CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e12 Episode Script

Long Ball

Oh, my god, you're killing me.
Don't worry, roc, we're still in good shape.
We're only two back Ah, man.
Of waldorf now, and that nagano kid's totally in the tank.
We can still do this.
I mean, you can still do it, roc.
That's what I meant.
Pards, if that's our ball, We're definitely going to need a ruling.
Gary, rocco's dead in here, But I got to tell you, I don't think he's the only one.
Robbins: So, the guy says it was an accident.
That he didn't mean to kill his wife.
The golf ball just hit her in the head.
So the detective says, "well, the coroner also found A golf ball lodged up against her rectum.
" And the guy says "yeah, that was my mulligan.
" You've heard it before.
It's an old one.
Well, this is new.
Dead man in a golf cart.
Medium caliber bullet hole Right side of the throat.
Maybe a nine millimeter or a.
And no exit wound.
The blood's reddish brown.
That's right.
Bullet hit his jugular.
He's in full rigor.
's ten to 12 hours ago.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Uh He was dead before my ball got there, wasn't he? Well, so far, it seems that way.
But don't leave town.
Officer: Sir, you have to stay behind the tape.
Robbins: Sorry, cath, no I.
Oh, the club official told me That his name is russell huntley.
He's a member, so he's out here often.
Apparently he used to be a pro.
This is his own personal cart.
This club head cover's saturated in blood.
The victim probably grabbed Whatever was within his reach, And tried to staunch the bleeding.
But this soft, porous fabric Probably acted more like a sponge.
So we've got a club head cover, but no clubs.
A little overdressed for night putting.
What have you got, catherine? It's a dead end.
The golf cart tracks end On the main path, which means it could have come from Practically anywhere on the course.
Which also means we don't know the primary crime scene.
That's right.
I guess we'll just have to play it where it lies.
who Are you? who, who, who, who? who Are you? who, who, who, who? I really wanna know who Are you? oh-oh-oh who come on, tell me who are you, you, you are you! Yesterday this kid comes out of nowhere, fires a 61.
Man 2: Well, gary, after a disastrous opening nine- 41- Nagano in trouble again here at the 11th.
Gary: I don't think that break in the action helped him at all.
I mean, not that it would.
He's been all over the place Mrs.
Huntley? Not since we divorced.
Michelle nagano.
How do you do? I'm detective jim brass, las vegas police.
I have to ask you a few questions.
I'm sorry for your loss.
No one mentioned that you were russell's ex-wife.
Our family's been coming to this club for so long, People just assume.
It doesn't matter.
I see.
Man 2: Nagano in trouble again here at the 11th.
After hitting it all over this hole, He's got a four and a half footer downhill for bogey.
But this is the only part Of his game that's been any good today.
Oh Oh, boy.
This is not for the faint of heart.
So that's your son In the tournament? I'm his stepmother.
He's russell's son.
But with your last name.
That's curious.
It was his decision.
I raised him.
So, when was the last time you saw russell? Last night, after the first round.
Man Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please.
Duffy would like to say a few words.
Thanks, gary.
Here's to danny nagano, the new course record holder.
Enjoy the night, kid, Because tomorrow I'm gonna be gunning for you.
Are you going to stand for that, danny? Danny? It's one round.
You didn't win the tournament.
No, you shot one round.
What's the matter? Can't you stand the fact That your son beat your old record, huh? Don't take that tone with me.
You go home.
You are drunk.
Go home before you embarrass yourself any more than you have.
Hey, try to remember what this game is really about.
Don't worry.
Shake it off.
If you'll excuse me, I have funeral arrangements to make.
I understand.
Thank you.
Phillips: I couldn't find the bullet, And with no exit wound, I don't think he was shot.
Take a look.
Well, if that's the case, This wound might indicate shar p- force trauma.
There's a fragment of something.
Black plastic maybe? With something else embedded in it? Huh.
Got a sportsbook ticket from the eclipse.
Thank you.
If he picked a winner, Is the casino obligated to pay his next of kin? Yes.
I'll q.
And you can I.
So, find out what's on his shoes.
Oh, is that all? We don't have a primary crime scene.
We need to know where he was.
I'm thinking a golf course.
Hi-oh! Willows: David! Well, this ought to keep hodges busy for a while.
So, uh, dr.
Ray? Yes? What's your handicap? I don't golf.
I thought all doctors played golf.
Maybe only the rich ones.
Oh, come on now.
That's not true.
Anybody can play golf.
There's plenty of public golf courses.
Sidle: Sure there are.
Langston: Mark twain referred to golf As "a good walk spoiled.
" Well, it can be, if you don't stay in bounds, believe me.
This medium-velocity spatter I've got on the roof here looks like it could be cast-off.
Was there any evidence of a passenger at the crash site? Langston: No, but these things aren't exactly race cars.
It wouldn't be hard to jump out of one While it was moving.
Which puts up back to, where is the primary? Right.
Hey, the balls in this shag bag are jupiter ptxs, But the ones in the front rack are fuschidas.
That's fascinating.
Different balls are designed With different playing characteristics.
Some hit the green and stop dead; Others have a harder core for the long game.
You know, each one is unique, sara.
Oh, just like snowflakes.
I think nick's point is Two different types of balls suggest two different players? Possibly.
Hang in there, danny.
If there's anything I can do, you let me know, yeah? Thanks, jonathan.
Take care, man.
Brass: Mr.
Nagano, can I talk to you? I'm detective jim brass, las vegas police.
I need to ask you a few questions.
Do we have to do this now, detective? I'm afraid so.
Yeah, today's been kind of rough.
Well, been really rough for his dad.
He'll meet you in the clubhouse, okay? Don't forget to sign your card, kiddo.
Thanks a lot.
Sorry about this, but I got to ask you, When was the last time you saw your father? Last night.
There was a party in the clubhouse.
Your stepmother mentioned that.
You broke his course record.
Well, that must have been tricky.
I mean, he was a competitive guy, right? How did he feel about that? We just happened to be in the room with the bar, so Here's to danny nagano, the new course record holder.
Enjoy the night, kid.
So you think this puts you in the same league as your old man? Ah, I wouldn't set my sights that low.
Why you little piece Russell, please, not on a night like tonight.
Please, don't do this.
Hey, mom, it's okay.
He's just ranting and probably drunk.
Don't take that tone with me.
No, go home, dad.
Go home before you embarrass yourself more than you already have.
Why don't you try to remember What this game is really about.
Good night.
Just ignore him, okay? Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do.
It's your night.
And that was the last thing he ever said to me.
I gotta go turn in my scorecard.
No, I understand.
Thanks for the help.
Thank you very much.
Woman: Copper glen, manager's office.
Yes, this is captain brass.
How can I help you, sir? Look, I need to know who was on duty At the clubhouse bar last night.
Preferably somebody with a good memory.
Russell huntley's prints are on the jupiters.
That's not surprising.
Let's see what we've got on the fuschidas.
Willows: The fragment we recovered From the victim's neck wound is carbon fiber Reinforced polymer and thermosetting epoxide polymer.
Graphite and epoxy.
He got shafted.
Yeah, the murder weapon is most likely The composite shaft of a golf club.
How appropriate.
Willows: Mm-hmm.
Stokes: Here's some prints on a fuschida Belonging to a guy Named john dudek.
Langston: I believe he's the son's caddy.
Stokes: And another print on a fuschida.
Belonging to erin nagano.
Wlvu student.
Ooh, quite a record.
I'd say.
"dui, disorderly conduct, Open or gross lewdness.
" On a golf course? She's michelle's sister.
With her prints all over her sister's ex's balls.
Erin nagano? That's me.
My name's nick Goggle up and tell me who you are.
Okay, sure.
I'm nick stokes.
I'm with the vegas crime lab.
Interferometer? No.
Optical heterodyne detector.
All right, am I getting busted? Now, why would I want to go and do something like that? No reason.
It's just happened before.
Yeah, that I do know about you.
Your prints were found on a golf ball In a cart russell huntley's body was found dead in.
Really? P.
Passed your picture around in the clubhouse.
Bartender said he saw you with russell the night that he died.
Said it looked like you two were in a fight.
Leave danny alone! I was at the party, yeah.
But for danny.
I blew off my physics Watch his round.
And I saw every single amazing shot.
What was going on with you and russell? Oh, damn.
I mean, you make it sound like we're just knocking it out.
Were you? Oh, believe me, even if russ hadn't been married To my sister, I'm not into old retired pros.
But if michelle had been married To a pro looper, then yeah, sure, She might have had some competition.
A looper? You're into caddies? What can I say? I just like a man who hauls a big bag.
Maybe russell was drinking.
I know I was.
He had a lot to be angry about, Because he was a douche, To my sister and to danny.
I had as little to do with him as possible.
Still doesn't explain how the golf ball got in the cart.
I don't know how those got there.
I mean, sometimes I buy balls for danny.
But I've never given anything to russell.
You buy fuschida golf balls for danny.
He's sponsored by fuschida.
He gets all that stuff for free.
All right, look, a couple of years ago, Before danny started making noise on the tour, I bought him a box of fuschidas before the las vegas open.
As a gift.
You know, 'cause he is my step-nephew.
Anyways, danny ends up winning And, ta-da, a new tradition's born.
Golfers are hardcore superstitious, So every time danny tees it up in competition, I have to fork over the dough And buy him a bran d- new box of those pills.
And trust me, they are not cheap.
And I'm still in school.
So You got a primary crime scene? Well, the soil on your vic's shoes Had a ph range of 5.
0 to 7.
1, With traces of potassium, Hydrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, Zinc, copper.
And I I.
'd all the grasses as bent, bermuda and rye.
Which means? He was on a golf course.
Soil and grass With all of those properties can be found At numerous places on both courses of copper glen.
In other words, you got nothing.
When you put it that way, it makes me sound ineffectual.
That's the secret to good leadership.
According to laser girl, the fuschida golf balls In russell's cart belong to danny.
Danny's prints weren't on the balls Or anywhere on the cart; just his caddy's.
At least we know who to talk to next.
Hey, guys, you gotta see this.
Before john dudek became a caddy, He was a professional golfer.
He toured in europe and north america.
He went from pro to caddy? Usually it's the other way around.
Well, it wasn't by choice.
He was suspended for the illegal use Of performance-enhancing drugs.
Specifically propranolol.
That's a beta-blocker.
They're designed to lower heart rate, reduce tremors.
They don't really enhance performance So much as they ease anxiety.
But they're still banned in all professional sports, Including golf.
Want to know how dudek got caught? Yeah, lay it on me.
Russell huntley dimed him out.
Man: But, for the most part, golf has been spared Scandals involving performanc e- enhancing drugs, Which is why the suspension of john dudek In 1987 was so notable.
It was a disgrace.
You had a very personal stake in it.
When he was on tour, You often referred to john dudek as a brother.
That's the way I felt about him.
There's an old saying: "if you're not cheating, you're not really trying.
" That kind of attitude doesn't have a place in golf.
The only person you're really playing out there is yourself.
At the end of day, when you put your name on that scorecard, You're swearing, "this is what I did, This is who I am.
" John tried to put himself above the honor of the game.
I couldn't let him.
Nobody gets to do that.
Woman: Golf laboratories state-of-the art Computer-controlled robot offers today's professional Complete mastery over all variables of the game- From club and shaft dynamics to overall ball performance, Our robot is indispensable to teaching And the advancement of golf technology in the 21st century.
Excuse me.
Come on, man, no autographs right now.
I'm working here.
That was a very nice finish, But you've been laying it off at the top a little bit lately.
You might want to watch that.
My name's ray langston.
I'm with the crime lab, And I need to speak to mr.
Dudek, if you don't mind.
Catch you later, johnny.
I hope.
How can I help you? Well, you can tell me why we found your fingerprints On a golf ball that we found near russell huntley's body.
Russell huntley- you remember him.
He's the man that turned you into a caddy After he ratted you off the tour.
That was over 25 years ago.
It was another lifetime.
What do you want me to say, I killed russell 'cause he ruined my life? You can say Whatever you like, mr.
Look, I didn't become tiger woods, But you want to know something? Being steve williams isn't half bad.
Steve williams is tiger woods' caddy.
I'm aware of who steve williams is.
I just don't care.
What about your prints? I don't know.
Maybe russell borrowed some of danny's balls.
I didn't get the impression that they were that friendly.
How'd you wind up on danny's bag? I was at the hospital with russell The night that danny was born.
And on the green the day he picked up his first clubs.
Years after russell blew up my career, Danny called me, asked me if I would carry for him.
Gave me a way back.
He's a good kid.
So the other day, you and danny Set fire to the course, You partied at the clubhouse, And then what? Same as every night- Pizza and porn.
Sidle: So, russell corners laser girl, Argues with his son and his ex-wife, And then leaves the party around 7:15 p.
His body was found the next morning On the golf course at gap of 14 and a half hours.
And we still don't have a primary crime scene.
Russell huntley Placed a $5,000 over/under bet On danny's first round score.
Cash in on his son's success.
No, actually he bet against his son.
Man, he bet the ball on danny? Bet the ball? Willows: He bet the over.
He bet that his son, a professional golfer, Wouldn't even break par.
That's cold.
Langston: Danny shot 61.
Russell lost the bet- big time.
Sounds like a better theory for father killing son.
Stokes: You know, danny's round was pretty incredible.
I mean, a 61's no joke.
There's nothing in his recent tournament history To suggest he was on the verge of blowing up.
What if danny was cheating? And his father found out about it.
Danny's caddy, John dudek, has a history of cheating.
"honor the game above all else.
" That was russell's credo.
Willows: Well, if you think That cheating is a viable motive, See if you can prove it.
Every amateur golfer, at one time or another, Has used the old foo t- wedge to improve his lie, But it's a big no-no in tournament play.
I once played a podiatrist Who used to apply lip balm to his driver To reduce his side spin.
He still couldn't break a hundred.
I thought you said you didn't play.
I did, once upon a time, But not anymore.
So how does a professional golfer cheat With the cameras and the eyes of the gallery on him? Think the answer is in these pages? The list of conforming balls is 35 pages long.
So is the list of non-conforming balls.
Conforming drivers, Non-conforming drivers.
Standards designed to balance human skill Against technological advantage.
To prevent things Like drivers from adding distance With a trampoline effect.
Stokes: Or that the ball's dimple pattern Doesn't greatly reduce the drag or spin rate.
But it's still just a game.
It's a golfer, a club and a ball.
Yeah, if danny was cheating, He was either messing with the ball, his club Or his body.
Or all three.
Danny: I just don't understand why they need my clubs.
It's all in the warrant.
Come on in here.
I want to show you something.
Sit here.
Watch this.
Check it out.
Huntley: Golf is not a game of perfect.
No matter how good you are, you'll want to get better at it, And you'll never master it.
But that, like any great love affair, Is the pain and the passion of golf, Whether you're playing against The greatest players in the world Or just knocking around On a late afternoon with your son.
Why are you showing me this? You know, jog your memory a little bit.
I mean, for someone whose father just got killed, You seem a little Detached.
Hmm? Why is that? You know what I remember most about that day? What? My dad's driver.
It was a gift from byron nelson.
A '55 five-screw Macgregor mt eye-o-matic.
He loved that club.
My father started coaching me when I was five.
Dropped me when I was 19.
Too many false starts.
Too many choked-out finishes, he said.
Didn't have what it takes.
So is that why you brought dudek back, huh? To stick it to the old man? Give yourself a different kind of edge? You think I'm cheating? Sir, I'm gonna take your blood.
You're not taking anything from me.
Is that what you think? I can come back later No, do it now.
We're gonna take your blood.
It's in the warrant.
Langston: There is nothing unusual about any of his clubs.
And all of his golf balls check out.
Dimple pattern, weight, diameter, They're all up to spec.
So I got expanded tox on danny nagano's blood, And I got nothing.
No traces of propranolol Or any other bet a- blockers in his system.
Maybe we were wrong.
Maybe danny has game after all.
Sorry; I'm sorry.
I'll clean that up.
That's all right Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What is it? A not-so-inelastic collision.
Hodges: Hey, guys.
Langston: Hodges, you want to know what we're doing? I guess that means you found the primary crime scene.
The center mass of the ball from russell's cart Is almost 20% harder than it should be.
Danny was definitely cheating.
There was no evidence of any tampering on the shell, So how do you harden a polybutadiene core Without leaving a mark? Frickin' laser beams.
Isn't this, like, a matter for, like, the usga? Murder during the course of a felony, such as fraud, Is a matter for us.
Murder? That's right.
You know, I I read a lot, erin.
And I remember a writ e- up a few years back About some japanese scientists who exposed golf balls To focused x-ray sources.
They found that the radiation altered The composition of the cores, making them harder, Which increased the distance per drive.
I mean, it's not a hard experiment to duplicate.
Especially not for a bright, Young laser jockey like yourself.
All right, so I juiced the balls.
But that's all.
Giving them to danny, that was dudek's idea.
I heard erin bragging in the clubhouse, A few weeks ago, about what she could do With her lasers and balls.
So I asked her if she could make me some.
Did you tell her what for? She didn't care.
She just wanted one thing in exchange- Sex.
Bad kitty, I know.
I'm only consoled, though, by some recent studies Suggesting a link between iq and sex drive.
In women.
Danny just needed a edge.
Making a living on ten percent Doesn't work unless your man's into the serious money.
Right? All right.
I needed an edge.
Danny had nothing to do with it.
Why do I find that so hard to believe? The kid has never cheated A day in his life.
He had no idea.
He-he was just having a great round.
Try this.
A nine iron? I can't get there with that.
You can today, kiddo.
But russell He figured it out, didn't he? He knew better.
Danny didn't have enough talent to play the way he did today.
You gave him some of those damn laser balls, didn't you? Look, I don't know what you're talking about, sunshine.
Is this dudek's idea? Is dudek helping danny cheat? Is that it? Why don't you just leave danny alone? Just let him enjoy the moment.
Man: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please.
Duffy would like to say a few words.
And that was the last time that I saw him alive; I swear.
Why should I believe you now, erin? Can I borrow your phone? I'm not calling a lawyer.
Yeah, sure.
I can show you my alibi.
I put a webcam in my lab.
To document research.
You see, um, I couldn't have killed russell.
I was kind of busy.
Yeah, yeah, kind of.
Like I said, Pizza and porn.
Rhizoctonia solani.
It's a fungus that causes "large patch disease" In zoysia grass and bermuda grass.
A fungus on a golf course is bad.
Yes, but for us, it's very, very good.
You see, The greenskeepers at copper glen Are doing a magnificent job keeping the rhizoc at bay.
Only two areas Are currently affected.
This one near the clubhouse is being used During the tournament by the media.
But this one is a private teaching range Behind course number two.
Technically, it's closed.
You see what you can accomplish when your pride's on the line? Every day of my life.
Okay, so we have russell's bag, His jacket and an open box of fuschidas.
Weird, there's no driver in here.
Sidle: Here's hodge's fungus.
You know, golf always Struck me as the kind of sport that might appeal to grissom.
I don't know.
It's never come up.
Sometimes I wonder if you two are really married.
Well, now that you mention it Just kidding.
So far, so good.
All right.
Looks like some paint transfer here.
It's red, like the driver head.
Busted graphite shaft.
Grip end.
No sign of the head.
I got some blowflies over here.
Now, this looks like murder to me.
We found black and red enamel paint traces In the concrete near the practice tee, Consistent with a fuschida driver head.
We believe that the club broke in the course of a struggle, And that it was used as a weapon to kill russell huntley.
Well, I didn't do anything to russell.
Well, you were there.
And so was michelle.
She didn't have a thing to do with this.
Well, then tell me what happened.
Russell had accused me of cheating.
I break your course record, so I must be cheating, is that it? You are a jealous old man.
And you're a fraud.
And if you got the guts, You meet me at the teaching range in an hour And I'll prove it to you.
Try to remember what this game is really about.
Danny: And what it's about is honor.
And that's why I had to go.
Huntley: That's the best I got.
Not bad, huh? All right, that was a new ball.
Now I'm gonna do it again with this one.
Took this out of your bag in the clubhouse.
This is what you, uh, Shot your big 61 with.
He said the balls were juiced.
Yeah, they were.
Whether you knew it or not.
You know, I switched to new balls the next day, so I don't know, maybe I did know.
On my best day, I was never able to hit it that good.
So then what happened? I left.
You gotta man up and come clean, danny.
This is insane, all right? I don't know what you're talking about.
You gotta go to those officials, Confess and take the consequences, you hear me? It's better to lose than to be a cheater.
Go to hell, dad! I said I don't know what you're talking about! You gotta tell them! You hear me, son, you've gotta tell them! You gotta tell them or I will! You gotta tell them what you did! You tell them or I will, you hear me?! So you're saying that he was alive when you left? There wasn't a struggle? I never touched him.
Well, did your stepmother witness anything? I just saw michelle driving up As I was leaving.
Danny? Danny! She would never hurt anyone.
Yes, I did see danny on his way out of the teaching range.
What were you doing up there? I was just going to hit a few, blow off some steam.
It's nice and quiet up there.
But when I saw danny leaving, I turned around And followed him back to the clubhouse.
So you never went to the practice tee? Listen, uh, I know you want to protect danny, I understand that.
But the best way to protect him Is to tell me the truth.
I told you before.
I don't know what happened to russell.
Well, I think I do.
I think you went up to the practice tee, And you saw what your stepson had done to his father.
Danny? Danny! And you left.
You walked away.
And you didn't even bother To make an anonymous phone call for help.
That never happened.
I figure she sees him and leaves.
He gets into the cart to try to get help and doesn't make it.
Agreed, but we still have no way to determine Who's telling the truth.
Either danny's protecting michelle Or michelle's protecting danny.
Or the two of them are in on it together.
They certainly both had their reasons to want russell dead.
What we need is the murder weapon.
All right, assuming that russell was stabbed With the broken club head at the teaching range, Then the cas t- off on the golf cart's roof Probably came from when he pulled it out of his neck.
Langston: Since we know where he crashed Willows: We know where to look.
Sidle: I've got bad news and worse news.
Let's hear it.
Bad news is the only prints that I recovered from the murder weapon Are a match to the victim.
So we can't put the murder weapon in the hands of Either one of our suspects? It exonerates the both of them.
Yeah, that's the, uh, worse news part.
So, both danny and michelle just walk? Sara, can you blow up the prints On the grip there, please? Sure.
That's a partial palm print.
Nick, you familiar with any of the urban legends about golf? Vaguely.
Look at the orientation of the prints.
I think I know what you're getting at.
Langston: When I told the company rep what we were doing, He was more than happy to lend us the robot.
All right, why don't we let the big dog eat? You know, ray, For somebody who doesn't like golf, You certainly seem to know an awful lot about it.
It's not that I don't like golf.
It's just that you have to focus your mind, Practically every fiber of your being On a small white ball That you want to hit just the right way, And then when you hit it The feeling is exhilarating.
And so you chase the small, white ball All day Mm-hmm.
So that you can hit it exactly the same way.
You chase that feeling.
It's kind of like cocaine.
Not exactly The best hobby for an obsessive personality.
Yeah, people like that are better suited for a job In criminalistics, huh? Wow, you guys weren't kidding about this thing.
That's a lot of technology for smacking golf balls.
It can be a serious game.
Okay, so what's your theory? What caught our eye were Russell's partial palm prints on the shaft, Just below the grip.
Yeah, and when danny left his dad, He said he was just pounding his club against the ground.
Langston: He was mad as hell and he wasn't gonna take it anymore.
Stokes: Fore! Oh! That's gotta be about a on e- in-a-million shot.
Stokes: It is.
And believe it or not, it's not just an urban legend.
There are at least four reported cases, Worldwide, of golfers Who accidentally killed themselves By breaking their clubs.
Well, there's a lesson in that.
What? Don't drive angry.
Don't drive angry.