CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s11e10 Episode Script


You blind, lady? Express checkout, I'm sorry, how much is it? Holly, please stop.
Sweetie, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry What are you waiting for, morning? Just pay! I'm gonna have to write a check.
Aw, come on! It's cash only! Turn that crap down! Your noise-- turn it down! Well, I was needing to hit the grocery store this morning.
Looks like someone had the same idea.
Shots were fired, these two went down.
Apparently, this whole thing started because of musical differences.
The smoker says the gangbangers did it.
There was a patrol car in the area.
They apprehended the gangbangers in the lot, searched the car, didn't find a gun.
Now, the male victim-- his name is Hector Cortero.
He's been working here two weeks, and he's a cart collector.
Prison tattoos.
Shooting could be gang related.
Yeah, now, the female victim-- we don't know who she is yet, but, uh, apparently, she's just an unlucky customer.
One bag of groceries, no purse, no keys, no cell phone in her pocket.
You know, this could be a robbery.
Bagger's prints are in the system, but according to AFIS, his real name is Hector Atoya.
He got a rap sheet? Yeah, he did one year for a no-hit drive-by.
This could be retaliation.
Second vic witnesses and becomes collateral damage.
Bagger's only hit once.
She's hit three times.
Two small-caliber gunshot wounds to the left chest, one to the right eye.
Powder burns around the wound suggest that it was at close range.
Looks like an execution.
Which would make our soccer mom the primary target, but why? Hey, this, uh, jerk over here just told me that our female vic had a kid.
A kid?! You get a description? Yeah, little girl, about three years old; blonde hair.
Oh, and she had two bags of groceries.
She had a child and two bags of groceries.
I'm thinking she had a car.
We have a void.
Maybe a tire crushed those pretzels.
She puts the child in first, gets one bag of groceries in the car and then Bang.
Killer jacks her ride, without knowing the kid's in the backseat.
Yeah, this is Brass.
I'm down at the double 419 down at Honolulu.
We have a stolen vehicle with an abducted three-year-old blonde female.
We now have a 418/427.
AMBER Alert will be forthcoming.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you You see these things, you hear about them, you never think you'll be involved.
So the victim was in your line? Mm-hmm.
And had you seen her in here before? Was she a regular? Oh, no.
Uh-uh, no.
I never saw her before.
I've been working here a few years.
She had the cutest little kid with her, too.
She had too many items for the express line, but I don't think that was on purpose.
Just, she seemed in a hurry and upset.
Upset? Mm-hmm.
How upset? First, I thought it was just the guy behind her.
The "Express Line Nazi.
" Yeah, yeah, we already talked to him, but you think she was upset about something else? Her hands were shaking.
The whole time, she seemed like she was about to cry.
Oh, and her cell phone rang.
Oh, it did? Mm-hmm.
She didn't answer it.
Express line, so she, uh, she paid cash? No.
She didn't have enough.
I let her write a check.
Hey, Archie, it's Nick.
Listen, I got a name and driver's license number on our female victim.
Christine Moore.
Nevada DL number 2266758771.
John-Henry- Victor-George-357.
Anybody else on the registration? Next of kin, anything like that? Daniel Moore.
Probably her husband.
But registration's secured.
Guy's got some kind of protected status.
Well, that may be what got his wife killed.
Looks like a .
Used to be the preferred caliber for mobsters and assassins.
Nowadays they go for a Glock four-oh.
Thank you, Ten Cent.
Why don't you move him to Autopsy and try not to bust any rhymes on the way out.
I make no promises.
Agent Moore, FBI.
Uh, how can I help you? Looking for the female vic of the supermarket shooting.
She's in the washroom.
But I Hey.
Hold it right there.
Agent Moore, FBI.
Yeah, congratulations.
Nobody comes in here without my authorization.
Christine is my wife.
I'm sorry for your loss, but that's all the more reason for you not to be in here.
No one should ever see their loved one like this.
This is what I wanted to see-- her eye.
It's probably postmortem, if that's any consolation.
Oh, geez.
Let me see that.
Keep your hand elevated.
David, find the first aid kit! Hold this.
Agent Moore.
Captain Jim Brass.
I came as soon as I could.
We have an AMBER Alert out on your daughter.
But I need you to keep it together.
Can you give me a second? Yeah.
Hold it up.
Now, I know this is tough, but when a wife is murdered, do you have an alibi for last night? I was on a case.
I can save you a lot of time.
I know who killed Christine.
The name is Rylan Gauss.
And he has my daughter.
So I got an AG waiver on Christine Moore's missing cell phone.
She got a message five minutes before she was killed.
Checker at the market said Christine received a call that she didn't answer.
That was from a Trent Moore.
Guy sounds young.
Maybe her son.
It's him, Christine.
It's Gauss.
I've seen him.
He's following you and Holly! I-I don't know what to do! He's going to kill us all, just like Dad said! I'm gonna give you some temporary stitches in a little bit, but they won't hold long, so I would advise you to get an X-ray and some antibiotics.
Rylan Gauss is a federal case.
I don't know anything about it.
What can you tell me about him? He's a serial pedophile.
He steals the little girls right out of their beds.
The mother intervened on the last one.
Gauss shot her in the eye.
Ah, just like, uh Yeah.
your wife.
I chased him for ten years.
Six little girls.
I never found any of them.
Nothing to link him to any of the crimes.
I was able to nail him for the murder of the mother, though.
How'd the guy get out of prison? the conviction was overturned.
The appeals court tossed out the lead batch analysis that the Bureau used to link the murder bullet to Gauss' live ammo.
Has he contacted you or threatened you? Me and my family.
Given his M.
, my daughter doesn't have much time.
And I don't even want to think All right, enough already, okay? We're done.
Okay, take it easy.
Thanks a lot, Doc.
Is there anyone else that Gauss, uh, may be after? I have a son from my first marriage.
What's his name? Trent.
Hey, Trent, it's Dad.
You call me back immediately.
Katie, it's Mr.
Could I speak with Trent, please? You sure he's not out on a delivery or? No, when you see him, you make him call me.
No, it's an emergency.
Trent didn't show up to work today.
It's not like him.
Let's go.
Trent?! Las Vegas Police! Trent?! Trent? Trent? He has Trent.
If Gauss was here, he would've shot you coming through the door.
You got to ratchet it down a notch, okay? Control, this is Brass.
I need an APB out on Rylan Gauss, white male in his 30s, armed and dangerous.
Bastard's got my whole family.
Ready? Rylan Gauss, Vegas PD! We got a warrant! It's all clear.
We'll take it from here, boys.
Thank you.
If I was Gauss, out for revenge, I'd kill Agent Moore's wife and his teenage son.
And take the little girl, 'cause I get off on it.
Check the bed.
Nothing but porno mags.
Where else could he hide her? Let's tear the place apart.
Looks like the point of entry.
There's some granular trace on the sill.
It's corn starch.
From cheap latex gloves.
That's Gauss' M.
He always wears them.
Guy comes in through the window, he jimmies it open with a chisel-- that's what that mark is, right there.
Agent Moore, with all due respect, you need to back off and let me do my job.
You're overlaying my shoe impressions.
It's not going to be that hard to distinguish, okay? Gauss wears a size 10, Nosumi soles.
Agent Moore? You are contaminating my crime scene.
Hey, buddy.
We get it, okay? The crime scene investigator is a professional.
She's working as fast as she can, all right? Well, I've seen it too many times, okay? Cop-fast turns into hostage-late.
Hey, hey, back off! All right? Back off.
I'll take care of Gauss myself, then.
Let him go, Mitch.
Go ahead, get out of here.
Looks like we got a pill dump.
People don't usually throw away narcotics unless they have to.
Olanzapine and aripiprazole.
Trent Moore was on meds, antidepressants.
So Rylan Gauss flushed them? It's a good way to control a hostage.
He could've kept a few, used them to force the kid's cooperation.
That's assuming that Trent Moore is still alive.
The agent who delivered these files said that Daniel Moore is the FBI's top pedophile hunter.
Ironic-- his own kids get snatched.
Yeah, well, not so ironic if one of the guys he's been chasing decided to turn the tables on him.
All right, the offender profile says that Rylan Gauss started in his early 20s, followed a typical escalation pattern-- indecent exposure, couple of burglary charges.
Social Services investigated an incident involving a female cousin.
Four years old.
Gauss' parents wouldn't cooperate.
I hate it when the families protect these guys.
All right, well, let's look for anything about how long he usually kept the girls, or where he might have taken them.
Hey, Nicky.
I got something.
It's a, uh clothes hanger made into some kind of a tool.
Maybe for fishing something out of a tight space? Let me see that thing.
Yeah, there's something behind this panel.
If it's kiddy porn, we got him.
An Elephant Named Herman.
My Puppy Dog Tale, Kitty Cat Clues? Children's read-aloud books.
They never caught Gauss with any evidence from his victims.
Personal items belonging to the missing girls disappeared just prior to their abductions, including children's books.
The items disappeared while the victims were playing in the park.
Gauss selects his victims from local parks.
That's where he does his shopping.
The Animal Fair.
He didn't just go out and buy these.
Looks like they got some years on 'em.
Maybe the belonged to the victims.
They could be trophies.
Print 'em.
This is Catherine.
Is there a park near your location? Yeah, we passed one as we were driving into the neighborhood.
Why? Gauss doesn't keep his victims long.
And when he's done, he goes back out hunting in parks.
There he is right there.
What the hell is Agent Moore doing here? Gun! Agent Moore, put your gun down! Stand down! Get off me.
Where is she?! Where's who? Where's Holly Moore? I don't even know who that is! Fine.
You're under arrest.
Let go of me.
What's that about? It's not illegal to make a video.
That-that's a cute little girl.
I wish I had one just like her.
What were you doing in the park, Rylan? On a play date? After you were done with Holly Moore? I spent five years in prison.
I like parks, open spaces.
I like to look at pretty things.
Where's Holly Moore? Is that any relation to a Daniel Moore? Come on.
You know it is.
You threatened her whole family.
Oh, did you lose that sweet little girl of yours, Daniel? I'm sorry.
Oh, but you have two children, so you still have one left, right? Yeah, right.
Let's talk about Trent Moore.
He certainly had a lot to say about you.
It's him, Christine.
It's Gauss.
I've seen him.
He's following you and Holly! I don't know what to do! He-he's going to kill us all, just like Dad said! No, no, no.
No, that's a frame-up.
I went to prison for a crime I didn't commit.
It didn't work the first time, and he's trying to get me again.
He accused me of being a psycho.
Me, a psycho?! The guy stalks me my whole life! He's the sick one! You hear that, Daniel?! You're the sick one! So where were you last night? Oh, last night? Yeah.
Um, I was in a a bar, the Red Lamp, off of Fremont.
The bartender's name was, um, Terry.
Talked about how he needs a new head gasket for his car.
He'll remember the conversation.
You just have to ask him.
Feel pretty good about that, huh? What do you think? You're just gonna waltz out of here, whistling a tune? I went to the animal fair The birds and the beasts were there And the big baboon by the light of the moon Was combing his auburn Hair.
I bet you know all the words to that, don't you? Yeah, we found your stash of books, buddy.
And the lab guys are going over the prints right now.
And I'll tell you something.
If we find one print that matches up with any of those missing girls, that'll be your last walk in the park.
AMBER Alert picked up the Moore minivan.
Car seat, no little girl.
The grocery store is across town, but we're walking distance to Gauss's place.
Van's out of gas.
I have cookie crumbs on the car seat and half a juice box.
Half a sandwich, egg salad.
From Cordon's Ranch Market, dated yesterday.
Christine Moore must have bought it.
How many three-year-olds do you know like egg salad? I don't know any three-year-olds, but I do know that if Christine didn't eat it, and Holly didn't eat it, then whoever was driving this car must have.
Right? Gauss.
Ran the sandwich cellophane against Gauss's prints.
No match.
Whoever ate the sandwich took the girl.
If it wasn't Gauss, who was it? The books we found in Gauss's apartment had no prints.
They're in no way a connection to any of these missing girls.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- No, sir, I'm not.
All we found were traces of cornstarch between the pages.
Because Gauss wears latex gloves.
He sits there torturing these little girls while he's reading to them from their own favorite books.
I advise you not to leave town.
Oh, no, I'm not going anywhere.
Just keep Mr.
FBI away from me, or I'll have to get a restraining order.
Oh, hey.
Uh, I hope your kids are all right, there, Danny.
You know, all that time wasted on me.
Only have yourself to blame.
Only yourself.
You're just going to let him go? If we do anything now, it'll only come back to hurt us when we do try to nail him.
When is that going to be? Jim! He just as much admitted that my kids are dead.
Hey, when I put him in prison, he's gonna stay there! Not going to get out on some technicality.
And by the way, his alibi checks out, you know.
Not only with the bartender, but several patrons who he was drinking with all night.
Rylan Gauss didn't kill your wife! He was in a bar.
Gauss is the only angle.
You heard Trent's voice mail.
Gauss is stalking my family, and now you're just going to let him go.
Hey, file a complaint.
I'll have him arrested.
Are we on the same side here anymore? Is it just me, or does he not seem that broken up about his dead wife? It's his focus; it's all about Gauss, even when the evidence points away from him.
You know, Nicky, I've known a lot of guys like Daniel Moore.
When things go bad, both professionally or personally, it's always the bastard that got away.
And Rylan Gauss makes one hell of a boogeyman.
Hey, Catherine.
I just got off the phone with Christine Moore's sister.
She called to arrange release of the body to a mortuary in Wichita.
Isn't that usually up to the spouse? Unless the spouses are in the middle of an ugly divorce.
Did Agent Moore mention that? No, he left that out.
Yeah, that's what I figured.
So I gave her my best Quincy, and she was more than happy to rat out her brother-in-law.
Christine was asking for sole custody of her daughter, and filing for guardianship of her stepson.
Guardianship? Trent's 18.
He's been living on his own.
Christine was going to court to prove that Moore was an unfit father.
According to her sister, the plan was to move both kids back to Kansas.
Okay, well If Daniel Moore weren't FBI, we'd be looking at him for the murder of his wife.
Jim? I need you to verify the alibi for Daniel Moore.
Good call, Cap.
Agent Moore's car is parked around back.
It's still warm.
Rylan Gauss's apartment is the last place this guy should be.
Let's hope he didn't do anything stupid.
Drop it.
Now! My gun hasn't been fired.
You can check it.
I want your backup piece.
It's in the small of my back.
I'm reaching now.
Two fingers.
Son of a bitch was down when I got here.
Not that I didn't come here looking to kneecap him.
Torture him until he told me where my kids are.
But unfortunately, someone beat me to it.
Yeah, right.
Let's go.
The pills you collected from Trent Moore's bathroom floor are antidepressants, but they're also used in combination to treat emerging schizophrenia.
Do we know if the kid had any psychological problems? No, we don't.
He was living alone, holding down a job.
Not atypical.
When the disease becomes full-blown in adulthood, medications ramp up in proportion to the increase in delusions and paranoia.
Agent Moore never mentioned that his son is schizophrenic.
He's got a bad habit of leaving things out.
I know we think Gauss killed Trent, but if he didn't, and Trent's been off his meds for the past 24 hours, then there's a good probability he's in the middle of a full-blown psychotic episode.
Sandwich wrapper.
Trent likes egg salad.
Which puts him in the van, when Christine and Holly came out of the supermarket.
He was probably there the whole time.
Question is, what was he doing in the minivan with Christine and Holly, at 4:00 a.
? Whatever the reason, he witnessed the shooting.
Three GSWs to the torso.
Small caliber.
Same as the supermarket.
Well, if Agent Moore shot Gauss, did he also shoot his wife? They were going through a nasty divorce.
Position of the body suggests he was hit as he entered.
Agent Moore must've been lying in wait.
But how? Where's the .
22? We didn't find it on him.
So why ditch a throw-away, and then come back and stand over the body with your service weapon out? Fast First Deliveries.
Agent Moore's son works for a messenger service.
That wasn't here before.
are dead within three hours.
It's been 24.
So the longer we sit here talking about what I didn't do, the less chance I have of ever seeing them again.
I know the numbers, all right? I want to talk about Trent.
Your son is a clinically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.
My son, Trent, is fine.
He's just fine.
What are you talking about? We found psychotropic meds in his apartment.
Now, clearly, he's under psychiatric treatment.
The meds just make you crazy.
I told Christine he didn't need to take them.
Oh, and this is based on what, your experience as a psychoanalyst? Don't push that angle on me.
You know the job.
We hunt down these scum who torture and rape children.
And you just got to suck it up.
'Cause there's no little pill that's just going to make this world a better place.
You know, your behavior has been erratic since I met you.
They say that mental illness runs in families.
Everybody drinks the Kool-Aid, now-- Christine, you, $200 shrinks.
Well, not me.
And not my son.
We're the crazy people now? My son and I are crazy, while Rylan Gauss is sane? Go to hell.
Gauss is dead.
You want to know what's really crazy? We have evidence that Trent was in Gauss's apartment.
Now, does your son have access to a small-caliber firearm, specifically, a .
22? Gauss was killed with a .
22? As was Christine, as was the bagger.
Now, we're pulling slugs from the autopsy right now, and I think we're going to get a match.
Trent was with Christine, in the minivan, at the grocery store, at the time of the shooting.
Now, what is Trent's relationship with his little sister Holly? I refuse to believe this-- any of it! Well, let me tell you what I believe, okay? Trent was not kidnapped.
He stopped taking his meds.
He's having a psychotic episode.
He killed Gauss.
And as hard as this is to say, I think he killed Christine.
Now the question is, would he harm his little sister Holly? He loves Holly.
If Trent had Holly, where would he take her? My first wife died of cancer when Trent was ten.
They were very close.
Sometimes, he just likes to go back to the old house.
Where's the old house? House is gone.
Now what? Well, there's a shed over there.
Roof over his head, place to keep Holly warm, a place to think.
This is it.
I hear something.
I'd like to talk to him.
He's more comfortable with women.
I'll cover you.
Trent? Are you in there? My name is Sara.
I'm here to help you.
Where's Holly? Is she okay? Are you alone? Trent? We've been looking for you and your sister.
It's okay.
You're safe now, you can put the gun down.
Rylan Gauss.
Rylan Gauss did it.
He has my baby sister.
He killed Christine.
Rylan Gauss can't hurt you anymore.
Dad was right.
He's always right.
Have to always, always watch for Rylan Gauss.
Did you used to play here, in this shed? When you lived here with your mother? I know she loved you, Trent.
And she would want you to put the gun down.
If you hurt yourself, who's going to take care of your sister? Rylan Gauss was there.
I saw him.
Where did he take her? He follows us.
He talks to me.
Gauss is dead.
You know that.
He's me.
I did it.
I killed her! I'm Rylan Gauss, I'm Rylan Gauss, ask my dad! Okay, okay, Rylan.
Okay, listen, put the gun down, all right? I kill little girls! He-he has their pictures, ask my dad.
Please, please, give me the gun.
Okay? It's okay.
Give me the gun, Rylan.
Give it to me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Any info from Trent? No, no.
Maybe when his meds kick in, he'll tell us where Holly is, but at the moment, he's Mark David Chapman shooting John Lennon thinking he's John Lennon.
I hope it's not too late.
Me, too.
I believe we have an infestation.
Hmm, Cimex lectularius, aka the common bedbug.
Where did you find this? I processed the ball cap that you found in Gauss's apartment.
Hey, do you know if Sara found any bedbugs at Trent Moore's place? Negative.
Nor did I see bugs in the shed, but I did see bug bites on Trent.
But we didn't find any in Gauss's apartment.
Hey, are you sure this didn't come from your house there, itchy? No.
My mother is very clean.
Maybe Trent picked them up wherever he has Holly stashed.
Fire in the hole! Two shots! The bullets that killed Rylan Gauss came from Trent Moore's .
Trent's gun does not match the bullets that killed Christine Moore or the bagger at the market.
So there's another .
22 in play? Any leads on the shooter? Trent told Sara it was Gauss.
Well, Christine Moore was shot in the eye at close range-- that's Gauss's M.
But we know that Gauss wasn't the shooter.
So who else knew his M.
? Maybe a disgruntled husband going through a nasty divorce who's hunting a serial pedophile for ten years and trying to put back in prison for good.
Maybe somebody like that.
Thanks, Catherine.
I'll get back to you.
Okay, so what happened? You and Christine had an argument, huh? You were sitting around watching, waiting.
You watched her pull out of the garage.
She was leaving in the middle of the night, she was leaving you, and she's taking your kids with her.
But what you didn't know was Trent was in the car.
Did Trent tell you where Holly is? Trent doesn't even know where he is.
He doesn't even know who he is.
Most of the time he thinks he's Rylan Gauss.
A parent's obsession becomes a kid's delusion.
Trent thinks Gauss killed Christine.
But you and I know different.
I just wanted to give Trent a normal life.
And I wanted justice for those girls.
Somewhere in between, I just ruined everything I ever loved.
Look, you gotta be honest with your kid.
You gotta tell him straight up what happened in that grocery store parking lot, and maybe shock him into reality, because little Holly's three years old and she's out there alone and we don't have much time.
You and I both took an oath to protect the innocent.
Well, here's the time.
You gotta confess to your son.
You gotta tell him that Rylan Gauss wasn't the only bad guy in his life.
your daughter, your wife! No, you didn't.
You're Trent.
You're my son.
And you love Holly and you loved Christine.
He broke into my apartment and told me he was coming after them.
I fought him, but I couldn't stop him.
It's not real.
It was you thinking you were Rylan Gauss.
That's why I went to Christine to warn her.
To-to save Holly.
He killed them, Daddy, like you always said he would.
Trent, look at me.
Where's your sister, hmm? 'Cause I know you took her someplace safe.
Rylan Gauss took her.
He took her.
I took her.
I took her.
Trent, stop it! You are not Rylan Gauss.
You are my son.
Rylan Gauss, Rylan Gauss, Rylan Gauss.
Son, you killed Rylan! You did it! Rylan Gauss is dead.
You were at the supermarket with Holly and you saw me.
Not Rylan Gauss, me.
Daniel? I didn't know you were there.
I wanted to put Gauss away for good.
I didn't want Christine to take you away from me.
Now tell me where's your sister? Where's Holly, hmm? I don't know.
She's gone.
She's gone.
I-I lost her.
I lost her! Well, we got our confession.
I'd rather we had the little girl.
Archie looked for surveillance in the supermarket parking lot.
Came up empty.
But? But he was able to catch Christine's minivan on a traffic cam.
Check it out.
Trent was driving the van.
Traffic cam picked this up ten minutes after the shooting.
Trent turned north off of Honolulu onto Glenwood.
That van's really booking.
So, after Christine was shot, Trent panicked.
Thought that Rylan Gauss was after them.
And he was trying to protect his sister.
Well, after he turned onto Glenwood, he disappears off the radar.
If he stashed her somewhere, I might be able to get you an area.
So he stopped somewhere in the 'hood.
It's a good-sized area.
Yeah, but he was running out of gas.
He was scared.
He didn't have a lot of money.
He needed a safe place for Holly so he could go after Gauss.
Maybe a motel.
Yeah, maybe one with bedbugs.
I'll call Environmental Health, check out the complaints at the motels in the area.
No luck.
What do you got? The manager recognized Trent, but he didn't recognize the little girl.
Room seven.
She was here.
Las Vegas Police.
Yes, yes, we are looking for the little girl.
The young man asked me to watch her for a little while but he never came back.
It's okay.
Come on out there.
I didn't know what to do.
I took care of her.
No, you did the right thing.
Hi, Holly.
My name is Jim.
Boy, we've been looking all over for you.
Come on.
I'm gonna take you home.
Come on.