CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e19 Episode Script


Is Uncle Steve gonna be okay? Molly, your Uncle Steve something bad happened to him.
He's not going to wake up.
Like my goldfish? Mommy flushed him down the toilet when he stopped swimming.
That's how he got to Heaven.
Molly, do you know where your mommy is? No.
When's she coming back? I'm gonna be late for school.
Molly, I I've got to talk to my friend, here.
But I'll be right back.
Maria's going to stay with you, all right? Thanks.
Hi, Molly.
I'm Maria.
Three male DBs inside the house.
They all had I.
Finn's processing.
Of course, she wanted the scene first.
Little girl able to tell you anything? Last name's Goodwin.
She and her mother Grace live here along with Grace's brother, Uncle Steve.
He was one of the victims, along with what appears to be two friends.
- What about her father? - I don't know.
She didn't say.
All she told me was she woke up, went into the living room.
That's when she called 911, then waited outside for the police.
Most kids would've run out of there screaming.
There's one more thing.
The little girl's mother is missing.
All right.
Looks like the party was interrupted.
Savage beating.
Poor kid.
Had to wake up and find this.
Home invasion robbery.
All this, for a few hundred dollars worth of stereo components? I'm not so sure.
Well, this room tells one story.
Kitchen tells another.
Got a purse.
Haven't gone through it yet.
Grace Goodwin.
Little girl's mom.
Her phone's still here, but her car keys are missing.
Our killer might have taken her in her own car.
I'll get Brass to put out a broadcast.
Blood says there was definitely a struggle.
She must've walked in on them.
She was probably dragged along the floor.
Not enough blood for her to have bled out, right? She might still be alive.
But for how long? Let's hope long enough, for her sake.
And for that little girl out there.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Please, I need to get through.
Excuse me, this is my home.
Excuse me.
What are you doing here? Hey, hey, hey.
Sorry, ma'am.
I can't let you through.
Let me through? This is This is my house.
My grandkids are in there! - Please! - I understand.
Take your hands off of me! - I'm sorry.
- Mitch? Mitch, thanks.
I've got this.
I don't understand what's going on here.
Let me talk to you for a second.
My name's D.
I'm with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
Crime Lab?! Yes, ma'am.
And-and you're Mrs? Goodwin.
Agnes Goodwin.
You said that that's your home over there? Yes.
My grandkids, Steven and Grace, they need a place to stay, so I-I rent it to them.
And Grace has a little girl.
My great-granddaughter.
That's right.
Oh oh, no, what's happened? Mrs.
Goodwin, I'm so sorry, but your grandson Steven and-and two other young men were victims of an apparent homicide.
Oh A homicide? Your granddaughter is unaccounted for.
We're looking for her right now.
Molly's safe.
We've taken her to Desert Palm Hospital.
Let me ask you one more thing.
I'm-I'm so sorry, but what about Molly's father? He died in Iraq, uh before Molly was born.
I need to see her.
Yes, of course.
And I I need to call my son right now.
I don't understand what's happening.
I just saw them all here yesterday.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I can't where's my phone? Well, there's definitely signs of forced entry.
What's the web telling you? Angle and elevation the victims were definitely on their knees before the beatings started.
Duct-taped wrists and ankles and the front door lock was picked.
What are you thinking? Well, I'm thinking I've seen this before.
Day shift has been investigating a series of home invasions in this area.
Does this have the same M.
? Aside from the escalation to murder, yes.
Woman was abducted.
What happened to her? Sexually assaulted and released.
So maybe we will find Grace Goodwin alive.
I hope so, but it's gonna be tough.
And look, at the other break-in, there were witnesses.
Said they saw three guys with masks.
No witnesses here.
I'm not so sure about that.
Let me show you something.
This blood is gravitational.
Connects to the blood evidence in the kitchen.
Blood from the little girl's mom.
But this blood is directional.
After Grace was struck, she headed down this hallway.
Doesn't make sense.
No way to escape down there.
Grace knew that.
She knew her only chance to get away was to go out back through the kitchen.
Okay, what drew her attention down the hallway? First door on the right is Molly's room.
But Grace never ran down there.
She stopped.
I think, to give a signal to her daughter to stay inside her room.
Little girl said she was asleep the whole time.
I think she saw more than she's saying.
Maria let me have a minute, will you? Thank you.
How you doing, Molly? I remember you.
Well, my name is D.
Well, that's not really my name.
That's what people call me.
Do you want to know what my real name is? Do you? You gotta promise not to laugh, though.
Promise? My name is "Diebenkorn"" Oh I knew you were gonna laugh.
It's a funny name.
Yeah, it is a funny name.
I know you've been asking about your mommy.
And we're looking for her.
You're welcome.
Last night in the middle of the night, did-did you wake up? Did you see your mommy? Did you see the-the people who hurt your mommy? Can you read to me? Sure.
Dream Away.
Is this your favorite book? It's Mommy's favorite.
Excuse me, one second, here.
So patrol found Grace Goodwin's car.
Actually they didn't.
Same year, same model, but the license plate was unreadable, so I double-checked the VIN.
Car's registered to a Burt Markell.
So we've got a new case.
Let's pop the trunk.
Oh That's, uh Burt Markell, I presume.
There's a hole in his head-- gunshot, maybe? Gas can-- that would've helped fuel the fire.
So the guy gets shot in the head, dumped in the trunk, and then the car was lit up to destroy evidence.
Let's just hope they didn't get all of it.
I'm Detective Jim Brass, Las Vegas Police.
Is there any news on Grace? We haven't found your daughter yet, but I'm confident we will.
We've identified the deceased young men who were found at the scene with your son Steven as J.
Kesey and Duke Givens.
Did you know them? No, I did-I didn't.
Mom? Did you? No.
We also found drug paraphernalia at the scene.
Was Steven a drug user? No, he was not a drug user.
You're wrong about that.
No, Bruce he's right.
Steven did have a problem with drugs.
Mom You never told me.
Well, he was doing better lately.
He was my son.
I should've known about this.
Steven asked me not to tell you.
What?! I haven't been around for the past few years.
I had some issues.
And now Bruce, honey.
I can't It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
Shh, shh.
When can I see my granddaughter Molly again? Very soon.
We're just finishing processing her.
Picked up exemplars from Burt Markell's apartment.
Henry confirmed he's our DB.
So, did you find a bullet in his head? No, just a hole, and it's not from a gunshot.
It's blunt force trauma.
Any idea what the weapon was? It's hard to tell with all the fire damage, but the tissue on the outside of the wound was charred along with the tissue in the wound as well as the skull.
So he was struck in the head, thrown in the trunk of his car and then lit up? I wish that were true.
What do you mean? Take a look at the trachea.
The tissues of the oropharynx and tracheobronchial tree were seared by fire.
So you're he inhaled fire.
Not just inhaled.
He swallowed it.
I found burn marks along the esophagus and inside the stomach wall.
So he was alive in the trunk when the car was torched.
The blow to the head didn't kill him, it just incapacitated him.
Maybe the killer thought he was already dead.
Or the sick bastard didn't care.
Man on a mission.
You're gonna put day shift out of a job.
Did Russell get anything from the little girl? He said that she's still too freaked out to talk.
I think it's going to take some time.
The mother's still alive.
I don't know how much time we have.
You're still thinking that our crime fits the pattern of home invasion robberies.
In the previous home invasions, the suspects left behind prints, so I compared them against the prints we found in the Goodwin house-- they were all over the place.
Pretty bad crooks.
Pretty dead crooks, you mean.
How's that? I was entering fingerprint exemplars from the victims in the house to exclude them, then two of them popped on AFIS.
Kesey and Duke Givens? Wait a minute-- you're saying that two of our victims are the home invaders? What about the little girl's Uncle Steven? Guy's not in the system.
If he was involved, he didn't leave prints.
Okay, so we need some new exemplars, DNA maybe.
What about the woman from the other home invasion who was sexually assaulted? Yeah, this Alison Liss.
I'll compare our three guys against the semen recovered from the female vic.
See if one of them's a match.
So, our home invaders were home invaded? With the same M.
as the previous crimes.
This all sounds like payback to me.
Yeah, but upping the ante to murder.
Yeah, Jim.
Really? All right, I'm on my way.
What? Patrol just found Grace Goodwin.
What's the story, Mitch? Patrols canvassed the area.
Found her body in there.
These people are animals, Nick.
And we're gonna hunt them down.
Mommy's in Heaven, isn't she? Yes, she is.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry.
Sweetheart, I feel the same way.
You know, as soon as there's break in this case, I want to take a day off and fly up and see Katie and Maya; check up on them.
I think it's just gonna take some time, that's all.
Okay, I gotta go.
I love you, too.
Is everything okay? Yeah, thanks.
Everything's fine.
Did you, uh, break the news to Molly? I did; yeah, yeah.
Okay, so where are we? Well, Grace Goodwin is on her way up to autopsy.
Nick said that she was really badly beaten.
So both of you think that the motive for all these murders is payback? Yeah.
I think that Steven Goodwin's friends, J.
and Duke, robbed the wrong house and crossed the wrong person.
What about Steven? Well, I got the SAE kit back on the woman who was abducted and sexually assaulted during the fourth home invasion.
Alison Liss.
DNA from the semen not a match to Steven Goodwin.
He didn't commit the rape, so I don't think he was part of the crew.
I think that he and his sister Grace were collateral damage.
So, we have a third guy from this home invasion crew still out there.
And, if someone is taking revenge on those guys, he may be our next victim.
You know, I've seen it all, Doc, but sometimes it gets to me.
Worry when it doesn't.
So how'd she die? Well, as you can see, Grace Goodwin sustained multiple blows to the head.
was subdural hematoma.
Blunt force injuries to the upper body, legs, arms.
Contusions and bruisings are indicative of the same type of weapon used on her brother and the other two victims.
Hexagonal pattern in these wounds.
I think we can guess what the weapon was.
Lug wrench.
Was she sexually assaulted? No, she wasn't.
Surprised? Well, the killer followed the same M.
as the other invasions all the way down to the abduction.
But the woman before was raped.
And that's what's bothering you? If this whole thing is some sort of payback.
It goes way beyond "you rob my house, I rob your house.
" Someone that's sending a message.
The way that they're doing it says a lot about how brutal they are.
This guy Burt must've really pissed somebody off.
What do we know about him? Uh, he worked at a golf course.
No wife, no kids.
I went to his place; he didn't have much.
Gonna be hard to find anything probative in this wreckage.
That's strange.
White crystals embedded in the rim of the trunk, right above where we found the gas can.
You know, I swear I smell garlic.
Looks like someone dropped something in here.
Someone who works at the Palermo.
It's a casino I.
The name and photo are burnt off.
If the RFID chip in it somehow survived the fire Maybe we found our killer.
Sandy Larken?! How long have you been standing there? Do you have any idea who she is? No.
Why? Two years ago, I bought a motorcycle.
You bought a motorcycle? The point is, the previous owner was Sandy Larken's boyfriend, who died on the bike after they broke up, in a most unusual traffic mishap.
Is Sandy Larkin involved in this most recent vehicular tragedy? She's a person of interest.
I want in.
Oh, my God.
I-I can't believe this.
Y-You really think someone would do something to hurt Burt? Kill him.
Burn him alive.
So, Miss Larkin, we found your I.
in Burt's car.
Do you have any idea how it got there? Oh, we work together.
Actually, I'm a concierge at the Palermo.
It's my job to shuttle high rollers to the Glenn Alden Golf Course.
Burt's a greenskeeper there.
We know.
I lost my badge last week.
I guess I must've dropped it in Burt's car, when he was giving me a ride home.
Did Burt give you a ride home often? Yes.
We were seeing each other.
Oh, you were intimately involved.
He was a little odd, but I liked him.
When my dog got sick, he was really there for me, and I kissed him, and that's when we started dating.
When did you break up with him? How how did you know we broke up? Oh, I know.
I know about you.
Hodges Oh, that that's right, we've met.
You were so sweet to me when Peter died in that horrible motorcycle accident.
I don't know what it is with me and guys.
I have the worst luck.
So, why did you and Burt break up? Well, the truth is I liked Burt more as a friend.
I can't believe the last time we talked-- well, texted-- was when I dumped him.
And when was that? - Two days ago.
- Miss Larkin, can you account for your whereabouts yesterday? Like, where I was? I was at my friend's salon.
She's learning how to do waxing and needed someone to practice on.
I got a free haircut, too.
I was there.
Just ask.
Oh, we will.
Looks like you've had some success here.
Whoever wrapped Grace Goodwin's body in that tarp, left behind some pretty good fingerprints I'm running through the system right now.
Hey, uh, I think your wife's calling you there, boss man.
Yeah, I'll call her back later.
Thank you.
You all right? Yeah My granddaughter's starting to have nightmares again.
About the whole McKeen kidnapping thing? Yeah, yeah.
It started right afterwards, but then it got better for a while, you know.
But a couple months ago, it It's always hard when kids are involved.
What you got? Hello, Connor Durman.
That's a work card from the Spearmint Rhino.
Now, that's interesting.
Working on your payback theory, I started looking for anyone who might've wanted revenge for Alison Liss's sexual assault.
Pretty good suspect.
This guy owns the Spearmint Rhino.
Tony Lash? Know him? By reputation.
Prostitution, drugs, all that good stuff.
Oh, well, allegedly.
He was also a suspect in the murder of an informant last year.
Okay, what does all this have to do with Alison Liss? She is Lash's niece.
The house she was renting belongs to him, so our home invasion crew not only messed with his property, they messed with his family.
And gave Lash a good reason to be out for blood.
Maybe enough reason to send this Durman fellow to collect.
Hey, Jimmy! Crystal, how are you? Good.
How you doing? Staying out of trouble? Agh! It's more fun to be in trouble, you know that.
Do you know this guy-- Connor Durman? Yeah.
Uh, he works the door.
Don't think he's on tonight, though.
How about the big boss, Tony Lash? He isn't here, either.
So no one's here tonight, huh? Wish I could help.
Look, I'm up next.
I need your help.
Tony Lash isn't here, for real.
Connor is in the Champagne Room.
Thank you.
Uh, excuse me, ladies, I hate to interrupt your fun, but I need a word with Mr.
Who the hell are you, huh? I'm the cops.
What is this all about? We'll talk about that downtown.
I don't think so, all right? Oh, you don't think so? I just paid 400 bucks for this bottle.
I got six more dances coming to me, so, you boys are gonna have to wait.
Aah! I really don't think so.
I'm your new dance partner.
We found your fingerprints on the tarp that Grace Goodwin's body was wrapped up in.
That tarp was in the back of my truck.
Somebody stole it last week.
I thought you were just the muscle that Tony Lash hired to kill the crew that raped and robbed his niece.
But then this lab report came up.
And the DNA showed that you raped Alison Liss.
So that means you were the third person in the home invasion crew.
If that's the case, why are you still alive when the other two guys are dead? Because when Tony Lash put the screws to you, you lied about the rape, and you dimed out your buddies to save your ass.
Here's a chance to save your ass again.
Give me Tony Lash.
I can't.
Wrong answer! I can't 'cause Lash ain't stupid, all right? He's not the one who came to me and put a gun to my head.
Who did? This guy, uh name's Dave.
From Detroit.
He works for Lash.
And I told him what we did.
Hell, we didn't know it was Lash's place, Lash's niece.
Told him it was J.
who, uh raped Alison.
You are a piece of work, man.
Well, he wanted to know where to find J.
,Duke, and made me take him to the house, and I swear to God, I did not even go inside there.
Tell me about Grace Goodwin.
Her took her in her car, and he had me follow them to this abandoned warehouse.
He took my tire iron and tarp, told me to get lost.
That's the last I saw of them.
Where can I find this "Dave from Detroit"? I don't know; I only saw him that one night.
News flash: your man-killer, Sandy Larken, her alibi checked out-- she was caught on tape.
There's surveillance in a beauty salon? This is Vegas.
The friend's salon is at the Fashion Arcade at the Tangiers.
Are these my crystals from the car trunk? Yes-- tetraphosphorous decaoxide.
That's byproduct of phosphine gas and oxygen, right? Right.
I don't get it.
How does phosphine gas get in the trunk of Burt Markell's car? Source is usually phosphoric acid.
How it got in his trunk, total mystery.
Not to me.
I just got the tox report back on Burt Markell.
Showed high levels of zinc in his system.
Like the supplement? Yeah.
But these levels were off the charts.
I have a theory, though, as to how Burt "zinc'd out.
" You guys have seen Caddyshack, haven't you? Mole poison.
A greenskeeper's best friend.
A greenskeeper like our friend Burt Markell.
You think Burt was killed by mole poison? The active ingredient in mole poison is zinc phosphide.
And when it comes into contact with potassium bicarbonate it creates phosphine gas.
And when that comes into contact with oxygen-- you may want to put those on for this-- creates a chemical reaction that is, well the bomb.
Smell the garlic? Yeah.
And I see the white crystals-- tetraphosphorous decaoxide.
Well, this is impressive, but we didn't find any mole poison in Burt's trunk.
Well, that's because the mole poison wasn't in his trunk, it was in Burt.
Wait-- he ingested mole poison? That would kill him.
I checked Burt's FriendAgenda page.
He and Sandy Larken had a volatile relationship.
And the day that Sandy broke up with him, he posted a virtual suicide note.
Swallowing mole poison? Yeah.
And his stomach enzymes-- like the potassium bicarbonate-- reacted with the poison to create the phosphine gas.
So Burt didn't swallow fire, he belched it.
Think about it: Burt runs out of gas.
But being a greenskeeper, out of habit, he keeps an extra can of gas in his trunk.
The build-up of gas in his stomach causes Burt to burp.
Causing the phosphine gas to ignite.
Combine that with the can of gasoline, and Houston, we have a problem.
Explains Burt's head injury, it explains the searing of his esophagus and stomach and the trachea, too.
If he was trying to kill himself, why did he get in his car and drive across town? I think I know someone we need to talk to.
Really? Well, this time, I'm doing all the talking.
You cops keep coming around, I'm gonna insist you pay the cover.
Well, we can always have this conversation at my place.
There's no cover charge and the drinks are free.
Good night, ladies.
Go on.
So, how can I help the LVPD today? J.
Kesey and Duke Givens.
What about 'em? They're two-thirds of a trio that messed up your niece.
Your boy Connor Durman gave up their names, and now they're dead.
I guess that's called karma.
I mean, considering what they did to poor little Alison.
We know you had them killed, Tony.
The same way you knew I had that informant killed a year ago.
Come on, man, we've done this dance already.
I mean, if you had anything, anything at all on me, I wouldn't be sitting here, would I? I hope you sleep okay, because you just killed two innocent people and orphaned a six-year-old girl.
Guess what? I sleep just fine.
Whoever you hired screwed up, Tony.
and Duke didn't rape Alison-- Connor did.
He lied.
Sleep on that.
I hope you got that phone tap in place.
I just rattled Tony Lash's cage.
Mommy told me to call.
Where is your mommy? Is she hurt? I don't know where she is.
She told me to call if something happened.
My uncle Steven and his friends won't wake up.
What's your name, honey? Molly.
Molly, are your uncle and his friends hurt? I have to go.
Mommy said I should go wait outside for the police.
Molly, wait.
Don't hang up, Molly.
How many times have you listened to that? Too many.
I heard about Katie.
Nick's really worried about you.
But I am, too.
When my kids were growing up, I-I coached 'em what to do in an emergency: "Call 911, go to the neighbors.
If they're not home, wait outside.
" That's really good advice.
Coming from a dad who's a cop, yeah.
I mean, we see tragedy every day; we come to expect it.
It's part of the job.
But my daughter Maya didn't want to raise Katie that way.
You know, didn't want her living in fear.
And now she is.
Yes, she is.
Just like Molly.
Trying not to show it; trying to be strong.
You know, something's not right here.
We-we've got a we've got a revenge killing staged to look like a home invasion.
Look at these photos.
Only one part of the house has been touched, ransacked.
The area where the TV and the stereo are.
And the CDs and the DVDs.
It's not a very good "staging.
" So you're thinking that whoever did this was looking for something.
Yeah, but I'm also thinking that Molly's mom coached her, just like I coached my kids.
But I'm a cop.
I knew what threats in the world I was afraid of.
So what was Grace Goodwin afraid of? Right.
And what's our killer looking for? We got missing pieces of this puzzle.
Oh, my God, Burt ate mole poison? That is so disgusting.
And fatal.
Thank you, I I feel like you've brought me closure.
Uh, actually, um we are also in need of some closure, Miss Larken.
You said the last time that you communicated with Burt was three days ago-- that "Dear John" text.
His-his name's "Burt.
" Right.
Uh, the point is that you dumped him, but that was not the last time that you communicated with him.
Yes, it was.
No, it wasn't.
You sent him a text an hour before he died.
No, I didn't.
We have the phone records, Sandy.
Sh-She has the phone records.
Yes, I do.
You invited him to dinner.
Oh I I wondered why Tad didn't get my invite.
Who's Tad? My new boyfriend.
I the text was meant for him, not Burt.
Oops? You-you send a man in the throes of a mole-poison suicide false hope, send him racing to the E.
to get his stomach pumped for dinner, and-and-and all you can say is "Oops"? He was on his way to the hospital? We think so.
His car was parked two blocks away.
I feel really bad.
Of course you do.
Oh Oh, hi, Tad.
No, I-I don't think I'm busy.
I think we're just about done? Yes.
Thank you.
I will be there in ten.
And I am so sorry.
I was such a bitch to you about missing dinner.
You are not gonna believe this story.
I know what you're thinking.
She's a black widow.
And one day, I'm gonna prove it.
There you are.
I think your granddad'll be here in a second.
Tell you what.
If you want anything, call this number, okay? Anytime, day or night.
You call and I answer.
You want me to read to you for a sec? No.
Mommy said if anything ever happened to her, I should find a good person.
Like you.
And give this to them.
Grace, I want to be a part of your life.
No, Dad, you'll never be a part of my life.
Or Molly's.
You know what you did.
To me, and to Steven.
Honey, I got help.
I'm a different man-- I want us to be a family again.
You're lucky you're not in prison.
If you come near me or Molly, I'll go straight to the cops.
I'll see you rot in jail.
That's Grace's dad's confession on tape, as far as I'm concerned.
This is what our killer was after.
But I'm confused.
I thought we were looking at Tony Lash for these murders.
I mean, we got a witness that puts one of Lash's guys in the house, doing the killings for him.
Well, maybe he wasn't just killing for him.
Hi, Bruce.
CSI Russell said you still had some questions for me.
What's your connection to Tony Lash? Who? I-I mean, I don't know any Tony Lash.
What about Dave? "Detroit Dave"? What about him? What's this about? What's that? You really want to play it this way? Really? 'Cause I'll play with you.
I'm not playing! I don't know what any of this is about! That is your confession to molesting your own son and daughter.
Grace recorded it, man.
This is some kind of trick.
Trick? No, no, no.
No tricks.
I don't know anything about any recording.
That disc is why you had them killed.
That disc is why you joined up with Tony Lash to beat and murder four people, including your own son and daughter.
No! I loved my daughter! And my son! I know I hurt them.
I know I did.
But that was a very long time ago.
I'm not that man anymore.
And all I wanted was the chance to prove it have my family back together again.
Well, that may have been what you wanted.
But that damn sure wasn't what Grace or Steven wanted.
There was no way in hell she was letting you go near Molly.
And I think that Grace wanted us to find that, so that even in death, she can bear witness against you.
It doesn't matter what you think.
My family is the most important thing to me.
I would die before I hurt them again.
I don't think he knew anything about that recording.
What about the murders? Don't think he knew anything about them, either.
Okay, so, what do we got? We have two of our victims-- J.
and Duke, clearly connect to Tony Lash.
Revenge killing for raping his niece.
And the other two-- Grace and Steven Goodwin-- to Bruce, to cover up for his past crimes.
But if Bruce didn't hook up with Lash to commit these murders, the question is who did? Just got off the phone with Brass.
The wiretap on Lash's phone just came through.
I guess Brass really did rattle his cage.
Did he reach out to "Dave from Detroit"? Brass just found him with a bullet in his head.
So Dave's not talking.
No, but we got someone else was talking plenty on that wiretap to Lash.
Turns out he's got a girlfriend, who, for once, is age appropriate.
Packing up are you, Mrs.
Goodwin? Oh, yes, yes.
Uh, your officers told me earlier that they had released the crime scene.
It's so hard, but it it has to be done.
Did you feel the same way about killing your grandkids? Excuse me? You know, when I first heard about you and Tony Lash as a couple, I just, I didn't get it.
Yeah, he said that you two were high-school sweethearts; that you reconnected after all these years.
It was a really sweet story.
You got a lot of stuff to go through there, don't you? I guess I could save her some time.
That is, if you're looking for a a recording of your son's confession, I made you a copy for you.
Actually, you know what, it's more for your lawyer.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
My grandchildren were beaten to death in this house.
How dare you accuse me! Oh, we don't have to accuse you of anything.
You already took care of that yourself.
Another little recording I want you to listen to.
Damn it, Tony, they just arrested Bruce.
Sooner or later the cops are going - to figure out who did this.
- Calm down, Agnes.
Calm down?! They're never gonna connect this to us.
They're going to find out we're together; that I got you to kill my grandkids while you were taking your revenge on those two thugs.
Boy, your family has a bad habit of getting caught confessing on tape.
Don't you think? I get Tony, revenge killing.
But you you had him murder your own grandson, your own granddaughter.
How could you do that? To protect Bruce? You don't understand.
How could you? Bruce is my everything; my baby.
There is nothing I wouldn't do - to protect him.
- And Grace Steven, Molly-- what about them? Bruce tried everything to bring the family back together.
My son is not perfect.
But Grace, that little bitch.
She tricked him.
And she was gonna tell everyone.
Come on, they were your own flesh and blood.
They didn't grow inside of me.
I didn't give them life, feed them from my own breast.
Judge me when you've lived that.
We don't have to live that to judge you.
We already know what you are.
What do you think? Good, thank you.
My wife made a whole bunch.
For the flight.
I've never been to Virginia.
To my cousin's.
Oh, well, Virginia's very nice.
I think you'll like it.
I used to live there, for a while, when I was a kid.
Really? Mm-hmm.
I lived a lot of places, actually.
Moved around a lot.
It can be scary, I know.
New places, new people.
But you're gonna make a lot of friends.
You still got that number I gave you? Good.
'Cause if you're ever feeling scared or sad, you know that I'm your friend, right? So we can talk.
I'd like that.
Me, too.
Hey, Molly It's time to go.
Okay, sweetheart.
Let me help you with your jacket here.
You all set? Yeah.
Thank goodness.
You're gonna do great.