CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e03 Episode Script


Five grand?! For this?! It speaks to me.
Well, look at the face no expression.
'Cause it's a frying pan.
Come over here.
Now are you getting hungry? The Golden Nugget has a really good steak house.
Come on, Nick, just give it a try.
Tell me what you see.
Okay, uh, a banged-up muffler.
Says to me: Car accident.
No? What then? Mm says to me Two people breaking down the walls that they've built around their hearts, surrendering to their innermost feelings.
That's real nice.
Thank you.
All right, okay, I can do some curating here.
Oh, boy, this one's yelling at me.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, the cement, the brick, the metal It's very heavy.
We all carry a load in this life and if we can't overcome our burdens, we'll be crushed like a beer can.
That was beautiful.
Thank you.
Oh, wow! It's interactive.
You know what it's telling me now? What? This date's over.
Thank you.
Nice catch.
It's definitely human.
You think there's a real arm in there? At these prices, I'm thinking an arm and a leg.
Hey, come here.
Which one is she? Hmm? Oh, come on.
Art gallery opening.
It's not your thing.
You're on a date, right? What? No, wait, wait let me guess.
The pretty brunette? It's Doc Robbins' niece.
She's in from Ohio.
I'm just showing her around.
It's one date she'll never forget.
See, am I crazy? What do you see? Please don't start that.
Well I wouldn't be putting my face in there.
Yeah, you know what? You're right.
You do it.
That's an order.
Nose, cheekbone, eye socket.
Half a face, right? Yeah, looks like it.
Is there an artist in the house here? Yeah.
Come here.
I'm-I'm the artist.
Name? Slade.
What's your last name, Slade? Just Slade.
Well, this is just Stokes and I'm just Russell, crime lab.
We love what you're doing here.
The cement's fresh, the hint of decomp.
It's nice.
Maybe you better tell us about your process.
I'm an artist, man.
I find things.
They tell me what they want to be.
Do these blocks talk to you before or after the cement dries? It's called "found art" for a reason.
Like, that's how I found them.
Where'd you find it? Tresser park.
Dump site.
Prime objet turf.
Objet? What the? I'll translate.
You know something, pal, you're going to come with us.
And if we don't find some objet in tresser park, it's going to be "bonjour, bastille.
" "Hello, prison.
" who are you? who, who, who, who? who are you? who, who, who, who? I really wanna know who are you? oh-oh-oh who come on, tell me who are you, you, you are you! Man, all this heat's gonna ruin my spot.
Our market's cutthroat.
Hey, uh, how much for a used cop car? Maybe you got one that's been all shot up? Give it a rest, Picasso.
Is that evidence, too? This? No, that's a perfectly good hibachi.
You aren't really thinking about taking that home with you, are you? Hell, yes.
This'll clean up great.
There's enough junk in the world already.
Why buy more? Hey, would you tag that? You need a tv, too? No, for the serial number.
In case one of our litter bugs is the killer.
Or saw the killer.
Got some cement blocks over here.
Could be more body parts.
Go ahead and tag the microwave, too.
Oh, man.
I think we just found our missing face.
Early instars of the black soldier fly.
Cheese skippers.
Hide beetles.
That face has been exposed about three weeks.
Killed, cut up, encased in cement.
Did you ever read the lady in cement? What do you think? It's a great book.
So-so movie.
Frank Sinatra, Raquel Welch.
It was a mob hit.
They fitted the lady with cement shoes, and then threw her in the ocean.
That's a good way to dispose of the body.
What do you think? Killer tosses the block, it rolls down the hill The block splits open, exposes the head.
Wait a second.
What you got? A flower earring I've seen that before.
Five girls were abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered, dismembered Then encased in cement.
Was it a cold case? No, no.
We solved it.
It was a husband and wife team.
They were convicted a couple of years ago.
It was Sara's case.
Colleen, what do you think? Hm? I wore this just for you.
You like it? I know you've been waiting for this all day.
Oh, you're such a pretty girl.
You pulled this from my old case files.
Last sip is yours.
Hmm? Say, "I want to be a good girl.
" I want to be a good girl.
Good girl.
Go on, Gina.
Give the good girl a reward.
How did a woman like this not get life? Because the jury never saw these.
Gina Sinclair's husband, Todd, hid their sex tapes in his grandmother's attic.
We found them after she died, but it was, uh, three weeks after the verdict.
Colleen Hughes was their only surviving victim? They, um, held her captive for three years.
How did she walk out of there? What did she do differently? The psychiatrist said that Colleen was completely compliant.
She indulged their fantasies, she never challenged them.
Most kids wouldn't be able to get past the fear.
As soon as I heard from Nick, I called the prison.
Gina got out two months ago.
Early release with parole.
I'm not surprised.
She is a master manipulator.
She sold a sob story to the jury that her husband controlled her, that he forced her to abuse the girls, that he threatened her life.
Which explains why she got five years, and he got 120.
He was not the one in control.
She was.
So, you think that now that she's out She's picking up right where she left off.
Flower earrings and cement.
I was on this case then.
I want on it now.
Well, I guess there's something to be said for continuity.
Oh, if you're feeling homesick for L.
, this should cure you.
Not this homesick.
Listen, I'm not saying I'm one to date guys on the job, but can I ask you a personal question? Yeah, sure.
I heard Nick was on a date with Robbins' niece.
They an item? Hey, guys.
Welcome to my third trash run of the day.
In L.
, they at least leave the underwear.
Blunt force trauma, a little blood, but no blood pool.
Slight lividity on his back.
But it's more prominent in his lower extremities.
No blanching on the soles of his feet.
It's weird.
Guy died standing up, but not standing on anything.
Maybe he was suspended.
No ligature marks.
Roll him? Yeah.
A little help? One, two, three.
Pretty well fed for a junkie.
No jaundice.
No track marks.
Check his teeth.
Nice pearlies.
Didn't brush today, but not on the pipe.
So we can forget the trash run.
He was dumped.
Oh, this is good.
Based on the lack of eruption of the wisdom teeth, I'd estimate she's Same age as all the Sinclair victims.
I sent her dental x-rays to missing persons.
Hopefully it'll give us an I.
Evidence of sexual assault? I found significant vaginal trauma, possibly involving a foreign object.
Gina used to, um, use bare bottles.
I sent the sae kit to DNA.
? Well, aside from the hack job, no other signs of obvious trauma.
Condition of the body makes it hard to tell much of anything.
Sinclair's previous victims were all dismembered at the major joints.
Tool marks are almost identical to our cement girl here.
We never did figure out what they used to cut up the bodies.
Same M.
O, same tool.
I don't think we're looking at a copycat here.
We know who we're looking for.
Gina Sinclair.
Sara's not the only one who knows she's out of prison.
Whose web site is this? Ed Burrows.
His daughter Jennifer was the Sinclair's second victim.
This guy has quit his job, sold his house, pretty much devoted his life to seeing the Sinclairs put away.
Somebody killed my daughter, I'd do the same thing.
And if I found out they got out of prison, I'd have eyes on them, too.
There's a lot of people that would like to see Gina Sinclair pay for what she did.
And by people, you mean Sara.
You know how it is.
You, uh, live with a case for a couple of years, you obviously get very close to the victims and their families, and then justice isn't served.
She said she wants another shot.
Should I be worried? I know why Ecklie brought you in.
Clearly, as a supervisor, I was too close to my team.
I allowed one of them to walk into a house with a serial killer.
Wh-what are you saying? I'm saying that you can't let Sara walk through that same door.
You are the supervisor now.
You've gotta protect the team.
Okay, I got that.
And I appreciate the heads up.
Burrows I'm more than 200 feet away from her place.
You can check for yourself.
I'm not here about the restraining order.
I heard they found another body.
Burrows, when was the last time you were home? My wife kicked me out three weeks ago.
I'm sorry.
I, um, I've seen your web site.
You've been busy.
She's a killer.
There's no way I can stand around and do nothing.
Ed, do me a favor.
Go home, make up with your wife Let us do our job okay? Gordon! Stop running! CSI sidle, right? Mm.
Care for a cold one? You look good, Gina.
I guess prison agreed with you.
And you're looking a little pale.
Yeah, I spend most of my time in a lab busting psychopaths like you.
We, um found a girl.
In cement.
That's got nothing to do with me.
Then you won't mind if I search your apartment.
Well, it's kind of a mess.
Maid's day off.
You're on a parole.
I don't need a warrant.
I don't need to be harassed by you.
Or by numbnuts out in the car.
Burrows has been stalking me ever since I got out.
Well, you, um, raped, murdered and dismembered his daughter.
Court said Todd did it.
I'm as much of a victim as those other girls.
Am I blocking your view? I'm just admiring the flowers.
Excuse me May I have your attention? I am with the Las Vegas police department.
Your neighbor here, Gina Sinclair, apartment 206, is a rapist and a murderer.
And, if I were you, I would keep an eye on your children.
Get up.
I'm calling your parole officer.
Let's see what kind of mess your maid left.
Look, already know why you called me in here.
I paid a visit today to a person of interest, who, by any reasonable measure, is our prime suspect, and I executed a search.
Yeah, and in the process, in front of 30 of her neighbors, called her a rapist, a murderer And a psychopath.
But that was to her face.
Well, you should know that her attorney has threatened to sue the department and you for harassment, which he has every right to do.
My son is on the freshman team at WLVU.
The kid's been practicing since he was six.
And you know something? In junior high, he used to practice at night, and he wanted to walk home, but I wouldn't let him.
One of us always picked him up.
Kids should be able to walk home from school.
These girls should have been able to walk home.
You know, I want the Gina Sinclairs of the world off the street just as much as you do.
I was just taking her temperature.
Yeah, rectally.
You showed your hand today to a master manipulator.
Your words.
Her neighbors have a right to know.
She did this, five years ago, three weeks ago, and she's gonna do it again.
Yeah, and maybe now, she'll get away with it, again.
Look, you know this, when we walk into court, if the defense can't attack the evidence, they attack us, which is why we need to be unbiased and impartial.
You no you blew it today.
In front of And I don't want to lose this, Sara.
I want to win.
So do I.
Am I off the case? Because, if I am, someone needs to call Colleen Hughes and tell her that Gina's out of prison.
Maybe I should handle that.
Good call on the dual livor mortis.
Thank you.
I didn't get this job 'cause of nepotism.
Never crossed my mind.
Am I late? Nope.
I'm always early.
You don't see this too often.
Lungs are distended.
They should feel like deflated balloons.
These feel more like pillows, but heavy.
May I? Yeah.
Oh, that's awesome.
Let's see how much they weigh.
Whoa! That looks like, uh Chocolate.
Guy's a soufflé.
Lungs full of chocolate, lividity in the lower extremities, died vertical but not on his feet, and not hung.
Victim was floating.
Doc, is it possible for somebody to drown in chocolate? So, milk or dark chocolate? Really? That's your first question? No, but it's gonna be my wife's, as soon as I tell her this story.
Well, we sent chocolate samples to Hodges.
Okay, so what's our guy weigh? a little fudge.
How tall is he? Five-eleven-ish.
So what do you think, maybe a hundred plus gallons? Well, at least.
I mean, he must have drowned in a lot of chocolate.
Right, so oh, you guys, there's this great book you'd love.
Uh, Road to Wellville by T.
There's a part where a man kills his adopted son by drowning him in a vat of Macadamia nut butter.
All right, well, I guess we should Find the vat.
Yeah, that's probably a good idea.
Okay Ryan Thomas? You know that dumping's illegal, right, Mr.
Thomas? It's an $800 fine.
It was just a busted microwave.
I mean, it doesn't even Microwave anymore.
Is that what you do with all your old stuff? You just dump it in the ravine at tresser park? I'm sorry, man.
It costs money to dump at the dump.
You throw anything else in that ravine? No.
I mean, why are you sweating me? It's not like I dumped a body or something.
Somebody did.
And your junk was right on top.
When'd you dump the microwave? I don't know, about Three weeks ago.
Did you see anybody else in the park that night? There was a truck.
And it peeled out.
Damn near hit me.
Did it look like That? Maybe Yeah.
A chick was driving it.
She was hot.
Look, man, take my prints, my my DNA.
I-I-I got to get back to work.
There you are.
But I just had a coke.
I can't believe they let her out.
Where is she? Under the conditions of her parole, she has to stay in Vegas.
Of course she does.
So what, now she's free and I have to hide? No.
No one says you have to hide.
But maybe you should move back in with your parents, just for a while.
No way.
Do you have any idea what it's like to live with parents who thought that you were dead? Do you have any friends you can stay with? I don't have any friends because I don't trust anyone.
The shrinks call it PTSD.
I say, once you've been chained to a bed and raped for 1,112 days It's better to be alone.
Um I-I'll try to arrange for some police protection.
Why don't you send the cops to her place? I can take care of myself.
I'm done being a victim.
All right.
Um This has the number to the department on the front, but that's my cell phone on the back.
I want you to call me.
Colleen, I want you to call me anytime you want.
Samantha Chase, 13.
Our girl in cement.
Doc Robbins I.
D'd her off of her dental records.
She was last seen three weeks ago leaving Desert Palm library.
Library is here.
Samantha Chase's home is here.
And Gina Sinclair's condo is right in the middle.
We know that Both of her parents work.
Latchkey kid.
She walks home from the library every day, right past Gina's window.
Same age.
Even looks like the previous victims.
Gina's a predator.
She probably waited for the right moment, and then she just grabbed her.
Yeah, but you said you searched Gina's place.
Yes, and I didn't find anything, but that doesn't mean she didn't take her somewhere else.
Well, we need to find that someplace else.
And until we do, That's just a theory.
A theory.
Trace results from Samantha Chase's fingernail scrapings found dog hair.
Gina Sinclair has a pomeranian.
This guy looks good from every angle.
If he's selling, I'm buying.
I'm not so sure it's chocolate he's selling.
Some studies suggest women prefer chocolate to sex.
I say, why not have both? Angie salinger, ceo, sinful pleasures.
I really like your ad campaign.
And we're investigating a guy who really liked your chocolate.
You recognize this guy? Uh, yes.
He came into the factory a few days ago, looking for a job.
Do you remember his name? No, but I can have hr look him up.
Is he dead? We believe that your chocolate was Involved.
This guy died from eating my chocolate? More like inhaling it.
According to our chemical analysis, it was your Argentinean virgin honey bee chocolate.
We're going to need to take a tour of your chocolate factory.
Oh, wow.
Floral hints of honey, combined with cocoa.
That's intense.
If I fall in, don't save me.
Copy that.
Hey, while you're up there, notice if anyone else fell in? I'm thinking pube recall.
Well, looks like we found our primary.
If John Doe drowned in this vat, then by definition, he didn't climb out.
Oh, he had help.
Six-foot drop.
Explains the postmortem BFT to the head.
Guy covered in chocolate that's gonna make a mess.
Somebody cleaned up.
Gave this place and our John Doe a bath.
Piece of scalp.
Shut it down.
This place is a crime scene.
You wanted to see me? Did you process these blocks? Yes.
By yourself? No, I worked with Nick.
Why, is there a problem or? These blocks are heavy.
Not surprising it's a two-person job.
Gina had help.
Like before.
I don't think she's a solo act.
She found another Todd somebody weak, someone easily controlled.
Find the weak link, nail Gina.
Is that your lunch? Yeah.
I thought you guys said you found pubes in the cocoa.
No, this is pre-pube.
You should try this.
Dark chocolate infused with Pasilla chili, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon.
Oh, no, I've already got some chili, thanks.
So, did you get an I.
D on your victim yet the, uh, truffle guy? Mm.
Greg and I searched his place.
Mm sorry.
Guy was drowning in chocolate.
Well, before he was drowning in chocolate.
Could be why he was hitting up sinful pleasures for a job.
You know what they say about loving your work.
I love my work, too.
So chocolate wasn't Chad's only obsession.
Archie unlocked Chad's laptop.
That's the hot bod from the ad campaign.
Now, Chad has over a thousand images of "hot bod" on his photo file.
Check this out.
His eyes are Amber.
Victim's eyes are Amber.
Well, in order to get Amber eyes, you need two recessive genes, one from mom, one from dad.
Typically found in less than one percent of the population.
One in a hundred shot.
Try one in one.
Pull up his old DMV photo.
Wow, it's the same guy.
Just more of him.
That's really depressing.
Gained a hundred pounds, lost his looks.
Lost more than that.
You lied to us when you said you didn't know Chad Ellis.
I don't.
He came into the factory looking for a job end of story.
Well, his photos are all over your factory.
That's Tristan Duran.
Now, him, I know every inch.
Then you can confirm the birthmark on his left butt cheek one in the shape of Rhode Island? Absolutely.
Well, Chad Ellis has a birthmark, too, only now it's the size of Texas.
When did you guys stop seeing each other? It was a fling.
He moved on, I moved on.
Heard he was walking runways in Milan.
Well, apparently, he didn't walk them too long.
Just like your ad, he dipped into the chocolate.
Ate himself out of a career.
Broke, modeling days are over, he came to you for a job; Any job.
I didn't know it was Tristan, I swear.
I think you did.
After all, he drowned in your chocolate, which means he had to make it past your security.
And somebody had to fish him out of the vat and clean him up and dump him in an alley.
We're done here.
We'll let the jury decide.
I didn't kill the guy.
Then who did? He killed himself.
Tristan, Chad, whatever he He came into the factory after hours, told my security guy he used to work there happiest days of his life paid him off, and told him that he needed some alone time.
He said he was moving on, wanted to say good-bye.
Well, he sure did.
How come you didn't call the cops? Each of those vats is worth $20,000.
I call you guys and I'm out of business.
So you cleaned him up and dumped him in an alley? I didn't.
My security guy did for an extra 50 bucks and his job.
It's not a crime; He killed himself.
Suicide by chocolate.
Dumping a body is a class-d felony.
And making false statements to the police that's the whipped cream on the sundae.
Or Another year on the nickel.
I'm here because I'm worried about Colleen.
I called the café, she didn't show up for work, so I-I went over to her house, and that's when I found this.
What's going on? Mrs.
Hughes, I contacted your daughter to let her know that Gina Sinclair had been released from prison.
Is, is Colleen in police protection? Sara Supervisor Russell offered Colleen protection, but she declined.
I could feel it.
I knew something was wrong.
It's happening again.
She has her.
Burrows' car.
No Burrows.
Control, Charlie zero-one-Russell.
Requesting immediate backup at Gina Sinclair's apartment.
You took the best thing from me! Stop! Look at me! - Look at me! - No! I'm gonna kill you.
Ed? Help me! Don't you look away from me! Ed, drop the knife! Ed, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Shoot him! You did this.
You did this! You're not gonna get your daughter back this way.
You do this, she wins.
Come on, put it down.
She cut my little Jenny into pieces.
Just shoot him.
Put the knife down, or I'll shoot you.
We're all right.
We're gonna be all right here.
- We're gonna be all right.
- Ed? Colleen Hughes is missing, okay? And Gina is the only person who knows where she is.
We need to find Colleen, okay? We need you to put the knife down.
Ed, ed, please! Please.
There you go, buddy.
Thank you.
Fire in the hole! You okay, Sara? I heard it got pretty ugly over at Gina's.
Well, the good news is, she's in the hospital.
Bad news is, she's going to be okay.
And we still have no idea where they're holding Colleen.
Ed Burrows is facing kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder charges.
Once again, Gina skates.
Well, maybe not this time.
Hodges found traces of Sodium Metasilicate and Anionic Surfactant on cement girl's body parts.
Soap? Not just any soap.
Soap that's used in industrial pressure washers, which got me thinking.
We never found the tool that was used to cut up the Sinclair's victims, right? Uh-uh.
So, I got one of those power washers, and used it on a pork shank.
And the traumatic injuries were consistent.
Those things are no joke.
So, Gina used a pressure washer to dismember the bodies? But you know, we never found any trace of soap in the original case.
'Cause I don't think she used it.
I think that was Todd's job.
Todd knew to rinse off the soap.
Gina missed that step.
Or whoever she's teamed up with now.
So Gina has access to a pressure washer.
Yeah, I think so.
A big, fat, industrial one a $50,000 unit.
There's not a lot of those floating around.
Yeah, come I love DNA.
I like tox, too, but this new DNA gig it's like Yeah, Henry, you tapped.
Yes, I did, and I think I hit a grand slam.
What do you got? I examined the sae kit on Samantha chase the lady in cement.
Found semen on the vaginal swab, which I ran on my first post-qualification DNA batch.
All right, but why are you handing me the results of the entire 96 sample run? Because I happened to notice that two of the samples were the same DNA.
A match.
Samantha chase and number 26.
Ryan Thomas.
He's the guy who threw the microwave down the ravine.
All I know is, it was his semen.
He had relations with the lady in cement.
Henry, home run, buddy.
Ryan Thomas partnered up with Gina.
They tortured and murdered Samantha Chase, and now they've got Colleen Hughes.
Oh, man, I had him.
Yeah, he was sitting right across from me.
We still got him, Nick.
You swabbed his cheek, and you took his info.
All right, brass checked out Thomas' place.
He wasn't there.
We have a broadcast out on the van.
So where did Thomas work? He was a day laborer.
Construction, odd jobs.
Stuff like that.
Last employment was at a marina.
Hodges ran the fibers that you pulled from the cement blocks.
Said it was fiberglass.
The type used in auto body repair, as well as boats.
You know, in Seattle, when we take a boat out for the winter, you know what we do? Power wash it.
So what marina employed Ryan Thomas? There's a warehouse around the back.
Looks abandoned.
Pop it.
No, don't cry.
You want to be a good girl, don't you? Come on, say it.
"I want to be a good girl.
" Say it.
Say, "I want to be a good girl.
" Last sip is yours.
No, don't cry.
Say, "I want to be a good girl.
" Say it.
I want to be a good girl.
Police! On the ground, now! Help me! Don't you move! Don't you move! Don't move.
Don't move.
Secure that man.
No! Stop it! Don't touch me! It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be all right.
Colleen? I just wanted to give Gina another flower.
I'm a good girl.
I'm a good girl.
I'm not gonna let anybody else hurt you.
It's all right.
It's over.
The doctor says, uh, victims sometimes identify with their abusers.
Colleen is who she is because of what Gina Sinclair did to her.
Colleen was at a a critical age when she was abducted.
She was still developing some key aspects of her personality.
I thought it was a miracle A gift that she survived.
And now How do I protect her from herself? Hey.
Have you eaten? You know, I'm not really in the mood.
Yeah, I'm hungry, too.
You like Chinese? Sushi? Italian? Greek? I will go on.
Oh, I-I know you will.
Do you like Indian?