CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e06 Episode Script

Passed Pawns

Money plays.
Doubling down.
Yes! Two or 12.
Splitting aces.
Oh! Yes! Blackjack.
Yes! Blackjack.
Eyes on BJ-13.
I'm already on him, Bobby.
I don't know what to tell you.
I can't figure out how he's doing it.
Yeah! Whoo! $100,000.
Yeah! Blackjack.
Yes! Okay, I think you're done.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I think I'm done.
Cash me out.
That's a hell of a run there, uh, Mr.
That's about $350,000.
Your lucky day.
I have a proposition for you.
Why don't you stick around? We're gonna put you upstairs in a suite on us.
You can eat up, clean up, and then come back down here in a few hours and take us for everything we got.
How does that sound? No, I'd like to cash out now.
Excuse me.
Who are you? Do you know what time it is? I'm sorry? It's 8:00 a.
, as in the graveyard shift ended two hours ago.
You realize that, right? This body is, is mine.
I'm not going to get into a turf war with you right now.
Because you'll lose.
Look, don't make me call your supervisor.
Oh, too late.
And you are? Sean Yeager, day shift.
Oh, Yeager.
Yeah, your supervisor speaks very highly of you.
You're a CSI-2, right? Yeah, one solve away from a promotion? Yes, sir.
You know, I-I never cared much for this day shift versus night shift crap.
I mean, we're all one crime lab, right? All for one, one for all.
Okay, look, cards on the table here.
I really do need this solve to be a solo.
I hate to break it to you, Yeager, but I don't think this is the game-changer that you're looking for.
Homeless guy assaulted in an alley.
Looks like a trash run.
Yeah? I'm not so sure about that.
Yeah, I think I'm with you.
Why, do you got something? Uh, my wife Barbara is stranded at the airport, needs a lift.
So you should go pick her up.
We'll take care of this.
The two of you work together? I think that's a great idea.
Don't you think? Like you said, all for one and one for all.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Whew, this guy is ripe, and I don't think it's decomp.
I think he just may have really needed a shower.
He's got dirty clothes, got weathered skin.
He's been living on the streets for quite a while, you can tell.
You get a wallet, David? No wallet-- I checked.
Yeager, come on, man, you know the protocol.
You can't touch my body without my authorization.
I didn't touch your body.
I saw a wear pattern on the back pocket with no lump.
No lump, no wallet.
I figure the guy gets mugged, the attacker rifles through the wallet and tosses it in the nearest trash receptacle.
Hey, I'm not in here for my health.
You've been in there for a while.
You found a wallet yet? I'm working on it.
Hey, uh, liver temp was 91.
1, which puts time of death at around 3:00 this morning.
I count 12 sharp-force injuries with a two-inch blade.
Stabbed in the back.
I know how he feels.
You know what? When we close this case, you can have the solve.
Thanks, but I don't need your charity.
Case in point.
Blood says it's related.
What is homeless guy doing with the Mission: Impossible briefcase? So much for your trash run.
Got blood drops.
Looks like the assault started right here.
Our victim is heading down the alley, he gets attacked from behind.
The assailant grabs the briefcase, steals what's inside.
But these blood smears and drag marks say that it didn't end there.
The killer sees his victim still alive, trying to crawl away, so he drags him out of sight, finishes him off.
You know, you see that blood on his finger and under his hand? Weird, right? D.
What do you suppose that means? Well, maybe it's a, a message, you know, last words to a loved one.
Or, if it were me, my dying breath, I'd try to identify my killer.
I see you're not the sentimental type.
Okay, I like that.
Oh, boy, honey, I'm so sorry.
Problem solved.
Conrad wanted me to reschedule a hearing.
It's okay, I get it, I know you're a very busy person.
That's why I said I would take a taxi from the airport.
No, no, I told you I wanted to take you home.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna take you home.
Sit first.
Have something to eat.
These pastries are good.
Pastry? No, I-- ah, I'm sorry, I can't-- couldn't possibly I will-- let me have a hit of that coffee, though.
I'm sorry, really, I How are you? How was Seattle? Maya and Katie are both doing very well, and Ryan talked with his company and worked it out so he can stay home more.
That's good.
Have you talked to Charlie? It's been crazy around here.
I-I know I got a couple of messages from him.
Is there something I should know? Well, there's something Oh, come on, come on, that's not fair.
I promise I'll act surprised.
What? What? He's gotten an offer from Eastern Indiana-- full scholarship, starting point guard.
Is he gonna take it? Well, I think so.
Well, that is news.
It's great, it-it's just that, you know one of the reasons why we took this job was so we could be, you know, near Charlie, watch him play his games.
I think getting away could be good for him.
I know.
I know.
I just didn't expect it, that's all.
Things change, plans change.
That sounds like another discussion we need to have.
Yeah, but at another time.
I can tell you're busy, sweetheart, and I can take a taxi.
Hey, Doc, got your message.
You have something for me? Yeah, still working on our alley John Doe, but I found this in one of the wound tracts.
Maybe a piece of the murder weapon.
Tip of the blade-- maybe it broke off.
I'll get it to Hodges.
Tell me something-- these wound patterns I admit sometimes cases start to blur together, but I could swear I have seen this somewhere before.
Well, the two wounds in the center, closest to the spine, appear deeper and wider.
Almost like the killer twisted the blade.
Yeah, but the rest of the wounds are clean, sharp.
That could be overkill, rage.
Or something else-- a signature.
I'll pull some case files, see what I can find.
Well, don't you look like a lovely couple.
Let me guess.
You're in the market for a ring? Uh, information, actually.
I am CSI Brody, and this is CSI Yeager.
I take it you're Ruby.
Yes, but if this is police business, I must confess, I'm just the name on the door.
My boys run the store now.
I just come in occasionally to help out.
Keeps me out of trouble.
Kyle! Zeke! Little help up front.
Coming, Ma.
What's up? Well, these very nice, uh, police folks would like to talk to you about something.
I'll be in the back if you need me.
Oh, and, honey, don't let him get away.
Uh, okay.
Um we recovered this pawn ticket.
Looks like it's from one of your customers last night.
We just need a name.
Hey, what's this about? Well, that wasn't the question.
This is time-stamped 11:49.
Why don't you look that up? Uh, our computers are down right now, so Mmm.
Uh, 11:49? Plaid shirt, T-shirt, jeans, smelled bad.
Farami watch.
with the inscription worn off at 90 days at 23%.
$200, uh, cash on the barrel.
You remembered all that? Can you remember his name? Jeremy Sikes.
Utah, 84780.
I made a copy of his driver's license, too.
and a gold ring? I can see you're, uh, real generous.
It's a secured loan.
Guy doesn't come back for it, that's on him.
You sure it's just on him? Here you go.
Thank you.
You mind if I hold onto this? Uh, yeah, sure.
I always make a duplicate.
You never know.
Oh, and the watch and the ring.
You guys still have those, right? Yeah.
We got 'em.
We'll take those to go.
Wow, somebody had a good night.
Yep, that's Jeremy Sikes from last night from the eye-in-the-sky from Pike's Gambling Hall.
This was distributed to security at all the casinos in town with a warning to keep - a lookout for this guy.
- Why? Was he causing trouble? Oh, the worst kind.
At least in Vegas.
Our friend here took his $200 from Ruby's Pawn Shop, walked into Pike's and 37 hands, he had $350,000.
Well, at least we know why he had that briefcase.
$200 turning into 350 grand-- come on, what are the odds of that? I'd say somewhere in the range of being eaten by a shark while being struck by lightning.
Yeah The casino, obviously, thought that he was cheating.
Card counting? No, the betting pattern was off.
They suspected collusion with his dealer, Kristi Holt, who, by the way, did not show up for work this morning.
You're thinking that Sikes and Holt were scamming the casino.
And then Holt stabbed Sikes in the back-- literally-- and ran off with the money.
Interesting theory, but Look at that-- Sikes drew quite the crowd.
Any one of them could've followed him back into the alley, right? My money's still on the dealer.
That's because you're assuming that they were cheating.
Of course they cheated.
No, and Sikes even tried to I.
his killer in his own blood: "D-E" spells "Dealer" to me.
Look, for all we know, this is just one of those great Vegas stories: Guy pawns his last possessions, nets it all and wins.
The two of them are total strangers and it's just a case of dumb luck.
I don't believe in luck.
Me, neither.
Why? What do you got? A connection between Jeremy Sikes and our dealer Kristi Holt.
The watch that Sikes pawned for stake money turned out to belong to Kristi's husband.
And here's the kicker: Her husband was murdered two months ago.
Dumb luck, huh? I'm thinking that maybe this casino heist isn't the first time that Kristi enlisted Sikes to engage in a little dirty work.
Two months ago, she has him murder her husband.
And, last night, after they both scammed the casino, Kristi kills Sikes.
So it looks like we have this Kristi Holt dealing the death card-- not just once, but twice.
Yaeger and I pulled the cold case file on the murder of Simon Holt, our blackjack dealer's husband.
You and Yaeger.
Nice to see you kids getting along.
Yeah, well, let's just be clear: I'm Rizzoli and she's Isles.
Anyway, the case is still open.
And maybe open because day shift was investigating.
Don't look at me, okay? I was on the swing shift then.
The night of the murder, Kristi Holt was questioned.
She said she finished up her shift at Pike's then left the casino to meet up with her husband Simon.
They met for dinner, then got home around midnight.
She was really tired.
Immediately went upstairs to bed and he went to the living room - to watch the news.
- And that's when she heard two shots ring out.
She ran downstairs and found her husband dead and the place was ransacked.
So Kristi Holt's story is that her husband walked in on some guy robbing the place.
Now, in defense of day shift, it was a good story.
There was no reason to doubt it.
Until last night when Jeremy Sikes turned up dead.
After pawning Kristi Holt's husband's watch, and going on one hell of a run at her blackjack table.
They say there are no coincidences.
Yeah, but sometimes there are.
Dumb luck.
I thought we agreed that luck wasn't a player in this.
All right, well, then, call it destiny.
- Or fate.
- Of all of the blackjack tables in all of the world-- is that where you're going with this? No, where I'm going with this is there's one person still alive who can answer these questions.
What, is that your wife again? No, someone else's.
A widow, as a matter of fact.
Brass just picked up Kristi Holt.
If this is about what happened last night, I'll tell you what I told Bobby, my pit boss: It was a straight-up run.
There was no cheat.
If we're just talking about cheating here, then this is your lucky night.
Now it's my turn to deal.
Your pal Jeremy Sikes.
Oh, my God, wha that's the guy.
I Is he? Dead? Yeah.
But I think you know that.
How about I hit you again? Your husband Simon.
This is the time in this gambling session, when you go bust.
Or you play your ace in the hole and tell me the truth.
The truth? The truth is my husband was murdered when he walked in on a burglary.
You sure you want to stick with that story? It's not a story.
Yes, it is.
And you really ought to hang out with a better class of co-conspirator-- or at least a smarter one-- because your pal Jeremy pawned your husband's watch for $200 and brought the money to the table-- that's what staked him in the game.
This guy had Simon's watch? Yes.
If he had his watch, it must be because he stole it because he's the one who broke in our house.
Or there could be another explanation: You could've given it to him as a little thank-you gift for killing your husband.
That's sick! I gave that watch to Simon for our anniversary! Yeah.
We checked with Farami.
It's a special order.
Around $2,000.
So I, I looked at the insurance records, the claims and the police statements, and nowhere is there mention of a $2,000 watch.
My husband was murdered, Detective.
I forgot about the damn watch! You didn't forget about the insurance money.
Which went to pay off Simon's debts! Which is why you and Jeremy doubled down at Pike's Gambling Hall, to the tune of $350,000.
Kristi, you know, you didn't show up for work.
You end up at a motel, hiding under the bed this doesn't look good.
If you worked for old-school guys at an old-school casino like Pike's, and they thought you cheated them you'd be laying low in a motel, too.
And if this is the guy who broke in my house and killed my husband, then he deserved to die.
I didn't kill him, and I didn't have anything to do with cheating the casino last night, and if you don't believe me, check the damn tape, the cards, the shuffler-- I didn't cheat! Hey, hey.
What do you got? It looks like our dealer didn't cheat.
Says you.
I'm still not convinced.
This guy went on an insane run.
We saw the tape.
He's hitting when he shouldn't, holding when he shouldn't-- the odds of that happening are I have an app.
What about the evidence? I did examine all 416 cards in play-- they weren't marked.
And the shoe checked out.
And I looked at the shuffler.
There's no sign that either one of them was tampered with.
And you didn't get anything on the eye in the sky? No.
If she was palming cards or pulling some sleight of hand, she was doing it between the video frames.
Okay, so she's a magician.
That doesn't mean she's not a killer.
I like what she said.
Looks like you're the only one.
So we weren't the first to toss Kristi Holt into the box.
She was detained by casino security right after she left the blackjack table, and then was interrogated by her pit boss Bobby Esposito.
That's them in the holding room.
Check out the time code.
Sikes' time of death was 3:00.
So Holt's inquisition lasted over four hours.
There is no way that she killed Sikes.
So who did? Well, I hate to admit it, but Russell may be right.
Sikes' run at the table did draw a crowd.
Meaning there are several people who could've followed him out that night.
Did you get a chance to look through the rest of the casino's floor footage? Did you see anybody that looked like they were shadowing him at all? Well, I didn't see anybody who was obviously following him.
Wait a minute.
Freeze it for a second? What do you see? Take it back just a little bit.
Right there.
That guy, talking to the pit boss.
I've seen him before.
You've seen him before? Where? On someone else's security video.
Where's your friend? Busy.
Just get me this time.
You know, cops keep showing up around here, people are gonna get the wrong idea about my establishment.
You gonna return that watch and ring you took or? No, they're still in evidence.
Actually, I am here to look at a few other items.
You gotta be kidding me.
The surveillance video that you gave us shows this guy coming into your establishment sometime after 3:00 a.
He works for Pike's Gambling Hall.
His name's Alonzo Pierce.
uh, 1453-- 1456 uh, Silver Ridge Road, Seven Hills, 89052.
I got his phone number, if you need it.
Actually, what I need is to look at the items that he pawned.
Looked like an old turntable and some speakers.
Right, and I would love to help you out with that, it's just it's such a mess back there right now, it's kind of I know where it is.
Of course you do, little bro.
Yeah, Rain Man here will take care of you.
Okay, uh, turntable, not valuable.
Uh The speakers, they're Cadillacs.
Frequency response 30 kilohertz, impedance four ohms You tried them out, and they didn't work, right? Yeah, the-the left one's out.
How'd you know that? Do you mind, uh, letting me borrow that little drill over there? Sure.
Uh, I'm pretty good with electronics.
I'm sure you are.
These speakers, it's usually just a, like, a wiring issue.
Well, in this case, I think it might be something just a little bit different.
Uh, okay, that's a lot of money.
I'm guessing about $350,000.
I don't understand that.
If I had that kind of money, I'd put it in, like, a bank.
Unless you couldn't.
Place like this, people drop off an item, you keep it for 60 days, then they come back to collect.
Beats a bank if you're trying to beat a murder charge.
Pike's casino said Alonzo Pierce didn't show up for his shift today.
Getting to be a habit with their workforce.
Yeah, a real brain drain at Pike's.
We buzzed Alonzo's apartment, no answer.
His manager said he was going on a trip; he took a small bag.
When was this? A few minutes ago.
We got the exits covered; he's not going anywhere.
That's him.
Alonzo Pierce! Las Vegas Police.
You're under arrest.
Hey! Sorry, pal, but you're gonna be disappointed.
It's the pit boss.
Told you.
What the hell are you doing here? Use your freaking imagination.
Get him out of here.
Pop the trunk.
Alonzo Pierce.
That was a short trip.
Yeah, well, nobody steals from Pike's Gambling Hall.
Well, at least somebody at Pike's is dedicated to their job.
Tell you something, Bobby, you make detective work look simple.
I mean, there you are, standing there, gun in your hand, Alonzo's Pierce's body in the trunk.
I mean, all I had to do was call a tow truck.
I'm gonna make it even easier for you.
I'm gonna tell you exactly what that little bitch, Alonzo, did.
Tell me.
You know I seen a lot of cheats in my time.
But last night, that was different.
I don't know exactly what this guy and my dealer had going on, but I knew the grift was on.
It had to be, 'cause nobody's that lucky.
See, in the old days, Vegas, when guys like Sam Braun used to run the town, we would've put this guy in a car, done a little carpentry on him.
He would've given it up.
Town's changed.
Not for the better.
Right, more civilized now.
You whack guys in the alley.
I didn't tell him to whack the guy.
I just told him to get the cash back and put a little healthy fear of God in him before he put him on the Trailways bus.
So Alonzo killed Sikes on his own initiative? And he stole the cash.
Believe that? I don't know what to believe anymore, Bobby.
I mentored him, and he turns around, this little bitch, and he doesn't have the cojones to look me in the eye and tell me the truth? He has to make up some BS story about he didn't kill him.
He just roughed him up, and he put the cash away for safekeeping.
I'm not gonna lie to you, I-I would've whacked him anyway, Alonzo, but that's because he stole from the house.
That's a matter of honor.
Old Vegas.
Damn straight.
See, you and me, we're on opposite sides of the table, but I know that right here, we're on the same page.
I'm gonna ask you a favor.
What's that? Put in a good word for me at sentencing.
I'd like to get sent up to Carson City with the old boys.
Men of honor.
Heard you caught a case with day shift.
Yeah, lucky me.
Seems to be case closed.
Homicide, guy's luck ran out in the alley.
Yeah, the casino pit boss sent one of his goons after the guy.
The goon kills him, takes the money, and then he stashes it in a stereo speaker and then pawns it.
Now, why am I doing this? This day shift guy, Yeager, really wants this solve, he should be the one finishing up the paperwork.
Your victim was stabbed multiple times, wasn't he? Yeah, why? I don't know, I'm just looking at the timestamps on these photos.
So, the security goon gets his orders from the pit boss at 2:48 a.
? Yeah, and then the goon follows him to the alley and kills him around 3:00.
What are you seeing? You know, what about the clothes? Doesn't this look like the same suit, same shirt, same tie? Oh, my God, you're right.
Guy stabs him 12 times, and he doesn't have a single drop of blood on his clothes.
Yeager still hasn't gotten his solve.
Hey, Morgan, I've been looking for you.
So your security guard didn't kill Sikes.
Yeah, I know.
What, Hodges told you about the bullet? What bullet? The metal fragment we found in Sikes' wound track.
We thought it was the tip of the knife, but it turns out it's from a bullet.
I thought he was stabbed.
Now you're saying he was shot? Yeah, twice.
And then the killer used the knife to dig out the bullets, and then proceeded to stab him ten more times.
To throw us off track.
Well, that's where he made his mistake.
Doc thought he recognized the wound pattern, so I did some checking, found an open case from two years ago, same pattern.
Drug informant was murdered.
Person of interest was a Luis Delgado.
Had ties to the Mala Noche drug cartel in Miami.
The letters in blood.
" He was trying to spell "Delgado.
" I-I just I don't get it.
Why is a big-time gangster wasting time with a nobody like Jeremy Sikes? I have an idea about that.
Turns out, a month ago, Delgado walked in on a robbery at his house.
He got shot, and his girlfriend called it in.
You think Sikes was the robber.
I do, and the DEA has had Delgado under surveillance.
Check out this photo.
He's wearing the same ring that Sikes pawned at Ruby's.
Where is Delgado now? Owns a strip club off of Flamingo.
Luis Delgado? I hope these gentlemen are up to date with their carry permits.
What do you want, Detective? I'm the bearer of good news.
You recognize him? His name is Jeremy Sikes.
Should I? The guy died two nights ago.
Two shots in the back, bullets dug out.
Sound familiar? This is the guy who robbed your house.
I didn't file any police report.
Yeah, well, we recovered this item, pawned by Sikes.
That's my ring.
Yeah, well, no police report, I can't return it to you.
Even in prison.
I think you have me mistaken for somebody else, Detective.
You say he was killed two nights ago? You see, my mother, she's very sick.
Two nights ago, I was staying with her.
I can prove it.
I mean, you can prove it.
So the jury's in; Luis Delgado is a beautiful son.
DEA surveillance just alibied him out.
Okay, but that doesn't mean that he didn't get one of his own guys to do it for him.
That's true, but the rep on Delgado is that he's very hands-on.
So where does this leave us? I think we have the right motive, but the wrong person.
So, Kristi Holt and Luis Delgado both talked about Sikes breaking into their houses, and in both cases, they walked in on him.
What if they weren't the only ones? Maybe another homeowner walks in on Sikes, gets a good look at him when he's in their house, two nights ago sees him again in the alley, after he was rolled by Alonzo Pierce.
I think we have to pull more case files.
Yeah, I agree.
Go back to the pawnshop.
See what else Jeremy Sikes pawned for cash.
Okay, what do we got? all pawned by Jeremy Sikes in the last six months.
And all of them can be traced forensically back to five B-and-Es, including the break-ins at Kristi Holt's and Luis Delgado's.
These aren't your ordinary B-and-Es.
In all five cases, the homeowners walked in on the robbery.
According to this, walked into a bullet.
Yeah, well, five B-and-Es, four murders and one attempted.
Only Delgado escaped death.
So what are we supposed to believe? This Jeremy Sikes is just one unlucky burglar? I thought we agreed that luck wasn't a player here.
No, the shootings weren't an accident, and the robberies were cover stories.
Remember how Kristi Holt left her husband's watch off of the insurance claim? Well, the same goes for all of these homeowners.
and not one of them reported by the victims' survivors? I mean, personally, I we think that it's payment for services rendered.
I agree.
We had a case like this up in Seattle.
Low-rent hit man for hire ring.
Advertised in the personals.
Called themselves "problem solvers.
" They're pretty good, too.
Flew under the radar for a long time.
So how'd you bust them? Caught a break.
Turned out one of the hit men was a coke addict.
Burned through his money, started shooting off his mouth, I guess he became a liability.
'Cause the head guy decided to hit the hit man.
So Jeremy Sikes became a liability.
Only instead of blow, it was blackjack.
All this loot, he should've been flush, but instead, he was living on the streets with his last $200.
Sounds like a liability to me.
One that the broker decided to eliminate by framing Delgado.
The only question is: Who's the broker? Kristi, in addition to your husband's watch, we also recovered these other items that were stolen by Jeremy Sikes.
The the man who broke into my house.
And murdered your husband, Simon.
That's roughly, we figure, about $5,000 worth right there.
That's an awful lot of valuable stuff to forget to report, don't you think? Listen, we know that you you bought this watch for Simon for your your anniversary, right? But you did not buy this bracelet for him.
Someone else did.
Another woman.
We traced the purchase back to a Tiana Lee.
Oh, come on, Kristi, we understand.
I mean you're working two jobs, right? And you're still in debt because Simon spends the money as fast as you can make it.
What happened? You came back from work one night, he wasn't there.
He was out again.
Then he shows up.
Maybe he's drunk.
And you ask him, "Where were you? What were you doing?" Maybe he hits you.
Maybe he does that a lot.
And then, one day, someone, a friend, suggests a solution.
And all you can think about is getting rid of that pain, all that sadness.
Look, Kristi We know that, in your heart, you are not a killer.
And that you you feel guilty about all of this.
But this is your chance to get rid of some of that guilt.
By telling us the truth right now.
But you're right.
About Simon.
About the friend.
That person gave me an e-mail address of a broker.
I was told to follow instructions.
They were going to make it look like a robbery, and I was told to leave certain items off the report.
To pay the hit man.
I wasn't lying when I said that I never met the guy.
Him just sitting at my table and going on that insane run was just Dumb luck? What about the broker? I paid $5,000 up front, and they set up a meet.
You remember where? At a pawnshop.
Is this the guy that you paid? No.
I think he runs the place.
The broker's a woman.
She said she hangs out there.
When? What now? Somebody just went into Ruby's Pawn Shop, shot the place up.
Akers, what the hell happened? According to Ms.
Banks, two armed men entered.
They were looking for something.
She doesn't know what.
They shot her son, Kyle.
Took her other son, Zeke.
Who would do something like this? I don't know.
But I think you do.
Excuse me? Kristi Holt gave you up.
We know Jeremy Sikes worked for you as a hit man, and we have a pretty good idea how you terminated his employment.
What is wrong with you people? My son is lying there dead, and now they've got my other boy, Zeke.
Ruby, it's over.
I didn't kill Sikes.
But I know who did-- it was Delgado.
I mean, the word on the street is it's his signature.
Two shots to the back, bullets dug out.
Sikes even tried to write Delgado's name.
That is one hell of a story.
But word on my street is that you're a sociopath.
You're the one who killed Jeremy Sikes and framed Delgado.
And you know exactly who came here and why.
If you don't come clean, you're going to lose another son.
Come on, Ruby.
We know how much you love your boy.
Okay, you're right.
I killed Sikes, but my boys didn't know anything about the side business.
Sikes stole this cigar box from Delgado, and it wasn't even worth anything-- it was a few hundred bucks-- but what was inside was worth a lot more.
It was 100 grand in heroin.
Where are the drugs? I sold them.
But Delgado's guys don't know this.
Zeke, he wanted to protect me, so he lied to them.
He said he knew what they wanted and he would take them to it.
When Delgado finds out that he lied, he's going to kill him.
Back again so soon? Where's the kid, Delgado? What kid? I know you got him in some basement, beating the hell out of him, but he doesn't know anything.
You're not going to get your drugs back because his mother has already sold them.
They're gone.
Are you going to make me ask you again? Where is he?! Hey.
I think you need to start showing me a little more respect.
This is my house.
Yeah, right.
Look, your lapdog is going to mess on the rug.
If he doesn't get his hand off his gun Or what are you going to do about it? Now that I have your attention You tell me where the kid is, and we all go home.
Or we all got to die sometime.
You're new in town, so here's your play.
Here's what the guys in Vegas used to say-- in the old Vegas: It's your house, it's your rules.
You got that right.
I think you got yourself a fan.
No, he just likes the way I handle power tools.
No, I wasn't talking about him.
Well, congratulations.
You got your solve.
You take it.
I mean, you earned it.
I'll catch the next one.
Maybe I'll catch it with you.
I'll see you around.
This is nice.
I'm glad you could finally get a night off.
You should thank Finn.
She's covering for me.
You have a a great group of people here, D.
They work so well together, and they're like a family.
You should feel good about that.
I do.
Charlie-- has he made any decisions yet? No.
Not yet.
And what about you? What's going on? This last trip to Seattle, I made a pilgrimage to that neighborhood that we used to love to drive through, with the house on the hill, with the view.
I remember.
We used to fantasize walking up to the front door, knocking and asking if they would sell it to us.
I did that.
And they're an older couple, and they're very open to the idea.
Okay, don't look at me like that.
Well you're serious? We have a house-- here.
We've talked about this before.
You can't do this job forever.
And I don't want to wait forever for this house.
Where's this coming from? I'm worried about you.
I think I think this job is getting to you.
It's not.
I'm fine.
I don't believe that.
Well, I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
My work here isn't done yet, but when it is, when that day comes, you and I will go back up to Seattle, and we'll we'll both knock on that door together.
I promise.
I accept.