CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e23 Episode Script

Hog Heaven

- Ready for a good night? - You know I am, baby.
Watch out, fellas.
Watch out.
Hey, Rudy! How's it going, brother? Hook us up with two.
Here you go, Joey.
Yo, Death! You wanna shoot? I'm broke.
I'll spot you, brother.
Ha-ha, brother! Joey, check it out.
Talk about easy rider.
Hey, you got a ride like this, man, you got to stay on it.
I'm going to kick your ass, Hooper! It's all family love here.
Come on, jackass, Get in there! Let me see your hands! Up! Let's go, keep it moving.
So, a radio car was in the neighborhood.
Picked up a 911 call from dispatch.
A 911 call for a biker bar fight? Did you run the number? Untraceable cell.
Yo, pig! Don't you touch my hog! Close the door.
What do we have, David? Liver stick's 98.
No rigor.
Lividity isn't fixed.
They don't get much fresher.
Vegas Blasters.
He's flying his colors.
That means he's a sworn member of the gang.
David, would you turn him over for me, please? Sure thing.
Multiple knife wounds.
Takes a serious blade to cut through leather like that.
The knife's sheath on his belt's empty.
He was probably trying to defend himself.
Do we know who he is? No wallet, no ID, and apparently, there were no eyewitnesses.
We have a packed club.
Nobody knows what happened? When nobody knows nothing somebody knows something.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode23 Hog Heaven This is my first time in a biker bar.
Mmm, what's that scent? Beer, urine, sweat, vomit Death.
A lot of people think these guys just run holiday toy drives and host rallies for kids with cancer.
In a magic act, that would be called a misdirection.
I'd call this a slaughter.
All this blood, one victim? I'm thinking it started back there by the second pool table, moved up through this blood pool, where I found the chain, and ended about here, where we found the body.
I still can't make any sense of all these bloody footprints.
We'll compare them to the shoes of our guys in custody.
Meanwhile, I'll start collecting blood samples.
The police arrived minutes after the 911 call, so the weapon or weapons may still be here.
I'll check the kitchen.
Good place to ditch a knife.
I want to go take a look at the bikes before they go to impound.
Longhorns, nice.
Beautiful machines.
Okay, thank you.
First time I've ever coveted physical evidence.
Well, I ran the plates on all of them, and they all came back matched to the people we have in custody, except for this one here.
- The victim's bike? - Possibly.
's come back a Joseph Niagra.
Do we have a home address? You're standing in front of it.
But I'll run him through the system.
All these guys have records.
I tell these kids, "You want to join a gang? "You should join us.
We're more powerful.
We got bigger guns" and we got dental.
" Sold me.
How's it going here? Well, every single one of these knives tested positive for blood.
These are animal, and these are human.
You should get these back to the lab.
They need you at PD.
Oh, Tonya.
You should have listened to your mother.
When I was in high school, there was this guy, Mark.
He had a motorcycle.
Let me guess.
Your mom told you to stay away from him, but you were Romeo and Juliet, riding around on 600 pounds of steel.
Oh, we had fun.
But I moved on.
In fact, I didn't give bikers another thought until, years later, I'm in the ER with a hit-and-run victim.
Guy on a bike.
Just a piece of meat in search of a pulse.
The entire time I'm processing him, I never realized it was my Romeo.
He was that beat up.
Final stab wound tally: 24.
Multiple abrasions, hematomas.
This one's got a looping pattern.
Ray said that he found a chain at the scene.
It's a good way of slowing somebody down.
Maybe he needed slowing down.
Take a look at the teeth.
This is your mouth on meth.
Joseph Niagra.
Same as the R.
on the unclaimed bike.
Right hand.
Thank you.
Okay, would you please open your mouth, Mister - Jackass.
- Shut up.
Get off me! - It's my name.
- Okay.
Would you please open your mouth, Mr.
Jackass? Next in line? Thank you.
Right hand.
There's so much grease on these paws.
I can't get a clean print.
Work in a body shop.
What do you expect? Excuse me.
All right, you know what? Could you just? Okay, here.
Could you maybe just Okay, Badger, what happened last night? Did Joey Niagra do something to piss you off? What is this, the biker code of silence? You're the only member of the gang who wasn't carrying a weapon.
They're not a gang.
They're just a bunch of guys that like to ride together.
But you're the only bartender in South Vegas who doesn't carry protection.
Man you got to start looking for a better class of bar.
You're going to be looking through bars for a long time.
Get him out of here.
And now your boots.
When you're done with fingerprinting, the officer will take you to another room where he'll collect the rest of your clothing.
I ain't stripping.
I promise you, jail scrubs are much cleaner and more flattering than the blood and grease soaked homicide evidence that you're currently wearing.
Let's go, Jackass.
Tonya Charles? Would you open your mouth, please? Stick it in your own mouth, bitch.
- You're out of line.
- Bite my out-of-line ass.
- You owe Ms.
Simms an apology.
- No, Hodges, it's okay.
No, apologiz.
- Get your hands off me! - Settle down! - Yeah, girl! - That was stupid.
- Ugh, chivalry is not dead.
- No, but its nose is bleeding.
Hold on a second.
Property of Joey.
Is it Joey Niagra? - The victim's bike? - Yes.
Lots of greasy prints.
Look, I found this iPod.
It's got an AM-FM receiver and a very interesting playlist.
What do you got for me? Joey Niagra popped up in CODIS.
He was connected to an open homicide: dead hooker.
I guess he was her last trick.
Sex was postmortem.
Some kind of initiation rite, no doubt.
Kill the hooker; have sex with the body; get your colors on your bike.
I'm almost done processing here.
What is that? Well J.
Joey's missing knife.
- He didn't put it there.
- It's been wiped clean.
Someone's trying to send us a message.
Shove it.
- Jim.
- Yeah, what's up? Got an alert from Records Bureau you ran prints on Joey Niagra.
- An alert? - Yeah.
His real name's Jack Nettles.
Vice recruited him two years ago from Indianapolis for an undercover job.
So what's going on? The Vegas Blasters homicide.
He's the victim.
What kind of cop is a tweaking necrophiliac? It's tough giving this kind of news to the wife of a victim.
Yeah, well, I'll try to spare her too many details.
- Rita.
- What are you Mrs.
Nettles, I'm Conrad Ecklie, Las Vegas Undersheriff.
Oh, uh, please come in.
I'm sorry to have to inform you that, uh, your husband No.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God, no! Your husband was killed during an undercover operation.
Captain Brass is in charge of the murder investigation.
I'm very sorry for your loss, ma'am.
My loss? This This is who I lost over six months ago when he turned into someone I didn't recognize anymore.
Jim, when did it happen? Last night.
It happened last night.
I tried to see his captain last night.
He's got to help me.
He's got to get my husband out of that gang.
- Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.
- I need his help.
- Captain Collins is not available.
- Wha Take a seat.
You've had a few too many.
I'll have an officer drive you home.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I have to I You gointo tell me how you know her? No.
According to DNA, none of this blood over here is the vic's.
This is from the biker named Hooper and this is from Jackass.
This could be from a fight unrelated to the murder.
Okay, well, I'm all set up here, so let's try to confirm that those prints are from our victim.
It looks like he was trying to get away, but we still don't know who tried to kill him.
Or how they found out he was a cop.
Back off.
See if you like being strip-searched as much as you like shooting off your mouth.
Good work, Willows.
Ever work undercover? We can always use another tough bitch.
So with you on the inside, when they threw women at Nettles, he could always say that he didn't cheat on his old lady, right? Except for dead hookers.
Right? Joey-- Jack-- had to do that.
Had to be trusted enough to becoma member.
Well, obviously something happened to that trust.
Jack was trying to learn who the guy at the top is-- the guy calling the shots in the drug racket and the murders for hire.
Only a couple in the inner circle know his real identity.
- They don't use his real name.
He goes by Scratch.
- Scratch All right, so what happened last night? We-We're in the clubhouse after an all-day ride.
C-Couple of fights, nothing unusual.
Then the bartender takes a phone call.
Like that, atmosphere changes.
It's real tense.
My guess: it's Scratch calling.
Then, one of the "hangers"-- guy who's not a member yet-- he takes all the old ladies and the rest of the hangers and he takes us all outside.
Members only.
What time? About 10:00, minute or two after.
- I'm cold.
I got to pee.
- Find a bush.
They just killed a guy inside the Blasters' clubhouse-- Rancho Destino, south of Barston.
Hurry hurry.
What are you looking at? Anybody see you make that call? I don't think so.
According to Vice, Nettles' last report said there's a truckload of cocaine coming in from Mexico.
Yeah, only the west side bike gang Righteous Dogs got wind of it.
It's going to be a war.
Do you know where and when this shipment is gonna take place? Yeah-- no-- I-I'll find out.
No, you won't, 'cause Ecklie took you off the detail.
What? No! No.
No way in hell, man! - What are you on? - What do you think? You picked me up partying with bikers.
Calm down.
Calm down.
What do you want me to do? I want you to get Ecklie in here so I can tell him ain't quitting.
I'm not letting Jack die in vain.
was exsanguination.
Found significant amount of internal hemorrhage to the lung and pleural cavity from stabs to the liver and mesentery.
So he was alive and his heart was beating the entire time? Until it was lacerated.
It's one of the final injuries, along with this one.
Stab wound to the left temple about, oh two inches deep.
Quite a lot of stamarks.
We need to compare these with the weapons we've collected.
I'll cut them all out and send them upstairs.
- 23 stab wounds.
- Twenty-four.
I was thinking of Julius Caesar.
history's first recorded autopsy.
Doctor named Antistius did the honors, if I recall.
On the body of a man betrayed by those he knew well.
JN***MATCH The blood on the knife that you found in the motorcycle seat was the victim's.
And I was able to match that knife to two of his wounds: the stab to the sternum and the left temple.
What about the other knives? Double-edged, serrated, smooth blade-- none of which was a match to the tool marks on the body.
And none of the blood on those knives came back to the victim.
But I did get two CODIS hits from the knives that Hodges collected.
These guys were both members of the Righteous Dogs, and their body parts were found scattered across two miles of the Mojave.
Probably carved them up in the kitchen.
The Blasters and the Dogs are rival gangs.
There's been a war over drug turf escalating over the last year.
We still only have one of the knives used to kill Nettles.
There had to be others.
All right, the police arrived one minute, just one minute, after the 911 call.
Those other knives couldn't have gone very far.
I appreciate that, Conrad, I do, but there's no need for me to recuse myself, really.
If the situation changes, yeah, I'll, uh, I'll let you know.
Okay? I got to go.
Thank you.
- Can I come in? - Oh, sure, sure.
- I hope this is okay.
- No.
It's fine.
Uh, they asked me to come down about some paperwork.
I hope this is okay.
Come in.
Please, come in.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Please, sit down.
Can I get you anything? Do you want anything at all? - A shoulder? - Oh, Rita.
I know.
I know.
This isn't the place for that.
I'm sorry.
That's not it.
That's not it.
That's not it.
Why didn't you ever tell me that you were a cop? What? I didn't? I-I thought No, I guess not.
I I told you that I was married.
Uh, kind of.
Let's not, um We don't really have to talk about that now.
That's not important, all right? - We've been over that.
- Look No, I want I want to ex explain to you.
I You don't have to explain anything to me.
I was calling his captain every day because weeks are going by, and I'm not hearing from Jack.
I woke up once in the middle of the night.
He had snuck in, and he was stealing some money out of my purse.
He was on drugs or something.
I don't know.
He started hitting me.
And I was I was pulling on his shirt, trying to get him to stop it, and I - I see the name Tonya - Yeah.
tattooed on his chest, and How could he ever be my husband again after he'd had another woman's name burned into his skin like that? I - Rita - I didn't tell you the truth - because I was afraid.
- I'm sorry.
Because I, uh I handled it badly.
I was not very graceful about Jim? - I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
- Yeah.
What? What's up? Said you wanted to know when Tonya Charles is released.
- Rita? - Yeah? We are doing everything we can to find the killer of your husband.
You lost? I don't think so.
- Where's your car? - I'm working a theory.
Now, there are multiple murder weapons.
We only have one.
I checked the perimeter again.
They're not here.
All right, first responding said that a couple of bikers got away just as they showed up.
Yeah, maybe they took the knives with them.
All right, I'm one of them.
I know the police are rolling.
I don't want to get picked up carrying the weapon, so I'm going to ditch them as quickly as possible, right? Right.
But you know, you can use your department vehicle to look for that stuff.
You want to catch a rat, you move like a rat.
Yeah, responding units came in from the east and the west.
All right, south of here is residential.
Too many eyes, too many ears.
I'll start looking north.
Good luck.
All the knives I found match tool marks on the victim's body.
And the prints we lifted match five of the bikers we have in custody, but none of them are talking.
Well, if we don't find evidence on the rest of the bikers, the D.
's going to start releasing them.
- I'm on it.
- Thanks.
- You paged me? - Yeah.
I got the call records from that phone at the bar.
There was an incoming call at 10:02 p.
Okay, well, that's consistent with the undercover officer's statement.
Where did it originate? Looks like it was from a pay phone.
The call to the bar came from our police department? Was Nettles dimed out by another cop? They're checking surveillance footage from the time of that call.
Jim, I've heard you got a potential conflict of interest in this case.
No, I don't.
Okay, what do you got? Have a clean shot of the caller.
All right, let's run it.
That's Rita.
I'd say you got a conflict now.
I don't know why I'm here.
I didn't kill Jack.
Tell me about your call to the Blasters' clubhouse.
How did you get that number? Jack gave it to me.
In case of emergencies, I'm supposed to call and ask for Joey Niagra, and say that I'm his mother.
- So, that's what you're doing in the photo? - Yes.
Why did you use the phone here? - So that we'd think a cop made the call? - No.
What did you say? I-I asked for Jack.
I For Joey.
I-I I just I just wanted to hear his voice.
You told them he was a cop.
Isn't that right? No! You admitted you'd already lost him, but if you got a divorce, you'd end up with, what? A pile of debt, and a house worth less than the mortgage.
Right? What are you doing? With one phone call, you got his death benefit and his pension.
That's not true! Tonya managed to get word back to Vice.
- A cocaine shipment's in from Mexico.
- Where? She doesn't know.
Wherever Scratch told them to drop it off.
So, we got to find out who Scratch is.
He'll lead us to the drugs.
In the meantime, Righteous Dogs are cruising the streets.
We need to find that coke before they do.
Looks like they released some more of the old ladies.
There goes the victim's girlfriend.
This is Charlie-05-Stokes.
I'm on Rancho Destino south of Barston.
One of our U.
vehicles just exploded with a U.
officer inside the vehicle.
Send Fire and paramedics.
I repeat: U.
officer was inside the vehicle.
Looks like the incendry device detonated fast and big.
Red paper, wax-coated.
This is dynamite.
They must've known Tonya was undercover.
And from the moment the cops responded to the 911 call, we had this lot and the street under control.
This bomb's too sophisticated.
Must've been planted before Nettles was killed.
Whether or not they knew Nettles was a cop, they were on to Tonya.
And the order had to have come from the head guy, Scratch.
Makes sense.
That's the guy she was after.
I'll head back with the body.
According to the blood evidence, the fight started here at the bar and moved forward.
Probably the first injury came from the tire chain to Nettles' left ee.
I'm Nettles.
I see what's going down and I make a run to go out the back.
I'm Smitty.
My prints were on the chain that was collected here.
I hit his left knee.
Nettles was facing in this direction.
So, now, you're down.
But you still have a weapon: your knife.
I think he was reaching for it when Jackass got in on the fight.
- Hodges, you're Jackass.
- And don't I know it.
All right, your knife matches cuts on Nettles' right arm.
Okay, so, I'm over him.
All right, that cast-off over there could have been from the repeated stabbing of an area that bleeds heavily, such as the two clavicle wounds that match Hooper's knife.
All right, in order for Hooper to reach the clavicle, I'll have to get down on my right knee And at this point, his right arm is pretty much useless.
So, he pulls himself with his left hand.
But they didn't stop.
Judge Death here stabbed him in the kidneys.
And then he somehow managed to try to get to the front door.
And they let him because they knew he wasn't going to get very far.
Anthen they use Nettles' own knife on him.
But I think it was the stab to his temple that finally stopped him.
And that's how we found him, and that proves a bar fight, but not a setup.
You're right.
We know that Rita Nettles called here at 10:02 p.
, and the fight started right after that.
It's unlikely that they would kill a member of their own gang or a cop without direct orders from Scratch.
So, either Scratch was here, or whoever took the call contacted Scratch.
But there weren't any outgoing calls after 10:00 on any of the bikers' cell phones or the bar phone.
Wait a second.
There's a bug in here.
There was nothing in Nettles' case notes that mentioned one.
Nettles' iPod had a radio receiver.
If he was able to install a transmitter - Let me talk to Joey! - He's with his old lady.
Tonya, is that her name? How young is she? She's real young? He's a cop! You know that? A cop! His name's not Joey! - Hey, who is this? - I'm his wife! - Okay, all right, all right.
- Jim Vice sent over another surveillance wiretap where a man identified as Scratch was recorded.
I was able to grab enough to make a comparison.
Hey, who is this? Yo, what is this? - Hey, who is this? - Yo, what is this? So, Scratch is the bartender.
Nice chopper.
If this paint is scratched, you got a problem.
They all just left.
I've got them.
They're moving east on Sunset Road.
Just turned south onto Hasbrook.
They're stopping behind an industrial building.
Number 2106.
It's Kenny.
Sorry, Scratch.
Dogs found it first.
Las Vegas Police! Put your hands above your head! Las Vegas Police! Put your hands up! Put your hands where I can see 'em! Stop! Not moving! I'm not moving! Hey, don't hate me, man.
That bitch cop was easy to make.
And your boy Joey should've took care of his wife.
Shut up.
I know this is your favorite way of wrapping up a tough case.
Little scotch little talk.
You feel like talking? All right, then.