CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e04 Episode Script

Maid Man

The story of the mob is Ellis Island to Brooklyn, Chicago, Kansas City Finally, Vegas-- ticket to the American dream.
Well, my great-grandfather came here from Wales.
He didn't become a gangster.
He drove a bread truck.
"Weapons and personal items on loan from the Las Vegas police department.
" That's one way to empty your evidence vault.
Yeah, don't get me started.
mayor, you've taken heat from Italian-American groups accusing you of stereotyping.
Why not call it "The Guido Museum"? Come on.
Mobsters come in all flavors.
You got Meyer Lansky, you got Bugsy Siegel, you got Moe, you got Moe, you got Moe.
They're really equal opportunity employers.
Hmm? Oscar put your dad in the Spilotro exhibit.
Forgot how handsome he was.
"Goodfella's daughter turns CSI.
" That's an amazing story.
No, Sam wasn't a goodfella.
No, he was a playfella.
When a goodfella wanted to party, Sam was the go-to guy.
He provided the women, the supplies, the favors, the security.
And those same goodfellas hired Sam to run their casinos.
He was connected, but no killer.
Nice spin, Greg.
Sam-- well, all these guys-- they were no angels, but family did come first, and they knew how to provide.
No kidding.
Sam gave her a casino.
I didn't even get the family wagon.
Are you here with your wife? Uh, yeah, yeah, uh my work wife.
Ecklie's over there.
Hey, guys, look-- right there.
Why are we whispering? Out of respect for the pack of mob widows.
We got Mrs.
Tony "Revolvers" Meli, Mrs.
Vinnie "Whack job" Sapphire and Mrs.
Stu "Greenbacks" Greenberg Together.
Why's that unbelievable? Well, Whack job was Lou Gedda's hitman.
He whacked Greenberg while he was at his own diamond anniversary and popped Meli while he was at the cardiologist.
And Whack job? Got arrested for all that whacking.
Jumped bail.
No one's seen him in 20 years.
Well, it's nice to see the wives have stayed in touch.
Not so comfortable being around all these mobsters.
Like it or not, they're the founding fathers of Vegas.
Thank you, everybody, for coming here.
I've been waiting for this for ten years, the opening of the the mob museum.
In particular, I want to thank our sheriff, Sheriff Liston.
Thank you for your support.
You know, when I was running for mayor, the advice I got was, "don't talk about your past.
Don't talk about the wiseguys that you defended.
And I said, "bull, I'm gonna do it the way I want to do," and I got elected three times.
This museum's gonna be very special.
This is gonna tell the real story, the real story of Las Vegas and organized crime, warts and all.
So, with that, everybody raise your glass and we'll say, "Salud"! Get the medics and secure the building! Take these people into the lobby and get their statements.
An attempt on the life of the ex-mayor.
My ass is hanging out here.
You better solve this quick.
Loud and clear, ma'am.
They just rolled the mayor into the ER.
Looks like he's gonna be okay.
- Great.
- Hit in a mob museum? It has to be a publicity stunt.
Sanders, if the former mayor was gonna stage his own assassination, I would've known about it.
And I think I would've told him no.
So I guess he got lucky tonight.
Yeah, I'll say.
Come here.
Well, how about the sheriff does the press conference this time? Okay, I heard four shots fairly close by To the east of here.
Oh, there we go.
Do you have a? Uh, never mind.
38 colt revolver.
Four rounds fired.
Just like the real mobsters.
Dump your piece, then peace, out.
As Oscar was going down, I heard more shots coming from that direction.
Why don't you and I take a little walk? Thank you very much.
Greg, uh, why don't you go get your kit? Start processing from the podium out, all right? Somebody shot Lou Gedda Again.
Two bullets in him.
Glass broken on both sides.
I guess a shot or two could have gotten through.
Mayor was at the podium.
Not the best shot in the house.
But maybe the best cover.
Looks like a .
Okay, shots come from two different places.
Same caliber, same time.
Two shooters.
If the shooters left through the front door, somebody would've seen them.
Security guard.
Smith & Wesson .
38 special.
Got two shots off before he snorted a bullet.
Got a tire impression in water.
Better snap it before it dries.
Hold still.
What are you doing? Trust me, you're gonna want to remember the night they shot Oscar Goodman.
You look great.
Who are you? who, who, who, who? who are you? who, who, who, who? I really wanna know who are you? oh-oh-oh who come on, tell me who are you, you, you are you! the former mayor gets shot, and we're here.
What do you gotta do to pull the primo cases? Well, if you ask me, they're all primo.
And hey, look at the bright side, you get to work with me.
That's the bright side? Oh Somebody had a good time.
And somebody didn't.
It's Maria Garza.
She's the housekeeper for this suite.
If she were a bartender, I'd say someone didn't like their Martini.
God, people are pigs.
So, Mrs.
Garza works nights from midnight to 8:00 a.
The head of housekeeping found her when she didn't show up for her union break.
Been dead roughly three hours.
- Puts TOD around, what, 3:00 a.
? - Yeah.
Who's the suite registered to? Prince Jalal Najib.
Rapper? East coast or West coast? More, uh Middle East.
Go ahead.
Be right there.
Well, my Prince awaits At the gaming table, of course.
So I'll practice my curtsey on the way to the elevator.
I'm guessing this is a first, Dave? Definitely my first swizzle-stick.
Looks like the maid came in to clean up and got interrupted.
Yeah, check out the table And the glasses.
Can't tell if that's from the party or the struggle.
Her skirt's hiked up.
Possible sexual assault.
Maybe she got jumped.
Tried to get away.
The last thing a Prince needs is some hotel maid crying rape.
She tried to take off, and he just grabs the nearest weapon, and bam.
And then he just leaves her here, goes to the casino? Maybe in his kingdom, he gets away with whatever he wants to, including murder.
Got a problem? Yeah.
Found the bullet that shattered the mayor's Martini glass.
But I haven't been able to find any other bullets.
Probably find them in the mayor, right? Well, yeah, but then where's the blood? If you get shot, you bleed.
That's a good point.
Okay, we know four shots came from my left.
First one takes out my Martini.
Next three are direct hits.
You plan on staying down there for a while? Can I see your flashlight for a sec? Oh, yeah.
I'm sorry.
Glove? Thank you.
Mushroomed bullet.
There was no damage to the podium.
What else could it have hit? Another good point.
Well, my obituary can wait.
I made the front page.
Both papers.
Get this in a department store, did you? I wouldn't wear a store-made suit.
I got a tailor in Bogota.
He's the greatest.
This is a bullet-proof suit.
Guess it comes with a lifetime guarantee? Yeah.
You get shot, and they fix it for free.
Is that one of the bullets? Yeah.
Looks like it.
I've never seen one of these before.
So who are you afraid of? I'm not afraid.
I'm just prepared.
Hell, I was the mayor for 12 years and you don't get everybody's vote.
And in my old life, I represented wiseguys who had legal trouble and couldn't get off of them off.
So you got a lot of enemies, do you? Which is why I got to be bulletproof, baby.
And you got a lot of work to do.
I'm CSI Brody.
Are you okay, ma'am? No.
Maria was my friend.
We worked together for six years.
So you knew her well.
I'm sorry.
She was a good person.
A kind person.
Her husband lost his job.
She was supporting him and her four kids.
Were you working on this floor last night? Yes.
In this suite.
So, did you hear anything? A scream, a fight? No.
It was too loud.
The party.
Did you see Maria go into the suite during the party? Hey, it's okay.
Don't be afraid.
I just want to help Maria's family.
He was very demanding.
The Prince.
He was here a lot.
Same suite.
He would always ask for Maria.
Some nights he would even call her ten, 20 times.
Did the Prince ever make inappropriate demands of Maria? She wouldn't say.
She never complained.
Like me, she was just happy to have a job.
Apparently, the Prince was no Prince when it came to demanding extra services from the maid.
You mean of a sexual variety? Signs point that way.
So does this camera I just found.
It was pointed right at the bed.
Somebody's been taking home movies.
And it's rigged to transmit to a remote location.
I'll run the serial number.
See if I can get some prints off of it.
In the meantime, why don't you print his majesty.
Find out what his deal is.
I hear I almost had our mayor on my table.
Sorry, doc, not his time.
Don't be sorry; I voted for him three times.
Four, if you count his wife.
He's done great things for our town.
Oh, I agree.
So I can guess COD-- gunshot wound to the nose.
Anything else interesting? Yes.
Sooting, stippling, lead smoke around the entry point.
Shooter was less than a foot away.
So the guard almost caught him.
Well, he definitely caught a bullet.
A .
38, I presume.
To match my growing collection.
Your .
38 put on some weight.
That looks like a .
Can't wait to tell Ecklie.
We've got three shooters.
So, Prince, do you know this woman? No.
She's a maid at your hotel-- Maria Garza.
All those messes you made, she cleaned them up.
And? And she's dead.
What's that got to do with me? Her body was found in your suite.
You're talking about the hired help.
Hotel security told me about the little party you had last night.
It was so good they had to shut it down around 2:00 a.
So where did you go for the after party? The spa.
And from there, the casino.
Which is where you found me.
Ready, captain.
This is CSI Brody.
I'm hired to take your prints and DNA.
Didn't I see you at the marquee day club yesterday? Yeah topless.
Remove your watch and jewelry.
Do you have a male assistant? If it would make you feel more comfortable, I'll let you give me a thousand bucks when we're finished.
Open up.
I get paid by the hour.
Excuse me.
Word is you like stories.
I got a good one.
I'm on the edge of my seat.
38 colt dumped at the museum is definitely the gun that shot Oscar Goodman.
Ran the test fires through IBIS.
Gun's connected to seven prior shootings.
And here's your Mickey Spillane-- all seven date back to the '80s.
Tough decade for Italian surnames.
Will you excuse me just a second? Greg! Tell me one more time, how do you pronounce your name? Xiomara.
What did I do? Do you know any of these guys? Know 'em? It's like a who's who of who's dead.
Joey Scarlatta sold Gedda his strip joint.
Capped the day the deal closed.
Vinnie "The Moose" Moosetti.
Gedda's mechanic.
Until the brakes were put on him.
Tommy "Capicola" Cappiletti.
Gedda's ex-brother-in-law Yeah, I get it, I get it-- he was ex'd.
Right? All seven shootings went cold.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean that everybody didn't know who did them.
It was Gedda's hit man Vinnie Sapphire.
All right, "tru crime" you know so much.
What's his last known? Unknown.
Sapphire's been missing for the last 20 years.
Yeah, well, his wife's not.
I'll tell brass.
Bring her in.
Good work.
Now go away.
So, brassy, what's with the sit-down? You finally find Vinnie? No, but we found his gun.
Well, he always liked 'em bright and shiny, just like his bimbos.
Well, this bright and shiny shot Oscar Goodman last night.
I'm thinking maybe Vinnie came home.
Well, if he came home, he didn't come home to me.
But if there's anything that would bring Vinnie back from the dead, it's Oscar Goodman's mob museum.
No induction for Vinnie, after all he did.
That is a crime.
And maybe motive to put a couple holes in the mayor.
But he had help.
Well, don't look at me.
I like Oscar.
I contributed to his campaigns.
Now, Vinnie, he felt different.
And for good reason if you remember.
Oscar refused to rep him, even when Vinnie was facing the needle.
Gave him some bs excuse about looking for the good in his clients and not seeing any in Vinnie.
I mean, what kind of lawyer is that? You're right.
Good guys don't need lawyers.
What about you? Look, Vinnie bailed on me and our marriage after 20 years.
If he walked in this room right now, I'd tell him the same thing I'd tell you: To stuff it.
I'll give you a tip.
If that bastard needed help with anything like taking out the mayor, you should do what Vinnie always did-- look for a new piece of ass.
I just never understood how Vinnie could leave you.
Well, that's because you're a gentleman.
Look, I got to get back to my crap job.
If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Tom's Bar on Corvell, why don't you stop in? I'll refill that bottle of whiskey you keep in your drawer.
I have a 1979 Cadillac coup de ville.
They used one of these in the movie goodfellas.
This one starred in circling the museum for about an hour last night.
Sam used to have one just like it.
I took my driving test in it.
Couldn't fail.
I failed.
Still get nightmares about all those cones.
So what about the tire impressions in the alley? Well, here's where we enter the world of oddfellas.
Or, more precisely, Detroit.
Tire impressions were made by bias plies.
Same specs as you would find in factory tires on a '79 caddy.
Bet you can't guess what kind of car Vinnie drove? A '79 Cadillac coupe de ville.
I confirmed that with DMV.
And Plate's a match, too.
Vinnie's car, Vinnie's gun Vinnie's suit and hat.
Vinnie's back.
Maria Garza's autopsy showed showed no signs of vaginal trauma.
Sae kit was negative for semen.
Just because the Prince couldn't close the deal, doesn't mean he didn't kill her.
That's true.
We're still processing his clothes.
Okay, well, I ran the serial number on the lipstick cam.
Came back to a store in Henderson.
Buyer paid cash.
I was able to pull some partials off of that.
Andy's running it right now.
My money's on the Prince.
He gets one of his crew to install the camera, that way, whatever happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas.
He can have movie night at the palace.
He really did piss you off, didn't he? You know, there is another way to look at this.
That's a cheap consumer camera, access to the suite was easy.
You said Maria's husband was out of work.
She was supporting the family.
Maybe Maria saw an opportunity here.
Gives the Prince even more motive.
It gives us more than that.
If that camera recorded the murder, we need to get our hands on that video footage.
You're hovering again.
We both wore purple today.
We're on the same page.
Sweet talk never works on me.
I'm not so sweet.
Oh, I like you.
You may approach the AFIS.
Thank you.
Matthew Lapaz, 22.
Juvie record starts at 16.
Priors for drug possession.
Work card for The Eclipse.
Stopped working there three weeks ago.
Guy had access to the hotel, that means he probably had access to the suites.
And we did find drug residue in the Prince's suite Maybe Lapaz was there, hooking him up.
More than just drugs.
So let's hook him up.
So, Mr.
Lapaz You selling drugs to royalty now? I don't sell drugs no more.
What, did you move up to electronics? We found your prints on a hidden camera that was installed in a suite at The Eclipse.
It was, uh It was his suite.
So, what, he hire you to make some home movies? Some sex tapes? Or maybe you were in the Prince's suite helping the maid set him up.
Well either way, Maria Garza's dead.
I don't know nothin' About nothin'.
Okay, we got guys going through your place right now, and with all those remote recordings you made with that lipstick cam, one of 'em's going to show Maria Garza's murder.
Hey, listen to me.
Look at me.
This is your last chance to help yourself.
I'm gonna let my lawyer help me.
Did you find the two missing rounds from the guard's gun yet? Nope.
I'm beginning to think they're in the next county.
Or in Vinnie sapphire.
All right.
The only blood out here is from the guard, who was shot in the face with a .
Two shooters inside had .
Maybe whoever was driving Vinnie's getaway car was packing the .
Guard shot the car twice.
That's interesting.
Do me a favor-- shoot me in the face.
What? Shoot me in the face-- pretend gun, you know.
About a foot away, and don't miss.
You're the boss.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! I wasn't even ready! That's the point.
We're done here.
You can wrap it up.
Bullets aren't out here.
And they're not in the next county, and they're not in Vinnie sapphire, either.
Or in his car.
Hey, thank you.
That was fun.
What's up? Hey.
You won't believe how organized Lapaz was.
All the tapes from the Prince's room have time and date stamps, so I went right to 3:00 a.
the night of the murder I get this.
Why the hell is the camera focused on the night stand? So much for a sex tape.
Yeah, right? Let's keep going.
It's a safe tape, not a sex tape.
My first year in L.
, I worked fraud cases.
I learned the difference between real and fake.
A rolez and a rolex.
When I printed the Prince, I noticed he had on a counterfeit watch.
I just thought he was cheap.
So this wasn't about sex tapes or extortion, he was being robbed.
More like scammed.
Lapaz and Garza worked at the hotel together before they became partners in crime.
They installed the camera to get the code from the safe, and then they swapped the Prince's bling with counterfeit.
Who knows how many guests they've been ripping off? Yeah, well, I think I know one who got even.
That's evidence.
And that was a lot of anger.
Until this moment, I had no idea anyone has stolen anything from me.
Even if I did, you really think I'd kill a maid over a watch? Yes, I do.
You know, we checked your key card logs from the penthouse suite-- you came back from the spa at 2:52 a.
That is four minutes after Maria Garza the maid entered to clean it.
So I came back to change before going to the casino.
I was there for a minute, at most.
The maid was in the suite, maybe she was in another room.
I did not see her.
I think you did.
And I think you saw her hand in the cookie jar, did something about it.
What do you think you're doing? Uh, I was just checking to see that everything was okay.
Just checking what I know you think I'm a pig That I treat those that serve me like dirt But I'd never take a life.
And I'd never leave anyone like this.
Hey, boss.
Got your results, and another story.
Let me go first this time.
So a museum security guard fires two shots from a .
38 during an attempt on a mayor.
That guard's found later, shot with a .
44, outside in the alley.
Now, the assumption is they didn't engage the bad guys, but CSI's don't find any bullets outside.
But they do find two unaccounted-for .
38 bullets inside.
Accounted for now.
So the .
38's in the Gedda exhibit came from the guard's gun.
Nicely done! I got there through ballistics.
How'd you get there? Uh, I shot Greg.
I-I gotta go.
Thank you.
That was great.
Hey, Catherine! Catherine! So our security guard walks right up to the bad guy and lets himself get shot in the face without returning fire, right? Now that tells me that he knew the shooter, and it also tells me he was probably in on it with Vinnie.
Okay, so, while Vinnie was shooting the mayor from over there, the security guard got off two shots from here, at an upward angle.
The only thing he had a prayer of hitting was gedda or the ceiling.
What was he aiming at? It wasn't the mayor.
Well, maybe he hit what he was aiming at.
Gedda? No uh Two shots would dice up all the safety glass.
I'm thinking maybe this whole thing was a two-fer.
You know, shoot he mayor and shoot out the exhibit.
Could be Vinnie or the guard wanted something inside here.
But what? Well, whatever it was It was worth a guard's life.
The Prince has a point.
Why would he just leave Garza laying on the floor like that? Seems too smart.
Well, if not him, then who? Lapaz? He and Maria were partners in crime.
Maybe they had a falling out.
There's no sign of him at the hotel.
He's not on surveillance or anything.
I think we should take another look.
Maybe somebody stuck around after the party, went after Maria.
Can you believe this guy? He had his list of special requests put in writing.
"Trash cans must be emptied on the half-hour.
"Dirty glasses must be immediately removed from the room.
Dirty linens and towels must be immediately replaced with new ones.
" He wanted brand-new towels? Or clean ones? What's the difference? Well all the towels on the cart here are brand-new.
Grab me the ALS.
I want to show you something.
These are towels from the crime scene And hotels put laundry marks on all their new linens after their first wash.
Let me see that.
There it is-- you see that? Hm! So towels from the crime scene had been washed.
They weren't brand-new.
So, if these towels weren't from Maria's cart, where did they come from? Ms.
Vasquez, we checked the inventory from your cart the night Maria was killed.
You reported that you were four towels short.
Is that right? People steal.
Boy, don't I know it.
So, tell me was the safe hard to open, or did you, uh did you get it on the first try? I haven't committed any crime.
Oh, I beg to differ.
Check the key card lock.
I never went into the Prince's suite.
We don't need to check the key card lock.
We searched your house.
I don't think any of that stuff belongs to you.
Eventually, we're going to match it back to all the guests that you and Matthew Lapaz have been ripping off.
Still don't think you've committed any crimes? How about burglary, fraud and murder? So Why'd you kill Maria? Paula, you're going to prison.
A little truth might shave off a few years from the sentence.
The door was open.
I waited till Maria went into the other bedroom.
Then I went into the safe.
I told Maria we'd cut her in.
But she said that she was no thief.
She said that she was going to speak to the head of housekeeping.
Go on.
Don't stop now.
Tell us what happened.
No! Get off of me! I clean after people every day.
The rich-- they don't see me.
They don't thank me.
They only leave nothing but their garbage.
The Prince, with all his money, all his lawyers-- he has people to take care of him.
I have no one to take care of me.
I have to take care of myself.
What about Maria? You said her husband was out of work, that she was supporting her four kids.
Who's going to take care of them? The guard got himself killed over this? An old journal? The journal's the only thing missing from the Gedda exhibit.
A mobster who journals-- that's great for law enforcement.
Well, it's mostly blank, except for the last two pages.
Which aren't exactly "dear diary" entries.
Yeah, what are they? A to-do list.
"Do," as in "whack.
" I assume a check means "done"? Dead or presumed dead.
All right, so Vinnie Sapphire comes back to town, shoots Oscar Goodman to settle a score, and then steals Gedda's hit list.
Why? He was Gedda's hit man.
He knows all their names.
All except the last one here.
Cesare Mastrantonio.
No birth certificate.
Guy never existed.
What's he doing on a hit list? Yeah.
Now what? Yeah.
Good work, Jim.
Brass found Vinnie Sapphire's car at a motel off Boulder highway.
Okay, back up.
Oh, man.
Hat on the bed, always bad luck.
All clear, Catherine.
I got a female DB, and it ain't Vinnie.
Same caliber as the security guard.
Here's why no one heard a shot.
This looks like the suit that was circling the museum in the caddie.
I got an I.
Monique Roberts.
Monique Roberts? I knew her.
She was a friend of Sam's.
Friend of a lot of his friends.
Well, if she was with Vinnie, maybe she was on the lam with him.
And if that's her .
44, maybe she was the getaway driver.
Got something for me, baby? Always.
I got to get back inside.
Thanks for the memoirs.
Well, Vinnie obviously wanted us chasing the wrong Vinnie-- the girl Vinnie.
If we caught her, we wouldn't catch him.
Well, he caught her for us.
Well, looks like Vinnie left in a hurry.
Left his suits, his car and his girlfriend.
I don't see Gedda's journal.
No journal, no Vinnie.
Yeah, I'm getting a little sick and tired of this clown being two steps ahead of us.
These belong to you.
Understand you caught the person responsible for the housekeeper's murder.
That's right.
This Woman, Maria Garza.
She lost her life for this.
Someone with nothing gave everything For me.
Please give this to her family.
Greg! Yeah.
So Cesare Mastrantonio-- he's on a hit list.
But he's never existed-- no birth certificate.
So he never lived, but he's dead.
Did you check for a death certificate? No.
Why would we? Well, I'm just thinking that if he has one, maybe we can find out where he's buried, and then pay our respects.
Really? You had to stop at the crematory flower shop? They're for my wife.
Shouldn't we call brass? No.
We're just a couple of mourners out for a nice stroll.
Uh, Mrs.
Sapphire? Vinnie, that son of a bitch! Okay, all right.
Come on.
Calm down.
Come on.
Take a just take some deep breaths.
Take some deep He was always such a disappointment.
All right.
Hold still.
You have a feather here.
Feel all right? Huh? Do you Do you want Greg Greg to get you a glass of water or something? I need something stiffer than a glass of water.
All right.
Get my purse.
Get her purse for her.
Found your fingerprints in the motel.
GSR on your hands.
And a feather in your hair.
Why did you kill her, Joanna? When Vinnie got pinched, he said, "don't worry.
Oscar will get me off.
" Well, that didn't happen.
So when he ran, he said, "don't worry.
There's plenty of money.
" Yeah, there was.
In his suitcase, next to him, on the lap of that bimbo as his coupe de ville flew the Coop.
So you got her back.
Did you get Vinnie back, too? No.
God whacked Vinnie.
About five months ago, I get a call from this bimbo, Monique.
Hadn't talked to the bitch in 20 years, but she calls me, and she says that Vinnie just died of cancer.
She tossed his body into lake mead because she couldn't afford a funeral.
She was broke.
She figured I'd be broke, too.
So that's when I got into bed with the bitch.
So, on his deathbed, Vinnie tells Monique, the the mistress, all about Lou Gedda's stash of cash-- his rainy-day fund.
And tells her how to find it? Yeah, the last name on the hit list, right? But, of course, that list has been buried in the police evidence vault for, like, years.
Until Oscar got it out of evidence and put it in the museum.
And it goes from being behind bars to being behind glass.
So joanna starts fishing around for an invite to the museum, while Monique starts coming on to the guard.
And that poor guy, he had no idea that they were thinking about killing the mayor.
He was just in it for the money.
The wife told you all this at the mausoleum? She was in a Pretty vulnerable state.
Why make the move on Oscar? 'Cause he ruined my marriage.
You know, Vinnie was a good earner.
If Oscar had taken the case, he'd have got Vinnie off, and he wouldn't have run off with his goomar.
So Oscar got what he deserved.
And with that, I want everyone to take their glass, raise it high, and we'll say, "Salud"! Damn suit.
Did she happen to explain why Monique was running around wearing Vinnie's clothes? Same reason why they got his car and gun out of mothballs.
They were setting him up.
To quote the wife, "the perfect fall guy is a dead guy.
" I mean, that's brilliant.
Well, we sure as hell fell for it.
So what happened to Gedda's stash of cash? Kind of hard to say, but the previous manager of the mortuary retired about five years ago to a villa in St.
So I'm thinking Mr.
Can I help you? I'm going to see my client.
Your client? Who's who's that? Joanna.
But, your honor, she tried to kill you.
I know.
Sir, she tried to kill you.
I know, but she's entitled to a defense, isn't she? This is America.
If I ever get in trouble, I want that guy defending me.
If I ever get in trouble, I want his suit.