CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s11e09 Episode Script

Wild Life

Oh my god,**** What was with all the short guys? He was like,five feet tall.
I know,he came up tothere.
There's not a decent guy in there.
The one who kept grabbing my ass - total reject from the Jersey Shore.
At least he wasn't dragging around an oxygen tank.
See the way he's looking at her? It's like she's the only girl in the world.
I want that.
Where are all the good men? Smell that? Alcohol.
Maybe this guy had a few too many and fell off his balcony.
Well,the back of his skull is completely obliterated.
Unfortunately,that won't help us determine how far he fell.
These injuries could have occurred if he fell five stories or 20.
It all happened so fast.
It's like the guy just fell out of the sky.
What are you looking at? Oh,I'm sorry.
You got something in your,uh I do? Yeah,it's okay.
Don't move.
What is it? Just a little piece of brains.
You always said you were looking for a guy with brains.
I'm sorry.
I make jokes when I'm nervous.
That's all right.
Just a couple more questions.
Did you girls hear anything before he hit the ground? Any yelling? Screaming? No.
I was just looking for a nice guy.
One with a pulse.
Maybe a badge? SorryI flirt when I'm nervous,too.
Thank you.
Victim is Brad Malone; guest at the hotel.
Bad couple of days.
He was down over 100 grand.
Another $50,000 in unpaid markers.
You got all of that for a hug? Jerry? He used to work for my father.
So he just handed over the casino's financials? Come on.
How well do you know this guy? It's really not what you're thinking.
When Sam died,heleft me a little piece of the Eclipse.
How little? It's really no big deal.
Then why haven't you said anything? I don't want everyone to know.
So now I'm "everyone"? Let's just talk about this some other time.
Victim is Brad Malone.
He was in suite 730.
Lost his shirt at the casino.
And apparently his pants.
It could be a jumper.
Vegas is the suicide capital of America.
Come to gamble, see a show, kiss your life goodbye.
proudly presents Season 11 Episode 09 Wild Life Jumper's name's Brad Malone.
Checked in four days ago.
Divorced twice.
No kids.
And he was about to file for bankruptcy.
Not a lot to live for.
Clothes neatly folded.
Phone and wallet on the nightstand.
- Everything in its place.
- Consistent with suicide.
You get your life in order before you end it.
There's no suicide note.
They don't typically leave one.
Got a few recent e-mails.
Past due notices.
Offerings of joy? No.
No signs of sexual activity.
Looks like he spent his last night alone.
Door's locked.
Latching mechanism only operates from the inside.
If he jumped off his balcony,how'd he lock the door behind him? Well,maybe he didn't jump,maybe he was pushed.
Which meanshe wasn't alone.
- I'll check it for prints.
- Yeah.
We got a print.
Okay,we have a double homicide.
Landlord I.
'd the bodies as Lance and Denise Irwin.
on four months ago, so they had to move here.
- Talk about a step down.
- Yeah.
- Who called it in? - She did.
The 911 operator said all she could get out was,"Help me,help me," and then there was no response.
No blood on the phone.
Lots of cast-off,though.
On the couch,the lamp,the ceiling Did you see what happened? If you tell us,I'll give you a cracker.
Well,if he did see anything,he's not talking.
So we contacted Animal Control for the parrot.
You know,it's a first floor unit.
The window was open,the screen was ripped,so that's probably how the killer got in.
Where's the husband? The husband is in the bathroom.
What's going on? They dead? Can somebody get this guy out of here? Take his information? We'll be with you in a minute,sir.
Slight discoloration of his extremities.
Lividity is just setting in.
The Irwins were killed less than an hour ago.
Can't tell if he was stabbed,too.
Nasty head wound,though.
Possible broken nose,too.
Irwin was probably getting ready to go to work.
He works the 7:00 a.
shift at the gas station at the corner.
Looks like Mrs.
Irwin was making him breakfast.
An omelette.
Maybe a frittata.
Oh,how Continental.
Lucky guy.
Check out the family photo.
Matching outfits.
There is something very wrong with that.
What? That is a nice family photo.
Still wrong.
I don't see the cat.
Probably took off.
Okay,so the killer came through the window and surprised Mrs.
Irwin,right? *** Goes to take care of him.
Hey,uh,guys? Cash and credit cards are still here.
You know,come to think of it,parrots like these are worth thousands of dollars.
More,if they can talk.
I don't think this is a robbery.
Well,maybe they were targeted.
I'll go talk to the landlord.
See if anybody had a problem with the Irwins.
I am so sorry I'm late.
It's been one of those days.
They're not going anywhere.
What is the deal with glass tables today? The print on the balcony door belongs to Malone.
There's only one set of shoe prints out here.
Size 10,same size as Mr.
If he was pushed from this balcony, there'd be evidence of his attacker out here and there doesn't appear to be any.
Maybe he was pushed from somewhere else? Look where the body landed.
The body's not directly below this balcony.
It's under the one next door.
Suite next door is registered to a Stacy Cano and a Dana Carlston,from Ohio.
No connection to the victim that we know of.
Drop of blood.
LVPD! Open up! Got a blood trail.
Here you go.
Drink this.
Thank you.
You've got some minor bruising,but no open wounds.
And it appears that the blood that you were both covered in doesn't belong to either of you.
Who does it belong to then? We were hoping you could tell us.
Do you recognize this man? No,I don't think so.
We think he might have been in your hotel room last night.
You don't remember? We had a lot to drink.
Everything's a little hazy.
Do you think that this is his blood? What happened to him? He's dead.
Oh,my God.
I'm gonna be sick again.
An officer's going to come by and take you both to the hospital,get you checked out.
But we're still going to need to ask you some more questions.
Okay? Okay.
The victim suffered a fractured skull and intercranial bleed.
Rendered him unconscious.
So the killer attacked him in the shower and smashed his head against the wall.
- And he drowned.
- Drowned?! We didn't find any water in the tub.
You know,it's possible to drown in an inch of water.
Victim was unconscious.
Couldn't lift his head up.
Drain was clogged.
Water built up.
By the time you arrived,the water was gone.
But I found something else.
Healed scars on his upper body.
Could be from some past altercation.
Guess Mr.
Irwin had some enemies.
You are dead,you hear me?! You're dead! You left that message on the Irwin's voice mail a couple days ago,Dwayne.
How do you know it was me? How do I know it was you? You called from your home phone.
Yeah,that doesn't prove I made the call.
Dude,it's your voice.
All right,look,Dwayne,you live next door to the Irwins.
Your landlord says you threatened him several times.
You tried to get him evicted,right? Yeah,I hated him all right,but I didn't kill him.
I thought about killing that bird,though.
- It never shut up.
squawking all day and night.
- Hold on a minute.
You mean you threatened to kill your neighbors because the bird was making too much noise? Wasn't just the bird.
The Irwins were arguing all the time.
Screaming,throwing things.
It was like Fight Club over there.
You call the cops? No,they wanted to kill each other.
Why not let 'em.
All right,where were you at 7:00 this morning? In my apartment.
Your apartment? Alone? Not exactly.
Not exactly? What does that mean? I was having some pretty hot phone sex with Betsy.
Okay,I'm going to have to verify that.
How do I get ahold of Betsy? You got a credit card? Only cost you $4.
99 a minute You ladies had quite a party last night.
We were celebrating.
My divorce was finalized a week ago.
How long were you married? Seven years.
Worked two jobs to send that son of a bitch to medical school.
And it turned out he was examining the anatomy of every girl in the class.
I was married to one of those.
Then you know.
It's been the worst year of my life.
Oh,I just wanted to cut loose and have some fun.
Stacy,we found Brad Malone's fingerprints on your balcony.
He was staying in the room next to yours.
Good-looking guy.
I mean,is it possible that you and Dana met him in the hall,invited him in for drinks? I honestly - I wish I could remember.
We were pretty hammered.
Were your drinks ever out of your sight? Maybe.
Um,when I was dancing.
Wh-What's the last thing you remember about last night? Um,we were at a club - Which one? - I have no idea.
We made our way from one end of the Strip to the other, and then it's just like I'm looking down a long tube.
I haven't had that much to drink since college.
My weekends are usually full of soccer and birthday parties.
Not a lot of adult time.
Do you recall meeting Brad Malone in one of the clubs you went to? I told you I don't remember.
I'm just trying to understand how he ended up in your suite.
I'd like to know that,too.
Um,well,Dana,your physical exams indicate that both you and Stacy engaged in sexual activity last night.
Oh,my God.
You're going to be okay.
I'm going to try to help you figure this out.
My husband and I,we fell in love when we were 16.
He's the only man I've ever been with.
Alcohol affects the frontal lobe of the brain,which controls judgment.
Makes people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do.
Don't I know it.
One night in college,I drank so much, that I woke up the next morning on my front lawn with a box of corn flakes stuck to my head.
Had no idea how it got there.
Why am I not surprised.
The frontal lobe of the brain also controls memory,which is why Dana and Stacy can't remember anything.
It's kind of hard to remember a complete stranger from a three-way in the middle of the night.
That's an odd place for an iron.
Somebody got steamed.
Positive for blood.
We smelled alcohol on our victim.
Which means he had been drinking.
We know the girls had been drinking.
We know they were in this room having sex.
So somewhere during the evening,the party took a darker turn.
That's the problem with a menage a trois,is somebody always gets left out.
Yes,someone always gets jealous.
The question is,did one of those girls get so angry that she picked up that iron and used it as a weapon? Stacy had just come off a bitter divorce.
Maybe our victim said something,did something,that reminded her of her ex.
She snapped.
killed him and then Dana helped her get rid of the evidence.
And what's that old saying? "A good friend will help you move.
" A really good friend will help you move a body.
Brass said the neighbor's alibi checked out.
The sex line confirmed that Dwayne's hands were full when the Irwins were killed.
Well,he was also right about the Irwins' marital discord.
Police were called out to their house at least once a month.
Here are some of the 911 tapes.
Help me,please! He's gonna kill me! You call the cops,you stupid bitch? Thin line between love and hate.
Did you run the prints from the apartment? Yeah.
They all came back to the Irwins.
I spoke with the landlord about the window.
Turns out the screen's been broken for weeks.
Apparently Mr.
Irwin put his fist through it.
So maybe there was no intruder.
I'm sick of you! Every single day,all you do is watch your stupid football ***fight *** *****her Got her blood all over him, so he takes a shower.
Slips in her blood and drowns.
Karma's a bitch.
If we're right,his prints will be on the knife,and her blood will be in the tub.
Considering the damage to Brad Malone's skull,I can't tell you whether he was struck by an iron.
These cuts are from the glass table.
On the plus side,take a look at the abrasions on his buttocks and thighs.
That's linear clotting.
It means his blood was flowing when he hit the pavement.
These look like drag marks.
I pulled glass and some interesting trace from them.
These look like paint chips.
They're the same color as the railing at The Eclipse.
That's consistent with being pushed over backwards.
Malone's last night wasn't all bad.
I did a penile swab and found vaginal secretions.
He had sex close to time of death.
That's odd.
We found a used condom in the women's hotel room.
Parallel linear scrapes with parabolic edges.
Fingernail marks.
Well,maybe Mr.
Malone got a little too aggressive with the second woman.
Didn't want to use a condom.
She struck him in the back of the head with the iron.
That didn't stop him.
So maybe one of them or both of them pushed him off the balcony.
In my fantasies,a three-way never ends in death.
This sheet Brad Malone's pants and the iron.
All this blood came from the same person.
Brad Malone.
Unknown male.
You're saying there was a second man in the room? I'm saying that three-way was a four-way.
What is he still doing here? What happened to Animal Control? They must have forgotten about him.
We should bring him back to the lab,hmm? You hungry,buddy? What's the point of having a parrot if he doesn't talk? Well,he might be traumatized.
He was living in an abusive household.
He witnessed Dad kill Mom.
Now if we could only prove it.
None of her blood was in the bathroom.
Doc Robbins said the tub might have had a clogged drain.
Hopefully,some of her blood got stuck in the trap when Mr.
Irwin took a shower.
Yeah,I'm on it.
You know,this would be a lot easier if you just told us what happened.
I found hair and a bunch of feathers in the trap.
- Feathers? - Yeah.
Guess they didn't just dress him up,but they gave him showers,too.
Looks like blood on the feathers.
Hopefully,it belongs to Mrs.
What are you doing? Well,these blood drops weren't here before.
Our crime scene's been contaminated.
What? The door was sealed.
They're paw prints.
Guess the Cat in the Hat came back.
Or he's been hiding here this whole time.
I found him.
Well,you're evidence now,buddy.
You're coming back to the lab,too.
Come here.
Come here,kitty.
Come on,buddy.
- You're telling me those ladies from Ohio had two men in their room? - Yeah.
One guy ends up dead,and the other one's blood is all over the bedroom.
That must have been some orgy.
Actually,it was more of a one-on-one thing.
She never swapped partners.
We found a condom that contained DNA profiles of the newly divorced Stacy and the mystery man.
And Dana's SAE kit indicated that she had unprotected sex with Brad Malone.
And the women claim that they don't remember any of this? Come on.
Give me a break.
Give me a break.
Do you know what it's like to wake up naked in a motel room with no memory of how you got there? Your head is throbbing.
You're bruised,you're sore.
You've got no idea of what you did or what was done to you.
But you do? Well,yeah.
A couple of years ago,I went with a friend to a John Mayer concert, and someone roofied my drink.
What? You wereyou were raped? No,thank God.
I wasn't.
I I thought I was.
But I mean,even worse than that,was just having no memory of it.
There was just hours of my life gone.
me yver to me any of this? Not something I like to talk about.
Yeah,I'm getting used to that.
Sorry to interrupt.
We just got back Dana and Stacy's tox report.
Stacy's alcohol level was.
That's the equivalent of 13 drinks.
We also found GHB in their systems.
So they were drugged.
Yeah,it was in their yard-longs.
But here's the kicker: Dana had trace amounts of GHB,but her blood alcohol level was only.
That's not even legally drunk.
Look,I'm telling you,your soccer mom Dana remembers a lot more about last night than she's letting on.
Someone drugged us? Is that why we don't remember anything? Well,that's why Stacy doesn't remember,but you were only slightly intoxicated.
Not enough to cause memory loss.
Dana,you need to tell us the truth.
We know that Brad Malone wasn't the only man in your room last night.
Who else was there? I think his name was Kyle.
We never got his last name.
And where did you meet this Kyle? At a bar.
I don't remember which one.
And how did he end up in your room? Stacy invited him.
We emptied the minibar.
Then Stacy wanted to dance,so we blasted the stereo.
Is that when Brad joined the party? He knocked on our door.
He told us to keep it down.
And Stacy invited him in for a drink.
And then she and Kyle went into the bedroom.
Leaving you alone with Brad.
Well,we found your vaginal fluid and Brad's semen on the sofa,as well as the coffee table.
It seems like things got pretty crazy.
It it wasn't like that.
He raped me! I slept with one man my whole life.
You think I'm going to have unprotected sex with a total stranger? I begged him to stop.
And because he raped you,you pushed him off the balcony? I didn't push him.
Then who did? After Brad raped me I went into the bedroom.
And Kyle grabbed me,and he he pulled me down.
He said it was his turn.
All of a sudden,Brad was there.
Kyle flipped out.
He he ran at Brad.
Shoved him into the other room.
He-he-he just kept shoving him and shoving him and shoving him.
So Dana was raped,witnessed a murder,and then she goes to bed as if nothing had happened? Kyle said,if she told anyone,he'd come back and kill her.
She was scared.
Well,was there any evidence of rape in her physical exam? There was bruising,but it was inconclusive.
Well,whatever happened in that hotel room,we know our mystery man Kyle was involved.
We need to find him.
David,you said you had something you wanted to show me.
This is from the bedding in the women's motel room.
Take a look.
- A feather? - Not just any feather.
It's premium quality,hand-harvested Hungarian goose down.
Now,take a look at this feather that Nick found on the floor.
It's synthetic.
Made fa ific bld of polyester fibers.
I managed to trace it to a manufacturer in China.
They supply low-end pillows to several motels in Vegas, but their biggest buyer is a bar called the Pillow Club.
Stacy and Dana said they went to a lot of clubs,a lot of bars last night.
Now,I happen to know from personal experience that this particular club does sell the yard-long drinks, much like the ones that you found in the their suite.
Maybe that's where they met Kyle.
But what does a club need with pillows? So,half-naked people hitting each other with pillows.
An adult slumber party.
That's kinky.
Well,you're already dressed for bed.
It sends a pretty clear message.
Yeah,add alcohol to the mix.
Gives you permission to act out your aggressions.
No limits,no taboos.
Excuse me.
What can I get you? Yeah,we're from the crime lab.
We have reason to believe that these two women were in here drinking last night.
Drinking a lot.
You know who might have served them? It was my night off,but check at the bar.
Our bartender,Kyle,he was working.
Are you Kyle? Yeah.
What happened to your head? Oh,I hit it on the edge of the bar.
Say what? I said I hit it on the edge of the Damn! What the hell,man? Looks like you ran into an iron.
Man,girl's lying.
About which part? - The attempted rape or the murder? - Both.
We know you had sex with Stacy Cano.
We also found GHB in her system.
You're a bartender.
Man,you had easy access.
Yeah,I gave her the drugs,but she asked for them.
Said she wanted to party,lose control.
Come on,Dana! You said that we were going to have fun.
Drink it! So Stacy thought we'd bring the party back to her room.
Then,after you had sex with her,you thought you'd just have sex with Dana? Hey,I offered to do her,but the bitch hit me in the head with an iron.
Don't be like that,girl.
Damn! Come on! wait*** Dana is the one who hit you in the head with the iron.
She went mental.
Chased me out in the hallway,screaming.
Where was Brad Malone during all this? You mean the hero boy next door? He came out his room to see what the hell was going on.
Get out! Are you okay,miss? None of your damn business! Get the hell out of here! So,you and Mr.
Malone were never in the ladies' hotel room at the same time? I got to the elevator to see Captain America taking Dana back to her room.
Where'd you go after that? E.
Took me four hours to get stitched back up.
You don't believe me,call Desert Palm.
I'll do that.
is exsanguination due to sharp force injury.
Stabbed once.
Only one stab wound? You're kidding me,right? There was castoff on the walls.
I mean,her blood was everywhere.
None of the physical evidence in this case makes any sense.
Only the Irwins' prints in their apartment.
Only Mrs.
Irwin's prints were on the knife.
- Only Mr.
Irwin's blood was in the bathroom.
- May-may-may I interject? Please.
I don't think Mr.
Irwin killed his wife,though she was the victim of foul play.
See these scalp lacerations? Yeah.
These are talon marks.
I heard the Irwins had a parrot.
If you are suggesting that the bird is a suspect,he was in his cage with the door closed when we arrived.
Parrots are extremely smart.
You can teach them to do almost anything,even let themselves in and out of their cages.
Well,yeah,it's true,but there's no way that that bird picked up a knife and stabbed Mrs.
Right? Wh-What is with this family? Even the animals hate each other.
Why didn't you just separate them,Hodges? Even though I project an aura of raw courage and unwavering self-confidence, I suffer fromornithophobia.
You're afraid of birds.
Let's just say that I was terrorized by a flock of Canadian geese while visiting my uncle in Saskatchewan.
Really? They were Canadian.
I thought they were friendly.
All right,well,according to Doc Robbins,the parrot attacked Mrs.
We already know that the cat ran through the crime scene, so we're gonna have to process both of them.
I'll take the cat.
What is that? What happened to you? The castoff on the walls wasn't from the knife.
It was was from the parrot.
He attacked Mrs.
We found her DNA under his talons,and we found her blood under his feathers.
When he flapped his wings,it spattered blood on things.
The parrot killed Mrs.
Irwin? Uh,well,he had an accomplice,the cat.
Technically,he's responsible for Mr.
Irwin's death.
So Sylvester and Tweety whacked their owners.
Think of it as a series of unfortunate events.
What do you mean,don't think of it as a cartoon? Well,Hodges found traces of soap on the bird,and I found feathers in the bathtub.
- Mr.
Irwin was giving the parrot a shower when the cat attacked.
- Okay.
Hodges also found plastic from the shower curtain under the cat's claws.
In his defense,you know,I think the cat was probably going after the bird.
The really hate each other.
The bathroom door was open,and the cat saw its opportunity.
Irwin was in the kitchen making breakfast.
She must have heard the commotion.
So,she went to check it out.
There were chopped vegetables on the counter so the knife was already in her hand.
And you know what they say about running with scissors.
The parrot was trying to get away from the cat.
And in his frenzied state,he turned his aggression on Mrs.
The evidence strongly suggests that Mrs.
Irwin,in then trying to get away from the bird,fell onto the coffee table.
- She stabbed herself? - Yeah.
And then the cat went into hiding and the bird went back into its cage and shut the door.
Remarkably,it all makes perfect sense.
There is one thing that we can't explain.
Irwin had blood all over her hands.
How did she call 911 and not get any blood on the phone? Bartender's story checks out.
He was in the E.
when Malone hit the pavement,so he didn't do it.
Which means Dana lied.
Yeah,makes you wonder what else she's lying about.
Like being raped.
Well,if she wasn't attacked,why did she push Brad Malone off the balcony? We know that she scratched him.
His epithelials were under her nails.
Yeah,he's a big guy.
Dana's about your size.
Is it even possible for her to push him off that balcony? It's possible.
Check out my ass.
Ray,your ass is a work of art.
But there's no paint on the backs of your thighs.
Doesn't match Malone's injuries.
Well,that would mean his thighs would have to have more contact with the rail when he went over.
The only way to replicate those kind of injuries is if he was sitting on the railing when he went over.
Fresh coat of paint? Well,rape is all about power,but sitting on a balcony is not a position of power,so maybe Brad Malone wasn't the aggressor.
We know he and Dana had sex right before he died.
Did that sex move out to the balcony? Well,we found a lot of partials on the railing.
We assume they were fingerprints.
Maybe they were toe prints.
If they were toe prints,she would have been sitting in his lap.
Have a seat,boss.
Me? Well,I'm not getting up there.
Come on,Catherine.
Toes are under the bottom railing there.
Got it? Okay.
Yo,Ray,you're good.
Ecklie's not in the building,right? Seven stories up? Really? Isn't this a little Cirque de Soleil? Danger just adds to the excitement,Nicky.
Suspended Congress.
What? This position is called Suspended Congress in the Kama Sutra.
What? I'm a doctor.
This is my first three-way.
Really? Yeah,I'm very excited.
Okay,so things are heating up.
They're really going at it.
It wouldn't take much for him to fall over now.
Paint right down the back of your thighs.
That's match to Brad Malone's injuries.
Brad's death was an accident.
He fell off the balcony while you were having consensual sex.
You did try to save him,which is why he had the scratches on his arm.
I have three amazing kids.
My husband is the love of my life.
Not once in 15 years have I even looked at another man.
Until Brad? We had this immediateconnection.
I couldn't stop myself.
I lost control,and I'm not that person.
You have to understand,my husband and I only have sex twice a month.
Lights out,under the covers.
Well,you're not the first woman to have sex with a strangerto have cheated on her husband.
A man died while I was having sex with him.
Incrediblemind-blowing sex.
Dana,you're not being charged.
You do have some explaining to do to your husband.
A bit of advice: The part about the mind-blowing sex I'd leave that part out.
Case closed? Yeah.
I know you're upset.
You think I'm not being honest with you,but I just don't think couples need to tell each other everything.
So,who gets to draw that line? You own a piece of a casino.
That's a big thing to keep from me.
But,Lou,that's business.
That has nothing to do with us.
Well,that says a lot.
I- I-I've had all the complicated relationships I could handle.
This is who I am.
Please don't try to change me.
I promise I won't try to change you.
So,what? Take it or leave it? Call me when you decide.
We found you a good home with a nice family.
No cats,and they have another bird.
This is your last chance.
You attack anyone else and your goose is cooked.
Damn it.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Help me! Help me! No blood on the phone.
You've been holding out on us.