CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e03 Episode Script

Working Stiffs

Hiker spotted the body from that rise just after dawn.
Whoever did this put a lot more effort into the killing than the concealing.
Looks like it might have been spur-of-the-moment.
Or he didn't care if the victim was found,either way.
Go ahead and roll him,Dave.
If the killer's smart,he's already out of town,laying on a beach somewhere,drinking a margarita.
Well,let's hope he's not all that smart,then.
Any I.
on him? There's no wallet,there's no cell,and there's no keys, unless you want to count this bicycle lock thingy.
Body is just going into rigor.
So,probably killed late last night.
Those look like defensive wounds on the wrist.
Multiple head wounds,any of which could have been fatal.
He pissed somebody off,didn't he? What's the angriest you've ever been? I've been mad enough to kill somebody.
Didn't do it.
What about you? High threshold.
Short fuse.
In high school,I vented my frustrations by devising elaborate tortures for my classmates.
In comic book form,of course.
Well,whether the killer woke up this morning intending to beat this guy to death or not, right now,he's a new man with a new plan.
And a big,fat secret.
Secrets are hard to keep.
Season 10 Episode 03 Tire tracks head out to the road.
They're fresh and deep.
Driver must have floored it.
But,then again,he had a good reason to be in a hurry.
I have two different sets of shoe impressions here,in mud.
It hasn't rained out here for weeks.
Could be melted ice from a cooler.
Locals sometimes use these woods to get drunk,have target practice.
No,this isn't alcohol.
And he wasn't shot; he was bludgeoned.
Victim's male Caucasian,five-foot-ten,155 pounds,probably in his mid-20s, with multiple BFTs to the head and back,as well as severe lacerations to the left wrist.
Lack of hemorrhagic tissue indicates the wound is postmortem.
Wound tract: approximately two centimeters deep,atypical for a defensive wound.
Which suggests the killer was trying to dig somethingout.
This looks like an implantable RFID.
Radio Frequency Identification chip.
I know.
They're used for tracking inventory at Wal-Mart.
But unless the 13th Amendment got repealed while I wasn't looking,that's not inventory.
Implantable RFIDs are pretty new.
There's some high-end nightclubs that give them to their VIPs to make it easier for them to run up a tab.
Having a chip surgically implanted in your body is so much more convenient than putting a credit card in your pocket.
Well,not everything I wear out has pockets.
I'll buy you a purse.
All right.
The chip itself looks intact.
If I can get my hands on a scanner,I might be able to tell who this belongs to.
No batteries required.
Just a little movement in a magnetic field to energize the circuit, which transmits a code,which gets sent to the access database,and Just like magic.
That's impressive.
So,do you have any other tricks up your,um,arm? Belinda? I have those TPS reports Jason,this is Paulie Krill,facilities management.
Paulie,this is Jason Devereaux,our new I.
geek-- it's okay to say it.
I had an RFID surgically implanted in my wrist.
It's,uh,practically the definition.
Did it hurt? No,it was,uhit was a little like getting a vaccination.
Without the autism.
Actually,that's anecdotal.
I read in I tell most people that it was a suicide attempt.
It makes me appear dark and tormented.
I bet the ladies love that.
You tell me.
Sounds to me like your computer has a virus.
Oh,that's what I was afraid of.
Ah,well,come with me.
That's why we call it the Help Desk.
Where the hell is Devereaux? I haven't seen him today.
Something wrong? Yeah.
It's,uh Something is,uhvery wrong.
Come here.
No,come here,youyou've got something in your,something in your hair.
There,there,there,there There.
Got it.
Thank you.
What are you looking at? A sexual harassment suit.
You're a very funny guy.
Tell,uh,little Jason that I want that fixed ASAP.
From now on,this is no longer the Help Desk.
It's just the desk.
You're welcome.
You ever think that some people would be better off dead? What's gotten into you today? I don't know.
Whatever it is,I like it.
So,they say people have a good side and a bad side.
What's the verdict? I don't seem to have a bad side.
What do you have there? Metal fragment from my crime scene.
Mandy was able to pull a few small partials and some smudges,but,uh nothing with enough detail to run through AFIS.
It's magnetic,which means it's ferrous,probably a steel alloy.
Layered steel.
Very high strength.
That fine line pattern looks like ferning.
Material deformation resulting from explosive force.
You see that kind of thing in a pipe bomb.
Is that what this is from? I don't know.
Come on,damn it.
You sound happy.
What's going on? I just got the vic's name.
Jason Devereaux.
I'll track down his phone records.
He lives at 1120 Marapasa Parkway,apartment number one.
And he drives a Ford Ranger.
That's consistent with the tire treads at the scene.
Kill a man,take his car.
Man,that's three messages I've left for the property manager now.
Maybe he's got better things to do than cooperate with the law.
Hold up a sec.
That's the victim's truck right there.
And trust me he was in no condition to drive it home.
Key's in the ignition.
Door's unlocked.
I'll check for prints.
Looks like everything's been wiped clean.
Maybe not everything.
Dispatch,this is Charlie-Zero-Six Sanders.
We need backup and tow at 1120 Marapasa Parkway.
Copy that,Charlie-Zero-Six.
Officers are already at that location,responding 406.
We came in on the other side of the complex.
That's why we missed each other.
Regular maid service entered the apartment a few hours ago.
Found the place trashed,called it in.
The unit's right back here.
Most of the electronics are gone.
TV was probably too big to carry out.
Security cable's been cut.
Killer didn't have a key.
It was on the victim's belt.
So,the killer comes back to the vic's apartment.
Why? Maybe to get something that ties him to the murder.
A computer,from the looks of it.
That suggests that the killer had a prior relationship with the vic-- family,friend,coworker.
Which means thisis a pretty good place to start.
Everybody shut up! And stop trying to look busy for a minute,and give your attention down here.
Good afternoon.
I'm,uh,Captain Jim Brass.
I'm a detective with the Las Vegas Police Department.
I'm sorry to break up your day like this,but I'm here about Jason Devereaux.
He's not in yet.
What is this about? Mr.
Devereaux is the subject of an active investigation.
I'll be talking to all of you individually.
These officers will pick up your contact information.
I promise it won't take too long.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
He's a hacker.
Bet it's a hacker thing.
Probably some high-tech black market credit card scam.
I read about it in Wired.
Some people,you just can't tell.
Well,all I know is the kid was here yesterday,he wasn't here today.
And since he didn't bother calling,he's also fired,so you know.
That's the least of his problems.
Well,I got just the place for you.
You pull the blinds,it's totally private and quiet.
You can pull out the rubber hose,nobody will even know.
You know,I'm curious,uh,do have you any problems with disgruntled employees lately? No more than usual.
I mean,come on,you know what we do here.
Yeah,I can read the sign.
you can't support an operation without operations support You're a support operations for the Tangiers.
Which mean we laminate badges,distribute uniforms,and issue parking permits.
We are the testicles of the casino business,my friend.
If you're working here,it's not 'cause you want to be.
Action figures and anime for the computer guy.
It's almost a clich? Let me guess,you were a GI Joe man? No,butmy dad was.
Hey,Nick,we're finished up here.
Want me to help Barnes? All right,go ahead.
Nick,what do you make of this? Looks like a long portrait.
They're big on photo-sharing sites.
Video art.
With a little narcissism.
Well,one's not much without the other.
So,all electronic data goes back to the lab.
I'll do the honors.
Yeah,hold on there,Doctor,I'll save you the hassle.
I've got a drive duplicator in my truck.
I'll go grab it.
All right.
According to Mr.
Devereaux's phone records,the two of you called each other several times last night.
I'm his direct supervisor; we talk all the time.
Most of the calls were after 11:00 p.
Jason said he was dealing with some sort of mail server glitch.
's always dealing with something.
I thought it takes,like,48 hours to report someone missing, so this can't be about him not showing up for work.
You seem more concerned about him than the rest of your colleagues.
We're friends.
I just want to know He's dead.
I'm going to be informing the rest of your coworkers,individually,about that fact.
Please don't discuss it with anybody,okay? There are virtually no personal files on his computer.
Yeah,what do you make of that? Some people take their privacy seriously.
His files have to be somewhere.
This thing's set up to remotely access another machine.
How much you want to bet it's the laptop stolen from his apartment? Killed? My God,that's terrible.
Where were you last night,Mr.
Krill? Nowhere.
I I got off work and went home as usual.
Do you have a wife or anybody who can verify that? No.
I live alone.
How would you describe your relationship to Mr.
Devereaux? I don't like your tone,Detective.
You don't like my tone? One r coworkers s just killed.
You don't seem to be too upset by it-- why is that? I didn't like him.
Jason was always trying to get people to do his work for him.
And because he was good-looking and charming,I guess they did.
You do your job and you work hard.
That's how you get what you deserve in life.
At least that's the way I was raised.
Ooh,monoamine oxidase A.
Ask me anything.
What do you want to know? What do you know about it? Kind of a lot.
My research group in grad school developed a protocol to synthesize the gene.
What's the case? It's just something I'm working on.
You know,that specific mutation right there has actually been linked to violent behavior.
For example,there was this Dutch family, and all the males in the family who had that were rapists and arsonists.
And then mice without the MAOA gene all exhibited highly aggressive behavior.
MAOA deficiency doesn't make you violent.
I didn't say it did.
Just 'cause something might happen doesn't mean it will.
It's genetics,it's not destiny.
The vic's laptop is online there.
That's the victim's apartment building.
Can you isolate the unit? Let's see.
His computer was configured for remote screen access.
So,that means I might be able to access the computer directly.
Got him.
That's what's on his machine right now.
This guy's a gamer,huh? But so am I.
Check this.
Laptop cam on.
Okay Say cheese,dirtbag.
Look,I-I didn't kill nobody,I don't know nothing about nobody getting killed.
And here you are with a dead guy's laptop in your possession.
Okay,yeah,sure,okay,I can admit to that.
I-I was heading outta my crib and I walked by this apartment.
See,the door was just wide open.
All this high-end gear in there,it's just sitting there,unattended.
Yeah,all locked up with security cables,right? Well,well,yeah,that's why I go back,get the bolt cutters.
You know,what with Christmas coming up and all.
Write it down.
He's nothing.
He's just a random petty thief.
The killer probably left the apartment door open to make it look like a robbery.
Well,Jason Devereaux had a juvee record.
I had it unsealed.
A lot of antisocial tendencies in there.
He also did time on a work farm for peddling Ritalin in high school.
You think it's a drug thing? His tox came back positive for methamphetamine.
Point-oh-two mikes per mil.
That's a party dose.
But it wouldn't be the first time that a regular guy with a steady job threw it all away for the great taste of meth.
Desi? Lucy? You're doing Desorption Electrospray Ionization-- DESI¡ª a spray of electrically charged water dissolves compounds in the fingerprints, which creates a thin film that gets scattered back to the mass-spec identifying what the suspect touched.
I know how it works.
I'm doing it.
But it was a lucid and entertaining explanation of the process.
You know,um,I did process that metal and there was no unusual residue on the surface.
Are you expecting to find something in the prints? I was at a DEA seminar last month,uh,they were discussing making "one-pot" meth.
You mix the chemicals in a container which you leave in the woods to vent and cure.
But if someone comes along and disturbs it at the wmom.
So it's a drug thing.
That's what everyone seems to think.
Homeland Security was missing out on a real asset with Jason Devereaux.
His laptop was loaded with keyloggers and corporate spyware set up to copy e-mails and files from a dozen people in his office.
There's gigabytes of stuff here.
He was spying on everybody he worked with.
Maybe he read something he shouldn't have.
Something worth killing him for.
This isn't a drug thing.
Traces of RDX in the fingerprints-- high explosive.
That's disturbing.
Terrorism comes to mind.
It certainly does.
I know what you're up to,Paulie.
And I want to help.
What are you talking about? What are you doing? I haven't been here long,but I can see the way things are.
People putting you down,day after day,in little ways,making you feel like you're nothing.
"Hey,Paulie,you're going to have to stay late and do inventory.
" "Hey,Paulie,we're out of coffee again,would you mind?" "Hey,Paulie,love the shirt.
" I know what it feels like to be on the outside.
And I know you want to make them pay.
I don't know what you're talking about.
How did youHow did you do that? Your life's an open book to me,Paulie.
I know what you really want to do to this place,deep down in your heart, when it feels like Lombard and this job are grinding you down.
I've got an uncle that works in the mining business.
I could get a brick of RDX with one phone call.
No questions asked.
I can make all your dreams come true,Paulie.
All you gotta do is let me.
Okay,these are the colleagues whose trust Jason Devereaux was violating.
Knowing the deep,dark secrets of your coworkers is a slippery slope.
There was a time in my life that would've come in handy.
I used to work alongside an angel of death,remember? It's mostly oine shopping and DVD rentals.
I take it the office firewalls porn? Don't they all.
But if the victim was poking into everyone's private life, this could've been an extortion scheme gone bad,a crime of passion.
Wouldn't explain the explosives we found on the metal fragment.
Archie and I did global searches for words like "explosives," and unless Mr.
Lombard's recent bout of diarrhea counts,we struck out.
Brass ran scent dogs through this whole office.
The only thing found were traces of RDX in Jason's cubicle.
Well,his uncle runs a mining company and according to Jason's juvee record, he enjoyed blowing things up as a child.
Maybe he was just pursuing his hobby into adulthood.
Well,if there's an explanation in there, it looks like we're going to have to find it the old-fashioned way and read the lot of them.
Split it up by individual,starting with the day of the murder and work your way back.
Lombard wanted me to bring him the new swatches for the bellman uniforms.
Looking for Ms.
Mayfield,but Yeah,sure,fine,whatever.
So,how'd you know this thing was even in here? I found it logging inventory a few months back,so I contacted the City Planning City Planning Department,that's right,I remember.
They,uh,they e-mailed you the building plans.
Okay,coast is clear.
This was an electrical conduit.
It goes about 150 feet outside the building,comes up on the other side of the security fence.
Get in.
What? Get in.
Go all the way out and then come back.
You said this was your exit strategy.
I just want to be sure that it works.
Go ahead,I'm gonna,I'm gonna stand guard.
Jason,it's totally dark in there.
I don't even have a flashlight.
Hey,there's an app for that.
Hello? You know,I don't know.
He was just here.
I'm calling Lombard! George,George,calm down a second! I don't know-- Paulie's gonna be back in a second.
Hey,George,I can explain.
That phone has outstanding reception.
Wait,that was a joke? You were joking? Always expect the unexpected.
Are you kidding me?! Relax,I'm just toughening you up.
You're gonna thank me later.
Did you get all the way out? That conduit isn't going to do us any good if you're just counting on old George to be there We don't need him.
You're not authorized to be in this How did you,how did you Never underestimate the power of a sexy geek with a Flash drive.
I got all the access codes we need.
Right over here,Ms.
Um they said I could collect my son's things.
Personal effects only,ma'am.
And write down whatever you take.
Excuse me,are you Jason's mom? I'm Paulie Krill; my condolences.
You look like you could use some help.
That'd be nice.
Were you friends with Jase? Um,work friends mostly.
You didn't really know him then? No,not really.
I always figured things would turn out bad for him.
Jase was a difficult boy.
That's rough when there's no dad around.
Sometimes I think I took extra shifts at work so I wouldn't have to go home.
Here you go.
I hope he wasn't awful to you.
Don't blame yourself.
Highway Patrol just brought this in.
They found it on the side of the road near Mount Charleston, about a mile away from your crime scene.
Metal's consistent with the exploded fragment you found.
And there's blood on the edge.
Which I sampled with a high-quality Lynn-Peavey integra swab to compare with the vic's.
It could be what made the impact wound on his back.
It could be our murder weapon.
Whatever it is.
Hey,Nick,it's Wendy.
I got the DNA results for the semen stain in the victim's car.
You okay? Yeah.
You're welcome.
Belinda,I know you liked Jason.
But he was obviously into some pretty bad stuff.
Maybe he wasn't as nice a guy as you think he was.
They never are.
Look,it's about time to get out of here.
You up for a drink? Or ten? Just us? Yeah.
It's been a weird day.
What the hell.
Let's make it a weird night.
Mayfield,I need you to come to the police station.
Why? Do you mind? No,he doesn't haveI already talked with you.
You didn't talk to me about what your DNA was doing in the victim's car, unless you want to deny sleeping with him.
Go with this officer.
You know what the weird part of this is,I mean,at least from your point of view.
The only reason we have your DNA in our system is because you gave it to us three years ago, when you filed charges against your scumbag ex-husband for domestic abuse.
Believe me,I remember that.
Oh,I'm sure you do.
And I'm not telling you something you don't know, but you've got a history of picking the wrong guy.
I mean,I have statements from your coworkers.
Jason Devereaux was banging half the women in your office.
So,what do they say about a woman scorned? We found Jason's Flash drive in her purse,filled with passwords,account information, and RFID access codes to nearly every secure area in that building.
That screams white collar crime to me.
What's the scam? I mean,what is there to steal? That place isn't exactly a bank.
I don't know,but Jason had an E-ticket on Pacific Vista departing for Cabo tomorrow morning.
What?! Yeah,so,unless he just happened to be planning a vacation More like trying to skip town.
Let's see if anybody else from his work went with him.
I hear Cabo's very romantic this time of year.
We were just going away for the weekend.
No,you were going away for good.
We have your access codes on Jason's Flash drive.
I gave him that so he could reprogram my boss' access card,so it wouldn't work.
Something wrong? It was a joke.
It was a plan.
You and Jason were cooking up some scheme in the office,things went bad, and one working stiff makes another worker stiff.
I had a fling with him.
That was it! I didn't kill him.
The piece that Highway Patrol brought in is part of the inside cover of a Traeger GR-7 jewelry safe.
So Jason and whoever killed him were out in the woods blowing up a safe? Apparently.
All of which suggests they were planning an old-fashioned robbery.
You know that my dad was a casino boss,right? Well,every few weeks,he had to collect the revenue from all of his low-end,low-volume operations.
Nickel slots from bars and mini-marts,grocery store Keno,that sort of thing? We're not talking small potatoes,either.
Quarter mil,easy,even on a bad month.
An armored truck would go around town making the pickups, but when they were done,the bank would be closed.
So,they would drive to Sam's business office where he kept a big,old vault in a room all by itself.
Sam loved showing it off to me as the sacks of coins and bricks of cash went into it.
Anyway,the money would go into the vault and stay there until the next morning, when the armored car guys would return and take it to the bank.
I think we need to find out if there's a safe on the premises.
I'm David Hodges.
Welcome to Lynn-Peavey Corporation's Wonderful World of Forensics.
Today on our show-- the scintillating science of swabbing.
I don't think the girl had anything to do with it.
I think she's more of a victim than a killer.
What about his safe? No,not yet.
Tangiers Corporate doesn't want to talk about how and where they keep their money until they get the okay from their bosses in New York, and back East,they're still in bed,so I'm working up a warrant.
You know how to find me.
What are you doing? Proof of principle.
Mythbusters style.
When you landed on the idea that there might be a safe involved, we had Archie and Greg search Jason's files for the term.
It turns out that both the victim and another employee,Paulie Krill, had been doing a lot of Web searches on safecracking.
That is a Traeger GR-7 jewelry safe,same model as the one that we found evidence of in the woods.
We bought it from the one local store that carries them.
And the last one they sold was to Paulie Krill.
I take it the fact that you're both still here means there's a broadcast out? Yes.
Paulie Krill is not at home.
His office is closed for the night.
In any event,this safe features what's known as a glass re-locker.
When someone attempts to drill the door,a glass plate inside the safe breaks,activating additional locking bolts, which render the safe practically impervious.
There's a Traeger GR-17 safe in the vic's office.
That is the big brother to this model,but the physics is the same.
These guys were also renting heist movies,among them The Score,which is not a bad film.
I liked it.
Safecracker cuts a hole in the top of the safe,fills it with water, and then drops in a high explosive depth charge.
There was water in the vic's truck.
And mud at the scene.
Water is an incompressible fluid, so it transfers the force of the explosion to the door before the glass re-locker can activate.
That was their plan.
That was awesome.
Now all we got to do is hang loose for a couple of days until the money comes in,and then we cash out.
Yo hablo español,mi amigo.
I hope you do,too.
I can't go through with it.
What? No,no,no,no,no.
No,no,not now.
No,you are not backing out of this now,man.
Not now.
It wasn't real! It was just a game.
It was It was a secret.
Nobody was even supposed to know about it.
For 20 years,all you do is fill in the space in that lousy little cubicle, and still,you somehow manage to come up with the perfect plan to rip off all of the losers that you work for that make you feel like crap day after day.
I give you the thing that you need to make it all go boom, and-and you don't want to go through with it? No.
I can't.
I can't.
Yes,you can,Paul.
For once in your life,you're actually going to do something,something big.
You want this,I know you do! I've seen it in your eyes.
Staring at all those things that you can't get-- money,respect,Belinda.
No! I don't care! I'm not doing it.
I can't! That's it! I am out! Fine! You want out,you're out! I don't need you to carry this off any more,anyway.
Breathe a word of this to anyone anywhere, and I will hunt you down and put a bullet in your head.
I swear.
Empty space.
That's all you are.
Krill! LVPD! Open up! Paulie,drop it! Paulie! Get the door open! Let's go! I can't find my card.
Try harder! Call it in.
I knew it would work.