CSI: Miami s01e01 Episode Script

Golden Parachute

Flight 906, outbound Miami to DC Dropped off the radar at 08:20 Crashed right after takeoff How many on board? NTSB confirms two pilots, six passengers Total of eight souls Eight souls unaccounted for.
Okay Look, their advising that we wait for fire and rescue Tell them we were four miles away when we took the call First responders provide immediate aid no questions asked We're taking this Call MDPD.
Tell them I want to set a forward command post at Levy 67 mobile recovery biohazard gear, the works And then call in the night shift We need all hands on deck Eric Delkohold on What What is it? Right there We've got a survivor right there! Hold on sir! I'm coming! Yes, this is Horatio Caine This is CSI priority I need an Air Rescue I'm located six miles from the Tammeane Trail Hold on! He's not breathing! Breathe.
breathe com'on BREATHE! Eric Eric He's gone I lost him It happens He could of told us We don't need him to We've got the whole story right here The jet was registered to a Scott Eric Summer He made the Fortune 500 insuring half the Gulf Coast Did you get a flight plan yet? It went straight to NTSB They've got a go team flying in They've got a go team flying in What about fire and rescue? They just went out to look for survivors Delko's with them Is it as bad as it looks? It's actually worse than it looks NTSB is on their way in They're gonna want updates Flight logistics, weather, eye witness reports.
Welcome back, Megan I didn't know you were gonna be in this week Any survivors? Nothing new They'll be found in the first few hours if we find any at all how are we doing on safety? We got it covered This is a level two biohazard site We should be taking precautions All personnel should have Tyvek overalls on double gloves, masks and decontamination after every shift Everyone doses up on antibiotics Water is full of blood borne pathogens and bacteria from body decomp Not to mention six thousand pounds of Jet A fuel No shift should last more than twenty minutes No food, no or water on site They won't be able to eat out there Spray from the airboat props cause contamination We're treating this as a crime scene which means no object too small any doubts, bag it, tag it Ok See if you can get me a copy of the flight plan It's nice to see you too Thinking bomb? Well the jury's still out Welcome back Megan Welcome back Megan ask? You're the expert Well, no gas puncture no pitting, no thining of metal no thermal effect we still have to swab for RDXPETN but I think we'll know more when the evidence comes in NTSB told us to hold off on recovery Yeah but they're not here yet, are they? Horatio, we've been through this before ValueJet '96.
I recall it well Then I don't need to remind you.
The Feds have jurisdiction over any air crash They deputize local agencies We're working for them The Everglades is a slow moving river with a current that travels about four feet per hour I know The crash site slowly degrading while we standing here We're losing evidence Four feet per hour We need to processing right now That's not your call, or mine Ok Listen.
I am sorry for the way things turned out for you but I did not ask for this job I know Anytime you want to take it back, let me know That's not my call either Until then, let's get to work How are we doing on survivors? Not good How many do you got in here? Four or five, depending on which pieces match Injuries are consistent with catastrophic blunt force trauama This type of crash Was it normal for you? You didn't get up this morning thinking it was your last, did you honey? Ask him, if he knows what brought the plane down ell, I think he might have just answered your question Small entry wound in the upper torso It got him through and through Calleigh please Take a look at this Looks like a medium caliber Maybe a .
32 or a .
38 And the bullet maybe still lodged in the fuselage Think we can find it? Does Elvis wear a white jumpsuit? What else can you tell me We were just out there fishing Heard a noise.
Real loud.
Looked up and Boom! That's all we saw Did you approach the plane? No sir, we high tailed it out of there Phoned 911 You didn't think to look for any survivors Hey, we called you remember? Shouldn't we get a reward or something like that? Fishing my ass Did you see the size of that rifle on their boat? .
306? They were poaching gators There are panthers out in the 'Glades How do you know the rifle is not for protection? How do you know they didn't borrow the boat and the owner left his rifle inside? I trust my gut It seems pretty obvious You sound just like Horatio The problem with the obvious, Tim is that it can make you overlook the evidence What do you make of this? Electronic fuel injector.
Like in my car Look closer Serial number looks like it's been worn down Could be strippened It's a used part Shined up, given a phony serial number, sold as new It's an old trick I'll have Speedle look into it I need Speedle look into it I'll take care of it Thank you Hey Herb Ritzm, come on Do you want to do this while we're young or what? I need a minute How about I take the pictures and you go out there and backstroke in that crap You alright? Yeah, I'm fine.
You alright? Gentlemen Sorry H Stay focused We were just talking about after a plane crash like this they used to find all these passengers without any feet They couldn't figure out why But it turns out there's a support bar under the seat that was acting like a guillotine This seatbelt is unbuckled and undamaged Well the flight wasn't full That's, uh six passengers, eight empty seats Yeah but I've already counted nine unbuckled belts, so that would mean one of the passengers was unbuckled during take off, doesn't it? Might have been the guy who shot the pilot Might have been How's everyone holding up? They're fine, they're doing their jobs What have you got? Nothing Not a pen, not a piece of paper, not a paper clip n othing Who travels with an empty brief case? That's odd right? Yeah H, com'on! Rescue, I need a paramedic! NOW! We got one with a pulse! Eric! Don't let him go into shock He's got a pulsate Sir, Sir, can you hear me? Stay with us Breathe, breathe Stay with us Ok, I'll meet you there Good H, We've got a Scott Eric Sommer Resides at Gables Estate He's unconscious but hold on guys He can't tell us anything then Maybe he can What do you see? No friction burn, right? Means, no seatbelt So he might be our shooter Yes, the question then becomes why would you shoot your own pilot? Thank you, gentleman - Horatio? - Ya Got a call about a floater five miles from here I can't possibly take another scene right now Horatio, it is your scene Okay How did you get so far from your friends? Did you fall out of that plane? Is that how you ended up all alone out there? All by yourself? In more ways than one, I'll bet Only woman on board that couldn't have been easy You were with them, but not one of them "All Boys Express" Been on that flight Ladies We may have an ID on the flight plan Christina Maria Calluchi was Summer's senior accountant Hello Christina Preliminary exam indicates no friction burns on her lower torso Which also means no seatbelt and a second passenger out of their seat - I'd rule out the bathroom then - Mile high club? I don't think so It's such a small plane It'd be hard to have an indiscreet affair with your boss, I think Not if he was picking up the tab This stuff is all designer Red suede Price alone coulda killed her I put a rush on the tox screen Blood alcohol was .
09 Legally drunk at 8 o'clock in the morning? We also found traces of fluoxitine She was on Prozac Who isn't Anything you want to share? Not currently Could I have a grid please? C-6 enlarge please Zoom times four and hold Zoom eight times and hold What in the heck are those? Could be impact related Something she hit? Or something that hit her She's a lovely girl Mrs.
Calluchi I found this at the crash site It was empty and it has what I believe are Christina's initials on it I was wondering if that belonged to her We, um, we gave that to her when she got her promotion Has she, uh, recently suffered any setbacks either personally or professionally? Not that I know of My daughter battled depression When she was in high school that was a very long time ago She would never try to hurt herself, would she? I don't know Ever since she was a little girl she was so good at keeping secrets Will you help me please? I will I will I've never seen one of these before This old thing? Yeah It's a boroscope The SWAT boys use it for a sneak and peek I think it's kind of cute Can I take a peek? Be my guest So, uh, what exactly are we looking for here? Ballistics evidence We think we may have had a shooting on the plane but so far, nada You know, I've heard of you You're the, uh, Bullet Girl, right? What does that make you? Airplane boy? Yeah, I guess you can say I'm aware on an airframe Really? Then what are these? Those are bayonnette pins They hold the door shut Oh, I know that I meant what are those Some type of scoring Could mean the door failed Or someone wanted it to Eric, How are we doing on those black boxes? I'm heading back now I just came back to dose up on those antibiotics As soon as you know okay I just spoke to the pilot's widow How's she doing? Her radio car is with her now, She's pretty hysterical The thing is boss, she kept going on about Summer and all the top brass screwing over the rank and file You want to know why they were going to DC? They were being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, weren't they? These are copies of subpoenas for Sommer and his chief financial officers It's classic Company fails and the management bails The boss sails into retirement with a golden parachute and a big fat severance package, right? Yeah and then Joe Cubicle gets a nice pink slip and a frozen pension plan That whole plane load was on the to Washington to be grilled by the SEC You're not gonna believe this What's the matter? Bayonnette pins holding the door were filed down.
NTSB concurs.
That door opened in flight That explains our victim that ended up five miles from the crash Sabotage? Company's in trouble A lot of employees ticked off at the boss Exit doors pins were tampered with most likely by someone who knew their way around jet aircraft Means, motive All they needed was an opportunity Let's find out who worked on that plane Good as good? Good as good Nice going Senior Esparsa, we know that you have been using old parts on company planes And I want to know why You make money on the side? No.
No par me You trying to get back at someone? Is that why you sabotaged the exit door? No comprendo.
I did nothing wrong We matched the markings to your tools.
We know it is you who filed down the pins I had to make them fit We didn't have the right parts I work hard I get those planes up in the air Nobody asks how at 30,000 ft The plane was climbing How high did this plane get Calleigh? Tower radar says no higher than 4,000 ft I'm cutting him loose Why? He just confessed to using faulty parts on that plane They were flying too low There was no depressurization That's right, which is why that door couldn't have come off by itself, faulty pins or not It was opened from the inside Which reduces it to two possibilities, doesn't it? Suicide or murder You need to talk to your survivor He's in a coma Not anymore Grace Memorial just called He woke up Did uh, did anybody else? Any of themmake it? Just you I'm sorry We're gonna take care of them Families I mean, we take care of our own That's very commendable Especially recently in light of your company's recent financial difficulties I'm not sure if I know what you mean We hear that the SEC is very interested in how you take care of your own May I ask you where this is heading? We'd like to get your fingerprints and a sample of your DNA if that's alright with you Wait a minute Do I need to have a lawyer present? Mr.
Sommer we are merely trying to establish what happened on the plane from your point of view That's all I don't remember It's all just a.
it's fuzzy Well, maybe I can refresh your memory then, what we do know is your employee Christina Calluchi fell to her death sometime before the plane crashed And she fell out a door that had been opened from the inside Does that ring a bell? No.
I didn't see anything I was in my seat ActuallySir, you weren't in your seat And neither was Christina which is why there were no friction burns from your seatbelts So, would you like to try again? I didn't want to say anything because I want to protect her Christina was acting strangely, that morning she was very agitated And she had been drinking Don't take that with alcohol Get off of me You're saying, she committed suicide I'm saying she jumped out the plane Why didn't you stop her I tried to There 's just no time When that door opened she was gone, just like that I don't remember anything after that There is something I wanted to ask you When did you hear the gunshot? Gun shot? What gun shot? No gun shot Um, would it be ok if we took your prints now You ran a chemical profile on her hair? Trace elements can generally be found on the follicles Luckly she was a brunette Right.
Dark hair stores higher concentrations of contaminents Nice thing about hair is that it grows at an even rate, about a half an inch per month Gives us a nice timeline She's been using antidepressants for the past year Prozac and Zolaft Six months ago, she smoked some pot And they say blondes have more fun Here's the interesting part Three months ago, huge spike of Dilated Painkiller? Maybe she had a car accident, surgury or.
Not according to her medical records And not at these levels Suicide attempt? Mass spec doesn't lie Suicide is the only explanation She was front and center in a SEC investigation She knew where all the bodies were buried Maybe she couldn't live with that Maybe someone couldn't live with her? She tried to kill herself three months ago Tried but failed Well, maybe this time she succeeded Most whistleblowers are women I think she was planning to take the company down We'll never know that, will we? Her testimoney died with her Much to her boss's benefit now that she cannot testify You want to kill someone there's easier ways than to shooting the pilot especially when you're on the same flight A woman was murdered on that plane That's a hunch talking Where's the evidence? Show me you're right That can't be good What does she think? She can waltz in here after six months of being gone and just take over? You know you're an ass What did I say? She lost her husband What did they give hertwo weeks off She needed a little bit of time Big deal Man, I didn't know Yeah well there's a lot you don't know Gentlemen, those black boxes We've been over the sight twice And sonar pingers are supposed to activate automatically when the boxes hit the water We're doing everything we can We need to do better As soon as you can Maybe you just missed them No way They're gone.
I don't know where else to look You know what, I think I do Survey says Ok, we've run the prints The green runs are Christina's the red ones are Sommer and he is all over this door He said he tried to stop her That's what he says Let's go through his story Christina's gonna kill herself She gets out of her seat and goes to the door.
But Summer comes after her, tries to stop her They struggle Why does he have a hand print so high up here Maybe her other hand was here Okay He's got prints on the handle down here Could've put his hands there to brace himself Why doesn't he just take both hands, grab her and pull her away from the door She's trying to get the door open Maybe he's trying to stop her Or maybe it was the other way around It's inconclusive There's any number of ways it could've played out Unless, now bear with me, bear with me Unless Summer's said that Christina fell out of the plane as soon as the door opened She was hanging on No She was hanging on She was hanging on Nurse, The patient that was in this room, where is he? He checked himself out about an hour ago What the hell is this? That's a warrant to search the premises For what? For items looted from an aircrash site What you think, you gonna sell it on Ebay? Hey you got a locater signal? Yep Why don't you go get them? Why don't you? They're just babies What are you waiting for? Let's go On three One Two Three Ok, black boxes I understand that they're really orange This one over here is a cockpit voice recorder It records the last thirty minutes of conversation over the cockpit mics This is a flight data recorder Documents forty parameters of the flight Airspeed, flaps, trim, the works So this will help us with a timeline to figure out why it went down, Peter? Eagle 906, fly runway heading, Runway 9 - Cleared for takeoff - Set takeoff power Power is set See that game last night? Dolphins pretty good this year They'll never make the playoffs without a quarterback The first four minutes after takeoff are normal It gets pretty funky after that This is the Captain Our flight time to Washington D.
is two hours twenty minutes Temperature is 72 degrees What was that? We've got a light on Could be electrical.
Lose a bus? Exit light is definately on We've got a door open What the hell is going on back there? Losing power Warning light, Engine 2 We're losing air speed We lost No.
2 Pull up! Pull up! Ok.
Shut that off please Something's missing There's no gunshot Can you play that back, Peter, from the announcement? Temperature is 72 degrees Ok, hold it right there Can you pull that up? I'll run a reverse algorithm Just lose the pilots Ladies and gentlemen That is Summer and Christina, isn't it? And the door opening So How long before the door opening and Christina's scream She held on for 17 seconds Until he pushed her out of the plane Now all we have to do is prove it Speed, go to Christina's apartment and do a full profile What she ate.
How she slept at night How she made it through the day Calleigh, back to the airframe Back to the pilot I want that bullet Eric.
Focus on the number two engine We still don't know what brought down that plane She didn't leave a note No shrine of personal items Only enough food to get the cat through one night Is that it? Ah, full refridgerator, phone calls to return dry cleaning to pick up and ISS courier picked up the day she left Was she on her meds? Yeah, she filled her perscription like clockwork Which means she didn't kill herself That means she was coming home Calleigh.
The bullet? There was no bullet Well, how did the pilot get shot He didn't The rivet runs through it Metal stress during the crash must have popped the rivet loose Plane literally ripped itself apart That's not what bough the plane down, right? No actually, the shoe hit the engine fan I found a piece of leather in the number two engine Let me guess.
Red suede.
450 bucks a pair We don't have the evidence to nail this guy We need the proof Where are you going? I'm going where we're all going Back to those seventeen seconds I'm the largest insurer in the southeast But I've been cooking the books lately and the SEC wants to have a sit down AS senior accountant, I know where the bodies are buried But I can't go through with it And I tell you so But I'm not gonna let you take the company down Cuz It's my life's work So we argue I take off my seatbelt to get away from you But I don't let you get away from me that easily so I follow Just wait Then it gets physical I push in into that door Which flies open when I grab the handle No! And there you are, hanging on for dear life And this is my opportunity For seventeen seconds we struggle and I push you out of the plane Which can't be proven because there's no physical evidence of an altercation And our only witness is Mr.
SUmmer, our suspect So What else would be here? What else would be here? We've got the exit, we've got the handle The bulkhead Cockpit door But what we don't have, ladies and gentlemen is the fire extinguisher Here we go Here we go I know what happened on this plane Get off from me Get off from me No! No! He killed her But what about the other passengers? They would have seen everything Somebody who nobody on the plane they're not gonna testify against and they're on the payroll It would be against their own interests Except the only one who knew everything Christina was good at keeping secrets Sommer was banking on that He just didn't bank on her having a conscience You okay? Yeah, I guess I saved the wrong guy No such thing brother.
Not here Right, every man's a prince That's how we sleep at night Lieutenant We found Sommer He checked himself out You're really swinging now, huh Scott Here you are How are you holding up? Good What's this? This is a copy of a report that Christina sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission This is what she was working on I don't understand Well, she sent this the morning she died Now, Mrs.
Calluchi this was a very difficult decision But she did the right thing To whom it may concern I hope I'm not writing this letter in vain To whom it may concern I hope I'm not writing this letter in vain But I feel that I have a responsibility to those who depend on us To those who expect us to deliver an honest and fair accounting I feel a responsibility to speak the truth For those innocent victims who are powerless to speak it themselves Because without the truth, we ourselves become powerless Christina Calluchi