CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e07 Episode Script

Under a Cloud

I heard you cleared your scene.
Nice work.
Would you mind, um, picking me up a veggie burger from RJ's on your way back? I guess.
They do have a drive-through.
Hey, it's Morgan.
Uh, mind picking up me a veggie burger, too, and Finn a grilled cheese? All right, but you ladies are gonna owe me.
The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for the city of Las Vegas and outlying areas.
Winds are expected to reach The Clark County Regional Flood Control Center is keeping a close watch on the storm basins It is nasty out there.
Can't argue with that.
Maybe we shouldn't have sent Greg to get our food.
No, he's a he's a great swimmer.
Wait, Greg's on a chow run? I could really use some soup.
Ooh, or chili.
Yeah, actually you guys are gonna have to fend for yourself out of the refrigerator tonight.
Uh, yeah.
Wouldn't be the first time.
I knew that was you.
All right, all right, listen up Wow.
just pulled a man out of a flood channel with a suspicious head injury; we need to process him.
Treat it like a crime until we know otherwise.
Who's up next? That'd be me.
Thank you.
Got a male, early 30s, severe hypothermia and head injuries.
Okay, take him to room three.
This your guy from the flood channel? Yeah, he's lucky his bag got stuck on a tree limb.
Kept him from washing further downstream.
Doctor, we need you in room three, stat! Agonal respirations on contact.
Weak brachial pulse, unable to get a BP.
On three.
One, two, three.
Glucose is 50 mg.
Any I.
on him? If there is, it'll be in there.
Breathing is shallow but regular.
Blood pressure is 85/50.
I'll get him on the monitor.
There wasn't any obvious swelling to the head.
Laceration's deep.
Make sure we get a core temperature.
Let's start by warming him.
Then we'll address the head wound.
G-Guys? Back out of here slowly and take him with you.
What is it? Bomb! And it's armed.
It's a bomb.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Control, EOD-one.
I have the target in sight.
Can you, uh, confirm that the building is all cleared? EOD-one, Control.
Building is clear except EOD personnel and target.
How you holding up? Just willed myself not to sneeze.
Almost blew us both up.
Keep up the sense of humor.
I wasn't kidding.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna slide my hands underneath that satchel.
I'm taking the weight off your arms.
Now, it's crucial that you don't do anything until I tell you, okay? I'm not about to make any sudden moves.
I'm Anthony.
You're doing great, Sara.
I'm sliding my hands under the satchel.
Okay? Now slowly drop your arms six inches straight down.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come back to me.
It's okay.
Now with your arms in that position, slowly walk directly back until you're clear.
You sit tight while I take this thing outside.
EOD-one, phase one complete.
UXO's in the portable, in the big bucket in two.
I'm gonna need those bomb parts.
Copy that.
You'll get whatever's left.
All clear! You Greg Sanders? Yeah.
You've been served.
Have a nice night.
Some guy just served me with papers.
CSI Three Greg Sanders, meet Defense Criminalist Jennifer Rhodes.
Rhodes is here to review the evidence on People v.
Gus Ellis, 2006.
Yeah, that, uh, doesn't ring a bell.
Rhodes, wh-why don't you give us the Reader's Digest version.
Gus Ellis served seven years of a life sentence for the rape/murder of college student Claire Gibson.
Since his case hinged on DNA, it fit the Innocence Project's protocol.
We extracted touch DNA from her jeans and her underwear, which matched that of serial sex offender Clyde Maroni.
Testing wasn't sensitive enough for touch DNA back in 2006.
Maroni confessed and pled to a life sentence.
Now Gus Ellis is free and wants answers.
I've been hired by his civil attorney to see the case through.
So, if science proved his innocence through new and improved technology, what's the basis for the lawsuit? Well, a week before her murder, Claire Gibson called the police complaining that a man was looking at her through her bedroom window.
Gus Ellis was identified as the peeper.
I remember that.
He was also the one who called 911 from the Gibson murder scene.
He said that he looked through the victim's window, saw her lying there, and claimed she was already dead.
He was arrested that same day, which we call a rush to judgment.
He was the person of interest in an investigation started by the victim.
A week later, he calls 911 from her murder scene.
No prints, no semen, no evidence linked Mr.
Ellis to the inside of that I-I remember that there was a crowbar next to her with his blood on it.
Ellis stated that he never went inside that house and he never touched that crowbar.
He claims only way his blood was on that crowbar is if it were planted.
What?! He's saying that I planted his blood? How? A reference blood sample was collected from Mr.
Ellis, a blood sample that you received at the scene.
Come on in.
Finlay's gonna be working with Ms.
Rhodes on the re-examination.
Until they're finished, I need you on desk duty.
He's still out.
How you doing, Sara? I'm a little shaky.
Nothing like staring into the abyss for 20 minutes to decide what's important in life.
It's sad how it takes something so intense to make us stop and smell the coffee, huh? Bomb guys disrupted the device to render it safe.
I sent what was left to Hodges.
Well, police officers are walking the flood channel.
It would be good to know how long he was in there.
It only takes ten minutes in 50 degree water to get hypothermia, but he could've been in there longer than that.
He got hung up on a tree branch.
We need to quickly I.
him and find out what he planned to do with that bomb.
I have a match.
Uh Yeah.
Uh, name is Warren Hackett from Atlanta, Georgia.
It's not our guy.
Last time it snowed in Atlanta, I had a fake I.
Somebody wants to keep this guy's identity a secret.
Then we go old-school.
Police are asking the public's help in identifying this man.
He was pulled from a flood channel tonight in serious condition.
If you have any information about his identity, please call the Las Vegas Police Department.
Oh, my God.
I am so glad to see you in one piece.
You and me both.
I got you a veggie burger.
It's in the fridge if you want.
Uh, as soon as I get my appetite back, I'm Right.
Well, you can have it later, I guess.
Um, so, I thought in order to find where our bomber went in, we could apply some logic, so I got us a map of all flood channels in Vegas.
I'm thinking he fell in the water somewhere near his target.
Okay, if I was a bomber, I would look for someplace with a lot of people.
Probably looking at a casino.
Guy got pulled out of the water here.
Backtrack upstream.
Closest likely targets are the Tangiers, Queen Regent and Mediterranean.
Our John Doe's awake.
I'm, uh, heading back to the hospital.
See you later.
This dust could be toxic! Where's my particle mask? You got to die from something.
Man, Sara held certain death in her hands for 20 minutes and never moved.
Do you think it's true that your whole life flashes before your eyes in those situations? Did for me.
I'm listening.
I was 18, getting my wisdom teeth pulled.
When I got the anesthetic Malignant hyperthermia from anesthetic can be fatal.
They need a crash cart? Not exactly.
It was my first experience with a mind-altering drug.
I thought I was dying, began to hyperventilate, hallucinate.
And? In my addled state, I fell madly in love with the dental assistant.
For some reason, I had to tell everyone, including her.
Turns out, it was just an adverse reaction to the drugs.
I never went back.
I still have my wisdom teeth.
You? Perhaps another time.
Why don't you take what's left of the satchel, and I'll concentrate on the bomb frags.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
That's not English.
Sounds Slavic or Russian or something.
Keeps saying it the same way over and over again.
Well, hold on, I have a translator app.
Maybe we can figure out what he's saying.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
He's speaking Armenian.
Margarit means "pearl.
" App doesn't recognize the rest.
Guy with a bomb, speaking a foreign language, possibly in code, hacked into AFIS so we don't identify him.
That's a guy with a lot of expertise.
That's the profile for a terrorist.
One thing I know about terrorists: they never work alone.
Hey, Finn, I'd really like to take a look at my case notes.
Greg, I can't talk to you.
I have to remain completely objective while I work with the defense expert.
Greg Sanders worked this case solo, so all of the photographs are his.
The left screen shows the digital code-- shot sequence, date, time, any edits or deletions.
So we can tell if any of the photographs have been altered.
Greg started by photographing the exterior of the crime scene first, which is protocol.
Shots were almost two minutes apart.
Looks like he finished the exteriors just after 0600.
Now he's moved on, inside the house.
Starting with the body in the bedroom.
When I was working crime scenes back in Detroit, I liked to save the victim's room for last.
Hmm, I'm the opposite.
I like to work the toughest room first.
The first shot of the bedroom was an overall.
First shot with the crowbar was a perspective shot.
Now Sanders is moving in for the close-ups.
photographing the bedroom.
Moving on to do the rest of the house.
Finishes photographing the rest of the house and returns to the bedroom.
What? He took over Why go back? Shouldn't he start collection? Newer CSIs tend to take more photographs than they need.
I was taught that film is cheap-- of course, that was back when we used film.
Look at that.
Crowbar's been moved, up and to the left.
According to the Major Incident Log, Greg was alone in the crime scene until almost 0730.
When did the reference blood arrive? He signed for it at 0705.
So Sanders was in the crime scene with the reference blood from Ellis and the crowbar, completely alone.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
Aren't you taking "death imminent" a little too far? Not the first time we've had a live one in here.
Brass called.
Wanted to know if I could narrow down where the guy came from.
Hospitals are running on generators, not doing any elective tests, so I brought him over.
What'd you find out? No surgeries, no birthmarks, scars or identifying features.
His teeth are coated in fluoride, and he has a porcelain filling.
So if he is from Armenia, he came to America when he was very young.
They don't do dental work like that over there.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
Sounds like chanting to me.
Word repetition.
Reminds me of a case where a man fell into a frozen lake in Milwaukee, came out speaking Portuguese.
David, fire up the fluoroscope, please.
Margarit t'agavorakanm.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
Bleeding at his temporal lobe.
Could be a case where head trauma causes a person to speak a foreign language.
It's a condition called TGA-- Transient Global Amnesia.
It only lasts about 24 hours.
So, what he's saying is coming from his subconscious, something important to him.
Margarit t'agavorakan.
You took these photographs at the Claire Gibson crime scene.
The crowbar's been moved.
Did you move it? If I saw that the crowbar had been moved, it would be in my notes.
It's not noted.
During the time between these two photographs, you were the only person inside the crime scene.
You know, I am so focused on my own work, I barely notice what anybody else is doing at a scene.
My former supervisor, Gil Grissom, trained me to follow a particular procedure so I didn't have to rely on my memory.
Now, I was so afraid of making a mistake and being sent back to the lab that I followed that training exactly.
And yet, this evidence was moved after it was documented and before it was collected.
That's not protocol in any crime lab.
I would be more than happy to answer your specific questions if I could just review my notes.
That's all we need right now.
Should I be worried? Greg, a man served seven years for a crime he did not commit.
We all should be worried.
I just heard you're in the middle of a defense review.
Kind of rough.
It's hell.
It's the worst part of the job.
Only, I'm not being accused of making a mistake; I'm being accused of planting evidence.
Well the evidence is gonna win out, Greg, I know it.
Oh, shoot, I got to go.
Brass found the bomber's hotel room.
I'll call you later, okay? So, the manager of the motel recognized our John Doe from the TV news.
Said he checked in yesterday.
After she called the hotline, right, she checked his room, saw some guy tossing it.
She get a description? No, some guy-- white guy, blue shirt.
You know, he saw her, he freaked out, he jumped off the balcony.
Here's the manager here; she has a heart condition.
She's on the oxygen and a cigarette.
Thanks for your help.
I hope you feel better.
Got to love Vegas, huh? Looks like our bomber's friends got here before we did.
Got scared off.
Well, whatever they were after must have been important.
Something that would tell us who they are.
Or where their next target it.
His clothes are mostly in a pile by his suitcase.
I'm not sure he ever unpacked.
Three pair of tightie-whities means three days of travel.
No suits.
All his clothes are casual.
Maybe a little too casual.
I got two chargers.
No electronics.
No evidence the bomb was assembled here.
I got an American passport.
It's our bomber.
Name's Arman Agakian.
Armenian surname.
I got a flash drive.
Guy hides a flash drive and a passport.
We might be looking at a pro.
Ah, Henry.
You're just in time for my demonstration.
Wait, you seriously built a bomb? I'm going back to tox.
I chemically tested the bomb frags, pieced together what I could, then used identical components to precisely duplicate Sara's bomb.
This is disturbing in so many ways.
Why? It's just a magnetic switch, circuit board delay, military blasting cap, and a couple of pipes.
'Kay, just to confirm, your bomb doesn't actually contain explosives? No.
It's identical to the original complex pipe bomb, except I substituted lightbulbs for explosives.
Now, lifting this switch will duplicate the action that Sara took when she opened up the magnetized satchel flaps.
If it's all wired correctly, then the lightbulb should go on.
For the boom, you'll just have to use your imagination.
Uh if this does blow up, I will come back from the dead and haunt you.
This is perfectly safe.
Well, that was fascinating.
I came by to give you DNA results.
Uh, no DNA off the bomb parts.
Only John Doe's DNA on the straps of the satchel.
So it's back to the drawing board.
You want to help me? No, thanks.
I'm testing something for Finn.
Ecklie wanted me to review the-the Gibson case as well, because the department and the D.
's office are named in the lawsuit.
Sit down for a second.
outside their homes over a two-month period.
He was caught on three separate security cameras.
He had no criminal record, yet.
Although, escalation's pretty common for voyeurs.
At the trial, a coworker testified that Ellis threatened to get even with Claire Gibson because she had started the whole thing by calling the police.
So Ellis definitely had motive to kill Claire Gibson.
I mean, if this happened today, Brass would be all over him like that.
That all may be true, but we've just found uncontroverted evidence that the crowbar was moved at the scene.
Things get moved accidentally at crime scenes all the time.
Greg was the only person in the crime scene when it happened.
All right, you know, leaving aside the fact that we know Greg, what possible reason would he have to frame Gus Ellis? It doesn't make any sense.
A new CSI trying to impress his boss.
No, I'm not buying that.
You know, I may be the newest CSI around here, but it's a pretty rotten job to have to comb through all of Greg's work.
I didn't choose you because you're new, Jules, I chose you because you've been there.
You know how this has to go.
I hated you when you investigated me.
I don't want Greg to feel the same.
It's a search for the truth.
He'll get over it, just like you did.
Now, tell me about this crowbar.
Whose was it again? Joe Gibson, Claire's brother, came over to fix a broken gutter the morning of the murder.
He left it outside, so it's his.
's theory was that Ellis used the crowbar to break into the house, broke a window, cut himself in the process.
There was only one small smear of blood found in the entire crime scene.
Ellis's attorney only has to show access and opportunity to implicate Greg.
I know.
Defense attorneys are gonna bring up this allegation every single time he testifies.
He is going to be a liability on every case he works.
His career will be over.
I got to go.
What'd you get? Can I just say this? Greg is one of the most honest guys I know, and a great CSI.
He would never intentionally compromise a case.
Uh one microliter per mil of EDTA was detected in the blood from the crowbar.
Blood preservative.
That would be consistent with blood collected in an EDTA tube.
Thanks, Henry.
But for your report, you should add that there are trace levels of EDTA in our blood from hundreds of everyday items-- soap, mayonnaise, salad dressing, beer, milk I get it.
soda, ointments, detergents, breakfast Henry, I get it.
You know what? It's fine.
I'll just put it in my report.
I will, too.
Right? She looked at you like you were guilty of something.
Excuse me? Terri Royce, the new chemist.
What'd you do? Uh, nothing.
I it's Good heavens, spit it out.
I'm being sued for planting evidence.
We've all been accused of that.
You didn't do it, did you? No.
Of course not.
Come in here and help me with this Armenian bomber evidence.
GCMS identified polyunsaturated oil consistent with peanut oil from the suspect's pants in fragments of the satchel.
Take a look.
Looks like what ends up at the bottom of a deep fryer.
I worked at a fast-food joint in high school.
Ha! Me, too.
I'm from New Orleans.
I didn't want to I.
fried food on my first day.
What would y'all think? A couple of days ago, a barrel of frying oil intended for recycling got spilled outside the Mediterranean and caught fire.
Closed the loading dock for hours.
That would explain this.
Carbon ash? From the fire.
Looks like the bomber was hanging at the loading dock of the Mediterranean.
Which has direct access to the flood channel.
I think you just found the bomber's target.
All day long.
Thanks for saving me and coming out.
Hey, any day I can be outside without my blast suit is a good day.
I wanted to get a bomb expert's opinion on our guy's activities.
Glad I could help.
So, Arman Agakian gets pulled out of this flood control channel about three miles downstream, holding a bomb.
We couldn't get past here.
This is how he got in.
Yeah, but where was he headed? Maybe he was trying to take a shortcut upstream to the other end of the Mediterranean.
I mean, no terrorist would want to walk through the casino and be on a hundred cameras.
It's way more stealth out here, but he didn't make it.
He slipped, fell in, and was swept downstream.
Yeah, makes sense.
Trace evidence we found tells us that he was at this loading dock.
I was hoping you could help me narrow down a logical target.
Let's go take a look.
This is where that oil fire was.
For a bomb that size, you'd need the perfect location.
In Iraq, they'd put bombs in culverts under the road.
You know, out of sight, maximum damage.
Kind of like a gas main under a casino.
A hell of a force multiplier.
Even a small charge would kill a lot of people.
There's a disturbance in the dirt under this meter.
Could be from a satchel.
And somebody left a little calling card on this sharp edge.
Perfect time for my new DNA instrument.
You have a mobile lab? In the back of my car.
No extractions, quick results.
You want to see it? Wow.
Blood isn't Agakian's.
So someone else placed the bomb, and Agakian removed it? Sara? Thought you'd want to know.
Agakian flatlined an hour ago at the hospital.
What? He did not have life-threatening injuries.
I just saw him with Doc Robbins.
David Phillips is picking him up.
Damn it! Uh, hi.
Uh Can I help you? Yeah.
I'm from the coroner's office.
I'm here to pick up a Arman Agakian? No can do, pal.
I have my orders.
Federal orders trump yours.
He's FBI property now.
I went to Tovin's in Pahrump.
Best baklava in Nevada.
I brought you some pastry.
And I got Tovin to translate that mystery Armenian phrase.
The guy is saying "pearl royal.
" Sounds like the name of a stripper.
Yeah, it does, doesn't it? How you holding up? Just eager for this whole thing to be over with.
It's crazy, right? Everything we do every day is scrutinized, but it's different when it happens in front of you.
In your own lab.
I just wish that I could remember more details.
Greg, you've worked hundreds of cases since then.
You can't expect to remember every detail.
Yeah, but the details that they found don't look too good.
And if Finn and that expert can't exonerate me-- and I mean completely-- I'm through as a CSI.
EDTA in the blood from the crowbar is consistent with the hospital blood tube.
We need to nail down Sanders' timeline.
Well, I tracked his movements through the crime scene based on the photo data code.
Greg took 57 shots in the bedroom with the victim.
Then he moved through the house, taking a total of 45 other shots encompassing Exited the house to receive Ellis's reference blood at 0705, factoring in a couple of minutes to sign and initial the paperwork.
He then returned to the house.
Four minutes later, he took the photo showing the moved crowbar.
If Sanders made a conscious decision to frame Ellis, four minutes is enough time to do it.
All right, let's see.
He'd have to carefully break the seal, open the tube, smear the blood on the crowbar, put the cap back on, reseal the package and take the photo.
All with no guarantee that he wouldn't be seen.
It's possible.
Who received Ellis's reference blood at the lab? Did they note any discrepancies in the seal? Uh, Wendy Simms, the DNA analyst at the time, received the blood sealed and initialed.
It's in her notes.
And then Sanders took the final four shots in the bedroom, and then no more, until the exterior shots after the scene was broken down.
To document the condition of the crime scene after the police had left, which is protocol.
Wait a second.
You see that? There's blood on the sidewalk outside the scene.
There was no blood outside the perimeter in any of Greg's initial shots.
That means someone bled outside the scene after the perimeter was set.
Gravitational drops.
Where did that blood come from? Simms also tested a handkerchief that was in Ellis's pocket when he was booked.
Blood on both was Ellis's.
How did the blood get on the handkerchief? Doctor at the hospital noted that Ellis had no injuries.
Added what looks like "Noble" in all caps.
Does Ellis look like a handkerchief kind of guy to you? Amino black reacts with the blood.
Look at ridge detail.
It's surprising Simms didn't process the fingerprint in the first place.
Well, there was no context for it.
The only useful evidence would have been to find Claire Gibson's blood on the handkerchief.
Otherwise, it's just Ellis's blood on Ellis's handkerchief in Ellis's pants, so wouldn't have been a big deal.
"Yancey Langer.
Restricted access.
" State employee? His name is on the Major Incident Log.
Does this look familiar to you? Looks like the handkerchiefs my mom always buys me for Christmas.
Why? Do you remember Claire Gibson's murder from March 21, 2006? Sure.
I remember everything.
It was my first murder scene.
I was a Police Explorer back then.
Your handkerchief was found inside Gus Ellis's pocket.
He was the suspect at the time.
Can you explain that? Yeah.
I was waiting on a radio car to take him to the hospital to get a blood sample or something.
Guy was sitting on the curb, scared, got a nosebleed.
He was dripping blood everywhere.
I tried to stop it, then gave him my handkerchief.
That was the abbreviation on the doctor's notes.
According to the Major Incident Log, you stayed outside the perimeter of the crime scene the whole time.
That's not true, is it? When the officers left with the suspect, I snuck into the scene.
I never saw a dead body before.
Did you touch anything while you were in there? No.
Are you sure? I tripped.
Kicked a crowbar on the floor, but I put it right back where it was.
Do you realize that you transferred Ellis's blood from your hand to that crowbar? That blood was the physical evidence that convicted him.
Gus Ellis spent seven years in prison because you went into a crime scene unauthorized to see a body and contaminated the evidence.
I never followed up on the case.
Didn't even know the guy was convicted.
I'm so sorry.
I I didn't know.
I'm gonna make some calls.
Is it safe in here, Crazy Harry? Still can't figure out how the bomb was activated.
I'm stumped.
I've double-checked all the connections from the magnetic switch to the circuit boards to the blasting caps to the pipes.
Still doesn't work.
Then the circuit isn't the problem.
Let me see.
Blasting caps creep me out.
I remember a public service film in grammar school taught kids not to play with them.
Showed a kid who bit down on one.
Ugh! Yeah.
Made a big impression on him.
And me.
Just That blasting cap completely fragmented.
Why is this one still intact? There's white powder still inside.
I mean, shouldn't the explosive be brown? RDX and PETN are both white.
But this should have been completely consumed in the controlled blast.
Yeah, we should test it.
By "we," you mean me? Primary explosives are friction-sensitive and flammable.
It's more up your alley.
I'm a body fluid guy.
Not touching that.
Powder should burn when exposed to flame.
Well, there's the problem.
That white stuff isn't explosive.
That bomb was never intended to go off.
How's it going? God, I have tried everything I can think of.
Anything that we found in the hotel room, anything that he was hiding, anything we know about Agakian-- none of it's working.
I just I can't figure out the pass code to this flash drive.
Have you tried the info from that bogus AFIS hit? Everything I can think of.
What about the fake address? What was it again? Look at the intersection that's highlighted.
We cracked the password on that flash drive.
But it looks like I'm a little late.
CSI Sidle.
Sara, this is Ben Parker, special agent, FBI.
We'll need to take that flash drive.
Cut your arm on a gas meter cage? You're here about Arman Agakian.
Although, I'm sure that's not his real name.
He's probably not dead, either.
Agakian's FBI, Sara.
He's been working undercover for the last couple years to infiltrate the Armenian mob.
They've been extorting money from The Mediterranean.
He posed as an explosives specialist.
Last night was his big drop.
You gave him two dud bombs that seemed very real to plant at The Mediterranean.
He planted the first one.
When he went to plant the second one he slipped into the flood channel and got washed away.
After that, we had to abort the op.
We picked up the bomb at the loading dock.
Scratching your agent's arm in the process.
How does planting dud bombs help your undercover op? We planned to discover the bombs very publicly first, then release to the media that they were very dangerous and expertly made.
Fooling the Armenians and establishing your agent as an explosives expert.
What about the intersection of Pearl Street and Royal Avenue in North Vegas? What was that about? That's where our undercover met his Armenian contact.
Probably why Pearl-Royal stuck in his mind.
And the extortion plot-- has that been aborted as well? Our undercover was able to identify the individuals responsible.
We're arresting them right now.
Parker's men are gonna need to take custody of all the evidence.
Of course.
If we're square here, I need to speak to Captain Jim Brass.
Sounds like a good idea.
Federal agents descended on the Mediterranean Casino today, taking five Armenian nationals into custody.
The individuals arrested are suspected to be members of an Armenian organized crime ring.
Our lawyers scheduled a deposition with Langer for next week.
Unsure how it's gonna turn out, but Sanders is off the hook.
I'm glad.
Well, no offense, but I hope the next time I see you will be at an American Academy meeting.
See you later.
Thank you.
Talked to Greg.
How's he doing? Look, I guess I get why you thought you had to treat him the way that you did, but it's tough to be on the receiving end of that.
Yeah, I know.
I had an I.
investigation in Seattle, and Russell treated me the exact same way.
Still not over it.
Greg's in the locker room.
I know I was really hard on you.
I was trying to do my best for someone that I really do care about, but I couldn't act like it.
I had to seem impartial, or it really would have hurt your case.
Hey, I understand.
Greg, I never thought you did anything wrong.
How about that grilled cheese at RJ's? That sounds great.
My treat? Okay.