CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e18 Episode Script


Leave me alone! Stay away! Homeless couple was camped there with the group under the overpass, spotted the body and flagged down a patrol unit.
Well, looks like somebody beat you to the burrito wrap here.
I would've done a better job, though.
Says, maybe, military.
Yeah, or army surplus-- you know, camping stuff.
It reminds me of when I used to go hunting with my old man.
I never pegged you as a hunter.
Of course I was a hunter.
Just never got into the killing part.
Apparently, someone doesn't have the same reverence for life as you do.
Massive bruising on the face.
He took a real beating.
Yeah, and that looks like some kind of animal bite on his leg.
Vital response in the tissue means it happened while he was still alive.
A wolf or a coyote, some kind of dog.
But I think dogs were the least of this guy's worries.
Somebody took his hands.
Well, a dog didn't do that.
No wallet, no I.
Well, then again, if we're talking about hunting, maybe the killer took the hands as a trophy.
Either way, we have no I.
, and we have no idea where this guy came from.
We're stumped.
I'm just saying, this is gonna be a tough one.
They always are, Super Dave.
They always are.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! This a traffic camera? On Sunrise Boulevard.
Got a detail of the drainage basin, blew it up.
Picked up an image of this guy dumping our victim.
Time code-- It's about five hours ago.
Well, maybe our killer will show his face.
Freeze that, right there.
I can enhance it.
Night vision goggles? That's some serious hardware.
Nick thought that our guy was a hunter.
Who's hunting humans? Man is the most dangerous game.
He has a knee brace.
Must have had an old injury.
Vonner Sports Motocross.
You know, a lot of this gear is custom-made.
Might be able to get an I.
from the manufacturer.
There's something in his little pocket.
Looks like a wad of paper.
Maybe it's something more.
Paper crane.
You think our victim was into origami? Or our killer was trying to leave us a clue.
How about you chase the crane, and I'll get our John Doe to Doc Robbins.
's exsanguination due to bisection of the right wrist, rupturing the radial and ulnar arteries.
The right hand was severed peri-mortem? That's correct.
Well, we assumed both hands were removed postmortem to prevent identification or possibly taken as trophies.
Well, that's the case with the left hand.
The injury here is definitely postmortem.
In both instances, the method was crude.
I can't tell you what tool was used, but I sent swabs from the wounds over to Hodges.
What about the animal bite on his leg? It was no animal.
It was man-made.
Come on over here.
Perfect symmetry of the punctures was the tell.
A bear trap? Well, it's consistent with our theory that the killer may be a hunter.
I also found this in the postmortem wound.
Appears to be some kind of synthetic.
Could help us find our primary.
I'll get it to Hodges.
Thanks, Doc.
I see your artist remains anonymous.
I didn't fare much better myself.
The green sliver Doc found on the body is a polypropylene blend with green dye.
Artificial turf.
And I didn't find any trace that put us closer to the primary.
So we both struck out.
You know, I dated a Japanese girl in college.
Washi is the paper traditionally used by the masters.
Tougher than ordinary pulped paper, it's often made from the bark of the gampi tree, or sometimes from the mitsumata shrub Hodges.
All I'm saying is in origami, sometimes the medium is the message.
As in, that is not proper origami paper.
Our crane may not be speaking to us, but the paper might.
Okay, thanks for the info.
Get up there and lay down, boy.
Is it "bring your dog to work" day? We were just coming home from the vet.
I thought I'd bring him up here to see some friends, maybe cheer him up a little bit.
I bet you Sam's bored.
Are you kidding me? This dog's living the life.
I treat him like a king.
Nick, he used to be a cop; now he's retired.
He probably misses the field.
Is she right, Sam? You bored? You want to do some work? Travaillez? Told you.
Speaking of getting to work, that custom knee brace that Greg found on our victim-- manufacturer said it was ordered by a Dylan Trigg.
Summerlin address.
Sounds like we just I.
'd our John Doe.
I'm heading out there now with Crawford to give notification.
We don't envy you that, do we, Sam? Mm.
Yeah, excuse me, sir.
I'm Detective Crawford, this is CSI Brody, LVPD.
My crazy neighbor call you guys again? I'm sorry, I don't understand.
My pickup.
Guy keeps complaining that I park it on the street.
So I park in front of his house-- what's the big deal? It's a public street.
Nobody called about your truck, sir.
Um, does a Dylan Trigg live here? Yeah.
Dylan's my son.
What's this about? Mr.
Trigg, when's the last time you saw your son? Five minutes ago.
Hey, Dylan, can you come out here? You say your friend's name is Carl Abrams? Yeah, I loaned Carl some of my motocross gear a couple days ago.
Uh, this is us at the freestyle competition in Laughlin last year.
That's where he dinged his knee.
You said somebody killed Carl.
I mean, I-I don't understand.
What happened? That's what we're trying to figure out.
Did it go down up near Koval Ridge? Why do you ask that? We were supposed to go camping there this weekend.
But I bailed at the last minute.
And why didn't you go? There's something about that place, man.
Creeps me out.
What about it? There's this whole Hunger Games, Road Warrior vibe up there.
All these people waiting for the world to end-- it's kind of scary.
Carl loved the place.
He camped there by himself.
Loved exploring around the old mines.
He told me he'd strike it rich one day.
Do you know any spots maybe your buddy liked to camp in? If I was gonna go looking for him, I'd probably look in the areas around those old mines.
Sorry, I-I wish I knew more.
Maybe if if I had been up there with him, this wouldn't have happened.
Hey, Crawford, you there? Copy.
All right, listen, we're about a mile from Pielstick mine.
We're gonna start our search with the dog over here, okay? Copy that.
We're on the south side of the ridge.
Haven't found anything yet.
Let me know.
Roger that.
Yeah, let's go, troops.
Très bien.
All right, we're gonna find out where Carl Abrams came from.
This is a swatch from the victim's shirt.
Got it? Trouvez.
There he is.
Hang on, I think he's got something.
Hang on.
What is it, boy? Huh? Sam? Arretez.
Good boy.
It's got a handle.
What is this, Lost? We got some blood right here.
Sam More blood inside.
Yeah, yeah, here we go.
All this blood-- tells me this could be our primary.
Ready? Reste ici, Sam.
They're just empty suits.
Motion sensor lights.
Fatigues night vision goggles.
Well, I've seen this before.
I'm gonna call for backup.
Crawford, it's Morgan.
We've got something.
Crawford? You might want to go topside; I don't think you're gonna get a signal down here.
I'll be back.
Come in.
It's Morgan.
Crawford, do you copy? Hey, Morgan? How we doing on that backup? You don't belong here.
I'm with the LVPD.
I don't care who the hell you are.
You're trespassing.
And you're making a big mistake.
There's a whole lot of cops up there.
Gonna be coming through that door any second.
You think I'm stupid, pal? You think I was born yesterday? Nope.
But I think you may die today if you don't put the gun down.
Why the hell are you people here? Why?! Put that shotgun down, and we'll talk about it.
Otherwise, they're gonna be scraping us both up off the ground.
Is that what you want? You're here to arrest me? We want to talk to you.
Guess I should have had them scrape us up off the floor.
Better than sitting here like a common criminal.
Well, that part's still to be determined, actually.
Who are you? I'm CSI Russell.
Care to tell us who you are? A lot of people are living off the grid nowadays, but y-you've taken it to a whole new level.
You-you have no identification.
So far, we've found nothing in your little bunker.
No bank statement, no utility bills, nothing with your name on it.
It's almost like you worked very hard to disappear, haven't you? Is that a crime? Well, I'm just wondering why.
Why? You had no right to drag me out of my home.
Without as much as a word as to why.
You know why.
I've seen the way you treat trespassers.
You're not very hospitable.
Is that what happened with Carl Abrams? He trespass? I don't know Carl Abrams.
That's fine if you don't want to cooperate.
We'll let your little hole in the ground do the talking.
Who does this? Someone prepping for doomsday.
Recreating a world they believe will disappear with the coming Armageddon.
Tried to make something disappear.
Lots of it.
Astroturf is porous, just like carpet.
That's a significant blood pool.
The killer severed Carl Abrams' right hand.
He bled out.
Could've been right here.
Doc Robbins found something like this in the victim's wound track.
Positive for blood.
Carl Abrams died here.
Place is lacking a certain survivalist touch.
Yeah, it doesn't really fit our man with no name, does it? How long do you think the guy's been living down here like this? Well, he's got a well-stocked pantry, he's got water, electricity.
I'd say for a while.
You know, I'd say we're done in this room.
There's no blood, there's no sign of disturbance, there's nothing probative in here.
All right, let's check the rest of the house.
Hey, Fin? I think I found the master's master bedroom.
This decor is more like it.
I found his toys.
Sara, you got to see this.
This is not good.
Man keeps a room for a little girl in his hunting cave.
Yeah, it gets worse.
I don't think he uses the room just for little girls.
Women's clothes.
Yeah, and different sizes.
Could mean a number of different women.
Some of these labels are old.
Sutters? That department store's been out of business for years.
Origami paper crane.
Just like the one I pulled out of Carl Abrams' pocket.
Do you think he makes one for each victim? You recognize that? We have your prints all over it.
I'll give you a hint: it's not one of the origami animals we just found in your house, but it looks just like it.
This was in Carl Abrams' pocket when we found his body and his blood in your bunker.
I told you, I don't know the guy.
You're setting me up.
You need a suspect.
And for whatever reason, you've chosen me.
Yeah, actually, you know what? Y-You reached out to us.
Here, take a look at that video.
See, you made the first move, didn't you? Look, I know how this works.
Yeah, I'll bet you do.
That's it.
I've had enough of this pervert.
Why don't you tell us about the little girl's room you have set up down there.
And all the clothes from all those women.
I mean, how many were there? You want me to admit to something that I didn't do.
Something that I have no knowledge of.
Well, I'm not playing your game! All I want is to be left in peace.
Is that what you told Carl Abrams before you killed him? I don't know Carl.
He was camping in your area.
What happened? Did he stumble upon your little piece of hell down there? Got signs of sexual activity.
Not that I'm surprised.
Well, I'm surprised.
There is no blood here.
Well, sex room isn't the same as a kill room.
He takes them somewhere else.
Did you hear that? Yeah.
Sounds like it's coming from behind the wall.
Looks like an air vent.
There's no air coming out.
Whatever it is, it's inside the walls.
It's moving.
It's headed towards the yard.
It's trying to get away.
Hold on.
Stop right there! Wait, wait! Stop.
It's okay.
We're the police.
No one's gonna hurt you.
We're here to help you, okay? What's your name? We're gonna get you out of here.
You're safe now.
We're gonna get you You're okay.
You're safe.
We may not know your name, but we're starting to get a pretty good picture of your crimes.
We found the girl.
One you've been holding captive.
The one you kidnapped.
And raped.
And probably would've murdered, just like all the others.
Remember how we asked you how many women there were? Well, we've already found one.
Rebecca Barnes.
Recognize her? Or have there just been so many, you can't even remember at this point? Found her dress in your bunker.
The DNA on it traces to an unsolved murder in Carson City 11 years ago.
Was she your first? Is that why you kept the dress? As a trophy? You people have no idea what you're talking about.
Then you tell us! What drives a man to kidnap, to rape, and to murder? I wouldn't know.
This woman that you said that I murdered, Rebecca Barnes-- she was my wife.
And the girl that you found-- the one you accused me of Her name it's Miranda.
And that's my little girl.
She's all I have left in this world.
Just got the file on the Rebecca Barnes homicide from Carson City.
Bunker Boy's name is Tommy Barnes.
He was the husband and primary suspect in his wife's murder until Carson City cleared him.
That explains the attitude.
He thought the cops were coming after him again.
Says here they never caught the killer? Yeah, still an open case.
Barnes's daughter Miranda was seven years old at the time.
After he was cleared, he told police he was taking his daughter and leaving town.
Then went underground, literally.
DNA confirms the only contributors on the women's clothes are his wife and his daughter.
Different sizes.
He kept his wife's dresses, then he bought his kid new clothes as she was growing up.
Sad story, but none of that clears him on the murder of Carl Abrams.
No, it doesn't.
Where's my daughter? I want to see her.
She's fine.
She's in the hospital, getting checked out.
It's just a It's a formality.
I'm gonna, uh, take your cuffs off here.
Barnes why don't you and I start over again.
With an apology.
I was just told about Carson City.
I can't even begin to know what that was like.
Losing your wife, having the police suspect you like that.
For months.
While that animal who killed Rebecca is still out there, free.
I, um read the case file.
Your daughter Miranda was there when-when your wife was abducted from the mall parking lot.
It could have been both of them taken away from me.
Barnes, I'm so sorry.
You know, Rebecca was my high school sweetheart.
We had a perfect life.
Nice house, good friends, part of a church.
You never expect to wake up one morning, leave your home, you go to work, the wife does some shopping-- just a normal day.
When you get back home it's all gone.
And-and that's when you-you went underground? Well, in the '50s, before my grandfather donated the land to the state, he built a fallout shelter to protect his family.
And you decided that's how you were gonna protect your family, too.
What was left of it.
So I built a home in the bunker.
I'd take odd jobs in the area.
I provided Miranda with everything she needed.
Food, shelter.
I even homeschooled her.
Well, that's a great plan when she's seven.
What about now when she's 17? Miranda has everything that she needs.
You and I both know that's not true.
We found evidence of sexual activity in your daughter's bed.
Two DNA contributions.
Two men-- one unknown, the other one, our victim, Carl Abrams.
You're lying.
I know my daughter.
You just told me that you took odd jobs.
That gets you out of the house.
Your daughter-- she's lonely, she's curious, she ventures out.
No, she would never leave on her own, not without me.
Barnes, Carl Abrams' semen in your daughter's bed, his blood in your house.
Now, come on.
Look, I know you'd do anything to protect your daughter.
I just told you, I'm not a murderer.
Did he break in? Did he threaten Miranda? You guys are all the same, aren't you? Here, Carson City-- it's the same.
I'm done talking to you.
I need to ask you some questions.
Yes, I-I do know your name.
And I know how you and your dad ended up in that bunker.
But what I don't know is what happened to Carl Abrams two nights ago.
And I need you to tell me.
I can't help you.
Yes, you can.
This is a DNA report which tells me that there were two boys in your bed.
One of whom was Carl.
No, that's a lie.
I've never been with any boys.
What happened? Was the other boy jealous of Carl? Did they fight? I know Carl was hurt.
He went down into the bunker to you for help.
Leave me alone.
Miranda, I remember being so scared of disappointing my dad.
And yet, I was so desperate for other people's attention, I would do anything.
You started sneaking out when your dad was away, and you met Carl.
And I'm sure the two of you had a really good time.
And then, you met another boy.
And he was a bad boy, and it was really exciting.
And you didn't realize just how dangerous that boy was until it was too late.
I know you know what happened to Carl.
And I know that you're scared, and you don't know who you're more scared of-- your-your dad or the other boy.
But you don't have to be.
You just have to tell me the truth.
I had her.
She was this close to talking, and then I lost her; she just went right back into being that scared little girl.
Where's this leave us? What about that other kid-- the one you think that killed Carl Abrams-- how do we find him? I think Miranda's still the key.
She's a teenage girl who is sneaking out at night, and she's trying to hook up with boys.
So if we find out where she's sneaking off to, we find the kid.
So we have to go back into the bunker, and we have to search it again.
We have to look for something, like a diary or-or some clue to her secret life.
Like the way you're thinking.
Thank you.
Oh, boy.
What? I think Dad just grounded us.
CSI Russell, CSI Finlay, Jill McDermott.
Tommy Barnes' attorney.
McDermott is alleging that we violated her client's Fourth Amendment rights.
Illegal search and seizure? You're saying we needed a warrant to get in the bunker? Last time I read the Constitution.
I was explaining to counsel the exigent circumstances.
Your CSIs found blood at the entrance of the bunker.
Yes, not to mention that the bunker is on public land.
A little preview of how this is gonna play in court.
One, I don't buy exigent circumstances.
And two, while the Barnes estate generously donated much of its land to the Koval Ridge Reserve, the estate maintains all mineral rights.
So everything under the surface is still private property.
And any evidence you collected in Mr.
Barnes' home gets thrown out.
Fruit of the poisonous tree.
I think a judge would be reluctant to let you go digging around those roots again.
Of course, if you were to release my client now, I'd take that as a good faith gesture.
Might discourage me from filing any civil action against the department.
I'm sure you all have a lot to discuss.
Have a nice night.
I know you wanted to get back in that bunker.
We need a lead to find out where Miranda goes when she meets the mystery kid.
Maybe we don't have to go back in there.
I'm gonna call Hodges.
That crane speaking to you yet? Whispering.
I ran the paper through the VSC, managed to get some detail.
Looks like an MRE packaging label.
"Meals-Ready-to-Eat," as in military fare.
Consistent with the Barnes family lifestyle.
You know, along the bottom, that looks like a barcode.
You know, these days, they encode the shipping destination.
"Koval Ridge Supply Store.
" Well, it's not much, but if you live out here, it's your one and only stop shop.
And it's the only civilization a girl could find for miles.
Good a place as any to meet a guy.
What? I've done worse.
I'm getting a serious feeling of déjà vu here.
Guess now we know where Tommy Barnes got his gear.
Yeah, and maybe where our killer did, too.
Excuse me.
You work here? No, stocking shelves is my hobby.
Well, we're, uh, we're with the crime lab.
We need to talk to you for a second.
What's your name? Luke.
Luke what? Holland.
You ever seen that guy? His friend says he comes in here.
A lot of people come in here.
I can see that.
How about this little girl right here? You ever seen her? - No.
I've never seen her either.
- Nick.
Remember what you said about déjà vu? Is that your stuff, man? Call for backup! Going somewhere, Luke? I didn't do nothing.
Innocent people don't run from the police.
That's Carl Abrams' bike.
Yeah, and I think we just found his killer.
We got you, Luke.
The blood on the outside of the fatigues was a match to Carl Abrams.
And the DNA on the inside is gonna be a match to you.
You killed Carl, and you dumped the body.
You're wrong.
Yeah, I got rid of Carl's body, but I didn't kill him.
Then who did? Miranda? I don't know who did it.
You're gonna have to do a lot better than that, Luke.
Seriously, a lot better.
I'm telling you the truth.
I swear.
I was with Miranda saying good night, and that's when we heard him.
Help me.
Carl was hurt.
Real bad.
It was like out of a horror movie.
His hand was gone, he was bleeding.
There was nothing we could do;he died right there in front of us.
I told her I'd take care of it, so I cleaned up.
I cut off Carl's other hand, so no one could identify him.
I dumped his body on the edge of town and cleared away his campsite.
Well, that's a pretty good story, I guess.
But think I got a better one.
It's not really a a horror movie.
It's more of a tragic romance.
See, I think you killed Carl Abrams because the girl you loved started showering her attention on him, not you.
You think I killed Carl over Miranda? Come on.
We know about the love triangle.
We got Carl's DNA in Miranda's bed and an unknown male.
We're not only gonna match the fatigues to you, we're gonna match the sheets.
I'm not the one on those sheets.
And there's no way Miranda was with Carl.
What are you saying? Miranda's not that kind of girl? No, Carl's not that kind of guy.
The dude's got a boyfriend.
We all used to hang out together in the bunker when her dad was away.
Guess now I know what those boys were up to when they ran off to her room.
You're looking at the wrong jealous boyfriend.
Carl Abrams' boyfriend got a name? Dylan Trigg.
He and Carl were into motocross and camping.
That's how Miranda and I first met them-- camping up on Horizon Peak.
Carl was my boyfriend.
Why didn't you say anything about this before? I'm not exactly out.
Was he out? Carl didn't give a damn about what anybody thought.
That include you? Pretty much.
Was that a problem? Yeah, it was a problem.
Carl didn't get it.
It was so easy for him.
He said that if I had any guts, I'd tell people the truth.
Is that what you two fought about that night? Do I need a lawyer? I don't know, Dylan.
Do you? Hey, I found motorcycle tracks back up on the ridge.
They match the tires on Carl's bike.
So far, Luke Holland's story's holding up.
Let's hope it gets us to the crime scene.
I got two sets of shoe impressions.
One looks like work boots, and the other has a tread like the shoes we found on Carl Abrams.
It's long strides.
Carl was running.
Looks like he slowed down around here, stopped, backed up.
Right into a bear trap.
It's got blood on it, just like Doc Robbins suspected.
Mechanism's rusted.
Must've broken when it snapped on Carl's leg.
That's why he was able to get away.
He didn't get very far.
I just found Carl's right hand.
Buckshot in the wound.
Confirms it was a shotgun.
Still there's blood and tissue under his fingernails.
We lucked out.
Carl got a piece of his killer.
You guys don't understand.
I loved Carl.
I would never hurt him.
I'm sure you didn't mean to.
You were the one who told us where Carl was camping.
You sent us to Koval Ridge.
Clearly, you wanted us to discover the truth.
I'm sure you feel terrible about what happened.
You know there's only one way to make this right.
What the hell is going on here? I think I want that lawyer now.
Trigg, this is your son Dylan's confession.
He told us that you admitted to assaulting and hunting down Carl Abrams, shooting him and leaving him for dead.
My son is lying; I never told him any such thing.
Dylan's head is so filled with lies because that kid, Carl Abrams, messed with him.
Screwed him up so he doesn't know who he is or what the truth is anymore.
You're right, your son is confused-- because he's had to live a lie.
Thanks to you.
Think you just made my case in court.
This confession isn't worth the paper it's written on.
Well, that's why we depend on evidence.
This is a tire track found on an access road near the scene of the crime.
Matches your truck.
Lead trace found in Carl Abrams' wound and pellet size matches the shotgun and the ammunition we found in your home.
Don't tell me I'm the only one who uses that ammo.
No, but you're the only one that was up on the ridge that night with Carl Abrams.
Maybe you recognize Carl's hand.
We found your DNA underneath his fingernails.
I guess he must have scratched you.
In death, Carl has given us more than enough to convict you.
My son is not what that kid tried to make him.
I had to protect Dylan.
By killing the boy? I told him to stay away; he laughed in my face! He said my son didn't belong to me anymore.
That he belonged to him.
That Dylan was born to to love him.
My son was born to be a man.
He was.
And he proved that when he signed this confession.
I'm so sorry, Dad.
It's all my fault.
No, no, no, no.
I'm just glad you're okay.
I knew that the first time I sneaked out.
I just-- I saw the campfires and I heard the other kids' voices in the night.
I just wanted to be a part of it.
It's okay, honey.
Every kid wants to explore the world, okay? But that's just it, Dad-- I had a world.
You loved me enough to make one for me, and I destroyed it.
I've let all the bad in.
Because you're right, Dad, that's all there is out there.
And when you open the door, that's all that comes in.
No, no, no, no, sweetheart, no.
I was wrong.
See, when I was your age nothing could hold me back.
Everything was possible.
And I robbed that from you.
When we lost Mom, I kept you from everything and everyone that you knew.
Well, the important thing now is where you go from here.
Not underground, that's for sure.
Dad, are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Remember when you asked me if I had any plans for Miranda when she turned 17? Yeah.
Well, there's a town up in Oregon where your mom's from.
It's this perfect little place-- it's got this quaint little main street, everyone knows each other.
Sounds like a really, really good idea.
It is.
Honey, you got family there.
I think that's a pretty good place for you to start all over.
What do you say? I love you, sweetheart.
I love you, too, Dad.