CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s11e03 Episode Script

Blood Moon

No! Stop, please! Don't stop.
You know that the speed limit is not a suggestion, right? You gonna give me a ticket, copper? Used to bring Lindsey up here.
Mount Charleston always has been a hot spot for skiers and hikers and Now murderers.
You can see the terror in his eyes.
This man knew he was going to die.
This is a serious blood pool.
He was alive when his head was chopped off.
Still tacky.
Fresh kill.
So the park ranger said he thought he heard wolves howling, but they're not native to the area, so he came down here to check it out.
Looks like his body's been posed.
Could be some kind of a cult killing.
Satanic rituals are often performed in a natural setting like this, but this fence is a poor altar.
If this was a ritualistic killing, there would be some sign.
Blood moon.
In the Book of Revelations, it was considered to be a precursor to the end of days.
Well, it certainly was for this poor guy.
CSI No tire tracks, no footprints.
I can't even see my own.
He's not dressed for hiking.
He had to get out here some way.
Well, there's no ID on him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where is the bug man when you need him? I'm right here, buddy.
What is that? That is a long-horned beetle.
Nick, there's something else in his mouth, and it's not moving.
Maybe he got a piece of his attacker.
Guys, I'm gonna need some bigger tools.
Yeah, okay.
I've got some ligature marks on his wrist.
You check the other one, will you? Yeah, same thing over here.
But these patterns are inconsistent with this barbed wire.
Stop, please stop! Looks like somebody brought chains to the party.
Do you see these abrasions and cuts here in the chest? They appear to have been made by the barbed wire.
So, our victim ran into the barbed- wire fence, and then our killer turned him around.
Killer wanted to look him in the eye.
It would have made the killer feel very powerful.
Hang on, now, Super Dave.
You just gonna chop him up? Oh, Dr.
Robbins said that he wanted the head with the pike, and the body with the fence.
I'll take the saw.
I'll grab the head? Yep.
Ready? Okay.
It's like trying to get meat off a shish kebab.
You all right? Yeah.
Give me a hand, David.
The post went through the trachea, soft palate, and all the way into the brain.
Thank you.
Heads or tails? I'll take heads.
Lizzie Borden got an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks.
Contrary to the poem, Lizzie Borden gave her parents a total of 29 whacks.
In this case, we won't know the number of whacks or the type of weapon that did the whacking until we boil off the flesh and examine the tool marks.
He has got symmetrical scars on both palms.
That would support the theory that we're dealing with some kind of cult.
Bloodletting is a common practice.
Abrasions are deep.
He struggled.
It's a powerful thing, the will to live.
Well, so is the will to kill.
Looks like more than a dozen chop marks.
The water's beading.
Lotions and massage oils make water run off the skin like this.
This man has very little body hair.
He's been waxed.
From head to toe.
And everywhere in-between.
Doesn't seem to be any hair regrowth.
This was done recently.
The thing about wax is it likes to stick around.
I'll get this to Hodges.
I ran our Vic's prints through AFIS.
He's not in the system, and no one matching his description has been reported missing.
Well, if he's a tourist, it could be that no one knows he's gone yet.
I got his photo out to all the hotels, so maybe somebody will recognize him.
You know, uh, last night Was Really great.
We gotta do that more often.
Yeah, why don't you move in with me? What did you just say? Yeah, I'm, uh I'm serious.
I'd like to make dinner for you every night.
Maybe a little breakfast in bed, if you're good.
That sounds nice.
I I'll talk to you later.
I always imagined Wendy and me moving in together.
Cuddling on the couch.
Watching the Iron Chef.
Battle Garbanzo Bean was our favorite.
Do you have something for me? Olive oil, Rosemary, and a little lemon juice.
Salad dressing.
Yeah, you throw in a balsamic, and you have a vinaigrette, but in this case It's the ingredients in the wax that was used on your victim for his extensive man-scaping.
Double ouch.
I used to go to the Anubis Spa.
They had this sugar-based wax which is similar to what they used in ancient Egypt.
So an olive oil-based wax I'm guessing the Mediterranean Hotel? So the hotel spa confirmed that Michael Wilson had a full-body wax there three days ago.
Should be the room up here, huh? Yeah.
Yeah, it's right here.
Front desk recognized the photograph that Vartann's been shopping around.
Said that Wilson came in from San Diego and he's here for some kind of convention.
Obvious signs of a struggle.
It would be pretty hard to take someone out of a hotel room against their will without getting caught on camera, right? I'll pull surveillance.
Looks like Mr.
Wilson was here for a special occasion.
Yeah? "Today and for all eternity I dedicate my soul to you.
" I love you, too, honey.
They're wedding vows.
He was getting married.
Found a yellow contact lens.
That's an unusual color.
Victim wasn't wearing contacts.
A Celtic love knot.
It's where, uh, the expression "tying the knot" came from, you know.
I got a couple of receipts here.
One for flowers, one for a cake, and according to this, they're supposed to be delivered to the Unity Room of this hotel on the seventh.
The wedding's today.
You wouldn't happen to have any garlic on you, would you? No, I'm fresh out.
I think I'm going to be sick.
Julie, we just have a few more questions.
Hasn't she been through enough? I'm going to put a stop to this.
Your kind clearly have no right to badger her like this.
"Our kind"? Mr.
Stewart, a young man has been brutally murdered.
We have every right to be here.
And as far as I'm concerned, you can drop the act.
The act? Miss Crenshaw, when was the last time that you saw your fiancé? Uh, yesterday afternoon when we rehearsed the ceremony.
So roughly 24 hours ago.
They didn't want to see each other before the wedding.
It's tradition.
We embrace the the principles and the morals of centuries past.
Not like the present, where you drive through a chapel and Elvis will hand you a license.
As to Michael's state of mind last night did he seem agitated, or unsettled? No.
Michael was about to marry the love of his life.
I've never seen anyone so happy.
You're the best man, right? Right.
So you were in charge of the bachelor party? Bachelor party? Yeah, did you guys party like a rap star last night, or what? We simply dined.
Then Michael went back to his room to work on his vows and meditate.
Vampires meditate? A true vampiric state can only be achieved through discipline and self-control.
Self-control wasn't exercised in Michael's hotel room.
The place was completely trashed.
This is all my fault.
I was the one who wanted to get married at the convention.
Where they let anyone in.
All of our friends were going to be here, anyway.
I wanted them to see how happy we were.
Let's go back to where they let everyone in.
Who's "everyone"? This is a Covens and Clans convention.
Vampires, and unfortunately werewolves.
Stewart May I see your hand, please? Miss Crenshaw? We found the same scar on Michael's palms.
In the movies, vampires thirst for blood.
Well we're not sanguinarians.
For us, blood is a a symbol of the life force that flows through us.
We shed our blood in ceremonies to bind one another together.
Whoever killed Michael put a stake in my heart, too.
This has Van Helsing written all over it.
The vampire slayer? Mm-hmm.
I thought he just staked them through the heart.
The staking was just to keep them in their coffins.
If you really want to kill a vampire, you have to cut off his head.
Only this guy wasn't a real vampire.
Well, someone thought so.
You know, a few years ago, in Romania, a family dug up their dead relative because they thought he was a vampire.
They ripped out his heart, burned it, mixed the ashes with water, and then drank it.
Seriously? And, much like you, the Romanian police didn't believe in vampires, so they charged the family with abusing a corpse.
Served three years in prison.
But the townspeople thought they were heroes.
Individual stria match.
A single tool made all these cuts.
Depth impressions range from one-to-three-eighths of an inch, indicating varying degrees of force.
The killer used a curved, heavy-headed blade, most likely an axe or a hatchet.
Yeah, okay.
Thanks, Arch.
Well, so much for our abduction theory.
Surveillance confirmed that Michael Wilson left the hotel at midnight by himself.
There had to be some kind of altercation.
You did see his room.
Yeah, whoever started it probably finished it at Mount Charleston.
What do you think? Creepy.
I do feel powerful.
I feel you know, dangerous.
I think maybe the reason these people dress up like these creatures is to help them embrace their dark side.
Yeah, yeah, no, I get it.
You kinda scared me for a minute there.
Okay, okay.
Same contact lens as the one that we found in Michael Wilson's room.
They've sold 500 of these at this convention in the last two days.
Well, great.
That's impossible to trace.
We'd better hope DNA comes through.
Cool eyes.
Mom! I need your credit card.
I think you just turned another one over to the dark side.
That's nice nice Remember, you're undead.
So you think it's the neck biting, the bloodsucking, or the carnal sex that's the appeal? It's probably all of the above.
Once you mate, it's for life.
You know, if it's worth, uh, living for it's also worth dying for.
Wiccans bring your best spells and potions to the sharing circle, when the hour strikes Whew! That's quite an arsenal.
I didn't realize that vampires and werewolves needed weapons.
Oh, they don't.
You do.
Back to work, honey.
Don't flirt with the dogs.
It's slay or be slayed out there.
So have you ever used one of these weapons to, uh, slay a vampire yourself? If these blades could talk.
No, but seriously, can I tell you guys something? I'm a direct descendant of the great Van Helsing.
Really? Yeah.
So Ridding the world of monsters is in my blood.
I've seen the evil they can do.
Killing machines, really.
No conscience, no mercy.
So what kind of weapon would you recommend to, say, decapitate a vampire? Ooh, I like how you think.
I would go with the TransVlad 5000.
Top o' the line.
Stainless steel, leather-wrapped handle, And how much does that set you back? Well, for you young slayers, I could do Yeah.
Kinda steep.
That's a little pricey.
Well, why don't you let me slash the price?! $425, just for today.
We were thinking of something more along the lines of the axe or hatchet family? I get it.
You guys are on some kind of budget.
You're not yanking my chain here.
You're not wasting my time? 'Cause I might have to decapitate you! I'm just kidding.
Honey, can you get me the wood axe? If he doesn't die, he'll-he'll have to get a tetanus shot.
No, but seriously, this might do the trick on your entry-level blood junkies, but, uh, no guarantees.
And No returns.
Heavy head, curved blade about five inches long.
How many of these have you sold? None.
People usually go for the crossbows, or the or the scimitars.
They don't go for something you could get at Home Depot.
We'll take it.
We'll take it.
Oh, man.
That's okay, this shirt was begging for it.
Recreating the event, I see.
Analyzing tool marks and blood spatter.
According to Doc Robbins, Michael Wilson was struck no less than 18 times.
How many you up to? About 11.
I keep trying to hit the same place twice, but every time I miss, I have to start over again, and my hand is killing me.
Want to let me give it a whack? All right.
You know my PawPaw used to say the great thing about wood Once when you chop it, and once when you burn it.
That's my five, your 11, that makes 16.
I think we shaved a couple off the killer's total.
Come take a look at this with me, will you? The victim was struck from all sides.
That's very difficult to do with a guy who's chained to a fence.
That would mean the killer hopped the fence, so he could take shots from the other side.
Why do that? We just proved you can get the job done standing in the same spot.
Maybe he didn't know that.
There is another possibility.
Maybe he wasn't alone.
That's a hair we found in your victim's mouth.
Scale patterns are mosaic.
It's not human.
I ran it against this exemplar.
Canis lupus.
Wolf hair? Or, maybe werewolf.
I have been doing extensive research.
According to the legend, vampires enslaved werewolves during the Trajanic War.
Werewolves revolted, and they've been mortal enemies ever since.
Like Cain and Abel.
Romulus and Remus.
Tom and Jerry.
I get it.
There were a lot of werewolves at that convention.
But as scientists, we know that wannabe werewolves cannot physically transform themselves into wolves.
So, where did this hair come from? Perhaps one of them has a four-legged companion.
They say that people look like their dogs.
Greg's running canine CODIS right now.
Thank you.
Um, out of curiosity uh, will you and Detective Vartann be sharing your house or his? Really none of your business.
I had love in my grasp, and I let it slip through my fingers, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself.
It's a terrible thing to wake up to every day.
I'll keep that in mind.
Your wolf's in the system.
His name's Timber.
Hmm, how original.
He was entered into canine CODIS two years ago, when his owner assaulted someone in front of the Tangiers.
Timber, here, joined in on the fight.
Wolves don't normally attack humans.
Blame the owner, not the wolf.
Who's the owner? Kurt Francis.
He's also in the system.
Multiple assaults, drunk and disorderly, DUI He's registered at the convention.
He's the leader of a werewolf pack.
Well, we're looking for multiple attackers.
Wolves do hunt in packs.
Maybe werewolves do, too.
Get your glasses up.
Come on.
Come on.
Looks like we need another round.
Who's buying another round? Yo, yo, check her out.
Sorry, guys That is a nice piece of meat.
You're right, Kurtis.
Sweet! How about it, honey? How about a lap dance? Where you going? Come on! No! Get your hands off of me! Come on! Ah! You're hurting me! Get your hands off of her.
What do you think you're doing with that stick, old man? Relax, relax, relax.
Everybody be cool now.
Be cool now, boys.
Just relax.
Move it along, old man.
What is that? Is that wolf hair? Back up! Back up! Back up! The hold I have you in is called a lateral vascular hold.
The discomfort you're feeling is my forefinger and thumb constricting your airway, cutting off the oxygen to your brain.
You should pass out right about now.
Why don't one of you take this chains off me and give me my vest back? Well, you can't have it back.
You know, when I was a kid, we had a dog, and when he died we never once considered turning him into a jacket.
Eh, never.
Timber was a loyal member of the pack.
I wanted to keep him with me.
We found some of Timber's hair in the teeth of a murder victim, Michael Wilson.
Who? Michael Wilson.
He was at your convention he was of the vampire persuasion.
Well, I don't hang with parasites.
Well, you should think about it.
I mean, you have a lot in common.
You're in the same movies.
You know, there's a creature in the Philippines called an aswang.
A what? Aswang.
It's a half-breed.
Half vampire, half werewolf.
We are nothing like those bloodsuckers.
There's a reason why they hide in the dark, you know? Act like the elite.
Pretend to be, uh refined.
You see, us animals we're honest.
We follow our instincts.
We give in to our urges.
Like the urge to kill.
We found a contact lens in Michael Wilson's hotel room.
The DNA says it's yours.
I think you're taking this mortal enemy thing a little too far.
Now, where were you two nights ago? I don't remember.
There was a full moon, and I shifted.
You shifted? When there's a full moon, I'm not as strong, I can't control it.
Can you remember where you were when the sun came up? I was in my car.
Where was your car? Self-park garage at the Mediterranean, level three.
Good dog.
This car is a gas guzzler.
You'd think a wolf would be more environmentally conscious.
I think I know why Kurt Francis couldn't remember what happened last night.
That pooch has been hitting the hooch.
It's not the moonlight that turns them into a beast, it's the moonshine.
Got some dog collars.
Similar pattern to the ligature marks.
It's probable that Kurt and his pack used these to restrain Michael Wilson.
There's spatter on the passenger door.
Positive for blood.
The truck might have been parked near the fence when they were killing Michael.
Well, there's blood in the window well, too.
A lot of it.
The window must have been open.
Then why isn't there any blood inside the truck, on the seats? What is that smell? Vomit.
Is that really what we're gonna talk about right now, man? I'm eating.
Well, you're always eating.
You were saying? The blood on Kurt Francis's truck came back to the Vic.
But mixed in with it were traces of pepsinogen and hydrochloric acid.
Digestive enzymes.
Yeah, someone drank Michael Wilson's blood and then puked it out the window.
Yeah, Kurt Francis.
It did not come back to Kurt Francis.
Of course a vampire.
If we accept the mythology, werewolves don't drink blood, vampires do.
So, what was a vampire doing in Kurt Francis's truck? Don't they hate each other? Mm-hmm.
I can't tell you why they were carpooling, but I can tell you that the vampire we're looking for is sick.
Hodges found traces of hematin and mesoporphyrin in the vomit.
Both of those are used to treat porphyria.
It's a blood disorder; It's also known as the "vampire disease.
" Well, you know, we had a case about ten years ago where the killer had porphyria.
Remember? She chopped up her victims and turned them into protein shakes.
I'm sorry, man.
It's all right.
So we're not just looking for a vampire poser.
We're looking for a sanguinarian.
By sharing our blood with Michael, he takes a part of each of us into the next world.
It's one in life, one in death.
It's how we honor our dead.
Well, may a stranger offer a few words? Uh, no, actually.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Michael lived and died as a vampire.
A being hated for centuries.
Hatred is born of fear, fear of things we don't understand.
In medieval times, for example, when someone saw a blooded corp with blood running from it's mouth, they believed it was a vampire such as yourselves.
Science now teaches us that that's just part of the decomposition process.
It's simply gasses purging fluids from the body through the nose and from the mouth.
This is highly inappropriate at a memorial service.
You know, you're right, Thomas.
This is a somber occasion, Dr.
Maybe we should lighten things up a little bit.
Maybe we should.
What does it say in the Good Book, Nick? "Let there be light.
" Science has a way of revealing other truths about vampires.
Like your acute sensitivity to sunlight.
It's actually a symptom of a medical condition called porphyria.
Even brief exposure to sunlight can cause your skin to burn and blister.
The great thing about science is that it always sheds light on the subject.
I didn't kill Michael.
When I found him, he was already dead.
So you thought, why let all that good blood go to waste? You know, I take offense to that.
You said yourself that your coven doesn't drink blood.
No, we don't.
I made an exception for Michael.
Why? Because I wanted his soul to live on through me.
They lured him to the mountain.
I tried to get there in time to save him, but I was too late.
Yeah? Who's "they"? Wolves.
They had their noses open that night.
You know, there's only one problem with your story, Thomas.
You hitched a ride back to town with the leader of the wolf pack.
The evidence tells us that you and Kurt Francis killed Michael together.
See, the thing about drinking human blood is, our bodies lack the enzymes to break it down properly.
It induces vomiting.
I understand why the werewolves would want Michael dead, but why would he turn against one of his own? Maybe Michael lost faith.
Maybe Michael started to see you A frustrated Web site designer from London.
Or maybe it was about the girl.
You wanted her all to yourself, didn't you? I want a lawyer.
The yellow contact lens puts Kurt Francis in Michael Wilson's hotel room.
Michael's blood in Kurt's car puts him at the crime scene along with Thomas Stewart.
But without the murder weapon, we can't prove that either of them killed Michael.
But when Nick and I hacked off Jell-O Man's head, we were covered with blood.
So if Kurt and Thomas hacked off Michael's head The clothes should prove it.
They should.
You know, there should be a lot more blood than this.
Could be castoff from simply being at the scene.
All it proves is that Kurt and Thomas were there.
Well, at the least, they were there.
If they only took one or two swings, that could account for the lack of blood.
He was hit with an axe at least 18 times, so whether they were just there or they took a couple of swings, it means that someone else took the rest of the swings.
Yeah, another wolf.
Or another vampire.
I admit that a black cloak does lend a gentleman a certain kind of mysterious allure.
There's just one drawback it drags along the ground and collects plenty of trace.
What did you find, David? Alpine rock butterweed.
It's a flowering herb that only grows above 2,500 feet on Mount Charleston along the South loop trail.
We didn't find any of this stuff at the crime scene.
Makes me wonder what else is up there.
We know that Michael was running from his attackers.
We know that the Chase ended at the fence.
Where did it begin? Did you know that a 12-letter word for "across the woods" is "Transylvania"? Grissom? Is that you, Grissom? Shut up.
Gil? I don't think he'd appreciate you calling him that either.
No, you don't think so? I don't.
After all this time.
That's a shame.
All right, here you go.
I'll see you at 2,500.
If you can keep up.
Alpine rock butterweed.
Big fat tire treads, consistent with Kurt's gas guzzler of a truck.
Got something here.
Dirt's been disturbed.
Another piece.
I know this guy.
That's Kurt Francis.
I can beat that.
Yeah? I think somebody tried to bury the hatchet.
This photo was taken at last year's convention.
Do you recognize the werewolf standing next to Kurt Francis? How about now? Michael Wilson.
He was part of Kurt's wolf pack? Looks that way.
I think Michael was a wolf who fell for a vampire, but the only way he could have her was to become a vampire himself and hope that nobody recognized him from last year's convention.
Well, someone obviously recognized him and that someone was Kurt Francis.
He followed Michael to his room, he confronted him, and he got in his face.
Once a werewolf, always a werewolf, Michael.
We were brothers.
You betrayed us for one of them! My guess is that Kurt went looking for Thomas to let him know that there was a traitor in his midst.
And for one night and one night only, they joined forces to kill a common enemy.
Fluorescein green.
Enhances contrast in latent blood.
Excellent choice.
Thank you.
The handle's been wiped clean, but they didn't get all the blood.
There's some patterns in the wood.
I think I've seen this before.
Look at this.
This is the test axe that Nick and I used on Jell-O Man.
See the pattern? Similar markings.
But not the same.
They came from this.
My, uh, my wedding ring made a pattern in blood on the handle.
Kurt Francis wears a ring that has a wolf insignia.
That doesn't look like a wolf to me.
That's a beautiful engagement ring.
Thank you.
It's designed to fit your wedding band, yes? May I? And the two halves become one.
Michael and I liked the symbolism.
The idea that we'd be together forever.
Well, we like symbols, too.
They have a way of making an impression, especially in blood.
When you were swinging that axe at Michael's head again and again, his blood seeped onto the handle of the axe, and your ring left behind an unusual pattern.
You got his blood all over you, on your clothes, in your hair.
CSIs are searching your hotel room right now.
Even if you washed your clothes, even if you took a shower, they'll find evidence of his blood there.
Michael never told you that he used to be a werewolf, did he? No.
How did you find out? Thomas told Michael and me to meet him at Mount Charleston for a pre-wedding ritual.
As soon as we got there, I knew something was wrong.
Thomas ordered Michael to hand over his contacts and his fangs.
What are they doing here? Michael? Michael ran and they ran after him, and by the time I caught up, they had chained Michael to a fence.
Stop! Let me go! Do something, help him.
Show her.
Don't, stop! Your beloved used to be a werewolf.
Michael said he'd seen me at the convention last year.
Said he knew we were destined to be together.
So he changed who he was because he loved you.
Love built on a lie isn't love.
You can't be someone you're not.
He wasn't one of us.
And that didn't sit well with anyone.
Did it? Traitors must die.
Julie, I love you.
It doesn't matter what side I'm on! He's not on any side.
He's not one of us, he's never been one of us, and he's not even one of them.
Now, you align yourself to this man, that makes you no better than him.
We're all watching, Julie.
Julie, this is all make-believe.
Vampires, werewolves.
None of this is real.
My love for you that's what's real.
We can just walk away from all this.
Do you really love me? Yes, with all my heart, I love you.
That was your mistake.
You can't be you and love me.
No, stop, don't, no! If you agree to testify against Thomas Stewart and Kurt Francis, you may be able to avoid the death penalty.
I killed Michael.
Maybe the, uh, werewolf and vampire can work out a peace treaty while they're sharing a cell.
And Julie Crenshaw will be spending her honeymoon behind bars.
So much for love.
Well, there's still hope for the rest of us, I hope.
You never did give me an answer.
Look, if you don't want to move in together, you know, I understand.
I think that what we have now is pretty awesome.
And I just fear that if we were to move in together, we're going to start to argue about who forgot to unload the dishwasher, all kinds of crap like that.
Besides, we're both armed.
It could end badly.
Yeah, but, uh I'm willing to risk it.
I'm not.
Can't we just enjoy what we've got now? Yeah.
I'll take it.
Man, I saw this movie when I was about seven.
Freaked me out.
Really? Yeah, that particular Nosferatu just scared me to death.
You know, people invented stories about werewolves and vampires to explain the evil in the world.
Couldn't believe that people were capable of such terrible violence.
Sometimes I can't even believe it myself.
But I suppose if there were no evil in the world, we'd be out of a job.
Speak of the devil.
Triple homicide at the Tangiers.
Let's go hunt some monsters.