CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e02 Episode Script

Code Blue Plate Special

You need anything else, hon? - No.
Thank you.
- He loves his little sister.
Look at I love 'em.
Here you go, Miss Connie.
- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Edie, did I show you these yet? Aw.
Look how precious.
I can't believe how big those grandbabies are getting.
I know.
Hey, guys.
Whenever you're ready, okay? Thanks.
Thanks, Edie.
Sheila, it's 4:00 in the morning.
Do we really have to fight about this now? Looking good.
Not for you, young lady.
We've been married for three years.
You know me better than that.
I don't know what your secret is, but one of these days, you're gonna have to share it with my brother.
Hey, why do we keep having the same conversation? It's not going to change anything.
But it's not up to you.
This time it's up to me.
I don't know how you keep that figure drinking one of these every night.
Work it off on stage, honey.
Trust me.
You should come see the show sometime.
I thought you were off at 4:00.
I'm-I'm staying a while longer.
Is that guy still bothering you? Can't you two make him disappear? Hey, I'll tell you what, we'll have a little talk with him on the way out.
Looks like your problem disappeared, Edie.
Control, Bye, guys.
All right, see you, fellas.
I got to get more hash browns.
Hey, you know what I'm talking about, though.
I'm talking about the dish with the tortillas and the Yeah, I know what you mean.
I can't believe we've been coming here for the past 12 years and you've never had the chilaquiles.
I don't like chilaquiles.
Seriously? Have you had Vincent's? No.
- Sara.
- Huh? Help me out here.
You know, I'm not a fan either.
Really? Yeah Hi.
Vincent call you guys, too? No, we're just coming here to grab something to eat.
Why? Not sure.
Vincent said he's stuck in the fridge.
Can't get his brother to answer his cell.
Maybe he's enjoying some "chilly-killies.
" No, no, its "cheelay-keelays"" Oh, my God.
Control, 3-David-10.
Multiple 419s at Frank's Diner.
Owen's dead.
Yeah, so is Dahlia.
It's Edie.
We just left her.
- She's dead, too.
- Let's take the back.
Come on, let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
J-Just me, guys.
Hey, Vincent, let's go out back.
Why? Wh-What's happening? - Let's just go out back.
- Go in there.
Come on, come on.
Vincent, stop, Vincent, no.
Vincent No.
Come on, man.
There's blood on the floor here.
This can't be! I just Nick They're all dead.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! What the hell happened? - You were here? - We'd just left.
Captain, it was only a couple minutes.
Register's cleaned out.
It looks like a robbery, maybe.
Maybe? Edie was having trouble with some guy, a stalker.
He was hanging around out front.
Well, did you do anything about it? Wish we had.
We were gonna go talk to him, but he was gone before we even got outside.
We know this guy, right? Yeah.
So put a broadcast out! Get him here! Yes, sir.
Oh, man.
You know, I-I been coming here probably 20 years.
Even had Thanksgiving dinner here when I first came to Vegas.
Shooter must've come in the front door.
I mean, the trouble started right there with Owen.
And you know Dahlia always sits at the counter.
Must've tried to jump in.
Once a marine, always a marine.
I always used to notice them when they came in here.
The way they looked at each other.
They seemed so content.
Seemed to have marriage all figured out.
Look at that.
I know most of the faces in here.
Ever see these two guys before? No, I haven't.
But Connie was always happy to see a fresh face so she could show off her grandkids.
All this carnage, you know.
I don't buy robbery.
Akers is putting a broadcast out on the stalker.
Ronald Basderic.
Been terrorizing Edie for six months.
Wasn't enough to kill her.
He wanted to destroy her whole world.
Gunshot to the head, up close and personal.
I tried to help her get a restraining order, but the judge denied it.
Basderic has been very careful.
He'd push right up to the line and never cross it.
Until now.
Shoe impression.
They don't match any of the shoes in here.
I got to take this.
Yeah, go ahead.
You step on my finger, I'll kill you.
Ten inches in front of your left foot.
Could you mark it? Thanks.
Hey, guys, could I just have an hour to be alone so I can work the blood? I was just going to check the walk-in.
Is there blood? No.
Hello? Ah.
Hey, Finn.
I found something.
Well, I'd I'd love to, but, uh you're gonna have to come to me.
This is so horrible.
I know it's been a long night, Vincent, but they still need to talk to you.
It's okay, Charlie, I'll take care of him.
Hey, Vincent.
How could this happen? I don't know yet, man.
We're just getting started.
Now, do you have any other clothes? 'Cause the minute you stepped in blood, you became evidence, you know that, right? No, I-I understand.
How many times have I heard you guys talk about crime scenes? No, no, that's okay, I'll get it.
I'll get it.
Just relax.
Okay, turn around for me.
Vincent? Oh, God.
That's Sheila, Owen's wife.
Vincent, they called me, but they're wrong.
It's not true, right? He's okay! Please! Tell me he's okay! I'm so sorry.
No! Sheila.
No, no, Vincent.
Now, get back.
I can't let you do that.
Not until I've processed your clothes, okay? Okay.
What's all the fuss? You look okay to me.
And here I thought you weren't gonna come visit me.
You got in just under the wire, mister.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
No, that's Barbara and I had to take Maya and Katie back up to Seattle.
I took a little time off.
How you feeling? You know Honestly, it hurts.
I wouldn't recommend getting shot.
Although it did get my daughter to tell me she loves me, so Can't be bad.
How is your family? Better.
Thank you.
Barbara's gonna stay there for a while.
Help them get settled in.
Damn it.
Oh, come on.
There it is.
Good, you're dressed.
We got to go.
Honey, look, if you don't have the time No, I-I want to take you home.
I just can't stick around.
Got a call.
All hands on deck.
That's the diner? Mm-hmm.
Finn told me that she had that handled.
Well, I got "all hands.
" All right.
I better take off.
I'm happy to see you.
Really, thanks for stopping by.
See you there.
You're not supposed to be working, remember? No, you're right.
I'm gonna get a nurse.
Get you out of here.
Yeah, it's Ecklie.
Get me the sheriff.
You know, I appreciate you having my back, but I think you might have misrepresented the situation just a little bit.
Yeah, in what way? Pretty sure that I said that it was something that I could handle.
I think your exact words were, "It's nothing to worry about.
" Oh, and are you worried? Yeah, a little bit.
You look stumped.
I'm not stumped.
I'm thinking.
I've released the other bodies, but there's something odd about these three.
I'm going with stumped.
Look at the blood on this guy's chin.
Unless gravity's been altered, it's going the wrong way.
Yeah, you're right.
This guy's lying down now, but he had to be upright when he was shot.
And over here, on this guy There's no exit wound, and yet, his back is all bloody.
Which means he was laying down, not sitting.
Where's her wound? On the right.
How was she shot on the right while she was sitting here? She wasn't.
Someone moved all three of these bodies after they were shot.
They had a camera in the walk-in? Yeah, Vincent said someone was pilfering steak and lobster a while back.
How long was Vincent in there? Well, the camera's motion-activated, and there's no time code, so I checked cell records from the first time he dialed his brother until the cops let him out.
Under seven minutes.
You buy he got locked in there? It happens easier than you'd think.
Not interrupting.
I just, uh I wanted to find out about, uh, your father.
Uh, he's getting out of the hospital today, and I wanted to see how that all went.
It was fine.
Thank you for asking, though.
Yeah, it's, uh, no trouble at all.
Uh, to ask, I mean.
Uh, yeah, I'm-I'm I'm gonna go.
Did he seem weird to you? I mean, weirder than usual.
No, not at all.
I got three more in the hallway.
Well, I can always use the overtime.
Why don't you, uh, prep this young lady? I'm almost done with Dalia.
Can I help you? I'm looking for a loved one who was brought in.
Edie Graham.
Reception let you come back here? I might have given them the impression I worked for the mortuary.
So, you're the next of kin? I'm the closest thing Edie's got.
We were gonna be married.
I see, Mr Basderic.
David, call Sara.
Tell her to bring down Edie's paperwork right away for Mr.
We met at the diner where she worked.
I went in there a lot.
She was always so good to me.
So warm.
I just knew.
And I could see in her eyes she felt it, too.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Right there.
I can't allow you to touch her.
I'd like to put the ring on her finger.
No, I'm sorry.
That's him.
That's Basderic.
Hello, Ron.
It's a match.
You're done, you son of a bitch.
Where are my clothes? I want my clothes.
That prison jumpsuit is the only clothes you need to worry about now.
When you return them, I expect them to be in the condition in which you received them.
I'm very particular.
We have you in the diner, Ronald.
You stepped in Edie's blood.
I went in to check on her.
Cops saw you stalking her from outside right before the shooting.
I wasn't stalking; I was observing.
You were there.
But I knew the officers would harass me, so I took a walk around the block.
When I got back, I could tell something was wrong.
That's when I went inside.
She was already dead.
Why didn't you call 911? Because she was already dead.
Okay, you didn't do it, so you must have seen who did.
I told you, I went for a walk around the block.
If I knew who killed Edie, I would tell you.
They took her from me.
She was mine.
Do you own a gun, Ronald? I would never.
I hate guns.
Open your mouth.
You can't make me.
Not without my consent.
I can get a court order.
Good luck with that.
I can't imagine too many judges being receptive to your requests.
What with your corruption scandal and all.
Three bodies all moved after the fact.
Why were they moved, and who moved them? Do we know who they are? Yeah, this is Connie.
She was a regular at the diner.
A bus driver who drove the 5:00 a.
shift so that she could be at home with her grandkids in the afternoon.
Their mom's a blackjack dealer.
This one I don't know.
Who is this, Super Dave? Oh, I found an Arizona driver's license.
Robert Rios.
I ran him through mobile AFIS.
There's no criminal history.
And this guy, Alex Brenner.
Local address.
Look at that, brand-new license.
Mint condition.
I'm running his prints now.
Access blocked.
I have a feeling our friend Alex Brenner here isn't Alex Brenner.
Sheriff, I'm aware of the pressure that you're getting from the press on this case.
No, I know, I get it, I get it.
No, I don't disagree.
No, especially in light of what's going on in the department.
But I have a feeling that the answer you're looking for is staring at me right now in my office.
I'll get back to you.
Karen Taylor, Deputy U.
Your department ran fingerprints on someone we have an interest in.
Let me guess: Alex Brenner.
That's what you Feds are calling him, right? And since it's U.
Marshals in my office and not FBI, I'm guessing he was in Witness Protection.
So, who is he really? Obviously, I can't tell you that.
Who are you protecting him from? I can't tell you that, either.
Miss Taylor, you dropped this guy in my jurisdiction without even bothering to call the department.
Now he's one of eight victims in a multiple homicide that just so happened to have killed several of my friends.
Now, you got about two seconds to tell me something or I'll have you thrown out of here.
Alex Brenner testified against some really bad people about four months ago.
We dropped him in Las Vegas just last week.
As for our failure to notify LVPD, frankly, we didn't know if you could be trusted.
So, these "bad people"" are they the kind that would sacrifice seven innocent lives just to get the one they want? I believe so.
Pretty intense look you have going on there.
What are you searching for? Edie's stalker, Basderic.
He knows the law.
Up until last night, he has known exactly how far he could go without crossing the line.
But the guy is sick.
Edie couldn't have been his first.
He-he must've screwed up somewhere before.
I just haven't been able to find it.
Well, have you tried searching court records for other TROs or denied apps? Yeah, I did that.
I'm on criminal records now.
Ok, well, how about I take civil court.
Basderic's not a common name.
Well, you never know.
Oh, here's something.
Apparently, Basderic was involved in a lawsuit.
Who sued him? Actually, he was the plaintiff.
He sued for damages after some guy assaulted him.
Well, what do you want to bet that the guy was the boyfriend or the husband of some poor woman that Basderic was stalking? Well, the judge sided with Basderic and awarded him almost $200,000.
I hate this guy.
I hate the way he works the law.
Well, this probably won't ease your blood pressure any, but during the assault, Basderic actually shot the guy.
He shot his attacker? Legally, it was self-defense.
Point is he had a gun.
Hey, Doc.
We need to take a long, hard look at Alex Brenner.
You care to elaborate? Well, he was in the Witness Protection Program.
We're thinking maybe that's what got him killed.
Along with everybody else in the diner.
What can you tell us about where he's been? Well, there are some things that suggest his history.
Dental work, certainly.
I don't think it was done in the U.
Mexico, maybe.
What else? He was suffering from talcosis.
I found talc granulomas in his lungs.
Talc? Yeah, it's a condition usually associated with drug use.
People inject talc-diluted heroin or cocaine.
But there's no evidence that he was a drug user.
So how did the talc get into his body? Probably inhaled.
I'm thinking that he spent a lot of time in an environment where talc was used, breathed it in.
Yeah, drug environment.
If he was cutting heroin and cocaine with talc.
It's mot an unreasonable inference.
Stomach content was waffles.
Is that significant? If he ate waffles, that puts him in the corner booth where we found Rios.
What did Rios eat? Hmm.
His stomach was filled with pizza.
Frank's Diner doesn't serve pizza.
Maybe he wasn't there to eat.
Okay, what more can you tell us about Rios? I found fibers in his upper trachea and esophagus as well as his mouth.
I gave them to Hodges, but he hasn't tested them yet.
Until a minute ago, Mr.
Rios here was on the back burner.
He's on the front burner now.
The pizza would have raised a red flag had I known that the diner didn't serve pizza, but I didn't know that the diner didn't serve pizza.
You care to guess why? Because no one ever includes me whenever they go to the diner.
Positive for lead.
What about the fiber? It's a microfiber.
Polyethylene terephthalate to be more precise.
More commonly known as polar fleece.
Like a jacket.
Or, considering that he inhaled it, I think Rios was wearing a ski mask.
The belt tested positive for lead.
Tells me he had a gun.
And a mask.
Robert Rios was not a victim.
He was the shooter.
Robert Rios had an Arizona license.
PD's there checking into him now.
I guess the bigger question is, if Rios is our shooter, who shot Rios? Probably whoever hired him.
Could be the cartel if they were after Alex Brenner.
You know, once the dirty work's done, you bring somebody in; a cleaner.
Kill Rios, take his gun, move the bodies.
Okay, you know what? Let's not wait for the cops in Arizona.
Dig into Rios.
Get whatever you can, okay? All right, I'm on it.
All right, I'm here.
What's the issue? I ran ballistics on all Turns out five of them were from a second gun.
Well, that's consistent with the idea of a cleaner, right? We know at least two of the shots were the ones that killed Rios.
And we've got the point-blank on the waitress, Edie.
Then I've got two misses.
Misses? Wouldn't have thought a cleaner would be sloppy.
That's not all.
Check this out.
The red laser is a miss from Rios's gun.
The green is the cleaner's.
Two different guns, both fired from the same place.
Doesn't make any sense.
Is that can where it was when you found it? No, it was on the floor.
I replaced it.
But there was oil residue on the counter, so I knew where to put it.
Let me try something here.
Excuse me a sec.
Square peg in a square hole.
Shots came from there.
Alex Brenner had the second gun.
It fits with everything we know about him.
He was in Witness Protection.
He was fearing for his life, so he was carrying.
Call Finn.
Get her down here.
I want to run this thing.
Okay, I'm Rios.
I'm the shooter.
Where do we start? Okay, first event happens here.
Owen and the shooter struggle, and fight for control of the gun.
The gun discharges, severing Owen's finger.
Okay, and then at some point during the struggle, Dahlia gets up off of her stool, and comes over and tries to help.
First shot misses, hits the chocolate milk shake, and the next two take Dahlia down.
Now, I just shot two people pretty quickly.
If I'm robbing the place, why don't I just turn around and leave? Why do I keep killing? Well, we know that you were wearing a mask.
Maybe it came off during the struggle.
So I'm eliminating witnesses.
Or you haven't hit your target yet.
So the waitress is next? Shot goes through the coffee pot, and then into her chest.
What about the coup de grâce? Well, given that Edie crawled, that actually comes later.
The old couple comes next.
They are sitting targets, literally.
He tries to shield her, he gets the first shot, and she gets the second.
That leaves just two more targets: Alex and the bus driver Connie.
Yeah, she goes first, running towards the restrooms, probably trying to escape.
Shot catches her in the side, just below her armpit.
That leaves Alex, and he just saw me shoot six people.
And we now know he has a gun.
And he knows that I'm coming for him.
So he tries to defend himself.
Both shots miss and hit the olive oil can.
And I put two into him.
As far as Rios goes, that's the end of the shooting.
Time for the cleaner.
Say that's me.
Vincent said that they kept the back door open to let air in, so I could have come from back here.
And I, Rios, know you, so I don't shoot.
But I do something that you are definitely not expecting.
I pick up Alex's gun, and I shoot you.
Which leaves one final shot: the coup de grâce to Edie's head.
So Edie crawls out from behind the counter.
I realize she's alive.
She's just seen me shoot Rios.
I go up to her and final shot.
So the theory is Alex was the target.
Wait a minute.
It still doesn't explain Edie's stalker, Basderic.
We know he was here.
He left shoe impressions right there.
So are you thinking that Basderic put the kill shot into Edie? He felt rebuffed by her.
We know he's gone off before.
He lied about never having had a gun.
Hold on a sec.
Hey, Nick.
Yeah, just got access to Robert Rios's banking records.
Somebody we know has been writing him some big checks.
Who? His ex-girlfriend.
You know, Mrs.
DeMarcus, this must be a complicated time.
I mean, who do you mourn? Your dead husband or the other guy you were involved with? There was nothing going on between me and Robert.
Well, not anymore.
So you didn't pay him to kill your husband? Why would you think that? You gave him $6,000 last month.
$5,000 the month before.
$10,000 the month before that.
I help Robert out.
I have for a long time.
He had a gambling problem.
He owed people money.
I didn't want to see him hurt.
Why on earth would I want Owen dead? I don't know.
Maybe your marriage was in trouble.
Our marriage wasn't in trouble.
Owen and I were fine.
Owen didn't love the fact that she kept bailing out Rios, but it was her money.
That's what you get for marrying a rich girl.
Did you ever hear them fight about it? Sure, but they fought all the time.
That was part of the attraction.
That kind of passion can turn bad.
Believe me, I've seen it happen.
Not them.
I-I-I'm telling you, things were going well.
Even the money thing.
What do you mean by that? Owen and I were working a deal with the Mediterranean.
They want to put a Frank's Diner in the casino.
Owen was about to have plenty of money of his own.
Both of us.
Trust me, Nick.
There's no way Sheila is the one who's behind what happened.
All units, possible 413, shots fired.
Corner of Dermott and Westfall.
Corner of Dermott and Westfall.
Repeat That's the diner.
What's going on? Uh, not sure.
Shots fired at the diner.
No, stay here, Vincent.
We'll handle it.
Coming through.
Coming through.
What's up? Nick, relax, man.
What's up? Code four.
Accidental discharge.
Newspaper guy.
What's he doing out of bed? Hey, Ecklie.
Didn't you get shot? Come on, man, you know the drill.
You got to give yourself some time to heal here.
Thanks for the advice, Nick.
Here's the gun.
Nine-millimeter? That's the same caliber as the diner.
Guy was refilling the newspaper machines.
He took the day-old papers out, was stacking them in his truck for recycling when the gun fell out.
He picked it up.
It discharged.
Where's the second one? We know there were two guns.
Here we go.
This one's a little bit thicker than the others.
There she is.
The second gun.
Both of these guns have been wiped clean.
Same with the shells.
There's nothing on them.
But the ninhydrins brought up some useful prints on the paper.
It sounds to me like after the shooting, our guy leaves the diner looking to dump the guns somewhere and sees the newspaper machine.
For a buck in quarters, he's found a pretty good place to hide them.
It's already Monday-- it's unlikely that anybody's going to buy the Sunday paper, so the guns stay put until the delivery guy hauls them away.
We got a match.
Ronald Basderic.
How'd you meet Rios? Gamblers Anonymous? Some twisted chat room? I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know any Rios.
Listen, Ronald, we're just trying to give you a chance to explain yourself.
Your fingerprints are on the paper.
The gun was inside.
Your footprints are in the diner.
You are never going to see the light of day again.
Don't touch the evidence.
Can you just fix that? That newspaper machine is on public property.
I can legally be there.
I can watch Edie from there.
You know how, when you make a sandwich, you don't like to use the heel? Right, so when you open up the package of bread, what do you do? I, uh well, I move the heel out of the way, reach past it and I grab a slice from the middle of the loaf.
Yeah, me, too.
What's your point? The point is, it's the same thing with a newspaper machine.
You don't take the top copy, right, that has a fold in it? You lift it up, and you take the one underneath.
Especially if you're as OCD as this guy is.
So he lifts it up and takes a clean copy from the middle.
He bought a paper the day before-- this one was on top-- and that's how his prints got on it? You think Basderic's prints were already there when the cleaner hid the guns there? Hey.
Find anything? Do you have any idea how many people touch this thing on a given day, week, month? You check the inside? Door won't open.
You need a quarter? Oh, that's funny.
But the coin slot's jammed.
My guess: it's not by accident.
Whoever stashed those guns probably didn't want anyone to find them.
What is it? It's a foreign coin.
Is that bad? Nick, you know me.
I thought I did.
Till I found that.
You keep a bowl below the register for all the foreign coins that end up at the diner.
You showed it to me once, remember? Come on, it's a coin.
So what? So I don't miss details, Vincent.
Why don't you take a look at a couple of photos? That's the apron you had on when you went into the fridge.
And that's the one you had on when we let you out.
Take a look at the strands.
This one's white, and this one's blue.
You switched the aprons.
Wh-What? Why would I do that? To hide the evidence.
It's the same reason you moved the bodies and dumped the mop bucket.
Here's the apron you started with.
I had to tear the back room apart, but I found it.
You've been working in that restaurant since you were ten years old.
I've never even known you to take a vacation.
I mean, I've seen the car that you drive.
You've sacrificed everything to keep that family business going.
But your brother-- he's a different story, isn't he? He married a rich girl, he buys nice things, he travels.
And then, finally, one day, your ship comes in.
The Mediterranean wants to put a Frank's Diner in the casino.
That's got to be a big payday, Vincent.
How much was that worth? I don't know.
Sure, you do.
You know exactly how much.
But your brother, he vetoed it.
Didn't he? He said no.
Hmm? That was my payoff.
My reward for 40 years of giving everything.
And he said no, just like that.
And now eight people are dead.
I never wanted that to happen.
Rios was supposed to do a fake robbery.
I knew Owen would fight back.
Rios was just supposed to shoot him and get out.
That's it.
What the hell did you do? What'd you do?! He pulled off my mask.
They saw my face.
I had no choice.
And at that point, you knew there was no turning back, so you shot him.
You were afraid that we'd eventually connect Rios back to you, so you tried to make him look like a customer.
And moved the bodies.
The apron.
The mop bucket.
Like you said, I I learned a few things.
Not enough.
Nick, please.
Don't look at me like that.
I was just desperate.
Just pushed too far.
I'm not a monster.
No? What about Edie? She was still alive, wasn't she? And she witnessed everything that you did.
So you put a gun to her head and you pulled the trigger.
You see? You were wrong about me.
I didn't hurt her.
I couldn't.
I loved her.
You loved her? Are you kidding me? You terrorized her.
You kept her awake at night.
You made her afraid to walk down the street.
And you want to know what else your twisted love did? It killed her, Ronald.
Edie was supposed to be off work at 4:00.
She should have been gone when the shooting happened, but she was afraid to walk home because she was afraid that you were out there.
It's because of you that she stayed, and now she's dead.
I know, Barbara.
I-I know that.
But this is our home now.
I'm here.
Charlie's here.
Uh, sweetheart, I'm going to have to call you back, all right? I got to go.
I love you.
Is Barbara okay? Yeah.
When's she coming back? Uh, she's going to stay up in Seattle for a little while longer.
Maya needs her.
Do you need me to stay for anything? No.
Go home.
Thank you.
And good work on this one.