CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s11e02 Episode Script

Pool Shark

Shark! Shark! Shark! Shark! Shark! Shark! No, guys, there's a shark! There's a shark in the water! Drops, don't You guys beat the Coast Guard here.
This is my first shark call out.
You? What do you think? The victim's name is Desiree McQuire.
She's 28.
She's a cocktail waitress here at the Golden Nugget.
Today was her day off.
Little jumpy, David? Booby-trapped bodies, a shark in a swimming pool.
I'm a little jumpy, yeah.
How we gonna get it out of there, so we can get her out of there? I think I can answer that.
You see Jacques Cousteau over there? He's the aquatic veterinarian.
Okay, well, maybe he can share with us how a shark got into this pool.
Excuse me! Dr.
Catherine Willows.
Nice to meet you.
You, too.
How soon can we get the shark out of here? I need to get my victim out of the pool.
Well, just give us a few minutes to pull it out.
Saltwater tiger shark in a freshwater pool is a lethal combination.
Shark population worldwide is in decline without crazy stuff like this.
All right, guys, let's go.
Let's see if we can save her.
Higher, higher.
I don't know what to tell you.
Shark got tired of entertaining the guests and busted out of the tank.
Well, Conrad, it's 120 degrees out here and we're pulling a young dead woman out of the pool.
That's it, that's all I got for you right now.
Hey, sorry, I'm late.
I had an appointment.
I heard it over the squawk.
What's going on? You kidding me?! I got enough problems in the casino.
Now I got people going out in body bags? Besides me, who's in charge here? CSI Willows.
This is Nick Stokes.
Willows? You're Sam's little girl, right? No, I'm a big girl, telling you to step behind the tape before I have you arrested.
Just like your old man.
Always got his way, one way or the other.
You should discuss this someplace else.
I got it, Nicky.
Boozell, we're here to investigate.
This is an active crime scene.
I wouldn't even let the sheriff past that tape, so consider this conversation a luxury.
Let us do our job, and then you can go back doing yours.
Sam's little girl.
So that's Earnest Boozell, huh? The "Booze"? Biggest shark in Vegas.
CSI 11 Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! So, all the sharks around ***** Most from Eastern waters, off the Keys, Montauk, Costa Rica.
They arrive via truck, in water tanks.
They're humanely transported.
I put them in the aquarium, help them survive the shock.
Now they're in show business.
Well, I guess that's one way to make a living.
How many tiger sharks do you have in your tank currently? Well, we try to keep it to three or four.
Any more than that and they start to turn on each other.
Let's put it this way, it's a very challenging little ecosystem.
All right, well, I'm gonna ask the obvious.
Is there a tiger shark that's missing from this tank? Well, Mr.
Boozell wants you to know that, no, all tiger sharks are accounted for.
He also wants you to know that this aquarium right here is built with eight inches of Plexiglas and uses a completely different plumbing system than the pool.
He also wants you to know that if you don't take his word for it, you can just suit up and see for yourself.
I do count four tiger sharks in the tank.
Just like it says in the manifest there.
Thank you, Dr.
Hey, CSIs, tick-tock.
Your time is my money.
Still here? How's my day club? Up and running yet? If you want me to break down the financials for you, I'll be glad to do it.
I'll do it, anyway.
My night club makes three to five million on a sold-out weekend.
The day club, H2O, does seven to ten million.
Not to mention the 20 mil that they drop inside.
One minute you're flush, the next you're bust.
Spoken just like a true mogul's daughter.
What made you become a cop? I happen to love my job, and could you please leave my father out of this? Well, I love my job, too, and I got to get back to it.
The manifests don't lie.
It's clear that the shark in the pool did not come from my tank.
Well, it had to come from somewhere.
Well, maybe it checked in last night, VIP.
No, VIS Very Important Shark.
He checked in, took a dip in the pool this morning, had a bite to eat.
Now he's on the hook for murder.
All right, you're right, sir.
Your manifest did check out, but we're far from done.
Now we need access to your surveillance.
All of it.
Thank you.
Thank you! Wait, no, no, no, no.
Pool's closed, ladies.
Let's just go across the street to Macklin's.
We're losing sun.
Last of the lookiloos? Yeah, yeah.
Now it sounds like everybody's going to the pool across the street.
Well, I just came from the Eye in the Sky.
I had security run the outdoor cameras leading up to the time of the attack.
There are no signs of anyone dropping a shark into the pool.
But the cameras inside the casino are a lot better than out here.
Half of this pool is covered in a blind spot.
Yeah, well, maybe somebody knew that, you know? Maybe it's an inside job.
This is pretty easy access.
Back door leading from the house right to the pool.
I got to say, it's a great place to get high.
Yeah, not a bad place to smuggle in a shark, either.
Hey, there.
Welcome back.
So how was Spokane? It was your niece, wasn't it? It was Portland.
It was my sister.
And it was good.
Oh, Catherine.
I swear to God, all she does is buzz me all day.
I wanted to pick up where we left off.
Dinner? I can't, I'm really busy.
But can we definitely talk later? Sure, yeah, sure.
Oh, Catherine again.
Uh, I got to go, but we'll talk later? Okay.
Hey, Catherine, hello.
Hey, yeah I thought I heard you coming.
Back on the rails.
Steady, thanks to you.
Permission to come aboard.
Permission granted, Captain.
This our girl? Desiree McQuire, 28.
Arm's missing.
Got a hunch where it went, but that is the Aquatic Vet's purview, not mine.
exsanguination? Seems obvious.
Well, a shark tooth.
Not a drop of blood on it.
Clean as a whistle.
No blood on the puncture.
Tells me the tissue lacks vital response, which means there was no blood flowing through the tissue when she was bitten.
According to David's report, she bled out in the pool.
Well, then, blood had to be flowing.
How can both things be true? Been a while, Drops.
That's your ganja, man.
And that's enough to put you right back in a ten-by-eight cell.
Let me guess.
One of your fancy machines fingered me? Yeah, so, uh, what now? You guys going to charge me with smoking? I like murder better.
Murder? Yeah.
Nick, help me out here.
Hey, don't look at me, man.
I'm not the one that got you in this mess.
That blunt puts you in the one blind spot where a shark could have been put into the water, and according to Human Resources, you had access to the service area, which is right next to the pool.
A young woman was killed.
That makes you a co-conspirator.
To a shark? Yeah.
Man, you Columbos got this all wrong.
I promote Boozell's day clubs.
That's why I have all access, and the area behind the pool is where we bring in the DJ equipment.
Do you guys have any idea how hard it is to get a job when you get out the pen? Boozell took a chance on me after I was laid off from my first gig.
Why would I blow that? The job or the blunt? Come on, now, got a wife and kid to support.
And it's not like Macklin's going to take me back.
You used to work across the street at Macklin's? I used to promote his day clubs.
I mean, until I got fired for nothing.
Okay, Macklin's got an aquarium, sharks and a day club that would benefit from Boozell's bad luck.
Wait a minute.
So you think that I put that shark in that pool for a guy who fired me? No, but you and I both know that if the price is right, you'd look the other way.
I mean, you do have a wife and a kid to support.
You said it.
And if there's one guy who just can't stay out of jail it's you.
Why would this Drops kid bite the hand that feeds him? I gave him a job right after Macklin threw him out.
And my day club went through the roof.
I'm not one for puns, but it sounds like you're fishing.
Maybe I am testing the waters a bit, trying to get a little background.
Let's be cards up on this.
Your daddy used to say that.
The rivalry between you and Macklin to insiders like me, is a bedtime story.
I know all about Macklin's signature property, the Big Dragon going off, rattling the windows of your casino, and you barging into his office, demanding that he turn it down.
And what did he do? He made it even louder.
So, when Macklin built his topless Euro pool, you put up a tower that blocked all of his customers' sun.
What's the problem? You both have day clubs, pools, sharks, and a rivalry that goes back to when Bugsy set foot in the desert.
You don't think I put the shark in my own pool? That doesn't make sense.
You know the financials.
They just w-walk across the street.
I'm gonna kill him.
Bit of free advice.
Never say that in front of a cop.
Shark bites a woman's arm off, severs the brachial artery.
What happens? She's going to bleed out into the pool, period.
Which leads us back to the tooth, which shows no evidence of inflammation or any hemorrhaging in the surrounding soft tissue where you found it.
Which could only mean she was dead before the shark ever took a bite.
All right, so if she was dead before she was bitten, a shark bites a dead woman's arm off, severs an artery.
What happens? She's going to bleed out into the pool.
Why? Because the artery's like a pipe; The blood's got to go somewhere.
Okay, okay, both things are true.
Our victim did not die of a shark attack.
We are still looking for C.
Any other signs of trauma on the body? Not on the front.
I guess we're gonna have to flip her.
All righty.
All right.
Oh, injection mark.
Looks like a large-gauge needle.
It would be impossible to inject yourself in the middle of your back like this.
What color was the raft? Catherine said coral.
Coral it is.
According to Shark Week, it only takes a drop of blood to attract a shark from a hundred miles away.
Which would explain why Desiree was singled out by the shark.
That means the shark is only guilty of biting a dead woman.
Our killer's still out there.
Ray, it's good to have you back.
Good to be back, Henry.
Got C.
on your shark victim.
You were right.
Acute opiate toxicity.
It was a heroin overdose.
Based on metabolites, she was a first-time user.
So her first dose was also her last.
Well, there's obviously a ton of people in the pool, and all the angles are terrible.
I do have some shots of Desiree, but from the time she got on the raft until she was attacked, there's no clear shots of Desiree or her killer.
She's wearing an awful lot of bling to be hanging by the pool.
Yeah, right? Yeah, hang on a second.
She rolls into the pool looking like Paris Hilton, but when she comes out, she's lost her life and all her jewelry.
Her arm was devoured by a shark, which means she was thrashed about a bit.
So maybe the rest of her jewelry is at the bottom of the pool.
You and Wendy talk? Yeah, we talk all the time.
Why? You talk to Wendy? It's more like she talks to me.
It's not that serious.
She comes to me, we talk.
You know, friends.
W-What kind of friends? Friend friends or friends with benefits? Well, define "benefits.
" Um I'll load up and meet you out front.
Is this the "talk later" part? Yeah.
Is it about Henry? No.
Is it about me? It's about you and me.
I got a new job.
That's great.
What, they gonna send you out in the field, or? It's in Portland with my sister.
Not in Spokane with my niece.
And I get to be a field mouse.
Not a lab rat.
Thank you.
Does anybody else know about this? Um, yeah.
Yeah, Catherine was nice enough to make a couple phone calls for me.
And, um, Henry he gave me some advice.
I'm leaving, Hodges.
And I'm the last to know.
Yeah, you're the last to know.
Because I wanted it that way.
Because I knew that if I told you sooner, you would get really upset, and then you'd blame Henry, and you'd try to get me to stay.
And I can't.
Wendy Good-bye.
Macklin, Mr.
Danny Macklin, please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone.
This is Macklin.
I see.
Strawberry blond, all business.
I think I found her.
Still paging? Now, that's old school.
I consider myself new school, but paging is vintage Vegas.
Danny Macklin.
Catherine Willows, CSI.
CSI, huh? Let me guess.
The Booze couldn't keep the sharks in his tank, and now he's blaming me.
Well, as you know, Mr.
Macklin, day clubs are the hottest ticket in town, unless of course, you have a shark-infested pool.
And I know that you have a stable of sharks.
Would you like to count my sharks? Because I can tell you that if there's a shark missing, I'd be the first to know.
Yes, but would you tell me? You know, I wouldn't put it past the Booze to drop a shark in his own pool and try to finger me for it.
Not exactly the smartest ace in the deck.
More of a joker, actually.
Well, joke's on him, because his dollars are walking right through my front door.
Which makes you the prime suspect.
That's enough business.
Why don't, um, why don't we get some lunch, huh? We got a great shark fin soup here.
Can I order you some? That's one of the biggest reasons sharks are becoming extinct.
I'll pass.
Thanks for your time, Mr.
How long did you know? Know what? Wendy was leaving.
She asked my opinion a couple months ago; I told her it was a great opportunity.
So, basically, you pushed her out the door.
You going to Portland, too, Mr.
Friends With Benefits? Look, Hodges, as much as you think it's a one-way street, it wasn't, all right? I can't help that she comes to me 'cause she can't talk to you.
Henry, you might want to shut up now.
Seriously, you're gonna blame me? Dude, you're the one that couldn't close.
No, you took her out for coffee, right? And then you can't take her home, 'cause you live at home.
What are you going to tell your Mom, "take a ride around the block"? That's it! This is all your fault! What are you doing? Henry? Henry? Henry! I found the murder weapon.
Good eyes.
Run this through tox.
I want to make sure it's the same needle that injected heroin into our victim.
As long as you keep Hodges away from me.
I think I got swimmer's ear.
From Forget it.
Hey, Jim, it's Nick.
We need to pick up a woman Anya Sanchez, FHA.
She's got quite a rap sheet.
I think this may be our girl.
Come on.
That's Cartier.
No, no, no, no.
That's robbery.
And this is your second strike, right? I mean, that's that's quite a pile.
Looks like there's a few strikes in there.
Then again, all we need is three, right? Come on, you guys.
Come on.
I know this game, all right? You bring me in here.
You lean on me.
You try to get me to plea.
You like that? You got a Patek Philippe? I don't know.
You want to keep that? Sure.
How about you take a bracelet for your little girlfriend? I got a girlfriend, too.
Be my guest.
It's not that easy.
It could be, really.
I don't think you realize how much trouble you're in.
Do you recognize this girl? Her name's Desiree McQuire.
I mean, you should.
You're in possession of her necklace, her rings and I think these are her bracelets.
And I'm going to go out on a limb here and those gold hoop earrings those are hers, too.
Yeah, yeah, I've been a bad girl.
I admit I got sticky fingers sometimes, so print me, book me, whatever it is.
I'm just going to post bail and take a few days off work, so You'll need more than a couple days.
I know how you robbed her.
You injected her with heroin.
When she was knocked out, you picked her clean.
The tough spot is, your fingerprint was on the syringe.
And let me guess.
That was a new batch of heroin, right? Well, you know the weekend cleaned me out, so I had to improvise.
So I got it from a new seller, but I didn't sell it, so it's just robbery.
Right? No.
No, unfortunately, Miss McQuire died of a heroin overdose.
It's felony murder.
You gave her a hot shot, hotshot.
You're right.
You've been a bad girl.
Brass ran Anya Sanchez's for credit cards.
She's been renting out cabanas at every pool party in town.
She had quite an attitude till she realized she'd gone from thief to murderer, but I don't think she had anything to do with our shark attack.
Two separate events.
Yeah, sounds like it.
So we're still chasing the idiot who put the shark in the water.
Which is attempted murder on everyone in Boozell's pool.
All right, based on her condition, I'd say she's a young one.
No more than five or six.
Under normal circumstances, not exposed to the pool's filtration system, she could have lived another 30 years.
Doctor, care to do the honors? Why not? Dr.
Thank you.
That's that's better.
See if you can get those spreaders in there.
That is one huge gut.
She is an eating machine.
All right.
You mind if I take a look? Be my guest.
All right, let's see what we got.
Now, this shark is definitely from the wild.
You can tell by the species she was eating.
You got mackerel Here we go.
Excuse me.
And some eel.
A little squid.
Got, uh, even some baby shark.
Zebra, blacktip.
Found off the Florida Keys.
What I cannot tell you is how she got here.
There are collectors who capture sharks out of the ocean.
They're legit if they have permits.
But the sharks are almost impossible to track.
Well, thank you, Dr.
You've been very helpful.
Helpful? He's not a Shark Week watcher.
Most aquariums get their sharks from captive breeding programs.
Where does a wild shark get freshly-cut pieces of fish? The doctor's a liar.
You know, I've taken the tour at Mandalay Bay.
You know, the one with the audio guide to your ear.
I hate those things.
I love them.
You learn stuff.
Sharks in captivity have to be tagged.
It's like bringing a DB into autopsy without a toe tag.
I am telling you this shark was shark-napped out of some casino.
I believe you, Doc.
You ever known shark skin to be smooth? Feel that right there.
It's almost as if it was sanded down.
Well, if you can do it with the VIN number of a car, why not a shark? Galeocerdo.
Galeocerdo Cuvier GC.
So the first two letters of the I.
Are genus and species.
The next two numbers denote the year that the shark was purchased.
One zero means 2010.
And zero three means it was the third tiger shark purchased for that particular aquarium.
And there are only a handful of aquariums in Vegas that have sharks.
I've got the list right here.
And I think I know who I'm going to talk to first.
Langston Well, Mr.
Macklin, that is your shark.
At least, it was your shark until it took a dip in Mr.
Boozell's pool.
And, Mr.
Macklin, let me remind you of your own words.
"If there's a shark missing from my property, I'd be the first to know.
" Here's the thing.
As of, uh, yesterday, I'm not missing a shark.
But, last week, I had a shark with a tapeworm.
Excuse me? Yeah, I got a $50,000 shark that's eating me out of house and home, eating all my baby sharks.
Do you know how much it costs to ship a zebra or blacktip to Vegas? How much? And this tiger shark is eating them up like potato chips.
See, my goal on my property is to provide a tranquil aquarium for my guests as they check in.
And instead, I've got a 200-pound eating machine that's tearing up my tank before my guests can even get their freaking key cards.
So I, uh, checked the shark out early.
I got rid of it.
How did you get rid of it? I called my guy the guy who takes care of my fish.
Um Aquavet.
He handles all the properties.
He came by, picked it up.
Oh, and, uh, speaking of my words, it went a little something like this "You get that disposal with a fin off my property, before I turn it into a buffet special.
" I got something to say! You think I don't know cops with cell phones? You gotta be kidding me! Who do you think dimed you out to let me know you're here? I'm on to you, Macklin.
Yeah, I want a piece of you.
You feelin' tough?! You want a piece of me? Okay You want too far this time with that shark.
You just keep talking.
You crossed the line.
It's all going on record.
You keep talking.
Gentlemen! This interview's over.
Escort them out of here.
Come on, let's go.
Talk about shark-infested waters.
Bring it back when you take the boot off.
Send a stretch.
Yeah, Catherine, we got a bead on Dr.
His office said he's working at Macklin's property, but we can't seem to get him on the phone, so he must be in the water.
We'll call you as soon as we find out something else.
There you are.
Mom, Mom, I got it.
It's so cool.
I got a great picture! Come on! Awfully fired up about taking a picture of a fish.
Well, you know, fish are beautiful.
Not when you're sleeping with them.
It's Dr.
Well, that explains why his cell phone went straight to voice mail.
First blush? Pink.
What caused it? Could be carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, cyanide.
Dealer's choice, pal.
Where do you want this? Why don't you put it in my mouth and shoot it with a high-powered rifle? No way, man.
Last thing I need's another explosion.
I'm just starting to get my hearing back.
I got to buck up.
I got to get my shark face on.
Get tough.
You know, I have a tough job for a tough guy.
I need to keep my mind off Wendy.
Okay, test the contents of the tank with quants, please.
Want to give me a heads up, let me know what I'm looking for? Whatever turned our suspect into the Pink Panther.
It's CO poisoning; Carbon monoxide.
Someone tampered with Holloway's scuba tank.
I can tell you how.
Also found hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides.
Both are by-products of an internal combustion engine.
You're saying somebody filled his scuba tank with car exhaust? Well, it's not that hard really.
You just take the compressor intake, put it next to the exhaust, and you're in business.
Even one percent of carbon monoxide can kill you.
It binds 200 times tighter to hemoglobin than oxygen, preventing the O2 from being distributed and absorbed by the body.
And you suffocate.
Yeah, and you turn pink.
We know that it was Macklin's shark that ended up in Boozell's pool.
Probably put there by Dr.
Holloway, who worked for both Macklin and Boozell.
So, who stood to gain more by the doctor's untimely death, the Booze or the Mack? Let's run both scenarios.
I'm the Mack.
I call up the Aquavet and I say, "Hey, man, you wanna make a little extra cash? "Sand the number off the reject shark from my tank, "throw it in Boozell's pool "so I that I can steal all his customers.
Only don't tell the cops.
" Or I'm the Booze, and I call the Aquavet and I say, "Hey, I know Macklin paid you "to put that shark into my pool to ruin me.
You're a dead man.
" Who's got better motive? We let the evidence decide.
Ask the gentlemen to start their engines.
I think I can narrow that down a bit.
Based on the ratio of contaminants found in the exhaust, we're looking for an older car.
Pre-'70s vintage.
Okay, Joe.
Everyone in Vegas knows that you have a collection of classic cars.
You parade them up and down the Strip every year.
Your '64 Aston Martin is pre-catalytic converter.
Puts out plenty of carbon monoxide.
The ratios of hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides matches the ratios that we found in Dr.
Holloway's scuba tank.
Willows, I flunked science.
Are you trying to say that my car killed Holloway? Why would it do that? Because you knew that Macklin gave back a shark.
The Aquavet.
And you figured that Macklin and the Aquavet were in cahoots, so you had him whacked.
You want to talk old school, that's dinosaur times.
I'd rather not state the obvious, but my hotel is hot.
Crawling with cops.
I can't walk through my casino without bumping into you and that other one.
You got the wrong guy.
Well, then how did the exhaust from your vehicle end up in Dr.
Holloway's tank? What am I, one of those Mythbusters guys? I don't know.
Look, when I was younger, the tit for tat was better than sex.
But these days it just gives me indigestion.
So when Macklin invited me to dinner last night, I accepted.
And when he said, "Let's bury the hatchet," I said, "Consider it squashed.
" We broke bread.
His joint Carne's.
That used to mean something.
Well, it doesn't mean that you're off the hook.
Willows, I'm telling you cards up all I can give you is my word.
That used to mean something, too.
Sorry to hear about your friend.
Good news is she came to you, and now it's squashed.
But remember one thing, Mugs just because you say it's squashed, doesn't mean it's squashed.
Remember that, Catherine.
Evening, ladies.
Oh, this is my spot.
But don't go anywhere.
I'll need you.
Hey, maybe I should call Mr.
Uh, on second thought, follow me.
Any surveillance on property? Only inside.
And every car you valet ends up where? In the lot.
And what about the boss's cars, or the boss's friends' cars? We keep 'em right here.
Easy access.
No waiting.
Can I go now, ladies? No.
You were right, Catherine.
I think I got something here.
Uh, what is this? I don't know.
I just park cars.
Smells like exhaust.
Are you sure that you didn't see somebody using this last night? No.
Oh, Sara, I think we've got ourselves an eyewitness.
You know the thing about ATM machines? They take pictures every 15 seconds.
And you know what they say about tiger sharks? They can't close their mouths.
Really? Neither can valet Parkers.
And this one gave you up faster than a natural Blackjack.
No comment.
No comment.
That's beautiful.
Let me tell you a story.
How about you spare me and not tell me a story? Once upon a time, there was this two-bit mogul who made a cheap play for a shark.
He had buyer's remorse, so he thought he'd pawn it off on his veterinarian.
But then he had a better idea.
He thought, "Maybe I'll make some money.
" After all, it is Vegas.
"Maybe I'll make the money back that I spent on the shark and stick it to my enemy at the same time.
" Earnest Boozell.
So in order to make this scam work, he needs the help of the veterinarian.
The veterinarian has the key to Boozell's property and a means to dump it.
How am I doing so far, Catherine? Give him a couple more bites.
The Aquavet, he's the victim.
He's not very bright.
He was trying to remove the VIN number from the fin the "fin" number 'cause he thought that way, we couldn't trace the shark back to you.
Because if there was a missing shark on your property, you'd be the first to know, right? I don't know what kind of financial arrangement you had with the veterinarian, but something happened, and he had to go.
But you thought you'd cover your tracks, so you tampered with his scuba gear.
And you thought you'd lay that off on Boozell, as well.
Why'd you do that? I thought it was "squashed"? So now our story comes to an end.
You're going down for murder hook, line and sinker.
Now you know the little secret.
Everyone thinks that this is for the guests, but it's really for me.
Spoken like a free man.
I was wrong about you.
I thought you were just like your old man.
How's that? Passionate, hardworking, driven by money? Two out of the three.
Which two? Passionate, hardworking.
The truth is, I'm driven by the money, too, just like your father.
But you're not.
You're different than us.
Now I can see where the greatness comes from.
Thank you for the compliment.
Squashed? I don't swim with sharks.