CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e18 Episode Script

Malice in Wonderland

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Andrew Milner and Lisa Kravitz in holy matrimony.
Marriage is the gift of all gifts.
It is the promise of all promises.
It is commended to be honorable among all men and should not be entered into lightly, but discretely, reverently, advisedly and solemnly.
Into this glorious estate, these two now come to be joined.
So if any person here has just cause as to Everybody up! To the front! Move! (siren whoops, helicopter flies over) God, I love big weddings.
Ugh, not me.
The minute the invitation comes, my feet hurt from the shoes I'm going to have to wear.
Oh, come on, how can you resist the unabashed splendor of a storybook wedding? Hey, Conrad, whatcha got? Two armed assailants in full costume, took all the gifts, cash, wallets, jewelry Did anybody see how they got away? No, three separate witnesses called in the gunshots but nobody got eyes on the getaway car.
Response time? Under five minutes.
That's a small window to do your thing.
Why are you here? Beg pardon? Well, you're the, uh, undersheriff, you're second in command.
Well, I'm here for two reasons.
First, as the mayor just reminded me there are 300 weddings a day in Las Vegas, bringing millions of out of town dollars into our economy.
What's the second reason? This isn't just a robbery.
It's a robbery homicide.
Good Lord.
So much for your storybook wedding.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! One bullet hole.
No spatter.
Must be the only one.
- Can you lift the head? - Yeah.
- No exit wound.
- Bullet must still be in there.
Hey, guys, there's something missing, right? Isn't there a Never mind, I found it.
Oh, yeah.
Gunshot residue on the Mad Hatter's card.
Pattern puts it at close range.
So the groom was shot execution-style, on his wedding day.
What kind of person does that? Maybe somebody who doesn't much care for the institution.
I take it from your tone that you don't either.
I like weddings; I've had two of them, but marriages, they don't really agree with me.
If you think about it, a wedding's a pretty good place to rob, huh? You'd be the wedding expert, I guess.
Your mom's a multiple offender too, you know.
But her second one stuck.
I noticed you're light next week.
You want to grab get a bite to eat? Next week's a ways away.
We'll see.
It was a beautiful day, like a fairy tale.
Then, all of the sudden, we hear gunshots, and we all turn and see this smiling cat and this white rabbit.
Like in the book? They didn't have guns in the book.
- Everybody up! - They yelled.
Told us to take out our wallets, our phones, our jewelry, they even pulled off my brooch.
Well, we'll see what we can do about getting that back for you.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
All right.
They split up as soon as they got in.
The rabbit gathered up all the gifts.
They just barked out orders.
And assured everybody that it would all be over soon.
And for a while, it seemed like it would be.
Then there was that scuffle.
Move! What kind of a scuffle? I don't know, it was on the other side of the crowd.
I didn't get a good look.
Can you think of anyone that did? Go ask Alice.
Andrew and I met in an English class-- Literature of the Absurd, and Alice in Wonderland kind of became our thing, our way of saying "I love you.
" It's stupid.
I know.
No, no, I think that's very sweet.
When he proposed, on the table was a bottle labeled "drink me," a cake labeled "eat me," and this antique engagement ring labeled "marry me.
" So, when the rabbit came for the ring I couldn't let go of it.
The rabbit got angry and hit me in the leg with the end of his gun.
Andrews very protective of me.
And he didn't even slow down when there was a gun to his head.
He saw me before the wedding.
It's bad luck.
Oh, I I don't know.
Ho, ho, ho, hey, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
This was not your fault.
This was theirs.
Okay? I'm going to be right back.
CSI Finley's going to stay with you here, okay? Mrs.
Kravitz, can you show me where he hit you with the gun? Find anything interesting? Found a little of everything: old, new, borrowed, and hey, something blue.
What do you think that is? I have no idea.
Let's get all this to Mandy.
Our two robbers were quick as a bunny.
Maybe they got sloppy and left a paw print.
Hey you got anything to calm down our bride inside a little bit? Sure.
Go ahead, Kyle.
This is Haloperidol.
Five mils should take the edge off.
Where is she? Dressing room.
What part of "no" do you not understand-- the N or the O? It's an hour of your life.
Of lying.
About being your girlfriend.
No offense.
Oh, no, it's okay.
None taken.
Sorry to interrupt.
Don't worry about it.
He's just working on his mommy issues.
Oh, I really don't want to know about that-- My mother is visiting CSI for the first time before she gets on a plane, with her boyfriend, to go to Italy.
And it's possible, well, probable, that I may have mentioned I was dating someone.
Someone at work.
She's a woman of expectations.
The highest of which she reserves for her son.
I'm all she has.
I don't want to disappoint her.
Then tell her the truth.
How would that not disappoint her? Mandy, I am desperate.
One date, and then she's out of your life.
Ah, yes.
My favorite part.
Well, the apparent C.
is traumatic brain injury, caused by projectile penetration of the skull.
Bullet to the brain.
But the X-ray doesn't show what looks like a bullet.
What did it show? I'd rather not say till I get a closer look, at the risk of sounding mad as a hatter myself.
It certainly doesn't look like a nine mil.
No, it is, in fact, a button.
How the heck did it get in there? Well, it's roughly the same size as our entry wound.
Penetrating trauma to the skull and gray matter is consistent with a gunshot wound.
Our victim had a button fired into his head at 400 meters per second.
Pretty absurd, but that's the tale his body is telling.
Curiouser and curiouser.
I ran every bullet, bouquet and tea cup that Morgan brought me.
Prints at the scene matched a guest.
There's no outliers.
But there was one discrepancy.
I ran everything through AFIS and there was one set that matched to an Alan Widcom.
What's the discrepancy? Well, the name he gave you when you interviewed him was Charles Dodson, who doesn't actually exist.
And Alan Widcom is an ex-convict.
Good find, Mandy.
Does he look familiar? Maybe.
Can I borrow your marker? Thanks.
Last time we spoke, you were a caterpillar.
Looks like you came out of your cocoon a little more colorful.
Another day, another avatar.
Elvis is a big cliche these days.
And Liberace's all the rage, so Is, uh, Charles Dodson another avatar? Birth name of Lewis Carroll.
Were we supposed to think that was clever? Well, maybe a little.
We dug up your real file, Mr.
Prison records, rap sheet, ending with a count of armed robbery.
I waved a wrench in the face of a crooked mechanic to get my car back.
It was stupid, yes, but I'm not a thief.
Then why the pseudonym? Because the state doesn't allow felons to be ordained ministers for ten years-- way too long to deny my calling.
Calling? that what? Are you married? I am.
It's special.
Isn't it? Yes, it is.
You want to keep your license? More than anything.
Then help us get these guys.
In prison, you've seen your share of criminals.
Anything at all stand out with these two? Yes.
They were very efficient.
They locked the right doors, crowd control.
Everything was very intentional.
Very practiced.
This wasn't their first rodeo.
No, these guys were pros.
So what was your other one like? Your first wedding.
Big affair.
Probably dropped It was beautiful, it was grand, but it was missing something.
What's that? Love.
Oh Okay.
Okay! Hi.
Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to marry Walter Gersh to Crystal Hasselbeck.
Walter, do you take Crystal to be your lawfully wedded wife? You bet.
To have and to holy Babe, what is it? Hands up in the air.
Now! The advice from our caterpillar was spot-on.
These guys are pros.
Look at that.
Took the couple down quickly, got all their stuff in no time.
Got the car, too.
Beelined it right across the street to that service alley.
Lucky move.
Any longer or in any other direction, we would've gotten them.
Please tell me you got something on the SUV.
It was stolen about an hour earlier from a mall parking lot.
It's official.
These two are starting to piss me off.
I feel so violated.
My purse, my necklace, my engagement ring.
Anything else? His wallet and watch.
Uh, don't forget the car.
Well, yeah, but it's just a car.
It's a Rolls Royce Corniche.
It was custom; it had everything.
Well, great.
So, uh, you had LoJack? Of course not.
Think I want the government tracking me? Uh, did you see any faces? Scars? Tattoos? Hear any voices? The one on my side talked.
Uh, he had a deep voice, but it was muffled.
Um, the ring approximate value? You can't put a price on love.
A little over half a million.
That's a lot of love.
Only the best.
Anything else lost or damaged? They tore his jacket.
And stained my dress.
Which is an original.
I know it's not technically your wedding night, but, uh I'm going to need you to take off your clothes.
Gotta love a man in uniform.
Look at you.
Like a real doctor.
You're here, now.
Well, I told you I was coming eventually.
Besides, I am dying to meet her.
Actually, they're very particular about who they allow access to in the lab.
She's all taken care of.
I got her a full-access badge.
Thank you, Mandy.
I am just so happy that you found someone, David.
Um, funny story.
Hilarious, really.
I was beginning to worry that I had held onto you too tight after your father left and didn't give you enough space to become your own man.
I'm my own man.
Lab coat.
My own office.
I expected it to be a little bigger, given how important you are around here.
Mother, I-I think we need to talk.
Hi, sweetie.
Hey, you.
You must be Mrs.
I'm Morgan Brody.
I'm so excited to finally meet you.
Oh! Well, call me Olivia.
Crazy day at the office, Olivia.
I just came by to see if you got trace on the dress.
Uh, I was able to isolate sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, everlace enzyme and potassium monopersulfate.
You put them all together and that gives you Denture cleaner.
You finish each other's sentences.
That's adorable.
Why denture cleaner? Hazards of dating a septuagenarian? Mm.
I wish I had more time to chat.
I just, I gotta go.
Have a great trip.
Thank you.
Bye David.
Love her.
Uh, me, too.
Come here.
I think I finally figured out the mystery of the button in the brain.
The gun bruise on our Alice's leg Yeah? matches to this this World War II gun, which corresponds to casings that Morgan found at the scene.
Right? Like this one right here.
She also found an overpowder wad, that fit in here like this.
Keep the powder in, because They were using blanks.
No projectile, but you get the same amount of force as your everyday 400- meter-per-second bullet.
Now, that force usually comes out in the form of a loud but harmless muzzle flash.
Unless the barrel is obstructed By a button.
Fire in the hole! Projectile by proxy.
Okay, so we have the "how," now we need the "who.
" Same rifle showed up in the drive-thru video.
So we've connected the gun to both scenes, right? Mm-hmm.
So it's safe to assume that it's the same twosome.
Same M.
, generally.
Armed, disguised, wedding hits.
But the two targets couldn't be more different.
Wonderland was, like, this grand scheme, right? Carefully planned.
Drive-thru was smaller.
More spur of the moment.
So, think.
What's the common denominator? The ring.
Do you have an appointment? We're on the list.
Thank you.
Are you two together? Yes, we are.
We're from the crime lab.
Do you recognize these two people? Insurance tells us that they were here buying a ring a while back.
Yes, of course.
Hard to forget.
Because of the age difference? Age difference? This is Las Vegas.
I'm talking about the ring.
For starters, it's a Gartreau.
Gordon Gartreau.
Designs ten rings a year, using the finest gold.
Non-conflict diamonds.
Well, this diamond found a conflict.
Armed robbery, last night.
So if we stole a ring like that, how would we go about reselling it? You wouldn't.
It's one of a kind.
Well, that would be kind of hard for your average thief to fence it and make any kind of profit.
Too high-profile to sell at auction.
So what are we looking at here? Thank you, thank you.
Sorry we wasted your time.
Uh, just one more thing.
The woman that bought that ring, she's been here before.
A few times.
Do you recognize any of these? Yes.
I think these rings were all mine, at one time or another.
And at this time, where are they? This one I sold.
This one I lost.
And you know this one was stolen.
You insured it.
Immediately after buying it.
Is that right? That's when you get things insured.
Is getting engaged a crime now? No.
But fraud is.
You declared its value at $1.
1 million.
That's twice what your fiancé told me it was worth.
And this one that you lost, sold online to some guy in Jersey.
His receiving account points to you.
The first time was a bad breakup, so I kept the ring.
The second time was easier.
More of a business transaction.
Times are tough.
And love Is what, recession-proof? Did you set up this robbery? No, I didn't.
I swear.
I would never put Walt in danger.
But you had no problem setting him up to buy you an expensive ring.
At first yeah.
But then, when we were pulling up, I realized, well, I really wanted to marry him.
Be married to him.
Why should I believe you? I don't know.
But you have to believe in love, right? You are the greatest.
Glad I could help.
Mom off to Italy? Well, uh, good news and bad news.
Her boyfriend's flight was delayed.
Oh, hope that's the bad news.
Yeah, and since she's available, she wanted to have brunch with me and you.
That is bad news.
Oh, that's not the bad news.
She also wants your father to join us.
The last time I had a meal with my father was 14 years ago, when he tried to explain divorce over a milkshake.
You don't expect me to call him up for this? No, no, no, no, y-you don't have to.
Mother made me call him.
And he's very excited.
Albeit a little confused.
Yeah, he's not the only one.
You saw her face.
The way that she lit up when she saw you.
Sh-She was happy.
Please? I'll do anything you ask.
All my cases.
Front of the trace line.
For a year.
You're the greatest.
Thank you.
Sweet ride.
The sweetest.
Custom everything.
Where'd they find it? D Street and Hudgins.
Sticking out like a sore thumb, pre-pillaged.
Got something here.
It's polyester.
And they didn't take the high-end sound system.
That's worth what, a couple grand on the street? Easy.
So what did they take? I noticed the hood ornament.
And the whatever these emblem things were.
They're on the steering wheel, too.
And the glove compartment.
Why these and not the radio? I think that they were gold.
I got filings.
I bet they wanted to make sure that they were solid and not plated.
Yeah, but wouldn't filing them make them less valuable and harder to sell? Russell said the ring was one of a kind.
That's hard to sell, too.
So maybe they're not stealing the gold to resell it.
Maybe they're melting it down.
So where do you go to melt stolen gold in Vegas? Had all my detectives reach out to informants in the stolen jewelry trade.
Several pointed to a Fredrick Ladd.
Runs a cash-for-gold store in some nearby strip mall.
Yeah, like the ads.
"Market crash.
Cold, hard cash.
" Seriously, you watch too much TV.
I work the night shift, and my husband's living abroad.
Cut me some slack, please.
Anyway, knocked on the door.
No answer.
Strange burning smell.
Unis found him dead.
Gold poured down his throat.
Looks like it's connected to the Wonderland Robbery.
How can you be sure? Educated guess.
What do you got? Looks like our victim was a modern-day alchemist, turning stolen jewelry into untraceable gold.
Yeah, because our job isn't hard enough, right? What's all this stuff? All that doesn't glitter-- separated before the melt.
Nana of the bride had a dragonfly brooch.
It was torn from her blazer.
The brooch is here.
The gems are here.
Empty wallet belonging to the driver of the Rolls-Royce.
This is like a land of smoking guns.
It looks like the feline was in mid-melt when somebody turned up the heat.
Looks like the cast iron's our murder weapon.
What is that on the handle? I don't know.
So why kill somebody like this? What are they doing, sending a message? We were looking for two robbers.
Maybe the partnership hit a rough patch.
Hey, Doc.
How goes it? I'll tell you this-- I'm not bored.
Confirm cause of death yet? Thermal injuries.
He was alive when the gold was poured down his throat.
Cooked him from the inside.
Gold melts at 1,850 degrees Fahrenheit.
Soft tissue didn't stand a chance.
So what's with the XRF? I want to test this guy's metal.
If you're so into gold that you pry it off a poor bride's finger, why would you waste it by pouring it down your partner's gullet? I figured it was heat of the moment.
Those two seemed like they were as cool as the center seed of a cucumber.
A little out of character, don't you think? Iron pyrite.
Fool's gold.
We're the only fools around here.
I mean, he's not our Cheshire cat.
Yeah, but why would they set it up to look like a busted partnership? Exactly.
You know, they should be halfway to China by now, but they stop and they do this? Only one reason I can think of to go to that much trouble.
And what's that? They're planning another job.
I'm sorry about this.
I-I was really just trying to do a favor for Hodges, and he Is an irrepressible, but ridiculous human being? Yeah, that.
No, don't be.
It's a it's a nice thing you're doing for him.
And as good an excuse as any for us to finally catch up.
You fold your napkin just like your mom.
You used to do that when we went to Choozy's Chicken.
Do you remember? How's she doing? She okay? Yeah, she's doing great.
Jerry, he's, uh he's good to her? Kind? Oh, yeah.
She practically owns him.
Well, that sounds about right.
Well I'm happy she's happy.
I know you are.
Good to see you again.
That's where Morgan gets her looks.
Olivia Hodges.
Conrad Ecklie.
My pleasure.
Well Here we are.
This is nice.
Maybe we should order champagne? Celebrate? Oh? What's the occasion exactly? Young love.
David is my only child.
Handsome, clearly; charming.
But he's had a bit of a dry spell.
Mother! What? It's a natural parental concern.
Back me up here, Conrad.
Well, I'd, uh I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fantasies about walking Morgan down the aisle.
So tell me-- how did you two meet? Uh You.
I'll take it.
Well, um I was called down to L.
on the trail of this sinister man called the Dick and Jane Killer, and Morgan was assisting on the case.
And when the smoke cleared, the only thing left was this pent-up cross-jurisdictional sexual tension I'm going to hit the restroom real quick.
I'll join you.
So David, your mom-- is, uh is-is she She has a boyfriend.
He's a count.
They're going to Italy together.
What, are you working out your commute? Hell, no.
I gave up on that years ago.
I'm trying to figure out how these wedding robbers got away clean.
From which robbery? From both of them.
When they took off from the drive-thru, they headed east into oncoming traffic and got away by the skin of their teeth.
Now, it seemed like dumb luck, but if you look at the map on the left-- that green square is the chapel, okay? Gotcha.
And the red square is where we found the Rolls Royce.
Yeah, yeah, and radio cars saturated the area between, but nobody saw two people in gas masks in a high-end ride.
They're not lucky; they're good.
They pulled the same disappearing act when they robbed the Wonderland wedding.
So the map on the right-- I reverse-engineered it from the dispatch tapes.
Now, in this case, the net was even tighter.
Five radio cars and an eye in the sky.
And no one saw the getaway car? No.
And all the main roads were blocked off.
You know, I think maybe our bad guys know some shortcuts.
We could look at cab drivers, high-end liveries, limousines.
That's a good idea.
You're still here? Yeah.
You know, you should really go home and get some rest.
I can't stop thinking of my wife.
Supposed to be the best day of your life, and-and your soul mate is killed right in front of you.
You imagine that? No.
I never got a chance to marry my soul mate.
Come here.
Come here.
Let me Let me just show you something here.
Uh, Liberace Caterpillar guy, right, he said that that those two were practiced? Well, I think I finally figured out where they got their practice.
New York City.
Three years ago, three wedding robberies.
And then I couldn't find any more.
Until Chicago, last year.
Three wedding robberies.
Bing, bang, boom.
Okay, look at this.
It's not just three in a row.
It's three robberies on three consecutive days.
New York-- Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Chicago-- Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Las Vegas.
Friday was Wonderland.
Saturday The drive-through.
Right, so today, Sunday.
So that means their hit has to be today.
There are hundreds of weddings going on today.
We got to narrow it down.
We have reason to believe that these wedding robbers are due for one more hit by day's end.
Okay, we got three teams.
Team A, with Finn, going to the chapel on top of the Palermo.
I'm with Sanders, hitting the black-tie affair at the Mediterranean with Team Bravo.
Sara and I are headed to Temple Beth El.
All right, we got one more chance to get these guys, then they disappear.
Good luck, everybody.
Hodges around? Oh, his mom dragged him out of the lab.
Uh, do you know if he got trace on the cast iron? He did.
That latex there was next to the seared flesh here.
Which got me thinking-- latex could be a glove, and maybe the charred skin is a finger.
Can you get a print off that? Well, I better at least get a partial.
Or a partial of a partial.
Minimal ridge detail.
And it matches about almost 4,000 prints on AFIS.
Latex glove.
Polyester from the car, Maybe a uniform.
Is there a database for ambulance drivers? Yeah, there's a National Paramedics Registry.
Nick said something about how the robbers really knew all of the roads.
Pay dirt.
Kyle Hartley, paramedic EMT.
I know him.
He was at the first crime scene.
That's how they got away so clean.
No one notices an ambulance.
And they certainly don't blink when you run a red light.
They just get out of the way for you.
He moved here eight months ago from Chicago.
He has no criminal record.
He's married.
And look who he's married to.
Come on.
We're just looking.
Mother, I feel that this is a bit presumptuous.
You don't let a keeper like Morgan get away.
Now, your co-worker Mandy said that this was the place.
Can I help you? Yes.
My son, a big deal over at the Las Vegas Police Crime Lab, would like to purchase a ring.
Huh, look at that.
Denture cleaner.
We use it to de-oxydize the metals.
Gives it a real shine.
That's funny.
I was just You were just what? I was just nothing.
Mother, come on.
We're leaving.
Yeah, I don't think you are.
David, what's happening? I believe we've just found our wedding thieves.
- But don't worry, Mother.
- Okay.
I know for a fact they only shoot blanks.
Oh! Not anymore.
- Clear? - All clear.
You okay? Do I look okay? Someone call the paramedics.
Gunshot wound.
They blindsided me, Emily and her husband.
How long ago did they leave? Four or five minutes ago.
They had me disable the surveillance and the alarm, and they cleaned the place out and took off.
Listen to me-- one of our guys was headed here.
Did you see him? Crime lab guy and his mom? Yeah yeah, they had them toss their phones over there, and they took 'em with 'em.
Do you know where they were going? They just said "Out of town.
" Control 101, we've got a 444 originating at Van Der Meer Jewelry.
This is Code Red channel-- Suspects may be driving a white EMT vehicle.
Point of origin Granholm and Wells Avenue.
Babe, they know where we started.
They always do.
We're always fine.
Did you take the number off the roof? Did one better.
Switched it for another rig.
They're scrambled, but looking for him.
And they're giving us the heads up.
on Sahara towards Kings Road.
The radio.
That's how you always knew where to be.
And where not to be.
Plus, getting away is always easier when you can change traffic lights.
What are you gonna do with us? We're driving to the desert where we have a car.
We're leaving you there.
Next stop, Fiji.
How on earth are we gonna get back from the desert? We're not, Mom.
Patrol, 2-Charlie-7, west from Lonnie Avenue.
No sign of anything yet.
Copy that, Don't worry.
We'll get 'em.
Your dad scrambled the entire department.
Good guys are everywhere.
Yeah, they were there before.
Yeah, but listen to 'em, uh on a red channel, open to everyone.
They're all talkiback and.
Air Three, Control.
Are you up? Control, Air Three.
Beginning sweep They're talking to each other.
And if we can hear them so can an ambulance.
Copy all.
This is Charlie-12, Hey.
I need your help.
on possible vehicle.
We need backup to Tropicana Way.
They're heading to the other side of town.
We should be good.
proceed to northwest corner of David, please, do something.
Like what? I don't know.
You're this big police person.
I'm a criminalist.
Lab rat, Mom.
That's it.
You know what I do all day? I measure and analyze tiny bits of tiny.
Is it exciting? Not always.
Is it fulfilling? Very much so.
David No! I don't expect No, I need to get this off my chest before we die.
Sit down! Sit down! My office is exactly the size it needs to be.
Morgan is not my girlfriend.
Sweetheart, what? And I can't save us.
I'm not this great police guru that you make me out to be.
I can't.
I'm not perfect.
All I have is a love for my job and a very detailed knowledge of the physical limitations of duct tape.
What the hell did you do?! Haloperidol.
Thanks for keeping it handy.
Now pull over.
I have visual on an ambulance.
What are you doing? You won't shoot me.
Not if I keep it at a speed that will kill us all if you do.
They're tracking a decoy rig to the other side of town.
Nothing between us and the desert, not even tr Traffic.
David! Dispatch, this is 2-Charlie-25 in pursuit of suspect northbound on Tipper Drive.
on suspect vehicle.
do you have a visual? Control, 2-Charlie-22, negative visual.
Unit 15, can you get eyes on? Control, 2-Charlie-6, suspect is evading pursuit.
All units converge.
Vehicle is cornered.
Do we have eyes on the hostages? Are they safe? Come on! Dispatch, this is Unit Four.
Suspects have been apprehended.
I repeat, suspects have been apprehended.
Yeah! Yes, sir! Suspects apprehended.
Do we have eyes on the hostages? Go.
Okay? Okay.
Yeah, thanks.
How did you? Morgan called me.
Had us switch channels to flush them out.
You have to admit it, as far as plans go, this was damn well thought-out.
Yeah, she had a jewelry storefront.
She could ask all the right questions, and wait for the perfect weekend.
While he gets comfortable as an EMT.
Learning the roads in whatever city they're in.
Police procedures, escape route.
Yeah, then the money runs thin, and they just steal some more.
Move to a new city.
Did you get the husband to crack? No.
In fact, he's taking the rap for the whole thing.
Well, he did promise to love and protect.
Yeah, which is ironic, because she threw him under the bus five minutes in.
I, uh, found some other stolen things in the ambulance, and if it's okay with you two, I'd like to return one tiny piece of evidence.
On what grounds? It has sentimental value.
I didn't know you had sentiments.
I didn't say they were mine.
I'm sorry for the ruse.
I just wanted you to be proud of me.
Proud? You saved my life.
You're great at what you do, you're loved by so many.
I couldn't be prouder.
Besides, I haven't been totally honest with you about my romantic situation.
What, the Count? He wasn't a Count.
It's possible he doesn't even know how to.
He dumped me weeks ago.
What about Italy? Oh, the trip's still on.
So it's penne Bolognese for one.
You know, I have a few vacation days saved up.
Would you like to have a travel amico? Ah, David, that's okay.
You don't have to.
I know.
I want to.
You found it.
"The sun was shining on the sea, "shining with all his might.
"He did his very best to make the billows smooth and bright.
"And this was odd because it was the middle of the night.
"The moon was shining sulkily "because she thought the sun had got no business to be there "after the day was done.
"'It's very rude of him,' she said, "'to come and spoil the fun!' "The sea was wet as wet could be, "The sands were dry as dry.
"You could not see a cloud "because no cloud was in the sky.
"No birds were flying overhead, there were no birds to fly.
"The Walrus and the Carpenter were walking close at hand.
"They wept like anything to see such quantities of sand.
"'If this were only cleared away,' they said, "'it would be grand!' "If seven maids with seven mops swept it for half a year, "'Do you suppose,' the Walrus said, "'That they could get it clear?' "'I doubt it,' said the Carpenter, and shed a bitter tear.