CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e08 Episode Script

CSI on Fire

I saw a movie that started like this.
It did not end well.
Alien invasion.
Sheriff Anderson, Davis County.
Thanks for coming.
CSI Russell, CSI Finlay.
What's with all the men in black? Nellis Air Force Base is down the road.
Apparently they just broke a very expensive toy.
You said something about a grave over the phone? A couple hikers called in about a light show.
I was first on the scene.
I noticed some disturbed earth.
Want to follow me? Three tours in Iraq, saw my share of mass graves.
They looked just like this.
Roughly three meters square.
Vegetation has barely grown back.
Desert varnish is on the ground side of the rock, should be on the side facing the sun.
This area's definitely been worked.
There's only one reason to dig a hole this far out in the middle of nowhere.
Oh, here you go.
Bracelet says that it's female.
Excuse me.
This is a Federal investigation.
You're in a restricted area.
Well, ma'am, we just found a buried body, so this is now an LVPD crime scene.
You're gonna have to leave the area.
You know, if you keep insisting, you're gonna be in violation of NRS197-point-190.
Interfering with public officers in the discharge of their official duties.
In other words, our body trumps your X-Files convention.
Let them have their grave, keep them out of my hair.
That's the first time that ever worked.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Tissue on the extremities and skull is largely gone.
Remaining tissue is desiccated.
What's it smell like? Smells like dirt.
It means the body's been buried for more than five years.
David, hold the camera steady, please.
Well, the body's strangely preserved.
Much lighter than what we're accustomed to seeing.
How many bodies so far? Three.
They all appear to be female.
Another desiccated fern leaf.
Unless these bodies were buried in the Jurassic age, - they're not from around here.
- And neither's this dark, rich soil.
Could be that the bodies were buried somewhere else, and then moved here.
Look at that-- military sure took off in a hell of a hurry.
I think you scared them, Finn.
Oh, Lord Got number four over here.
This one's different from the others.
Completely mummified.
Yeah, tissue's black.
Look at the facial features.
Distorted from bloating, and the color change is from bacterial activity.
Which means that she was exposed to the elements shortly after death.
So maybe she wasn't buried for very long before she was moved here.
The question is where were they all buried first? Rich, dark soil, fern leaves? My money's on northern climes.
more north than Northern Nevada.
David removing a necklace.
What you got? One of a kind, vintage pendant, one carat small diamonds.
flowery design, Coreana chain.
Two years and 1,200 miles-- we found her.
I haven't heard from Janet.
Something is wrong-- Janet and I talk every day.
She's a good girl.
Warren, We're doing everything we can to find Janet.
Were you able to find me a recent photo of her? Please find my daughter.
I would like to be the one to notify Janet Warren's mother.
As soon as we have positive I.
, we notify.
Do me a favor.
Greg's down at Autopsy, working the bodies.
Go help him out, will you? I can't believe that Dr.
Warren has had to wait two years for this moment.
The last thing you should do right now is give that woman bad information.
Come on.
What are the chances that it is not Janet? Okay, the necklace.
The condition of her body, the soil.
It all points north to Seattle, to Tom Cooley's ranch.
Finn, you're getting ahead of the evidence.
He moved her body when we turned up the heat.
But you know what we didn't know back then, that we know now? Janet Warren was not the only victim.
This guy is a serial killer.
Who sued the crap out of you.
And the Seattle PD, last time around.
And that was with one body, we got eight now, Finn.
You know I'm right.
And for the record, I am not getting ahead of the evidence.
Just go help Greg, please? Where's Janet Warren? She's in there.
She should move to the head of the line.
That's not your call.
Well, can you make it yours? Why are you working on her? We really need to confirm Janet Warren's I.
Well, isn't that why Russell sent us both down here? Have you ever had a case that kept you up at night? I have been awake for two years.
Hey, we all know about you and your case with Janet Warren, and we're a team.
So if you're in, we're in.
Let's get this Cooley guy.
Thank you, Greg.
Get her printed, and, uh, when you run DNA, can you do her first? You do know that I'm not the DNA tech anymore.
I promise you I'll make it up to you.
Another finger bone for you.
Speaking of giving someone the finger, Finn compromised a case in Seattle by illegally obtaining DNA evidence.
They had hair, carpet fibers and semen from Janet Warren's car.
Finn went after the suspect's exemplars.
Why didn't she just get a warrant? Guy was juiced.
Son of Seattle, lots of money, lots of friends.
And from what I heard, he had a snake for a lawyer.
Well, snake or not, if this guy Cooley's good for one, he's good for all eight.
Hey, look what I found.
It's a ring.
Looks like a man's.
So far, all the bodies have been female.
Maybe our killer left something behind? So, I found a lot of interesting insects at the gravesite.
A lot of them are not locally abundant.
Yeah, I recognize the rain beetle, there.
Pleocoma australis-- how do you know that one? Aw, I had them on a case once.
Found a body in a shipping container-- the rain beetle told us that she'd been buried on land first.
Any idea of post-mortem interval? No, but I think I can give you a location.
This beetle, and the western thatching ant, tell me that the bodies were originally buried in the Pacific Northwest.
This is the pink millipede, found in the agricultural areas of Washington state.
Okay, well that narrows it down considerably.
Yeah, but this last one is the reason you should probably give me a pay raise.
The horntail, Xeristarsalis, game changer.
narrows it down even further, puts the bodies just outside the Seattle metropolitan area.
Well, next question is why were eight bodies already buried just outside of Seattle, dug up and moved to who-knows-where, Nevada? Yeah, a place so remote, you'd have to know where it was to find it.
That's a good question.
Have you seen Finn? Yeah.
I just got off the phone with her.
Gave her the good news.
Well, now you'll give it to me.
Prints confirmed-- it's Janet Warren.
Hi, this is Finn, leave a message.
Oh, come on, Finn.
I just talked to her.
Are you keeping tabs on all of us? Thought you needed my permission before you can track me.
Exigent circumstances.
Hey, Mike, it's D.
How you been? Got a little problem.
Step out of the vehicle, ma'am.
I see they busted you back to working traffic.
This how you getting your dates these days, Mike? You know, I'm kind of hurt you're back in Seattle, and didn't give me a call.
Well, I'm only here for a day.
Yeah, that's what D.
Of course he called you.
I thought once I signed the divorce papers I'd never have to see you again.
Here, get in my car.
We're going for a ride.
Are you arresting me? Because if you actually talked to D.
, you would know why I'm here.
With or without cuffs, it's your call.
Where the hell are we? Trying to help you out, here, Jules.
Uh, could you please not call me Jules? That brings back a lot of bad memories.
Yeah, I've heard your version of our marriage.
You found Janet Warren's body, and some evidence that she was buried in Seattle.
Now you think that you have all that you need to get that warrant to dig up Cooley's ranch.
Well you're too late.
That son of a bitch.
After he moved the bodies, he covered his tracks.
There's no evidence that the bodies were ever even buried here.
Well, you been gone for two years.
A lot of things have changed.
You can't go tearing down these people's homes.
All right? If Janet and the other girls were buried down there, we'll never know now.
You know Cooley did it.
Jules you got a new job, a new life.
Don't screw it up this time.
Look, I'll drive you back to the airport.
You could drop me at my car.
I'm not leaving until I see Janet Warren's mother.
She deserves to know.
The press already took care of that.
She's already on her way to Vegas.
Warren, you're not going in there.
I am not just any grieving mother, I am a doctor, I'm a pediatrician, I've seen it all.
But you've never seen your own daughter dead on a slab.
I appreciate your concern.
I need to say goodbye.
Janet was identified based on fingerprints and DNA.
Her physical features, as you remember them, are gone.
You don't want this to be your last memory of her.
Are you so desensitized to death you can't even understand how I feel after two years of searching? Monica Doctor, I believe you know CSI Russell.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry we weren't able to give you the answers you were looking for in Seattle.
Well, you're giving them to me now.
And for that, I'm grateful.
Now, I'd like to see my daughter.
Warren please take some friendly advice.
Remember your daughter in happier times.
This is the only way that I can be sure.
Sit with me, just for a second.
You remember CSI Finlay? Yes.
Well she found this on her body.
Oh You've given me Janet back.
Now go get that son of a bitch.
Uh, your cell phone is blowing up.
That's why I left it over there.
Finn is under the impression that I am her personal assistant.
If she's gonna get fired again, I am not gonna go down with her.
Nobody is getting fired.
Haven't you ever been passionate about a case before? I am passionate about a lot of things.
Okay, so.
Take a look at this.
Been working on that ring I found.
Hardison High School, Class of 1987.
Hardison High.
Any photos of the class of '87? Huh.
She was limber.
Bet you can't do that.
Look who was Senior Class President.
Tom Cooley.
Voted "Most Likely to Become a Serial Killer.
" Time to answer your phone.
DNA hits on two of your Jane Does.
Stephanie Hollinger and Sunshine Vanletti.
Now, Stephanie went missing in 1999.
She was a 21-year-old coed from UCLA in Seattle for a Walk-and-Run.
Last seen at a place called Endless Lounge.
Trendy bar in Capitol District.
What about the other girl? Went missing in '02.
worked nights as a cocktail waitress at Zobo.
Also in the Capitol District.
You know, that's the same area that Janet Warren went missing.
This could be Tom Cooley's hunting ground.
He had an office right around the corner.
Well, he didn't have to work that hard.
Tox results showed high levels of flunitrazepam.
Date rape drug.
Early 20's, athletic, blond Most of the bodies showed signs of strangulation, broken hyoids M.
is up close and personal.
He likes to look in their eyes as they die.
Guy's a sadist.
Lures them in, sexually assaults them, and then strangles them.
Take a look at this.
A couple weeks after Janet disappeared, a witness came forward with this cell phone video.
Last time Janet was seen alive.
With Tom Cooley.
Her hand's on his thigh.
Giving him permission to take her home.
Hi, this is Captain Robinson with the, uh, Seattle Police Department.
Um, we're conducting a murder investigation, and we're searching for a list of students who purchased a 1987 Hardison High School class ring.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Hmm What did the poor thing wear home? A smile.
Yeah, I'm here.
Oh, great.
Could you e-mail me that list? Thanks.
Excuse me, "Captain"" Remember, our guy lost his ring.
Was there anybody on that list that ordered a replacement ring? Yeah, a second ring.
There is one.
What's the name? Eric Louie.
Is there anybody else? Okay.
What, you think it'd be that easy? She'd say "Cooley"" and you'd say "Get in jail"" Let's go.
Any good Seattle cop knows Eric Louie.
Love you, Daddy! Bye, guys.
Hey, Mikey.
What the hell you doing in this neck of the woods? Well, we're following a lead in the Janet Warren case.
Oh, yeah.
Heard about that in morning briefing.
I know you.
You're a CSI.
Fired a couple years ago, yeah? Uh, resigned in lieu of.
Officer Louie, we would like to ask you some questions about your The one you lost? Thought you were working the Janet Warren case.
Oh, we are.
CSI Finlay here's with the Vegas lab these days.
We found your ring in our mass grave.
That sounds like an accusation.
Do I need my guild rep, Mikey? No.
Just tell us how you lost the ring.
Well, I didn't lose it.
I gave it to my high school sweetheart.
She told me she lost it, right after she dumped me for the quarterback.
Well, I figured she tossed it.
Marla always was a bitch.
Have you seen this "bitch" lately? Yeah.
In the kitchen.
I married her.
Marla! These guys want to ask you some questions.
They're okay, yeah? I gotta get back to work.
If you're done with me.
Thank you.
All right.
Coffee? Sure.
Fresh pot.
Thank you.
Yeah, I know Eric doesn't believe me, but I did lose his class ring.
Wore it on a chain.
It could've fallen off anywhere.
I was kind of wild back then.
Do you know where you might have lost it, or what you might have been doing? Dating most of the football team? Eric went through the cheerleaders.
We were young, then.
Did you ever date a guy named Tom Cooley? No way.
I-I did date his best friend, for a week or two.
Max Liston? Quarterback.
Really got Eric thinking about me.
You think Tom is responsible for all those girls? Did he kill them? Well, that's what we're investigating.
Did you and Max ever hang out with Tom? Once.
Max took me to a party at Tom Cooley's ranch.
High-class booze, beer in bottles kind of a step up for me.
Was that around the time that you lost the ring? Maybe.
I don't know.
If I knew where it went, it wouldn't be lost.
Like I said, I only went out with Max a couple of times.
Anyone besides me need a refill on the coffee? No, no, I'm good, thanks.
She's hiding something.
Look, her husband's a cop, you know? If Marla Louie is hiding something, it could simply be something she doesn't want her husband to know.
And that would make you zero-for-two up there.
Is that your nice way of telling me that I shouldn't have come up here without getting your permission? You shouldn't have gone up, period.
I mean, come on, what are you doing, Jules? Are you trying to kill your career? Marla Louie dated Tom Cooley's best friend in high school, this guy named Max Liston, all right? I'm gonna send you a link.
"Max Liston, small-time Seattle contractor, "gets big break.
Cooley hired Liston to develop the family ranch.
" Not just to develop, but to pave over eight graves.
If I wanted to dig up eight bodies in Seattle and rebury them in Nevada, I'd would definitely negotiate with my contractor best buddy.
Can we prove any of this? Well, here's where I go 1-for-3.
Max Liston became an instant millionaire, and he retired to the Virgin Islands.
Hey, don't even think about taking an island cruise.
Well, you don't have to worry.
Even I couldn't get this guy to talk.
So Max Liston gets a truckload of money and dies three weeks later.
I'd be interested to know what Tom Cooley was doing while Max was flunking scuba diving.
Boss, you might want to turn on the TV.
Really? Okay.
Today I've come to Las Vegas to offer a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer of Janet Warren.
In the last 24 hours, Las Vegas PD has confirmed the bodies of Janet Warren and seven other young women were recovered from a mass grave Two years ago, a chance meeting with Janet at a public restaurant on the last night of her life, turned my life into a nightmare.
Look at that.
He's making this about himself.
Now he's the victim.
my reputation destroyed.
I have been pursued with a vengeance by an overzealous CSI who has had no regard whatsoever for the evidence.
Jules, you mind putting down the coffee mug? Can you believe this?! cost her her job but it cost me everything.
The killer of Janet Warren is still out there.
Let's all of us work together to get him.
Scumbag! He's playing games with us.
He thinks we're too stupid to catch him.
No! Not the TV! It's my TV.
I paid for it.
What you got? Hey.
Okay, well, this is where we found the bodies.
It's federal land that was taken from a private party by eminent domain.
It was part of a big government land grab in the '90s.
A "Covenant of Appurtenant.
" What the hell's that? It's a lawyer's way of saying that land can never be developed.
Good place to bury a body.
No one's ever digging it up.
Who was the previous owner? It was buried under layers of straw corporations, but the law firm that handled the deal was Denton, Rutman and Schmidt.
Now, they are the biggest real estate firm in Seattle.
Really? Tom Cooley's family made all their money in real estate.
So that could've been Cooley land.
It it was, that would be enough to compel his DNA.
Yes, sir, it would.
My client will not be offering up his DNA.
We both know that particular glass is off the table.
How is CSI Finlay? She's terrific.
Pearson, if your client wants to be so helpful, what the hell's he doing hanging out in the hall? He's just waiting for me to make sure his rights will be protected.
This isn't Guantanamo.
Tom? Captain Jim Brass, Tom Cooley.
Pleasure to meet you, Captain.
Sit down.
Now, Seattle PD was investigating you as a suspect in the murder of Janet Warren.
Here in Las Vegas, I'm making you the prime suspect in the murder of Stephanie Hollinger.
Sunshine Vanletti, five Jane Does and Janet Warren.
Well, this is no way to start a relationship, Jim.
Captain Brass, we came here I've had a crash course in the legal system in the last couple years.
You can't arrest me just because you don't like me.
If I could arrest you, you'd already be in a holding cell.
Now, the victims we've identified so far were all last seen a few blocks from your office.
Heart of downtown Seattle.
Population half a million.
And the evidence suggests that the bodies were buried in Seattle, then reburied here in Nevada.
Now, that requires logistics.
I mean like a dump truck and a backhoe.
It's a shame about your friend Max Liston.
We understand he did a lot of construction work for you.
Max was a dear friend and a good man.
If you're suggesting I'm not suggesting anything.
But what I don't get is, why did you rebury them What happened in Seattle? CSI Finlay put your feet too close to the fire? You had to get out of state? Okay, that's it.
Captain, we're done here.
These unsubstantiated accusations, they're bordering on slander.
And I was just getting started.
We're staying at the Mediterranean, if there's anything else we can do.
Cooley, thank you for coming in, but don't leave Las Vegas.
What the hell? Ah, single malt.
One bottle down, one to go.
Hey, could you give me your glass when you're done? I was hoping I'd see you.
How about a drink? Yeah, that's how it all starts, huh? Some blonde catches your eye.
Young, athletic, looking for a good time.
And you buy her a drink.
Hell, maybe three.
And you add a little sweetener; a little flunitrazepam.
Must be hard for a guy like you to sleep at night.
You spend a lot of time thinking about me.
I'm flattered.
I'm just getting started.
Just like you, I don't want the party to end.
So what happens next, huh? You say say something like, uh "Hey, baby, just a short drive to my big fancy ranch"" And then, in her car, you get the sex part out of the way because you can't wait to get home and get your hands around their necks.
I am your type, aren't I? Five-foot four, blonde I'm looking for a good time.
But I don't expect much from you in bed 'cause you're inadequate.
Is that your trigger? How do you know I'm not gonna kill you, hmm? That's what makes it so exciting.
Hey, Jim.
Uh, she should be here in a few minutes.
Landed about an hour ago.
Why? What's up? Oh.
Okay, I'll be right there.
I just got a 419 at the Mediterranean.
Sounds like Tom Cooley just committed suicide, sometime in the last couple hours.
Try in the last 30 minutes.
Look, I know you're angry.
I know you think I let you down.
But I'm not the same person I was two years ago.
So you weren't in Cooley's suite? I can explain.
Look, come here But Dad, the soda machine stole my dollar.
It's Vegas, kiddo.
Stick to the table games.
Internal Affairs is gonna ask me questions.
So you be very careful what you say.
I'm not gonna lie for you.
Let's go.
Pearson, this officer's gonna accompany you to the police station, take your statement.
Yeah, of course.
I can't even begin to understand this.
What do we got? Gavin Pearson, Tom Cooley's lawyer.
Supposed to meet Cooley at the bar.
Cooley was a no-show.
He came up here looking for him.
Banging the door, there was no response, so he called hotel security, and they cut their way in.
Can I get a little help here? Yeah.
Charles, keep your eye on him.
You mind? No, go ahead.
No, no, hold on.
So, a room service waiter gave a statement on the record that said he saw an angry blonde woman with police credentials and a service pistol banging on the door of Cooley's suite a half an hour before Security arrived.
Now tell me that isn't you.
Stay here-- I'm gonna need to take your statement.
You know, this isn't just your job on the line.
Unusual way to hang yourself.
Usually, you find them hanging from the sprinkler head or a curtain rod.
As long as the hang point's longer than your torso that's all it takes.
Are we gonna find your fingerprints on one of these glasses? Flunitrazepam.
This is the drug that Henry's finding in all his victims.
Both of the doors were locked from the inside.
That works in your favor.
A narcissist does not hold a press conference and then, a few hours later, kill himself.
Are you sure that's the argument you want to make? Yeah.
It's a homicide.
And we need to find out who did it.
Well, whatever happened here, you're finally gonna get your DNA sample.
If I were Janet Warren's mother, I'd feel cheated.
I'd want to face this guy down in court, tell the world what he did, and watch him be punished for his crimes.
Well, not in this lifetime.
So what are you thinking for C.
? Asphyxiation due to ligature strangulation.
Suicide versus homicide, still undetermined.
Henry found flunitrazepam, BAC was point two-one.
Alcohol three times the legal level, plus a heavy sedative.
Finn said he was wasted.
And tying a knot requires a certain dexterity.
Think he could accomplish that? Eh, maybe, maybe not.
Cooley here had a fatty liver.
He was a boozer.
And most likely, he built up a tolerance.
Okay, until we're certain, we're treating this as a homicide.
I got Cooley's DNA results.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Out of my autopsy until you've been cleared as a suspect, okay? Did you give your statement to Brass yet? I'm waiting for his call.
Cooley's DNA matches the semen we found in Janet Warren's car two years ago.
Okay, it's official.
He killed Janet.
That solves one murder.
Yeah, how about all eight.
This guy has been murdering women for the last I don't think he suddenly grew a conscience and committed suicide.
So what's the motive for murdering him, then? Cooley's not the type to get his hands dirty.
We believe that he had help moving the bodies.
Max Liston.
But he drowned.
He's out.
Cooley's got another best friend.
So, Cooley goes down, his best friend would go down.
Cooley's dead, case closed.
So, who is it? I don't know.
But I think I know someone who might.
You call me.
Look, I'm sorry that you wasted a trip, but I already told you everything I remember.
Well, you must know by now that Tom Cooley is dead.
He can't hurt you anymore.
Who said he ever hurt me? Marla, listen to me.
Okay, I was kind of a wild girl in high school, too.
Girl with a reputation-- she gets invited to a lot of parties.
And sometimes, those parties would just be me and a couple other guys.
You know what I'm saying? Expectations of my boyfriend of the weekend and those other guys.
There are eight girls dead.
You are so lucky to be alive.
Marla, you've got three kids.
What if something happened to one of them? Wouldn't you want the person who knew the truth to come forward? The bastard's dead.
What difference does it make now, anyway? Somebody helped him cover it all up.
Probably the same guy who killed him.
And that guy deserves to be punished.
Eric doesn't know about that night.
I didn't want to lose him.
I don't want to lose him.
This is just the three of us talking.
Marla, you're the only one who can speak for those eight girls.
You were right, about the party.
It was just me and three horny boys.
Max, Gavin Gavin? Gavin Pearson? Yeah, the tagalong.
And Tom Cooley.
Back then, I didn't know how to say no.
You know, I could usually hold my booze, but that night, I blacked out, and I woke up in the bottom of a hole.
She's moving.
Bastards were burying me.
I didn't tell you to stop! What are you doing? Town whore! No one's gonna believe you, anyway! He was right.
The Cooleys owned the town.
No one would've believed me.
And even if they did, Tom was untouchable.
What about Max and Gavin? They never spoke to me again.
Marla, you should know that you probably did not pass out just from booze.
Cooley liked to roofie his victims.
Did he rape you? We know Cooley was still alive at 9:40.
That's when room service delivered his second bottle of scotch.
Waiter passed Finn in the hallway as he was leaving, and we picked her up on hotel surveillance as she got back down the elevator at 9:47.
Presumably, Cooley was still breathing.
What about Pearson? He was down at the bar until 10:18.
Surveillance picked him up in the casino, clocked him getting into the elevator at 10:20.
Pearson then entered his room at 10:21.
He called Cooley-- no answer.
Called him again at 10:24, at which point he called hotel security.
So Pearson had a window of three minutes to kill Cooley.
Takes at least 20 minutes for drugs to be absorbed from the stomach.
Pearson admitted he had drinks with Cooley up in the room earlier.
So that gave him access to the man's scotch and his drugs.
Plenty of time for them to kick in.
Cooley would've been passed out by the time Pearson came back upstairs.
So all Pearson had to do was string him up and let gravity do the rest.
I'm with you, Sherlock, but there's only one problem.
Both doors to the room were locked.
From the inside.
So how did the killer get out of the room? Same way he got in.
After Cooley's death, Pearson's key card stopped working.
Need a little help here.
Is that significant? I mean, aren't those things always getting demagnetized? Yeah, you're absolutely right.
But, Dad, the soda machine stole my dollar.
That's Vegas, kiddo.
Stick to the table games.
"Out of order.
" I'm sure you can get a soda on another floor.
It's a magnet.
How'd you know? Pearson's key card got demagnetized, right? Kid lost his money in the soda machine.
Okay, so how does that help Pearson kill Cooley? Pearson got into the room using this magnet.
Got out the same way.
Then he probably pocketed the magnet.
That's when he wiped out his key card.
He's a lawyer, so he knows he can't get caught with it.
So he sticks it to the back of the soda machine, and fries the circuit board.
Guess we're lucky he didn't stick it behind the ice machine.
We would never have known.
You killed your best friend.
And your biggest client.
Well, you know how this works.
If you cooperate, things can go easier.
Now, I have eight victims.
Four Jane Does.
I need names.
Sarah Jones.
Tiffany Alcott.
Jennifer Sutterman.
Kinley Summer.
I have met a lot of people searching for missing loved ones over these past two years.
Parents who are willing to do anything to bring their babies home, searching for answers.
But I was lucky.
I had you.
And you wanted to find Janet as badly as I did.
I only wish that I could have brought her home to you.
You did.
You should feel good right now.
Two years, two jobs, one marriage.
But I got him.
Yeah, most people would've given up.
I'm sorry that I sometimes go too far.
I'm really working on that side of my personality.
Thanks for sticking by me.
You're welcome.
You miss me, don't you? Sometimes.
Sometimes I miss you.
All right, you ready to get to the airport? There's a flight in the morning.