CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e07 Episode Script

Fallen Angels

There's a promise made in the Book of Daniel.
"Those who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake "some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt.
" When you are woken, among whom will you be counted? Before you lie down in darkness, what deeds will you do in the light, so that you might rest in serenity, in confidence, without malice or owed vengeance? Take heed, take heed, children, while you're still among the living.
If one night, the dead shall awake shall awake, shall awake How, how, how will they look upon you? Well, that's beautiful.
Don't let the wings fool you.
Hanging around in this neighborhood, she's no angel.
Yeah, I heard it was pretty tough around here-- gangs, lots of drugs.
Three square miles of felony.
Even the graveyard sees its share.
So, widow comes to visit her beloved over there, stumbles over the more recently departed.
Hey, David.
Died around midnight.
And he has a single GSW to the head.
Holy man.
Ah, this is the Reverend Rick Renken.
He preaches at a church down the street.
So, what do you think? Kneeling, paying his respects, maybe even, uh, brings that plant there as an offering? No, that's from me.
I put it there last week.
It's Warrick.
He used to be a CSI.
So, you think he was a friend of the reverend's? Maybe.
He grew up a couple of blocks from here.
I mean, he knew everybody in the neighborhood.
Ah, it's a shame he's not here to help us out.
Let him rest in peace.
We'll find the guy who did this.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Nine millimeter.
But it's been here awhile-- it's all corroded.
Found this .
38-- just as rusty.
They're obviously not from this particular shooting.
So, what do you think? All the guns in this neighborhood, maybe the reverend just caught a stray.
Well, it's possible-- there was no stippling or sooting around the GSW, so he was shot from at least a few feet away.
So, he's kneeling, he gets shot from behind and the right, which means I'll check it out.
So chapter and verse on the Reverend Rick.
He was single, lived alone.
A co-worker said he finished his sermon around 10:00 p.
last night.
So, maybe he took a shortcut, stopped to spend some time with Warrick.
Shortcut to the Holy Land.
Hey, Nicky, Nicky, hold up.
You okay? It's all hitting a little close to home for me, you know? Yeah, I don't know, to be honest, I haven't been back here since the funeral.
Four and half years like that.
Yeah, I know.
You know, but I miss him, though.
I think about him, you know? Especially on fight weekends when the Strip is all electric.
I mean, there's no way that he's missing this action.
Yeah, you're right about that.
So, what would Warrick's move be? Do you know who Aaron Voss is? "Ghetto Gotti"? Drugs, fear, extortion-- that's his game.
Nothing goes down in this neighborhood without being a blip on his radar.
That's true.
Let's go hit him up.
Man usually charges for dishing out his hard-earned wisdom.
Now, you got plenty of revenue streams in that neighborhood.
It's time for a little charity, a little give-back, huh? What do you know about the reverend's shooting? Out of the loop on that one.
A week ago, you almost took a bullet, not 50 yards from that graveyard.
So maybe the same bad shooter came back put a round in the rev, but maybe it was mistaken identity.
Shooter'll have to be blind to mistake me for a holy man.
No one's mistaking you for a good guy.
But the stuff you've been getting away with in that neighborhood, it's gonna catch up to you soon enough.
This is about Warrick Brown, isn't it, why you're so interested? Little blood on your buddy's grave got you riled up.
You know, Warrick and I went way back.
He despised you.
He said that you were everything that was wrong with that neighborhood, everything that he wanted to change.
And what did he change? You know, guys like Warrick and the reverend, they talk a good game, but who's actually keeping things together in the hood? That's me.
I'm losing money.
You're free to go-- I'm not charging you with anything.
Say a prayer to St.
Warrick for me.
Shh! Mommy's sleeping.
She doesn't like to get woke up.
Eli? Yeah? I'm Nick.
I worked with, uh Well, your dad, he was one of my best friends.
My daddy had friends? Oh, yeah, lots of them.
Man, you're getting big-- I haven't seen you - since you were a little baby.
- Eli! Come play inside, baby.
What are you doing here, Nick? I don't know if you heard or not, but there was a body found on Warrick's grave.
I told you back then, I didn't want you here.
If you ever come near my son, I will call the police.
White powder you found on the man of the cloth's cloth? Our good old friend Oxy.
Prescription pain killer.
The only reason to crush it into a powder is to use it recreationally.
Holy Man might have had a habit.
Well, Tox had him clean and sober.
So, the fact that it's on the seat of his pants, could've sat in it while counseling some troubled member of his flock? Hazards of an enlightened man working among degenerates.
Been there.
Well, why don't you enlighten me on the trace from the shoe soles? Indigo dye and calcium carbonate.
Blue chalk hmm.
Where'd you find that? Uh, soles of the reverend's shoes.
Yeah, I think I know what this is.
I stopped by Tina's house today.
Eli had covered the stoop with a big blue sky.
Reverend must have been there.
Difficult to avoid stepping through the chalk.
Well, wherever he picked up the chalk is probably the same place he picked up the crushed drugs.
The last place he was alive may have been Tina's house.
I said I don't know anything about this.
Back off.
Well, the officer can explain everything outside, Tina, but we have to come in.
Remember Warrick's funeral, when you and Nick Stokes were crying over him, fawning over Eli.
And then you walked right past me, you didn't say a single word.
That was a tough time.
- Yeah.
- Ms.
Brewster, we really need you to step outside with the officer.
You know, it's not gonna happen.
Mom, I want to play outside.
Eli This would have made Warrick sick.
Yeah, what a mess.
Warrick's grandmother raised him in this house.
He bought the property.
Let Tina live in it after they split up two years into their marriage.
Warrick was okay with his kid living in this part of town? You know, I don't know-- he was trying to get custody of Eli when he was murdered.
I remember when he bought this thing.
It cost him two weeks' salary.
I thought he was nuts.
He was so proud of this.
Where did Warrick meet this woman? She was different then.
She was a nurse.
Really? Quit when she got his death benefits? That's the rumor.
Before I went away, I'd stop by, brought some food.
House was always dark.
Eli would be crying.
She never answered the door.
Well, these aren't her jeans.
She's got a man in her life.
I've got some trace-- could be oxycodone within reach of a child.
That's not good.
No name on the pill bottle, but there is ant.
A little boy should not be living here.
Lab got a hit on the print on the pill bottle.
It's a local.
His name is Cliff Paul.
Ag-assault, domestic battery.
He's still on parole.
She's trying to keep you guys out of her house.
CSIs just show up at my house.
Brewster-- Tina-- we know that the reverend was here last night.
So what happened? I don't have to explain myself to you.
Then how about explaining Cliff Paul? Okay, we know he was here, too.
We found his oxy and his weed.
Detectives are picking him up right now, so maybe you'd like tell your side of the story first.
No? Okay.
So maybe Cliff is the reason that the reverend stopped by.
Maybe he wanted to talk to you about having a felon in your house? You think I haven't heard what you all did, huh? Excuse me? McKeen the man you let murder my husband? How you CSIs let him kill other people.
You stand here trashing my life.
Maybe Ms.
Brewster, this woman here is from Child Protective Services.
She's gonna have to take Eli.
What?! Your home is not fit for a child.
Oh, wait, no! Eli! Eli! Come with me, Eli.
Ma'am ma'am! No, no! No! Mommy! Ma'am! Come over here! No! No! No! Baby, here.
I'll hold you.
You gotta stay back! Mom! Baby! Hold on! Mommy! No! Mommy! Eli! Mommy! Cliff Paul, Las Vegas Police.
All clear.
Found him.
David still down there with the body? Yeah.
Liver temp suggests he died around 2:00 a.
, which is a couple of hours after the reverend was murdered.
Reminds me of those dance instruction floor mats, you know-- "learn to tango.
" Can I lead? Please do.
All the treads match Cliff Paul's shoes.
So he's getting his drink on, goes to answer the door, opens it, and he stumbles back and drops the bottle.
Steps back through the beer.
And then a dash to the window.
Goes right through.
Two-story drop, he might have thought that he could make it.
But why would he choose flight when he was armed to fight? Found it stuffed between the couch cushions.
It's a .
45 auto.
That's interesting.
Doc said the round he pulled from the reverend was a .
Both of Tina's visitors dead in one night? Could be the piece that connects them.
Reverend shows up to Tina's house, right? Cliff's already there, probably not all that thrilled that the preacher butts in.
Reverend leaves, goes to the cemetery, maybe for guidance from Warrick? Cliff follows the reverend to the cemetery, shoots him, comes back here, tucks the gun into the sofa.
Somebody shows up at the door, somehow drives him out through the window.
It's kind of spooky, don't you think? What? Kill a holy man in a cemetery, something follows you back home, something that doesn't leave any shoe prints and scares you so thoroughly that you jump out the window? Eh I'm just saying.
I don't think it takes supernatural ability to avoid stepping in beer.
Did you lose a flashlight? Sorry? Looks like one of ours.
Definitely not been used in the appropriate manner.
The blood is black; it's not tacky.
It's older than last night.
Gravitational drops just as old.
Maybe there was a round one before last night's fatal round two.
DNA pegs the flashlight blood as Cliff Paul's.
The blood on the apartment floor is from a different, unknown contributor.
Well, whoever hit Cliff with that must have gotten a blow in return.
And there it is.
Printing the battery-- bright idea.
Let's see who clocked Cliff.
Victim appears to have suffered a fatal cervical spinal fracture.
between the C3 and C4.
No trauma on his back to indicate he was pushed or kicked through the window.
When David washed the blood from his face, he noticed a peripheral wound on the forehead, a few days old, judging by the scab.
Blunt, round-edged instrument.
You know something, that could've come from the bloody flashlight we found at the scene, which belonged, by the way, to your friend Warrick Brown.
You're kidding.
Our, uh, victim here was spending time with Warrick's widow.
She probably kept Warrick's flashlight, got into a fight with this guy, maybe pulled it out of her purse and whacked him with it.
He hardly seems a worthy successor to my friend Warrick, in Tina's life or anywhere else.
You know, this is a little bit weird.
We've been assuming that Cliff here killed the reverend, but if he did, then why'd the reverend write him a check for a thousand bucks? What do you have? Internet history from Cliff Paul's computer.
I'm trying to establish a timeline on him.
You know, Cliff didn't really strike me as the computer type.
No, just the "lots and lots of free porn" type.
Hidden cameras, hot school girls, daddy/daughter.
Ironically, it cleanses him.
He was active on line from 11:00 p.
until 1:55 a.
Home at the time of the reverend's death.
Yeah, but the murder weapon was found at Cliff's place.
Ballistics confirmed it, so whoever killed the reverend had to have gone to Cliff's afterwards.
Used the gun to drive Cliff out the window and then planted it.
But why would somebody go after the reverend and Cliff on the very same night? A minister and a sinner.
There might be more of a connection than we thought.
Russell's going through both of the men's finances.
So far, the reverend's bank accounts are suspiciously fruitful and multiplying.
That's pretty cool, huh? I like chalk better.
Yeah, hey, Eli.
I want to ask you about somebody.
Do you know this man, Cliff? He comes over to your house sometimes.
All the time.
I don't like him.
No? Why's that? He yells; he's scary.
He makes my mom get sad.
That's when I hide under my bed.
Right this way, Miss Brewster.
Let me show you something else this can do here.
Chalk can't do that, huh? Last night, Mom promised me he won't come over anymore.
Boy, you look just like your daddy.
You know that? My daddy was handsome, huh? Yeah, he was.
He sure was.
See the problem here in Vegas is spare cash is quicker to the crap table than the collection plate.
So the reverend needed an angle.
Ripping off real estate probably seemed like a good idea to him.
Yeah, we checked his finances, discovered the scam he pulled, getting you to sign your house over to the church.
You're not the only one he did this to.
How'd he get you to sign? He get Cliff Paul to make you sign on the dotted line? Because as soon as the deal was done, that day, the reverend broke off Cliff Paul a grand.
That house is mine.
Except you gave it away, Tina.
The bank told us you called them last week.
You were cussing them out.
You were trying to get them to change the deed back, but the deed was already done.
That's why Reverend Rick came over last night.
I told him that I was gonna let everybody in the church know what he'd done.
And he said that everything was gonna be okay for me.
Well, an hour later, someone made everything not okay for him.
We know that you had a violent fight with Cliff Paul, and you drew some blood.
They kicked down my door.
Tina You steal my son, and now you're accusing me of murder? We're just trying to figure this out, okay? Well, let's start with I've never seen this flashlight.
It was in Warrick's CSI kit.
It would've been in your possession.
After the job killed him, I gave all of Warrick's CSI junk away.
Well, who'd you give it to? Some kid from the neighborhood that Warrick would help out.
Well, is he still in the neighborhood? Yeah.
Where can we find him? LVPD.
Take your hood off, so I can see you.
I thought you released this crime scene.
We did.
Are you James Newman? I heard you were a friend of Warrick Brown's.
Did he teach you about crime scenes? Warrick taught me everything.
Looked out for me.
I saw you near Tina's place earlier.
She says she sees you there a lot.
What are you doing over there? They need someone to look out for them.
What do you know about Reverend Rick and Cliff Paul? Warrick would've wanted them gone.
You need to send an officer out here! Tina Brewster's house! There's a guy in there with her and her son, Cliff Paul! And I can hear him yelling! Hurry! We pulled the LVPD's phone logs.
You made four calls last week, but the police never did respond? So you took drastic action on your own.
You went to Cliff's house, and duked it out with him.
And we found blood, your DNA, on his floor.
That was three days ago.
Stay away from Tina and Eli.
And if I don't, big man? He hit me, I defended myself.
That was all I did! My nephew is not a criminal.
How long has James lived with you? Since my sister died, seven years ago.
Single mother, he didn't have anyone else.
Have you ever known him to be violent? Never! And the reverend? James volunteers at the church; he works closely with Reverend Rick.
Why would anyone think he would want to hurt a good man like that? The reverend may have had some indiscretions that James was privy to.
Newman, is there something that you? James's mother her mind wasn't right.
"Vivid imagination," we called it at first.
Only, the things she was seeing and hearing, it wasn't imaginary to her.
Then it was too much.
She killed herself.
James has always been a great kid.
Straight A's.
Same way his mother was.
Until Until she changed.
Your aunt let us into your room where we found some of your notes here.
22 caliber smaller gun, $100, .
45 caliber, $150.
Guy on the corner of Washington and D has other pieces.
" And you went with a .
I didn't buy a gun.
I wanted one, just to scare these guys away from Tina and Eli.
The guy on the corner, he wouldn't even sell it to me.
The guy on the corner, what's he, a gun-control advocate? 'Cause you bought a gun, shot the reverend, then you went to Cliff's.
I wanted them dead! Warrick would've wanted them dead.
The way those two treated his family? I kept thinking about it.
But I didn't do it! So, what, you just wished it out there in the universe, and behold, two people end up dead? Yes.
It's happened to me before.
And what do you mean by that? Ben Drayton.
Guy down my street, year older than me.
Used to knock me around, take my stuff.
One day, around a year ago, maybe, I had these new sneakers.
After school, Ben Drayton jumped me.
and ripped them off my feet.
I walked home in my socks.
The next morning, I opened my front door and my sneakers were right there.
Nobody I know has ever seen Ben Drayton again.
Warrick always said he'd look out for me.
And even though he's gone, I still think he's somehow watching over me and his family.
They were up on a shelf in James's room, sitting there like trophies.
Well, I guess if your mystical guardian angel returns them, you're not just gonna wear them around, right? Mm-mm.
Check this out.
"Bully Ben" was reported missing by his family a year ago.
That's consistent with James's story.
He's working a night shift at a burger joint, never came home.
cops just figured it was a runaway.
Well, I don't think it was that simple.
Look at this.
Blood spatter.
Not talking a nosebleed or a fistfight.
Okay, there is a DNA sample of Ben Drayton's in the missing persons database.
Let's get a comparison.
Surveillance footage from Ben Drayton's final shift at the burger joint.
He's the last guy there, so he's closing up.
Look at that.
He's wearing the shoes he took from James.
Now a shadowy someone catches his attention.
Is that it? Gone.
Sara, they're telling me that I might not get Eli back for months.
You need to help me.
Tell them you know me.
Yeah, I'm sorry, Tina.
Really, I am, but there's nothing I can do.
Oh, so this is how this works? CSIs just show up, and if I don't let them into my house, then my life just gets ripped away from me?! You didn't let us in four years ago.
We wanted to be there for you, and then none of this I have to go back to work now.
If I would've let you in, I I wouldn't be alive.
After Warrick died, Eli was the only thing that kept me from ending things.
I told myself that he needed me.
He was the reason to to get up, to go through the motions, and if I would've let you all in Eli wouldn't have needed me, and I wasn't gonna let that happen.
Eli's always going to need you.
And he'll be back, Tina.
But you need to find your way back first.
The journey of the wandering gym shoes continues.
We analyzed trace on the soles-- think we've figured where they may have taken their last steps.
Trace of rust and auto paint chips in oil-saturated soil.
Auto junkyard, no? Why would Ben Drayton have gone there? I can think of more reasons why someone would've taken him there.
Junkyard's a secluded place.
Late at night.
Found a junkyard a mile away from Ben's burger joint.
I realize it's a year-old crime scene, so fat chance of evidence, but He may still be there.
Lots of land.
Crammed with wreckage.
Why take the body anywhere else? All right, thanks.
You know, even if there is a body out here, half a million pounds of steel could be on top of it.
What is that? It is a ten-dollar long shot.
I noticed on the surveillance video that Ben Drayton had a "find-my-key" fob on his keychain.
You know, lose your keys, click this button, keychain beeps, find your keys.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, it's worth a shot.
Well short of clearing the yard and bringing in ground-penetrating radar, there's nothing to indicate a burial.
There's no signs of a soil disturbance anywhere.
Yeah, no slabs of suspiciously-poured concrete.
No bones unearthed by helpful dogs.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What? Hit that thing again.
Yeah, that's Ben Drayton.
Died with his boots off.
All right, let's get him out here, boys.
Jimmy, grab the head.
Okay, on three.
One, two, three.
Bullet's in there.
I'll tell Doc.
Killer could've pulled this trunk liner from any one of these wrecks.
Bundled the body to contain the blood before digging the grave.
That's not all he bundled.
Take a look at this hair.
Near the victim's feet.
Could be from the assailant.
James Newman thinks that the universe is granting him wishes.
Let's hope that he kept it to three.
Russell? Yeah.
Uh, the hair that was buried with the bully? I ran the DNA profile against James Newman.
It's not his hair, but it is a new lead.
Hair shares alleles with James, so the killer has to be a male relative of his-- father, brother, son.
James is an only child.
No kids of his own.
Dad in the picture? Certainly is now.
You, uh, balancing your checkbook? No, I'm just following the money-- not mine, by the way.
I spoke with James's aunt.
She said that nobody knows who James' father is-- Mom would never say-- but I figured, if the guy's killing to protect his son, maybe he'd help out in other ways.
Aunt Jo said that the only financial help that she's gotten has been checks from the mother's life insurance.
But she killed herself, so there should be no payment.
Exactly why I asked her for the info off of the most recent check she received.
I was just entering it now.
The checks came from a private account opened by Warrick Brown.
Warrick opened the account ten years ago.
And it has a balance of $50,000.
Warrick actually have that much extra cash? I wouldn't have thought so, but even weirder-- the deposits kept getting made into the account after Warrick's death.
Banking from beyond.
Aaron Voss has been shot.
That's the kingpin from Warrick's neighborhood.
Well, we know the killer is all about protecting James, you know, making the world safe for him.
If Aaron Voss was making that neighborhood a dangerous place Guardian Angel is going to make it dangerous for Aaron Voss.
Kingpin Voss's vehicle? Just got back from the scene.
Witnesses said a silver Escalade just pulled up and popped him.
Rushed to Desert Palm, stable.
Same witnesses gave us a partial plate on the shooter's vehicle.
Willing to help when it's the boss who's been shot.
Patrol is hunting down the Escalade right now.
Russell yeah, I tracked money wires into the Warrick account that was helping to support James Newman.
Funds came from a Nevada corp.
XL Industries.
They own a number of properties around Vegas-- commercial buildings, apartments, and the junkyard where Ben Drayton's body was buried.
So whoever's behind XL Industries killed and buried Ben Drayton on his property, and has been giving money to support James.
Who is it? Oh, hold on a sec.
Yeah, Finn.
Officers caught up with Voss's shooter.
They just brought him in.
And? Definitely not our Guardian Angel.
He's a 19-year-old banger from another hood who was, uh, making a power grab.
Sounds like the same guy who took a shot at Voss last week.
We still got our killer out there.
Thank you.
Russell there's only one name associated with XL Industries.
I'll get Henry to run DNA, confirm paternity.
Voss was shot in the front seat, not the, um, trunk.
Car is evidence for whatever case we want.
This is a trunk liner that was wrapped around Ben Drayton's body.
Very d-distinct wear patterns.
Aaron Voss killed and dumped Ben Drayton.
Wouldn't be the first time a father got hands-on with his son's bully.
Voss is James' father? Yeah, how about that, huh? Did you find any trace on the passenger side? Uh, no, I was still working on the driver's side.
'Cause the reverend still had the chalk on his shoe from Tina's house.
Hadn't walked it off yet, which means he had to have gotten a ride to the cemetery.
The car was freshly vacuumed.
Well, look at that.
Mark of the reverend.
Hard to believe that just fell out of his pocket into that crevice.
More likely, the reverend knew that when the local crime boss gets you in his car you may not be seen again.
Probably just stuffed the handkerchief in the cushion here as a Hail Mary bread crumb to get Voss busted.
For making him kneel one last time.
Why Warrick's grave? Maybe as a warning to anyone else who might want to mess with Tina.
Stay away from Warrick Brown's family.
Warning came too late for Cliff Paul.
No, no-no Homie, I am titanium.
Lead can't scratch me.
Car wash, cocktail, I'm straight.
Yeah, we'll talk how to handle that.
All's forgiven and forgotten, Officer.
No need to waste community resources.
Well, that's very generous of you.
So willing to look past the misdeeds of others, even after you take a bullet.
Actually, I want to talk to you about your misdeeds.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We know that you're James's father.
DNA proved that.
We also know that you've been providing for him, financially, in Warrick Brown's name.
You remember Warrick, right? The guy who was the real man in your son's life, not just some scumbag crook.
Warrick wanted to play the hero, so I let him on my dollar.
So what? So what is that's not the only way you've been providing for your son.
You keep your eyes on him, you know when he's getting into trouble, like when the bully gave him that hard time.
You remember that? Or when James was trying to buy a gun from one of your corner guys to protect Warrick's family-- now, you saw that go down and you decided, "Well, I'm gonna take care of that myself so my son doesn't have to.
" Bottom line-- you killed three people.
I got to be honest with you that doesn't sound like me.
No? Looking out for a kid protecting him so he can grow up, get out, become something.
Why would a scumbag crook like Aaron Voss do something like that? Aaron Voss, you're under arrest for the murders of Ben Drayton, Rick Renken, and Cliff Paul.
You have the right to remain silent Tell you the truth, man I always liked believing Warrick was my dad.
Really? Yeah.
Being the son of a guy like Aaron Voss-- I don't know what to do with that.
No, you don't have to do anything with it.
I mean, Voss doesn't have to mean anything to you.
It's not like he ever offered himself as a father.
Besides, you don't really need his kind of looking out for you, anyway.
You know what I mean? So, is he going away? Yeah, he is.
And by playing guardian angel to you, he may have just saved that whole neighborhood.
Yeah, from him.
Warrick would be happy.
Yeah, I think so.
You know, I still hear him talking to me sometimes, you know, when things are going wrong and I know it sounds crazy.
No, it doesn't sound crazy; not to me.
Warrick walks beside me every day.
He's the source of a lot of my strength.
He's a good friend to have, man.
Don't ever let him go.
The church is cleaning out the reverend's bad deals.
The house is going to stay yours.
I I really appreciate that, and, Sara, about what you said about finding my way back, I'm in-- meetings, counseling, whatever it takes.
Um, I spoke with CPS.
Um, Eli is going to stay with a foster family for a couple of days, but then they're gonna talk to you about what comes next.
You know, you, uh you could have called me with this, Sara.
I gave you my number and I-I promise I'll answer now.
But, um, I wanted you to have a minute.