CSI: Miami s01e06 Episode Script


Make a wish! Mommy, see? Do you see? Yeah, I saw you I saw you Mommy, I'm hot Okay, all right.
You having a good time? Yeah All right.
Back you go Ruthie, stay where I can see you Okay Oh, my truck, my truck! Mommy! Ruthie? Ruthie? Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Lady, what's wrong? I can't find my baby Ruthie! Hold it Hold it right there Ruthie, where are you? Ruthie Crighton, five years old Paramedics just pronounced She was found by an employee in the handicapped bathroom Nobody leaves Mother lost a child here To get to the bathroom the guy had to go past the arcade past the food court and past who knows how many people This place is a buffet for these creeps Where is she? In the back Fifty witnesses Hmm fifty suspects Welcome to the next forty-eight hours of your life ladies and gentlemen Eric, first, let's extend this inner perimeter from the playground to the rear bathroom Speed, photograph everything please Calleigh, let's check into the surveillance system right here When and where was the victim last seen Exactly right.
Live-scan every finger including children, and let's look at that videotape Let's trace the victim's path Maybe the killer took the same one, okay? Good Ready? Right behind you Let's go We have what appears to be glitter in the northwest quad Path cleared? Door to the body, right there Thanks Cut hair boys' clothes It's like he was disguising her, maybe to smuggle her out That means that he didn't plan to kill her here, doesn't it? He was going to take her with him Something stopped the plan, didn't it? Maybe she was screaming Maybe the alarm system here in the store If it was the alarms we could have a fish in the net Not a fish A shark It's locked solid Yeah, it's a storage room Does this lead into Zany Town? No.
No public access You have gates, so you must have protocol Uh, each em em, uh employee Employee checks out a different section of the store I noticed stamps on people's hands My own kids come here Okay I'm going to need you to calm down because I need your help Can you tell me about the stamps? - K-k-k-K - Kid check, kid check You match the stamp on each child's hand to the stamp on the accompanying adult? Uh-huh Okay, that's great I don't even know how we're going to start this All right, people Listen up We're crime scene investigators This is a very serious situation We're going to need your full cooperation I need everybody to stay with their families Please watch your children This is Officer Delko He's going to take your fingerprints I know you're all frightened and we're going to try to get you home as fast as we can, okay? Thank you for your cooperation Okay, I need everybody to just go ahead get behind me form a single-file line So, kids, please stay with your parents Parents, please, keep an eye on your children Northeast quad is clear I'm going to dust Glitter is Locard but not from her clothes What'd you get? Uh, automatic lock-up system Windows barred doors gated Storage unit's on a keyed alarm It's your basic kid playground turned into a high-security prison What about a crime kit? I've been overtly searching the crowd subtly checking it out and I didn't see any abandoned bags or backpacks Well, maybe he stashed it Ninety-nine percent of all violent pedophiles are male Speed, also add glitter transfer Okay? Yeah This guy's a pro prior planning, no witnesses He brought everything he needed But he didn't get everything he wanted So he's probably very frustrated right now Means he's got to look for another victim Unless we get there first The clothes they've been worn Where did he get them? From his own family? Or more likely, he already had them You ready? Here we go Affirmative on blood Recycled from his last victim Hi, all right.
Step up, please Think you are the last one, man Okay, you're clear Excuse me Yeah, can I help you? Look, I'm a third-year law student from U.
of M Congratulations And I know that it's illegal for you guys to keep us here You know what? You're right, actually, but as a human being I think you have an obligation to cooperate like everyone else - So why don't you get back in line for me, okay? - Thank you Come on, pal Hey, is that true? Can I go? No.
No, you can't You know why? Because NOW you're a suspect Go ahead and get comfortable legally Okay, let's go Jackass This lock is broken So, how did he keep people out? There's nothing Wait a minute Look at this "Out of order" This is how he secured his privacy So, how did a grown man steal a five-year-old girl from a public place and nobody noticed? Maybe someone she trusted Could be Mrs.
Crighton did you guys, um did you guys know anybody here? Somebody she would have trusted? No She was too good for this earth Like an angel from heaven Maybe that's not even her in that room How can you be so sure? Maybe she got out I'm sorry We're twins, mom! Facial edema and petechial hemorrhages indicate raised venous pressure concurrent with asphyxia The blue around her lips looks so turquoise, Alexx A little deoxygenated hemoglobin is usually more purple blue Cyanosis coloring is really subjective And, I mean, who knows under these lights Why no bruises? Ecchymosis can take up to twenty-four hours to fully develop, but, yeah we should see at least minimal erythema if she was strangled or ruptured capillaries around her mouth if she was smothered and I see neither So how did he kill her? Don't shoot the messenger, Horatio but the brass is leaning helicopters are starting to hover and reporters are starting to Okay.
Give me a minute, please Horatio Yeah? Your killer took a souvenir How do you mean? Her underwear Lieutenant Caine what information have you learned so far? Have you detained a suspect? Can we get some questions over here? Lieutenant Caine, is it true she was raped? Is there any indication that the killer will strike again soon? I'm not going to comment on evidence but what I will say is that this animal has provided us with a mountain of evidence and we will not sleep till we've been all the way through it because we know that beneath that mountain lies his grave Thank you very much Lieutenant Caine, questions over here! Lieutenant Caine, some questions! Honey, I don't want you giving Tiger any more potato chips They're not good for kitties, okay? No TV.
And have daddy read you a story tonight Yeah.
I love you, too, baby Hey, Alexx Hey I got the results of the blue tinge on her lips diglucose and propylene glycol, aka: Good, old-fashioned candy Could be how he lured her Come on Not very inventive, but effective and sticky as hell Whoa Whoa What's that? A fingerprint? She's talking to someone but whoever it is stayed off camera He must have surveilled the place He knew how to stay out of sight Where are you? I'm walking towards the bathroom Okay, I don't see you I don't see you hello, handsome I see your hand I am passing the bowling pin display where the toys are mounted on the wall How far is she from the shelf? About three feet You couldn't see me This is exactly the route he took It's perfect Straight to the bathroom In order to avoid the camera he had to stay off the beaten path It's worse to be seen Yes, but the better to see his footprint That's our last lifter And more in the van Oh, that's juicy Yes, it is Mm, that's a beauty No match? You're kidding I thought for sure this guy'd be a repeat No wonder This print's all screwed up Yeah, you're right There's no central pocket loop Well, human skin is an elastic surface Maybe the print got stretched when we moved her Maybe we're not looking at one finger Maybe we're looking at a cross-section of a couple different fingers Get some rest You guys get home safely Thank you Gary, thanks, buddy Print results came back Not one prior Not even a traffic ticket except for four people Records? No, they just refused to give prints What about that guy in the Acapulco T-shirt? Did he give prints? No, but you think we could arrest him based on the fact that it's a little too creepy to be in one of these places without a kid? Could you hold my lifters? Do you have any ridge builder lotion? Yeah, in my kit Hi, I'm Calleigh Duquesne Hi, Brad Repkin Oh, let me get that for you Your last name is Repkin Yeah, Repkin Here you go - Very nice - Do you mind taking my footprints back to the lab while you're at it? No, I don't That door is open A service entrance It looks unbarred, too You need a code to get through it Mm Who has access to the code? According to the manager himself and six other employees Two that were on shift and four we had to pull in We looked at 'em real hard and they all checked out I'm sure they did You page me? Yeah.
Got broken ribs Five and six on the right consistent with the blood in her mouth - Hemothorax? - Yeah Cracked rib punctured her lungs, her lungs filled with blood She was probably fighting him So the monster got on top of her Crushing her chest Cause of death: Positional asphyxiation No.
Intentional evil What you got? I wasn't expecting anything unusual, but Butalbital He gave her barbiturates with her candy Butalbital's a fast-acting sedative Wouldn't take a lot to knock a child out almost immediately But what about signs of a struggle? Found something else Antihistamine? Poor baby had a cold She wasn't struggling.
She was convulsing Antihistamine is contra-indicated with butalbital She went into anaphylactic shock Oh, god This means he wasn't trying to restrain her He was trying to revive her CPR, when applied with too much force, can crack ribs He wanted his time with her Come on! Hey, H, we got someone looking pretty sweet over there Mr.
Acapulco? Yeah, real hard to get out of here He's got glitter on his shirt no ID and refused to give us prints I got 'em anyway Delko just called from the print lab This guy's a registered sex offender Hmm okay Get Bernstein Where is he? He's right there Brad Repkin? Yeah? Hands out of your pockets, behind your back You got a car, Brad? Yeah Outside Let's go take a look Which one is it? It's the green cadillac - Right here? - Yeah - Green caddy? - Yeah - You can't search it, can you? - I mean, I got rights, don't I? Just shut up, Brad You violated your parole when you came within a hundred yards of a child You know the rules, so shut up This better not be hers I understand that you did quite a bit of time in solitary on your first conviction That was a bogus charge My bitch ex-wife - she ruined my life But your daughter made a statement that you touched her during a swimming lesson That's not true I would never hurt her See, I think, on this conviction the cons are going to get you before the chair does Did you know that they kill child molesters in prison the child molesters in prison before the rapists before the serial killers? Did you know that? Look, you don't have anything on me I've got footprints I've got glitter I've got your record, and I'm about to match a fingerprint I was going to take my daughter, okay? That's it It's my visiting day Mmm but instead, you picked up a substitute, didn't you? Where are you, you perv? Sit tight - Horatio? - Yeah? He was playing pocket pull just before the alarms went full blast On camera the whole time On camera the whole time But he still violated parole He is still going back to prison He is not our guy, then Do you know how many children a pedophile molests during a lifetime on average? No Well, a recent study says 150 One hundred and fifty What if they're caught? Down to 65 Then we can still save 85 children Let's work for that Okay, here comes the magic Yeah, got broken ridges running in all directions Just like the cotton candy fingerprint Exactly That makes three fingers out of five Let's hope he left the rest right here Look at this middle finger I mean, there's no arches, no whorls, no loops It's all dots and bifurcations But the index has three radial loops on it Malcolm X held the previous record with two radial loops on one hand Well, it isn't a bunch of cuts because those would just break up otherwise fluid ridges It's not a chemical burn The ridges would be worn evenly on the hand Well, it can't be a scar because the skin would heal back into the print It looks scarred It looks like dozens of scars It looks like he fell into a blender I don't know Calleigh? Oh, my god I'm so sorry.
I closed my eyes just for a second - Don't worry about it You're a morning person Horatio, I don't know what happened You're fine Do me a favor and take a look at subject B and tell me if you see anything peculiar about it His weight's all in the back Mm-hmm.
See, normally when someone takes a step it's heel, ball, toe - Correct? - Mm-hmm But in this case there's pressure on the arch and not the toe Are you thinking his shoes are too big for his feet? When someone takes the time to put on a pair of shoes that are three sizes too large it can mean that they're trying to hide their identity - Just like he did with cameras - mm-hmmm You know, subject B's steps peter out near the storage room Hmm.
Okay, and we have trace soil on the fourth print, don't we? - Mm-mmm Good What would you like in your coffee? Sugar How he got in! What? The glitter found on Ruthie is a match to the glitter found on the Zany Town vest He must have stolen one That's how he got in Probably how he got out, too Okay, let's get Bernstein This guy probably knows an employee there Okay, so you're a complete pro You know exactly what you're doing 'Cause you've done it before You've got a record, you've been to jail That's right.
So, to escape Megan's law, no pun intended and avoid having the neighborhood know where the local pedophile lives you decide to take someone else's prints and cover your own with them But that wouldn't work, though because they'd fall off Frankenstein He Frankenstein'd himself He took his own skin off and put them on different fingers And we could still match that to something? Not if he sliced them into small pieces first and then grafted them back on There are 2,500 nerve receptors in the finger per centimeter That must have hurt like a bitch Yeah, that's how badly he wants these kids So, he rejiggered his fingerprints thinking that he could avoid his previous crimes He was almost right AFIS didn't find it, but we cut up his prints and figure out where the pieces actually go Like a human jigsaw puzzle Mm-hmm.
Let's go Did you know the glitter found on Ruthie's body came from zany town? It couldn't have been an employee Nobody with a record can work there The killer had the code to your storage room Explain that, please I don't know Where do you keep it? On my desk On your desk? In plain view for everyone to see? Oh, my god That's using your head I am so sorry All right, we need a bifurcation with dots Okay, uh bifurcation with dots Here, try this Not it Okay all right Try that one That has some whorls in it Mm-hmm OK How about an ulnar loop? Right here Yeah yeah yeah, that's it Yes, it is You were waiting for that, huh? Beautiful Papilio aristodemus ponceanus and torchwood Translation: The dirt that you found on subject b's shoes was full of swallowtail eggs Book says swallowtails are a really rare butterfly Only three have been seen in Biscayne National Park in the last four years - I need a map - Horatio? - Yeah Got a print match and a name Stewart Otis Registered pedophile, long record starting at age 12 All we need is an address Damn it.
No Stewart Otis Right, but if he changed his prints there's a chance he changed his name So, Bob, let's do a property search for the name Otis Anything in or around Biscayne National Park Look at this.
We have a match William and Margaret Otis.
2430 Black Creek Road That's a quarter mile from the park.
Let's go No one inside, sir Okay.
House is clear! Glove up! Kits and gloves! Let's go Well, he's not shy about his pornography This is just the tip of the iceberg Wow And he doesn't live here He plays here What do you got here? I don't know These cartons he must have he must keep them like some sick kind of trading cards They're not trading cards They're headstones That makes four and one partial I'll call the office and get an autopsy room prepped for the remains At this point, closure's the only thing we can give these families Until we catch this guy Alexx! Hey, Alexx! What do you think? Sandy soil minimizes decomposition There's marbling but very little skin slip The soil is cool Well, I'd say she's been here three, maybe four weeks So he's not even waiting a month between kills, is he? Well, don't serial killers accelerate as they progress? Yes, they do, and that's when they make mistakes Maybe you can tell us some of them, angel That's from the little girl we dug up at the house Is that blood? Yep This freak plays with them like toys Until they break Keep me posted Speed what do we got? Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen combo and propylene glycol sugar and blue dye #1 Well, there's our cotton candy How did it get on her underwear? I thought he just used it to lure them and to drug them Well, with no presence of butalbital maybe he has another use for it These crystals aren't elongated They're square.
Not fibrous Meaning? Meaning they haven't been exposed to heat Like a cotton candy machine Exactly This is unprocessed cotton candy So he makes the stuff Let's find out where he's delivering today Thank you Hey, Stewart Yeah How's the cotton candy business? You move, he's going to put one right through you Hands up Those must've been painful Nice work Ow! What do we have here, stolen uniforms? "Sir golf-a-lot.
" You on to your next victim, Stewart? That's not mine Really? Whose is it, mine? - Take him - Let's go We, um we located your stash of pornography, Stewart And, uh, I've got to tell you that's pretty sick stuff Pornography? Mm-hmm It's my guess that you couldn't come by the real thing and so you put on your phony uniform and you went trolling for a little girl mom, watch me! Chicken! Mommy, I'm hot Aw All right.
Back you go She was flirting with me whoops-a-daisy She ruined it It's called anaphylactic shock Your sedative mixed with her cold medicine Come on.
What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it! Come on! What's wrong with you? I never even got to play with her Life Stewart is filled with disappointment "And Hansel, who liked the taste of the roof, tore down a great piece of it Suddenly the door opened Keep going, mommy I want to talk to you guys about bad people Don't think about all those things you fear just be glad to be here don't think about all those things you fear just be glad to be here