CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e17 Episode Script

Trends with Benefits

Yo, Gossip Girl! Slow down! Who'd you piss off now? Not now, Jake.
Well, if you're looking for our girlfriend, okay, you just missed her.
Aren't you Brooke Cassidy? That's me.
So, you really a virgin? You forgot your number.
I could be your first time! Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink! How did I let you get me into this? Come on! Drink, drink! Ladies, got a room upstairs.
Get off of me! Babe.
Uh, you find your little, uh, BFF? Oh, let it go.
I'm sorry, I meant GBF.
Gay Best Friend.
Stop! I'm so left my purity ring in my room.
You want to come help me look for it? Bye.
We're trending! So, a series of 911 calls me in just after 4:00 a.
Dead body.
An anonymous tip gave us the location.
Who invited the campus? I know, they keep coming.
It's like moths to a flame.
Anyway, this place is notorious.
It's called Finals Bridge.
to a broken neck.
So a big suicide spot? Well, used to be till the university closed it down five years ago.
Anyway, I got to get back to take statements from the first responders.
Hey, what do you got? Well, I got a beer bottle.
Well, that's something.
Still wet, so it's recent.
Yeah, and I got some sediment disturbances here on the ground.
And then up here base of the lamppost.
Two different sets of shoe prints here.
They're not distinct, but it looks to me like there might have been a struggle? Yeah.
Well, there's more here on the ledge.
Doesn't look like he jumped.
Maybe someone pushed this kid over the edge.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! All right.
You okay? Yeah.
Nothing that a chiropractor can't fix.
Five call-outs today.
Not one died some place where I'm not risking my life.
Yeah, well it sounds like it's been a rough night for everybody, especially this guy.
And you can smell it.
He's had more than just a couple of beers.
Long night of partying.
Things got out of hand.
Student looky-loos say they last saw him at the Theta Delta party.
Student I.
says Pete Moyer, sophomore.
Has he got a cell phone on him, Super Dave? No, not on him.
College kid without a cell phone, that doesn't happen.
Antemortem bruising on the face.
Yeah, from a fight maybe.
Skull's crushed.
It's consistent with the fall.
Yeah, he didn't drop straight down.
Trajectory says, he had some momentum when he came off the bridge.
Suggests a push.
Maybe it was from the same person that messed up his face.
What are you doing, taking candids of our crowd? You never know if the suspect might return to the scene.
Out of feelings of guilt? Maybe they want to enjoy the show.
Ah, person of interest.
Oh, yeah.
Giving the girls trouble? Between school and basketball, I don't really have much time.
It's good to see you, Finn.
It's really good to see you.
And Dad said you two were working together again.
Yes, we are.
So when are we going to play tennis? Think you can finally beat me? Ah, yeah, good luck with that, buddy.
How come you're not in class? Dad, it's 7:00 a.
Plus, everybody's talking about this.
I noticed that.
How'd they get here so quickly? Um, it's trending.
What? Can I see that? Posted at 3:57 a.
User name Voyeur4U.
Brass said the 911 started coming in after 4:00.
That means this Voyuer4U guy knew about the body before the cops or anybody else.
So this guy could be our killer.
The dude wanted to post and boast.
Just saying.
That is a good theory.
Must run in the blood.
What can you tell me, Doc? Well, our young man's skull fracture was accompanied by a fracture to the C1 vertebrate.
Severed the spinal cord.
Injuries were debilitating and fatal.
What about the antemortem injuries? Well, besides the split lip and contusions, he suffered a fracture to the zygomatic arch.
Also the nasal cartilage.
And there was blood in the nares, the nostrils.
He really took a beating.
Contusions take around six hours to set.
He was killed around 4:00 a.
, means he was assaulted around 10:00 p.
And there were no defensive wounds.
The fight was one-sided.
Somebody really had it in for this kid.
All right, so, the autopsy says that Pete Moyer got himself beaten up at about 10:00 p.
We didn't find any blood on his clothes from a fight but, Nick and Greg did find bloody clothes in his dorm room.
And apart from the clothes, the room was completely empty.
What do you mean? Apparently, a bunch of students went in there and helped themselves to his stuff.
You're kidding me.
Isn't that disgusting? So, Pete, last night, gets into a fight, goes back to his dorm room, changes his clothes and then he goes the Theta Delta party.
Yeah, where, maybe, he ran into the guy that he had the fight with, and then the fight continues, and ends on the bridge.
Okay, so sounds like we need to know more about this party.
Oh, yeah, what about this Voyuer4U guy who posted the photo? Yeah, Archie's working on it right now.
Yeah, please, make yourself a home.
Thank you.
I can't believe Hey, Archie.
What do you got? Running an ISP trace on Voyeur4U.
Still waiting.
Are these from the Theta party? Yeah.
Going through all the posted photos looking for Pete.
No luck yet, but, uh, still got another Oh, great.
What do you have? Pete Moyer's FriendAgenda page.
This guy lived out loud in more ways than one-- openly gay, and he didn't pull any punches when it came to his feelings about others.
What do you mean? He kept a VLOG.
Video blog.
Kind of like a campus version of Perez Hilton.
Pete posted juicy gossip about everybody on campus.
Everything from who's sleeping with whom, to whose spring break was more like spring rehab.
Okay, so sounds like this guy made a lot of enemies, right? Oh, yeah, one in particular-- username Jonesin4.
Comments are full of homophobic slurs.
Some of 'em are kind of violent.
Like this one, posted last night.
"Hey, Queer.
"Stop gossiping and meet up with me, if you're man enough.
Or I'll find you.
" Maybe this is a hate crime.
Hey, guys.
We got a hit on Voyeur4U.
Who is it? Pete Moyer's account.
His death shot was posted from his own phone.
We didn't find his cell phone at the scene.
Maybe the killer picked it up, you know.
He might still have it.
Track the cell's GPS.
Already on it.
WLVU campus, Vincer Hall.
That dorm has five floors.
And I can track the current altitude of that cell phone.
You're kidding me.
So, in Vegas, that's about 27 feet above ground.
I'd say that's the third floor.
Hey, Nick.
- Are you and Greg still on campus? - Yes, sir.
Yeah, we have a location on Pete Moyer's phone.
Room's clear.
Next one.
LVPD! Open up! Get in there, Vaughn.
Don't leave out that window! Get your hands off me! Why you running, dude? Resisting arrest-- not cool.
That must be Jonesin4.
I think I know for what.
Whatever you're jonesing for, this guy's got it.
Hey, try the number.
Pete's phone.
So you think this guy's Pete's killer? I think we have a strong connection.
You guys got this so wrong.
"Hey, Queer.
Stop gossiping and meet up with me if you're man enough.
Or I'll find you.
" Now, it sounds to me like we've got it right.
You had it in for Pete.
So is that your thing-- you like to gay-bash? The last person who'd bash Pete for being gay is me.
Really? Why is that? Because I'm gay.
"Hey, Queer" and all that-- it's just the way we talk to each other.
It's kind of an "us" versus "you" thing.
Well, we have evidence that suggests a "you" versus "Pete" thing on the bridge last night.
We found a beer bottle with your DNA on it in the exact spot where somebody pushed Pete to his death.
Look, I didn't kill Pete.
Okay, you were on the bridge-- at least give me that much.
Yeah, I admit that, I was on the bridge.
But only because he texted me.
He said he needed help.
Someone had done a number on him.
Figured he was in trouble.
By the time I got there he was dead.
Whatever happened on that bridge, I was too late.
Yeah, well, you're a really good friend, man.
You find him dead, you take his phone, you take his picture, and you post it to the Internet? Yeah, what, did you forget to call 911? I called.
When I got back to my room.
I told you where to find his body.
Posting that photo is what Pete would've wanted.
What's that supposed to mean? Trend To The End.
All right, well, let's say that you were just the photographer, who do you suppose had it in for Pete? Don't know who.
Might know why.
It's all about the "scan-dahl.
" What scandal? Pete wouldn't tell me.
But he had some campus dirt that he was going to dish.
Total TMZ.
Love me, hate me.
But you know that I live by one rule: privacy is history.
The eye in the sky sees all, shares all.
Now, if you can't own it, don't do it.
Now, sometimes this means making hard calls, hurting people close to you, but I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't tell all.
And this bomb that I'm about to drop it's gonna blow you away.
Got this off Pete's phone.
Thinking it was going to be his latest VLOG entry.
Or whatever his tell-all was.
I think I know what it could have been about.
I found these pictures of Pete talking to Brooke Cassidy, the actress.
Oh, more than an actress.
Brooke Cassidy is an industry.
Kids love her; parents love her even more.
No sex, no drugs.
America's favorite virgin.
Tough act to keep up in college.
Yes, and maybe she didn't, and maybe Pete found out.
And here he is, giving her the heads-up.
Before he drops the bomb.
Excuse me, Ms.
We're from the Crime Lab.
This is CSI Brody.
I'm CSI Finlay.
We're investigating Pete Moyer's death.
It's an awful thing.
Yeah, it is.
And according to Pete's VLOG, you guys were pretty good friends.
Yeah, that's right.
According to photos posted from the Theta party, you were one of the last people to see him.
I guess so.
What exactly can you tell us about his state of mind? I don't know.
Pete was Pete.
What does that mean? A hot mess.
He could be cruel sometimes.
Was he ever cruel to you? It seems like everybody wants to get ahead, so they'll say whatever they want about me, even if it's a total lie.
I came here to be a student, and I thought that Pete respected that.
And that would be important to a woman who had made a very public pledge of purity until marriage.
What are you implying? We would just like to know what the two of you were talking about before someone pushed Pete off the bridge.
Whatever it was, you don't look happy.
Okay, I don't like where this is going.
I don't either.
And you are? Jake Pychan, Theta Delta Zeta president.
Are these people giving you a hard time? No.
They're just asking questions about Pete.
Oh, I can tell you all you need to know.
Oh, great.
Pete Moyer was a leech.
A nobody who tried to be a somebody by posting lies.
I warned Brooke about him.
I can see you're very protective, Mr.
And busy.
I got a class to get to.
So does Brooke.
Is that everything from Pete's room? Almost.
Still haven't got his computer yet.
Oh, look at that.
Nice to see some things never change.
Instant ramen! And a Crock-Pot.
Good times.
The kid had all kinds of electronica.
Cameras and microphones listening devices.
Took this whole paparazzi thing pretty seriously.
Like, A-plus seriously.
Pete wrote a term paper here called "Phone Hacking for Hacks.
" It's like a how-to guide.
Phone hacking for credit? What kind of class teaches that? Anthropology of Fame.
Taught by Professor Tom Laudner.
Tom Laudner? I know that guy.
He has a tabloid TV show called Celebrities Indisposed.
He earns his living harassing celebrities.
And now he's teaching our kids, right? Hester Prynne.
The Scarlet Letter.
I like to think of Hester as the first bad girl gone viral.
But that was then.
This is now.
Today, the scarlet letter-- it gets you a book deal, it gets you a product line, it gets you a reality show.
Fame is good.
But without the judgment of the church or the community, what's left to keep us in line? Hmm? Gossip, fear, ridicule, shame.
Gossip is good.
Gossip works for society.
That was a great lecture.
Professor Laudner, right? Mmm, yes.
Well, I'm glad you could make it.
Uh, the police, right? Uh CSI.
Oh, nice to meet you.
You, too.
I presume this is about Pete Moyer, yeah? Yeah, yeah.
He was one of your students, right? He was my best student.
Yeah, I could tell that.
You know, I saw some of his course work.
Especially that paper on phone hacking.
That was a good one.
Well, maybe not so good for Pete.
See, I think he may have tried to hack the wrong phone.
Well, I mean, I couldn't tell you anything about that.
Well I mean this is a classroom and, you know, we just try to create a safe environment for students to pursue their intellectual muse.
Oh, I'm confused.
I thought you taught a class on gossip.
Oh, no, no, no, no-- I teach a course on the sociology of celebrity; the culture of idolatry.
I mean, college is to prepare students for the real world, right? The campus is a microcosm for society-- you got the haves, you got the have-nots, you've got the beautiful people, and the, uh you know, not-so-beautiful people.
And you got a real world actress playing student too, right? Yeah.
Brooke Cassidy? Fabulous girl.
Yeah, she was kind enough to serve as an object lesson in one of my lectures.
That was kind of her.
'Cause the way I hear it, she's, like, this scandal waiting to happen.
Teen Dream deflowered.
It'd obviously make a good story.
Hey, did you have Pete try to hack into some of that? Pete? No, no, no, no.
He's one of my students, he's not one of my employees.
Right, right, right.
Listen, what I can tell you about Pete as "out" as he was, he kept a few things in the closet.
That's as close as you'll get to an exclusive from me.
I hope you return the favor.
Oh, hey, thank you so much.
That was very helpful.
No, no, no, thank you.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Yeah, you, too.
Take care.
Good luck.
What are we looking for exactly? Oh, you know, something besides a computer or a hard drive where Pete could've stored whatever dirt he dug up on Brooke Cassidy.
You sure the professor's not just messing with you? He was pretty clear about the quid pro quo.
I think I may have just found the quid.
I got to get me one of those.
Flash drive.
Let's check it out.
Let's see what's in Brooke's folder.
Okay, so Pete wasn't just hacking messages.
He was hacking into e-mails and photos.
America's favorite virgin's looking pretty virginal.
There's nothing really controversial here.
Let's check Jake's file.
Okay, wait a minute now.
I've seen that tatt before.
Where? Climbing out a window at WLVU.
That's Sebastian Jones.
One of Pete Moyer's buddies.
Looks like he's got another buddy.
That's Brooke's boyfriend, Jake Pychan.
Looks like boyfriend's got a beard.
Where did you get these? Not off the computer you stole from Pete Moyer's dorm room, if that's what you mean.
We found his computer under your bed.
Those photos were on a flash drive that Pete hid in some dirty clothes.
But you didn't think to look there.
And they came from your phone.
Which Pete hacked into.
Son of a bitch.
I guess you didn't take that same purity pledge as your girlfriend.
That isn't sex.
Oh, I don't think your girlfriend would agree.
Does she know you're gay? I'm not gay.
Gay, straight, your business, or at least it was your business right up until Pete decided to make it everyone else's.
And then you threw him off the bridge.
I didn't touch him.
When I saw him last night at the Theta house, somebody already worked him over pretty good.
Well, then, you won't mind giving us your prints and some DNA? I have rights.
Yeah, you got rights, but you're a suspect in a murder case.
And we don't have a lot of time, so tell us what happened.
Sebastian texted me after Pete was dead.
He said Pete might have some photos of us.
Sebastian already had his phone, so I went for his computer.
I just didn't want them getting online.
- People wouldn't understand.
- Well, then, give us what we need, you know, help us rule you out as a suspect, and if you do, I promise that these photos will get buried in the evidence vault.
We can do that, can't we? Yeah, sure.
Yeah, there you go.
Thank you.
Why does a gossip hound need military-grade encryption for his computer files? Well, certainly not 'cause he respected anyone's privacy.
Probably just didn't want to get scooped himself.
So, how long till you can unscramble it? This is complicated.
I'm gonna need some time.
When I said Pete was taking his paparazzi work seriously, I didn't realize he went full-tilt P.
Must have dropped a mint at some spy store.
What is that? A remote digital receiver.
Oh, that's top of the line.
Still receiving a signal.
That's a live feed from a camera mounted - somewhere.
- Maybe an office? This picture's fuzzy 'cause we're at the edge of the camera's broadcast range.
Pete Moyer's entire world is WLVU.
I guarantee you this room is somewhere on campus.
Can you get me a better picture at all? No.
You guys should just start walking this thing back towards campus.
Or I could try and do my job, amplify the reception range and get a cleaner image.
That's a good idea.
Mom insisted.
She's worried you're not taking care of yourself.
Come on in.
Case must be going well.
Hear you have a suspect in custody.
You're trending.
I'll be darned.
So, it's like the court of public opinion in the digital age, right? Yeah.
What What do you what you got there? Are those salt and vinegar chips.
Oh, yeah.
It's nice to see Finn.
How's that working for you? It's fine.
Why do you ask? Just kind of a drag last time.
Well, second time's a charm.
Yeah, hope so.
Mom's not the only one who worries.
Ugh Finn? Morgan, did you bring lunch? We have company.
Oh, hi.
Um, have a seat.
Thank you.
I didn't want to be seen walking into the police department, so, I thought I could talk to you guys instead? Sure.
Of course you can.
I know Jake's been arrested, but he had nothing to do with Pete's death.
Really? And why are you so sure about that? Because I was with him all night.
All night? Yeah, at the party and at the bridge with everyone else, after you guys found Pete.
You don't have to have sex to spend the night with someone.
No, you don't, and I'm sure it's easier to keep your pledge of purity when your boyfriend's not that into you.
Look, I'm not naive.
When I met Jake, I really liked him.
You know, he was the perfect boyfriend for me.
Sexually confused enough that he would never pressure me to break my vow, which, believe it or not, is very important to me.
Uh, Brooke, we have evidence that Pete knew about Jake's sexual confusion, and may have been planning to out him.
Is that why you and Pete were fighting at the party? We weren't fighting at the party.
No, it had nothing to do with Jake.
Pete was venting about Professor Laudner.
Professor Laudner? Why? Because Laudner's a douche.
And Pete idolized him, wanted to be just like him.
I don't know what went down between those two, but Pete told me I was right all along.
Did he mention a physical altercation that took place with Professor Laudner? I asked him why his face was all messed up, and he told me to check his next VLOG.
That the truth would be revealed.
Hey, Greg.
I tried boosting the reception from Pete's camera, but, uh, the image didn't get much better.
So, I enhanced this one area here.
Looks like a poster.
Yeah, for Celebrities Indisposed.
Pete's camera is in Tom Laudner's office.
There's the poster.
Camera's got to be somewhere over there.
Bookcase is a good place to hide a camera.
Think I got something on the top shelf.
Here it is.
And that's what it's looking at.
Yeah, well, there's only one reason why Pete Moyer would want a bird's-eye view of Professor Laudner's couch.
Ah, Professor.
Thanks for coming down.
Didn't seem like I had a choice.
You didn't.
Sit down, please.
I have something that I want to show you.
Really? That's my office.
Do you have a warrant? Actually, that's university property.
And yeah, they've been served.
But you don't have probable cause for any wiretapping or surveillance.
That's true, that's true, we don't.
You see, Pete Moyer put that camera in your office.
He's the one who's been watching you.
Got a blood drop.
Somebody cleaned up this rug.
If that's Pete Moyer's blood, then he was beaten in this room.
So, Pete was in your office last night, and the two of you got into a fight.
That's none of your business.
You're pulling the privacy card.
After you made a career out of exposing everyone else's business.
That's a little hypocritical, don't you think? Guilty.
Do you have anything else? Yeah, actually I do.
Thank you.
I have blood on your rug.
See, you tried to clean it up, which makes it my business.
Oh, this thing had quite a workout.
Maybe one of Laudner's students was riding the extra credit couch.
Your office hours must be very stimulating.
I'm sorry.
Did I miss the question? How many women are enrolled in your Anthropology of Fame class? Thirty-eight.
And how many have you had sex with? Okay, here's what I think happened.
I think Pete Moyer found out, confirmed it with his camera, and then threatened to expose you.
Russell, even gossip is woven with a thread of truth.
Then I think that you tried to rough him up a little bit, but when that didn't work, I think you lured him out to Finals Bridge.
What, and pushed him off? You thought it would look like a suicide.
Your protégé caught you with your pants down, Professor.
You panicked, you thought that the scandal would ruin you.
Are you serious? Teacher sleeps with students, none of them underage, not the same sex, and all of them consensual.
What scandal? Hey, Nick? Come here for a second, will you? Yeah.
I hate it when a suspect blows a hole in a perfectly good theory.
Professor Laudner.
Okay, okay, now, so what if Pete Moyer recorded the professor having sex-- consensual sex-- with a student? Seven different students.
According to the vaginal contributions on the couch, he was a busy man.
But that just makes him the guy who can.
It doesn't make him a killer.
And like he said in his dumb lectures, sex scandal nowadays just means that you got yourself a book tour, a reality show, and a movie deal, for crying out loud.
You're not really letting this guy get to you, are you? That's beside the point.
What I don't see is a motive for killing Pete.
We know he punched him.
We confirmed it was Pete's blood in Laudner's office.
Okay, but if if the fight wasn't about a sex scandal, then what was it? You never know what you're gonna see when you turn a camera on.
Or what people are gonna do.
Maybe Pete saw something more than sex.
Maybe Pete saw something Laudner didn't want him to.
I wouldn't put it past Laudner to take advantage of his students, would you? And maybe not take no for an answer.
I like that.
Okay, we need to identify these seven women.
You see the cops take him away? Yeah.
So it's got to be true, right? Professor Laudner's been arrested? Good afternoon, class.
My name is Julie Finlay, and this is Morgan Brody.
We work with the Crime Lab.
We are here investigating the death of Pete Moyer.
We are going to share details with you regarding our homicide investigation.
Now, this information has been withheld from the public.
We discovered epithelials, skin cell DNA, under the victim's fingernails, which tells us that he struggled with his killer in the moments before his death.
The way this works, we start by trying to exclude Pete's classmates and friends, in order to zero in on our killer.
Now, in order to do that, we need to collect DNA samples from all of you.
What if we refuse? Well, you do have that legal right-- this is strictly voluntary-- but I would like to ask you all to refrain from spreading false rumors about any classmates who refuse to cooperate.
So no sharing, no posting, no kidding.
First volunteers get the clean swabs.
I can't believe that just worked.
Hey, Nick.
I identified the seven vaginal contributors from the couch in Professor Laudner's office.
All these girls were in his class.
All right, I'll have Brass bring them in.
Well, Professor Laudner's office hours are open to every student in the class, so are you asking me if I had sex with Professor Laudner? I'm asking you if it was consensual.
I took Laudner's class for an easy "A.
" Everybody knows that if you're a pretty girl, wear a short skirt and sit in the front row, you get an "A.
" Did he promise if you slept with him he'd give you an "A"? He never made any promises, but it was understood.
Ashley, we've collected forensic evidence, and we're talking to other girls.
We know that Professor Laudner offered sex for grades.
I am not accusing you of anything.
I just would like to ask if you had consensual sex with Professor Laudner.
Did Professor Laudner hurt you? I don't want to talk about it.
Ashley, I know you want to help us find Pete's killer.
I think Pete found out about what happened to you, and then he tried to help you.
Pete did not want to help me.
Pete only cared about Pete and his damn gossip! I didn't want to talk to Pete, and I don't want to talk to you.
I have a right to be left alone.
Ashley, I understand that but what Pete found out cost him his life, so I need you to help me find out what happened to him, and I need you to let me help you.
You can't help me! No one can! I would like to try.
I killed Pete! Okay? I was the reason he was at that bridge! I pushed him off! Can you help me now? Get off me! Please! Finally decrypted Pete's hard drive.
Been through all the videos.
A lot of sex, but nothing like this.
That is so clearly pe.
Why wouldn't Ashley have reported it? A lot of shame associated with sexual assault.
Especially if the rapist is known to the victim.
So, Mandy matched three unknown sets of prints from the bridge to the ten-card that Finlay collected from Ashley Benson.
So she was there? Yeah.
The problem is, there's an inconsistency with her confession.
Mind if I get in there? So all of her prints are on this lamppost.
The first set is at approximately five feet.
The highest is a little over eight.
Well, Ashley's about my height, so Here's your first set of prints.
Add what, 18 inches for the bench? There's your second set of prints.
Well, another 18 inches, and you're at eight feet.
Looks like you might need a little help to get there.
Ashley was climbing.
Right onto the ledge.
Pete followed me to the bridge ambushed me as I was leaving the party.
He said he knew what Laudner had done to me and he'd seen it with his own eyes.
So he told you about the tape? Yeah, he said he was gonna post it on his Web site and that he wanted my exclusive.
I knew the rumors.
I knew that some of the girls were sleeping with him.
But I'm not like that.
I should have taken the "C.
" I was trying so hard to get into business school, and Ashley, you did nothing wrong; nothing.
Have you seen it? The tape is evidence.
So it's gonna be everywhere.
I need you to tell me what happened.
I I thought Pete was there because he actually cared about me.
Look, forget my VLOG.
I'll go with you to the cops; we'll talk to them together.
It doesn't matter! He raped me! You don't have to do this.
He said we couldn't give up, and that I couldn't let Laudner win.
I want it to be over! Come here.
Take my hand.
Hey, you have to trust me.
And then I turned around, and he had his phone out.
He was recording us, or-or texting, or tweeting, I don't know, but I knocked it out of his hand.
If I just hadn't gone into Laudner's office, Pete would still be alive! Ashley, from what you're telling me, it was an accident.
It was not your fault.
Okay? None of this is your fault.
Not Pete's death, and certainly not what Laudner did to you.
I lived with it for 13 days.
I went to class.
I worked at my job.
I talked to my parents.
I just I boxed it up, and I put it on a shelf.
Ashley, listen to me: I am gonna have experts testify to your behavior, so that when you take the stand, the jury will know why you went back to that class.
A jury? I-I can't stand in front of a jury.
There is no hope of stopping Laudner if you don't.
That's not my problem.
I just want to be left alone.
You know I talked to the D.
She's not gonna file on just the tape.
Which means the guy walks.
Yeah, and the bastard's gonna go do it again to another girl.
We have to take our victims as they come.
Hey, Dad.
You look terrible.
Oh, thanks a lot.
Were we supposed to be doing something? No, but Mom thought it would be cool if we all met up for dinner.
Oh, that sounds fun.
Something wrong? Well, some cases don't end up the way you want them to.
Yeah, but this one did, right? No.
Really? Check it out.
It's all over the Internet-- Professor Laudner raped a student.
News travels fast, doesn't it? The university suspended him.
What? I mean, look at all these posts.
It's not like he's gonna get away with it.
So this is what you call trending, right? Mm-hmm.
Let's go meet your mother.
Yeah? Yeah.