CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s11e01 Episode Script

Shock Waves

Previously on C.
Haskell reached out from prison, said he had something to offer on the Dr.
Jekyll case.
Were you two gonna fly this over my head? This was my decision, Jim.
Hey, last time I checked, CSI worked for me.
You need me; I don't need you.
I give you good information.
I got you to the place.
Go back there and see what that guy's going.
Clark! Come on, I'll buy you a drink at P.
I'll catch up to you.
You killed Jekyll.
You look like you came out of it relatively unscathed.
Good-bye, Nate.
Haskell Get in there! I need emergency to lockup right now.
Come on.
Come on Let's move! Ray! Ray! Ray! Come on! Ray! Lockdown! Ray! Ray.
Ray, it's Catherine.
It's okay.
You're gonna be just fine.
All right, guys, watch out.
We're coming through! Stay with me, Ray.
Get set up.
I've tried paging ultrasound.
They're not responding.
Go another one coming in watch it! Call respiratory I'm gonna need to intubate him.
Okay, set him here.
Ray, can you hear me? Respiratory on the way.
Can you hear me? Ray? He can wait.
He's seizing Give me five milligrams of Perced.
Open the I.
wide open.
I'm going to start a second line, try to get some blood.
BP's 70/40.
Pulse is 140.
He's crashing.
Prep O.
Gotta open him up, see what's going on inside.
Call X-ray! Got a stat chest! Ray would you like to pray together? Don't be ashamed.
All the others did.
You're gonna be all right, Ray.
You're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be okay.
Ray you're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be all right.
Call the O.
, tell 'em we're on the way right now.
You're gonna be okay.
All right, let's move him.
Here we go.
Clear, please! I know your heart's in the right place, Nick, but the family, would be more comfortable if you weren't here.
Now, I've been where you are, I know how you feel, but sometimes the best thing is just to walk away.
Okay? That's the right thing.
Officer Franklin Clark died a hero.
He wore the badge proudly, and he saw his life tragically cut short when he put duty ahead of all else.
He will be remembered as a family man as a friend and all of us who knew him, who will always remember him, we stand shoulder to shoulder in honoring his memory.
To Officer Clark's children, Tarik and Brandon, we promise you today that we will never let you forget what a great man your dad was.
Go back there and see what that guy's doing.
And as you stand with your family know that we are your family, too.
You will never be alone.
Atten-hut! Ready fire! Shotgun! Fire! Clark! Fire! Quarter arms.
Control advising all units, Officer Franklin Clark, P-number 4-3-5-2-8-4 Secure, final.
No, no, go back, go back, go back! There's another bomb! Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Yeah, three explosions, yes.
Two fatalities, about, uh, a dozen injured, three critical.
Well, it could have been a lot worse.
No, Mr.
Mayor, I'm not trying to minimize the situation.
Look, do yourself a favor, turn on your television.
Nicky can you hear me? Tinnitis.
It's temporary.
So is the nausea.
Normal after you get hit with a blast wave.
I think I popped a couple stitches.
What tipped you off? What? What tipped you off about the explosion? Periplaneta Americana.
Cockroaches? Yeah, they were all over the van you know, daylight's not really their thing.
I think they were attracted to the clicking sound of the detonators, like a mating call or something.
Hey, thank God Okay.
You're okay, Nick.
Nate Haskell did this.
And if he'd stayed in prison where he belongs, I wouldn't have lost two of my men.
It's always easy to quarterback after the fact.
Bomb squad says it's all clear, it's yours.
All right, well, I'm gonna need video from all the news teams.
On the ground and in the air.
Catch up with you later.
Oh, Nicky, why are you flanking me? You've already been a hero today.
Go to the hospital.
I can't hear you.
The hospital! Not so fast.
This jacket's evidence.
Now, that was my best suit.
Have you seen your car? Investigators are combing through the debris, looking for clues that might identify the perpetrators of this horrendous crime.
No one has stepped forward to claim credit for the bombing.
Sources within LVPD admit they have no solid lead How you feeling, man? How's Nick? He's lucky to be alive.
That's the fourth bomb dog in five minutes.
Should we evacuate? Just a precaution.
You know what this button's for, right? Morphine clouds my thinking.
You're thinking Haskell did this? But how'd he do it? I mean, his mail and his phone calls are monitored by the penitentiary.
He has no contact with other inmates.
He'd have had to have outside help.
I mean, he's used acolytes before.
I need my laptop and my cell phone, Jim.
Come on, Ray, give it a rest.
Don't forget my charger.
I still owe you that drink.
Jim you talk to Haskell, you play your game, not his.
Man's got an amazing attitude for a guy who lost a kidney.
Does he know that? Mm-hmm.
Fortunately, God gave him two.
How's Ray? He's gonna make a full recovery.
Thank goodness.
I want Ray to live a long, long time, so that every time he unzips his pants to take a leak he'll think of me.
Yeah, he'll always remember what a putz you are.
You know, you're a smart guy, Nate.
You've been three steps ahead of us during this whole game.
Well, five.
But you're here to see if I decided to go out with a bang.
Did you? What's different about you? This has been so nice.
You're my first visitor.
Let me guess.
The blast turned over this new kinder, gentler leaf in you.
If you don't mind, I'd like to eat my lunch.
Could you untie me, please? Bon appétit.
Your next meal will be through a hole in a cell door.
Take him back to Ely.
Those, uh, prills are unexploded ammonium nitrate from your van bomb.
You know, you're lucky only one of those barrel.
Those, uh, prills are unexploded ammonium nitrate or a spatula.
Or with a putty knife.
New bomb tech, huh? You're Monahan, right? Anyone crazy enough to wave a pistol at 100 armed cops You can call me Kacey.
Copy that.
All right, the brains of the bomb are usually within the first 20 yards.
Heavier stuff flies farther.
Detonators tend to be light.
And the brains should lead us to our big bad bomber.
Bomb was designed to maximize chaos injuries.
Well, the good news it's left us a lot of evidence.
That looks like brain matter.
Cell phone detonator.
I haven't seen one of these since Iraq.
Does a cell phone trigger make a clicking sound? Not usually.
We have got three different bombs.
Which means, there's possibly three detonators.
This is a composite image of the bomb site.
GCMS identified residue from the casket and tombstone bombs as smokeless gunpowder.
Specifically, Nosumi Pro Formula Four.
You can buy it at any gun store.
What it tells us is that the first two bombs were low explosive devices.
Low explosive.
Why? Easy to acquire, easy to build.
The van bomb's a different story.
It's high-explosive.
ANFO Ammonium Nitrate, Fuel Oil.
Same stuff that destroyed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.
Yeah, it was the kill bomb.
Well, how do we think the bombs got there? The casket bomb was placed with Officer Clark's body at the funeral home.
It's open 24/7.
There's no security.
The Claymore was placed in a flower arrangement, which was delivered by a company called, uh, Bouquet Builders.
Now, they reported their van stolen two days ago.
Let's go back to the low explosive devices.
First one the casket bomb, was designed to scare, not to kill.
Cops are trained to take cover under fire.
The only cover was the tombstones, right in the path of the second bomb.
There was only one way to go right into the path of the van bomb.
Bombers are unlike any other criminals, except poisoners.
They plan meticulously, they nurse long grudges, and they retaliate far out of proportion to any injury they feel they've received.
That sounds like Nate Haskell.
Nate Haskell likes to kill people one at a time.
Yeah, he gets off on the intimacy of inflicting pain and slow death.
He's not one for mass murder.
Are you saying it wasn't Nate Haskell? Yes.
Then who the hell is it? Someone with a grudge against cops.
Go home, Nicky.
You're tired.
No, I'm-I'm I'm okay.
I mean, everybody's tired, right? Everybody wasn't shot and then blown up.
It's not funny.
I almost lost you.
I almost lost Ray.
And I don't want to lose this case because you're maxed out.
You need to sit down with the department shrink.
Oh, come on.
It's mandatory after a shooting incident.
Yeah, I-I know the rules.
But it's not about rules, Nicky.
It's about you.
Look, the time I waste talking to a shrink is time I could be helping you out on this case.
You can't just John Wayne this like everything else.
After losing Warrick, I thought, if I just worked hard enough, if I focused completely on the cases that I I wouldn't have to think about his death.
There isn't enough work in the world I realized that I couldn't do my job without talking to somebody.
I never knew that about you.
Well, I'm I'm good at hiding things.
Like you.
Just ask yourself this, okay? If you got a callout tomorrow to the restaurant where you got shot and Officer Clark died, could you focus? Could you be there for your team? Would you want you backing you up right now? Make that call.
Officers Morales and Hooper.
Both had kids.
This poor soul's been through here twice.
Once in the line of duty, and then a bomb.
Makes you want to slug someone.
And then some.
Explosive must have been beneath his thorax.
Trauma lessens as it moves out from there.
Mostly plastic and wire.
No shrapnel.
Consistent with our theory that the coffin bomb was designed to cause panic.
I can't stop thinking about his family.
Losing a husband is horrible enough without the funeral ending up like this.
I spoke to his wife.
Told her he was already in a better place.
Do you believe that? I believe that it helped her.
Hmm Maybe Officer Clark just helped us.
I may have found the bomber's signature.
You see the way the wires are twisted and then soldered? Well, if you put a wire on a post and then Twist it, most people are happy with that.
This guy soldered it, too.
He didn't leave anything to chance.
He is meticulous.
Maybe even OCD.
Sounds like you admire this guy.
Yeah, I admire the work.
Doc Robbins just pulled this SIM card out of Officer Clark's body.
You want to bet that's from the cell phone that detonated the casket bomb? Let's plug it in, and see who reached out and touched someone.
Hey, bomber, we got your number.
So the cell number came back to a Thomas Rand.
He's a local kid.
A Marine deployed to Afghanistan.
Says here he was a demolition specialist, So the guy knows bombs.
Yeah, but if you look at the bottom of the page, he was killed in action last month.
Well, maybe a friend or relative is looking for payback, huh? Well, that's just what I'm going to ask his wife.
Thank you for coming in.
I'm Captain Jim Brass.
Look, uh, I know your husband was killed recently, bravely serving our country in Afghanistan.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Yeah, that's what the Marines said when they came to the house.
The insurance Agent Mrs.
Rand, I know.
I I'm a former Marine.
I served in Vietnam.
I saw a lot.
I lost a lot of friends.
I understand your anger.
My daughter is four, and I have a son on the way.
All right.
What'd you do with your husband's cell phone, the 0-1-0-1 number? I don't know.
I-I gave most of his stuff away to charity.
Why? Because it was used to detonate a bomb at a funeral.
Th-that policeman's funeral? The-the one that's on the news? Exactly.
So, what'd you do with it? Who'd you give it to? A-A community center.
Um, it was a charity drive.
They were collecting cell phones for soldiers.
Which community center? Are you ready for a new America? Where hard work pays off? This country's been hijacked by profiteers! Big banks, Wall Street, giant corporations.
They have a license to steal at our expense.
Their credit cards keep us in debt.
That's it! Their mortgages leverage the future of our families.
So what I say is, we stop playing their game.
That's right! Stop paying our taxes that pay for their failures.
Yes! Cut up your cards! Credit, driver's license, Social Security.
They can't control you if they can't find you.
Sure, there are those who say, hold on there, hold on there, Dr.
Huxbee why can't we reason with Washington? Engage in constructive dialogue, change our country from inside the system?" Brother Ralph Harvey went down that road, and where is he now? He's in jail! Brother Ralph was exercising his right to drive his own car down a public road.
Driving without a license.
Ralph is no criminal! He's a decent man.
He took me and my brother when we didn't have anyone.
And now the government took him away from us.
And why? Because Ralph dared to live as a new American.
And you see what happens when we speak truth to power.
The profiteers send in their mercenaries.
Las Vegas Police.
I need everyone to get up against the wall and let me see your hands.
Your authorities are not good here.
I'll give you authority if you don't get up against the wall.
Uh, no, no resistance, brothers and sisters.
Don't play their power game.
Just say no, huh? Hey, you pack a real mean right hook.
Like Gandhi, I turn the other cheek.
Just wasn't mine.
Look, I been, uh analyzing the blast patterns.
We've confirmed one initial device, followed by two secondaries.
It's all about timing.
If I'm the bomber, I'm not gonna set off those two explosions unless all of my targets are in the kill zone, right? You think the bomber had "eyes on.
" He had to be there.
I've been looking for him in the news footage.
Here's what I've found.
That is not Southwest.
No, it's a radio- controlled model.
Here's what caught my attention.
The casket bomb goes off.
Cell phone detonated.
The Claymore.
At this point, the plane clearly loses control.
The van bomb goes off.
Now a remote-controlled plane dips and crashes almost at the same time that the last two bombs go off.
They were radio-detonated.
Probably by the same controller.
Probably by whoever was flying the plane.
Remote-controlled planes have a range of about 2,500 feet.
That means those last two explosions could have been set off from no more than a half a mile.
Bomber's in the wind, but the plane isn't.
That's it, kiddo.
Have a seat.
You got a wallet on you, boss? No I.
, no credit card.
Do you got anything with your name on it? I burned 'em.
Emancipated myself.
Okay, well, congratulations, you're not gonna need 'em where you're going.
Now, open up.
We're on the same side, sister.
I love this country, revere our Constitution.
But dark forces are afoot.
Think about who you really work for.
I work for the people of Clark County.
Do you? Shut up.
Released? Half of these dingbats were assaulting a police officer, including the one standing in front of you now.
Yeah, I get it Jim, but you found no weapons or explosives on their premises.
Oh, a cell phone from their center detonated the bomb, so someone had to be involved.
Where's the evidence? Well, I don't know CSI's working on it.
It takes time.
These guys got no I.
You let them go, they're in the wind, it's buh-bye.
All right, we can legally hold them until we process the transitory evidence.
Lab is backed up, I'm not inclined to approve overtime, so I can buy you Okay.
All right.
I'm here.
Got a perfect view of the grave site.
How far away are you? At least a football field.
You're still well within range.
Well, Ray, I don't see any plane around here.
Maybe he took it with him.
Nobody ever looks up.
Looks up what? Looks up looks up.
In the sky.
In "plane" sight.
You asked me if a cell phone detonator could make a click-click.
But a radio-controlled detonator Are you hearing that? I switched the frequency.
I found this 18 yards from the van bomb.
It's a servo switch, just like the one that operates this plane.
See? It's clicking because it's searching for a signal from the radio controller and not finding one.
I switched it back to "A.
" And we are back in business.
So some guy's innocently flying this plane around, he flicks a switch and he's a bomber? Somebody please give me some good news.
That shiner'll go away in about a week.
The last two bombs were radio-controlled, detonated by whoever was flying that model airplane around.
The better news is that Greg got a print off of it.
Came back to an Alex McCann, 21.
Went through foster care.
He's already in the system for B&E, couple of petties.
No address, but We got a McCann in custody a Jason McCann.
Yeah, yeah, that was one of the people that I processed.
Could be a younger brother.
Certainly old enough to be involved.
Well, the owner of Hank's Hobby Shop said the kid that bought that plane fit Jason's description, so So let me get my hooks into him.
He's not gonna talk to you.
Okay, well, are you gonna tell me how to do my job again? We know how well that turned out, right? I'm gonna tell you how not to blow this.
In case you haven't noticed, it's already blown.
All right, let me go.
What are you gonna do, Nick, give the kid a lollipop? It's the least I can do for Officer Clark.
I mean, I owe him that much, don't you think? Where's your gun, your vest, your badge? You off work or something? Well, no, I only wear my vest when I'm in the field, and you can't really have your gun on in this room, and I'm not a cop, so I don't have a badge.
I just have an I.
You still represent the authority.
Everything I hate.
Just like you probably hate me.
No, what I hate's got nothing to do with you, man.
You know what I really hate right now, it's kind of eating me alive? A few days ago, a police officer lost his life on my watch, 'cause I didn't have his back.
And he had a wife and two kids.
When I went to the funeral to pay my respects, his family asked me to leave.
I hated that, you know.
But I got involved in law enforcement because I want to try and help people.
And that's the only reason I'm here, man, is trying to help you out.
Do you have a brother named Alex? Hm? Well, if you really love him and you don't want any more people to die, you need to go ahead and tell me where he is right now.
They're gonna kill him, aren't they? Not if I can help it.
I didn't have anything to do with the bombs, I swear.
I just bought the airplane.
I believe you.
But what's the deal with your brother? When the cops arrested Ralph, Alex snapped.
Ralph was like a father to us.
He was a decent man.
And the cops treated him like a lowlife.
So your brother's waging war against the entire Las Vegas police force because of the way that Ralph was treated? He told me he was just gonna throw a scare in the cops.
Not blow them up.
Okay, look, all you're guilty of right now is buying a model airplane and that's not a crime, last time I checked.
But it is a crime to make bombs and go around trying to kill people, like your brother's doing.
So you got to go ahead and tell me where he is, Jason.
I can't.
Why not? If you really want to protect him, you've got to help me get him into custody as soon as possible before somebody else gets hurt.
Where is he? He's got a house in Old Henderson.
Where? On Landon.
Good man.
You better hurry.
That show at the funeral was just fireworks compared to what's coming.
I don't see anybody inside.
Okay, I've got to tell you, Nick that is a really bad idea.
Well, I appreciate you having so much confidence in me, but ARMOR's still and according to that kid Jason I get it.
We don't have time.
But can we just make sure we don't blow us both up? That's a good idea, yeah.
Trip wire.
Seriously? Uh-huh.
There's no battery.
We are in luck.
The circuit's not powered.
Ray, we're inside.
Okay, we've got nine empty bomb cases and a bowl of ice.
Ice means he hasn't been gone that long.
There's some white crystals here it looks like some meth.
Hold on.
Kacey? We're okay.
He's using TATP.
Triacetone triperoxide.
You pack those pipes with it, it'll bring down a casino.
Tell me more about the ice.
Well, you need a serious chill to precipitate the explosive but looks like our boy didn't finish the job.
Maybe this is the reason why.
Hydrochloric acid.
Final mixer in the TATP cocktail.
Bottle's empty.
Maybe Alex went shopping.
Alex McCann, you're under arrest! Get your hands in the air, get down on the ground.
Get down on the ground right now! Son, drop the bag and get down! No No, no, no! Nick, drop it.
Nicky! Huh? Drop it.
You all right? Yeah.
You all right? Huh? Yeah.
Dispatch, this is Ida three-two.
We have a male suspect down.
Requesting EMS.
Ida three-two, copy that.
EMS has been notified.
He was planning to hit PD.
Well, you just saved a lot of cops' lives.
Next time Brass tries to beat you up, or you beat yourself up, remember that.
Well, the bomber's dead.
That's one less wack job running loose in the world.
I call that a good day's work.
Where are we with our friends from the community center? Well, none of them had criminal records.
Nothing ties them to the bombing, so I let them walk.
Except the younger brother.
He had prior knowledge.
The D.
's going to want to talk to him.
I didn't wake you, did I? I brought you a little something.
Is it a tie? Okay.
That's beautiful.
Thank you.
You're going to be out of here in a few days.
It'll help you get back on your feet.
When I lost my legs, I had to let go of some dreams.
I was never going to be Fred Astaire.
Lost a little off my jump shot.
But I still dance with my wife and shoot hoops once a week.
I'm never going to be a kidney donor.
Ray no matter how much we think we can control in life, there's always going to be this much we have no control over.
When you accept that, you can move on.
I thought you went home.
Oh, I'm trying.
I'm too tired.
Where are we headed? You're going home.
I'll take Greg.
Where we headed, Andy? Uh, just, uh, follow your noses.
Phew! Akers wasn't kidding.
I smell urine, alcohol No decomp, though.
This is recent.
Caucasian male, between It's hard to tell with these homeless guys.
Somebody called it in about, uh, 20 minutes ago.
You need some sleep, Lou.
Don't we all? Blunt force trauma.
Looks like somebody dragged him.
There's a pup tent and some old bottles back there.
He might have been squatting.
Why don't you guys take the blood trail? I'll take Mr.
Every so often, a trash run? Kind of refreshing.
That's the spirit, David.
Looks like we found our primary.
There's the tent.
Do you have any extra batteries? Why kill a guy and drag him into the middle of an empty room? Thanks.
David, wait.
Lou! Greg! Don't touch anything! We're okay.
It isn't over.