CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e10 Episode Script

Girls Gone Wild

Where's Russell? He's in layout.
What's going on? Russell? Russell.
It's Sara.
There's been a shooting.
How bad is it? I-I don't know.
Her cell phone cut out.
What about Finn? I can't reach her either.
Listen to me, I want you to call the Sheriff's Office in Larkston.
Find out if they know anything about the shooting.
Jim, it's DB.
I need a chopper.
Deputy's dead.
Sheriff's still alive.
It's been a rough 48 hours.
You all right? I'm okay.
Bullet just grazed me.
What about Finn-- do you know where she is? No, I don't know.
She's not picking up her cell.
What if he went after her? Well we gotta find her.
Hey! Hey! Come on! Stop! Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Paramedics said you're good to go.
So, Brass is gonna take your statement down in the Sheriff's Office in Larkston.
Yeah, yeah, I'll go over there as soon as we find Finn.
No, no, listen to me, please-- there are gonna be a lot of questions about what happened the last couple of days.
Sara, I need you to talk to Brass now-- please.
Nick and I are gonna stay here until we find Finn, I promise you that.
All right? Mm-hmm.
Come here, let me I'm so glad you're okay.
Thank you.
Uh, who's in charge here, please? I I-I guess that would be me.
Uh, Maxine Lennox.
Deputy Lennox, I'm CSI Supervisor Russell.
One of my CSIs is missing.
She was investigating a case up here.
Her name's Julie Finlay Yes.
I saw her a few hours ago at the motel.
Lent her my car.
She said she was following up on a lead.
Did she say where she was going? No.
I need you to put a broadcast out on your car, right now.
Yes, sir.
Have a seat.
We'll be right with you.
I got you this; I thought you could use it.
Thank you.
How you holding up? It's been a long couple of days.
Well, uh, I know things might be a little cloudy for you right now, but, uh You know, we have to officially get a statement to know what happened up here.
I know the drill.
All right.
Let's start from the beginning.
What were you and CSIs Finlay and Brody doing here in Larkston? Larkston was never part of the plan.
We just wanted to have a little fun, I mean how often do we all have the weekend off? Whew! I am gonna go home, open a bottle of wine and watch Hepburn and Tracy movies.
Oh, wish I could do that.
I've got about a month's worth of laundry to do.
What are you up to, Morgan? Uh, actually, I am driving to Reno.
My mom got me this gift certificate for a spa there.
It has all mineral-based treatments, so I am getting the amethyst massage.
It's supposed to calm the nerves and absorb negative energy.
I could probably use that.
Yeah, me, too.
You guys should join me.
I got a suite.
Got plenty of room.
Oh, I I mean, we don't want to crash your weekend.
Are you kidding? I would love it.
I hate drinking alone.
Massages, alcohol? I'm in.
I'm in.
Awesome! Okay um, let's go home, change, and I'll meet you back here in an hour.
But you never made it to Reno.
Why not? Finn said that if we took her car, we could make it there in half the time.
That turned out to be a mistake.
Yeah, she's a beauty.
You got the 440 in there? Yeah.
And the four barrel carb.
That's a lot of power.
Oh, I think I can handle it.
So, Darryl, uh, what's the bottom line? Can you fix it? Uh, yeah, it's just a broken water pump.
I can replace it in about an hour.
Now, if, uh I order the part tonight, I should have it by noon tomorrow.
So much for our moonlit salt scrubs.
I can give you ladies a lift into Larkston.
We don't have a spa, but we do have a nice motel.
Plus it's karaoke night at the Cactus.
Come on.
Have a drink, some food, it'll be fun.
Try not to look so happy, you guys.
I want you to come on, come on Come on, come on and Take it, take another little piece of my heart now, baby Oh, oh, break it Break another little piece of my heart, you know you will Have another little piece of my heart now, baby You know you got it If it makes you feel good Ooh, ooh, oh It makes you feel good.
Oh, my gosh, couple shots of tequila and you turn into Janis Joplin.
Yeah, I think you missed your calling.
Like, awesome! Wow! Thanks.
Yeah, uh, well, I was a double major in college.
Chemistry and voice.
Chose chemistry.
But I was the front woman for a band at The Roxy for a year.
I can't believe we didn't know this about you.
Speaking of secrets, I didn't know you were into mechanics.
Yeah, you and, um, Darryl seem to be enjoying each other's company tonight He's very nice.
He's, uh, he's actually smart.
He's, uh, he's funny.
Knows a lot about cars.
It's too bad he's so unattractive.
This round's on Darryl.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
All right, here's to our girls' weekend.
Oh, God.
Whoo! All right, so I'm gonna, um, go back to the motel.
No, I-I put in a Beyoncé song, I want us all to sing it together.
I'll come with you.
No, stay.
Stay, have fun.
Darryl's gonna walk me home.
We need to finish the conversation.
Of course you do.
See you guys later.
Have fun.
Yeah, right.
Who's Beyoncé? The stars are really beautiful out here.
There's so many lights in Vegas, you know, you never get to see them.
Yeah, I guess I don't really notice them anymore.
Born and raised here.
I guess I kind of take them for granted.
Was it great growing up here? Yeah, it was great.
Was it? It was real great.
Must have been.
Oh yeah.
You have something in your pocket.
You mean, um You mean this.
You got me.
I'm not really into married men.
Or liars.
I'm not lying anymore.
You're still married.
Not happily.
Good night.
Night? You're a little tease, you know that? Darryl, don't do this.
Oh, you're not going anywhere.
You think you can just lead me on all night and then just walk away? Don't do this.
I don't want to hurt you.
But I will.
You're dead.
What happened? Oh, my God, you're bleeding.
I stabbed him.
- What are you talking about? - He attacked me.
What? I think he's dead.
Darlene, call the sheriff.
Finn, what happened? I don't know.
Okay, we got to get you to a hospital-- you need stitches.
I don't want to go to the hospital.
Where's Darryl? He's-he's over here.
Show us.
His body was right here.
Where'd it go? How many times did you stab him? I stabbed him twice.
What did you do with the knife? Uh, I-I-I dropped it beside the body.
Maybe you didn't kill him, Finn.
Maybe he's not dead.
Did you take his pulse? No, no, I wanted to get away.
I-I'm sure he was not moving.
It's okay.
All right? It's gonna be all right.
All right.
They're not flags, but they'll have to do.
Really hard to tell how much blood he lost.
It seeped into the dirt.
There are blood drops moving away from the blood pool.
Hey, Finn, was Darryl wearing cowboy boots? Yeah.
I got a boot print and corresponding blood drops.
He was on his feet and bleeding.
Ah, I didn't kill him.
He walked away.
There's a second set of prints, so not by himself.
Somebody helped him.
Into a car.
Blood drops end where these tire tracks begin.
What the hell you girls think you're doing? It's all right.
Sheriff, we're law enforcement-- Las Vegas CSIs Sidle, Finlay and Brody.
Las Vegas Crime Lab?! I didn't call you to work this scene.
Uh, we're not working the scene.
Our friend here was attacked.
I got a phone call saying you killed him.
Well, the evidence shows that Darryl is still alive.
Evidence? Thought you said you weren't working the scene.
We're not working the scene.
We just made a couple of observations.
Yeah, I'm making a few of those myself.
Three girls; been drinking one bleeding messing around in a crime scene you got no business being in.
We're not messing around.
How do I know you didn't kill him? Dumped his body somewhere.
Now you're tampering with the evidence.
So he just released you? No.
His deputies separated Morgan and I, and, uh, they interrogated us inside the bar.
What about Finn? Sheriff put her under house arrest in the motel.
Finn said that he grilled her while the local doctor stitched her up.
So you're saying the knife was Darryl's? Yes.
How'd it end up in your hands? I told you: He pulled the knife, he tried to rape me, I grabbed the knife and I fought back.
Look at these bruises, Sheriff.
Consistent with a struggle.
So you stabbed him in self-defense and in that few minutes, while you were inside the bar telling your friends, someone took Darryl and the knife.
And he is out there, and I-I think you should be out there looking for him.
Oh, I got deputies going to his house and his auto shop.
But, frankly you could save us all a lot of time.
Just tell us the truth.
I am telling you the truth.
I am a CSI, and I deserve the benefit of the doubt.
I've known Darryl Walsh for 15 years.
I play poker with him every other Thursday.
It just doesn't seem like something he'd do.
Finlay didn't inflict these wounds herself.
Come on, Owen, she's been through enough.
Do you really have to keep her locked up here like a prisoner? Until I figure out what happened to Darryl she's not going anywhere.
You do your job, Marty; I'll do mine.
All done.
You're gonna be just fine.
Any sign of Finn? No.
Russell just texted.
They're still following up on leads.
So, CSI Brody took photographs of the crime scene which you believe prove that Darryl Walsh was still alive.
Now, did you share those photos with the deputies who questioned you? Yes.
Of course.
I mean, it wasn't our scene.
We were legally obligated to turn 'em over.
But Morgan didn't delete them from her cell phone, did she? Hey, Greg.
That, uh, tire track photo that you guys sent me from the crime scene, I ran it through Treadfind-- tire was manufactured by Bridgman Wheels in 2008.
What kind of car? A truck, actually.
Primarily the Ford Ranger and F-150.
I pulled DMV records.
Sending you a list of everyone in Larkston who owns that vehicle.
Pulling it up now.
Thank you.
Hey, Sheriff? Yeah.
According to DMV records, there's over 30 vehicles in this town with tires that match the tracks that we found at the crime scene.
Well, the last I checked, you weren't part of this investigation.
Sheriff, evidence shows that somebody helped Darryl Walsh into a truck.
We find the truck, maybe we find Darryl.
It exonerates CSI Finlay.
You really think he's still alive? There were no drag marks.
Boot prints and blood drops show that he was upright and moving when he got into the truck.
You've searched his home, you've searched his work.
You haven't found him.
This list is the closest thing we have to a lead.
All we're asking is that you take a look at it.
Is there anyone on here that might put themselves on the line for Darryl? All right.
Valerie Irvin, Darryl's wife.
Let's go talk to her.
We can't.
She left for Vegas this morning.
I'll call Greg right away.
Have him bring her in for questioning.
You don't seem too worried about your husband, Mrs.
I mean, Darryl was stabbed.
Now he's missing.
And you're playing slots in Vegas.
Oh, he'll turn up.
He always does.
So he's gone missing before? We don't really keep tabs on each other.
Darryl does his thing, I do mine.
Uh, last night, after Darryl was stabbed, back in Larkston, somebody picked him up from the motel.
Wasn't me.
I was working all night at the diner, 6:00 to 6:00.
I drove straight here after my shift.
Uh, we searched your truck.
Found this stuck to the floor mat.
What is that? It was a high resin leaf, along with expanded clay pebbles.
I get it-- so Darryl was running a hydroponic pot-growing operation under the radar.
Thing about hydroponics-- it requires a lot of energy.
I pulled up the electrical grid of the town of Larkston.
The blue dots represent average household electrical use per month, about 900 kilowatts.
Well, they're all blue dots.
A grow house would use at least five times that much power.
Now, step back in time with me as we follow the "curren"" back to the past.
This is a time lapse reversal of the town's electrical use over the past year.
There's your red dot-- indicates usage of over 5,000 kilowatts a month for four months.
Goes back to normal for a month and then spikes again for another - four months.
- Typical growth and harvest cycle for marijuana.
Four months to grow, one month to dry.
And only minutes to enjoy it.
So I've heard.
So what is that, a house? Well, according to the satellite image, it's a dilapidated barn, registered to Edith Skinner.
She's 85.
Think old lady Skinner has any idea what Darryl and Val are doing in her barn? I just talked to her.
Darryl told her he was storing some cars here.
Put that thing away.
Darryl could be hiding in here somewhere.
I'm not taking any chances.
Willis, pop the trunk.
He's not the monster you're making him out to be.
No offense, Sheriff, but I'm not sure you know Darryl the way you think you do.
Plates are all from out of state.
Well, Darryl could've bought 'em for spare parts.
Or, in addition to growing pot, he's running a chop shop.
No sign of him.
Sheriff, Deputy, take a look at this.
Oh, my God.
You still think your friend's not a monster? All right.
Let's do it.
All right.
Blunt force trauma to the head and face.
Compound fracture to the right forearm.
It looks like she was beaten to death.
When I have to put on my coroner's hat, death is usually natural causes or car accidents.
Don't see violence like this very often.
Wish we could say the same.
No identification.
There's a green residue on the shoes here-- hmm.
Didn't come from the car.
Do you mind if I collect it? Not at all.
There's no fresh blood.
There's no evidence that Darryl was here last night.
Wife's alibi checked out.
Val wasn't the one that picked him up.
Maybe one of his buddies gave him a ride, and he's hiding him somewhere.
Val said that she had no idea what Darryl was doing up here.
Said that he borrows her truck all the time.
It could explain the pebbles and the cannabis.
I'll run the license and registration on these vehicles.
See if we can figure out who they belong to.
Uh, Sheriff I would really like CSI Finlay to help us out on the case.
There's no reason to keep her locked up in that motel room.
She still stabbed Darryl.
In self defense.
But she had nothing to do with this crime scene, and frankly we could really use her help.
I'll lift the house arrest, but she's not leaving town.
One more thing Anyone ever tell you you're pushy? I just need DNA samples from everyone here, for elimination purposes.
What, you think one of us had something to do with this? Just procedure.
Then what happened? Morgan took those samples back to the lab.
What about the body-- did Dr.
Kinney do the autopsy? No.
Because of his limited experience in forensic pathology, Morgan took the body back to Vegas as well.
She handed it off to David Phillips.
So, let me get this straight.
Finn, Morgan and Sara go away for a nice fun weekend, Finn is then attacked, accused of murder and Sara finds a body? Yeah.
Not the relaxing weekend they were hoping for.
Hey, David, there's a 419 at the Mediterranean.
I'm on it.
Pumpkins painted on her nails.
Must've liked Halloween.
That could be when she went missing.
I'll rehydrate her fingertip, see if we can get an I.
Based on the temperature of the building and the condition of the body, I'd say she's been dead less than a month.
These look like ligature marks.
Killer could've used a string to tie her up.
Maybe wire.
Restrained and beaten.
Circular size and shape tell me she was hit repeatedly with a hammer.
Any idea how old she was? Wisdom teeth are present, so she's over 18.
And there's something in her teeth.
Could you hold that? Looks like a pubic hair.
Suggests sexual activity close to the time of death.
Considering that she was restrained, I'm betting the sex wasn't consensual.
I'll collect an SAE kit.
Follicle is still attached.
Should be able to get DNA.
Might help us identify her killer.
What did you find out? Victim's name is Brenda Whittaker.
She is a 23-year-old from San Diego.
Disappeared four months ago.
Cross-referenced her driver's license and registration and prints confirmed it was her.
Held against her will and raped.
Spermatozoa was found in the oral, anal and vaginal samples collected from the victim.
Still waiting on the DNA.
Which will prove Darryl's a murderer.
Can't believe he's still out there.
Which is why you better watch your back.
Tell me about the other cars in the barn.
They belong to two other missing women.
A 19-year-old college student from Sedona and a 28-year-old waitress from Salt Lake City-- both missing for over a year and both traveling alone.
Darryl's a mechanic, right? Yeah, he operates a gas station and a garage.
So maybe these women had car trouble, stopped for gas.
Just happened to be Darryl's type.
He seduced them, abducted them, raped them, and probably killed them.
Brenda Whittaker was the only one found.
Darryl must've dumped the other bodies someplace else.
Oh, hey.
This is Hodges.
I have to go.
Oh, go ahead.
What have you got? Trace Morgan collected from the victim's shoes-- Pediastrum boryanum.
Algae? Specifically green algae found in fresh water.
I did some checking, and the nearest large body of fresh water is over 150 miles away.
That doesn't make any sense.
Finn was here when we spoke on the phone last night, so this is the last place she was seen.
And that was a few hours ago.
Well, we know she borrowed the deputy's car.
Where was she going? She shouldn't have been going anywhere.
Her laptop's locked.
Any idea what the password might be? Um bloodgirl.
Bloodgirl528? No, sir.
Oh, I know, I know-- uh Try "Agnes.
" Agnes? Who's that? Crazy aunt she loved.
All right.
So, according to her Web history, she was looking for fresh bodies of water in the area.
Did she find any? No, not according to this.
She wrote the name "Gary" next to an ad for the Diamond Cactus Bar & Grill.
That's the bar they were at Friday night.
Give them a little call here.
Uh, hey, there.
Um is Gary around? He's on his break? Okay.
Thank you.
He's the bartender.
If I was looking for information around town, that'd be the first place I'd start.
Yeah, let's go talk to him.
Did CSI Finlay ask you anything about bodies of water? Yeah.
She wanted to know if there were any lakes or streams nearby that weren't on a map.
Only thing I could think of was Stone Rock Lake.
Is that a man-made lake? Just a hole in the ground now.
It dried up years ago.
You know, the algae would still be there.
How far away is this place? About 30 miles from here in the old Stone Rock Lake campground.
Just off Stevenson Highway.
Thanks, Gary.
What do you think? I'd hate to go running off in the wrong direction.
Well, I think that an abandoned campground would be a great place for Darryl to hold women hostage.
Be a good place for him to hide out, too.
Finn's got a two-hour head start on us.
Let's go find her before she finds him.
So how'd you end up in a nasty gunfight? Deputy Willis said that he got a tip that Darryl's car had been spotted on the side of the road, just off the interstate.
So I went with the sheriff to check it out.
Darryl! It's Owen! Get out of the vehicle! We're armed, Darryl! Come on, show us your hands! He's not here.
Is that bus stop still active? Yes, it is.
Where does it go? Reno.
But from there, he could've hopped a plane.
He could be anywhere by now.
Get on the radio and find out when the last bus came through here.
Hey, Henry, what's up? Are you sure? Okay.
I need a bus schedule from Larkston to Reno, please.
What the hell are you doing? Drop your weapons.
Sheriff, step away from Deputy Willis.
Sheriff I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell's going on.
Got DNA results on semen recovered from the woman's body in the barn.
There were two male contributors.
You telling me there was two men involved in that woman's death? Darryl Walsh and Deputy Simon Willis.
What? That's crazy.
Sidle, there's got to be some kind of mistake.
My colleague compared the samples of the DNA that I got off of you and your deputies at the crime scene.
No mistake.
Simon did you have anything to do with that woman's death? No.
Owen, come on, you know me.
Why don't you why don't you put the gun down, we'll talk about it.
You're lucky it was just a graze.
I managed to get a call through to Morgan and shortly after that, help arrived.
You know, you saved Sheriff Gardner's life.
I got a message that he's out of surgery.
His version of the facts matches yours.
So, we're done? I'll just file a report with the IAB, they'll make their determination, but I wouldn't sweat it.
Thank you for coming.
You're welcome.
Of course.
Oh, hey, Sara? Yeah? Let me know when you hear about Finn.
I will.
Plate's a match.
Match Deputy Lennox's car, so Finn's got to be around here.
The keys are in it.
She must've had car trouble.
Hey coil wires have been cut.
Darryl wanted to make sure she couldn't leave.
Nick I got blood in the car.
Let's go.
Take the right.
Finn? I got a body over here, man.
It's Darryl Walsh.
Shot in the chest.
He's dead as a doornail.
All right, so Finn's not dead, then where the hell is she? Obviously, this is where he kept the girls.
So what do we got here? Got a fully loaded rape kit.
Three shells.
380 casing-- same as Finn.
It's her cell phone.
All right, let-let's figure this out.
Well, for starters, we got an ax handle with blood all over it.
Rape kit's open.
Her cell phone's right next to it, so maybe she was trying to document the crime scene, right? Yeah, he disables her car, he grabs the handle on his way back inside, and just ambushes her.
And that would have pissed her off.
Yeah, yeah.
She fought back, for sure.
And there's two bullets in the wall right here.
So she gets off three shots-- two miss, but that third one, boy Punched a hole in his chest.
Blood pool is still liquid around the edges, so this couldn't have happened too long ago.
Car's dead; she's got to be on foot.
After she makes it through this mess, she probably made a beeline for the road.
I need you to stay here and process this scene.
Finn shot the guy.
We need to do this right.
I'll go look for her.
Finn? Hey, hey We're looking for Julie Finlay.
She's right around the corner.
Russell how is she? They were able to stop the bleeding.
She has a ruptured spleen, two broken ribs, and a concussion.
She's gonna be okay, though.
Thank God.
The doctors say that her injuries are consistent with being hit by a car.
I was out on that road.
I didn't see any skid marks.
This was intentional.
Darryl Walsh and Deputy Willis are both dead.
Who else could be behind this? That's what we're gonna find out.
Why don't you go ahead and process her and her clothes.
See what we can find.
So, these bruise lines were made by the grill of the car.
So, this circle, is that some sort of logo? I don't know.
Let me see if I can enhance it.
"MMC"? What kind of car is that? That's not a car.
That's a badge of honor.
I-I saw this guy on one of those antique car shows.
He had this old car, he drove it for years, and when he hit a million miles, he got an emblem to put on the grill of his car.
"Million Mile Club.
" MMC.
It's very exclusive.
And the town of Larkston has one member.
Hey, Doc.
Mind if I join you? Wh-What's this about? Well, I saw your car parked out front.
Looks like it's been in an accident.
Now, that'd be a real shame-- you've been driving that car for a long time.
You got over a million miles on it.
You even have that cool grill badge to prove it.
Love that thing.
It also made quite an impression on my friend when you hit her with your car.
It was an accident.
No, it wasn't.
You tried to kill CSI Finlay to protect your nasty secret.
What nasty secret? That you're a part of Deputy Willis and Darryl Walsh's little rape club.
That's not true.
I found evidence you were in the cabin in Stone Rock Lake.
I was only there to stitch up Darryl after CSI Finlay stabbed him.
Deputy Willis forced me.
Did he also force you to rape Brenda Whittaker? Come on.
I'm a CSI, man, and a pretty good one.
You don't think I'm gonna find your dirty, nasty used condoms in the trash can out front? DNA was all over them.
So, I had sex with her.
You raped her.
And tying a woman up against her will, for months, and raping her over and over and over again, and then, you bash her head in with a hammer, and you dump her body in the hood of her car-- mm-- I don't think I need to tell you what that is.
I had nothing to do with her death.
That was all Darryl and-and Deputy Willis.
Well, they're gone.
You're the one left holding the bag now.
So, I know there are at least two other women missing.
Where are their bodies? I don't know.
I Darryl said they took care of them.
All I did was have sex with those girls.
I-I never did anything to hurt them.
What do you think rape is? Hmm? You're a sick man, Dr.
You need some help.
And now you're under arrest.
You heard the man.
Come on, let's go.
Oh How you doing? You all right? Want some more drugs? I do like the ones I'm on.
Thought we almost lost you there for a minute, Jules.
I already started interviewing replacements.
Yeah? You think you can get rid of me that easily? We could always hope.
Up for more visitors? Hi.
I'll call you tomorrow.
So, we never made it to the spa.
Thought we'd bring it to you.
Thank you.
So what do you want to do next weekend?