CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e03 Episode Script

Wild Flowers

Water! This is Gil Grissom.
I'm unable to answer your call.
Please leave a message.
Hello, Gilbert.
Happy anniversary.
Hope you're out there celebrating.
And it's official-- time differences really suck.
Uh, look, I miss you.
I'm going to try and call you back later.
It's been a while, you know, since we really caught up.
I love you.
No, I'm taking good care of myself.
Matter of fact, I had I had leftover pizza for breakfast.
I'm kidding, honey.
I know you're needed up there, but I need you down here, too.
Love you, too, sweetheart.
Welcome to the joys of long-distance relationships.
I don't know how you do it.
Boy, I tell you, even postmortem, this place is taking me back.
So you big on electronic dance music, then? No, music festivals, where they play real music.
You know, I was actually at the original Humboldt Folklife Festival, 1972.
Yeah, I never heard of that.
Yeah, youth, wasted on the young.
Yeah, around here, youth is just wasted.
Detective Moreno.
Looking good there, buddy.
Catch you on your day off, did we? No, no, no, no.
I'm on the clock.
This is, uh, one of Vice's busiest weekends of the year.
What happened here? We have an unknown male assailant.
He shot four or five rounds into the crowd.
Panic gave way to trampling, a couple people got grazed, and one fatality.
No I.
, no bracelet, either.
Maybe she didn't pay to get in.
This whole area is fenced in.
I'm thinking she, uh, crawled under.
Explains all the dirt on her clothing.
Single GSW to the back.
And exit wound.
Through and through.
David? What's this pattern on her arm? Looks like a standard four-plus-one.
Somebody grabbed hold of her pretty tight.
Bruises and nail gouges.
Whoever grabbed her is missing a couple of fingernails.
Any witnesses? Oh, we got a whole rave full of witnesses.
Only problem is they're all tripping.
Reports range from sketchy to hallucinogenic.
Although a couple people did say that they saw her come in with another girl.
Another girl.
What happened to her? Don't know.
Well, hopefully, she's still running.
You know, this doesn't seem like a random shooting to me.
Think she was targeted? And the other one got away.
Yeah, but for how long? Okay, looks like that girl is our witness, then.
Maybe our next victim.
Unless we catch up with her before the shooter does.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Surprise, surprise.
You found a mushroom at a rave.
Uh, wrong kind of mushroom.
Psilocybin, the, uh, fun ones, they grow in meadows and fields, and have dark spores and little gills.
So you can't have any visions or talk to God if you eat that? No, you eat one of these, you'll be talking to Saint Peter.
Agaricus, endemic to the desert region.
So maybe this is where our girls came from.
There's a whole lot of desert here in Nevada.
Maybe this little devil will help us narrow it down a bit.
What is that? Nitrous oxide.
This tank took an incredible journey all the way from this cart carrier back over there.
I'm thinking one of the shooter's bullets punctured the tank, causing the N2O to blow.
And the pressure was so high that the metal deformed outward while the gas escaped.
Witnesses say the tank was breathing fire, but nitrous oxide isn't flammable.
Yeah, but it is a potent oxidizer, providing more oxygen than the atmosphere.
All it needs is a spark.
Raver lights up.
"Smoke on the desert, fire in the sky.
" I was just lighting up, my cigarette, and I heard these two bangs.
You know, loud.
Bang! Pop! Pop! And this fire comes raining down, you know, like a dragon.
And my hand was, like, more baked than me.
Dragon aside, uh, did you see the girl get shot? Oh, yeah.
Poor little flower, yeah.
Was there anyone with the "flower?" Oh, yeah.
John Lennon.
Uh, or Kurt Cobain.
I could only see their aura.
Um, oh, you know, I got some of it on my smartphone.
About five megapixels.
Would that be better? Hi.
CSI Brody.
What happened to your arm? I was dancing, got in the way of a flying tank.
Since when do they let patients treat themselves? Oh, well, I'm a medical intern.
I figured the paramedics were busy enough.
You do seem kind of lucid for this crowd.
Yeah, well, I don't drink, I don't do drugs.
I just came to dance off some stress.
If you were dancing by the tank, then you must have seen the girl get shot.
What about the shooter? Sorry.
When I heard the shots, I hit the dirt.
Tried to get small.
Well, I'm still going to need your information.
Hey, uh, the girl who got shot, is she going to be okay? Jane Doe, number 12-608, a malnourished female between the ages of 16 and 20.
is a single gunshot wound to the torso, perforating the heart.
Victim presents evidence of persistent, chronic trauma.
And abrasions on the wrists consistent with ligature restraints, possibly shackles.
General muscular atrophy and posterior bed sores suggest victim was subjected to imprisonment for an extended period and confined to a bed or other flat surface.
Sexual assault? There's only one reason to keep a girl shackled and on her back.
She was a sex slave.
I can count on my hand the times I've taken comfort in seeing someone on my table.
You know, I'm not sure I buy that whole "they're in a better place" angle.
Given her condition, I am having trouble imagining a worse place.
Sara, this girl has never been to a dentist or a doctor.
She suffered years of neglect.
We've both seen victims like this.
Even if they survive, they're never going to be made whole.
She should have had a chance to try.
Well, witnesses saw her running away from the shooter.
Have you considered the possibility she was running from her captor? Human trafficking's a multi-billion dollar business, and if that's what this is, there may be more girls out there.
We know there's at least one.
If we can find her, maybe this little girl's death won't be for nothing.
How many smartphones did we collect? Fifty-seven, plus a dozen clips from YouTube.
I hate electronic music.
Not today, you don't.
It's the only way I could sync up all these clips so we can watch our crime scene play out as a music video.
Now, most of the phones were turned towards the stage, so no sign of our killer.
Hold on.
Zoom in on the tank.
Can you get a better angle on that pink fur? I have so many angles we might as well be there.
Dancing stress off, my ass.
Kitty was dealing nitrous.
She tell you she was also playing doctor? Amanda.
Didn't recognize you without your ears.
CSI Brody, uh what are you doing here? Can I help you with something? I'm sure you can.
I'm looking to score some nitrous.
I've got rounds.
This is called distribution of a chemical solvent to induce euphoria.
It's a Class D misdemeanor, and at the very least, it's enough to lose your license.
It's a victimless crime, all right? I wasn't hurting anybody.
I'm not here to debate the war on drugs.
You tried to help the dead girl.
What about her friend? What about her? I think you tried to help her, too.
Look, I don't want to lose my career for doing what I took an oath to do.
She was freaked-out, she was scared, so I hid her in my car where I could take care of her injuries.
There were police officers everywhere.
You could've told someone.
I couldn't, all right? I've been around freaked-out people before.
She was she was like an animal.
She wouldn't talk.
She just kept staring at me with these wild eyes.
So why did she trust you? I don't know.
Her friend was dead, and I tried to help her.
I guess she clung on to me because she had nobody else.
Where is she now? No, no.
She's photophobic.
She can't handle the light.
So, what was the plan? You were just going to leave her in the basement forever? I was hoping she'd calm down and I could admit her.
See for yourself.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
It's okay.
She's here to help you.
My name is Morgan.
What's your name? Do you speak English? ¿Habla español? Oh.
It's just my kit.
I'm with the police.
I need to take some samples.
It's just cop stuff.
I tell you what.
How about I do everything to myself first and that way, you can see it doesn't hurt.
See? Not so bad.
Right? Can I see your hands? Tus manos por favor.
Now I need to take some DNA.
Doesn't hurt.
Want to try it? Thank you.
Stay with her.
I'll be right back.
I'm at Desert Palm.
I found her.
Our missing girl.
Russell they cut out her tongue.
Based on my examination, the bulk of her tongue has been removed.
The anterior margin's jagged and irregular.
Not a surgical removal.
What'd they use? If I had to guess, a household tool, pliers maybe.
How recent is the injury? Scarring and healing suggests the removal occurred at least six months ago.
Does it prevent her from speaking? Well, with that kind of damage, I'm afraid she's not going to be doing a lot of talking.
Thanks, Doc.
Why the hell would somebody do something like this? Power.
They wanted to silence her or punish her, maybe both.
She has, uh ligature scarring on her wrists and her ankles, just like the dead girl.
I think they were held together, but she doesn't have any signs of sexual abuse.
She looks to be a couple of years younger than her friend.
Maybe maybe the older one was trying to protect her.
That's consistent with witness testimony at the rave.
Listen, she knows who did this to her, and it's probably the same person who shot her friend.
So what? She can't tell us.
But she still has a voice.
Job interview? No, my friend.
I was in court.
So, Russell said you had some information for me? The mushroom on the dead girl's sandal is Agaricus deserticola.
It's extremely poisonous, found in deserts of the Southwest and Northern Mexico.
That really narrows it down.
Thank you very much.
Fear not, I've left no tongue unturned.
That's a little rough, don't you think? Humor is my way of dealing with the horror.
It's a crass and essential defense mechanism-- otherwise, I couldn't do my job, especially in cases like these.
Okay, uh, getting back to my job.
Yeah, please.
It's time for a little fun fact about fungi.
They're like these little biological sponges.
Whatever's in their environment-- nutrients, toxins, elemental metals-- they absorb it all.
I performed micro-FTIR, and I hit pay dirt on our fungi, confirmed the results on XRF, and found a high concentration of one particular metal.
There's tungsten in them thar hills.
Now, that's found deep underground.
We could be looking for a refinery here.
Or a tungsten mine.
And there's only one in the area of the rave.
So, we're looking for mushrooms.
I got to say, you CSIs have a an interesting job.
Well, you seem to find one of us interesting, that's for sure.
Ah okay.
And how's that working out for you? Let's just say Finn is, uh, different.
Ah, different can be good.
Besides, she's really hot, don't you think? Oh, she's hot.
And cold.
What's with the third degree? Watch your step.
What do you mean, "watch your step"? Mushrooms.
Look at that.
Well, if the shoe fits Good work, Cinderella.
Well, it's the same size and same pattern as our victim's shoe.
Okay, so the rave was due east, right? Yeah.
A couple miles that way.
So, where do you think the girls were coming from? Well, the disturbance in the ground cover tells me the girls ran down the hill.
Come on, let's go.
There's a road right over this hill.
Highway 238.
Smugglers' Alley.
I can't tell you how many busts I made on this road.
You smell that? Mmm, cow pies.
Getting homesick on me? Yeah, I'm getting there.
We got footprints.
They seem to start right here in this hay and sawdust.
Yeah, here we go.
What do you got? That's an R-FID tag.
Radio Frequency Identification used on cattle.
And that looks like the last of the shoe impressions.
So the girls started running from here.
Where does this road come from again? Bullhead City.
Look at these tire impressions.
Looks like a semi.
Could be looking at a cattle hauler.
And I'm thinking a lot more than that.
This road's notorious for drug trafficking, human trafficking, all sorts of trafficking.
You know, what I don't get is, if our girls are really on that truck, why stop and let them off here, right? There's another set of tire impressions here.
That's a passenger vehicle.
Yeah, narrower wheelbase.
Looks like an accident.
Involving a red vehicle.
And the other one was blue.
Pieces of a headlamp here, too.
Okay, so we got skid marks, and the car forced the cattle hauler off the road.
But what do you think, road rage? Yeah.
I mean, if the truck did come to a stop, the girls could have had a chance to get away.
Well, if we can I.
the truck and the driver, we can find our shooter.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
You're safe.
You're in the hospital.
It's okay.
I know it-it seems like a scary place, but it's actually not that bad.
My dad was here recently, and and he ended up okay.
You're going to be okay, too.
I don't know if you can understand me.
I don't know what happened to you or where you've been, but I want to help you.
I know why you can't talk.
But I-I thought maybe you could write down the answers to some of my questions.
Can you try writing your name? What-what about your address? Where-where you live? Your house? Your mother's name or your father's name? What about the girl you were with? Your friend? Can you write her name? Um Well this is my name.
Morgan Brody.
That's me.
This is my address.
In Green Valley, and this is my best friend's name.
David Hodges.
At first, I didn't like him very much.
He was kind of weird.
But, you know, he's actually a really sweet guy.
He's smart and funny.
Our parents are dating, which is so weird.
Way, way too much about me.
Thank you for trusting me.
What is this? The man who killed your friend-- did he do this to you? Hey.
I'm going to find him, and I'm going to make him pay for what he did to you.
I promise.
This is all she gave me.
No name, no address.
Just a drawing.
What do you think? Jail cell? Or barred window? Flowers? Our girl was a prisoner.
Maybe this was her view of the world.
Maybe this is where she was being held.
- Doesn't help us with a location, though.
- No, no.
But we may be getting closer.
I tracked the girls to Highway 238.
There was clear evidence of an accident involving a cattle hauler.
Cattle hauler.
Yeah, yeah.
We found an R-FID tag at the scene.
Two girls, chained, caged.
You know, treated like cattle.
It's not a stretch to think the driver of the hauler is our guy.
Or just a delivery man who was part of something much bigger.
Yeah, but how do we track that down? Okay, well, the truck was coming from Bullhead City.
We found red and blue debris from a big rig in the highway.
It was definitely in a fender bender.
So, Moreno checked with D.
Got a list of all red and blue cattle haulers moving through Bullhead City in the last 24 hours.
Got an I.
on our murder weapon.
41 Ruger Magnum.
Greg printed up a list of registered owners.
What are the odds? Two lists.
Oh, here we go.
"Oliver Ruiz, El Paso, Texas.
" Pulling him up.
Got a name and a face.
Now we just got to find him.
Oh, I bet he's still in the neighborhood.
He only half-finished the job.
Hey, there you are.
Uh, I ran the swab you gave me from the girl, the one without the tongue.
You know who I mean.
You got a hit in Missing Persons? No, not on her, and not on the dead girl, either, but I did get something.
What? A definite familial match.
The girls were related? It's a classic 25:50:25.
I did a linkage ratio.
Sisters? That narrows down our cases quite a bit.
She couldn't even write.
Not her name.
Not anything.
She could only draw.
Tells us they were abducted as small children.
- Never even been to school.
- Our girl is between the age of 15 and 16, which means we're looking for two sisters who were abducted at least ten years ago.
Here's something.
two sisters went missing.
Jacinta Flores and Rosa Flores.
It's hard to tell.
I can tell.
That's our girl.
Father told the police that the mother took off in the middle of the night with the kids and took everything.
Is there any theory as to where they went? Mother does have family in Mexico.
So, mom goes south of the border.
Something happens to her, or-or she just unloads the girls.
And they end up in the sex trade.
Is there contact info for the father? No.
But the investigating officer in Prescott is listed.
Wait a minute.
It looks like the father has kept in touch all these years.
He contacts Prescott PD every couple of weeks to follow up.
I'll call the IO.
All right, keep me posted.
And hey, post that truck driver's photo up all over that hospital, okay? He could show up.
Yeah, yeah, we're on it.
Hodges is working on the R-FID tag as we speak.
Stay tuned.
What's up? Uh, well, my union says that I get two 15-minute breaks and a half-hour lunch.
You give me something, I'll give you something back.
How about a story? Mmm, should I lay down? Mnm, no, you're good.
I'm-I'm eating It's called "Journey of the Mexican Cow.
" Chapter One: "Ow! My ear has just been pierced with an R-FID tag"" Chapter Two: "All aboard!" "Everything you've ever wanted to know "about my so-called bovine life is encoded in my ear, which is then uploaded to a database as I cross the border"" I know what R-FID tags do.
I've just crossed.
" Pshh.
"Now I've reached my final destination.
" Please tell me this story has a final destination.
Yes, because our cattle hauler's shipment, including our burger-on-the-hoof friend here, reached the end of the line at a feedlot in Pahrump.
When? This morning.
Give it to me.
We narrowed down the search area.
We? The truck's last known location was a feedlot in Pahrump.
Listen to me-- I know you wanted to catch the guy, but you did good work today.
You're bringing this girl home to her father.
What do we even tell him? Um well, you know, he's been looking for his children for years.
Yeah, and now one of them's dead, and the other's Wait.
Hold on.
Flores? Hi.
I'm CSI Russell.
This is CSI Brody.
I would have been here sooner, but I was on a job.
HVAC replacement in Havasu.
They told me about Rosa.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Where's Jacinta? She's sedated.
The doctors say she should recover from most of her injuries.
What do you mean, "most of her injuries"? Sir, she's You should know Rosa did everything she could to protect her sister.
Jacinta has been through hell, but it could have been a lot worse.
She's a fighter.
Flores, you need to prepare yourself.
It's been 11 years.
Why? What happened to her? Oh, my God.
Ah, that's so much time.
She's not a child anymore.
She she's a young woman.
Can I see her? Actually, you know what? Why-why don't we, uh why don't we let her sleep for a little while, okay? Let us buy you a cup of coffee.
Come on.
Where'd you find him? I found him sleeping in his cattle hauler at a truck stop.
Take this piece of trash to the box.
I found these in the cab-- .
41 Mag ammo.
Same caliber as the murder weapon.
Where's the gun? Scumbag probably tossed it.
Who is she? I found her hidden in Ruiz's truck.
You're safe now.
That guy's not going to hurt you anymore.
We're collecting evidence that could put him away for a very long time.
But we need your help.
We know what he did to those girls.
And you do, too.
What he did to them, he was going to do to you.
And he's going to do to other girls unless you You're wrong! He's a good man.
He would never hurt anyone, ever! How can you say that? He's my cousin.
Your cousin? He tried to give me a better life.
I-I lived in Juarez, and got caught up with bad people.
Ollie offered to take me north.
I never saw those girls before.
I didn't even know they were in the truck.
Not until the accident.
I felt a jolt.
Then I heard voices arguing.
That's when I saw the girls.
They were running.
They were scared.
It wasn't Ollie's fault.
The other man ran us off the road.
Was the other man chasing the girls? Your cousin told me about the guy who ran you off the road last night.
Forget about all the immigration laws you've broken.
The ammo we found in your truck put a hole through that girl and killed her.
Now, if you don't start talking, you're the one that's going down for it.
It's as simple as that, man.
Oh, yeah, Ollie if I were you, I'd listen to the man.
I was just driving.
This car came out of nowhere forced me off the road.
This guy in a hoodie comes out acting crazy.
Starts telling me, "Where are the girls?" I told him I didn't know what he was talking about.
Then he grabs me.
I got scared.
I reached for the gun underneath my seat.
Before I can do anything with it, he ripped it out of my hand.
He told me he'd kill me if I talked to anyone.
Where did he grab you? Interstate 238.
Just outside No, no, no.
I'm talking about where on your body did he grab you? Henry didn't find any secondary DNA on Ruiz's shirt.
I, however, did find trace amounts of a chemical.
Very unusual, rare Mind if I just Thank you.
A rare refrigerant used in air conditioning.
Primarily older HVAC systems.
Oh, my God.
Is there a problem? Yeah.
The girl's father his business is HVAC systems.
Hey, D.
What's up? What? Where is she? Oh, well, you just missed her.
She was discharged.
Her dad said he was taking her home.
Why the hell would you pull your uni off the door? The girl is the victim of a predator and you just basically sent her right back to him.
Are you done? You are going to be.
What are you going to do? Run to daddy to complain? Is that all you have? No, I got a lot more Hey, Morgan.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
You want to walk me through this? Tell me what happened? I can tell you what happened Hey, stop.
What your CSI is not hearing is that the father is the legal guardian.
And the doctor is the one who released the girl, not me.
And this was at a time when our number one suspect was a cattle hauler, not the dad.
You called the father and actually had him brought here.
And I accept responsibility for that.
Unlike you and the rest of the Hey, hey, you know what? You guys can work this out later.
Right now, we're dealing with a textbook sadist.
If you think he was taking it easy on Jacinta before, can you imagine what he's doing to her right now.
So can we please focus on how to find them? Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Guy's driving a blue Taurus.
Arizona plates.
Got a broadcast out, AMBER alert, and have the PD staked out outside of his house.
Look, he's too smart to go home.
I agree.
This is where he took her.
This is what we have to find.
Yeah, yeah, that's him.
That's the guy who took my gun.
And he's the one who chased after those girls.
He's their old man.
He's been abusing them for years.
He used your gun to kill one of them.
And now he's got the other one.
And she's going to be dead, too, if you don't help me out here.
How can I help? I pulled your truck log.
This is the route you took from Juarez to Pahrump.
Stopped at a weigh station in Fort Mohave.
The next one was Pahrump.
Now, between Mohave and Pahrump, your truck gained 220 pounds.
I thought the scales were off.
It must have been the girls sneaking on.
And did you stop anywhere between Mohave and Pahrump? Yeah, yeah, I stopped to eat in Bullhead City.
The rave was here, off Highway 238.
Tungsten mine is three miles away.
And Bullhead City is here.
Which is where the girls got on the truck.
We know they were traveling on foot.
And they couldn't have gotten more than a couple miles.
So wherever the father was holding them had to be in the area, right? So we're looking around here.
Which is still a needle in a sandbox.
Except we do know what we're looking for.
Jacinta drew it for me.
I just see a whole lot of desert.
Maybe we're looking for a house.
You know, with a garden.
Or a farm.
One that's harvesting wind.
Maybe Jacinta wasn't drawing flowers.
You know this is all your fault? You got your sister killed.
She was a good girl.
She didn't mouth off to me, like you.
But we took care of that, didn't we? Nah, false alarm.
You think someone's going to come for you? It didn't have to be like this.
But you ran away.
Right? Hmm? You're the one who broke up this family! And for what, huh? Look where you are now.
You're back home with me.
I am the only one who ever loved you.
Don't move, or I will turn you to pink mist! On your knees! I smell gasoline.
Drop the lighter.
Drop the lighter! Jacinta! Morgan, stop! Jacinta! Where's the key? Morgan! Search him.
He's got a key.
See if he's got a key on him.
Don't worry.
It's going to be okay.
All right? All right, we're going to get you out of here.
You're going to be fine.
Let's help you up.
Let's go.
We got you.
Relax, huh? All right? Yeah.
Watch your head, okay? Wouldn't want to hurt you.
You know, for a CSI you make a pretty good cop.
Today, I think that honor goes to our friend over there.
No doubt.
Your father told the police that your mother ran off with you and your sister to Mexico.
He lied.
Is your mother dead? She found out what he was doing to Rosa? And you were next? Rosa wasn't going to let that happen.
She was going to get you as far away from him as she could.
Your sister saved your life.
It's over.
You're safe now.