CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e22 Episode Script

The Gone Dead Train

is that the expanded tox report? Yes, it is.
Searched 600 metabolites and nothing unusual.
That makes mr.
Kelly our third undetermined in three weeks.
Chief coroner's gonna be on my butt.
Conduct a review,cut the budget.
I was at the scene.
Pretty standard--mother came home,found him convulsing, tried cpr.
No prior history of seizures,only trace amounts of meth in his system,not enough to kill him.
Put him in the meat locker next to the other two.
I'm gonna figure this out.
I'm doing you a solid here, doc.
Technically,I can't investigate until you rule mr.
Kelly's death either a homicide or suspicious crcs.
I'll give you my tickets to love.
I've seen it, twice.
All right.
I've got a call--I'll meet you up there.
All right! okay.
Kelly, this is catherine willows from the crime lab!We spoke earlier! - mrs.
Kelly? - Yeah? Mrs.
Kelly, I'm, uh, catherine willows from the crime lab.
I left you a message.
catherine! catherine! catherine! are you okay?! Thank god.
She jumped me.
I pulled my gun and she just collapsed.
she's dead and you're bleeding.
That's better than the other way around.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ µ°¸â¸â Episode22 The Gone Dead Train So I talked to the neighbors.
Nobody had anything bad to say about mrs.
In fact, they all called her a saint.
She's a special ed teacher.
She's a friend to kids,stray dogs,and anybody with a problem.
Well, I must have met her evil clone.
You know,there's a reason there's a protocol.
You should have callede first.
I was doing this as a favor to doc.
Yeah, this thing could have escalated easily and got out of hand.
Next time, you call me.
Yes, you're right.
I'm glad you're okay.
thank you.
How is she? Vitals are stable,but the attacker bit her, and she's not sure when she had her last tetanus shot.
Let me see.
I just called you so that you could work the case 'cause I'm a witness.
Nick's already inside.
Catherine, don't be a tough guy.
- Jeff, get her to the hospital.
- Yes, sir.
- Evening, professor.
- Nick.
"Extending deep and heartfelt sympathies in the death of your son brent.
" Darla kelly's son died six days ago.
Thinking that's probably what drove her over the edge.
LAS***** hey, check it out.
Found a baggy of meth in brent's dresser and an empty one in the trash can.
Looks like he was a tweaker living in mama's trailer.
Meth can make you stronger,meaner, angry, paranoid.
Maybe she was using, too, which would explain her behavior.
I found her alive but unconscious.
Possible sexual assault.
- Got an id? - No purse,no wallet.
My guys are still knocking on doors.
Found her pants and shoes next to the body,and the paramedics took this off her.
Who called it in? Uh,Mr.
Claims that he found her lying under his truck when he was leaving for work.
His wife corroborated his story.
We'll see if it holds up.
Got some abrasions on the back of the shirt.
Couple of buttons missing on the front.
White substance on the pants.
Could be semen.
Dried blood pool.
She was probably out here for a while.
Some blood drops on the box-- mostly horizontal,more than eight inches off the ground.
Somebody hit her when she was already down.
Maybe she was kicked under the truck.
Got a drag trail.
See where it leads.
Kelly was such a nice lady.
She lost her health insurance when she went part-time at Marshall Creek Elementary.
Poor thing was always getting sick.
The warrant includes her son.
Was he a patient here as well? Brent? Yeah,he came in a few times feigning a back injury.
Why is that,you think? He was trying to score some oxycodone.
- A couple weeks ago,Dr.
Shaw had to forcibly remove him.
- Really? I have his file,too.
He was a terrible human being.
I used to suspect that he was abusing his mother, but when I asked Mrs.
Kelly about it,she clammed right up.
It says re that Mrs.
Kelly called the clinic three days ago complaining of flu-like symptoms, and someone told her to take an analgesic and get some rest.
Does that sound right? Do you think that contributed to her death? I don't know yet,but I'm gonna find out.
* I woke up this morning * And all my shrimp was dead * I woke up this morning * Ooh,all my shrimp was dead.
Dead Shrimp Blues-- Robert Johnson.
Recorded Friday,November The Gunter Hotel,three blocks from the Alamo.
You're a blues man? Is fat meat greasy? I got this record in Chicago at the MEs' convention.
Guy let it go for 50 bucks.
The man didn't know what he had.
- Is that the tox report? - Yes.
No drugs in her system.
Henry ran the panel twice.
I don't get it.
This is my fourth undetermined this month.
Kelly lived with her son.
Maybe you're looking for some kind of pathogen.
Something infectious-- a virus,bacteria,microorganism? I've already ruled out gonorrhea,viral hepatitis,syphilis,staphylococcus, atypical pneumonia,meningitis,endocarditis,influenza,West Nile,and SARS.
Then it has to be an exotic.
Did you hold the rest of the bodies? Walk this way.
Brent Kelly,22,died Friday night after an unexplained seizure.
Leeland Jacobs,33,ex-con,died alone in his apartment two weeks ago.
Says here he displayed aggressive behavior prior to his death.
Found cocaine in his system,but he didn't OD.
Depending upon your genetic disposition,cocaine can trigger schizophrenia and heart failure.
It wasn't a heart failure.
I can't tell you if he was schizo.
We couldn't find any medical records.
Scotty Belinsky.
Died three weeks ago.
Found in his bathroom.
Another ex-con.
I had Brass run backgrounds on Belinsky and Jacobs.
No apparent connections.
Well,do we know if either of them was connected to Brent Kelly? No.
The only thing that brings these three men together is body modification.
I see Mr.
Kelly had eagauges.
But you ain't seen nothing yet.
Help me roll him.
That is some serious modification.
Transdermal implants.
It's done via a process called "dermal punching.
" The technician makes an incision,separates subcutis and fascia using a dermal elevator, creating a pocket where an implant's inserted-- typically steel or silicone bead.
The skin fuses around the bead,creating the design,kind of like a Braille tattoo.
So,maybe all three of these men visited the same tattoo parlor.
Can't many of them that do this kind of worork.
So,you want me to take care of that? Hey,Lou,did you do a knock and talk at this house? I'm just on my way over there now.
- Yeah,uh What's going on? Ladies,I'm Detective Vartann.
This is Greg Sanders from the Crime Lab.
A woman was attacked on your street last night.
We believe the victim might have come from this house.
Oh,my God.
She was here last night.
Is,uh,this Kayla? Is she okay? She's in the hospital.
What is Kayla's last name? Nootens.
When was the last time you saw her? Around 10:00.
We had our diet club meeting,me,Diana,and Kayla.
You know,we all entered the GME bikini contest.
- GME? - God Made 'Em.
No fake boobs.
- First prize is a trip for two to Hawaii.
- Yeah.
Well,we meet here twice a week.
We do our weigh in,and then we have our support dinner.
So,I lost another twpounds.
I was craving ice cream,but I went for a run instead.
And it worked.
Rub it in,why don't you? I lost zero pounds this week.
I'm never going to fit into my bikini.
Don't say that.
We can do this.
And I am going to go to Maui.
If you win,will you take me? You said that Kayla left here around 10:00.
Did either of you walk her to her car? I was going to drive her home,but then it stopped raining so she decided to walk.
They say if you walk after dinner it burns more fat.
Um,do you know anyone who might want to hurt her? Her ex BF.
Yeah,they fought all the time.
He dumped her 'cause she gained 15 pounds.
And then he said that he would take her back if she won the contest and took him to Hawaii.
Do you know her ex-BF's name? Um,Elvis Rodriguez.
Tetanus shot hurt more than the crazy lady attacking me.
You going to turn into a vampire now? Well,I already work nights,so I don't think anybody's going to notice.
I can't work the other case,so fill me in here.
Doctor says death is imminent.
Wet mount was positive for semen.
And they found signs of sexual trauma.
Do you want to help me roll her? She's got road rash on her back,shoulders,and buttocks.
Based on the depth of the abrasions,it looks like she was dragged a long way.
That's consistent with what we found at the scene.
Now,this neck injury looks like a stab wound.
You swab it? Nurse did.
Found some trace inside the wound track.
It's with the S.
Excuse me! He does know you can't undo that.
Doesn't he? Self-mutilation trips me out.
It's a form of rebellion.
I've witnessed a couple of botched tongue forkings in my time.
Yeah,and even if you make it through,you wind up with a speech impediment.
Walk-ins always welcome.
We're actually running a special right now on matching tattoo hearts.
Or are you guys more into rough trade? Dude,we're CSI.
We're here on police business.
- Are you the owner? - I wish.
It's Jack's Body Shop,and my name is Eric.
Eric Tobin.
I'm the manager slash receptionist.
The man-ceptionist.
We need to speak with Jack.
Jack is in the back making one of his magic potions.
Thank you,my man.
Boy,this is all kinds of wrong.
Bathroom's in the front.
Are you Jack? Crime Lab boys.
Jack Shaw.
What can I do for you,gentlemen? Are you the same Dr.
Shaw that works the free clinic on Janville? Guilty.
I assume you also know I'm a retired coroner from Reno.
I do now.
So,how'd you go from being a coroner to owning this place? Natural transition,actually.
Used to spend all day cutting up dead bodies and sticking them with needles.
Today when I cut 'em they bleed.
Tell me,Doctor,do you know if any of these men has been in your shop recently? I don't recognize the faces,but I do know the work.
There's sunflower yellow and iris blue in these tats.
That's "Van Gogh".
He mixes his own ink.
And he's the only one that does dermal implants.
What's his real name? Carl Van Goe.
Spelled G-O-E.
I swear to God.
Had it legally changed.
I fired him two weeks ago.
- How come? - Artistic differences.
Customer would want a certain design.
Van Goe would give them what he thought was right for their "canvas.
" You guys going to tell me what's going on? These three men all died of an infectious disease.
Seems that this place-- your shop-- is the only common link.
Hey,I run a clean shop.
I give an antibiotic shot to anybody that's had an invasive procedure.
But Van Goe brings his own tools and needles.
We'd like to check him out.
In the meantime,we're going to need your tools,needles,inks,and,uh,the biohazard bin.
Supply cabinet's up front.
Biohazard's out back.
It's all in the warrant.
Uh,what pathogen do you suspect? Did I say it was a pathogen? Retired coroner.
I'm assuming.
So,Elvis,how'd you get these injuries? I'm a landscaper.
Got a lot of cactus orders 'cause of the drought.
Or maybe they were from when you raped your ex,Kayla Nootens.
I didn't rape Kay.
We had sex.
Open up.
You had the kind of sex where e said "no.
" Hold up.
This is crazy.
Me and Kay broke up.
Because you thought she was fat.
You ever seen her? She used to look like a little coke bottle.
Then she got all messy in the middle.
I couldn't have that on my arm.
So,when Kayla dropped a few lb's,you wanted her back? - No,remember,he wanted a free trip to Hawaii.
- Oh,right.
That's why I had sex with her.
Sealed the deal.
She was easy that way.
And I needed a vacay.
- What time was this? - Around 6:00 maybe.
Then she went to go see some friends.
And I had to go pick up my new girlfriend's kid from day care.
Where did you go after? I dropped the kid off,but my girlfriend was tired.
So I went home.
Well,that means you don't have an alibi.
Why do I need an alibi for? Because I'm charging you with the rape and murder of Kayla Nootens.
You may have just won a 20-year vacay.
Hello,this is-- Don't say "hello.
" Okay.
This is the first solo autopsy of Assistant Medical Examiner David Gregory Phillips.
Decedent is a Caucasian female.
Kayla Nootens.
Early 20s.
63 inches.
144 pounds.
I don't have COD yet,so please don't ask.
- You want some help? - No.
I have to do this myself.
It's my first solo.
Didn't mean to lose my temper.
That was you losing your temper? My wife calls me a "snapping alligator.
" Well,your bad temper is better than my good one.
Did you examine her neck wound? Of course I did.
She was stabbed.
I excised that from the wound.
- What is it? - I have no idea.
Maybe you could ask Hodges.
Van Goe,how come you still have both your ears? Got the name 'cause I cut off someone's ear lobe.
It was my first year on the job.
Of course.
So,where do you keep all your tools? No,hey,hey,hey.
Where do you think you're going? Stuff's in there.
He'll go look.
I need you to stay here and paint me a picture.
Did you do any work on these guys at Jack's Body Shop? I don't know.
Why don't you ask Jack? I quit.
So,you telling me that Shaw didn't fire you? He's a jackal and a philistine.
I quit.
I took my clients with me.
I'm going to need a list of your clients.
I don't write anything down.
Excuse me,Mr.
Van Goe.
You been working out of your shed these days? You do know that's against the law,don't you? Okay,let's start again.
Did you work on any of these guys? Either here,there,or anywhere? Maybe.
No,this is not multiple choice.
It's either yes or no.
Okay,it's gonna be one of those days,I guess.
All right,look,Scotty,wrap him up.
Come on,let's go.
We'll do this some other place.
Damn it.
Virology results from the tattoo parlor.
No detectable contaminants,poisons or pathogens.
Maybe something will turn up in the Van Goe shed.
Can we go over it one more time? Yeah.
Starting with the most recent victim.
Darla Kelly gave her dying son C.
Three days later she complains of a sore throat,fatigue and a low grade fever.
Three days after that,she attacks Catherine and drops dead.
Right,her counts are normal,white blood cells unaffected.
Which tells us it's not bacterial.
If it's not in the blood,it has to be the tissue.
Certain organisms have different rates of crossing the blood-brain barrier.
Histology was negative.
But the Lab only checked for common pathogens.
Let's take a look at Darla Kelly's brain tissue.
Bottom right quadrant.
Is that a Negri body? That's what I'm thinking.
I haven't seen one of those since medical school.
I have another one here,Doctor.
There are Negri bodies in each victim's brain tissue.
- It's rabies.
- Yes.
No one's died of rabies in Nevada in over 90 years.
And now we have four in a month.
Rabies would explain Darla Kelly's flu-like symptoms.
It was raining that night.
Rabies can cause hydrophobia,intense fear of water.
Maybe it triggered heviolent behavior.
And rabies is carried in the saliva.
Kelly had a cold sore.
The virus travels through connective tissue into the muscle, goes up into the neuronal cells of the brain stem and into the limbic cortex.
The most common form of rabies virus transmission is through the bite or the virus-containing saliva of an infected host, which is almost always a rabid animal.
Now,none of the victims had bite marks.
And no one reported being bitten.
Someone was bitten.
What's wrong? Uh,we have C.
on Darla Kelly.
It's rabies.
Okay,uh,so,what? I'll get a shot and be fine.
Human rabies cases are very rare.
The treatment is extremely expensive.
Which is why the state doesn't have any available.
Okay,so,you're telling me that there aren't any available shots in the entire state of Nevada? If the treatment is administered within the first 72 hours of transmission,you should be fine.
It's already been more than 24.
And we've located a supply,it's in Atlanta.
Atlanta? Georgia.
You'll need a test to confirm whether you've got it.
And I'm taking you to the hospital right now.
I-I need to call Nick.
Let him know he's the acting supervisor.
Use your cell phone.
At least give me a hint.
I wish I could.
But Dr.
Robbins has to review and sign off on my work first.
Okay,well,where is he? The hospital.
Visiting Catherine.
He must be feeling really guilty.
Okay,the rape victim o was dragged.
Uh,Kayla Nootens.
Okay,uh,decedent sustained a half-inch deep stab wound to the right side of her neck.
It nicked her vertebral artery.
is exsanguination.
This wound is minor,David.
She's a young woman.
Blood would have clotted within minutes.
Yes,sir,however,I discoved that she was severely anemic and had excessive levels of caffeine in her system.
Both of which contributed to blood thinning and compromised her clotting factors.
Common indicators of anorexia.
Or extreme dieting.
Her and her friends were trying to win a bikini contest.
So,my proposed C.
is exsanguination with additional complicating factors preventing clotting.
Well described.
I concur.
Catherine just got her prophylaxis shots.
She's doing fine.
That's good to hear.
What have you got? Well,virology confirmed that all four victims died of The Mexican Free Tailed Bat.
We didn't find any evidence of bats at the mobile home park.
And two of the victims died in apartments off the strip.
So,what's our theory? I mean,did all these people go spelunking in Lehman Caves or what? They charge admission there.
So,I checked their guest books and their receipts.
None of our victims were there.
I called C.
,I asked for all their files on rabies transmissions.
Most of it was,uh,straight up,huntebitten by fox stuff.
But this one did stand out.
That's redacted.
That usually means there was a lawsuit with a confidential settlement.
Doc Robbins says there hasn't been a rabies death in Nevada in nearly a century.
But from what I can piece together,that may not be true.
A patient up in Reno tested positive for rabies after a liver transplant.
But doesn't say if she died or not.
If her liver was infected,she's dead.
If the donor was local,that means that the Reno Coroner had to clear the body before they could harvest the organs.
I guess he must've missed it.
What about Dr.
Shaw? He's a coroner.
I know this happened three years ago.
I don't know how many they had working in Reno back then,but we do know him.
Brent Kelly,Scott Belinsky and Leeland Jacobs all went to this guy's tattoo parlor.
And both the Kellys were treated by him at the Free Clinic.
Your victim was a messy eater.
Not too proficient with a fork.
The white substance on the clothes is not semen.
It's potatoes,butter,milk and a pinch of garlic.
Mashed potatoes? She was cheating on her diet.
More like a food orgy.
The trace on the neck wound showed apple,cinnamon and grease.
What about the fragment David extracted? Well,that would be the main course.
It was animal bone.
Although it was too small for me to identify the species,I think we know it's pretty obvious.
Wilbur? Pork.
Yes,the other white meat.
That's the only type of flesh that you would season that way.
Suddenly,I'm very hungry.
Break time.
Hold on there,spuds.
How much do you weigh? Uh,excuse you.
That's not public information.
I'd say a buck 45.
Same as our victim.
We know Kayla Nootens was dragged face up because her back was abraded.
So,if the killer dragged her like this Her back wouldn't be abraded.
Okay,what if the killer dragged her like this? Easy,killer.
Hodges' calves are touching the floor.
Vic had no abrasions from the knees down.
There must've been two of them.
Elvis had a friend.
Uh,if I may? Wouldn't two men,one of whom being a cactus-hauling desert landscaper, just be able to pick me up and carry me? Or her? First rule of diet club Don't talk about diet club.
The whole thing was Rhonda's fault.
She was sabotaging Kayla's diet because she'd lost the most weight.
That is so not true! Kayla was fatter than me.
So,of course she lost more weight.
Anyway,Kayla is the one that started it.
These mashed potatoes are amazing.
What kind of butter substitute did you use? Mine suck.
Yours are watery.
Oh,my God.
You bitch! You are the bitch! You were going to ditch me for your ugly ex-bf and take him to Hawaii! You're both bitches! Kayla would still be alive if Rhonda hadn't whipped that pork chop at her.
You are going to jail! And you will always have a fat ass! Rhonda lost it,chased her down.
She dropped dead right there.
I didn't know that you could kill somebody with a pork chop.
But it was Diana's idea to drag the body under the truck and then pin the whole thing on Elvis.
Kayla wasn't dead when you were kicking her under the truck.
She bled to death because you left her there.
I'm telling you,I didn't kill anybody.
Okay,we got it,Doc,let's go.
Want me to call your girlfriend? Hey,hey,hey! Back off,back off.
Hey,I got your back,I believe you! Stay strong.
Hey,take it easy.
Call Hey,bud.
Did I just pass out again? Stay,stay back.
How you feeling? I'm fine.
I just I haven't been feeling too good since I got my nipples pierced.
Shaw gave me a shot of antibiotics,but I probably just got an infection anyway.
When did you get the shot? A couple days ago.
I don't know-- it's a setup.
I'm being framed.
Who framed you? Roger Rabbit? Maybe Van Goe.
He's a crazy bastard.
He threatened me when I fired him.
So,how does this frame-up play out? Van Goe breaks into your shop wearing a Dr.
Shaw mask and pokes Tobin with a rabid needle? I'm not denying I gave Eric an antibiotic shot.
He had a piercing-- that's SOP at my shop.
You know,somebody's lying in this room.
And it's not me,and it's not him,'cause he just got here.
Three years ago in Reno,a transplant recipient died from a donor liver that tested positive for rabies.
I was the ME on the donor's autopsy.
I ruled it a natural.
There was an investigation.
I was cleared.
Rabies detection is not part of the organ review.
So,this isn't your first dance around the rabies game.
Did you give the donor an antibiotic shot,too? The victim's family later admitted that he had been bitten by a raccoon six weeks before he died.
Well,maybe Rocky Raccoon framed you.
I'd like to end this interview and call a lawyer.
Miss Schiff? Can I help you with something? Uh,no,but I think I can help you.
I found this in the trash at Dr.
Shaw's house.
What were you doing at his house? Mr.
Stokes,I'm embarrassed to admit it,but we were dating.
I-I didn't see it.
I had no idea that he's this monster.
I saw him take it out of his briefcase.
These are the same bags we use at the clinic.
I don't think it belongs to a patient.
Did you ask him about it? He gets angry if I ask him any questions.
Just please don't tell him that I gave it to you.
All right.
I need to know what this is,and then get the bag to prints right away.
Well,it looks like it's some kind of tissue.
Yeah,you might want to double-glove.
I think Dr.
Shaw's been cutting up rabid animals,making some sort of a rabies potion.
I will sample DNA and run a species determination.
Also,I found Eric Tobin's needle,and virology confirmed that it tested positive for rabies.
- Any DNA on the syringe? - Yeah.
I just don't know if it's a match to Shaw yet 'cause Langston just dropped off the exemplar on his way out of town.
Out of town? Did you tell Nick what we're doing? I did not tell Nick what we were doing,just in case things don't go according to plan.
Gives him plausible deniability.
You know,we're kind of screwed if the hospital doesn't have hard copies of the documents.
Good thing being a doctor has more advantages than just getting hot chicks.
Is that Mississippi John Hurt? No.
Recorded January,1932.
Shoot me a title.
My dear doctor,we are traveling to Reno on the Gone Dead Train.
King Solomon Hill.
- Born - Joe Holmes.
Thank you.
Uh,Frank,how are you today? Never seen you guys before.
Are you attendings or surgeons? We're researchers.
Yeah,we're from,uh,Saint Ann's.
Uh,we're doing research for the,uh for the cardinal.
Not the,uh,team in Arizona.
The,uh,guy who wears the pointy red hat,cardinal.
Medical IDs,please.
You're not allowed to remove any files from this room, photocopy any files without permission, mutilate or destroy any files.
Got it Ebony and Ivory? Yeah,we we got it,Frank.
Next time,you don't talk.
I don't talk? I don't think you should talk.
So,we have a liver transplant.
Recipient was Sandra Williams.
This patient did well immediately after transplantation.
Discharged on postoperative day five.
with tremors,lethargy and anorexia.
During the next 48 hours,her mental status deteriorated.
She subsequently died.
Initial diagnosis was encephalitis.
Well,it says here that the recipient's husband,Eric Tobin, filed a lawsuit against the hospital and its medical personnel.
Not surprising.
Did you say Eric Tobin? It's,uh,Jack's Body Shop,and my name is Eric-- Eric Tobin.
What,you don't think he's some sort of mastermind that framed Dr.
Shaw,do you? I mean,come on,Ray,you met him.
He's not even the master of his own mind.
He has motive,Nick.
He blames Shaw for his wife's death.
Tobin won a malpractice suit.
That's big bucks.
The only reason he'd work at the shop is for revenge.
Well,gentlemen,all of the physical evidence points to Dr.
Wendy found his touch DNA on the syringe that infected Tobin.
And while you two were out playing Smokey and the Bandit,his girlfriend, who's also a nurse at the clinic,brought me something he was trying to get rid of: a salivary gland from a rabid bat.
I think that's what he used to make the virus.
Rabid bats are easy to spot because they stay within reach even when a human enters their cave.
All he had to do was extract the saliva and add a preservative to keep the rabies virus viable.
Look,I don't know how Tobin plays into all this,but Shaw is still our best suspect.
Besides,it takes technical skill and knowledge to extract the rabies virus like that.
Then,Tobin isn't working alone.
He's partnered with a mastermind.
You said Shaw's girlfriend is a nurse,and she brought you that evidence.
I'm suspicious of anybody who brings me anything.
I ran Susan Schiff through the system.
**** She could still be lying.
Maybe there's another connection.
Did Susan Schiff live in Reno? Run her Social.
Susan Schiff also known as Susan Williams.
The woman who died in Reno her name was Sandra Williams.
My daughter was on the transplant list for a year.
Sandy was so excited when her name finally came up.
She and Eric started planning for their future.
She wanted to have a baby.
But because of Dr.
Shaw and his negligence,what she got was 21 days of hell.
You ever seen somebody die of rabies? I've seen people die all kinds of ways.
I understand he made a fatal mistake-- I really do-- but that doesn't give you the right to kill four innocent people.
Those men weren't innocent.
They were a different kind of virus.
I told you when we met,Brent Kelly was a low-life drug dealer who beat up his own mother.
And the other two,Eric chose.
Those guys would come into the shop and brag about selling drugs to kids and having sex with minors.
Where were you guys? You know,I'm a little confused,Batman.
Was your mission to avenge your wife's death or rid Gotham of scumbags? What about Darla Kelly? She was innocent.
I thought you liked her.
That one's on Brent.
I always knew he'd kill her someday.
What about your son-in-law? I volunteered.
You hadn't arrested Shaw yet.
Plus Sue wasn't going to let me die.
I'm not stupid.
Not anymore.
How did you pull it off? I got a piercing.
I knew that Dr.
Shaw would give me a shot of antibiotics.
That's his SOP.
Sue gave me a vial of the virus.
I slapped on a label.
Susan,you don't get to play God because your daughter died-- that's not the way it works.
Shaw didn't just kill my little girl.
He killed my whole family.
My sons,my parents,my marriage.
We all died that day.
And Dr.
Shaw didn't lose anything.
And that's just wrong.
You wanted to see me.
Wanted to thank you.
What for? For believing in my innocence.
I just didn't assume you were guilty.
You know,I was good-- really good-- at my job.
I just wasn't good enough.
I understand,Doctor.
I've been there.
catherine,i know you got rabies,but at least it solved the case Remember that solid you owe me? It's going to take more than show tickets,isn't it? Oh,yeah.