CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e20 Episode Script


How does an eagle fly? With wings? I don't know.
Ask the chicken how that's working out.
An eagle flies because it is fearless.
Using its force of mind, the eagle is the lord of the sky.
My name is Alan Quinn and I believe that you are all eagles.
Thank you, friends.
Thank you for visiting this sacred paradise.
If you join my week-long "Force Of Mind" seminar, you will conquer fire.
Your fears will vanish.
Your work, your relationship, everything in your life will be enriched.
Now who wants to come fly with me? Come on! I don't see every hand up.
Who wants to come fly with me?! Come on! Let's go, people! Let's go! Come on in the back there! Ciao, David.
Oh I wish you were here.
Ciaobella, Elisabetta, il mia amore.
I wish I were there, too.
You do? You're not avoiding me? Of course not.
Work beckons.
It's so beautiful here.
So empowering.
Empowering? Sounds like you've been sipping the Alan Quinn Kool-Aid.
I'm about to enter the sacred mud spring.
Ugh, if I can't see the bottom, I don't go in.
If you were with me, you'd see something else.
It's all natural here.
I assume that this is a private mud spring? Just me and nature.
Ciao, David.
Ciao Is that your fiancé on the phone? You're such a tease, huh? Have you told him about me? It's not the right time.
Santo? Non é buffo.
Not funny! Mi hai fatto paura! You scare me! Stop kicking! I'm not kicking you! You, stop rubbing me.
I'm not.
Welcome to your hot springs nightmare.
Floater in a natural mud bath.
Why does this place look so familiar? Because Alan Quinn shoots his infomercials here.
This is his resort.
The "Force of Mind" guy.
All over late-night TV.
I don't think this'll make his next ad.
Watch your step.
What do we got? It's a unknown male.
There's no I.
Liver temp's ambient with the mud.
Body's bloated, but there's no sloughing of the skin.
I'd say he's been dead at least 24 hours, but probably no more than 36.
Heard a couple of bathers found him.
It floated up between them while they were messing around.
And we know one of the bathers.
That's Elisabetta.
Hodges' girlfriend? Yep.
She was taking a dip with Fabio over there.
They're sharing a room.
She and Hodges are still engaged, right? Far as I know.
Hey, what is that right there? Looks like bruising.
Maybe handprints? Could be he was held down.
So, not an accidental drowning.
Murder in paradise.
* Who are you? * Who, who, who, who? * Who are you? * Who, who, who, who? * I really wanna know * Who are you? * Oh-oh-oh * Who * * Come on, tell me who are you, you, you * * Are you! You conquer fire you can conquer anything.
It is all within you.
Here you go.
Force of mind.
You got it yeah! There you go.
Feels good to be an eagle, doesn't it? Doesn't it? Alan Quinn? Captain Jim Brass, Las Vegas Police.
Excuse me, birdman, do me a favor fly back to your room.
I need to speak to your spirit guide.
Hey, what's going on, Alan? Aren't you concerned that a murder victim was found in your mud springs? Of course I'm concerned.
It's a tragedy.
Quinn, we're kind of hoping you could help us identify the victim.
As far as I know, every employee, every guest has been accounted for.
And I handed over our registry to one of your guys.
Well, somebody got stuck in the mud.
All I can think is, uh, probably a hiker.
Sadly some people can't afford the entrance fee.
So what do you think, they sneaked down from the hillside? they're not a bother, I look the other way.
In the end, these springs are for everyone, right? That's a beautiful sentiment, Alan.
But let me tell you what's happening.
Right now, these springs and every inch of this ground belongs to us.
You got it? You know, I kind of miss playing in the mud.
Sacred bubbly mud.
Even better.
Heard you might need some extra on-site testing.
I'm here to help.
She's over by the reception area.
Elisabetta, Elisabetta, mi amore.
It was horrible, David.
Oh, it's okay, it's okay.
I'm here.
Now, I heard you were with someone? Si.
He's my brother, David.
He's visiting from Tuscany.
But I checked the hotel register, and he has a different last name.
And you two were staying in the same room.
You don't trust me, David? I do, it's just I want to, but I don't understand.
Santo and I have different last name because I was married before.
I keep my husband last name.
David, I was very young.
Why didn't you tell me you were married before? I tried.
You've been so busy.
You never have time for me.
How much time does it take for someone to just say, "By the way, I'm divorced, Italian-style"? It was just one week.
Not helping.
I'll explain everything.
Era niente.
It was nothing.
* Ready? Let's get dirty.
This looks like the last of it.
Hold on there's something's wedged between the rocks right here.
Leather bracelet? It looks clean.
That means it wasn't in here for very long.
Maybe it belonged to someone who was in here with our vic.
Maybe even our killer.
Doc, what do we have? Confirmation our victim drowned.
Stomach contents are muddy.
Also confirmation we're dealing with a homicide.
In addition to the apparent bruising to our victim's chest, I also found this abrasion on his forehead.
Think he was hit before he went in? Possibly.
These were embedded inside the wound track.
Looks like wooden splinters.
Maybe from a weapon.
Beaten and then drowned? I'll send this off to Hodges.
John Doe had a maxillary partial denture.
Four numbers are engraved on the metal framework.
Most dentists I.
their patients using the last four digits of their Social.
Should give us a name.
I'm, um, I'm sorry for your loss.
I thought Justin was still at the spa.
I can't believe this.
You weren't with him at the spa? No, he was on a corporate retreat with his sales team.
Justin's a a rep at Bixton.
Bixton the pharmaceutical company? That's right.
The company uses Alan Quinn's team-building techniques.
Do you know, um, if Justin had problems with any of his co-workers? No.
He loved his job our life together We were just getting started.
When was the last time that you spoke with him? Uh two days ago.
This is so stupid.
He didn't even want to go.
I convinced him.
Why didn't he want to go? He thought it was New-Agey and-and silly.
I had stayed at the spa before, so I thought it would be good for him.
Wow, look at that.
What wasn't in this mud bath? Yeah, it looks like the day after a frat party.
Complete with the muddy walk-of-shame evidence.
The condoms are swabbed for DNA.
Henry got no results.
As well as the bottles and cigarette butts.
And that pigeon feather is disgusting.
Really, all of this stuff looks like it's been down there a couple of weeks except for this thing right here.
Doesn't even have any mud on it.
Can I see that thing? Mm-hmm.
What are you doing? This is a eagle feather, maybe? You know, you put this little tassel thing on the end of the feather, you got yourself a smudge feather.
A what? Smudge feather.
Native American Indians use it sometimes to waft incense around.
My mom used to use a smudge feather to cleanse the negativity from our house.
I thought you said your house was a van? Believe me, that van needed a lot of smudging.
Wait a sec.
Smudge feather.
Where have I seen that? Alan Quinn sent over a list of everyone on the retreat.
Opening day itinerary.
He divided everyone into teams of three.
Each team was named after a type of eagle.
So, this is a white-tailed eagle.
And the feather symbol that Alan Quinn gave to you and your Bixton team which consisted of you, Heather, and Jessica Lowell and Justin Weed.
First, let me say, as a citizen and as a representative of Bixton, I want to cooperate fully in this investigation.
I very much appreciate that.
So, Justin's feather was found in his room.
And this feather was found where he died.
So, who's feather is it? Is it your feather or is it Jessica's feather? You and Jessica need some time to get your story straight? I have nothing to hide.
We were both with Justin.
Heather wanted a team strategy meeting.
Having it at Club Mud was my idea.
What time did you meet at the mud bath? Around 10:00.
And what was the mood in the mud? Was everything cool with Justin? Justin was over the whole Alan Quinn team-building- eagle-flying-thing.
He just wanted to go home.
And what about you and Heather? Who doesn't like a free mud bath? Heather, on the other hand, spent that last day looking like she was gonna pop a button on her pant suit.
Why's that? She wasn't happy with the team.
I don't want to speak ill of the deceased, but Justin let the team down.
How so? He wouldn't do the firewalk.
And why would that concern your team? Alan Quinn sends an assessment report back to Bixton.
Your team fails mission objectives, you get a bad score.
So you were upset with Justin? Maybe even got into a shoving match.
Not liking your insinuation here.
They were both alive and well when I left.
So, you're saying that Jessica and Justin stayed in the mud bath together.
Don't know what happened after that.
We just talked.
He was distracted.
I was half-naked and he didn't even blink.
All he could talk about was his wife.
Why are the good ones always so boring? So, how'd the night end? We got out at the same time.
Now wait a minute Justin got out of the mud bath? Yeah.
We walked back together.
I saw him go into his room.
What time was that? Around 11:00.
Thank you, Jessica.
You can call me Jess.
Any time.
You text me? Indeed, I did.
I understand our women in the mud bath claim that Justin Wade exited the mud? Yeah, yeah, before he returned to it to drown.
I sense your frustration and I may have something to assuage it.
The bruising on the victim's chest, right? Mh-hmm.
Histology results of the tissue reveal fluid loss from damaged blood vessels.
Swelling and blistering that was obfuscated from the bloating.
So you're saying that he was burned before he was drowned? According to Doc Robbins, an inhaled substance caused urticaria and angioedema along the interior of the primary bronchi.
I think the cause smoke.
And, you recall the Justin Wade had splinters in his forehead? Yeah, he was hit by some kind of weapon, right? I think not.
The splinters are wood from the Northwestern Red Cedar.
It's a tree that's sacred to Native Americans used in rituals and rites of passage.
Like Alan Quinn's firewalks.
Wood in his head, smoke in his lungs.
I think between dips in the mud, Justin Wade played with fire.
And, I can prove it.
If you'll firewalk this way.
First of all, walking across hot coals doesn't take force of mind, it takes force of physics.
Coal's lightweight carbon structure is a poor conductor of heat.
The layer of ash further insulates the heat.
Firewalks are conducted at night so you see the red, burning coals, and not the layer of ash that coats them.
Phew, whoa! You sure about this? That's hot enough to cook meat.
But your feet only make contact for two-tenths of a second.
The key is to walk softly and steadily.
Ecco, amico mio.
I am an eagle! All right, what about the victim? He didn't receive his wings.
While we know that Justin Wade was a reluctant spiritual warrior, Heather, his teammate, was unhappy with his unwillingness to walk the fire.
So you think that after Heather berated him in the mud bath, he went back to his room, and he warriored-up, and he gave it a shot.
Bad shot.
I think he panicked halfway across, tripped and fell.
Forehead hitting an unburned piece of cedar.
Discoloration on the chest that we thought was bruising was really burns.
You know, the firewalk was fenced off from the rest of the spa.
Even if Justin Wade warriored-up, there's only one person who conducts the firewalk.
Alan Quinn.
Bad for business if a client ends up with third-degree burns and in the hospital.
Better if he ends up accidentally drowned in the mud bath.
Letting the healing waters cover up all the sins.
Justin Wade the floater in your mud.
He wasn't a hiker, he was your client.
We have evidence that ties Justin to the kind of cedar wood that you use in your firewalk.
He wanted to make a firewalk to help his team.
He needed your guidance, maybe? Didn't turn out so good, huh? Come on, Alan.
You lied to us.
You were with Justin that night.
Force of mind.
Be brave.
Tell us what happened.
I had no idea it was Justin.
Uh, he called me to his room, wanted to do a firewalk.
So, you took him up there? No.
Uh, I sensed he wasn't ready.
You know, I'd rather have someone not do the walk than try and fail.
Told him to go to bed.
What time was this? Around 11:30.
Went home after that.
Back to your room.
No, home.
Santa Barbara.
Flew back Friday, midnight.
You fly like an eagle? Or fly commercial? Private jet.
Call my co-pilot, he'll confirm it.
Hey, Doc.
What do we got? I am looking at a sample from Justin Wade's bronchial tissue.
I don't think the smoke from the firewalk caused this inflammation.
Take a look.
He had an acute mast cell degranulation resulting in a massive release of histamines, tryptases and chymases.
The guy suffered anaphylactic shock.
Caused by what? Unknown.
I only see effect, not cause.
That's weird.
We thought that Justin Wade fell in the fire because he had an anxiety attack.
No, what he really had was an allergy attack.
Okay, well, I'll send this tissue up to Hodges, have him run a Rast test and find out what caused it.
* Ciao, Morgan.
Thanks for meeting me.
I was actually surprised you wanted to meet up with me.
I don't have so many amici here.
So, I was thinking maybe we could talk.
David's speaking about you so much.
I think you two guys are very close.
We're very good friends.
Friends? To a certain degree.
What are we talking? I just feel that there is a weird distance between us.
I feel there is something wrong.
Or, maybe someone else.
Trust me, honey, there is absolutely nobody else.
When I look at the two of you, you are so great together.
And-and he is smitten with you.
But why he seem so unhappy lately? He doesn't speak about marriage anymore.
I think you need to talk to David.
You need to have this conversation with him.
I'm not gonna ask.
Really? How disappointing.
Mm, I'm not doing it.
I wore it for you.
What? Common household items: swim cap, hot water bottle, balloons, cleaning gloves, bath mat, shower curtain they're all made of latex.
And, uh, thanks to my assiduous testing, I've determined are the cause of our victim's allergic reaction.
He had a reaction to latex? Aren't you missing the obvious, the condom that we found in the mud bath? We're not talking about the pedestrian skin contact here.
Justin Wade's bronial constriction says he inhaled the latex.
How's that happen? where there's latex vapor there's fire.
So you're saying there was latex in the burning coals of the firewalk.
Greg's at the primary now, looking for the culprit.
Interesting theory.
You know, latex allergy's kind of a personal thing.
Yeah, something only a spouse might know of.
Justin Wade's wife, Mary, told me that she'd been to Alan Quinn's spa before.
So she knows all about the firewalk.
Man alone in the mud bath with two women, one of whom admits to hitting on him.
Workplace romance? I wouldn't know anything about that.
Just sayin'.
Could be a cause for murder.
I'm assuming you're aware your husband had a latex allergy, Mrs.
Wade? Yes, why? We discovered that he had an extreme allergic reaction before he died.
But he was always so careful.
You said it was all good between you two? That's right.
Well, not according to his phone records.
About three weeks ago, Jessica Lowell started calling Justin.
A lot.
Work calls, I'd imagine.
Most of the calls here are after work, after midnight, in fact.
What does this have to do with Justin's death? Mary, you told me that you were home the night that Justin died.
But that isn't true, is it? You got a speeding ticket ten miles from the spa at, uh, let's see Okay, I realize how this must look.
Looks bad.
Okay, yes.
I was on my way to the spa.
I had a feeling about Jessica Lowell.
So you went there to confront them.
But I didn't.
Okay, I filled up my car, and I and I turned around, and I went home.
Look, I told you I loved my husband.
And in the end that meant trusting him.
Just got back from Alan Quinn's fire walk.
Knee-deep in coal ash, found these.
Drug implant pellets.
Used for maintaining hormone levels.
What are they made of? Latex.
Looks to me like one of them isn't fully burned.
Logo says "Made by Bixton.
" The same company Justin Wade worked for.
That can't be a coincidence.
Here, maybe I can get a partial.
* Jessica Lowell is not returning Brass's phone calls.
She's also a no-show at work.
Sounds like she's on the run.
Bixton sent over her employee file.
Three years ago, she was suspended from work for six months.
She and two other employees were under suspicion of selling company secrets.
But she wasn't fired.
They didn't have enough on her.
Okay, so what are we thinking? That Jessica Lowell was up to her old tricks again, stealing from the company? Justin Wade finds out, she kills him.
If that's the case, there's still one more member of "Team White-Tailed Eagle.
" Heather Conner.
Right, and if she found out what Justin Wade found out, we need to find her now.
Thank you.
All right, Heather, thank you very much for coming in.
I don't know what happened to Justin.
I swear.
Can I please have some water? It's right there in front of you.
Sorry, of course.
Heather, you need to relax, okay? You are not a suspect.
What we need right now is to find Jessica.
Jessica's not who she says she is.
Who is she? A thief.
She steals company secrets.
And Justin found out.
Is that why he's dead? Yes.
I think Jessica kills anyone who gets in her way.
Oh, this water's terrible.
The Jessica Lowells are destroying Bixton.
Consider a new typical drug.
After an average development cost of 900 million, a successful launch depends on sales reps delivering complex information.
I put every fiber of my soul into this company.
Into America! Heather, slow down.
It's okay.
I try to do the right thing.
I try so hard to be good.
Are you okay? I need a medic! Oh, my God.
Finn hey, listen to me, listen to me.
You did everything you could.
Now just-just get the body to Doc as soon as you can.
Whew! Finlay's at E.
Conner girl didn't make it.
I mean, it's crazy.
A seemingly healthy woman just drops during an interrogation? Kind of like Justin taking a header in the middle of his firewalk.
Doesn't make any sense.
Well, the only common denominator is Jessica Lowell maybe she poisoned them both.
Do we know where she is yet? Still in the wind.
Haven't had a chance to open up Heather Conner yet, to determine C.
D but, in the washroom, David found this.
White powder under her fingernails.
Hodges says it's magnesium sulfate.
Common dietary supplement.
Yeah, David found a receipt in her purse.
She'd been stocking up on all sorts of nutrients and powders.
Maybe Jessica Lowell spiked her vitamin shake.
Could explain her death.
Now for the unexplainable.
David also found strands of animal hair.
Hodges I.
'd it as capra aegagrus hircus.
Goat? Yeah.
She had goat hair all over her.
I didn't say it made sense.
Mm, something better start making sense.
You here on business or to make another girl date with my fiancée? She told you we met.
No, uh, she texted me by mistake.
"Morgan, thank you for listening.
My new amica.
" She just wanted to talk.
Look, I'm on your side, Hodges.
She's a great girl.
Who feels that I'm backing away.
Are you? Ah, saved by the tox report.
Heather Conner was higher than Elvis at the Vegas Hilton.
So she wasn't poisoned.
She O.
Makes sense.
You said you found magnesium sulfate underneath her fingernails, right? Yeah, I thought that was from a vitamin drink.
But it's also used to manufacture meth.
Drug sales rep becomes drug cook, becomes drug addict.
Deadly career path.
So, she's tweaking on meth, she's called in by PD.
She's worried that we figured it all out the illegal drugs.
She takes some downers to calm down.
And she downs herself forever, right in front of us.
I hear you get very thirsty on meth.
Check out the stomach contents.
"Lacteal secretions high in potassium, niacin and copper.
" Milk.
Goat milk.
The udder milk.
Come on, it's too easy.
No, it's too much goat.
We found goat hair on Heather's clothes.
Text from Nick.
Our prime suspect, Jessica Lowell, just turned herself in.
Thought you were on the run.
Business trip.
I came back as soon as possible.
I want to cooperate.
Well, that's good.
You know the murder victim Justin Wade.
The guy who was drowned in a mud bath? We found your prints on the latex pellets that were tossed into the firewalk to knock Justin out.
Those pellets were samples.
We all had them at the retreat.
Captain Brass, I believe you know Colin Garrett with the FBI field office here.
We're working together.
I'm not a sales rep.
I handle corporate security at Bixton.
I'm teamed up with the FBI right now.
Justin Wade and Heather Conner were under investigation for stealing research and drugs to manufacture designer meth.
Just slip your mind to mention that to me before? And the last time I checked, big pharmaceuticals don't sell street meth.
But we have all the chemicals at hand, and cutting-edge lab technology.
We believe they set up a lab somewhere.
Well, that still doesn't explain how Justin ended up dead.
Are you familiar with Rolan Zahl? Drug distributor bad news.
Worse news for Justin.
Zahl was his street connect.
Feds think that once he finished with the lab, he became expendable.
So you're saying Justin Wade's murder was a drug hit? You have a better theory? Did you follow up on the Rolan Zahl drug angle? Yup, I tested some meth pulled off a Mad-10 dealer two days ago.
Same trace contaminants we found in Heather Conner? To a tee.
Okay, well, I did a little follow-up of my own on the magnesium sulfate from, uh, Heather's fingernails.
According to her credit cards, she bought about last month, from a medical supply company.
And it was shipped to Greenlore Scientific.
AKA our secret meth lab.
That's right.
Looks like it's time to pay a visit to 93644 Dagwood Street.
LVPD! Open up! LVPD! Open up! Go, Stokes.
LVPD! Open up! Go.
What the? Looks like they cleared out.
Think we found our lab.
Yeah, what's left of it.
Hold on, Nick.
Check this out.
Well, somebody trashed the place.
This is too elaborate just to manufacture meth.
An industrial fridge.
Don't usually see that in a meth lab.
Got milk? Right goat's milk, I'm guessing.
Distillation condenser this is some very complex chemistry.
Micro-porous membranes? You don't use that to make meth.
I got to say a lot of the stuff in here just doesn't fit with making street drugs.
Wade?! Please don't hurt me.
Nick's still collecting evidence, but he sent over some trace from the farmhouse lab.
It's definitely meth.
So, what do you think? Husband and wife cooking team? Looks like it.
"Looks like it"? The goat milk doesn't make sense.
Well, maybe it's some kind of cutting agent for the meth.
Ah, it's more than that.
There was a lot of sophisticated equipment in that lab; stuff you don't need to make meth.
Something else was cooking in that kitchen.
I know you think Justin, Heather and I are all meth dealers.
Yeah, I do.
And I know why: you need the money because you're sick.
I have a chronic deficiency of the antithrombin.
It's an anti-coagulant.
And without it, I'm in constant danger of blood clots.
Which can cause a pulmonary embolism.
So, Justin was using a Bixton drug formula to help you.
It uses goat milk to make the antithrombin protein.
It's why Justin took the job with Bixton in the first place.
To steal the recipe? Yes.
The drug's called "Btryn.
" It was canceled during clinical trials three years ago.
Company deemed it too expensive.
My disease is extremely rare, so there wouldn't have been enough customers.
Yeah, those pharmaceutical giants have their bills to pay.
So, Justin started making the drug himself.
But he needed the money to do it.
That's where Heather came in.
It was her crazy idea to set up the lab.
Was the Btryn working? I've been on it for about a month now.
Justin was right.
It's-it's actually helped stabilize me.
I never knew that he was making meth.
I only found out about it a couple days ago.
You know, I don't get why you destroyed the lab.
I mean, it was your one chance to get the medicine.
I I didn't destroy it.
I went to get my last dose.
If Mary Wade's telling the truth and she isn't the one that trashed this place Then who did? All this destruction, this rage.
This is personal.
Yeah, I think I got something here.
In the sink.
Check it out.
Maybe in the middle of going Hulk, our suspect cut himself on some glass.
Rinsed it off in the sink.
And left behind some blood.
* Russell? I got DNA on the blood from the meth lab sink.
You are not gonna believe who broke into the place.
Come on, Sheila.
Exhale the weakness.
Release the toxins.
Feels strong, right? Just have faith in me.
No fear.
Mary Wade have faith in you, Alan? I'm sorry? Can you give us a second? I wanted to talk to Alan about the blood he left in the meth lab.
Because you did.
When you broke in.
Force of entry more than force of mind.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Did you teach Mary your breathing exercises? And did you know she was sick? I wouldn't Because we checked your credit cards.
You've been shipping her cases of that Spirit Force drink of yours.
You do that for all your clients, Alan? I'm trying to help Mary.
Well, of course you are.
I mean, good heavens, you're in love with her, right? Mary's a very special very brave woman.
Yeah, she is.
But you didn't answer my question.
You know, I came from nothing.
Built an empire.
Truth is, I never found anyone who interested me.
Until Mary.
When you find your other half, that is what it's really like to fly.
Have you found your other half? Wow.
That's so romantic.
The truth is, she didn't want to fly with you, did she? I mean, she didn't want to have anything to do with you, Alan.
And you know why? Because her husband already found a cure for her.
Something that actually worked.
Is that what happened? Hmm? You found out that his worked, yours didn't? Is that why you destroyed his lab? Well, come on, man.
Usually you have all the answers.
You know something? I've seen people like you before.
And you make me sick.
You sell snake oil to the weak.
So you think Justin Wade was so good? He was poisoning her.
I wasn't gonna watch her die.
Modern medicine? That's the real snake oil here.
They spend millions conning people into buying chemicals and pills, so they can make billions.
The weak? I I make people strong.
Just Wade, he didn't understand that.
And he didn't understand Mary.
I do.
You killed him, didn't you? You're damn right I did.
Whatever it took to save Mary's life.
To heal her; to make her fly.
And I'd do it again.
Thank you.
David, everything is okay? Are you still upset because I didn't tell you about my past? No, no, it has nothing to do with that.
I don't care that you were married for a week.
Because I want to marry you.
For forever.
Then why are you running from me? 'Cause I'm an idiot.
And I'm afraid.
Of what? Me? My family? No, no.
Um Having a family.
My father wasn't around very much when I grew up and when he was around, he-he really wasn't.
He was scientist.
He was always holed-up in the basement.
You're afraid you will turn into him? Terrified.
David you fear things that have never happened.
Don't you think it's a waste of time? Not if I'm wasting it with you.
I, uh, have your husband's wedding ring.
Blood test confirmed your illness.
I hope someday there's a drug that will help you.
Have you ever flown in your dreams? Ever since Justin died I'm so numb all day, but when I sleep I'm healthy, I'm free and I fly.
And he's with me somehow.
And then I wake and I'm alone but I'm I'm not as sad.
Because I can still feel his presence.
You two must've loved each other very much.
I'm sorry.
Maybe someday, there'll be a drug that can save me.
Maybe not.
All I know is when I remember all the good that we had I'm fearless.