CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e19 Episode Script

Split Decisions

What? Go on.
Oh! Hey! Hey! Somebody! Hey! Come on! Somebody! No, I can't comment.
Casino's on lockdown.
Nothing goes out; nothing comes in.
So, the security here is all ex-cops.
all the exits were sealed.
You call this locked down? No, I know.
Split hairs-- locked in.
A fire couldn't stop these people from gambling away their money.
The shooter's still in the casino, am I right? Somewhere on this floor.
And Archie's already tapped into casino surveillance.
He pulled a still photo from the footage.
Brown hair, orange shirt.
Hey, guys, okay, I got facial recognition up and running.
Scanning the casino floor now.
Helps to know who you're looking for, yes? Guys, got a hit.
Looks like he's heading east towards the video arcade.
Okay, all units, we're heading towards the arcade.
Let's go.
You can run, but you can't hide.
Out the way.
Move, move, move.
Out of the way.
Clear out of there, clear out of there.
Hey! Oh! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Archie, are you sure that computer's working? 'Cause all I'm seeing is a woman in an orange shirt.
I don't get it.
I swear, I just had him.
Hang on a second.
I got a hit.
He's over by the nightclub.
How the hell did he get over there? This is Sara I'm in the club now.
I don't see anybody.
Sara, sit tight, wait for backup.
Copy that.
You see him? No.
I lost him again.
Come on, Archie, tell me something I don't know.
Hang on a second.
Oh, I got him.
Heading to the elevators.
Are you sure about that? Ninety-seven percent.
Come on.
Clear out, clear out.
Did you see our suspect? Nothing.
No, I lost visual.
He just disappeared.
Disappeared! How does a guy disappear in a locked-down casino? What's behind there? An unlocked lockdown.
Archie, you got eyes on the stairs? That would be a negative.
He's in the tower with a gun.
We'll have to go room-to-room.
No problem.
I got 65 cops and 40 security guards.
Yeah, and cameras everywhere.
So the hell did he get away? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! I know this is last place in America where you're still allowed to light up, but do you think it's a good idea with the oxygen You got a thing against smokers? Smoke.
You don't know what you're missing.
Okay, Gladys, tell me what happened.
First, I heard two shots.
Saw that poor man fall after the second shot.
Must've been a fight.
Why do you say that? I saw the gunman.
His nose was bleeding.
What happened after that? The guy tosses the man's wallet and tears off into the crowd.
Pretty ballsy, trying to rob someone on a casino floor.
You're just asking to get caught.
I mean you have caught him, right? We're working on it.
The detectives will have more questions, so please don't go anywhere.
Don't worry about me, hon.
I hit the jackpot: $4,436.
I ain't budgin' till I get my payout.
I wouldn't either.
Thank you.
Cash, credit cards are missing.
But they left a license; that was nice.
Dennis Kiel, Medical I.
He was a doctor.
And he has a family.
I'll have Sara check with the hotel, see if they're registered.
Roll him? Yep.
Single GSW to the chest.
There was no exit wound, so the bullet's still inside him.
Black Lung Betty over there said that she heard two shots.
So there's another bullet still out there.
She also said the assailant had a bloody nose.
Maybe the victim got a lick in.
Ah, that would explain the blood right over there.
Yep, gravitational drops.
All right, it's too far away from our victim to be his.
Okay, so our shooter pulls a gun on our victim.
Give me your money.
You punch me in the nose.
Head jerks back, my gun goes up Look at that.
One shot in the doctor, one shot in the slot machine.
Think I should wrap it up and take it back to the lab? Took the words right out of my mouth, smart-ass.
I'll go clear it with the casino.
So, how many more rooms to go? Oh, only 1,200.
- LVPD! Open up! - LVPD? Oh, that's hilarious.
It's about time you show Oh! Whoa.
How you doing? Fine.
Uh, y We're, uh, we're looking for a man.
Uh, me, too.
This man.
That's him-- I've been waiting for him for hours.
Yeah? Well, you might be waiting a little bit longer than that.
He just shot a guy in the casino.
What? I met him in the casino bar last night.
He was cute; perfect gentleman.
Until later.
Which is what you want, right? Did he use protection? Yeah.
Why? Means we got DNA.
And he left behind a wrapper.
Maybe a print.
Did this perfect gentleman have a name? Kind of.
Called himself X-Man.
Pretty cool.
Kind of 9½ Weeks, foreign identity.
Why are you taking my sheets? Why do you think? Oh.
I hope you don't think I'm a slut.
I mean, I am not a slut.
No, no, of course not.
Did X-Man leave anything else behind we should know about? Well, I I kind of made a video.
We're gonna kind of need to watch that.
Kiel, Las Vegas Police.
Well So, the front desk called up here to Kiel's room and nobody answered.
Somebody's here.
It's okay.
What's your name, son? Avery.
Avery Kiel.
Is your mother here? My mom she died last year.
Where's my dad? What happened? Somebody robbed your dad, Avery.
Where? In the casino.
This is my fault.
begged Dad to come out this weekend to see Kanye.
Last night after he won all that money, I told him to be careful.
What money, Avery? At the slot machines.
He won, like, 800 bucks.
All these people were watching.
So, after your dad won all the money, did these people follow him anywhere? No.
I mean I-I don't know.
He bought those sneakers for me.
He was always buying me things.
Is that your dad's computer? Yeah.
We're gonna need to take it with us, okay? Avery, do you have any relatives who live nearby, you know, an aunt or an uncle, anybody? I have cousins in Wisconsin.
I haven't seen them in, like, forever.
What's gonna happen to me? You'll be okay.
We're gonna keep you safe.
This officer here is gonna stay with you, okay? I'm gonna come back and check in on you in a little while, all right? I promise.
Hey, Doc, what you got? A bit of a puzzle.
Our victim sustained a single GSW to the center torso.
Bullet entered the abdomen, penetrated the liver.
Does that look like a penetrating wound to you? Looks like chopped liver to me.
I found these lead fragments and this copper jacket.
Looks like a .
38 hollow-point.
In most cases, when you find only the jacket, it means the core had separated.
I didn't find any core.
All I found was this.
That is weird.
Hourglass shape.
Never seen that before.
Slots R Us.
You shoot it, we trash it.
How can I help you? How's it going? Having fun? You know how I like to break things.
So far, I've only found the jacket of a hollow-point.
No core, right? I hate it when you do that.
Did you find a little red thing, hourglass shape? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I found that.
I'm looking at it right now.
Well, go ahead and bindle it.
I got a feeling that's all you're going to find.
What is it? No idea, Jules.
That's your next job.
So annoying.
LVPD! Open up! Can I help you? Yeah, yeah.
We're with the Crime Lab, and we're looking for this guy.
You seen him around? Um, no.
Never seen him before.
You mind if we come in and take a look around? Yeah, I do mind.
That wasn't really a question.
This is hotel property; we have the authority.
Step aside.
Size 13s? You look like you're no more than a ten, tops.
Who's your roommate? He's a friend from back home.
You got some I.
on you, bud? Lee Jacobs.
Familiar? What? I didn't do anything wrong.
Need a little backup in here, Paul.
Check him for weapons.
We're looking for your roomie, Jordan Brentson.
Yeah, well, he's not here.
He took off.
Without his shoes and his wallet? You're coming downtown with us.
Why don't you grab a jacket.
Yeah, well, you know, I know my rights.
Anything in plain sight, you don't need a warrant.
If you that closet opened, then you should open it.
You a lawyer? No.
Well, you're gonna need a good one, serving 15 to 20.
I'll get a jacket.
Wait, hang on a second.
Open it.
If this is about the bar fight in Ashtabula, dude hit me first.
Get your ass out of there.
Take a nice picture, Jordan.
That might look like me, but that's not me.
Look, the guy's got a gun.
I'm opposed to guns, the whole Second Amendment thing.
That's you, Jordan.
Your girlfriend Shelley-- she already gave you away, man.
Who's Shelley? Really? Let me show you something.
I want to get this on record.
Say, "This is not a one-night stand.
" This is not a one-night stand.
No, no, no! Now say, "I promise to take Shelley to dinner tomorrow night.
" I promise to take this gorgeous piece of ass to any damn place she wants.
As long as it's under two bills.
Hey! Chick's smokin', but that's not me.
You met her in the bar last night.
We found your DNA in her room.
And you robbed this guy.
We found your blood in the casino.
Now, why'd you shoot him? Because he resisted? I didn't shoot anybody.
Where were you at 10:30 a.
this morning? I don't know.
Having a good time.
I won a free trip to Vegas; I'm going to enjoy it.
Can anyone verify that? No.
I was alone.
Just like you were alone last night not with Shelley.
I'm telling you, I don't know her.
Last night, I was with my buddy Lee.
Where'd you guys go? Ballgame.
The 51's.
We didn't get back to the hotel till midnight.
Look, I'm telling you, that is not me.
Hey, Arch.
How's it going? I'm going blind.
Yeah, well, you can give your eyes a rest just as soon as you make a liar out of Jordan and place him at the bar last night with Shelley.
Well, already did that.
Casino bar.
Just after midnight.
Just where he said he wasn't.
Well, gotcha a problem.
Same time.
Same guy.
Coming into the hotel with his friend.
Just where he said he was.
How could a guy be in two places at the same time? He can't.
I know, I know that.
Sweetheart, that's not what I'm saying.
I'm just Well, tell them I'm sorry I missed the breakfast.
They'll understand that.
My in-laws are in town.
Hey, here's what we'll do, all right? Let's take them out to dinner on their way to the airport.
They'd like that.
All right, I love you, too.
I love my wife's parents, but, oh, Lord.
Houseguests and fish-- after three days, they got to go.
All right, who's up? Me.
Uh, DNA from Jordan Brentson was a match to the blood at the crime scene, as well as the semen in the condom in Shelley's room.
He's our shooter.
I hate to rain on your conviction there, Gilligan, but the fingerprint on the condom wrapper was not a match to Jordan.
Same DNA and different fingerprints Would you like to hear my theory? Yes, please.
Identical crime twins.
You should check Jordan's birth records.
Already did that.
According to Columbus General, Jordan Brentson was a single birth.
Guy's an only child.
You got another theory? Doppelganger.
In doppel polo shirts? Well, that's how doppelgangers roll.
Doppelganger, identical twins separated birth.
Either way, I had Archie track Shelley and her date after they left the bar.
Our guy's getting cash from the casino ATM.
Yeah, so I pulled the bank records, got a name: Xavier Marx.
Tucson address.
Xavier Marx checked into the hotel on Friday.
According to his room bill, the only thing he's been doing since then is watching porn.
Guess murder makes him horny.
Las Vegas Police! Open up! Can you come back in an hour? Let me see that key.
What the hell? You married or something? Talk about seeing double.
You Xavier Marx? Yeah, that's right.
Put some clothes on, man; you're coming with us.
You sure know how to wreck a party.
Or you can join in, handsome.
Uh You into twins, Mr.
Marx? Oh, come on, who isn't? Right, Officer? Just get dressed, dude.
I don't know a Jordan Brentson.
I don't have a brother.
I'm an only child.
You're telling me that you weren't born September 18, 1987? A Virgo? No.
I'm a Gemini.
Of course you are.
May 22, 1989.
Hammond, Louisiana.
Joe's Hospital.
Look it up.
What are you doing in Vegas? I won a free trip on the Internet.
All expenses paid.
You know him? No.
Who is he? He's the guy you shot this morning.
Excuse me? I think you saw what I was doing this morning.
All morning? Twins are very demanding.
I think I remember at one point, I had to step out.
For a smoke.
So when was that? All I know is, it was after the strawberries and the caramel sauce were delivered.
You should check with room service.
I don't care what these guys say, they're identical twins.
How do you explain the birth records not matching up? Well, they're probably fake.
Look, they both have criminal records Dressed the same.
Both in Vegas the same time.
Both claiming to have won free trips online.
I'm with Sara.
It's a scam.
What about their alibis? So far, we can't verify either one of them.
They have to know each other.
They have to have planned this.
It's the perfect crime.
Twins defense.
Identical DNA, no way to prove which one pulled the trigger.
There is one way.
Antibody profiling.
I didn't even know we had all this stuff.
Guess it doesn't get much use anymore.
So you haven't used antibody profiling in a while, huh? I mean, I know it's a procedure that's not used that much, but I've read some journal abstracts.
It's kind of like DNA, right? It's different, but in a lot of ways, it's better.
Right, because every person develops their own unique antibody profile in response to their environment.
Yeah, so even identical twins can have the same DNA, but different antibody profiles.
Okay, so when we are done, we are gonna know which one of these twins left their blood on the casino floor.
Which one is our killer.
You and Finn find us our twin? Well, actually, we found a little more than we bargained for.
What do you mean? Antibody profiling didn't match either suspect? Jordan and Xavier are off the hook.
Well, someone with their DNA put a bullet into Dr.
Yeah, agreed.
So, what are you saying? We've got a third one now? Look on the bright side.
At least we still know who we're looking for.
Okay, so, we're talking identical crime triplets? Oh, not quite.
If we go by the birth records, our twins, maybe even our mystery triplet, were born at different times and in different places.
So we're talking about in-vitro fertilization, right? I mean, frozen embryos.
That's the only way you can get identical triplets from one set of parents born to three different families.
In different years and in different cities.
So, we're saying, one fertilized embryo split three ways.
Is that even possible? Some might call it a miracle.
You know what this reminds me of? What? That movie.
Um, Gregory Peck.
Uh, "We're gonna build our own New World.
" Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um Boys From Brazil.
Right here in Vegas.
That movie is about cloning.
Right? Yeah, yeah, but it's also about a doctor who played God.
Yeah, but our victim, Dr.
Kiel, was a pediatrician, not an IVF guy.
All right, but do we know if he was always a pediatrician, you know? Where did he do his internship? What was his first job? I want to know more about this guy.
I'm on it.
That movie is also about planning.
In this case, these guys weren't planning the Fourth Reich, but they They were planning a murder.
And how to get away with it.
And they still think they've pulled off the perfect crime, right? They can hide behind their DNA.
Which makes them overconfident.
That third guy is probably trying to wait us out.
And I bet I know where.
Diamond Dust Casino.
All right.
You better fire up his facial recognition, right? Like Henry said, at least we know who we're looking for.
What? Jordan Brentson's lawyer just walked into PD.
She's also his mother.
My son Jordan called me from jail.
It's not the first time.
He's had his troubles with the law.
But he's never been accused of murder.
Conspiracy, actually.
He had a partner.
Well, partners.
Look at this.
Seeing double? 'Cause we are.
I don't understand.
Maybe this will help.
Um, do you recognize this man? I've never seen him before.
I get it.
It's It's been, what, 25 years? It must be very hard wanting a child so much.
The struggle to conceive.
And then a miracle happens.
It was a miracle.
And then some.
A single embryo split three ways.
The doctors told me there were multiples.
But I told them that I I could only care for one child.
It was the hardest decision of my life.
So, you instructed the clinic to dispose of the other embryos? That's right.
A mother knows her son.
It's way beyond biology.
I would know Jordan anywhere.
But this boy-- I don't him.
I want to see my son.
I looked into Dr.
Kiel's work history.
Russell's hunch was right.
Before he was a pediatrician, he did an internship at an IVF clinic in Columbus, Ohio.
Vivian and Jordan Brentson's home town.
You think she's lying? You think she knew Kiel? I think she's more than lying.
I think we're looking at a modern Ma Barker here.
You know, Ma Barker had four sons.
Herman, Lloyd, Arthur and Fred.
Masterminded her own Little Crime House on the Prairie.
You're like a World Book of Crime.
Well, I'm, like, not impressed with her story.
I don't know.
I mean, she's a defense attorney.
She's not a criminal.
I don't see the distinction.
And I see plenty of motive.
She had a kid in a dish, wanted the extras tossed.
Somehow found out they weren't.
Blamed the doctor for playing God, and giving away what was hers.
Then Ma Barker rounds up her boys for payback.
Well, like you said, she's a defense attorney.
Pretty good plan.
Unless we catch the shooter.
Fire in the hole! Lose something? No.
I think I found the answer to our ballistics mystery.
Oh, yeah? Our little red hourglass.
Found only in No-Rico Shells.
As in, "no ricochet.
" It's the exact type of bullet our killer used.
They were originally developed for air marshals.
So that it doesn't go through-and-through and puncture the fuselage.
No-Rico shell breaks up on impact.
The hourglass tip is like a cork that pops and releases a lethal shotgun blast of pellets.
Okay, well, that would explain Dr.
Kiel's macerated liver.
What do you think? We're looking for an air marshal? Or at least an air marshal's gun.
Hey, Arch, you still on the hunt for the third man? Yeah, going into hour 14.
Can't take a break till I find him.
Hey, I think I got something.
Those free trips to Vegas our suspects won At first, I thought it was just a line they were using.
Then I thought, if they've been so careful to create so many cover stories, maybe they created a free trip to cover their tracks.
Which they did? Checked with the hotel.
Three trips were booked online via Sunview Travel.
Sent via e-mail to Jordan Brentson, Xavier Marx and again, a familiar face.
Kevin Chance.
Minneapolis address.
Check out the birth date on the license.
July 30, 1989.
Makes him the youngest, and a criminal record.
Interesting employment history, too.
Before being dropped for drunk and disorderly, he was training to be an air marshal.
I think we got our shooter.
And according to the Diamond Dust Casino, he's still checked in-- room 2211.
LVPD! Show me your hands! Hands! Heard the man, Mr.
Hands on your head.
Yeah, he's ice cold.
He's been dead for a while.
Looks like an overdose.
Credit cards.
Belong to Dr.
Smith & Wesson .
38, just like the murder weapon.
No-Rico Shells.
Same as the shells we pulled out of that the slot machine and Dr.
I killed Dr.
He's to blame.
If it wasn't for him playing God, I wouldn't have existed.
Had the miserable life that I've had.
This whole thing was my idea.
I thought that killing Dr.
Kiel was the answer.
But this This This is the answer.
Do you think this is our answer? We've been chasing the wrong guy this whole time.
Why should we have the right one now? Preliminary tox indicates Kevin Chance died from a massive overdose of alprazolam and alcohol.
Well, that fits with the suicide video.
Right? I'm not sure that video captured the whole story.
What do you mean? I found signs of blunt-force trauma.
Looks like a blow to the head.
And I also dissected the victim's neck.
See the abrasions on his trachea? Look like circular patterns.
The diameter's consistent with the mouth of a bottle-- say a bottle of Scotch shoved down his throat.
As for pills, I found no solid remnants in his stomach.
Well, how-how did the drugs get into his system, then? Henry tested the Scotch bottle and found toxic levels of alprazolam.
So, somebody ground up the pills, dissolved them, spiked the drink And faked the video.
What do you estimate time of death? Approximately About an hour after the shooting of Dr.
Kiel, while we were still chasing our tails.
Yeah, I smell the twins at work here.
Did you get it? Yeah, well, Kevin didn't shove that bottle down his own throat, and he didn't make the bogus suicide video.
Right, but whoever did, maybe they left behind some touch DNA.
And their antibodies.
I'll get Henry on it.
Hey, Morgan, I got your text.
What's up? You and Sara were right.
Doc Robbins said the suicide was fake.
So much for brotherly love.
Well, I do have some love.
I figured out who bought those "free trips" to Vegas.
Yeah, who's that? Dr.
Booked his own vacation with his son at the same time.
Take a look at this.
I got these files off of his computer.
For the past few months, Kiel's been keeping track of the triplets.
Got the contact information for the parents who received the embryos.
And he took it from there and tracked them down.
But for what? Some kind of weird embryo doctor reunion? I mean, why do it? Jordan's mother said that the clinic was supposed to destroy the embryos.
But, obviously, Kiel didn't follow through.
Based on these criminal records, these triplets' lives didn't go so well.
And you think that Kiel felt guilty and was trying to make it right somehow? Take a look at this.
Two days before he was murdered, Kiel withdrew 150 grand.
Compensation for pain and suffering.
But maybe not enough.
He was a very successful pediatrician.
A rich man.
With one unethical chapter in his past.
He makes a great target for blackmail.
Blackmail gone bad.
I heard Russell put you back to work.
What'd you find? This is good.
Profiling confirms it was Kevin Chance's blood on the casino floor.
We have our shooter.
Look at page two.
Antibody results on the scotch bottle from the touch DNA.
You've got to be kidding me.
There's a fourth man? Yep.
Antibodies on the bottle excluded Kevin, Jordan, and Xavier.
You're telling me that we're looking for quadruplets? Yeah.
Number four is alive and well, and dressed to kill.
I'm guessing in an orange polo and blue jeans.
Do you think he's still at the hotel? Well, Archie's got facial recognition watching all the exits, so he has to be.
Where are you going? If Kiel arranged the reunion, it stands to reason that he met with those guys before they killed him.
Okay, so? So maybe we have a witness.
Can I give you a hand? Got it.
The policeman said you found the man.
We did.
You know, you told me that, um your dad brought you here to see Kanye.
Did he have any other reason to be in Vegas? He did say there were some people he was gonna meet.
Did you meet them? When they were coming over, he gave me money told me to go to the arcade.
So that's a "no"? I did come back a little early.
Saw him talking to these two guys.
It was really weird.
They looked exactly alike, even dressed alike.
Did they look like this? Yeah.
I asked my dad about them.
He told me they had two brothers-- they all looked alike.
My dad helped deliver them as babies.
Was it one of them? Yeah it was.
Listen, um we were able to contact your family in Wisconsin.
And you're gonna be staying with them for a while.
I don't want to go to Wisconsin.
I'm sorry.
You know, um I could really go for an ice cream right now.
There's, um, a great place downstairs.
Would you like some ice cream? Sure.
Earning your money on this one, huh, Arch? Oh, man, I am so sick of looking for this face.
Well, look at the bright side.
Oh, we still know who we're looking for.
Ha, ha, ha.
Yeah, man, I am tired of that joke and I am getting really tired here.
Got a hit.
How is it? Good.
Yours? Good.
Excuse me for a second Hey, Nick.
What's up? We got a hit on our suspect.
Where is he? Sitting right behind you, eating ice cream.
Are you sure? Relative position of features, proportionality, by age ten, facial metrics are set.
Yeah, I'm sure.
We're sure.
You all done? Yeah.
take that.
Can we go now? Yeah.
So we ran your DNA, Avery.
Big surprise-- it matched your brothers.
I guess you could call them brothers, certainly brothers in crime.
We thought it was your dad that arranged those "free trips.
" Turns out it was you.
Contacted the ISP, while you were booking flights and hotels, you were also doing a little shopping online-- skateboard, video games oh yeah, and a nice new pair of kicks.
So I guess you like spending your old man's money.
Uh, just like when we found you at the hotel running up the room service bill on cake and ice cream.
This weekend's my birthday.
I told you my dad liked to buy me stuff.
Well, forget cake and ice cream.
Forget sneakers.
Your dad's a rich man.
You're the sole beneficiary in his will.
You have 25k a year until you're 18, six million bucks.
I don't know anything about that.
What about the $150,000 transferred from your dad's savings into a money market, with two payments scheduled for exactly Jordan Brentson and 75K to your other bro, Xavier Marx.
Poor Kevin got stiffed.
And let me guess.
He wanted a bigger cut for being the trigger man, and that didn't sit well with the family.
I'm the one who took the risk.
I was the one who pulled the trigger.
It was my ass hanging out there.
Still is.
How do you guys feel about splitting 150K two ways? Whose idea was it to make it look like a suicide? Yours? We all have the same DNA.
There's no way of knowing who was in that room.
That's the thing, Avery.
We do know.
You planned this very well.
You knew you could hide behind the DNA, but you missed something.
It's called antibody profiling.
And that puts that bottle of scotch that was jammed down Kevin Chance's throat in your hands.
There was some bad seed in that petri dish.
This couldn't have been just all about the money.
You wouldn't understand.
Try me.
When my mom died at the funeral, I heard my cousins talking about how sad it was that she couldn't get pregnant.
How she had to go and thaw out somebody else's kid to put in her.
I confronted my dad.
He told me about the four brothers, all from one embryo.
Identical, perfect.
He had taken the last one.
Given it life.
I was his final miracle.
What miracle? It was all a lie.
Still doesn't explain what you did.
My dad was always so cold.
Now I know why.
My mom's the only one who really loved me.
And she wasn't even my mom.
And that day she was taken away from me again I blame him.
I'm 12 years old what jury's gonna put me away? Don't be so sure.
Last year an 11-year-old boy was put away for murder, life without parole.
You can help yourself here, Avery.
You created the prefect crime.
Except that it was perfect for Jordan and Xavier.
The only physical evidence we have points to Kevin killing your dad And you killing Kevin.
Come on, kid.
Save yourself.
Give up the twins.
I'll take my chances.
Like you said they're my brothers.
They're my only real family.