CSI: Miami s01e05 Episode Script

Ashes to Ashes

Detective Sevilla, Megan.
What do we got? The body was found at 7:40 this morning by the vic's housekeeper She checked on him when he didn't show up for mass She still inside? Yeah, she said she cleaned up his residence last night And at 8:15, that place was spotless And when she left, he was alone and alive Expended shell casing right here A bullet strike on the wall right over there Who would want to kill a priest? Nowadays? Anyone.
What does it look like, Speed? Partial prints under the coffee table And that's just the beginning Liver temp is 82 He was probably killed between nine and midnight Okay, I'll be there Megan Yeah I have another scene Are you good to go on this? Sure.
I'm just waiting for Speedle to finish up with the prints Okay.
Keep me posted Possible entrance wound back of his neck And the second here to the shoulder And what looks like an exit wound under his heart And a third entrance here in his thigh What can you tell us, Father about who did this to you? Well, whoever it was meant business and he used a rifle to conduct his business with Three possible shots and only two casings Are we missing one? Megan Megan Or a guy with a limp, prosthetic leg or something One's definitely more worn in So those are different than the priest's bloody footprints There's no sign of break-in Priests open their door to lots of people Now, this is interesting One glass smells like scotch The other one has no smell, but a clear lip print Looks like lip gloss Priests can have a drink They can also have company over You got an uncle who's a priest, - right? - Jesuit He drinks, smokes, plays poker Just doesn't have sex Don't know if we can say the same about our priest Condom in his pocket? - Delko? - Yeah, he's down there Thank you You need to contact Georgia Highway Patrol That car in the ravine was stolen Eric! Got a female driver, H She's dead No passengers? No, just a bottle of booze Car was reported stolen two weeks ago in Georgia Tire treads indicate she went straight over the edge Could be suicide No skid marks Maybe she just missed the turn Let's take a look All right, watch your step there, H No problem Thinking the fuel line ruptured when the car hit bottom Or the gas tank punctured and sparks set it off on impact Check this out Our car thief has expensive tastes That's a $400 bottle of cognac Get an ID? No.
I found a purse twelve feet from the car, but nothing inside No pictures, no receipts? Nothing else except a suitcase Now, why would this poor thing travel with a purse and a suitcase and no ID? Last time I was in church was when Kurt Cobain died Hmm You got something? I don't know I'm not sure T hanks Blood The killer washed his hands, huh? A regular Pontius Pilate Or he blessed himself Which means we're probably looking for a devout catholic - Don't say I never gave you anything - Two-two-three Hunting rifle Same as from wall Homemade bullet cast with hot lead Definite reload Hmm Sure is mangled It's mangled because it entered the body twice Like this I need some muscle This will give us an exact route Okay The first shot to the shoulder was a through-and-through Went into the shoulder out the back and into the wall The second shot was closer range Yeah I've got stippling where it entered at the base of his neck then tore through his lung hit the aorta before leaving his chest Now, this is the interesting part And then the same bullet reentered here in his thigh where the femur flattened it That's why there were only two casings at the rectory Only two rounds were fired What have you got? A car explosion Burned victim Checking for cognac used as an accelerant Can you beat that? Can you beat that? I got a priest shot with a rifle dead in a church That's not bad Not bad? - It's not bad - It's at least a draw You're not going to beat me with a burned-out car Oh, boys and their measuring sticks You guys crack me up - Hey - Hey Is it lipstick? I'm still narrowing brands It's not lipstick or lip gloss What is it? Lip balm With an SPF 45 Unique ingredient - macadamia oil Any prints on the condom? Father Carlos In my senior year Sister Mary Francis found a condom in my desk Her prints would have been on it Yeah, right I got something here Those are lip balms used by kids Who skateboard or surf A teenage boy, a priest We might have motive What do you see, Alexx? It's what I don't see Any broken bones She may have been drinking The tox screen isn't back yet I've seen drunks so looped they've fallen out of a moving car at sixty and don't break a finger Checking passages There's soot in her lungs So, she was alive during the fire I hope you didn't suffer too much, darling Alexx, if she's going to help us we need to know who she is Can't get prints from bone Checking stomach contents for time between last meal and time of death Hmm Oh You're not going to believe this A diamond ring Looks like she ate about four carats for her last supper Eric? Check with missing persons and her dental records are going to come up dry Toxicology screen came up - Not a trace of alcohol - Hmm But she did ingest fifteen micrograms per mil of demerol Fifteen micrograms That's enough to kill yourself twice She also reported high levels of folic acid She was pregnant Seven weeks There's no damage to the fuel line And no print on the truck Take a look at what I found buried in the front seat Also I found this melted into the floor panel on the back Well, there's no glass from the bottle around the cork What that means is the cognac bottle didn't break during the crash and the cork had been removed before Maybe someone used it as an accelerant They poured it all over her tossed the bottle in the back and, uh, it melted in the fire Something is still missing See here? See the char in the burn indicator? Look at this See, it means that the origin of the fire was in the back seat and it traveled to the front seat It also means that the fire was hot enough to melt glass before the fire department got there And she was covered in cognac so the fire didn't miss her Yes, but we still don't know what started the fire I don't know, maybe, uh, maybe a spark on impact I don't think so Not a spark The killer has gone to all this trouble he's going to hope for a spark? I think that whoever did this wanted to make sure that this mother and child were never identified again That's what I think You sure know how to brighten up a girl's day, don't you? I've got nothing, Alexx I need an I.
on the father Well, your best shot for a match on CODIS is if his DNA has unique characteristics Are you ready for this? Fetal tissue recovery is the one thing I'm never ready for Not just skin cells, is it? Thank you, Alexx We know the caliber of round was a .
223 And the blood he lost while laying against the wall was approximately half liter With that information we can estimate that Father Carlos laid bleeding for ten seconds before he walked to his killer Plenty of time for the killer to come over and shoot him But he didn't.
Why? What happened in those ten seconds? Hey Hey Check this out The shoe prints left at the rectory were DVS Who wears DVS? Skateboarders The reason for the difference in the wear is because one foot is always on the board staying new, and the other foot pushes off from the ground, wearing out This person's goofy footed He keeps his right foot on the board pushes off with his left That's not as common And you know this how, Miss Three-Inch Heels? Okay, so we're looking for a teenager around 5'2" probably left-handed Let's bring in the altar boys All right, could you guys all sit down for a minute? I'm going to need you to lift your left foot Right over here Thanks And then the other one Yeah, if you could stand up Mrs.
Medina, with this warrant do you understand that we have the right to search your home and sample you and your son's DNA? Yes.
But why? We didn't do anything Do you want to take Cameron outside till we're done? Yeah, sure - Sure - Gracias Esta bien mi hijo No te preocupes Mrs.
Medina we were told the police had been here a number of times for domestic disturbance calls My husband and I have had our troubles Where is your husband now? Your guess is as good as mine Well, we're going to need to speak to him When my husband leaves on business I don't ask where and I don't ask for how long Thanks That wasn't too bad, was it? Adell, I need a minute with him All right Cameron why were you at Father Carlos' Saturday night? I wasn't I was skateboarding Skateboarding at night? At Ollie Oop It has indoor ramps The thing is, Cameron I know you were there because we matched your lip prints to a glass we found And your shoe prints match the ones we took from the floor So, you want to try again? I just went to tell him I didn't want to be an altar boy anymore What happened? No! Get away from me! Cameron, wait! Cameron, was Father Carlos hurting you? That's between me and god now Megan? I tested the residue on the bullets that killed Father Carlos and, uh, G-6 Bingo.
It matches the powder I found in both the casings and the reloader Mm Same manufacturer Everything's pointing to Cameron He had access to the guns And he admits to being in the rectory the night Father Carlos was killed There's only one problem What? It wasn't him Here's Cameron the night Father Carlos was killed It was taken by a photographer at the Ollie Oop who sells his pictures to the kids That picture could be taken anytime It could have, but it wasn't Look at the bottom of the picture It's a digital imprint made by the camera when the picture was taken - Saturday was the 26th - Mm-hmm And this one was taken at 10:30 So, he was exactly where he said he was When he said he was Which means Cameron's not our shooter Hey, was it as bad as they say? It was worse It was worse and the CODIS search for the father's DNA is negative It's hard to search with half the DNA How did we do on the dress and the melted glass? Big surprise, actually The dress was covered in cognac but the melted glass wasn't As a matter of fact the melted glass wasn't from the cognac bottle at all Sulfuric acid, sugar gasoline, potassium chloride that's an exothermic reaction, isn't it? That's right You paste the potassium chlorate and sugar to the back of the paper label, then you pour the sulfuric acid and gasoline into the empty bottle and when the bottle breaks you serve up a molotov cocktail Killer's not taking any chances Look, have a look at this Tell me what you think Okay, I can tell you that this was done with an Excimer laser and its inscription point was no more than three microns in diameter Okay, how do you know that though? You were a jewel thief in another life? What? Well, in another life I incarcerated many a jewel thief Well, why ruin a perfectly good diamond with a $30,000 billboard? That's not what they're doing They reserve this for the best diamonds and the best customers How's it going? Well, I tested the guns I found in the Medinas' shed And the rounds that killed Father Carlos don't match any of them So we're still missing a rifle Something's going on in that house Even if Cameron's not our shooter, he still lied about being at the rectory that night I have a theory Go We know the dad is violent What if he thought Father Carlos was molesting Cameron? Let's see if we can find dad and ask him Do you recognize this ring? Yes, yes.
Of course, I do But what are you doing with it? Did something happen to Lisa? Does Lisa have a last name? Valdez - Lisa Marie Valdez.
Please tell me if something's happened to her According to Stewart Diamonds you and Lisa were in eleven weeks ago to purchase that ring That sounds about right But I don't I-I don't know exactly.
I'm not sure When was the last time you saw her? Maybe seven, maybe eight weeks ago So, buying her a rock that large caused you a problem, didn't it? The problem was that I gave it to her to show her my appreciation for an intimate night together Right.
So, let me guess: Lisa took that to mean that it was more than a souvenir - Now, don't! J-just give me the ring back! - Wait! What are you no! No! - Give me the ring! Give me the ring! - No! No! Okay, fine Yeah Mmm Then she obsessed And-and I didn't want to hurt her I-I just so I just cut it cold turkey And now she's dead Dead? How? Suicide? Does this look like a suicide to you? Oh! We're looking for the dad.
We found his truck Well, that's a start You know, you said the truck showed up Sunday but Emilio Medina didn't? That's right All right.
So, when was the last time you did see him? Well, he hasn't been to work since I guess since end of last week You mean, he's not away on business? Only business he's got is in a smelly sewer Do you mind if we take a look? We might have something here Yeah? What is it? Dried blood And a hair dropped while the blood was wet Does this look like anything besides rust to you? A rifle rack Mr.
Jones, is there any reason why Emilio Medina would carry a rifle? You ever see a gator coming towards you in a sewer? Hell, you don't talk to the son of a bitch, you shoot it I see.
I'd like to ask you some questions So, where's Emilio Medina? And his rifle? - Hey - Hmm This our vic? Mm-hmm She was pretty Yes, she is Yes, she is.
Everything we need to convict this guy is right here Let's find it We've got three pairs of shoes a bottle of cognac, and some roses All dressed up and nowhere to go Hmm What is it? More importantly, what was it? Feels rubbery Let's take a look What's it say to you? What does it smell like to you? Strawberries? Mm.
So, what do you get when you cross strawberries with rubber? mm-hmm A guaranteed good time Here's what we're going to do Go to this address with a photograph of Douglas And ask Artie if he has recently sold any strawberry-scented rubber teddies "Artie's Adult Playground"? Do you know Artie? Do you know Artie? Just go to the address, Eric Well, the blood from the steering wheel belongs to father Carlos Have you matched the hair to anyone yet? Not yet.
I still have to test it from the hair at the house What about this? Inside the teeth of the wrench Take a look It always reminds me of sticky oysters It looks like melted provolone What is it? Brain matter Father Carlos didn't have a head contusion I know Look Brain matter is dad's So if it was Cameron's dad that killed Father Carlos he did it without his temporal lobe Hard to do Those look like drag marks Do you think if we dragged the river we'd find the missing rifle out there? The scent dog found something Let's go Dirt's been disturbed Looks like dried blood It doesn't look like anything mom would wear Oh, man Excuse me Megan Donner Hey, uh, I finished running the hair on the steering wheel - Yeah? - I compared it to the hair that I took from the father's brush and it didn't match but right now, I'm looking at the one that does It's the hair you found embedded in the wall in Cameron's room Both of the hairs match Cameron's mother which means Mrs.
Medina was driving that truck Thanks, Speed We're going to need to talk to the mother Let's go Oh, man Eric Artie says hello and that Douglas came in to satisfy his rubber fetish about three days ago So, he lied to us about the last time he saw Lisa Marie and that doesn't prove he killed her so, we go back to the jeep - I already have - No, no, listen to me Go back to the jeep H, I already have There's not a print, a trace, a fiber.
There's nothing left in that jeep that connects him to her So, he's going to get away with it That's what you're telling me: He's going to get away with it He's going to get to crawl back under that rock that he slithered out from because he's killed the only person that knows the truth Right? Well, for now For now Okay Hey, Jerome, do me a favor, will you? Let me know when you're finished with that, all right? This has nothing to do with Cameron It was me I killed Emilio No No, you didn't I know you want to protect your son but you didn't kill your husband Cameron did The clothes we dug up were Cameron's Had blood from him and his father all over them He killed his father to protect you, didn't he? Stop it! Stop it! Fuera de aqui! That same night you and Cameron dragged his body to the river When Cameron needed to talk to someone about what he'd done he went to see Father Carlos - You need to tell the police - No! Come with me to the police Let me help you No! Get away from me! Cameron, wait! When you dropped Cameron off at Ollie Oop Skate Park he told you Father Carlos would tell the police So, you went back to the rectory to kill him Promise me you won't tell the police They'll understand No one understands not you, not God - no one I gave up I-I left and I went back to the truck.
Iris My son protected me I'm the only one who can protect him now Iris You knew what he was doing to me You knew! It's not my place to judge But you gave him communion every Sunday! Jeffrey, you lied to me about the last time you saw Lisa You just saw her three days ago, didn't you? Did you know that she had family that thought she was still alive, Jeffrey, until I was forced to tell them that she was dead? Do you have anything more than your opinion and my client's itinerary to hold him on? Let's go You mean like his DNA? Jeffrey is the baby's father, so sit down See, I think this is about the baby and how you didn't want the baby to cramp your style so, you force-fed Lisa Marie enough demerol to kill her Am I close? No.
But now you're done Before you go I wanted to show you a photograph Take a look at that Do you know who that is? That's your daughter This is what she would have looked like on her second birthday had you not killed her and her mother Know this, my friend Every year on this child's birthday I am going to haunt you I am going to be all over you till I get what I need to put you in jail Understand? Do you understand what I'm saying? How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now am found was blind, but now I see 'twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved how precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come 'tis grace has brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home