CSI: Miami s01e03 Episode Script

Wet Foot/Dry Foot

A squall from the southeast Last night's severe thunderstorms caused damage to oceanographic buoys in the Florida Straits I'm not working on my tan out here, fellas The storms have dissipated And the weather service has lifted the small craft advisory Ho, baby! That's what I'm talking about! - Yeah, yeah, yeah - Give it here Come on Come on, baby Ain't no use in fighting Come on Yo! It was nip and tuck there for a while I think I'm a pretty strong guy but I'm telling ya, that sucker hit that line! It was all over I said, "how am I gonna get this thing up?" I'm struggling with it It's your fish, Chief Sure is gonna look pretty on my wall Just give it a good jab and enjoy the ride up Oh! What the hell was that? This all there is? Yep.
Rest of him's probably out there At least we have a hand So let me ask you a question You find human body parts in a shark is that murder? It is when we're looking for lead I think we're going to need a bigger body bag If anybody can find one, it's you, Alexx You got that right All right, fellas You heard the man.
Bag him My shark now I'm off to ruin a captain's day Everything is nautical, I get it What I want to know is, did you mark the catch? Ten foot tiger shark? You bet your ass nd that ten-foot tiger shark is now property of the Miami-Dade crime lab And by the way what kind of a global positioner is that? I've got precise positioning if that's what you're asking "Precise positioning"? How'd you get that? The government? I got friends I called in a couple of favors Lucky for us You got Miami, Grand Bahamas, Cuba About a hundred and seventy miles total distance We hooked in right here, fourteen miles out About a hundred and seventy miles total distance We hooked in right here, fourteen miles out About what time was that? Mm-hmm I shark fish I used to shark fish all the time I've never gone out in the day Yeah, well, we got a late start There was a squall line pushing through We couldn't chum or lay out any lines till sunrise I'm gonna take this chart, too, if you don't mind Wait a minute First you take my client's shark then you take my chart? What do I get? You get a pass on your illegal GPS unit Twenty-eight pounds, seven ounces Boy or a girl, Alexx? Don't rush me Hmm.
Gynecomastia Enlarged breast Would signify female, but could also be male No armpit hair but pronounced hair on the knuckles So what are you saying? What I'm saying is, I'm not an anthropologist Could be a big woman or a small man Let's get your DNA Stippling and some GSR inside the wound The shot was fired at close range Que fue? Ha.
I just got a look at that tiger shark in the cooler Liberal eaters, like Speedle They'll eat anything as long as it's alive Alexx? I heard Dermal ecchymosis around the teeth marks Capillaries inside the deltoid muscle are hemorrhagic Blood was circulating at the time of the injury That was like ringing the dinner bell Two thirds of the tiger sharks brain is dedicated to processing scent Alexx, how long do you think the victim was in the shark's stomach? Well, I'll have to test the levels of regurgitative enzymes Yeah, sharks regurgitate anything that they can't digest Hmm.
Like human bones And metal Would you give me a times eight on this tattoo? Interesting tat Hmm Upside-down flag Yes, that is the international symbol for distress, isn't it? And note the fish It is the ancient symbol for Christian resistance Catholic leaders in Cuba also used it for the anti-Castro rebellion Which would mean that our vic was a political prisoner Yup, and it also means that we could have a political mess If he was living on U.
Soil he would have been processed at Krome detention And his prints would be on file But if he was on his way here, we've got nothing He was making his way, though He probably wasn't swimming Boat? That would be my guess.
Speed? What have you got? Well he was from Cuba and he was making a freedom run Okay, hang on.
You're way ahead of us Well, based on where the shark was caught and simple geography it's a straight shot from Matanzas or Villa Clara to Miami You know what that means? Elian Our, uh, victim wasn't on the boat alone Okay.
So, Speed, call the coast guard make a friend, and take Eric with you Aye, aye You got something for me? I got a question Shoot How old are you? Hmm.
Caliber round, right? - See the rifling characteristics? - I do Now I've got a question for you Shoot Do you think that's a Colt? I do So do I This guy was in a hurry Are you kidding? Look at that boat How are you doing? Eric Delko Tim Speedle, CSI Miami Martin, U.
Coast Guard We got your call Got four birds out there doing coastline patrol Got a chopper on an insurance job called it in What kind of boat are you guys looking for? The kind that has blood in it I got tracks South side tire's bald Boat's missing its hull identification number Freedom run gone wrong This didn't work too good Inhaler Empty Artifacts and abandonment What do you think, Tim? Feel suspicious? Hey, Speedle What do you think you can do with this? What, here or back at the lab? This boat's got a filling Oh, yeah? What caliber? Well that's for Calleigh Hmm Hmm.
This could be our crime scene That could be fish blood And that is for Megan Bullet from the torso on the left Bullet from the boat on the right Two hearts beat as one Both .
45 caliber classic classic copper jacketed six lands and groves with a left-hand twist I've got a twist for you The blood from the boat: human Matches our torso, who was definitely X-Y.
Male But John Doe was on that boat Where's the twist? Flesh tissue on the bullet Speedle recovered from the boat? X-X We have another victim out there, ladies Let's hope he didn't sand down the impression Yeah, if he was a pro, we got nothing I'm gonna try a little heat separation see if I can't find something under the peel Sounds like a good idea This boat looks like it went through Hurricane Andrew This boat has enough horsepower in it to have outrun Andrew Maybe we're running at night Never saw the squall coming Speed! Yeah? What does it say on the stern? Luna Nueva Moon New It's "new moon.
" Moon cycle, gentlemen It goes from first quarter to full then three-quarters to new Which means no moon I'm out What was that? What? Do what you just did again There you go Well, that's a sound that doesn't belong on a boat Walls like that take a lot of work to build There's only one reason to build a hold like that, my friend and that is to stash your stash You can run with at least five hundred keys in there It's like Capone's vault, empty Those are your eyes talking Look harder We got something hmm That's cocaine Why fill in the number? Why not just sand it all the way down? I don't know Maybe it's a guy thing What? They'll add on or cover up but they won't mess up the chassis? You know what? You're scaring me Okay, we manipulate the pixels in gray scale and The hull was built in 1972 Do you want to do this? No It's a guy thing It's just that Megan wanted it ten minutes ago You beep me? - Was it 411? - Yeah Means I've got info Your hull ID number got us a registration and a name Captain Robert Morton Captain Bob Talked to the marina manager Did he give you anything? A migraine Said as long as the Captain's check clears every month he's the second cousin to Peter Rabbit So he knows nothing on the guy You got it Find a seat, get comfortable I want you to watch every frame for the last two days See if the captain shows his face Did, uh, did you clear this with H? 'Cause I'm supposed to be working on the note Don't worry about Horatio It's unclear if I'm working for him or I'm working for you You work for the victim Donner Where's Horatio? Be right there Cyrillic lettering The Russians have been forever dumping their second-rate surplus on their island friends And in this case, we're talking about Cuba This girl's been shot in the leg Very close to the femoral artery Bled out Our female bleeder? Can you see an exit wound? No Interesting tourniquet Tied tight Who tried to save her? Injury like this, she would've been dead in under thirty minutes There's no evidence of sunburn or exposure She didn't float here all the way, did she? She was on a boat Our drug boat? Could be Take a look at that You know what that is? La caridad del cobre The virgin of charity And the patron Saint of Cuba I've seen these before Mm-hmm Families in Miami send them to their relatives as a good luck piece for the journey That's right, and that ninety miles of open ocean will take that good luck away from you in two seconds This is made custom, by hand Old school with a palm push graver Tonal variations there's only one or two guys in Little Havana who do this bulino work And not one of them is going to help us with this Wet foot, dry foot All a Cuban immigrant has to do is touch U.
soil and they're here Unless, of course the coast guard picks you up out there on the water and sends you back to Fidel If she made it to dry land she'd have gone through seventy-two hours of processing and walked with a green card She almost made it She didn't count on getting shot Ready to play politics? Bueno, quien juega? De que tenemos este honor? Pero quiero saber Buenos dias, Senores Senor Caine Rolando, por favor Gracias A que le debemos este honor? Basilio bodies are washing up on shore They wash up all the time The government doesn't care about a balsero Balsera in this case Nice work She was wearing it I'm sorry to hear that Basilio the last thing this town needs is to blow up and you know that I need your help on this What's so special about this girl? She was shot to death This necklace can only get us so far All it has to do is get us inside Horatio, please So, Senor Caine Senorita Donner, are you police officers? Well, actually, Senor we're Crime Scene Investigators And I'd like to show you something to see if it has any meaning to you The price of freedom for Cuban children is high but worth it Ramon Grau Spent two decades in Fidel's prisons for arranging safe passage for thousands of Cuban kids to the States I know who he is Fourteen thousand forty-eight children to be exact You're one of Ramon's kids Tia Who's that? My nephew Pedro Can I speak to him? We promised you five minutes It's been five minutes Finito.
No mas Hemos terminado Basilio I still need somebody to come down to the morgue to identify the body I will make all arrangements personally Give me a second Yo perdi a mi esposo recien I'm very sorry I'm sorry, too Her name was Elena She was my niece Por favor We should go So sorry Gracias Horatio Yes? Those are my people in there I meant no disrespect, Basilio This family is in mourning And this is not an interrogation We were up front about our intentions You cannot go to the well and drink it dry We need to speak to that boy And we'll get a warrant if we have to Us Cubans are a proud people Que no? Nos vemos Amigo Basilio Buenos tardes Horatio, heard you hit some kind of dead end You heard right Just finished the post on the girl I want to hear about it.
Hang on one second - Calleigh, the bullet? - I'm working on it - Let me know - Who community beeped? That was me How are we coming along on the note? Uh, we're not coming What do you mean? I pulled Speedle off the note for the surveillance footage My call, not his Finish up on that, get back on the note Any DNA on that rope? In the works Let me know Eric, roam and assist, please You got it Okay, Alexx, talk to me The girl ? Her name is Elena de Soto Any GSR or stippling? Yes, and there was something strange inside the wound track Found traces of a synthetic-based material Not a match to her clothing - It's at trace - Is that it ? She had significant levels of albuteral in her system She was asthmatic We found an inhaler on the boat My guess? Bronchospasms triggered by some kind of stress My guess is she overmedicated Her heart went into dysrhythmia a condition that doesn't go well with a severed femoral The tourniquet didn't buy her a lot of time Okay Good Come on in You ought to give me the name of your decorator Well, it's just a phone and a desk when we're not in the field Any word on the captain? The detectives still have it, we're waiting What do you got? DNA results from the skin cells we collected off Elena De Soto's rope Somebody else tied that tourniquet Well, we knew that No, we know that now There's significant commonality in the markers You think it's a family member? Maybe the guy in the back bedroom What about a first cousin? Closer I'm thinking brother Hey, Calleigh Listen, I was wondering if maybe I could crash at your place tonight I'm trying to keep a low profile and H has been stirring up the neighborhood You know how he is, he's like a dog with a bone Yeah, well, he needs to learn how to let go 'Cause this girl's family doesn't care about solving the crime Their niece is already dead You know, they're thinking we got to protect the living I can't say I blame them On the couch No midnight tiptoe Deal? Deal Check this out Bullet on the left, Elena De Soto's leg Bullet on the right, from John Doe torso They're twins They're triplets They also match the bullet you guys pulled out of the Luna Nueva It must've been some massacre on that boat Did your parents make that journey? Actually, we all did I was in my mother's belly Yo Yo What's this? Megan Still ? Yep And you're watching it in real time? You see that rental truck there the one next to the Luna Nueva slip? It's been parked there for six hours and twenty-three minutes You see the driver? Not a cup of coffee doesn't have to take a leak Nothing What's he waiting around for? Well, If H is right, that hull can hold five hundred kilos of blow That's a lot of reasons to wait around Five hundred reasons, gentlemen Speed, get me in closer All right, zoom in on those back tires Now, does that tire look bald to you or not? Mm-hmm Let's find this truck Yes, I am up on the current software I didn't say anything Oh, you don't have to Interesting material I found in Elena's wound track is olefin Which is a synthetic fiber What makes it interesting is that she was wearing a cotton dress John Doe was wearing olefin Yes, he was Which give us a possible series of events Let's say John Doe was shot first The bullet penetrated his shirt from point blank range and some of the material from his shirt was sucked back into the barrel That means that the next round fired would carry that material into Elena's thigh, right? We've already got a match on all three bullets putting John Doe and Elena on that boat The epithelials from the tourniquet tell us someone closely related to her Someone closely related, like her brother Pedro He could've tied that tourniquet Close relatives travel together A DNA match makes him a material witness And that is a warrant we can get Hey The only place in the country you have to negotiate with the community before you serve the warrant Let's go Hola, Pedro Yo me llamo Adell Sevilla Estos Senores aqui van a revisar tu cuarto Por favor, acompaname We can just ask for a swab Hold the phone Colt 45 Let's take him in Hands behind your back Detectives found the rental truck and the Captain at Miami International They're both are in custody Yes sir I will Coke wrapping must have picked up some blood when it was being loaded off of the boat Locard's Theory.
Primary transfer Kind of like going to the bathroom You can never wipe enough Horatio I like that tone That's an affirmative on the 45 It's the source of all three bullets Okay Doesn't that mean we have the guy? Well, you tell me You make a run for freedom you shoot your sister along the way and then you try to save her life See, this is why I like ballistics It's an exact science Mm Just takes a sec The software digitizes the diluted ink pattern And the algorithm extrapolates a reversal probability estimating an image of the original writing Hmmm NM28-30 But does it crack the code? Yeah, it just gives you the puzzle, it doesn't solve it Got to crack the code Que pasa? Why start shooting? Stay with me for a minute Okay We catalogued all the personal property on this boat The shoes, the hairbrushes, the glasses, the clothing we've evidence there were at least twelve people on that boat Could've been more Who we do know about is Captain Bob, Elena, Pedro, John Doe and an unidentified female gunshot victim Anybody else would have drowned in the gulf stream never to be seen again, right? Average a 150 pounds per person that's 1,800 pounds, all near the stern A thousand pounds of coke in the right hull This boat's center of gravity would have been way off Seven-foot seas, they were taking on water in the fishhold That would panic the captain, wouldn't it? He had a decision to make Save his passengers or save his drugs Hey! Everybody off! Everybody get off the boat or we're all going down! So, if he said jump, would you? If he had a gun to my head Let's go put one to his My boat can't be missing if I know where it is Where do you think it is? I got blindsided by a storm a couple of nights ago Had to ditch it south of Matheson Hammock We towed it for you It's out back Evidence in criminal investigation Somebody stole it? Captain Bob, are you aware that it's a crime in the State of Florida to build a secret compartment in a boat or a car even if the compartment is empty? What's the fine? For trafficking? I don't know the words to that song you want me to sing You own a gun? Yeah Where is your gun? Someone stole it off my boat a couple of months ago We have your gun and we now have your truck We matched your gun to bullets we found in two dead bodies We have evidence of pure cocaine in your boat and your rental truck I think you were trafficking cocaine into South Florida got greedy and picked up some immigrants for extra cash The thing that you didn't count on was the storm Everybody off! Everybody get off or we're all going down! - I want a lawyer - Hmmm My dime Ah, Captain Bob should have Pedro's lawyer Might have half a chance Marin Diaz? The Cuban Johnnie Cochran Mm How'd he get him on? Care to venture a guess? Basilio? Ha, there's debt in every favor Wish me luck Mm-hmm Gentlemen May I? Be kind, Horatio As always, Marin Now, Pedro The gun that we found in your room has tied you to two murders Possession doesn't make my client a killer We also have your skin cells on the tourniquet you used Allegedly used Allegedly used to save your sister's life Now, are you going to rebut everything I'm saying? Yes Excellent Pedro habla me You know what that is, don't you? Now, it was never door-to-door service Pedro, you don't have to answer the questions The way it works is, you get dropped off as soon as you see the lights of Miami but that night there was a storm, wasn't there? And the Captain's boat was taking on water He took out a gun and ordered everybody off You refused, and he started shooting I'm taking my client out of this room until there's a formal investigation in place Whatever you want Pedro, I know that you tried to save your sister's life I know you took the rope out of the inner tube and made the tourniquet, but it didn't work and she bled to death before she got ashore, isn't that true? Pedro, that's it We're leaving No! We are not leaving I shot her Why? We were floating in the water for hours Then we saw the boat The Coast Guard? I wanted to get her on that boat Your law says, if you need medical attention you have to be taken to a hospital You were strong enough to swim ashore, she wasn't You shot her in the leg knowing that if she got picked up she could stay in America I did what I had to do I did what I had to do The Coast Guard never saw them Why'd he keep the gun? Sharks So what did the State Attorney offer him? Testimony for citizenship Did he take it? With a heavy heart We cracked the code NM 28 dash 30 New moon End of the month No light Here or Havana Perfect for smuggling Freedom is Light, though, isn't it, under any moon? Well said Mm Good night Good night
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