CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e04 Episode Script

It Was a Very Good Year

I didn't know you played, Jim.
I dabble.
That doesn't sound good.
No, it's not.
I got a call, a couple hikers wandered into what may be the piano show from hell.
A little out of the way for a concert.
Shall we? Oh, boy.
Not your usual body dump.
I'm guessing mid-30s, no wallet, no purse.
Early stages of rigor.
Got to be dead at least eight to ten hours.
Blood pool inside the piano.
No accompanying blood on the ground.
She wasn't killed here.
You're awful quiet over there.
I know her.
Alison Bailey.
A music journalist from New York.
She helped me with my Vegas book a couple years ago.
Vegas book? Yeah, about the history of the Mob in Las Vegas.
So, did you know her well? Uh, a couple meetings.
She wrote a couple books herself.
About the music scene in Vegas in the '60s.
So, a piano expert ends up dead in a piano.
Got to be connected.
Whoever killed her wasn't a stranger in the night.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! I hate pianos.
Really? Six years of piano lessons-- my mother's idea.
Best day of my life? My piano teacher backs her car into my mom's new Cadillac.
Never saw Mrs.
Liebowitz again.
Lucky you.
Not so much for Greg, though.
Russell says he knew the victim.
Well, I hope he didn't know her well.
She was cut to ribbons.
Triangular dolly.
Rules out out any, uh, drunk pranks.
"Hey, let's steal the bar piano.
" Whoever did this could have been a professional mover.
At least this one's intact.
Most pianos suffer a worse fate.
I didn't realize pianos had fates.
Generally, a junkyard.
Thousands of moving parts.
Repairs are expensive.
Cheaper to buy a new one.
Yeah, or some digital keyboard.
It's a shame.
Old pianos are a thing of beauty.
Look at the end of the dolly tracks here.
Rectangular impression.
Maybe from a truck tailgate? Piano's dropped here, little push.
Could have been a one-man job.
Something is wedged between the keys.
Edges are jagged and it's opaque.
Maybe some kind of latex? Did you see this? Black trace? Yeah, it's all over the keys.
It's also all over the inside of the piano case.
Let's collect it, get this piano back to the lab.
Whole right side's lit up.
So, the victim was definitely slashed in proximity to the piano.
With extreme force.
Blood says killer had to have sliced her carotid.
Metal plate: "Haggenmiller and Sons.
" Looks like somebody's obliterated the serial number.
Do you know since 1896, all Haggenmiller pianos were manufactured at the same factory in St.
Paul? With the serial number, you can track a piano to the exact date it left the factory floor.
I take it this is not your first body in a piano.
First ones with the limbs intact.
Well, I always knew Seattle was a music town.
I'll see what I can do about bringing that serial number back to life.
If we can find out where the piano came from, maybe we'll find the killer.
I, uh found a hotel key card.
She was, uh, staying at the Palermo.
What was she like? A small-town girl from Iowa.
Huge Sinatra fan.
Come on, Greg.
You guys were doing more than write a book, right? It was a a week of fun.
Why didn't you guys stay in touch? It was just a fling.
For you or for her? If it meant that much to her, I think she would have looked me up.
Can we keep this from Russell? Sure.
I'll process her room.
Little advice, though: I would stay out of autopsy.
is exsanguination due to multiple incised wounds.
But no sexual assault.
Defensive wounds on the fingers and wrist.
She put up a fight.
Any idea what the weapon was? Hilt bruises on the wounds.
Depth and width suggest a box cutter.
Something that a piano mover might carry around with him? I found these inorganics in a couple of the larger wounds.
This looks like the trace that Greg pulled out of the piano keys.
Hodges is already working on it.
So? Hover much? Results? Shouldn't we wait for Russell first? I'll stop the questions if you do.
Trace found in the piano and in the girl's wounds.
Carbon black and polyvinylchloride.
These other fragments that you found in the piano: Hide glue, straight from the horse's fibrous tissues.
You see how these edges line up? I'm thinking that our shards des Monsieur Ed are from one sheet of dried glue.
There are striations on one side.
Looks like a wood grain imprint.
So you're thinking a piano repairman got into it with our victim? Well, who else would be using glue on a piano? That's a brilliant theory, Greg.
There's just one problem.
See, I tested all the glue that held our piano together and it's not a match to any of the fragments that you found.
Oh, and the carbon black and polyvinylchloride-- it's sheet vinyl, commonly used in floor tile covering.
My theory is that you're looking for somebody in construction.
My pleasure.
What's all this? It's evidence from Alison's hotel room at the Palermo? She checked in five days ago.
It's definitely not our primary though.
Place was clean.
Well, was she moving in? She set up a work station.
Lots of books and files.
Think she was researching a new book.
I also found this.
An appointment book.
Last entry was yesterday.
Some kind of number/letter sequence Doesn't look like a VIN number.
I was just about to run it.
I'll take these.
Sin City Secrets by Greg Sanders.
Nice photo.
So I guess you were, uh, a big part of her research? You didn't even know it, huh? Hey, there you are.
Wow, those are a lot of boxes.
Uh, I ran the serial number on the piano.
It was built in 1966, and the original owner was a guy named Ledo Wright.
Wait-- the Ledo Wright? I didn't know there was a "the" involved.
Well, who is he? Only a legend.
That both of us have never heard of.
What is so legendary? How he played the piano.
And how he was murdered.
The Golden Age of Vegas.
The Rat Pack roamed the casinos and the Mob ran 'em.
Now, Ledo Wright was a hotshot young piano player from L.
, playing a week with Sinatra at the Sands.
The story goes: Ledo was hitting on one of Sinatra's dames after the show.
Grazetti was an aspiring thumb-breaker for Sam Giancana.
The new kid in town was also from Hoboken, so, of course, he and Sinatra hit it off.
Grazetti would have done anything to impress Frank.
Grazetti was a real hothead.
no wallflower.
Both up-and-coming stars in their own worlds.
Things went south-- fast.
Ledo Wright's body was never found.
No body, no evidence.
No charges could be filed.
What happened to Grazetti? Disappeared.
Until he popped up in Jersey, 20 years later.
But, by then, Ledo was just a distant memory.
Well, his piano isn't.
It's been going to same repair shop in Los Angeles for years.
Place was scheduled to receive it two days ago.
Moving company's called "Play On Movers.
" The night that Alison died, their truck gassed up five miles from the crime scene.
Who was the driver? Lenny Vanders, it says here.
Former musician.
I guess all he's playing lately is "Jailhouse Rock.
" He did two tours at Ely.
Paroled last year.
Besides the piano-moving gig, he works at a music store called "Back When Music.
" '56 Strat.
Plug you in, bro? Maybe next time.
Are you Lenny Vanders? I go by Moondog.
What can I do you for? Do you know an Alison Bailey? Nope.
The bells do not ring.
Are they ringing now? Did you move this piano? I move a lot of pianos.
Yo, Clapton, we have proof that you moved this piano in your truck.
Dude, look I was supposed to deliver it to L.
for repairs.
The dead girl was definitely not on the shipping manifesto.
So how'd she get in the piano? No clue.
Look, I stopped to get gas.
I checked the piano, went to tighten the straps.
Next thing I know, I got a dead girl staring at me.
And you did the right thing.
You called the cops, right? Look, I panicked.
I dumped it in the desert.
Who owns the piano? I got it up at this old theater.
That wasn't the question.
You know that Witness Protection thing? Can I get in on that? How does that work? Who owns the piano, Moondog? Tommy Grazetti.
Tommy Grazetti.
I thought he was hanging out in Jersey somewhere.
Since when did he come back to Las Vegas? How am I supposed to know? All I know is he runs this Rat Pack show at that theater and he used to kill people for a living.
Yeah, people like Ledo Wright.
If think Greg's onto something.
If Alison was looking into one of Grazetti's old murders Maybe she's a new one.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Copa Room at the Sands! Here they are, straight from the bar-- Dean, Sammy, and the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra! Whoa! Hey, how are you this evening, ladies and gentlemen? Ho-ho! How'd all these people get in my room? I got this one, boys; I got this one.
Without a song The day would never end Without a song The road would never bend When things go wrong A man ain't got a friend Without a song I've got my trouble and woe, but sure as I know That Jordan will roll What a time.
Oh, please.
You weren't even born.
As long as a song is strong in my soul I'll never know ho! What makes the rain to fall Hey, check it out.
There's Ledo Wright.
And look at the date on the poster-- October 23, 1966.
Two days before Ledo was murdered by Tommy Grazetti to get in good with Frank.
Looks like Grazetti's still leading the good life.
There's no love at all, without a song.
Can I help you? Yeah, as a matter of fact.
CSI Russell, CSI Sanders, Vegas Crime Lab.
We'd like to talk to a Tommy Grazetti.
Yeah, he's out of town.
So unless you got a ticket, you got to leave.
How's this for a ticket? Hey, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much.
I don't know what to tell you.
Piano was taken out yesterday.
Guy took it out through the loading dock.
But it was right here, right? More or less.
Do me a favor.
On the way out the door, turn the lights off, will you? Thank you.
I think we found our primary.
Three voids, identical.
What are you thinking, piano legs? This is where Alison was attacked.
Missed a spot.
Blood with a strand of fiber in it.
Maybe trace from our killer? We need some backup.
I'm gonna text Sara.
Oh, look who's here.
You charge extra for the cleaning? Mr.
Grazetti, uh, heard you were out of town.
Heard you wanted to talk.
Yeah, yeah, we do.
You know a lady named Alison Bailey.
Is that right? Don't recognize the name.
How about the face? Oh, yeah-- her.
She's a nutjob.
A few days ago, I'm at the sports book at Caesar's.
I got a fresh cigar, a fresh racing form-- paradise.
She saddles up next to me, asks me questions about the old days.
I gave her the shine.
Yeah, and then you shined the floor with her blood.
Yeah, excuse-- excuse me.
Um, where were you Monday night? At home by myself.
Show's dark on Mondays.
She found out, didn't she? She had proof that you're the one who killed Ledo Wright.
You're out of line, kid.
Yeah? And you're a killer.
All right, you know what? Time time-out.
Can I talk to you for a second, please? And don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back.
What-What are you doing? The guy did it! No, actually, Greg, he's a suspect.
There's blood all over that place! All right, All the more reason to rein it in, so we can nail him.
Rein it in? Oh, I get it.
When it's people that you care about, the rule book goes out the window.
But when it's someone who meant something to me Yeah, I should've told you.
Yeah, you're right, you should have.
And yeah, you're right.
When Katie was taken, I I led with my heart.
I didn't know what to do.
But I was wrong.
It wasn't until I stopped doing that that we were able to find her.
Easier said than done.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Well, I guess this is when you take me off the case.
Off the case, no.
Off the front lines, yeah.
You think that whatever Alison found got her killed, right? So take a deep breath and go out and find it.
For her.
Okay? Hey, I don't go on for another 20.
Sinatra needs his rest.
Show's over, Frank.
No, I don't know why the DMV has this so wrong.
They got you down here as some schmuck named Jeff Lummet.
Someone gonna tell me why I'm here? Oh, my God.
I take it you know her, Jeff? That's Alison Bailey.
I met her a couple years ago.
I helped her with her Sinatra biography.
Oh I'm a, I'm a memorabilia collector.
There were some items that she wanted to see.
Have you seen her more recently than that? Maybe in the little love nest they have under the theater there.
It's not a love nest, all right? It's a listening room.
And it's not mine, it's Tommy's.
So you and Tommy have a little listening room.
Someplace where nobody listens.
You were partying down there, and maybe things got out of hand.
Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute.
Whatever happened to Alison, I had nothing to do about it.
Oh, man.
It is my fault.
I told her where to find Tommy.
At Caesars.
Oh! I warned her.
Told her not to talk to Tommy about his past.
It's a bad idea.
Laying around in blood and fibers at a crime scene-- that is a bad idea.
Where were you Monday night? I was working at the Avalon.
That's a hip-hop club, Jeff.
I mean, they're not Sinatra fans there.
I wasn't singing.
I was spotting.
Note Seek.
That's an app that identifies songs.
Charlie actually just showed me how to use this.
It's really cool.
Note Seek has this database of songs that are catalogued by artist, year and title.
Then you take your app and you digitally listen to a snippet of music And then it tells you exactly what you're listening to.
How cool is that? I thought you were more of a Grateful Dead kind of guy.
No, I am, I am.
This is just research.
Barbara's the Sinatra fan.
This one, we actually learned how to dance to that song at an Arthur Murray studio.
Barbara wanted us to learn how to dance for Maya's wedding.
It was fun, too.
How are you guys doing? We're good.
We're good.
Thank you.
She's still flying up to Seattle every weekend, but Well, that must be really good for Maya and Katie.
Yeah, I hope so.
So, how does Note Seek alibi Lummet? I had to look that one up, actually.
Um the company has these music spotters that they send out to clubs to listen and record new songs and remixes for the database.
And Lummet did say that he was music spotting on Monday night at the club.
And an exec from Note Seek confirmed his story.
Lummet turned in his playlist.
So I guess we no longer have a suspect.
Guess not.
Oh, Lord.
You don't get that with MP3s, do you? What? I have a I have a box cutter in that left-hand drawer.
Can I have it, please? Sure.
Forgive me, Barbara, but it's for a good cause.
Does that look familiar? Vinyl trace Greg found in the piano.
Same as Doc found in the victim's wounds.
Vinyl tracings, box cutters Maybe a record played a part in Alison's death.
You have done a lot of work in here, Greg.
None of this makes any sense.
I thought that Alison was researching Tommy Grazetti's involvement in the Ledo Wright murder, but there is nothing in here about Ledo Wright.
So what was she researching? Well, she was definitely interested in Grazetti, but most of these files are about the Mob moving into drug dealing, or making inroads with the hippie crowd.
Tell me you got something.
I've got Alison's car.
The rental car company turned over the GPS files for the vehicle.
As you can see, most of her trips were right around the Strip, but on the day she was murdered, she takes a ride to an abandoned house in Henderson.
"850 Timber Lane.
" Yeah, does that mean something? Here it is.
October 26, 1966.
Tommy Grazetti walks into 850 Timber Lane.
What is this, FBI surveillance? No.
That's Sam Braun surveillance.
Braun had a P.
tailing Grazetti.
Well, why would Sam be following him? The house was owned by a Linda Overton.
She was a trust-fund kid turned violent radical.
Robbed Braun's Rampart Casino in '66, killed two guards.
Died of cancer in '95.
The cops never found any of her co-conspirators.
Maybe Alison did.
Tommy Grazetti.
Yeah, this whole time I have been thinking that the Ledo Wright murder got Alison killed.
Maybe Tommy Grazetti was helping radicals rob a casino.
I've been looking at the wrong '60s.
You should've stayed in Jersey, Tommy.
But I guess everyone's past has a way of catching up to all of us, huh? I don't even know what I'm looking at.
You're looking at a crook.
And a murderer.
Sam Braun knew it.
That's why he had his P.
take that photo of you paying Linda Overton a little visit.
Take a look at the date stamp, there.
October 26, 1966.
That's three days before the Rampart casino was robbed and two guards were killed.
I had nothing to do with it.
Just like you had nothing to do with Alison Bailey's murder.
Now, forget about the piano player-- Ledo Wright.
It was easy to make him disappear.
But this ooh.
Well, that's a different story, isn't it? I think that you hightailed it out of Vegas in '66 because you stole from Sam Braun and killed two of his boys.
Alison dug up the truth, and you killed her for it.
I was also the guy on the grassy knoll.
Did you find that in her research? No, but I can tell you what I think I'm gonna find.
The name of a co-conspirator who was in on the heist with you and Overton.
You like the word "allegedly"? It's a favorite of mine.
Now, you just told me a little story about Vegas in '66.
I'll tell you one.
In '66, we're running the casinos.
Skimming, loan-sharking you know, allegedly.
Life is good.
And then Howard Hughes buys the Sands.
Makes it all legit.
Not even Sinatra could get comp'd.
Yeah, sure, we still hit the Sands every day.
But not like players, kings-- no.
All we could do was play the nickel slots like a bunch of old ladies.
We had to come up with a different revenue source-- drugs.
You're telling me you're a drug dealer, not a murderer.
I'm not telling you anything.
Except for Linda Overton was one hot hippie piece of ass.
Do you play weddings, too? I'm not playing, dawg.
I'm cleaning.
What are you talking about? Well, as much as it pains me to admit, I was wrong about the glue that he found in the piano.
I think our killer used it to clean a record.
Wouldn't that mess the record up? Not if you follow this simple recipe: You take one LP album, add four ounces of store-bought hide glue.
Spread evenly across the vinyl.
In time, dust and particles affix to the glue.
After the glue dries, you take a handy box cutter, and use it to pry the glue off of the record.
And voilà, a perfectly clean record.
You also got a perfect negative of the record's grooves, just like these.
We got the grooves, why don't we just play the damn thing? "Name That Tune," name that killer.
I was able to assemble and reconstruct four separate audio segments from the glue.
This is what I got.
Track One.
Live album, maybe? Track Two.
Jazz, maybe? There were vocals, too.
Track Three.
I got the most out of this track.
That's all I got.
I mean, if it were a Radiohead song, I could help you, but No, wait a minute, wait a minute, I let me use my app here.
God, I love this thing.
Play it again, Sara.
Ah! Sinatra at the Sands.
Classic album.
Seems whenever this case takes a turn, it's always back to 1966.
Taking a music break? Listen to this.
Yeah, sure, we still hit the Sands every day.
But not like players, kings-- no.
Grazetti's interrogation? Yeah.
I've been listening to it for the last couple hours.
The guy's lying.
You didn't expect him to admit to killing Alison.
No, I'm not talking about Alison.
I'm talking about the Sands in '66.
Grazetti said that he was "hanging with the boys" in the casino.
That's impossible.
Why? The Vegas Black Book.
It's a list of all the people banned by the Gaming Commission.
In 1965, Tommy Grazetti was busted for counting cards.
He was banned from the Sands after that.
So there's no way he was hanging with the boys in the casino.
But why would he lie about that? Maybe he forgot.
Trust me, guys like Grazetti don't forget about their Vegas glory days.
In fact, they spend more time living in the past than in the present.
Kind of sounds like you're talking about yourself more than Grazetti.
What's that supposed to mean? Greg your passion for Vegas history is awesome.
It makes you a better CSI, right? And I'm the last person who should be giving relationship advice, but I mean, look at you, you're you're a hot guy; you're smart, you're funny, you're a total catch.
What I'm saying is with Alison, with your obsession with the past, maybe you should stop looking back, you know? Try moving forward.
You're right.
You are the last person who should be giving relationship advice.
All I'm saying is, with my parents' divorce, I couldn't get past it; I-I thought of my father as this one guy, and I came to realize he was a completely different person.
You know, maybe Wait.
What you just said.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I think you're gonna be a little late for that show.
Yeah, well, not for Ledo Wright's thumbprint.
You're kidding me.
A 46-year-old print? You're gonna make the Journal of Forensic Science.
I'm gonna make more than that, bubby.
Look at that photo of Ledo Wright.
See the ring on his finger? Yeah.
Ledo always wore an Irish Claddagh ring.
Now, I blew up this photo of Tommy Grazetti in front of Linda Overton's house.
What's on his hand? An Irish Claddagh ring.
What is Grazetti doing with an Irish ring? He's Italian as pasta.
Because it's the same guy.
So maybe it's the other way around-- maybe Ledo Wright killed Grazetti.
And assumed his identity.
It's a good story.
One I am going to prove.
Now, Nick already got Grazetti's print when he brought him in, and now we have Ledo Wright's print from the poster.
Hey, that's great work, Greg.
For 46 years, Ledo's been hiding.
Alison found him, and that got her killed.
The guy putting on the fake Rat Pack show is the biggest fake of 'em all.
That's a Ledo Wright flourish if I ever heard one.
Same build, same looks, a few nips and tucks.
But you couldn't change your fingerprints.
It all made sense.
The legend.
"Gangster kills piano player.
" But Alison discovered the truth.
I didn't kill Allison.
I didn't kill anyone.
Not wanting to kill is how this whole damn thing got started.
a very good year for an up-and-coming piano player, but a very bad year if you drew the wrong number in the draft.
I thought my only choice was to go to Canada.
And then fate stepped in.
It was just another night in paradise, hanging out with the boys.
Yeah, Tommy and I, we had our differences, but we made up.
We always told Tommy, "Swallow first, then flap your gums.
" It all happened so fast.
Tommy, get up, man.
What are you doing? We tried to revive Tommy, but it was no use.
He was gone.
And I was supposed to report for basic training in two days.
And the boys, they come up with this crazy idea.
And the more I thought about it, the less crazy it got.
Tommy was the same height, same build.
I dyed my hair, made a few adjustments.
Why'd you come back to town? Vegas.
At least the Vegas I remember.
Frank and the boys, the songs the attitude.
Man, it was magic.
And now I get to bring that back to life every night right here.
Ledo Wright's story checked out.
He put me onto a 1966 John Doe.
: asphyxiation due to chicken bone.
And you believe this guy? Well, I believe Ledo Wright isn't a killer.
Well, hell, somebody cut up that girl and put her in the piano.
Hey, guys, I've been doing some research on our album, Sinatra at the Sands.
Turns out it is a very rare pressing.
Go on.
Every vinyl record is imprinted with a stamped I.
on the lead-out groove.
And that I.
can be used to trace it to the manufacturer or the label.
You remember the number sequence that we found in Alison's appointment book? It's the same number.
It says here they only pressed a thousand copies.
And only one store in town sells it.
What's up, Moondog? Came back for the Strat? Sweet.
Actually, I'm looking for a record.
A very rare pressing of Sinatra at the Sands.
I know.
You move a lot of records.
You got that right, dude.
But I did move that, couple days ago.
I got it right here.
"Jeff Lummet.
" Jeff Lummet? The Sinatra impersonator.
That's the guy.
He said it was a gift for-- his words-- "a hot dame.
" What a tool.
And you would know.
So what? I bought a Sinatra record.
A guy like you's got every Sinatra record ever made.
No, no, no, not this one.
This is 180-gram vinyl.
It's like he's whispering in your ear.
Must be great to impress a girl.
Yeah, Moondog already told us that you gave it to "a hot dame.
" You want to tell us where you really were Monday night? I already told you.
That's right.
You were recording some songs using Note Seek? They gave us a copy, I think, of the playlist.
And the D.
gave us his playlist from Monday night, so, let's play the music and dance.
Does not compute.
"Unknown song.
" How about that? Ah.
That one single song the DJ played is in Note Seek's database.
You weren't there, Jeff.
I mean, why would a beautiful, smart girl like Alison go out with a guy like you? You're a two-bit impersonator, working a nostalgia act worse than a cruise ship.
Hey, I beat out hundreds of Broadway stars to be Frank.
You want to know how?! I'm dying to know.
He thinks he's as good as Frank Sinatra.
As good.
As good.
You know, chicks hear me, and I feel sorry for them.
Their seats puddle when they hear what Jeff Lummet's got.
You're an impersonator.
You're Jeff Lummet.
You're not Francis Albert Sinatra.
You're not even in the same area code.
Let's get back to the girl.
So, you say you met her a couple years ago, and you were helping her with the book, right? I had my hands full with a redhead at the time.
I must have broken her heart.
So, what, she forgets about you, and she doesn't call you when she comes to town? Is that it? She called me plenty.
She needed help finding one of Frank's records.
Sinatra at the Sands, and you're the go-to guy on all things Frank, right? I told her to meet me backstage after the show.
Yeah? To give her the record.
Get it all nice and cleaned up.
And she says it's not even for.
It's a surprise gift for some guy named Greg.
Turns out she hooked up with him a couple years ago, still has feelings for him.
Or some I mean, what the what the hell, right? The Chairman of the Board got played.
The guy who's better than Frank, right? You're damn right.
I did her a favor, and she spits in my face.
She spits in my face! Yeah.
Did she not know how things are done? How we do things here? Right.
How are things done Frank? They're done my way.
Well, it's a surprise just for you.
It's not for me.
It's for my friend Greg.
What? What? How's this sound? Huh? How's this sound?! You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
About earlier, I'm sorry for what I said No.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
I The last night we spent together, I told Alison that I'd meet her in New York.
Even though I knew it would never happen.
Why not? Why spoil a perfect memory? She wanted to see you.
That's something to hold on to.
Just bought this.
You know what Sinatra always said? "That's life"? No.
"The best is yet to come.