CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e08 Episode Script

Lover's Lanes

(cheering, applause) Whoo! Yeah! ANNOUNCER: Unbelieveable! All X's, baby.
All X's all the time.
ANNOUNCER: I'll tell you what, he is a cocky young man, that Kevin "X-Man" Chatts.
Look at him out there playing to the camera.
ANNOUNCER 2: What an ego, huh? Yeah.
I'll tell you though Look at this.
Oh, man.
The crowd's loving it.
The fans love him.
Chevy Cigs has always had his number though.
They've met Chevy has 12 trophies.
X has zero.
ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Chevy needs to clear the rack here, he'll make it 13.
All right.
Here's the determination.
This is the closest they've ever been.
Here it goes.
Oh, my goodness! Hah! Yeah! That's right, the X's are all mine! Seven-ten split.
The dreaded field goal.
How many times has this been done, J.
, in history? ANNOUNCER 2: Three times.
Only three times.
Three times, national TV.
Chevy Cigs has got to pick them both up to make this a win for him.
If not, X-Man wins and becomes the new champion.
(rumbling) Oh, my God! (crowd gasping, screaming) (camera shutter clicking) This head used to be attached to the body Ronald Tobin.
He works here at the rental desk.
That's his girlfriend over there.
She works here, too.
Cocktail waitress.
Understandably in shock.
What do you mean you don't know when the match is gonna resume? I'm going back to Omaha tomorrow.
It's my son's birthday.
MAN: I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.
You got to be kidding me.
Hey, can you speed this up? I was beating this guy straight up! You haven't won anything yet, kid.
We're not even letting him wash his hands.
Do you think we're going to let you bowl? Look, I wasn't talking to you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come with me.
Let's go.
Come on.
This isn't over yet.
See you soon.
SANDERS: All right, that's it, I'm done.
Just make sure to give your contact info before you leave.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You cannot touch that ball; it's evidence.
I've thrown with that ball for ten years.
It's my go-to ball.
You'll get it back.
OFFICER: Please follow me, sir.
Right this way.
When did bowling become so serious? You know, it doesn't take an expert to know, if the head came out the return, it went in behind the lane.
Maybe that's where the rest of the vic is.
(cell phone ringing) Yeah? SANDERS: Yeah, I didn't find a body back here.
But I did find an empty bowling ball bag with blood in it.
Bag without a ball, head without a body.
At least we know what we're looking for.
(bowling ball strikes pins) Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! (camera shutter clicking) Ok, we're done.
Man, this is more complicated than I thought.
You know, at the turn of the century, this was all done by hand.
Really? Yeah.
Ten-year-old kids called pin boys would run around clearing and resetting all the pins, returning the balls to the bowlers.
Too bad they're not around anymore.
We might have some suspects.
Looks like the head rolled through there, huh? Yeah, this is the tower section of the ball return conveyor system.
The killer had to start there.
It's the only way in.
The head went into the pit (ball striking pins) through the ball door.
Up the tower, under the lanes, through the accelerator and out the return.
You sure do know a lot about bowling.
Uh, mechanical engineering class in college.
We took a field trip to a bowling alley.
Every Saturday night, family league.
Yeah? You any good? I'm not bad.
Photo, mark and sample.
I have the victim's vehicle registration.
I'm gonna go see if his car's in the parking lot.
Too bad the only surveillance is at the register and front entrance, huh? I knew that field trip would come in handy.
(groans) LVPD.
Out of the car.
Come on.
Hands, hands.
Let me see some hands.
Put them on the car.
Don't move.
(whistles) What are you doing in there? I was sleeping, man.
Do you know who this car belongs to? Yeah, Ron Ron.
He's been letting me crash here till I got my own digs.
I know he's dead.
I'd seen his head come rolling out of that thing and all that.
I'm still pretty wigged out about it.
But you're still sleeping in his car? It's a lot more comfortable than the concrete bedsprings I'm used to.
I'm homeless.
How do you know him? We're from the same hood.
I've been down in the dumps, and Ron Ron was helping me out, money-wise.
Even got me a stock boy gig over at the SSB.
Yeah, what's the SSB? It's the Silver State Bowling Supply.
What about all this bowling gear? Wouldn't happen to be stolen, would it? Man, I don't know donkey about bowling.
That's Ron Ron's thing.
You just told me you work at the bowling supply company.
I just started there.
And like I said, that's Ron Ron's thing.
Yeah, so is this car.
You're moving out today, buddy.
Get out of there.
Come on.
Man, what are y'all doing up so early? Get out of there.
MAN: Carla always swore she was innocent.
LANGSTON: And you believed her? MAN: As a Public Defender, I believe she was innocent until proven guilty.
LANGSTON: Well, based on what's here, that shouldn't be a problem.
But looking at it, Carla York and her husband James got into a heated argument, which got a little more heated.
PUBLIC DEFENDER: Carla and James had a pretty volatile relationship.
He liked to play around, there were allegations of affairs, they fought all the time.
And Carla had served on the National Guard.
(gunshot) LANGSTON: So, she was trained to shoot.
The revolver was found in the bushes-- a .
It was registered to the husband.
It was usually kept in the master bedroom nightstand.
This was confirmed by Ferrotrace.
Bullets matched the gun.
Now, what was your defense? The usual.
Attack the evidence.
There was no GSR on the wife.
Day shift found the shower still wet, so she obviously cleaned up.
She was heavily intoxicated-- BAC 0.
She claims she didn't remember anything that night.
How many innocent clients have you heard that from? She had no history of violence.
Well, a lot of domestic murderers don't.
According to the police report, the sister named Hannah was staying with them.
(gunshot) Then she heard the shot, found the body, called 911.
Was the sister ever a suspect? Unfortunately, no.
She'd been on a date earlier that evening, with a movie ticket stub to prove it.
Taxi dropped her off at the house.
Cabbie confirmed angry voices inside.
Sister claims she was out back trying to get away from the noise.
Are you certain there was no one else in the house? Just the vic's in the master bedroom crib.
I tried to get Carla to plead out.
She just wouldn't do it.
Jury came back guilty in five hours.
She was dead five hours after that.
Why are you so interested in the original case? This woman hung herself over the verdict.
I would like to know why.
You're thorough.
I heard that about you.
Is there anything else you need from me? No.
No, thanks.
Take care.
You know, I brought Carla's kid to the jail a few times to visit her while she was awaiting trial.
She always used to tell her, her dad was on vacation and that he loved her very much.
It's kind of sad, huh? Ah, just in time for the headtopsy.
I heard someone was using this one as a bowling ball.
Well, his head is very spherical.
My father had bowling alleys in every one of his casinos.
I liked everything about them but the bowling.
Rented shoes that you have to disinfect before you put them on.
Not for me.
This looks like manual saw strokes.
Probably a handsaw or a box saw.
Multiple cuts from multiple angles, hesitation marks.
Whoever did this wasn't skilled.
Lack of hemorrhagic tissue suggests decapitation was postmortem.
What do you think this is? Has an alveolar texture.
Lung tissue? Mm-hmm.
How'd it end up in his nose? Maybe the vic suffered some kind of traumatic injury to the chest, like a gunshot.
(gunshot) Could be C.
We found this guy in Ronny's car, and he has a pretty long rap sheet.
Oh, yeah, that's Vitas.
He was going through some really hard times, and Ronny was helping him out.
Do you think he killed Ronny? We don't know.
When was the last time that you saw Ronny alive? Earlier today; he was working.
You know, before his-his head You know.
Did he have any enemies that you know of? Just himself.
He wanted to be pro, but he ended up being the shoe boy, and it really started getting to him.
So he gave up on his dream.
No, his dream gave up on him.
He definitely had the physical ability.
I don't know anyone that could throw a harder ball.
He even beat the X-Man the other day in a pickup game.
I-I know this is weird to say after what just happened but he just didn't really have it all up here.
You know, it takes more than skill to bag ten in a row five days in a row.
You really have to have a level head.
(trilling, beeping) Yep, it's my two-ball roller.
What makes you so sure? It was made for me.
The company sponsors me.
You know, those are my colors.
Where'd you find it? Back of the bowling alley with the victim's blood on it.
Why don't you have a seat? You know you should be talking to the guy who snaked it from my dressing room first day of the competition.
I've been using my spare.
Sit down.
(firmly): Sit down.
(sighs) So, do you know the victim? Not really.
Well, according to twitterverse, you know him pretty well.
I don't have a Twitter.
You fans do, critics do.
I do.
I tweet.
Listen to this.
"Kevin X gets beat by local Vegas putz.
" Do you know what a "putz" is? "Shoe boy makes X-Man look like an amateur.
" "X-Man should put down the bottle before he loses to his self.
" (chuckles) Ooh, that's-that's harsh.
This is like a whole wealth of information.
This is a detective's dream.
(chuckles) Okay.
Yeah we played.
Hey, guy, hook me up with a lane.
Sorry, we're all full up right now.
You're full?! Yeah.
Do you know who I am? I don't care who you are.
Okay, look, let's just say that I'm the best bowler in the place, all right? I doubt that.
He challenged me, I couldn't disappoint the ladies.
And you were drunk and you think highly of yourself.
(spectators murmuring) Come on (cheering) I'll admit he wasn't bad.
That must have pissed you off.
It didn't piss me off enough to kill him, if that's where you're going.
It's physically impossible for me to have tossed that head in the ball return, okay? I can't be in two places at once.
I'm a bowler, okay? I'm not Criss Angel.
Maybe you had a partner.
All right, let's go to motive.
Tell me about you and Chevy Cigs.
He's, uh, he's old school.
I'm new.
He uses a three-finger grip, I use a no-finger grip.
He's a hook guy, I'm a straight roller.
I'm a freewheeler, he's a technician.
But he's the only guy you never beat on the tour.
You know, I did some research 'cause bowling's not my thing, but I found out that the old school is always kicking new school's ass.
So maybe you thought the only way to beat Chevy is to mess with his head with a head.
You gonna let me go now or should I ask for my lawyer? No, you can go.
(PDA beeps) Just don't leave town.
Fire in one! You got the same entry wound path from two different shooting angles.
How? (chuckles) A bullet hitting a slanted surface should deflect up, right? Not always.
Not when they're hollow points.
One theory is because the lower lip of the hollow point strikes the glass first, the unbalanced force on the bullet deflects it down, sometimes as much as ten to 15 degrees.
If you didn't account for it, you might conclude that a shot came from a second-story window when really, it was fired from level ground.
Was this a day shift case? Those lazy, incompetent bastards Look, it means that the victim's wife didn't shoot him.
You just exonerated her.
Like my daddy used to say, "A day late and a dollar short.
" STOKES: Where'd you get these images? The bowling alley has pinsetter cameras.
Really? Yeah.
Near the end of the lane, the ball breaks the infrared sensor, which initiates the pinsetter control unit.
After the ball hits, a CCD camera snaps an image, activating the sensors in the pinsetter, telling it which pins have been knocked down and which need to be picked up.
The sensors then relay that information to the automatic scoring system.
That is Chevy's last toss.
The dreaded seven-ten split.
SANDERS: But check this out.
The victim's head in the killer's hands, moments before the head rolled out.
Now, according to Brass, our vic played Kevin X the night before.
So, I went through those photos and I found this.
STOKES: Hey, I know that guy.
Know where he works, too.
BRASS: We're looking for Vitas Ling.
MAN: Back there.
WILLOWS: You recognize that smell? Hey, Cheech.
BRASS: Got your hands on a little chronic, eh, hombre? Whoa, all right? Everybody just calm down, okay? It's medicinal.
I got a bad back, all right? I got it at a dispensary.
I got my card in my wallet right here.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
This is Nevada, pal.
You want to play that, go back to Cali.
STOKES: "Going Back to Cali.
" That's a good rap song.
BRASS: Yeah, I'm channeling Notorious B.
, can't you tell? Hey, Jim, go ahead and take "High Times" back to the station.
Nick and I are gonna get a little familiar with this place.
Oh, come on! I've got a box saw over here.
It's the same type of saw used to cut off the victim's head.
I think we just found the victim's head remover.
Got some more blood over here.
Trail looks like it goes outside.
STOKES: See that right there? Then it kind of stops.
Positive for blood.
is gunshot to the chest.
This could be where Ronald Tobin was killed.
STOKES: Medium velocity spatter.
Could be from an exiting bullet.
Nine millimeter.
Remington Golden Saber.
There's a trail of wood splinters.
Somebody was dragging something made of wood.
(groans softly) You recognize that smell? Yes, ma'am.
Staphylinidae beetles.
Clean up crew.
BRASS: Who's that? That you? Can you see through those slits, buddy? Yeah, man.
I was knocking over pins for Ron Ron.
He called me up, said he was bowling against some pro and he needed my help.
So, you were cheating for him? Yeah.
I knocked over, like, ten that night.
(clicks tongue) It's easy money.
It was easy money for your drug dealer.
'Cause everything you get goes to him.
Right? Unless, Ron Ron wasn't breaking you off with your paycheck on time? Of course he did.
He was a stand-up dude.
Stand-up dudes don't cheat.
He only was doing this to impress his girl Shea.
Stand-up dudes don't steal.
He only stole that stuff because he was a fan.
I never seen him sell any of it.
Well, maybe you were selling it, and you didn't cut him in on his action.
You you think I killed him? You were caught sleeping in Ronald's car.
He was shot, he had his head cut off.
He was thrown away like a piece of garbage, and all this happened at your place of employment.
And you're telling me you didn't know anything about it? No, I didn't.
Look, I may be a-a-a broke, homeless druggie, but I ain't no killer.
That should do it.
This is the bullet's true path.
Shot came from the backyard.
And with any luck, this overhang will have protected this area from the elements.
Maybe we can still get GSR.
Don't you put your hands on me! That's enough! Well, the sister told the truth about one thing-- she was exactly where she said she was.
Autopsy confirms that the victim died of a single gunshot wound through the left lung.
All of the blood at the scene was from our victim.
No hits on the bullet and no prints on the saw.
There were two sets of prints on the bloody roller bag-- the victim's and Kevin X's.
Kevin X.
Okay, we know that the victim and his pal Vitas were partners in crime, stealing whatever they could get their hands on.
But if these two guys are the best we got, I'm a little worried.
Both of them were at the front of the lanes when Ronald's head popped out-- Kevin was bowling, Vitas was in the crowd.
I mean, how could either one of them have put the head in the ball pit? You're right about Kevin-- he was bowling the whole time, and we have the footage to prove it.
Which leaves Vitas.
Is it possible that he put the head in the ball pit and made it around to the front of the lanes in time? And obviously it's going to take a little longer for a ball to make it back to the return if it's pushing a human head.
It also depends on the pinsetter.
Some are faster than others.
The automated scoring computer clocked Chevy's first throw of the tenth frame at 8:47.
The head appeared in the return just 18 seconds later.
So, you're telling me that Vitas dropped the head in the ball pit and then made it all the way back around to the front of Chevy's lane in 18 seconds? I don't know if weed head could've pulled that off.
I mean, look at him.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Are you ready? It's in.
(panting) Good job.
It's five seconds faster than the pinsetter.
I don't know, man.
Add in the crowd, it's doable.
Even for Vitas.
SIDLE: This is the raw broadcast footage of the tournament.
We have all the camera angles.
So, this is the moment that Ronald's head appeared.
And there's Vitas.
Back it up.
Let's see where he came from.
This is a few moments prior.
And Vitas doesn't move.
He stayed there the entire time.
But the vic's girlfriend is moving.
Do you have a wider angle? Can you zoom in, track her movement? Yep.
She's coming from the back side of the lanes.
And apparently she's one hell of an actress.
you sure you're going to be okay with her? Oh, yeah.
I love them when they're this age.
Hey, you want to be in CODIS? (little girl gibbering) Let's go play with CODIS.
Okay, we can play Right this way.
Go ahead and have a seat.
So? You said you had some information about my sister.
Actually, it's about your sister's husband, James York.
We were able to determine that she didn't kill him.
What good is that going to do her now? There's no point.
You killed him.
Didn't you, Hannah? James York liked to play around.
I suspect that he was playing around with you.
And maybe you didn't intend to kill him, but after you shot him, you never thought your sister would go down for it.
Now, we know you didn't try to frame her.
That was just an accident of bullets and geometry.
The D.
is going to press charges.
Just come clean now.
Thank you.
Hannah spare yourself the trouble and the pain of going through another trial.
Would it make any difference if you knew that James York was a piece of garbage? I wouldn't have touched him with a ten foot pole.
You know he had three other children with other women.
Sweet little kids he'd already managed to screw up.
I loved my sister, but she was never very bright.
And she was an idiot to stay with a man like that.
Their daughter my daughter is two years old now.
And I tell her that I love her every day.
And she knows I really mean it.
Whoever killed James York did her a favor.
(voice breaking): That should make a difference.
It's not for me to judge.
You're going to have to go with this officer now.
Did you go behind the lanes the night that Ronald was killed? Mm-mmm.
That was when I ran to my car to get my birth control pills.
And you were running because? Well, because I didn't want to miss the match.
I wanted to find out who won.
(door opens) Ms.
Lammet, I found this in your apartment.
This is the hot designer bag of the moment.
Every woman wants one, including me, but we just don't make that kind of money.
What's your secret, Shea? It was a gift.
From Ronny? Your boyfriend makes less than you do.
WILLOWS: Oh, but you know, it could be from his side biz.
Except this bag has been slashed with a razor, and totally ruined.
No woman I know would do this to this bag.
And if a guy is splurging on something like this, he's not going to destroy it.
Who did you get it from? Chevy Cigs gave it to me.
You know, the famous bowler.
Yeah, we know him.
How did you meet him? I served him at the alley a couple times.
He lives in the area, so he would come in to practice.
You started dating? We fell in love, actually.
So, what happened, Chev? So, you meet cute little Shea at the bowling alley, right? And you're itching to roll your balls down another lane.
You know what I mean? So, you wine her, you dine her, you buy her.
Then the boyfriend finds out, and he slices up the purse you gave her, so the boyfriend's got to go? Hey, I didn't kill anybody.
You're the only one with a registered nine millimeter in the bowling alley.
Now, you know we searched your house.
We didn't find the weapon, but we found a box of Remington Golden Sabers, the same ammo used to kill Ronald Tobin.
So, where's the gun? She must have stolen it from me.
So you're saying that Shea killed Ronald? She had to, right? Did she tell you that she killed Ronald? No.
Look, I broke up with her because Ronald found out.
And I guess she was thinking, with Ronald gone, maybe I'd get back together with her.
You're telling me that Shea killed Ronald and cut his head off just to mess up your game? She did that because she's nuts.
Because I didn't get back together with her, and I guess it's her idea of revenge.
That's the truth.
I got nothing to hide.
I got a big match tonight.
Can I go now? SIDLE: If Chevy's telling the truth then Shea did everything by herself.
It doesn't add up.
Let's see.
She shoots him, cuts off his head, picks him up, tosses him in a crate, then drags the crate across a parking lot.
And I think Ronald weighed about 180 pounds, minus his head.
Add the crate.
I'd say it's unlikely.
She must have had help.
(computer trilling, then beeps twice) SIMMS: The blood in the finger holes came from the victim.
The blood in the head was already dried by the time it was tossed into the ball pit.
Which means that it couldn't have splashed or spilled in there.
So we've got the victim's blood on Chevy's hands.
I think it came from his fingertips.
And I think that the smears were minute because he washed his hands.
I think he accidentally left blood under his nails, but did Chevy ever actually touch the bowling ball after he touched the head? No, so, at the very least, we know that Chevy was involved.
It's just so weird, because you didn't find blood on any of his personal effects.
Not his shoes, clothes, towel, gloves, just nothing.
He had to have tossed everything.
I mean, clothes are replaceable.
His lucky ball isn't.
ANNOUNCER 2: Well, it's been a crazy turn of events, but we're finally gonna find out who wins this tournament.
Final frame, final throw, for the championship.
Yeah, Chevy needs to knock this field goal down for the win, J.
If he misses, X-Man takes his first against Chevy.
Here we go.
Look at the determination.
All comes down to this, folks.
He needs a miracle.
Chevy, you're under arrest.
Drop the ball.
Oh, this cannot be happening.
Come on.
Get on your knees.
(cheering) Yes! (applause, cheering and whistling) (sighs) You just lost.
BRASS: So did you.
How's it feel to be ratted out by your own bowling ball? What the hell am I still doing here? I've told you everything I know.
No, you didn't, but Chevy did.
What did he tell you? That you killed Ronald, decapitated him and threw his head in the ball pit.
That's what he said.
No, he didn't.
Shea, this is your life.
Sit down.
If Chevy's lying, you need to tell me.
Otherwise, he's going to continue to win bowling titles while you rot in a cell.
Look, I didn't shoot Ronald.
Then who did? When Ronny found out about Chevy, he got a gun, and he forced me to lure Chevy to SSB.
He said he was just trying to scare him, but I didn't know.
I got completely freaked.
So, I just did what he wanted, and I told Chevy that I was stranded.
Hey, bro, get out of the truck.
Get that gun out of my face.
Get out of the truck! Ronny, don't! You're gonna get out of the truck, I'm gonna call your wife, and you're gonna tell her what a scumbag you are, and how you been banging my chick.
SHEA: Ronny, put the gun down.
Shut up.
(crying): Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Chevy! You set me up! I ought to kill you, too! I'm sorry, Chevy.
I'm sorry.
We got to get rid of this body.
So, come on, pick him up.
Come on, come on, come on.
(crying): Okay, okay.
Come on, lift higher.
Come on, push! We're over.
(gasping sob) Say a word, and we both go down.
(sobbing): Oh, my God Ronny promised me that he was gonna marry me.
I still have the same last name.
Chevy promised me the same thing, just so he could keep getting laid.
I was just fed up.
I wanted to give Chevy something that he would never forget.
(sighs) (sudden squish) It's shocking enough to find a human head in the ball rack but when it's the head of someone that you killed-- unforgettable.
So, um, what are we looking at here? Jail-time-wise? What? What am I looking at? I mean, I didn't actually kill anybody.
No, but cutting the head off of your dead boyfriend is not going to get you a lot of sympathy from a jury.
Right, yeah.
But I mean, I'll get out some day, right? And Chevy-- it was just self-defense.
He could get out even before I do.
You might be right about that.
By then, I mean, he could have forgiven me.
Maybe we'll get to be together after all.
MAN: Ooh! (people groaning) I had it.
I almost had it and I hate this.
I hate it.
Happens every single time.
No more.
Aw, come on.
You know, don't be afraid to rock the granny roll, Cath.
Always works for me.
Are you coming? The party's already started.
(over phone): You better hurry.
You're coming up soon.
Yeah, Sara, I'm here, I'm here.
I'm just getting my shoes.
Size 13 and a half, please.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
HODGES: My granny taught me that.
Uh-huh Langston's here, everybody.
Sara, that pin is flipping you off.
Nothing but strikes, Doc! Nice hook.
(everyone shouting encouragement) (cheering and whistling) He's the sexiest.
STOKES: There he is.
Time for a toast.
Cold one? Yo, bowling is a family sport.
I would like to raise a glass to our CSI family.
STOKES: Cheers.
ALL: Cheers! Yeah! Cheers.
But unfortunately, it's time to give the family a little ass whooping.
Ouch! Oh, really! All of us? Just pay attention, Nick.
Be careful you don't let your mouth write a check that your ass can't cash.
(everyone laughing) Ooh! Oh! Nice! (cheering, whooping, applause) Wow.
All right.
WILLOWS: Yeah! (laughs) He's on my team.
I told them 13 and a half.
Wrong size.
Be right back.
Hurry up.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
I couldn't find my ball.
You have a ball? Yeah.
And a bag.
It's a purse! (laughter) Check it out! Did your grandmother give you that bag? Time out.
I thought you weren't gonna bowl.
Yeah, I changed my mind.
Somebody's rearview mirror's a little lighter.
STOKES: Is that legal?! Don't be scared.
(cheering and applause) I owe you nothing.
Oh, all right, it's on, it's on.
All right so what was that about an ass whooping?