CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e09 Episode Script

Check In and Check Out

911 operator.
What's your emergency? I'm at the Sky View Motel.
I was making a delivery.
You have to send someone.
I think they're dead.
Slow down, sir.
I don't know for sure, but You need to tell me what happened.
Are there people injured? There's blood.
There's blood everywhere.
Well, it's a messy one.
If you don't believe me, ask the pizza - delivery guy there.
- Yeah, is he the one who called it in? Yeah, he was delivering pizzas to, uh, one of the rooms nearby.
The door to 114 was ajar, so he looked in.
What do we have? Two victims.
and Mrs.
Oh, that's original.
Anybody know who they really are? No.
And I don't know what they did to deserve this.
63 64 65 - 71, 72 - Talk to me, David.
I'm trying to determine the number of stab wounds.
But, frankly, there are just too many to count.
This is disturbing.
Hey, wait a minute.
You know something? I've been here.
Yeah, we had that OD out on the street a while back.
Yeah, yeah, in the motel, but I mean, in this room-- this exact one.
I-I've been here.
Room 114.
I remember the view of the neon from that window.
This is it.
You're right.
We have been here before.
Yeah, it was a dismemberment murder; victim was in his 20s.
It was about, uh, two months ago.
No, I think it was more recent.
It was another couple, but the woman was bludgeoned in her sleep.
I am pretty sure it was the dismemberment.
I'm sorry, but-but you're both right.
I've been here twice before, once for the dismemberment and again for the couple.
And now this.
Anybody else getting a really bad feeling about this place? Yeah yeah, this the world's most unlucky motel room.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! All right, that's three murder scenes all in the same spot.
They got to be related, don't you think? Maybe there's a connection between the victims or the killer has a weird fixation of some kind.
I don't think I'm ready to talk about past crimes yet.
Have to focus on this one first.
Yeah, I hear you.
I'll take the bathroom.
So, how long have you been manager here? Uh, since about the time I learned to walk.
My parents built this place, so I grew up here.
Oh! Yeah.
All mine now.
Do you have any idea who might've done this? Isn't that your business to figure that out? I mean, I know we're not the Bellagio, but if I have to drop the rates any lower, I might as well just board the place up.
So, you got about, what, uh, 20 rooms here? Tell me about the people who stay in them.
It's like the sign says.
I mean, by the night, by the week and by the month.
I'm gonna need a list of names.
Well, that could be a problem.
Not that I wouldn't give it, it's just I don't have it.
Come on, man.
The place is 39 bucks a night.
If people have cash, what do I care about their names? Look, none of 'em are killers, though-- trust me.
How do you know that? Well, there's no one here that interesting.
Hey, Finn! Looks like the Smiths had a guest last night.
The towels are damp, and I found a red hair in the shower drain.
Hmm, that doesn't match either of our victims.
And there were three toothbrushes around the sink.
Uh, I found a receipt for one.
It's from the drugstore around the corner-- last night.
So a guest they didn't plan on.
There's more.
They also bought shampoo and a pair of scissors, which have since disappeared.
Could be the murder weapon.
So there was someone in here before the killing started.
Yeah, who showered and-- I don't know-- judging from the toothbrush, might've been planning on staying the night.
So what went wrong? I've been doing this long enough that nothing shocks me, but if a case could Just the sheer savagery involved.
More than a hundred stab wounds in each victim.
Certainly beyond what was necessary if the goal was to simply kill them.
Can I see that? It's, uh, way beyond what we sometimes see with crimes of passion or extreme anger.
This was madness.
Their names really were Smith.
Richard and Ann.
According to family, they were in from Flagstaff for an antique toy and collectibles convention.
That would explain the dolls in the room.
Sounds like they were solid people.
She volunteered, ran pet therapy at an old folks home.
He worked with the homeless.
Squeaky clean.
Course, that wouldn't be the first time the squeaky-clean have indulged their dark side here in Vegas.
They could've invited somebody back to the room, spice up their life a little bit.
If so certainly got more than they bargained for.
So, I pulled the files for the other two motel murder scenes.
It's weird, don't you think? That a killer would fixate on one room? What do you think the significance is? Why does he feel the need to kill there? Well, that's assuming that these are all the work of one killer.
It could be that there's no connection.
That you're looking for patterns where there are none.
So it's a coincidence that three totally unrelated killers chose this one room? I'm just saying, we don't know yet.
All right, first one: Mark Bell.
he stayed in Room 114 after his girlfriend kicked him out.
Yeah, I remember.
I worked this case with Finn.
The maid found him tied to the bed, severe lacerations to his legs.
They were nearly cut off.
He bled to death.
There was a bloody knife found on the floor.
Too smeared to yield any viable prints.
Detectives, at the time, thought the attack was related to a drug debt.
They thought the dealer was sending a message.
Four weeks ago second attack in the room.
Alex and Tina Garnez.
Nick and I handled this one.
Their house had been foreclosed on.
They were living in their car for months.
Garnez finally got a job.
Moving to the motel was supposed to be a step up.
That night, he was sneaking a cigarette in the bathroom while his wife slept.
The killer started with his wife clubbing her while she was sleeping.
Then he must've surprised Mr.
Garnez in the bathroom No! Overpowered him.
He survived.
He's still in the hospital recovering.
And then last night the Smiths.
Still think we're dealing with random, unrelated events? All right, Finn, I'll see you back at the lab.
Come on now.
Open up.
I saw you in there.
I was asleep last night.
I was not involved.
I already told the cops.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
That's cool.
I'm not, uh I'm not here to grill you.
Kind of looks like you like to call this place home.
I'm guessing you see everything that goes on in here.
You didn't see anything weird? Anybody suspicious running around here lately? It's not my place to judge another man in that way.
Only God can judge.
Right well, God would want you to help me catch a killer, wouldn't he? I'm sorry.
Now, sir, please, please, hey, come on, now.
A couple was violently murdered last night.
A woman a few weeks ago.
A young man before that.
All in the same room, all innocent victims.
Innocent? There's no one on this planet who's innocent.
We're all sinners.
Yeah, yeah, well, that-that doesn't really help me do my job.
They were called to God.
That's God's plan.
Your job is done.
Yeah, I just Might be my biggest regret about this job-- I know way too much about hotel bedspreads.
And hotel carpets.
Don't go barefoot.
So, we have three different bedspreads from our three different crime scenes.
I ran the DNA.
The bedspread on the left is from the very first murder scene.
I'm guessing it lived in that room for who knows how long.
Long enough that I was able to identify DNA profiles.
The replacement bedspread there was only in the room for seven weeks.
So fewer contributions.
And the third bedspread, from last night's crime scene.
Yielded only nine contributors.
But here's the thing: One of them, a male, is common to all three bedspreads.
One person, the same person was in the room before each of the murders? Have you run the samples through CODIS? It's running right now.
Here we go.
Randall Wicks, 22.
He must have just been added to the system.
There's why-- sexual battery charge two weeks ago.
Look where he was arrested.
That same motel.
The same room! I'll call Brass, get out a broadcast.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen, huh, Randall? You used to be the featured dancer in the Tangiers All Male Review.
How'd you let that gig slip away? I don't know.
I got bored, so I quit.
Well, or maybe you found something more interesting to do, huh? - Oh, hey, man, what the hell? - Three separate murders in the same room at the Sky View Motel.
Your DNA was found in the room after each of the crimes.
What? Wait a minute-- Sky View Motel? Was that in room 114? I use that room, frequently.
For business.
So you're a prostitute? Dude, I'm a stud, letting frustrated housewives get a taste of something they wouldn't even get close to otherwise.
Okay, stud, what about the housewife you beat up in room 114? The sexual battery charge.
Or was that just part of the pony ride experience? That was self-defense.
I'm serious.
I was in fear for my life.
Okay I meet this woman there, right? Totally normal at first.
Then we start getting into it, and I don't know, she goes all crazy.
Starts hallucinating or something, screaming at the walls.
- Pure freak show.
- And why? What would make her do that? Well, I ain't a doctor or nothing, but must be the sex just blew her mind.
Yeah, that must have been it.
Well aside from being a complete tool, what do you think? Well, he still could be our killer.
Well, the problem is, all we have is DNA evidence, and we can't disprove his story of how it got in that room.
Well, we do have an eyewitness who could possibly I.
Alex Garnez, the husband who survived his wife being bludgeoned four weeks ago.
He has massive head injuries.
He's still in the hospital-- we don't even know what condition he's in.
Well, I talked to his doctor.
She said he's struggling psychologically.
They have him on suicide watch after one failed attempt, but physically she said he's strong enough to talk to us.
Um I'm CSI Brody, and this is CSI Sanders.
I'm sorry, but we need to talk to you about the night that you and your wife were attacked.
How much do you remember? I don't know.
I I I remember her just lying there, just lying there.
And all the blood around her We were high school sweethearts.
Did you see the person who hurt you and your wife? Do you remember his face? I can see him standing over her, hitting her over and over and and I'm powerless.
I I can't stop him.
Like there's a wall between us.
I Yet I can still hear the sickening sound of blow after blow.
Garnez we want to we want to show you some photographs of some faces.
We need you to tell us if any one of these men looks like the man that we've been talking about, okay? He's not there.
Are you sure? None of these is the man that killed my Tina.
Hodges, you texted me "911"? I did.
What is the 911? Sorry.
Your suspect.
He ran from the motel room barefoot, correct? Mm-hmm.
Yet he left no shoes behind.
He could have been carrying his shoes.
He was in too much of a hurry to put them on.
Mm, maybe.
But there was a bottle of shampoo that Nick found in the bathroom.
It contained one percent permethrin, formulated to combat head lice.
Now, I've checked with Doc.
Neither of the Smiths were head lice sufferers.
So the shampoo was for the guest.
Presumably the killer.
Nick found residue on the wall of the shower.
I've tested it; it contained five percent permethrin.
Permethrin, for the head lice.
This is five percent, in a body cream.
It's prescription strength, used to treat scabies.
I don't want to seem insensitive, but shoeless, head lice, and scabies-- that all sounds like homeless to me.
Richard Smith worked with the homeless back in Flagstaff.
He could have been doing some sort of outreach, wanted to help somebody, brought them in off the street.
I've already called around.
There's a local shelter called Street Saviors who had a scabies outbreak last week, where they distributed this very same prescription cream.
Way to bury the lead, Hodges.
That's part of my charm.
It's all in the telling.
The regular.
Okay, thanks so much.
So I talked to a couple Hey.
of the outreach workers.
They saw a guy earlier, a guy named Rudy.
He's a regular here.
He was barefoot, had bloodstained clothes.
Sounds like our boy.
According to the locals, he likes to hang out here, under the bridge.
Anybody seen Rudy? Huh? You seen Rudy? You know who Rudy is? Hey, where does Rudy stay? Hey, old-timer.
Hey, man.
You seen Rudy anywhere? Rudy! What's wrong? What have you been doing, man? Huh? Rudy, you're gonna have to come with us.
Rudy, it says here in my files that you spent some time in the state hospital.
Had a few psych holds? Yeah, I have some problems.
What did the doctors diagnose you with? Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, - paranoia - Well, that's okay.
We get the idea.
Do you recognize these two? Richard and Ann? They're angels.
What do you mean? They rescued me.
How? I was on the street, out front of a drugstore on Cramer.
Oh, that's right near the Sky View Motel.
I go there sometimes to ask for change, you know, and-and I These guys, they jumped me and-and and they beat me, and they took my change and they took my shoes.
And-and it probably would have been worse, except that Richard and Ann came along out of nowhere and and chased them away.
Rudy, what happened next? I told you, they're angels.
They-they-they they asked me if I wanted to stay in their room with them, and they got me a toothbrush and stuff, and they let me get a shower and get all cleaned up.
Did something happen after the shower? Something happened, didn't it? I don't know.
I don't remember.
Come on, Rudy, think.
Think real hard.
No! No! There were these dolls a-and there were a whole bunch of them, and they started talking to me and they were looking at me.
What were they saying, Rudy? What did they say? Did the dolls tell you to do this? I I did that, didn't I? I did that with the scissors.
I hurt them.
What about these people? Did you hurt them, too? I don't know.
You know, sometimes I think we forget what delicate, complex machines we are.
You know, all it takes are a few short-circuiting synapses, or a breakdown in myelination, and everything gets thrown out of whack.
Jules, you just captured a killer.
I know.
Then why do I feel so bad? Because he seems like a nice guy who got dealt a lousy hand in life.
So we have him for killing the Smiths, right? What about the other two attacks? Well, I could go over all the evidence and make a case.
He's obviously our prime suspect.
He frequented the area, and he's obviously unstable.
Good work.
You put some long hours in on this.
Why-why don't you go home, get yourself some rest.
Take it, take it easy! One plus one is two.
One for me and one for you.
Two plus two is four.
That's a couple more.
Three plus three is six.
Straight and crooked sticks! Get away! One plus one is two.
One for me and one for you.
Two plus two is four, and that's a couple more.
One plus one is two.
One for me and one for you.
Two plus two is four.
That's a couple more.
Three plus three is six.
Straight and crooked sticks.
You need to drop that bottle, do you hear me? Four plus four is eight.
Seagulls on the gate! Five plus five is ten.
Hey! Do you hear what I'm saying?! Drop the bottle! Ricky doesn't follow directions! He never follows directions! Thanks, man.
Seriously, thanks.
All right.
Hey! Was she staying here? In the motel? Uh, yeah, just since tonight.
What room? It's happened again.
How the hell can this be? I thought we had our killer.
Did we mess up, Jules? Did we make a mistake with our-our homeless guy? No, Rudy's guilty, maybe not of all three, but he definitely killed the Smiths.
Then how do we explain this? I don't know.
It has to be unrelated.
Unrelated? Four murders in the same room over a three-month period.
That's got to be connected, don't you think? All right, I'm sorry.
Look, all right, who are our players tonight? Who are we talking about here? Suspect is a woman, high school math teacher.
Victim was one of her students.
Together in a sleazy, $39-a-night motel room.
With lingerie, condoms, sex toys and alcohol.
Wonder what was going on here, right? Yeah, according to the school Web site, she was just named Teacher of the Year.
I'll bet she was.
So, this may sound crazy, but I'm thinking that this isn't what it looks like.
I don't believe that the teacher was sleeping with her student.
Yeah, you're right, that sounds crazy.
Well, listen to this voice mail I found on her phone.
Stone, it's Matthew.
I don't know what to do, but my parents have been drinking and fighting, and I can't go home; I'm at a motel.
But I'm scared.
I don't know who else to call.
I'm sorry, but you have to help me, please.
Stone, we are trying to make sense out of what happened in that room.
But we need your help to do that.
Boy, Matthew must have told you a really sad story to lure you to that motel room.
Now, obviously, from the items he brought along, he had ideas of getting - romantic with you.
- Now, there were a lot of empty liquor bottles in the room.
Was the young man drunk? There wasn't any drinking.
First thing I did was dump all the alcohol down the sink.
I wanted it clear to Matthew that nothing was going to happen.
Did he get upset? Is that when he threatened you? He would never.
Matthew's a Matthew's a great kid.
He just had a harmless crush, that's all.
He would never hurt me.
Then why did you kill him? It wasn't me.
Really? Wasn't you? Ms.
Stone, look, look at this.
That's not me.
I mean, it's me, it's my body, but I I had no control.
It was like there was something inside me.
I was possessed.
You were what? I was I don't know.
Part of me really wants to believe her.
I mean, the woman ranting and screaming on that video from last night was nothing like the woman I met today.
They were two totally different people.
So, her behavior last night was completely out of character.
Mm-hmm! Did the hospital do a tox screen? Yeah, it was clean.
Not even alcohol.
Then it's got to be the room.
The room made her do it.
What, like, The Shining? Hmm? The Overlook Hotel? It's the one thing connecting all of the murders.
Right now, it's the only thing.
Okay, so, let's have Hodges and Henry drag their equipment out there and test the room, see what they have to say.
I've got some elevated VOCs in the air conditioner, but nothing that would explain any of the bizarre behavior.
What about you? You got anything yet? Could I have five minutes to look first? Oh, and I'm very much enjoying the dirty bathroom.
Thank you for that.
Mm! Mm Great.
Now I can smell like a fruit bowl for the rest of the day.
It looks like they've got mold inside the walls of the closet.
I'm going to have to get a sample.
Do you have the pry bar in there? Hey, I have to open some drywall.
Do you have the pry bar in your kit? Hodges! Seriously? Hodges, what are you doing? I was calling you.
What are you looking at? What, what's going on with you? I know who you are.
Okay, look, w-why don't you have a seat on the toilet I'm gonna help you out, come here.
I can see what you are! Hodges, let go of me! That hurts! No Hodges! No, no! This is Henry Andrews.
I'm at the Sky View Motel, room 114, and I have an emergency.
I need police and EMS immediately.
Excuse me Hey! Henry! Henry? Hey, man, you all right? What's going on out here? I don't know exactly.
He just flipped out.
Nick, I honestly think he would have killed me.
Hodges? Yeah, but it wasn't Hodges.
I mean, if you would've seen the look in his eyes, something must have happened to him in there, something to trigger this.
What'd he say to you? Nothing.
Everything that came out of him was unintelligible.
It was grunts and growls.
Hey, so paramedics hit him with a sedative.
Once they get him to the hospital, maybe we'll figure out what's going on.
Wait, wait, before he goes, I-I need a-a a swab.
Check your vest.
Hold up.
Hey, buddy, I just need to get some saliva.
Can you help me out? Can you open up? Come on, just open up.
There you go, help me out.
There you go.
Yeah, get him out of here.
Vitals are good Thanks, Doc.
I appreciate it.
You're welcome.
What did he say? How's he doing? He's gonna be okay.
I mean, his vitals are all in the normal range.
He doesn't seem to be in any physical distress.
Well, obviously there is something going on in that motel room.
Now we need to add Hodges to the list of people that went nuts in there, right? Homeless guy, the teacher-- Makes me wonder about our first victim, Mark Bell.
Who's to say he didn't go crazy, too, and stab himself in his legs.
If all of this is true, what's it say about the man who lost his wife? Hey, guys, you are not gonna believe this one.
Hodges was drugged.
What are you talking about? LSD-I did an ELISA test on his saliva.
Somehow, he must've been dosed while we were in the room working.
Wait a minute, didn't the hospital do a tox screen on the teacher and on Rudy, and it came back negative? The standard tox panel doesn't test for LSD, so they were probably dosed, too-- we just had no way to know it.
But wh-why the violence? The molecules I found were highly adulterated, and cut with a cyclidine similar to PCP.
Probably came out of somebody's kitchen sink.
Now we know what.
Let's go find out how.
So, according to Henry, this lysergic acid glows blue.
And the stuff's potent.
We may not be looking for much.
Wait a minute-- got something over here.
These are tiny drops.
It looks like they might've been aerosolized.
Check it out-- covered in blue.
This is our source right here.
If Hodges got sprayed by that, it would only have to land on his lips or in his eye, and it would be instantly absorbed.
Here, let me bag it.
Hold on here.
I don't think the LSD was coming from that cartridge.
There's a hose in here.
Yeah, and it's coming through the wall from the next room.
Hey, Oscar, can we use your bathroom for a second? Hey! You can't come in here like this! Sure we can.
Check it out, Greg.
It's called probable cause, Oscar.
What do you got? Found the source.
Oscar, I remember standing right there and listening to you preach to me about God's will.
Is this what you meant? Huh? Killing six people? I didn't kill anyone.
You've been spraying LSD all over the bathroom next door.
You're responsible! I don't know what you're talking about.
God sees the truth.
Yes, sir! God knows my heart! You know what? I'm tired of hearing that.
Sit down, relax.
I'm gonna get you a ride.
Nick, take a look at this.
That's an odd place for a TV.
That's the room next door-- room 114.
So not only have you been dosing the people next door, you've been recording it, too? Hey, Nick, I don't see any recording device.
But there's this transmitter set up to send a signal someplace else.
So what's with all the video stuff? I don't know.
I just know I'm not supposed to touch it.
Yeah? Who told you that? Huh? Trent, the manager.
He said if I did, he'd kick me out.
Trent Raeger, got a warrant.
See you downtown.
Hey, Nick, you gotta come and see this.
Our peeper has been looking at all the rooms, not just room 114.
Yeah, he's been spending some quality time in here.
These are all souvenirs from his favorite guests.
You've been peeping on room 114 for a long time, haven't you, Trent? At what point did you decide that it wasn't enough to just be a voyeur? I mean, when did you decide that you needed to kill people? It isn't like that.
Okay, then tell me what it's like.
Well, it's just about watching, you know? All the people coming through the motel.
When I was a kid, we'd get a family on vacation, and I was curious because we never took vacations.
We never left.
So I had these special places where I could look through the walls watch them.
Special places.
Then the video age came and you upgraded your little hobby, right? That was pretty cool, too.
I mean, especially when the motel kind of went downhill, you know? That brought all kinds of crazy stuff.
The crack whores, drunk dudes, beating their wives, they That is a show, believe me.
But even that ligole old and dull, so you spiced it up by dosing people with drugs? A few months ago, I saw this guy out on Third, tripping on acid.
He was, like, out of his mind, and it was just so so weird.
And that is when I came up with that rig for the bathroom.
You have to admit it is pretty clever.
Five people are dead, one is in the hospital.
Hey, I just put the gas in the car okay? They're the ones that crashed it.
Come on you've got my tapes; you've seen 'em.
That first dude, hacking his legs off.
Or that teacher oh, and the homeless guy.
I mean, the dude is already a total mess, and then the lady has all those dolls! I mean, that was a gift.
Or the poor Mexican guy killing his wife.
Honestly, I didn't see that coming.
I mean, that that that was awesome.
Awes What are you looking at me like that for? Come on, people go online every day to look at stuff that's just like that.
But you manipulated this.
You made this happen.
You made these people, these innocent people, do these things.
So what? What's the difference? Well, you'll have 25 years to life to figure that out.
And the weird thing is you're gonna be in a little room with people watching you 24/7.
I, uh, heard they're going to be discharging you soon.
I guess I've healed as much as I'm going to.
Well, I I came 'cause I wanted you to know that we arrested the man responsible for what happened to you and to your wife.
He didn't physically do the killings, but he is responsible.
Well, I-I I'm sorry, I'm a little confused here.
The man we arrested lived in the motel, and he drugged several of his guests.
That night, when your wife went to sleep, you went into the bathroom and you snuck a cigarette.
While you were in the bathroom, you were dosed with a very potent psychedelic drug, and it caused a violent change in your personality and your behavior.
That face that you saw the man who was hitting your wife Uh in a little while, there's going to be some police officers coming here, and you're going to need to go with them, okay? I'm sorry.
I want to apologize for anything I may have said while I wasn't myself.
It wasn't your words so much as your actions, really.
And, obviously I apologize for those, too.
Apology accepted? Yes.
Apology accepted.
Then you won't be trying to get back at me in some way? No, of course not.
But I wouldn't drink that coffee, if I were you.