CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e07 Episode Script

The Lost Girls

Primarily on medium- to large-size rodents.
They will generally eat any meat that is available I can't believe that, man.
A wolf's feeding requirements is 1.
5 tons of meat.
Oh, my god.
Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Security, we've got an emergency in the-the west garden.
Send help, please.
My supervisor's, uh, going through all the video feeds.
If we got her face on one of our cameras, Uh, you guys are going to have it.
You better pray that she doesn't Have a family that's going to sue you And this whole joint for gross negligence.
Take a hike.
Go with him.
Hello, this is dr.
Leave a message.
Yeah, hey, ray.
It's jim brass.
Weren't you supposed to be here at my 420 about an hour ago? Where the hell are you? Have you seen this woman, sir? No, I haven't.
How about you? Have you seen this woman? No.
How about you, ladies? Hey, big fella.
You want to party? I'm looking for this woman.
Her name is madeline briggs.
I'm not a cop.
I'm not here to arrest anyone.
I just want to know if you've seen this woman.
I seen lots of people.
What about her? Have you seen her? Sorry.
She's too pretty to be a track ho.
Um, you think you could spare some frog skins? I ain't eaten since yesterday.
That's a pretty bad rash you have.
I work at a clinic.
It's not too far from here.
If you want to come over and have that looked at Dr.
Yeah? You got your phone? Yeah, yeah.
Right here.
Did you forget how to use it? You were nonresponsive.
I thought you were in trouble, man.
Don't scare me like that.
I'm sorry.
That's okay, but if you really want to hide out, You gotta ditch the department cell.
They all have gps.
What are you doing out here? That's what I'm doing out here.
Madeline briggs? Madeline briggs, yeah.
You been back for ten days.
Is this what you've been doing every night? I thought the trail went cold in new york.
It did.
This picture was taken a week ago at pecos bill casino.
Security trespassed her off the property for soliciting.
She's here, nick.
She's hooking.
Have you been in contact with her mother? Not since new york, but I told this woman I would do everything I could to find her daughter.
So Here I am.
All right, tell you what.
Let's take care of the call-out first.
Then after shift, hey, I'll come back out here with you.
We'll pass out some pictures together, okay? Okay.
Come on.
Okay, boys, what's happening? I mean, you know I don't know.
Is everybody moving in slow-motion? The coroner's not even here yet.
We, uh, we got held up.
What's going on? We got a dead woman, No I.
In her purse, $40 in cash, Half a dozen condoms, a few roofies, and some baby wipes.
What does that tell you? Standard hooker tool kit.
$20 for cab fare, $20 for the bartender to look the other way.
Which means she probably hasn't tricked yet.
Well, it looks like Word's already gotten out on the ho-vine.
The "ho-vine"? Yeah, you know, When the hookers get wind the cops are here, They start texting each other like mad And then they, they book out of here like a shot.
So I'm going to go catch up with them, See if I can get some information.
I'm out.
All right.
Throat is cut clean, linear.
My guess would be A straight razor severed the common carotid.
There're a lot of ways in and out of here.
Killer could have come from any direction.
Arterial spurt like this, Usually they at least get some blood on their shoes.
I don't see any tread marks.
Hey, guys.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
I was on that biker shoot-out up in pahrump.
Lots of gurney work.
It's all right, david.
Whoa! This is dede chase.
Who? Dede chase.
She's the, uh, Meteorologist on channel 27 in barstow.
You sure about that? Definitely.
Why do you watch the weather in barstow? Dede always made me laugh.
She was kind of daffy, you know? What's a weather girl From barstow doing turning tricks in las vegas? These days Seems like everybody has a second job.
Took a lot of makeup to cover these bruises.
I collected the sae kit.
There were vaginal abrasions at 3:00 and 4:00 to 8:00, Consistent with violent sexual activity.
And the wet mount was negative, So no dna on whoever she was with.
Lots of purplish-blue contusions.
Somebody worked her over pretty good, Most likely within the last day or two.
Tat is still fresh, too.
Skin's still inflamed.
Ink can't be more than 48 hours old.
Guys, take a look at this.
Oh, we have a fabulous weekend ahead of us With highs in the upper 70s, Lows in the mid-40s, though, so bring a jacket If you'll be staying out late.
I know I will be.
That's your high desert weather.
I'm dede kase.
D Dede chase.
Wow, of all the things to screw up, I choose my own name.
I'm dede Chase.
I think.
I'm sorry, But I don't believe dede was a hooker.
Maybe she just liked things a little dangerous.
Well, certainly wouldn't be the first time a good girl Starts looking for love in all the wrong places.
There is blood on this earring.
But I only saw blood on that side of her face.
Well, straight razors are hard to handle.
People cut themselves with them all the time.
So, this blood could be the killer's.
Swab it.
There's no image of the killer.
The camera is completely blocked.
Can we see how she got there? Yes.
Tangiers surveillance was very cooperative.
We know who that is? Now, don't get excited.
He's on surveillance playing roulette At the time of the murder.
He's a hotel guest.
Brass took his statement.
He said he picked The girl up at the bar, They went upstairs, and she split.
Now, this is the earliest We can put dede chase in the hotel.
Okay So she meets a guy in the bar, They head up to his room.
There's no sign of violence, no argument, Nothing inconsistent with a woman out for a fling.
That elevator is in the south tower.
She came down The elevator in the north tower.
Means she ran all the way across the hotel Just to leave? But if she got cold feet, Why not just take the next car down? That's a good question.
You know, maybe This pickup in the bar was a cover.
Maybe she was running from somebody.
Somebody who was already down there waiting for her.
If you're going to have me keep doing archie's job, I'm going to need a raise.
Let me know what ecklie says to that.
I was hoping you'd ask, herr supervisor.
Yeah, well, it's good to, uh It's good to hope for things.
Here's the dump on your vic's cell phone.
In the three days prior to her death, She received 28 phone calls from a cell phone Out of barstow, registered to one brett mcdowell.
I wonder if he's the jealous, violent type.
Well, shouldn't be hard to find out.
I trapped his plastic.
His credit card was just run At the four kings.
He's in town.
Enjoying your time in vegas, mr.
Mcdowell? Uh, yeah, I guess.
What is this about? What's your relationship to dede chase? We're colleagues.
I'm her producer.
Were you banging her? Excuse me? Listen to this.
Dede, damn it, you do not call my house.
You do it ever again, And I promise you there will be consequences.
There's a lot more like this on this tape.
Now, I see that you've, uh, taken off Your wedding ring recently.
So, you're married.
Does your wife know about these phone calls? Okay.
Look, uh, dede and I were having an affair.
That's a good place to start.
We came to vegas to resolve a few issues.
She wanted me to get a divorce, And, you know, I couldn't afford that, so When was the last time you saw her? Three nights ago.
Where was that? On the street.
- Yeah? Great.
This is what I want.
I want you out now.
Oh! Well, why don't you just go to hell! Just go to hell while you're at it! Why don't you just do that? She told me to go to hell, so I drove back to barstow.
So, you left her On a street corner in a strange town, all by herself? That's why I came back.
I got worried, you know.
She didn't show up to work, And she wasn't returning any of my calls.
Well, she had a good reason.
You thought she was going to make good On her threat and send your marriage And half your assets down the toilet, So you decided to cut your losses Along with her throat-- is that what you did? I would never do anything like that.
I swear.
I'm going to need your dna.
I'm going to need a list of all the people You met when you were here And all the places you went.
That means bars, restaurants, hotels, Tattoo parlors, clubs.
Tattoo parlors? What are you talking about? Well, there is some evidence That she got a tattoo in the last two days.
She hated tattoos.
She thought they made women look cheap.
Yeah? I think you need to see this.
What is it? The dna from the blood on the weather girl's earring-- It wasn't hers, it wasn't brett mcdowell's.
It's madeline briggs.
Riggs and dede chase-- what's the connection? Madeline briggs fell prey To an interstate human trafficking ring.
Took her from miami To new york to las vegas, Where she was probably forced into prostitution.
Her blood was found on an earring worn by dede chase, A tv weather girl from barstow.
Who ended up with her throat slit In the tangiers garden, Sporting a new tattoo associated with known prostitutes.
So, how did she cross paths with madeline? Well, you said that the earring Belonged to madeline, right? Right.
Well, if she and dede Were sharing jewelry, It suggests they were living together.
So, maybe they had the same pimp.
Possibly, but the vice tattoo database didn't I.
The pimp.
What's today's date? The 15th.
Why? I think I know Where we can find a lot of pimps tonight.
By all means, lvpd, feel free to look around.
But we ain't got none of them real-life, Lawbreaking kind of pimps in here.
This here is dj tall-k's playercon.
No, right, I understand.
This is, uh-- technically speaking-- Just an elaborate costume party.
Peoples, it's my honor to present the golden pimp award to dj slickbone! All right, y'all, give it up for daddy of the year! Winning the golden pimp as daddy of the year, Is a honor for dj slickbone, 'cause pimping ain't just about sex and bling.
It's about standing up to the man And shaking off that slave mentality.
Nah, baby, baby, listen.
See, I'm what you call A life improvement coach.
It ain't all about business with me.
I love my wifeys.
Back in my dancing days, Pimps would come into the club to recruit.
They just have a gift For sniffing out the damaged and needy.
That's what it's all about: Love.
And I'm getting a vibe from you That you haven't always got enough, Especially from your father.
Am I right? Mm-hmm.
Americans are so puritanical.
You need to open your mind.
This is a dionysian festival, a celebration of life That stretches back thousands of years.
The ancient greeks greeted the spring Well, we talked to a few of the girls With the heart and diamond tattoos, But nobody knows nothin' About pimps or hos in this place.
Well, we could just haul The whole lot of them in for questioning.
No, that won't work.
These girls are used to being rousted, Plus we have no leverage.
I don't know-- maybe we do.
I've got an idea.
That's one of our tattoo ladies.
Let's go talk to that girl onstage, jim.
Las vegas police, ma'am.
We have reason to believe that you Are holding a controlled substance.
Oh, no, not me, sir.
You know what I love about science? It doesn't lie.
Hey, I earned that.
I don't mind paying a ho-tax On a straight-up bust, but this is bogus.
Look at that-- Positive for cocaine.
I guess this means you're under arrest.
Come with us.
Hello, mrs.
Why didn't you let me know that madeline Had been photographed in one of your casinos? Mrs.
Briggs, what are you doing here? You said you would let me know if there were any developments.
Do Do you think I'm just Sitting at home waiting by the phone? I have been on every law enforcement web site And listserv across the country.
I know how to network.
I understand, and I apologize.
I should have let you know.
We have some evidence that madeline Was in las vegas.
It was about a week ago.
It may no longer be the case, you understand? This is not something that you can pin your hopes to.
Okay, just don't decide what information I am capable of handling, all right? She's She's with a cop.
They would have let her call me.
Why didn't she call me? I would have come.
I would have Brought her back home.
Oh, god, I don't care what she's done.
I just want to bring my maddy home.
This was recorded at the clark county detention center About an hour ago.
Go ahead and play it.
I'm so, so sorry to bug you, daddy.
It's just, I'm really scared.
Bitch, I told you never to call me from in there.
They hear everything we say.
They said that my money tested positive for coke.
They said that that means hard time.
Every bill in america has cocaine on it.
Stupid bitch! So, did you trace the call? It went to a disposable cell.
There was no address.
Someone just came in here To post diane jasper's bail.
Daddy sent someone to bring wifey home.
Must really love her.
The woman who posted bail is susan samuels.
Career prostitute.
Busts for narcotics and solicitation Spanning over three decades, But nothing recent.
The house belongs to her.
She has a son, anthony, 28.
No criminal record.
And, apart from a brief stint in the food service industry, No employment history, either.
Best guess is mom retired And left anthony the family business.
We need to get into that house.
I know.
Any judges owe you favors, jim? Everybody owes me a favor.
But we gotta sit on this place Until we can get enough probable cause for a warrant.
I think I've got something.
He's wearing madeline briggs' earring.
You! Get up! Stand up! Las vegas police! Remain calm.
We have a warrant to search the premises.
Put the bottle down.
All right,yo, yo, yo, yo.
Let me see your hands! Get 'em up! Everybody be cool, okay? This is my mom's house.
I'm just visiting.
- Clear! You gonna let me put my shirt on? No.
No? That's what's up? Put your hands up.
We need the paramedics in here.
We have an injured woman on the first floor.
Can you say your name? Diane.
We're looking for this woman.
Her name is madeline briggs.
Now, if any of you have seen her, We want to know.
It might make things easier on you.
That's right, ladies.
You help out the cops in any way you can.
Get back in line! You know, you and I have a lot more in common Than you may think.
Both of us are in the family business, right? I mean, look at me, My uncle was a cop, my older brother became a cop And then me.
If I were in your family, I'd be a sorry-ass sleazeball pimp, like you.
I'm not a pimp.
Oh, come on, playa, you live with a bunch of prostitutes.
Hey, playa, that's just who I am.
I like bangin' strippers and whores.
You like to beat them up, too, right? Like diane jasper.
I had nothing to do with that.
Oh, come on Them other bitches did it, man, they crazy.
They always doing crap like that.
Your fingerprints are all over the baseball bat.
We got a lot of goodies on you, man.
You know what we found in your barbecue? You got 13 g's in chips in there.
I mean, there goes the defense fund.
We also found Dede chase's driver's license.
How did that get in there? Dede partied with my girls for a couple days.
Oh, yeah.
Asked me to hold on to her valuables While she went clubbing.
Did she also ask you To beat her, rape her and slit her throat? Hey, hey, hey, hey, whoa.
Huh? I was at tall-k's playercon The night she got killed, a'ight? A lot of people saw me.
They saw you wearing an earring That belonged to madeline briggs.
She one of your girls? Nah I, uh I think mom brought her by.
You know, mom's always bringing in strays.
They crash for a couple days and then they move on.
They give me stuff.
Do you know where she is? Okay, let me tell you something.
If that is her blood in your place, You're in such deep trouble.
Give me a lawyer.
Diane Diane, we need your help.
Don't want more trouble.
We want to put anthony samuels away So he can't hurt you or anybody else ever again.
My fault.
I shouldn't have called from jail.
Now, I have to earn back my hair.
How am I gonna earn like this? Diane, you don't have to.
We're gonna help you get out of the game.
You can go back to school.
You can get a straight job.
Will you help anthony, too? Diane.
Anthony's a sociopath.
We believe that he murdered dede chase.
He'd never do anything like that.
You don't know him.
Diane, he almost killed you.
Anthony risked his life for me.
That russian could've put him in a hole in the desert.
That russian has a lot of holes for people Who cross him, but anthony didn't care.
He fought for me! Okay, who's the russian? Before you joined anthony's family, Did you work for somebody else? No, I was solo.
I was a renegade.
Please go.
Let me see your tattoo.
Don't touch me! Nurse, nurse! Don't touch me! Get away! Nurse! Get away from me! Get away from me! I don't want you in here! Get out of here! Get out of here.
You're messing everything up.
Anthony He loves me.
Help me roll her over.
This tattoo, It's larger than the ones On anthony's other girls.
Yeah, what's that tell you? Usually, when a girl leaves her pimp, The new daddy gets rid of The old one's brand.
Either with, I don't know, a hot iron Or battery acid or a cheese grater.
There's no evidence of anything like that here.
That's right.
Which makes me believe that anthony just covered it up.
Since tattoo inks vary among artists, They should fluoresce differently under different wavelengths of light.
You know Pimps treat these girls like livestock.
Back in the old west, if another rancher Stole another man's cattle and tried to rebrand them, It'd start a range war.
The samples that you took from these satellite stains Came from one contributor.
Madeline briggs.
Yeah, it's exactly what you thought.
But then this large stain right here, It was actually from two contributors, So, I subtracted out madeline's profile from the mix, And I got this.
That's a parent-child relationship.
Csi new york discovered that madeline was pregnant.
That blood is from a miscarriage? Anthony samuels buys madeline From the miami-new york traffickers.
According to vice, The going price is ten grand.
That's a serious investment.
Then he discovers she's pregnant.
He realizes she's not going to Make him a lot of money in that condition.
So he feels ripped off.
And then he takes it out on her.
Do you think she could've survived? The bloodstain on the mattress Is consistent with about a pint of blood.
The covers were replaced.
There's no way to know how much blood was really there.
There's just no way to tell.
So, we matched the butterfly tattoo To about a dozen prostitutes in town, All of whom receive regular visits from that guy.
Dimitri sadesky.
Diane's scary russian.
And vice thinks He's taking a piece of their action.
You know where to find him? Yeah, but you won't believe it.
Do we not all harbor covert passions that society tells us Is inappropriate? See? Shana knows what I'm talking about.
It's facile to dismiss A middle-aged literature professor as a deviant For deflowering A 12-year-old nymphette.
I mean, is he really so different from the rest of us? Are you sure you want to learn about nabokov from a pimp, miss? More unsupported accusations from lvpd vice.
It sounds like a bad tv show, huh? Oh, I don't know anything about that.
I'm a homicide detective.
Okay, everybody.
Class dismissed.
Thank you.
So, professor, you recognize these girls? Diane jasper, used to wear your brand Until she was rustled by anthony samuels.
I think you have me confused with someone else.
So, how's it work in the pimp world, huh? To discourage poaching, If he takes one of your girls, you take one of his? I'm sure I don't know, but I wonder, What has become of loyalty, hmm? An organization invests time and money training an employee, And the moment they get the better offer, they bolt.
How are we ever going to Dig our way out of this recession With work ethic like this, huh? That's very poetic, but it's not an answer.
Hey This is my car.
What are you doing with my car? This is my car! Hey! Hey! I want to see your warrant.
This vehicle is parked in plain view In a public area, sir.
We don't need a warrant.
Well That's a nice car, dimitri.
You know, vice told me that five years ago, You were handing out flyers outside a strip club.
Now here you are living like a king Up in 10,000 square feet in sunrise mountain.
That's pretty good for an old soviet lit professor Who came to this country with his hat in his hand.
Wouldn't you say, ray? I embraced the entrepreneurial spirit That is the american dream.
Perhaps you've heard of this.
You been doing any off-roading In the desert lately, mr.
Sadesky? Sometimes I drive up there to-to collect butterflies.
Yeah, and put young girls Into holes in the ground.
What are you doing? What is this? This? Geiger counter.
You know, like the one used at chernobyl.
Perhaps you've heard of this.
Let me share something with you.
Something I have learned about women.
Inside, they're all whores.
They all love to hear The things that they want to believe.
That they are so beautiful, so fascinating.
So special that they deserve the best of everything-- The finest clothes, champagne, and jewels-- that money can buy.
And you know how you get the whore to emerge, huh? You tell her there's an easy way to get all of this, And watch her lick her lips and ask you how.
These levels are consistent with residue On a dismembered leg we found In miami, with your butterfly tattoo on it.
We're going to impound your vehicle, mr.
Don't worry.
We'll give you a ride.
Yeah? We're holding dimitri, but he's already lawyered up.
Okay, so we gotta find something that connects him to dede chase.
Or madeline briggs.
Or both.
All right.
We found the purse in anthony's house Along with your clothes.
You had it at the tangiers The night that dede chase was killed.
And security footage Confirms that you were following her.
If the dna on that blood comes back dede's, You're all wrapped up in murder one.
So, if anthony samuels forced you To participate in this murder in any way, Now is the time to tell us, okay? Knew I should've dumped that purse.
I just couldn't.
It was the first thing that anthony gave me When we were dating.
Dating? Yeah, he courted me.
When I was working for dimitri.
Said that he loved me.
He'd write me these little poems.
Said he was going to marry me.
So, that's why you left dimitri? He said that the other wifeys would be working for us.
And he was saving up so me and him could retire in hawaii And raise a family.
That all changed the night we picked up dede.
Anthony needed another wifey To up the cash flow.
Hey, honey.
You look lost.
Do you want a ride? It's okay.
I'm staying at the four kings.
I really appreciate this.
Took a couple of days, but he wore her down.
Take it like a ho.
You are one Dynamite piece of ass.
Matter of fact, I'm about to make you my bottom bitch.
These other wifeys, They're gonna work for us.
A couple years, we'll retire to hawaii.
You're gonna love it.
Sounds great to me, daddy.
He thought he broke her.
That girl was cagey.
She pretended to dig it.
And anthony Anthony fell for it.
Tell me what happened at the tangiers.
That was the first night that she was to earn? Wasn't it? And you were there to turn her out? Yeah.
And when her trick came down alone Five minutes after they went up, I knew she was gonna bolt.
Where do you think you're going? Where do you think? You can't leave anthony.
Come with me.
I I-I can't.
You want to be with him? Are you insane? What the hell are you thinking? Anthony told me he loved me.
Nobody had ever said that to me before.
It seems an odd place to look for butterflies.
But a great place to hide a body.
We have dna from the blood we found In the russian's suv.
It is madeline's.
We found four mummified female db's At a location that was in the gps memory of your vehicle.
The palm on one of the bodies had a cigarette burn.
Wasn't enough for you to kill them.
You had to torture them, too, right? But the desert preserves dna, dimitri.
My client has information The d.
And the fbi would be very interested in.
And he's willing to cooperate.
Well, if he wants to avoid the death penalty, Then your client better do that.
You can start by telling me what you did With madeline briggs, dimitri.
These bodies we found have been in the ground a long time.
Too long to be madeline.
The girl meant something to you, huh? Dimitri I can see that.
As a token of my good faith, I'll tell you what I did with her.
I'm listening.
Her blood was in your car.
How do you explain that? She was a peace offering from anthony, In exchange for stealing diane from me.
I accepted this.
But Only to save face.
I could see he had destroyed her commercial value.
She knew nothing of me or my operation, So, easiest thing to do Was let her go.
So I'm not such a hard-hearted guy, huh? Well, well, well.
It's not christmas yet.
Aren't we lucky? What is this stuff? Uh, langston sent us some souvenirs From miami and new york.
I was kind of hoping for a little somethin'-somethin' From bergdorf's.
I love this.
How do I look? Bitchin'.
Oh Ridiculous.
The names dimitri gave us are going to help miami And new york roll up most of the human trafficking syndicate.
Oh, so we did some good.
Not good enough.
Look, if dimitri really set her free, Then why didn't madeline go home? Well, a lot of girls that try to get out of that life Come out feeling so degraded and ashamed, They feel like, sometimes, Nobody will ever want them again.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
What are you doing? Using the ho-vine.
The phones we recovered in anthony's house All had the same numbers Programmed into them.
He must've given one of them to each of his girls.
You think madeline still has hers.
It's good to hope for things, right? Madeline.
You're langston? Yes.
How can I go back after everything that's happened? All you have to do is Walk through the door.
Come on.
It's all right.