CSI: Miami s01e02 Episode Script

Losing Face

Julisa Julisa Aure Julisa Aurelio? Julisa Aurelio? Estado hacienda aqui? Why didn't you come to bed? Julisa ay eme Back it up and set a perimeter No one within five hundred feet! Quiet calm of this Coral Gables neighborhood was shattered early this morning by Want a cup of coffee, H? No, thank you That smells good A little caf?cubano Put some hair on your chest Don't you just say the sweetest things That stuff's no good for you It'll rot your stomach out It is believed that the bomb squad - is inside this house right now - Is it serious? Change the channel It's not known if anyone else is in the house or if Live on the scene of a bomb scare County Dade Bomb squad I didn't know they made body armor in triple extra-large They make jockey that size but you wouldn't know anything about that either Horatio Caine Back from the dead Found any good fiber lately? Just enough to keep me regular What do we have here? Schedule-80 PVC collar clamped around the vic's neck Going to have to "John Wayne" it That's not the way you taught us, Big Man I don't have much choice Can't do remote Got to be hands-on Best hands in the business Look, I gota go do this thing but let's grab a beer later Catch up I-I keep my insurance policies in a wall safe upstairs It's good to know I keep mine in a sock drawer Would you tell my wife tell her I love her You can tell her yourself in a couple of minutes You two will be knocking back mojitos in no time All right, we lost the family today This is top priority - Where's Horatio? - Inside Have you talked to him? Because, uh, I think he knew the guy Yeah, Al Humphreys He brought him onto the bomb squad, trained him They were close Give me a minute alone with him, okay? Okay Thanks Victim's name is, uh, Aurelio Moreno He's a successful Coumbian importer This is obviously the seat of detonation right here The shattering effect here indicates high explosive and blast and frag pattern indicates that the explosive, uh, was packed up front Everything above the neck is blown away Below remains intact Horatio, this isn't a great idea Is everybody outside? Yeah You should stand down Let us work this one This is a crime scene like any other We should at least wait for the M.
to clear the bodies What I need you to do is I need to get everybody in here right now to process this I want every hair, nail, fiber and every ounce of Al's blood recovered There are no other crime scenes in Miami today Three types of damage here: Frag from the container thermal effect from the release of gasses and blast pressure Potentially the most damaging Blast pressure forces air outward in a shock front of up to twenty-nine thousand feet per second When did you ever work a bomb scene? I happen to read books Okay? What does your book say about this? Blast pressure has two phases: positive and negative When the air is pushed outward it creates a vacuum in the center So everything gets sucked back in It also means that the components from this device are still in this room They're in a thousand pieces, but we should find them So, Calleigh, let's find out who had access to the house Eric, we've got to find that ransom note And Speed, you Megan and I will look for the bomb Find the bomb, find the bomber Bomber came in through an unlocked window in the maid's room Yesterday was her regular day off Means the bomber knew their routine And Moreno's wife said he liked to stay up late and watch TV My guess is he got jumped right in the middle of Letterman "Top ten ways to get your head blown off.
" I'm sorry, lieutenant.
I didn't mean it's okay I also found some type of fabric on the frame Let's get that to trace, all right? Is this the note? Yeah Note's got some flash burns, minimal blood spatter certainly readable I mean, "this is a bomb deliver $50,000 Fifty grand? Did you see the size of that place? He could've asked for ten times that Let's get this to chemical processing You got it, H Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine Horatio, what are you doing? I'm giving Al's wife his wedding ring back That's evidence I know that You can't just give it away I'm not giving it away I'm giving it back Avulsive destruction of the face and frontal calvarium Thermal damage of the epidermis at the edges of the defect Thought I'd seen everything I'm surprised he didn't take his head clean off Yeah I rushed tox Traces of chloroform in his system That's how the bomber got the collar on him You didn't know what hit you, did you, sugar? Rest of him doesn't look too bad considering Looks can be deceiving My god what happened? "White Butterfly" effect Pressure can cause massive internal damage Lungs burst Other organs turn to soup How's Horatio holding up? Fine At least that's what he's telling me He told me he wanted to be down here for Al For his post? Yeah He said he could handle it What did you say to him? Told him I didn't need him down here But I knew someone who did We've missed you since you left the squad Been too long, Felicia Al was just saying we need to have you over for dinner sometime I'd like that He never wanted to talk about you always know there's a possibility something could go wrong Felicia, everything I am I owe to Al Everything I know, he taught me How do I tell them? What do I say to them? You know what, Felicia? I don't want you to worry about it I want you to let me handle it This is for you It's not here Casing came back positive for TATP Homemade explosive Very sensitive Wouldn't want to get the shakes Not this guy, this guy's a pro Well, he sure made a beauty: Dummy switches, alternative power source, collapsing circuits We are still missing a component The action switch is not here We covered that scene on our hands and knees We got it all Let me say it again, it's not here Evidence just can't get up and walk out of the room Yes, it can On their boots And there it goes So let's get it back Three engine companies responded to that bomb call It was like a freeway through that house And we're going to check them all Any chance it's going to lead to anything? You tell me Electric photocell Yeah This is what killed Al I'm sorry about that, H Yeah, me too Me too Calleigh? Got something on the fabric? Flanders mesh pattern Machine-made.
Size ten French lace.
Tres couteux - Tres bon - Hmm - Hey - Hey Our bomber's quite the clothes hound He has expensive taste If he is a he A lot of women's clothing is made with french lace Blouses, scarves Lingerie What? I shop on Valentine's Day How you doing on the note? Great.
I ran thin-layer chromatography on the ink It's, uh, garden-variety laser printer and you can find them at any copy shop Which made me realize I was barking up the wrong tree You analyzed the paper Exactly.
It's bagasse pulp It's a treeless paper made from sugar cane fiber It's imported primarily from Colombia Colombia We need to find out if any local area stores sell this There are four high-end stationary stores here in Dade County All of them are sold out and they're awaiting a shipment from a Columbian import company that's owned by one Aurelio Moreno And I did some other fact checking There's been a string of necklace bomb cases just like this one inand around Bogota The bombers stalk their victims for weeks get their routines down cold They pick only high-profile targets They're wealthy enough to pay the ransom Just like Moreno Where's that paper shipment now? It's waiting in customs impound Then I'm wondering who else might have had access to that paper Charlie Berenger, Customs Eric Delko, CSI So my boys tell me you're looking for paper Coded watermarks, actually It's a design pressed into the liquid paper stock It can tell us when a particular lot was manufactured Is this, uh, is this a restricted area? Sure Doesn't mean there's no access though Security guards, dock workers plus any number of federal inspectors through here on a regular basis Any of them have it in for a guy named Aurelio Moreno? Moreno? That's a real piece of business He's been investigated by the cargo cats The who? Cargo cats It's a name we have for ourselves on the counter-smuggling task force You have a file on this guy? Yeah, sure Looks like Moreno was doing all right for himself Better than all right Nothing moved between South Florida and Colombia without going through him first Who's this? That's Moreno's wife Lauriana That's not his wife Esposa number two And you didn't know that? Now in order for a bomb to do its job it needs three components Power source it needs an action switch and it needs an explosive load We wired in a photocell like the one we found melted into the fireman's boot So Al followed a render-safe procedure and he drilled in in an attempt to disrupt the power source Once the pipe was breached, the light hit the photocell closed the circuit BOOM What kind of person makes something like that? Well, bombers are ego-driven They make bombs to gain control, get revenge, sow terror Some believe they've been betrayed by society Or betrayed by someone they trusted Our Moreno was a busy boy He had one wife in Miami, the other in Bogota Customs inspector at Port of Miami told me that wife number two came in a week ago.
High season Maybe they found out about each other Sounds like motive Yeah, maybe it's time to talk to the wives I don't know anyone who would want to hurt him He was hard-working, honest Aurelio was a good man He loved his family My husband was very devoted to family He traveled quite a bit but he hated to be away from us If there was even a weekend he could get away he would come home Of course he had to travel for business, but he hated it He didn't like to be away from me He never wanted to leave me I miss him so much You have no idea how much I miss him I'm sorry for your loss We're trying to figure out who did this What's that? I'd like to take a swab of your hand, if I may It might help me identify the killer Would that be all right? Let me see your left hand Would you mind if I took a hand swab? I don't understand What could be on my hand? It's just to rule out any possibility of cross-contamination If it will help Beautiful blouse Is that french lace? Mm-hmm So, old Aurelio's got it coming and going, huh? Plus he got a two-for-one discount on clothing and jewelry Where does he find the energy? Okay, I'm going to go run these I'll see you in a minute Hey.
Morning Take a look at this His American's wife's hands were clean while Lauriana had trace elements of triacetone and triperoxide -TATP This is our bomber All your years on the bomb squad how many bombers were women? This is my first I've called the INS to see if we can hang on to her while her extradition papers come through Horatio, stop Listen to yourself No, you listen to me This woman is not going anywhere until I clear her How can anyone go anywhere with you running roughshod over the evidence? Can't you see this isn't about you finding out what happened to Al? The day Sean died The day Sean died, I was at his scene Restaurant shooting Girl killed by her boyfriend I didn't realize that Sean had gone across the street to the boyfriend's apartment He found him on the fourteenth floor balcony ready to jump Sean tried to talk him down, like any good cop would do Guy took him over the side I saw them hit Didn't know who it was at first I worked that case I insisted on it I wanted to be there for him I couldn't Grief is grief; work is work Don't confuse the two You're thinking You're thinking that maybe I've missed something.
Hmm Well, did you notice Lauriana's hair and nails? Acetone and peroxide Base elements of TATP Also of nail polish and hair dye Those two women didn't bat an eye when they got on the elevator I'm a woman, and I'm telling you they don't know each other They probably had no idea the other exists Excuse me Horatio Where are you? We've got another bomb Any closer and I might have to file a sexual harassment suit Yes, but it wouldn't stick We don't work together anymore Why do I the feeling this isn't a social call? Well, we have information on the first bomb that you need You're going to have to render-safe in the dark The device that killed Al had a photocell just like this When light hits it, it detonates Bill, would you dig out the tarp, please? Right Who's the target? Vic's name is Maura Burgos High-end antiques dealer She was in her kitchen when she got jumped Woke up from a chloroform bouquet to a necklace bomb around her neck Burgos? Is she Columbian? Hard to say Unless that's code for scared out of your mind How did she contact the police? Garage door opener Neighbor called it in That was quick thinking, Maura, flapping the garage door Did you have the opener in your pocket? My purse It was on the table when I came to Okay.
Now stay with me, Kat I'm going to walk you through it I think this is a twin of the other device which means the explosives are packed up front and the safe arm will be on the victim's right side Copy that.
Approaching from the right Now remember you have to keep her calm Hey, Maura.
You know any Stevie Wonder? Hey, babe everything is all right, uptight out of sight Sorry, I'm giving you dandruff Keep singing darling Everything is all right, uptight out of sight So, let's follow along the seam and that's where the frag is largest I'm trying Housing's as smooth as a baby's butt That's because he used silicone gel sanded and buffed with an electrostatic cloth Trying to hide this sucker but he can't hide from us, can he, Maura? Uptight, out of sight You need to stop as soon as you feel the pressure ease and before you hit dead space Just a few zip-zips, Maura and we're out of here Easier than a trip to the dentist Stop the drill Kat, now wait a second now That's beginning to separate I want you to shut that drill down.
Stop the drill It's a hoax Damn thing's filled with sand I'm bringing her out No, you're not You're going to stay right there Nobody moves Kat, listen to me There may be a secondary device Let me get Maura out of here first No-no-no! It could function in any number of ways! Either of you moves, it could blow! This isn't your handle anymore, Horatio Am I in the path that you cleared? Yellow brick road right under your feet Maura, should these wires be sticking out of this clown? Yes.
There was a little balloon that broke off Okay, Maura what I need you to do is take a very good look around the room and tell me if anything is different No, I just I don't know It's okay We're clear in here Deep breaths You're doing great What did I tell you? Mojito time Hey, Bill? Yeah, boss? Let's bring out the E.
M and let's get everybody away from this kid on the bike right now You got it Nice bike - What is that? - BMX That is cool Electronic counter measure? He's jamming every radio signal in the area In case the bomber's trying to remote-detonate Back in my day I had the, uh sting ray with a banana seat and the racing slicks but that was a long time ago What's your name? Conner You know, it is, um, it is a little big for you Where's you get it? The man said I could keep it if I brought the package to his friend He said to wait for him here I did something bad, didn't I? No, you didn't, Conner Everything's fine Here's what I want you to do, though I want you just sit tight and keep your eyes on me Can you do that? Good.
Now, I'm just going to take a look at your bike Hey, you like chocolate? How'd you know? All kids like chocolate Okay, now here's what we're going to do next, Conner Very slowly in slow motion I want you to get off your bike Beautiful Conner, good job Now, just as slowly I want you to walk not run right to those police officers right there Good job, Conner A new robot? Yeah, "Andros.
" Tracks a little smoother than the old one Conner, I'm going to comb your hair to see if the man who gave you the package left anything on you, okay? I know the Detective asked you already but can you remember anything about that man? That's okay I forget too Especially when I'm scared You found me my target? Green is for go if this is the same type of device Conner, did the man have light hair? Yeah light brown Kinda wavy See? You did remember something You're right on line, Bill Right on line Laser's on target What's it going to do? Little gizmo on top's called a "disrupter.
" This of it as a water pistol only it fires nine hundred feet per second Water doesn't compress, it shoots out like steel rebar If we get lucky, we can take out this power source Circuit interruptus And if we don't? And if we don't we're going to have a very large crime scene to process Let's go Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! All clear Okay.
The thing I don't understand if the bomber's after the girl why plant a hoax in her house? Calculate the distance between the house and the sign Couple hundred feet? I'd say five hundred feet and that's exactly where the bomb squad would place containment and command post and that's by the book, isn't it? You're saying this guy knows procedure? The victims were decoys.
He's after the bomb squad Well, the first bomb, ladies and gentlemen was designed to kill the victim and the bomb tech Second bomb was a decoy to lure them in And the third bomb was designed to blow them all to smithereens All those little pieces It's hard to believe they can be so deadly Fourteen ounces of semtex brought down that plane over Lockerbie and that's smaller than a bag of coffee Killed all 259 passengers eleven on the ground And this is gonna bring us straight to the bomber so Speed, swab everything Eric, concentrate on the switches.
They're not handmade so let's find out the manufacturer's specs the make and model of every item And Calleigh let's work on the wiring Let's look for any cuttings or tool markings that seem odd, okay? And let's put a rush on this, people It is my belief that the bomb squad is about to get another call What are you going to do, boss? I'm going to look for the signature Every bomber has a signature I'm going to find his I can tell you it's light brown, auburn in reflectivity a fragment of three inches with an angle tip cut Cortical cell is damaged, medulla, fractional But none of that is going to give you a name I can also tell you that your standing there is not going to grow a hair tag at the end of the sample I need everybody in the layout room You miss it, don't you? Being on the front lines The simple answer is no I saw you out there Why leave something you're good at? You ever been in a horse race? Life's enough of a gamble Some horses run better in a harness and the science is my discipline I'll see you in there What do we know? A couple of components were brand-name capacitors and switches but the relay base grommets were painted, not clear - Counterfeit? - Looks that way Find out where they were sold, Speed? No sweat, no saliva, no hand lotion But there were traces of chlordane Insecticide? Banned insecticide It's still in use in some coffee growing countries, but I don't have a manufacturer yet Keep looking.
Calleigh? All wire ends were straight-edged standard wire cutters.
Nothing fancy.
It's a dead end Afraid I've also got a dead end, literally - Hair is human.
Doesn't belong to our guy - How do you know without a skin tag? Faint traces of silicone adhesive at the root It came from a wig French lace - from the window at the Moreno house It's also used on high-end toupees It gives a more natural look to the hairline Lace on a rug Well, shoot me if it comes to that What did you find from the bomb? Signature is shrink-wrapped wires laid end to end leads twisted into a counterclockwise direction but that, ladies and gentlemen is not the big deal with this guy This guy is a show-off How can you get that from a bomb? Every twist of every wire is about him: "Look at me.
Look at how clever I am.
" Still doesn't give us a name Okay.
Let's go back to the top He's been around bombs Maybe he has a grudge Wears a toupee Out of necessity chemo? Maybe he's had some close calls Maybe he burned his head in some sort of explosion That could account for the wig And he's making his bombs out of counterfeit parts In some place with some - heavy-duty insecticide - So, where do counterfeit parts and banned insecticide come together? Both are illegal imports And Moreno was importing goods from Colombia and so was Maura Burgos And it has to go through where? U.
Customs Let's go back to that impound warehouse What do you got? These are all the agents with access to the Moreno and Burgos files combined with warehouse access Customs enforcement agent Charlie Berenger.
There it is That's who Delko talked to - You know him? - A long time ago Radio cars are on their way Okay, be careful of that He gets wind of it, he may set another device We should stand down and wait for backup Horatio This is not a good plan He's killing my friends And he's talking to me I'm going in Horatio? Charlie B.
Horatio Caine It's been a while - Hey, nice work with the kid on the bike - Thank you - Just a couple of old bomb techs talking, right, Charlie? - Yeah wasn't it? You could have beaten that timer I would've if I didn't have Humhreys screaming in my ear Al made a big mistake with you, Charlie He underestimated you, didn't he? But now you're going to show them You picked victims to mislead the squad You made them think they were dealing with colombian bomb but all the while, you were setting them up -All right, partner, you know what you're doing now? - Yeah Attaboy.
All right.
Go on now Watch yourself, now.
Be careful And that last device? A work of art, Charlie Collapsing parallel circuits Michelangelo would've been envious I've done the reconstruction, Charlie and Al should have never taken you off that squad You were too good for that I was Yeah Look where it got me Everybody has a bad day Today could be mine Trying to take you down could get us both blown up couldn't it? - You think I can't get out of this? - I couldn't I couldn't find the safe-arming switch Yeah, well, it's easy to miss You want a second shot at it? You know, if you're wrong BOOM That's true Freeze! Turn around, Charlie We're clear Okay, get on the ground Get him out of my sight So You worked the case and still cleared it Guess I was wrong You weren't wrong I just got hung up on the wives You recovered You know what I'm going to miss most about Al? Most people Gentlemen Most people make you earn their respect And with Al, that's where you started Coming in? In a minute Hey Thank you For what? For knowing the difference Felicia