CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e02 Episode Script

Ghost Town

Killer forgot we're in a drought.
What the hell is that? Well,this didn't occur naturally.
Oh,what tipped you off? The two half hitches and a bow? No, the fact that the small intestine is tied around the spleen.
It's red and green and looks like a Christmas present.
All right,the case was in backlog pending autopsy.
Joseph Bigelow was found in an alley off of Charleston and Avert.
There were no signs of foul play.
Typical dead bum case.
Autopsy was pro forma.
Joseph Bigelow.
I've heard that name before.
Well,I bet you've never seen this before.
Not so typical dead bum case.
Is that C.
? No,blood vessels are occluded.
He died of natural causes.
Myocardial infarct due to atherosclerosis.
I'd have a heart attack,too, if someone did that to me.
Intestines show no vital tissue reaction.
No signs of peritonitis.
He was mutilated postmortem.
So,he died, then someone cut into him and gift-wrapped his guts? Only he wasn't cut into.
There are no visible incisions on his body.
One thing's for sure.
He didn't do this to himself.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode02 Ghost Town Can't I just go? I want to get out of here.
Just want ask a few questions,all right? Just a few questions.
Okay? I just want to go home.
How did you know Ryan Lester? - He-He was my boss.
- He was your boss.
What kind of work do you do? - Entertainment.
- Entertainment.
So,did you and Ryan have a relationship outside of work? - We hooked up a few times.
- Okay But that that was a long time ago.
At least a couple of weeks.
All right, so tell me what happened.
I was taking a hot shower.
I was gonna go home and study.
- Ryan.
Not funny.
- What? Get out.
The view is "def" better from this angle.
Okay,so he got in the shower with you with his clothes on? Yeah,he was freaky like that.
And there was no fight? There was no struggle? I've learned to deal with Ryan's "assitude," as long as I get a fat check at the end of the week.
All right,keep going.
What else? I went into the bedroom to get changed.
Ryan? The power's out again.
I thought he fell or something, so I went in to check on him.
Help! Somebody help! Help! Stop! - Stop,please help! Help! - Are you all right? - Easy,easy - And if if that guy hadn't seen me then I'd probably be dead,too.
Well,you're lucky.
You're okay.
Now,the CSI is going to want to take your clothes.
- You're okay with that,right? - Yeah.
Okay,now just wait right here.
Stay right there.
Wincroft? - Wincroft,yes.
- Wincroft,right.
Okay,so,the CSI's gonna want to take your clothes,too.
- You're all right with that,right? - Oh,yeah.
You're the one who called 911? Uh,yeah,I'm the Neighborhood Watch captain.
- Here,let me give you these.
- No,no,no.
Keep your shirt on,captain.
We're gonna do it down at the station.
Hey,give me some light here, will you? Hey,somebody turned the power off.
I think I might've pulled a partial off the main breaker.
I'm turning the power back on now.
What is going on in here? Sorry I'm late.
The freezer is still on the fritz from when those ROC goons tore up the place.
It's not like we can hang a "closed" sign on the door or anything.
Hey,what kind of a house has a sign-in board,man? I don't know.
Where am I going? Oh,yeah.
Yeah,sorry,Super Dave.
Follow me.
End of the hallway.
I wonder if the bedroom across the hall has a Webcam,too.
Uh,I'm pretty sure it does.
How would you know something like that? Nick,could I tell you something personal? Maybe.
Phillips and I occasionally enjoy a little live stimulation to get us in the mood.
What I'm saying is, uh,I'm intimately familiar with this particular bedroom.
I subscribe to the Web site.
Well,try and maintain your objectivity.
Of course.
- After you.
- David.
I missed your face.
- Aw,it's good to see you.
- How's your wife? Good.
Why? What have you heard? The,um,back door is broken.
It's probably the killer's entrance and exit point.
Looks like a men's size ten to 12.
There's not much detail in these impressions.
Not much? There's no detail.
It's kind of weird, actually.
Maybe his shoes had smooth soles.
Or maybe he was doing what we do.
- Which means he planned this out.
- Great.
We've got a single laceration here,left to right.
Sliced the carotid-jugular complex.
This guy didn't cut too deep.
Just deep enough,actually.
You're in a room, no doors,no windows.
How do you get out? Same way you got in.
Mm,I heard it this way.
You're in a room with no doors,no windows, there's a chain saw and a table.
How do you get out? I give up.
You cut the table in half with the chain saw.
- Two halves make a - "Hole.
" - Out you go.
- Brother.
Well,whoever did this had to get in and out through a "hole.
" Well,think it was a natural opening or did he make one? Either way, he had to use an endoscope or a laparoscope.
Well here at the navel,that could be a laparoscopic opening.
Internally the incision is open, but externally,it's fused.
I don't see any sutures, so probably used surgical glue.
Whoever did this had to have access to medical equipment.
A doctor,med student, surgical nurse.
This isn't medicine.
So,I hear you're the Neighborhood Watch captain, is that right? Yeah.
Well,since the I've had to really step up my patrols.
You know,the banks nowadays-- they're selling, and renting out these houses to anyone who has a dime.
Yeah,tell me about it.
I got the same problem in my neighborhood.
Obviously,I could've done a better job, being that someone was killed.
Well,the girl wasn't.
She claims you saved her life.
Well,I do my best.
You know, I pick up my flashlight the minute I come home from work.
Good man.
Here,have a seat.
So,tell me, how well did you know Ryan Lester? Not really.
Uh,I mean, I've seen him coming and going.
You know, the Greene family owned that house before him-- good friends-- until they lost their jobs and had to foreclose.
Yeah,man, everybody's feeling it.
I'm so underwater in my house, I should be wearing scuba gear in there,you know what I mean? - And neighborhoods aren't neighborhoods anymore.
- Yeah.
You know,we even got a peeper in our neighborhood.
- Really? - Yeah.
I mean, I haven't seen him yet, but a few of the neighbors, you know,that are left, they said they saw him lurking around.
Do you think,uh,anybody could give me description? Well,the minute I get something,you're my first call.
Can you hold out your index finger for me,please? Info:****** Why is your print on the circuit breaker at Ryan's house? Because I'm always turning it back on.
I told that cop earlier-- the lights are always going out.
With all the Webcams, curling irons, and blow-dryers, the thing overloads.
Can you hold out your hands for me? Ryan's too cheap to call an electrician.
Did you touch the switch last night? No.
I don't do anything at night except go to my car.
There's a Peeping Tom in the neighborhood.
- Have you seen him? - No.
If I had,he'd have my Mace in his face.
Ryan said he's seen him running from the house.
Did Ryan happen to tell you what this peeper looked like? You ever seen Marilyn Manson? So,I've been scanning through this Webcam footage for the past couple hours.
- It's a tough job.
- I manage.
By the way,congrats on your new gig,supervisor.
You deserve it.
So,the,uh, Webcam girls turn off their cameras at the end of their shift.
So Marnie's camera was off when Ryan bit it.
Check this out.
The curtains moved.
I don't see any hands.
So,unless it was the AC,what is it? A ghost? Looks like there's something behind the curtain, covering the windows.
Probably to keep the light out.
- And anybody from looking in.
- Not so sure about that.
Maybe it is a ghost.
I remember how I know this Bigelow guy.
Years ago,I used to catch this lounge act at the Riv.
Joey-- "Joe Joe" Bigelow was always there.
Sitting in the back with his dirty tux on, playing air piano to every tune.
The rumor is that he he really did play piano for Dean Martin.
All the old-timers knew him.
Every day, Joe Joe would walk from the Nugget to the Mandalay and back again.
Just looking for some ivories to tickle,chasing the dream.
I guess he hadn't heard that live piano players went the way of the dollar martini.
Well,my point is, is that he was on the streets, sleeping in different alleys, but always within spitting distance of the Strip.
Here's Las Vegas Boulevard.
- Here's where the body was found.
- So? Joe Joe was a Strip snob.
He wouldn't be caught dead west of the 15.
But he was caught dead there.
Which suggests that that is where his surgeon works or lives.
It also suggests that he didn't know Joey.
And that he selected him at random.
Now,looks like the peeper jimmied the window open.
Cut himself a handy little flap in the cardboard.
Yeah,so he could see the ladies in action.
Closed never really noticed it.
But open I can see everything.
There's some white trace around the peephole.
Kind of looks like makeup.
Marnie Bennett said that the peeper looked like Marilyn Manson.
He wears a lot of makeup.
I'll swab it.
- Hey,now what do you see? - Nothing.
He would've had to move the curtains to the side to enjoy the show.
Which is what we saw on the Webcam.
- The old wire hanger through the peephole trick.
- Yeah.
And I have a pretty good idea where this old wire hanger came from.
Hey,Jim,this is Charlie-05.
I need a warrant for Diamond Star Cleaners,please,sir.
This is the only household in the development that uses Diamond Star Cleaners.
- Faith Mason? - Yes.
Ma'am, is there anyone else inside? What's this about? It's a warrant to search your house.
Uh,my son is upstairs.
I'll get him.
That's all right, Mrs.
We'll get him.
What's his name? - Craig.
- Craig.
Come on,Sara.
Craig! Las Vegas Police.
Craig! Get up! Las Vegas Police! Craig! Craig,come on,buddy! Time to wake up! - Don't touch me.
- Las Vegas Police.
We need you to step outside.
You aren't the police.
Yeah,that's all right, we brought one with us.
Get your ass up.
I said get up! Jeepers creepers.
Does anybody believe in sunlight in this neighborhood? Hey,Sara.
Ten and a halves.
Same size as the shoe impressions at the scene.
I have seen this mask before.
Is it from a horror movie or something? This job is a horror movie.
I don't even watch them anymore.
I think we're in the right place.
- What is it? - It's,um Satanists have been known to collect dead crows, to keep the smell of death around them.
How do you know that? Grissom? Ozzy Osbourne.
I loved Black Sabbath.
For a summer.
Well,in that case, I guess we're lucky the head's still on it.
Did Ozzy,uh,say anything about collecting dead bodies? Scary masks.
Rubber hands.
Arts and crafts.
What's this kid's name again? Craig Mason.
As in Judge Mason? Aka Paul Millander.
You're never going to believe who Judge Mason's fingerprints match.
His real name is Paul Millander.
He's a serial killer with a split personality.
This is our best-seller-- even used my own hand for the mold.
I'd like you to meet our son Craig.
You'll be safe now.
Craig Mason is Paul Millander's adopted son.
Son of Millander.
Nature or nurture-- you choose.
Either way, this kid Mason's a freak.
And not very cooperative.
The only thing he hates worse than cops is CSIs.
He even mentioned Grissom's name a few times.
Well,then I won't mention that I'm Mrs.
- Oh,you took his last name? - Uh,no.
Uh,turns out we do not have a murder weapon.
According to Wendy,the blood on Craig's straightedge does not belong to Ryan Lester.
Well,maybe there was more than one knife.
- I'll call Canine, have them meet them at the scene.
- Thank you.
My son didn't do anything wrong.
Mason,I am only here to collect evidence.
I married a judge.
Craig's father was a judge, not a serial killer.
This is not about Craig's father.
You know damn well it is.
Craig shouldn't be punished for Paul Millander's sins.
I can assure you he will only be punished if he has broken the law.
Now,if you'll please excuse me.
I need your clothes and a DNA sample.
Look,don't force me to do this the hard way.
Can you sit up,please? I know you've had a hard childhood, and you've probably been scrutinized at every school that you've been to, and to you,I'm just another one of those people who wants to put you under a microscope,but Just shut up and take my DNA.
- Where's he goin'? This is the Mason house.
- I don't know! Get that dog back.
Get that dog back.
Clear it,Mitch.
His throat's slit just like Ryan Lester's.
Dried blood,fixed lividity.
Been here at least 24 hours.
Code four.
You're going to want to see this.
The plot thickens.
Porn house, drug house.
Millander house in between.
They must throw one hell of a block party.
A drug dealer named Kilo,25.
I compared his neck wound to Ryan Lester's.
They're virtually identical.
Both incised wounds about an inch deep.
Result of an extremely sharp,thin blade.
But there's something additional with Mr.
Parallel abrasions on both sides of the incision.
Murder weapon was probably a utility knife or box cutter.
If the same weapon was used on both victims, then why didn't we find similar abrasions on Ryan Lester here? Might be a matter of pressure.
Killer pressed harder on Mr.
He jammed the body of the weapon right up against his neck.
's? Both men were killed between I can't tell you who was first.
Well,either way, we've got ourselves a spree killer.
This afternoon while investigators were at the scene of the Ryan Lester homicide, a police dog lead them to a second murder victim located several houses down.
Police have a suspect in custody related to the murder of Ryan Lester, who was attacked and killed in his own home last night.
Officials have not confirmed a connection between the two murders.
And police are asking the public to please contact the Las Vegas Police Department with any Where are you taking him? CCDC.
Uh,we have evidence placing your son at the scene of the first murder.
For the moment, we're holding him under NRS-200.
603 It's peeping.
Did you really do that? Did you look into other people's homes? Yeah.
But I didn't kill anyone.
I was just looking at the girls.
That's why they do it.
I just wasn't paying.
Mom,just bail me out,okay? Mom? Mom,you-you believe me, don't you? Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom,I didn't do it! Your son's going to need a lawyer.
I'm learning when I can't find you, I should look down here.
This is very difficult.
It's like attempting to tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue.
I can do that after a few drinks.
Our Dr.
Jekyll has some remarkable surgical skills.
Jekyll? Whoever mutilated Mr.
What remarkable surgeon steals a dead man off the streets, practices on him, and then dumps him in an alley? No surgeon I ever met.
You did get permission from the family to use this body for research? Not necessary.
Take a look.
- I'm hosting a luau later.
- Well,don't invite Sara.
And before you put on your grass skirt and put pinkie on a spit, I need you in Layout.
Nick and Sara need some fresh eyes on the Mason case.
Okay Come on, come on,come on DNA has come up empty.
There's no sign of either victim on Craig Mason's clothes or shoes.
I did notice some scars on his arms.
I think he was using the straight razor to cut himself.
Hodges analyzed the white trace that was found around the peephole at the Webcam house, and it was a match to Craig's corpse makeup.
So we can put him at the house, but not in the house.
And we have nothing so far that puts him at the drug dealer's house.
We keep looking.
His mother hasn't bailed him out yet.
I don't think she's going to.
She had that look in her eye that maybe he did it.
It is classic escalation.
From peeper to murderer.
He's a teenager.
There were attractive women coming in and out of that house all the time.
It doesn't seem that sinister to me.
Besides, he didn't murder the person that he was peeping.
Maybe he saw Ryan Lester as competition.
You know,Lester was intimate with Marnie.
Craig could only watch her from a distance.
All right,say that's true.
Then what about the second victim, Cliff Kilo? Extensive criminal record.
It's mostly drug related.
Why would Mason murder a drug dealer? - Did he have drugs in his system? - No.
Tox panel came back clean.
And it wasn't about money.
I mean,there was cash all over the house.
All right,ifCraig wasn't a ghoul, and if his father hadn't come after Grissom, would you be considering him at all? And whose hand is this? It's Millander's.
Used his own hand to make the mold.
All right, did Paul Millander's thumbs and forefingers have a congenital malformation? No.
Then this isn't his hand.
My name is Ray.
I work at the crime lab.
Can I see your hands? Please? Good.
Just a moment.
Let me just document them.
I'm gonna need your help with a little experiment.
Why would I help the crime lab? Who said you'd be helping the crime lab? You're going to help yourself.
See,Craig,you and I have something in common.
We both have fathers who killed people.
- Your father was a serial killer? - No.
He was a soldier in the Korean War.
He even got a Bronze Star for his work.
- That's different.
- No,it's not.
See,after the war was over, my father continued to fight.
Every once in a while, he would go out to a bar.
Not so much to drink, but to pick fights? I remember one day,he came home,he was very excited.
Had a black eye and a fat lip.
Was bragging about how he had knocked somebody out.
Said he hit the man so hard, the paramedics had to peel him off the floor.
Said it was the most fun he'd ever had.
- Why don't you come over here and cut his throat,Craig? - What? Come on,cut his throat.
Don't hold back.
Show me how much you're not like your father.
We got a warrant for Craig Mason's medical records.
You were right.
He was born with a congenital malformation.
He made a mold of his own hand? Like father, like son.
Well,both neck wounds were uniform.
Left to right, slightly downward.
Take a look at Jell-O Man.
Cut's uneven.
It's almost vertical.
He could have done that on purpose.
Well,his anomaly makes it virtually impossible for him to hold a box cutter properly.
I watched him.
That was the best he could do.
So, if Craig didn't kill them, who did? You guys got any evidence outstanding? Diane,tell the mayor I'm on my way.
You know, I just had to make a little pit stop at the crime lab.
Yeah,all right.
Thank you.
What do you need,Ray? Crooked? - What are you doing? - Thank you.
You know how hard these things are to tie? Got your text.
What's up? What do you see? A guy who likes having his picture taken? He's wearing a bow tie.
When we found the body, he wasn't wearing a tie.
There's no bow tie on the body, not anywhere on the body.
Not even in the pockets.
A man who wears a tuxedo every day doesn't forget his bow tie.
So what? Someone took it? His bow tie's missing.
His intestines are tied into a bow.
That can't be a coincidence.
I think Dr.
Jekyll took it as a souvenir.
A souvenir? That's what serial killers do.
Joe Joe died of natural causes.
I have a bad feeling that this is not the last time we're going to see Dr.
And I think next time, he's not gonna be content starting with a dead body.
If Marnie embraced Harvey, then the blood on his shirt would be secondary transfer.
But on Harvey's shirt, there's an additional blood pattern here, across the shoulder, but not on Marnie's.
Which means it can't be secondary transfer.
Shoulder area, large,discreet drops in a single line.
That is arterial spurt.
Las Vegas Police! Mr.
Wincroft,I need you to step outside.
We have a warrant to search your house.
Captain Brass.
Here to make sure the neighborhood's safe? Gun! Okay,okay.
Harvey,put the gun on the ground.
You know how many times I've called you guys, calling for help? How many times you told me you couldn't do anything until a crime was committed? Look,next time,you ask for me.
You tell them you want to speak to Jim Brass.
So this Ryan, he buys the Greenes' house for five bucks, then he starts selling Webcam sex out of it.
My daughter's seven.
To see that on her way to school? Obey the sign.
Okay,call it in-- man with a gun, potential hostage situation.
Check around the back.
I need you to stay clear.
Jim,we gotta get that family out of there.
Hey,I want to ask you something.
Come here.
- You know how much money you owe on your house? - What? You said you could go scuba diving in your house.
Yeah,yeah,uh I don't know.
About 300 grand.
- Why don't you talk to me,Harvey? - Why don't you take a step back? We're having a conversation.
All right.
Okay,Harvey, I-I'll talk to you,man.
What is it? You know,I own this house outright.
boxes for World-Send.
I put every cent I made into this house.
You know,I don't have a retirement fund or a life savings.
This house is all we have.
Where I come from, that's the American Dream.
Well,my American Dream became kind of a prison,didn't it? Hey,wait a minute now,Harvey.
We're we're talking here,remember? Answer me this: Why did you buy this house in the first place? For my family.
Then why are you putting your family in danger? - Please,put the gun down.
- I told you to stay back! Come on,Harvey.
If you love them, let them go.
Sweetheart,Daddy needs you to go with the nice man,okay? Daddy,please,no.
- Just go,okay.
- No - It's okay,honey.
I got you.
I got you,come on.
- No,Daddy,please.
- Go! - No.
- I said go! - Come on.
I got you,baby.
It's okay.
I got you,baby.
I'll take care of her,Harvey.
Why don't you put the gun down and let her mom go,too? Come on,Harvey! Cherry.
No,Harvey Don't-don't-don't do it.
Don't do it,Harvey.
Don't do it.
I just wanted to protect my family.
Soon as you're processed out, you're free to go.
Craig if we made you feel like you were paying for your father's crimes, I'm sorry.
You know,I never even met Mr.
Yet,I'm more like a Millander than a Mason.
You probably wonder how that happened.
It has crossed my mind.
You see,my father, Doug Mason, took me to the Halloweird warehouse once a month.
He told me that the owner, Mr.
Millander, was his friend.
And in there, my father played with me just like any father would play with his son.
Millander's costumes were toys to me.
And I told my father, every time we went, to tell this Mr.
Millander that he was a genius.
And then,one day, it all stopped.
I lost both my father and my idol.
Making masks and rubber hands is my way of keeping the connection alive.
Is my mom here to pick me up? I can give you a lift.
Let's go.
See,Craig,you and I have something in common.
We both have fathers who killed people.
Your father was a serial killer? No,he was a soldier in the Korean War.
He even got a Bronze Star for his work.
- That's different.
- No,it's not.
See,after the war was over, my father continued to fight.
Every once in a while, he would go out to a bar.
Not so much to drink but to pick fights.
I remember one day he came home,he was very excited.
Had a black eye and a fat lip.
He was bragging about how he had knocked somebody out.
He said he hit the man so hard the paramedics had to peel him off the floor.
Said it was the most fun he'd ever had.
- Why don't you come over here and cut his throat,Craig? - What? Come on, cut his throat.
Show me how much you're not like your father.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode02 Ghost Town