CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e11 Episode Script

Sin City Blue

Control, air 12.
I'm code four.
Another quiet night in the wilderness.
Nothing stirring but a pack of coyotes.
Control: Copy, air 12.
Looks like they've got company.
Stand by, one.
I have a visual.
Bogey in a blue pickup.
Half mile west of quadrant six.
Copy, air 12.
I'll alert ground units.
Suspect vehicle westbound on paiute logging road.
Suspect doubling back, doubling back.
Eastbound, paiute logging road.
Two ground units approaching.
Suspect turning southbound.
Suspect turning south.
Copy, air 12.
Subject heading westbound.
Subject heading westbound.
Park rangers have a visual.
They're in pursuit.
Suspect vehicle crashed.
He's on foot.
Control, situation is code four.
Park service notified us.
This is a federal wildlife refuge.
Nobody should be out here.
That's juan ramirez, suspect, boulder city.
Buenas noches, juan.
What was he doing out here? He was dumping trash, which is what You guys are here for.
Surgical waste?! And human organs.
Spleen, Gallbladder And a finger.
And these cuts- They're surgically precise.
Hey, guys, we need a tarp on the ground over here, please.
It's just a kid.
This boy was prepped for surgery.
What are the chances there's another guy in vegas Cutting out human organs on the dl? No, this is dr.
Jekyll's work.
I never would've expected him to look like juan.
That's not him.
Hey, dr.
Frankenstein had igor.
Maybe dr.
Jekyll has juan.
Room service found her just after 4:00 a.
There's no cameras in the hallway, And I'm waiting On the elevator surveillance.
What about the stairs? Well, hotel security tells me That the door monitoring system Hasn't been triggered in the last 12 hours.
What have you got? White marks on the neck, But they don't go all the way around, And there's no indentations on the skin.
Means she probably wasn't strangled.
Possible asphyxiation.
We have no abrasions on her legs.
Nothing on her back.
She must have been dead when the killer dragged her out here.
Which means she was probably killed In a room on this floor.
Here's her purse.
Smooth skin.
Very little body hair.
Makes her a perfect candidate for super glue.
Call robbins, have him turn the thermostat down in autopsy.
And, david, get the body back stat.
Disturb her as little as possible.
I'll leave her clothes on.
Hey, don, it's greg.
Karen jones.
Yeah, hi, this is captain brass.
I'm upstairs.
Do you have a karen jones Registered as a hotel guest? No, sir,we don't.
Thank you.
She's not registered.
This might be.
I found some empty bottles of prescription meds over here: Fluoxetine, atorvastatin calcium and prevalis.
And this shipping order for herbs and vitamins From a store called botanica ventura.
You want to bet that botanica sells more than just herbs? That's a good bet.
What about this blood? It's human.
The fresh drops are still gummy.
Older ones are flaky.
Multiple events.
This wasn't igor's first trash run.
Excuse me.
Did either of you hear or see anything last night? Uh, just get a japanese officer over here to f.
Thank you.
So you haven't slept last night? I don't know Where did those come from? I- I-I mean, I think I remember some, like, stripper chicks, Like, trying to grind up on me, you know? I don't know, dude.
I was so faded.
I think I'm still drunk.
All right, dude, well, we need to get your statement, But first, you need to brush your teeth.
Crowley, just calm down.
I'm going to miss my plane.
So you're not spending the weekend? I'm an actuary.
It was our annual meeting.
Where were you last night? A group of us went to dinner and a show.
I'm going to need their names.
Well, keep knocking on doors, 'cause we're all on this floor.
Thank you for your help.
Jim, I'm getting a lot of no answers.
So get a list of all the guests on 19 including checkouts.
Yeah, I'm on it.
We've been showing karen jones' picture around everywhere.
Somebody had to see her.
Listen, something may be breaking now.
I'll get back to you.
What do you got, joe? Bartender recognized the photo.
She was here last two nights with a girlfriend.
With a prostitute girlfriend? Hard to tell, but they had guys dripping off them So if they were working girls, they were off duty.
Can you describe the other woman? Smoking body.
I don't remember names.
But I do remember that last night, the girls got into it.
What do you mean? Well, the blonde asked me To quit serving the brunette; got a little heated.
Have to say, the girl-fight- kind of hot.
All right, thanks, thanks.
We got no eyewitnesses on 19.
Found some white fibers in her nostril.
Hotel's bedding and towels were all white.
Maybe the killer used what was available to suffocate her.
She's chill.
All right, that's our test print.
Let's go camping.
Some guy paid me to take the trash out there.
Which guy? I don't know.
I- I was in the parking lot on turkson Looking for work.
Guy comes up, gives me $20 If I take the trash up in the mountains and bury it.
Who killed that little boy? Did you do it? You like little boys, huh? You know what happens to guys like you in la prisión, hmm? Give me a name! El doctor.
He's talking to you, isn't he? Yes.
Sometimes I wish they would tell me more.
Sometimes I wish they'd just shut up.
What are you hearing? Well, the blood in his nostrils And the petechial dots on his skin tell me That he was some kind of bleeder.
His hands are raw From detergents or cleansers Of some kind- tells me he worked hard.
And his teeth, see, they're worn down by grinding.
Tells me he was probably in constant pain, But I don't think it was a problem with the spleen.
You nailed it.
The splenectomy was a las t- ditch effort to save his life.
The purpose of this surgery Was to remove this.
Supersized cyst.
It was still in situ.
Which means the surgeon was unable to remove it Because he was a bleeder.
Histology showed disseminated platelet-fibrin And microvascular thrombi.
Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura.
This boy's immune system was destroying His blood platelets, inhibiting clotting.
So the moment the incision was made, The bleeding would have been Unstoppable and the surgeon probably panicked.
And because platelet destruction occurs in the spleen, The surgeon would have hoped once it was removed, New platelets would form And his blood would start clotting again.
Four months ago, our dr.
Jekyll made a bow tie With joey bigelow's intestines.
A month ago, he implanted a superfluous appendix Into bernard higgins.
Cystectomy and splenectomy are Routine procedures.
If he did this, he's not limiting himself to perversity.
He's operating both inside and outside the norm.
A true jekyll and hyde.
I went through all the camera footage from the casino bar.
Karen jones and her friend got there Around 8:00 last night.
Well, now we know what she's wearing: Sequined dress, silver stilettos.
What about all these guys? Lots of approaches, No landings.
The bartender was right.
There was an altercation between the girls.
Nothing to write penthouse about.
Picked up karen at a casino atm camera About an hour later.
She's working him.
He's not interested.
Probably didn't want to pay for it.
Can't blame a girl for trying, though.
He's obviously got cash.
Exit camera picked her up Leaving the casino at 10:37 p.
What time did she come back? Around 3:30 a.
Got her going up the elevator At 3:33, in a hurry.
Got off on 19.
So her john had to be on that floor.
Probably checked out by now.
So what we need to do Is find that girl in the blue dress.
Have brass show her picture around.
my body's done.
Smurf's up.
So what do we have on the pickup truck? First priority is an I.
On the bleeder.
Now, he wasn't in codis, but I did get a familial hit.
This is carlos gomez.
He's doing time for assault, And he I.
'd the victim's autopsy photo As his son eduardo.
It turns out eduardo was working as a night janitor at a motel On bonanza and albert.
That's only a couple of blocks From where joey bigelow was found.
Anything on the body parts or blood evidence? Well, the spleen was the victim's.
The gallbladder and the fingers were from Unrelated donors.
And as far as the rest, I'm working on it.
What about the surgical evidence we found in the trash bags? The syringes all contained Local anesthetic for minor surgeries.
And analysis of the tubing confirmed Intravenous diazepam- a schedule iv Controlled substance; probably used To twilight patients.
All the empty bottles of pharmaceuticals Were from mexico; Prescription-only, here and there.
So maybe dr.
Jekyll has a mexico connection.
Yeah, it could be this botanica ventura place.
What do we know about it? It's a storefront leased By a guy named jeffrey hughes.
Now there were good clean Prints on those drug bottles, I just can't confirm they're his.
No afis hits.
So we're gonna go check him out.
Warrant's on its way.
I want to be there.
You two stay here.
You two come with me.
Jeffrey hughes? Yes? Yeah, we have a warrant to search the premises.
So if everybody could please get up.
Afuera, por favor! ¿que debo hacer, doctor? Yo me encargo de esto.
El doctor.
I'm not a doctor.
I'm an herbalist.
All we sell is herbs, vitamins, supplements.
Does that include prescription drugs? You've seen my customers.
Their ancestors were the maya.
The mayans believe that wellness resides in a balance Of body and spirit; man and god.
We're not here for a history lesson.
Man has always been imperfect.
I do what I can.
That warrant includes your prints.
I'd like to take those now.
Give me your hand, please.
Does "doing all that you can" Include procedures or surgeries? Like I said, I am not a doctor.
What's back there? Just a storeroom.
Hughes, your prints were found on crime scene evidence.
You're under arrest.
Come with me.
Escort this young lady to a car, as well.
No table.
No surgical equipment lying around.
Suppose it would've been easier if we'd walked in And found a laparoscope.
But dr.
Jekyll or no, he had to have some tools.
We'll get a warrant for his house.
Eduardo gomez lost a lot of blood.
If there was an operating table in here, It would have been in the middle of the room.
And he would have needed some light.
All right, that's bright enough for surgery.
The boy's blood would've dripped down here Off the table.
Could've used bleach to clean it up.
Bleach only cleans the surface.
Unless you really saturate it, It's not gonna get down to the grout.
Nick, the grout in these two areas is Two different shades.
Yep, the tiles on this floor have been regrouted, nick.
The difference is subtle, but I can feel it.
Well, I can only think of one reason you'd bleach and regrout.
We have blood.
If it belonged to eduardo gomez It means he died here.
Karen jones' bank account shows That she paid for three nights, using her debit card.
Anybody with her? No.
She checked in two nights ago.
She was alone.
What do you got? Room's all clear, captain.
Not bad for fremont street.
Got some luggage.
Looks like she didn't check out.
Do you smell that? Hasn't ripened into decomp yet.
The girl in the blue dress.
She's definitely not sleeping it off.
Hey, catherine.
I found two suitcases in karen jones' motel room, And one of them belongs to a Jillian rose from phoenix.
: Gotta be the girl in the blue dress.
Have brass run her.
Meet jillian rose.
Rose has got quite a few contusions.
Defensive wounds.
Nasty lump on her forehead.
No internal hemorrhaging, not fatal but Probably happened during the struggle.
What's c.
? Petechial hemorrhaging In the eyes and lips White marks, but No indentations in the neck.
Just like her friend- she was asphyxiated.
Uh, didn't find any trace in her nose or esophagus.
She was suffocated before she was put into that box spring.
Any indication what time she died? Sometime between midnight And 4:00 a.
Karen jones and jillian rose, Friends from the same town, sharing the same room, Killed in a similar manner around the same time.
But their bodies were found in two different locations.
Are we looking for two killers? My gut says that we're not.
Well, if just one guy did this, She had to have been killed first.
So the blood in the truck bed and the trash bags Came from multiple donors, both male and female.
Including eduardo gomez? And you were right- That was his blood in the grout.
But I also found a second contributor in the grout sample.
It was an unknown male.
They're probably my epithelials.
I had to palpate the grou t- you can't do that with gloves on.
Well, in that case, I just need a sample of your dna, And I will exclude you.
My dna- which would go into a database.
Your fingerprints are already in afi s- what's the difference? There's a big difference.
You're gonna have to put in your report that I said no.
We have a warrant to search the premises.
All right, mr.
Hughes, Eduardo gomez died in your operating room.
I don't have an operating room.
But you knew him.
I knew his whole family.
His mother was a loyal customer.
Did you tell his mother that you dumped him With the rest of the trash from your other surgeries? I mean, it must have been a busy night.
You, um, removed a gallbladder; You amputated a gangrenous finger; You attempted to remove eduardo's abdominal cyst.
So tell me, where did you train, doctor? I graduated premed At harvard, And celebrated in cozumel, Where I fell in love with a local girl.
So I, uh, Went to medical school in guadalajara And trained at a hospital in monterey.
And are you licensed To practice in the United States? You know the answer to that.
Yes, I do.
So you were smuggling drugs, You were practicing without a license in unsafe conditions, All of which cost eduardo gomez his life.
I was trying to save his life! He is the sole support of his mother And his newborn sister.
They're here without documentation.
No insurance.
He was in so much pain, He couldn't travel to mexico for surgery.
I couldn't turn him away.
Eduardo presented With obvious signs of itp.
I misdiagnosed.
By the time I knew what was going on, it was too late.
His mother was there.
She made the decision to dispose of the body.
She doesn't blame me.
I delivered her baby! Her perfectly healthy infant.
Eduardo was the first patient ever to die in my care.
Well, what about joey bigelow And bernard higgins? Hmm? What about them? I don't know these men.
This isn't medicine.
Look, I don't run a practice to get rich.
I Help those the system ignores.
The nanny whose gallbladder is inflamed, The gardener who risks his life for a gangrenous finger.
There are clinics, social services For that kind of thing.
Reform health care all you want.
My patients are always gonna be left out.
Had the casino send over some more surveillance footage, This time tracking our second victim, jillian rose.
Started with karen and jillian at the bar, And I noticed something.
A few minutes after their little argument, Karen and jillian went on the hunt- separately.
That's when I found this.
Oh, she landed the atm guy.
The one that karen couldn't.
They got off on 19.
Six minutes later, she's texting, coming down.
That's not even enough time for a quickie.
And why would Two hookers go after the same john? 'cause maybe they aren't hookers.
And I don't think this is about sex.
Karen jones and jillian rose were running a con.
One of them would steal the guy's pin number, The other would steal his credit card.
Who am I looking at? Their mark.
That's karen with him at the atm, And an hour later, jillian went up to his room On the 19th floor.
We never talked to him, So he's got to be one of the checkouts.
Let's go back to the mediterranean.
So, the room is registered To donald fiore.
He works as an actuary; he's here for the convention.
The maid I.
'd him from a photo.
She said she saw nothing unusual when she cleaned up, so We're only three doors down From where we found karen jones' body.
When did fiore check out? Well, he didn't.
He left his key in the room, And the hotel automatically checks him out at noon.
Right, so he could've checked out anytime.
Fiore lives In salt lake cit y- I spoke to the local cops.
they said they'd keep an eye on him, But they weren't gonna arrest him Until we provided them with more evidence.
I gotta take this.
Good luck.
Talk to me.
So The maid would have vacuumed, emptied the trash, Cleaned the bathroom, Changed the towels And the sheets, too.
Hotel laundry will all be commingled.
And if he threw her clothes in the trash, well That's like looking for a needle inside a stack of needles, So What part of the room remains From guest to guest? Looks like somebody messed with this vent.
Oh Got a pair of shoes.
No dress, though.
Karen jones Had silver stilettos.
They're all wet.
I didn't see any condensation in the vent.
Heels have been snapped off.
And the soles are Are bent.
I mean This didn't happen during the struggle.
He was trying to get rid of these.
He flushed the dress, But he couldn't get the shoes to go down.
If the dress is still in this pipe, Then the toilet would be backed up.
And you know what rolls downhill.
We're ready.
Greg, stop.
We've got something.
How may feet of cable do you have out? Uh, about 20.
About ten feet per floor.
So, that's Two floors below.
I think that's enough to compel a warrant.
I didn't realize I was set up until I was in the shower.
Oh, god, your body is unbelievable! And you'll get to taste all of it.
As soon as you shower.
I'll be right here, Thinking about what I'm going to do to you.
She stole my wallet.
I should have known.
She was Too beautiful to be a hooker.
I called my bank, found out that they had Used my credit card and pin, Took a $2,000 cash advance.
That's a $50 bank charge, accrues at 28% interest.
Why didn't you just report it? Well, if I called the cops and you found them, Then there would be reports Saying that I had brought a girl back to my room, And I couldn't take the risk of my wife finding out.
She's an heiress.
Has all the money.
Simple cost-benefit analysis.
How does that analysis work? Their lives for your wallet? The solve rates For murders, for homicides in clark county? My wife finds out that I'm philandering? That's a 100% chance of divorce.
But since you didn't cheat, You figured that she would be okay With you murdering karen and jillian? I never saw jillian again.
As far as her friend goes, She came looking for me.
You want it back? It's gonna cost you.
Just-just give it to me, and I'll forget the whole thing.
I don't think so.
I saw that the safety was still on, so I took my chances.
Prostitutes are 60 to 100 times more likely To be murdered than non-prostitutes.
So I flushed the dress, and I pulled her out into the hallway.
I calculated the likelihood That you would think that she was a hooker And wouldn't be a priority.
You calculated wrong.
Regardless, I acted in self-defense.
Yeah, right up until you suffocated her.
Well, acquittal rates for sel f- defense claims Are very high- jurors tend to judge the motives Of a beautiful con woman much more harshly Than an overworked actuary.
Yeah? I need you to tell me what this is.
Gray fibers.
Maybe a recycled synthetic.
Oh, yeah.
It's polyester polyfill fiber.
Commonly used in box spring padding.
Don't you have to do an ftir to confirm that? Just did one.
On your motel girl; The one stuffed into the box spring.
Are you saying this fiber is from the same box spring? I'm just saying that it's the same type of material.
Your two victims shared the room.
What are the chances that it's not from that box spring? Karen had to have come into contact with the box spring After it was cut open.
Which puts her in the room after jillian was dead.
Or after karen killed her.
I'd hate to think fiore's telling the truth.
Okay, so, there were no fibers In jillian's nose or throat.
So karen had to have used something non-textile To asphyxiate her.
Shower curtain was intact.
Plastic laundry bags were clean and folded in the closet.
Trash can liner.
There was nothing in it, so I didn't collect it.
You had no reason to.
Looks like a lipstick smudge to me.
Who kisses a trash bag? Maybe a girl fighting for her life.
Those are carpal prints.
No way those are karen's prints.
They're too big.
Karen didn't kill her.
She came back to the room and found jillian dead.
Then karen hid jillian inside the box spring To buy herself some time.
She then Took the wallet over to the hotel room And tried to extort money from fiore.
Live by the con, die by the con.
There's been a development.
We need your major case prints.
I already gave you my prints.
And I admitted to killing karen jones in self-defense.
That was a standard ten-card.
Give me your right hand.
And if I refuse? Then I'm going to get six Of the biggest deputies you've ever seen To come in here and assist you.
Jillian rose Was suffocated with a trash liner from her motel room, And your prints are on it.
How did you find out where she was staying? I wanted my wallet back.
I went out looking for jillian, And I saw her at the casino next door.
She jumped into a cab, and I followed her.
Open up or I'll call the police.
Give me my wallet, you bitch! I don't have it! Give me my wallet! I swear! I want my wallet! It was a mathematical certainty That a woman like that would report the assault Or she would blackmail me for the rest of my life.
The only logical thing to do was to kill her.
And you applied that same logic When karen jones showed up at your door? You know what that stupid girl did? She-she pointed a gun at me, And she demanded that I give her $50,000 For her friend's funeral.
Well, according to my math, The $50,000 that you saved Is going to cost you 20 years to life.
W- wait Look, I-I am a good man.
I work hard.
I love my wife.
I contribute to society.
I mean, these people, You deal with them all the time.
And those girls? They were just They were just worthless criminals.
No, they were human beings.
You're the worthless criminal.
Okay, I'll come by your place.
No, no, it's cool.
I have tomorrow off.
Hey, nick? I'll call you back.
Listen, I need to talk to you.
Uh, I had wendy run the markers For race on the appendix implanted in bernard higgins.
It was non-hispanic caucasian.
Now, all the body parts we found in the truck were hispanic.
I don't think hughes is dr.
Regardless, w e- we got him for drug trafficking.
We got him for practicing without a license And eduardo gomez's death.
He's not going anywhere.
I need a favor.
I think your spanish is a little better than mine.
Would you take a look at that for me, please? "clinica gratis.
" Okay.
Free clinic.
"pedíatra, emergencias, Medicina general.
" I thought I was the only one trying to save the world.
I don't approve of the way hughes went about it, But he had the right idea.
This clinic I volunteer at, It's safe, it's free, it's legal.
I just want to spread the word.
What do you think? Claro? Sí, claro.
Thanks, nick.
De nada.