monitor.
The suspects have a clear view of the front of the house.
We got a three-man entry team right here.
We'll find an alternate way in.
I'm running the show here,okay? Hey,we got an open mic.
Look,tell me who's going to help me here with Reggie.
I need another pair of hands.
Reggie and Frankie are both in there.
- Are you going to help me? - Sounds like Reggie's injured.
Which means there's probably only one gun in there-- Frankie's.
Get your get your little nurse lady to help you.
That's right,go over there.
Go help my cousin.
Frankie,listen to me.
You haven't hurt anyone yet.
But if you if you pull that trigger,that.
Frankie's got the.
22 Sweets was killed with a.
22 I haven't hurt anyone yet? Is that what you just said? I wasted a guy,okay? I killed a gangbanger.
It's not like the court's going to execute me.
I'm only 14! So,go ahead! Just do something! Just fix my cousin! What the hell are they doing here? It's a damn news chopper.
This is restricted air space.
We'll get them out of here.
Cops? It was the radio! You tricked me, you bitch! - Frankie,that's enough.
- You! If he dies then we all die.
Frankie,just let me answer the phone and tell them that we're okay.
No,no, they don't need to know squat.
Look,Reggie has got to get to a hospital.
But you said you could fix him.
I don't have the proper equipment.
He needs a surgeon.
I'm not a surgeon.
- But you're a doctor,right? - Yes.
Yeah,so,so,so figure out something.
Doc I don't feel good.
Everything is spinning.
Um,all right,I have,uh Well,I can use the ether to put you under.
I've got a scalpel in my kit to make the incision.
And hemostats, to clamp off the veins before I remove the glass.
Um,I still need other things.
I - I need,uh,gauze, sterile gauze, a needle and thread,antiseptic.
- We don't have any of that stuff.
- Okay,I have all of that.
It's up in the first aid kit.
But it's in the truck,upstairs.
No No.
No one's going anywhere.
I can help Reggie, but I need the kit.
I have to have it.
Let me tell them I'm coming up there.
This is another another one of your tricks,isn't it? This isn't a trick,Frankie.
I want us all to walk away from this,okay? This is Adams.
Are you and Langston okay? Yeah,yeah.
We're okay.
Without alerting the suspects, can you describe the situation in detail? We have a kid down here who is injured.
He needs medical attention.
I'm going to come up and get the first aid kit from the truck.
Langston is going to stay here.
I have to be able to come back down.
She's got to go back in, or Langston's dead.
Jack,give me a walkie.
I want to talk to her.
The front entrance and the street are covered by surveillance.
- They'll be waiting for us to make our move.
- Okay,I got it.
We got to try.
I can't just sit here and do nothing.
The tree behind the Denali is the edge of frame.
Stay behind that.
Yeah,I got that.
Why is she going to the back of the truck? We keep the first aid kit in the back of the truck,Frankie.
You have to trust us.
She better not run.
How you holding up? How many guns? You armed? Then you know what you got to do.
Frankie,bring me that bottle of ether,please.
Yes,that's it.
Put it down there.
Thank you.
I came right back.
Frankie,I'm going to open this up so you can see for yourself no tricks.
Please,please,don't don't touch any of that.
You'll contaminate it, and Reggie could get infected.
Look,I'm going to need another pair of hands.
Which one of you is going to help me? - Ain't gonna be me.
- Relax,Frankie.
You just worry about how you're going to get us out of here.
Be strong.
Riley,I want you to apply pressure here.
That's good.
With your fingertips,just like that.
Very good.
Reggie,I want you to understand exactly what I'm going to do.
First,I'm going to put you under.
Once you're under, I'm going to stop the bleeding, and once that's done, I'm going to try and remove the glass.
All right? Listen,tell my mom I love her.
You tell her that yourself.
You know,I only wanted to become a real scientist.
Maybe do some good.
I guess I thought I could handle everything.
Things got away from me.
Try and relax.
I shouldn't have run.
Don't fight it.
Just relax.
Take a couple of deep breaths.
I have to cut him,Frankie.
It's very difficult to concentrate with you pointing that gun at me.
We can pump in CS gas.
On the west end of the house, there's a vent that leads directly into the lab.
Except we're talking about a 14-year-old kid with a gun that he's not afraid to use.
The gas could cause him to panic.
Yeah,one wild shot and he blows up the whole block.
Riley's armed.
She's trained for this.
If she gets the opportunity, she will take it.
One thing we got going for us, time is on our side.
I say we trust them.
So do I.
We need more towels.
Hand me another hemostat.
- All right.
Ready? - Yeah.
- And here we go.
- Okay.
Oh,my God! What did you do to him? - I need help.
- He's not going to die,is he? I need someone to put pressure on the artery.
Give me the gun.
I need someone to apply pressure to the artery while I make a pressure bandage,Frankie.
I need your hands.
Reggie needs your help.
Give me the gun.
Come on,do some good for a change.
Frankie,I need you over herenow.
You see where my hand is? Put your hand there.
You feel it? You got it? That's it,right there.
Keep the pressure tight.
Code Four,suspect's disarmed.
We need an ambulance, Code Three.
Have your people treat him fairly,Captain.
He doesn't have to be a lost cause.
Somehow,I knew you were going to say that.
proudly presents