CSI: Miami s01e04 Episode Script

Just One Kiss

Good morning This will do wonders for tourism Yes Who called it in? A jogger from the Loews found the victims at 6:15 "Victims"? I'm only seeing one victim No, there was a girl down there, a Jane Renshaw age 24, here from Iowa She was beat to hell, unconscious, and half drowned She's over at St.
Luke's Well, they made sure he was dead You get an ID? No.
She was too out of it to help Mmm-hmm He was running away Why kill a guy who's running from the scene? Yes therein lies the rub, my friends for the evidence, as always will speak for itself Why'd you die so far from the girl, heh? What's he telling you, Alexx? Sustained blunt-force trauma to the head Multiple blows, based on the blood Liver temperature is 87.
2 So he died around midnight Jugular Not a knife, though Irregular object Bled out What's this mark on his cheek right there? Burn mark A little bit of ash and something brown Smashing and slashing aren't enough Gotta burn him, too, huh? If I'm going to mess somebody up like this I don't do it out in the open Mmm.
Unless you're not worried about it Male victim's hair is black Yep.
Got blonde here just like the female vic So, our guy and girl grab a blanket have a little fun in the moonlight Until they are rudely interrupted She's assaulted tossed in the ocean, left to die The guy tries to escape Half dead, scared out of his mind he runs and someone catches up to him over here So that makes these the last footsteps of his life Megan Donner Be right there SART nurse They've completed her exam.
We can talk to her now Keep me posted Got it Who wants to help me search around the girl? We're working on the murder scene You asked for the girl? I like a challenge Tide could come in at any moment Too much.
Hey, check this out What do you got? Still sharp, no erosion Damn good chance that could be from last night Yeah This is everything she had on Any indication of rape? Recovered what looks like semen Tears on the lower part of her vagina Six, seven and eight o'clock Also a grade three concussion She give you a name? She suffered a pretty severe trauma She doesn't remember the last twelve hours Oh, listen She got antsy when I tried to administer an oral swab Sense memory She's repressing And she's right on the edge I'll see what I can do Thanks, Megan Hi, Jane My name's Megan Donner I'm a Crime Scene Investigator They said I was attacked We don't know by whom They won't tell me if my boyfriend, Paul, is okay Paul Varnette We don't know yet Uh right now I'd like to concentrate on you We have evidence of a sexual assault If we're going to find the person who did this to you I need your help The more evidence we collect from you the better our chance of catching him Would you let me complete the exam? Thanks Can you open? That's good That's good Do you wear a retainer? Mm-hmm Would it be okay if I removed it? Uh I'm going to, um take this for now, okay? Mmm, Detective Fenwick will be here in a few minutes He needs to ask you some questions about Paul I'll be right outside What are you up to? Sand's from the hot area around the male victim Didn't you already sieve around that area? Yeah, but, uh, there was a struggle and the paramedics came through Sometimes things get buried so I dug a little deeper Oh, my gosh, aren't you ambitious? Here, look at this Nosepiece from eyeglasses That's right A little phenol and some of this This proof of blood Pink always was my favorite color I'll get this over to DNA Oh, I'll take it - I'm going that way anyway - You sure? - Yeah - Great Something in the neck wound Looks like glass We found a lot of broken glass at the scene Approximately five meters from the victim's body Is your glass green in color? Copy that Hmm.
So that means somebody jabbed our guy with a broken bottle, doesn't it? Interesting because I'm thinking he was a bartender Based on? Lime peel in his fingernails and these rashes Occupational dermatosis You can get it from squeezing a lot of lemons or limes in direct sunlight The female victim stated that her boyfriend was a CPA Maybe he moonlights It also says the boyfriend has light brown hair This guy's is black Check his eye color, please Green CPA has brown You know what that means? This ain't her boyfriend This ain't her boyfriend, but it might be why he's on your table, Alexx.
Thank you.
Detective Fenwick, this is Horatio Caine Meet me at the female victim's hotel, the Agramonte That's right, the Agramonte I'm on my way Thank you, Alexx Hey, who are you guys? Paul Varnette? What's going on? Well, Paul, your girlfriend, Jane, is in the hospital and the guy she was with last night is dead and you look like you've been up all night so why don't you tell me? Hey, Fenwick Got here as fast as I could Traffic on the causeway Hmm I can't believe someone did this to Jane When was the last time you saw her? Maybe eleven We were at a party and I passed out I woke up at the guest house an hour ago Mm, cubanos? These are illegal, you know I got them from a guy at the airport I'm going to take them into evidence if you don't mind I don't understand Not important that you do How did you get those cuts on your hands? I don't know I was drunk The Hamilton's throw a good party The Hamilton's? Governors, Senators, war hero Hamilton's? Yeah.
I went to business school with Tyler Hamilton at Vanderbilt He always said if we were in Miami we had an open invitation Pretty girl like Jane, I don't doubt it You know the family? I do Have you, um ever seen him before? - No - Hmm Look, I haven't done anything I never saw this guy and I never hurt Jane Paul, did you teach Jane a lesson for stepping out on you? No.
No way Then you wouldn't mind giving us a DNA sample to rule you out? No problem But listen Jane and I did have sex recently How recently? Yesterday before the party Open up Yesterday Thank you We were playing around and things got kind of rough If you find anything You'll be the first to know Oh, this guy is a friend of the Hamiltons Let's not let him out of our sight, okay? Horatio Caine Come ahead Thank you Nice suit I'm pulling out my fall stuff I heard you got something from the beach A nose piece with blood evidence The lab has it now - Hmmm - I'm surprised the Hamiltons are still here Usually they're in Vermont this time of year It's almost peak foliage Calleigh, you seem to know as much about this family as you do about nine millimeters They're American royalty What can I say? Mm-hmm.
Eric, stay off their property but take a look around You got it, H Here we go Horatio, good to get your call I don't think you've been here since - It's been a while - Yeah Calleigh Duquesne, Detective Fenwick Nice to meet you all Please come in Sorry about the circumstances Any leads on that beach attack? It's all over the news Actually we think the victims were at your party last night You're kidding? No, I'm not Well, it wasn't my party - It was my nephew Tyler's - Hmm Past my bedtime We'd like to talk to him Certainly.
Right this way Yeah, Paul's a buddy of mine from school His girlfriend's the woman that got raped? That's right Geez.
So, who's the guy who got killed? We think he may have tended bar at your party last night - I-I don't recognize him - No? But if she's okay can't she tell you who he is? We're looking at that Paul says he didn't go down to the beach last night that he slept in your guest house.
Yeah, he was pretty messed up.
I let him crash You mind if I look at the guest house to confirm his story? I'm afraid I wouldn't be comfortable with that, Horatio We are merely trying to find evidence that could exonerate your friend And we're cooperating Tyler will tell you everything that he knows But if you want to conduct a search legally you need a warrant - That's true - Horatio? Yeah Interesting bottle The green glass is similar to the glass we found in our male victim Every house on this beach serves that kind of champagne Every wine and liquor store in the area sells it Look, if I let you take it then the tabloids will be calling this a raid I won't put my family through that Mr.
Hamilton a terrible thing has happened just outside your property line Well, just like that attack on Hobe Beach Horatio, you know what Miami has turned into Look at the gangs before you point to my family or our friends I'll keep that in mind State's attorney's office says we might be able to get a warrant for this place At least the guest house We have one chance to get a warrant against these people The first judge that turns us down we're dead so let's motor on that What do you got? I got the name of a bartender who left early last night and still hasn't shown up to collect his share of the tips It's Estevan Ordonez Guatemalan, temporary visa, no relatives Black hair, green eyes? I'll tell you later Guess whose prints were on that busted bottle we found at the beach? Paul Varnette, the boyfriend Paul touched a champagne bottle that ended up on the beach Champagne bottle's the murder weapon I tested it Identical float density to the glass found on the dead guy's neck So, Paul catches his girl with Estevan Offs the guy, assaults the girl It's going to be hard to prove rape Paul admitted he and Jane had consensual sex yesterday What's the microscope say? Ten spermatozoa per field of view Fifty percent still have their tails Timeline fits his story but that still doesn't explain the oral cop Retainer from Jane's mouth Found skin on the inside of the screw Take a look at this It could be her tongue Thin epidermis, lots of blood vessels and the sebaceous glands are separate from the hair follicles We're talking penis- tore off Ouch You might want to get a good hold of yourself Why? Still have to chop it up; confirm it's Paul's Oh I compared the burn residue on the male victim's face to the tobacco in Paul's cigar High concentrations of lanthanum and uranium in both samples Same brand, same soil That's right So, Paul kills Estevan, puts the cigar out on his face as a personal touch for stealing his girl Staggers back to the guest house and sleeps the whole thing off One problem I just ran the penile tissue from Jane's retainer compared it to Paul's DNA Mm-hmm It's not a match But his prints are on the murder weapon Maybe he didn't do this alone Maybe he did the killing While somebody else sexually assaulted his girlfriend We know you didn't do this alone I didn't do anything Paul, in all of your photographs you're wearing the watch that you purchased at the airport We found the receipt in your room Forty-nine bucks and water resistant down to one hundred fifty feet And now you're sporting that hunk of Switzerland Hmm, 13 thou worth of gold Paul I don't think you can afford a watch that expensive, do you? Everyone Ryan Cutler I'm on retainer with the Hamilton's They asked me to represent you as a friend of the family Paul, if you buy into this the Hamilton's will hang you out to dry in two seconds Like you aren't? Paul, the less said You're innocent? Explain it to us Stop goading him! Paul this man is not your attorney You did not hire him This is about you This is your life Paul Paul ? It was kind of a gift From? "Just one kiss just one kiss.
" That's all he kept saying Who? Tyler Hamilton Come on, she gives me one kiss I'll trade you my watch Come on! Just one kiss I'll trade you my watch Look, she was upset Really, babe It's no big thing It's friends I told her I was sorry I grabbed a bottle of champagne I said, "let's go.
" She grabbed the bottle and she walked off I lost track of her I figured she went down to the beach I stayed and I got drunk But you didn't follow her out to the beach No But I should have.
I screwed up Yes, you did Yes, you did Had you not traded her, none of this would have happened but that's the past - Paul, let's go - Paul? I need to take a look at your watch If you want me to buy your story, I need to look at that watch Hmm what do you got? Paul was telling the truth Found three sets of male DNA on this watch Okay Separate out Paul and then cross-reference the unknowns with Jane's retainer.
Let's do that You got it Drake? Horatio I'm here for a DNA sample Have you got a warrant? This is your opportunity to clear your name I suggest you take it We have been through this, Horatio Yes, we have Back when I was a green CSI and driver's side airbags were standard issue Lucky for you though, huh? Not so lucky for the young girl you had in the car And I have never forgotten your help You know what I haven't forgotten? That chemical burn on your arm from the airbag And your watch imprint I haven't forgotten those things either Well, you have some memory Seen this before? Yeah, it's the watch I gave my nephew a few months ago Where did you find it ? There are skin cells embedded in the band Skin cells? Did you know that our entire genetic code is stored in a single cell? Now, in this case I have the DNA of two males one of which forced Jane Renshaw to have oral sex and the other one is a close relative Now, which one are you? I was with her on the beach In a sexual way, you know? Why didn't you mention this before? Paul's my friend Besides, once I hit that mousetrap in her jaw it was pretty much over That must have been disappointing, huh? Killed the mood I'll tell you that much I left her alone out there.
I went back to the guest house, went to bed You didn't see Estevan the bartender, out there? No You got your clothes from that night? In the guest house I'm going to need them Sure, if my uncle says it's okay Look, he's already admitted to a consensual act, Horatio Let it go A man was murdered out here Yes, but the girl is the one who'll pay The press will eat her alive Protect her Are you suggesting that I protect a woman? That's rich More Hamilton hardball? I'm officially over them Can you forgive me for ever thinking they were all that? Well, I made the same mistake myself once What do we have? Filed with the city Public access so's the beach And the property line ends here What's this right here? Boardwalk dock It's also a public access We'll take that Wait a minute I've got blood drops right here More over there Pattern's exclamation points Spines point in the direction of travel Yes, they do And this being the public access ours for the taking Horatio! The blood you found belongs to Estevan Ordonez Of course, we can't tell if it's from him or someone with his blood on them Okay, but it doesn't matter because a murdered man's blood leads up to the Hamilton house We got the warrant Hey hey! We're not even sure what we're looking for We never are, but I'd be happy with Tyler's clothes from that night, a shirt shoes, anything Unless, of course he already burned them You know what that means Dig in That's one way to bury your past They've had plans to put in a tennis court for months Check with the contractor Oh, we are, believe me Horatio, if I had known You knew I want a DNA sample from both of them - just because we can, okay? - Yep Open wide Relax.
I won't jam it in too hard I'm going to head back to the lab, guys Okay I'll see you there Hey, guys Hamilton men - try as they might cannot hide their zippers Very carefully, please Zippers from a guy's medium-sized warm-up jacket manufactured by Fubu It's the same kind that Tyler was wearing the night of the party according to the pictures from homicide You look for trace? Isolated fragments of glass in the zipper teeth Glass melts at 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit Yes, but a wood fire only gets up to a thousand and the Hamilton's couldn't have known that Density matches the murder weapon Tyler clobbers the guy and glass rains down on his jacket It's weird how one kiss can turn into such a mess The cigar you asked me to process from the guest house Same tobacco as the burn on Esteban's face Saliva Tyler's And the material in the end? Silica A.
beach sand Let's go talk to the young Mr.
Hamilton Nice going So, Tyler, you pony up the $1,300 watch for just one kiss and the young lady runs off with the bartender anyway That kiss is going to cost you a lot more than a watch So, what the bartender changes into his street clothes and the girl walked off with him? You just went out there to razz the guy for stealing your girl But once you saw that lowly bartender kissing the girl who blew you off the old Hamilton arrogance turned into rage And you have what you claim to be consensual sex Oh, no! And then you leave the young woman alone to die in the water If you say so But that wasn't enough You go the extra yard and you burn the man's face He ran, you caught up and you cut his throat with what was left of that champagne bottle You're way off Then why don't you educate us? Excuse me I know this is going to be good What's going on? Tyler Hamilton doesn't wear glasses Excuse me? The nosepiece from the glasses at the crime scene? Surfer in DNA triple-checked it Found blood from our dead guy on it Transfer or spatter? Direct spatter, medium force The only way you get spatter on a nosepiece is to be there when the murder's happening I know.
But Tyler Hamilton doesn't wear glasses so it can't be Tyler's nosepiece - Drake wears glasses - Bring him in - Okay - Thank you Drake Yes, Horatio I'm going to need your glasses For what? Either you take them off or I'm going to take them off you You decide Good decision Now sit down You did this In an attempt to wipe away the blood, Drake you merely pushed it to the corner of your lens So, slit jugular wet blood you had to be inches away I, um I heard a scream And by the time I got down to the beach Mr.
Hamilton? Hamilton?! Mr.
Hamilton? Mr.
Hamilton? No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait! Someone help! Help! There's been a murder! Somebody help! Somebody help me! Help! Sorry, unc Shut up Get out of those clothes Again, you have made this statement against my counsel Oh, let it go, Cutler You're looking at life Are you aware of that? Without parole What a waste What a waste You said our entire genetic makeup is in one cell How do we escape that? Your family? You stop procreating Thank you Taxi's downstairs I'll walk you Jane Bad idea, Paul Can I talk to you please? I'll meet you in the lobby I had no idea Tyler was going to hurt her She has to know that I love her If you loved her you wouldn't have traded her for a watch Hey Mind if I join you? Not at all Hamiltons are all over the tv tube Deja vu The old case? Mm-hmm Fifteen years ago I wasn't on the job then Hmm July 25th, 1987 I found Drake Hamilton's car by the side of the road after a terrible accident Girl in the front seat dead No Drake Went up to the Hamilton residence where I was received like a diplomat glad-handing, promises, blah-blah-blah "Drake'll be right down.
" Well, he did come down four hours later with three attorneys in tow and a story about how Drake lent the girl the car So with no clothes at the scene solid alibi and a mysterious chemical burn on his forearm we had nothing No charges were ever filed He walked No investigation M.
later told me that the girl bled out and that all he had to do was call 911 from the road and she would have lived He didn't do that Horatio, you got him now Got him now I would have nailed him fifteen years ago, though Let's hope for the next one Hmm, let's do that