CSI: Miami s01e07 Episode Script


Yeah, baby, that is hot! Oh, yeah! All right, I got a little game for you, baby How'd you like that? We got a looker Twenty-two years old Name's Noel Peach Name's Noel Peach Do we know why he was up here last night? Well, you know, some sort of private party Not private anymore, isn't it? Any sign of what killed him? I was hoping you could tell me Well I guess we can't rule out exposure According to his liver temp he died sometime between five and seven this morning Hmm.
No sign of trauma or obvious injury Look at this white substance around his mouth Drugs? Wouldn't be the first OD at a Coconut Grove Party, would it? Substance on his genitals Could be semen Also found this - condom wrapper At least he was careful And busy I have a number of different hair samples here I'm thinking female I've got something Culex quinquefasciatus Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are attracted to circulating blood and carbon monoxide from breathing which means our friend here was alive when he got bit, doesn't it? Meaning we might find traces of any drugs that he took - Mm-hmm - I'm bagging you guys Speed I don't know I don't know what the latin name for this is No such luck Roman women wore leather straps Must have been some hell of a party Speaking of straps Ligature marks You think bondage? Seems contradictory I mean, what kind of stud likes to be tied up? Unless we've got it backwards, ladies and gentlemen and our friend Noel here wasn't the predator he was the prey Tough way for a night to end, huh? I almost didn't come This was my first time Your first time? For what? A cupcake party Cupcake party? Care to explain that? Cupcake- it's, um well, it's kind of hard to describe Basically an environment where women are in charge Get together and celebrate our sexuality Would you say that that celebration includes male entertainment like Noel Peach? Yes, there were quite a few male dancers here Would you describe the entertainment, please? It was harmless, really Harmless A little harmless lap dance followed by some harmless sex Cupcake isn't about having sex It's about taking it back Fair enough I do that, too I'm always picking up the things people leave behind This is your home It was your party It is I must admit that I find cupcake to be an interesting concept, but I don't understand it You don't have sex at the end of the evening So what do you do? Don't you think that there's something freeing about just stimulating your senses and leaving it at that? Sure, that's possible But when people get stimulated, they get territorial That's human nature And that can be dangerous Your party have rules? That's the great thing about cupcake There are no rules Excuse me Sure So, let me get this straight everybody gets together for sex and nobody has it Everybody knows what goes on at an orgy I mean, you can add all kinds of weird little party favors cupcakes, weird ingredients an orgy's an orgy But Noel Peach was the one that got screwed We're going to need you inside In more ways than one So, this is our first time The two of us on a case You know, you usually work with Speed Yeah, I guess I do Well, he says you taught him a lot.
Oh, yeah? All right, the couple that called it in are Lisa and Mark Tupper Transplants from Boston They said they were taking a nap about seven miles out Anyway, an unidentified male climbed up their aft ladder then promptly dropped dead A guy comes out of the Atlantic chooses their boat to die on? That's their story Well, single stab wound to the gut Pallor indicates he bled out So, uh, where's the rest of the blood? There was a lot more blood than what we're seeing Let's process this boat for any potential weapon Got knives You find something? Yeah.
I found traces of blood and hair here on the end of this flashlight Good work Let's get it to DNA Okay, right away Great His heart simply stopped beating Now how could that happen to a perfectly healthy young man? Tox was negative for the garden variety drugs What about the white powder you found on his mouth? Six percent conchiline, 92% aragonite Good, old-fashioned, ground-up pearl dust Harmless Could he have had an allergic reaction to it? No rashes, no edema, no airway congestion Just the ligature mark you found and a tiny oval impression on his chest Those certainly didn't kill him So where does that leave us now? With an apparent death of natural causes I hate to say it, but we could be done here Alexx does the DNA suggest that there's semen present? Yeah.
Tails on the sperm indicate sex just before death And a vaginal contribution that eluded the condom But that's not why you're here No, it's not You think one of the women did it, don't you? I do No such thing as free love Consenting adults have at it but I can guarantee you our friend Noel here didn't consent to this, did he? - Hey - Hey These are swabs taken from the knives on the cabin cruiser No trace of blood Detective Puig says that the rest of the Tuppers' story was confirmed The marina owner saw just the two of them go out So they could be telling the truth They cleaned up the blood Why hide that? Well, people hide things Half the time without even thinking What'd you get off the flashlight? Um hair Belonged to our dead swimmer And the blood, we're still testing The hair is enough.
Let's bring the Tuppers in You know those things we took from your boat, Mark? Yeah You want to tell us about the flashlight? It wasn't Mark He didn't do anything He was asleep I never meant to hurt him We could charge her with assault Your call Did the wound to the head play a part in the victim's death? I don't know yet So I processed the mosquitoes but they were too dehydrated to extract any blood So I asked myself: A bunch of dead, dried-out mosquitoes what's so strange about that? People swat and kill them all the time, don't they? But these were pristine Not swatted, not smashed Pristine like the victim Alive one moment Dead the next So, if Noel did die of natural causes what killed these mosquitoes? Exactly And since mosquitoes drink blood Something in the blood must have killed them You know what? Let's have Alexx go over the body again Looking for? Looking for something lethal Ladies According to the physical evidence someone had sex with Noel Peach just before he died So, we want to get a DNA reference swab from each of you, okay? Okay, if you guys could just form a line right here That's not necessary It was me I didn't kill Noel He was fine when I left him About what, uh time was that? Just before two I went upstairs to lay down for a minute before I knew it, it was morning Please, you have to believe me One more question what did you do with the condom you used? I didn't use one Yes, ma'am Yes, ma'am, well, I'm sorry for your loss That's correct You have my number If you have if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me Yes, ma'am Next of kin? That was his mother And she said that she'd spoken to him three days ago He told her that he had declared a college major Did she know what else he was into? Well, only that he no longer needed help with his tuition We went back over Noel's body Found this An injection site But there was nothing in his medical records No diabetes, known allergies, nothing Nothing that would require a daily injection And it's not track marks No.
If he was a druggy, it was his first time So we've got dead mosquitoes that are telling us nothing And the body telling us everything One of the hardest crimes to solve Poison The three most common poisons are Strychnine, but that's obvious Leaves the body horribly contorted with that gruesome grin Arsenic- causes hair loss, makes the skin jaundiced And cyanide has that bitter almond smell he tox tests were negative for all three So that leaves us The world It leaves us the world because any element can be poison It's all about the dose Yeah, water will kill you if you drink enough of it Yeah, you'd think it would be easy just put his blood in the mass spec and get a result But it's not easy because poison dissipates in the body It disperses It changes It becomes metabolites In short, looking for poison is like looking for smoke Here's what we're going to do Alexx is going to take a sample from the body What we're looking for is whatever was given to noel and who had a reason to give it to him This kid had a family They deserve to know what happened to him Preliminary autopsy report says the flashlight blow was a minor injury Cause of death was from the blow to the liver causing massive internal bleeding Any number of stabbing implements could've caused it but the interesting things here are the organs His spleen was contractedabout a twenty percent decrease in size from what you'd normally find in a male his size and age but his heart and lungs were twenty percent larger than normal So, we've got a guy with big lungs and a big heart Could be an athlete But the spleen, is that it? Would I do that to you? Swabbed his wound Found some kind of microorganism Really? O-kay, folks, let's crash their party Hello Microorganisms in our swimmer's wound are spores Barrel sponge Bravo, Alexx Hmm take a look Aren't those found in deep water? Mm-hmm, over fifty feet down below the, uh, sun canopy How's that possible? No excess nitrogen in our swimmer's system He wasn't using compressed air You said he had an enlarged heart and lungs, right? And contracted spleen I'm thinking he was a free diver They're purists They dive without air tanks Uh, record's a hair over seven minutes They train like crazy - um, condition their lungs They hyperventilate to shut off the breathing center For most people, thirty seconds and your brain's screaming, "breathe!" I heard about this one contest where they had one heart attack and forty shallow-water blackouts caused by hypoxia It's, uh, oxygen starvation makes you delusional, tricks the brain Sounds crazy but it does explain the size of our swimmer's lungs and heart And the compressed spleen Pressure makes the organs contract It allows the body to squeeze the last drop of oxygen out of the blood Hmm Someone in homicide told me that there was a contest out of Crandon Marina really early this morning - Yeah? - Yeah You got directions? And a full tank of gas Excuse me, is there someone we could talk to about a diving contest out here this morning? Yeah.
Who are you? Detective Puig Donner, Delko, Miami Crime Lab Okay, you're here about Adam? Carson cops are here Have you found him? Who? My brother Adam That's why you're here, right? Your brother's missing? Since this morning Called the coast guard.
I filed a report Just tell me you found him Um we may have bad news Uh, there were maybe, uh, fifteen people diving We must've lost track Yeah, but don't you guys go down with a buddy? You don't know what this is, do you? Free diving ain't no team sport It's just you and the big blue no air, no life vest, no limits You're on the edge, on your own Huge tuna Put up a hell of a fight That must get the adrenaline pumping, huh? It can Listen people were blacking out down there today staying down so long to look for Adam Hypoxia can cause delusions, can't it? Not if you know your limits That's the point, isn't it pushing past limits? What do you got there, Delko? Spear guns I'll trade you some stale caviar for some of those nifty spear guns I hate fish eggs Hey, Megan, did you miss me? She actually forgot your name Two of us working together we swabbed every spear and knife from that competition and on this one here we found traces of human tissue Spear gun belongs to Ignacio Paez, our Cuban diver So, we've got a murder weapon and a suspect What have you got? I have a murder weapon of a different sort The DNA results confirm that they're Nikki Olson's And inside the intimate part of her intimates, a pubert hair from our victim, Noel Peach And the impression on his chest matches this bra clasp An epi pen? Yeah, a spring-loaded injector designed to treat allergies and I found a print match from one of our suspects on it Nikki Olson The blonde girl? Mm-hmm They usually only contain a single dose of epinephrine but someone could double- or triple-load it Yes, they could and give old Noel his last dance, huh? Mm-hmm It's for bee stings I'm allergic.
Arrest me We didn't find any bee stings on Noel Peach but what we did find was a puncture mark from that injector pen Your pen, your prints Feel free to jump in anytime I never would have hurt Noel And, frankly, I don't know anyone who would Well, the evidence says it's you I I thought he was going to die You see, Noel is allergic to shellfish He didn't know those were pearl shooters Vodka and oyster juice with pearl dust mixed in It's supposed to be an aphrodisiac Well, that would explain the white crystals around his mouth, but Okay, he had an allergic reaction and you saved him Was that before or after you had sex? That's not what happened We have a mark on Noel's chest from your bra clasp and trace evidence of him inside your underwear And that didn't get there all by itself I paid him, all right? It was a fantasy of mine You ever strap on a pair of four-inch heels? A pushup bra? Just to look good for a man, right? I wanted to humiliate him like We dated.
We had sex, just not that night He told me he was dating someone new that he was in love I was happy for him Horatio? - Mm-hmm? - I just got off the phone with Alexx and she said there was no more than a single dose of epi in Noel's body Probably not enough to kill him Maybe he just had a bad reaction to it? Do you believe her story? I don't know I guess that depends on whether you like seeing men dress up in your underwear or not Personally, leather chaps, nothing else That was a joke I know.
You know what we do? Let's round up the rest of the evidence from the party and get it to trace Back to square one Back to square one Mr.
Paez, we found human tissue on your spear gun Are you telling me you don't know how it got there? Yeah, that's what I'm telling you Maybe it was an accident? A misfire, could have been faulty equipment Mr.
Paez can I ask you a question? Mr.
Paez! What do you want? I'd like to run a test on you With your consent, of course What is that thing? Tympanometer.
It measures the middle ear's response to waves of sound and pressure It's a flat graph Barotrauma In english, please? His eardrums are ruptured You're losing your hearing, aren't you, Mr.
Paez? You've been losing it for a while Yeah, it's caused by intense pressure from repeated dives to depth Now, the air pressure in the inner ear has to be equalized via valsalva or frenzel maneuvers The water creates pressure when it tries to push in from the outside and if you don't equalize that pressure on the way down pop goes the weasel Megan, can I talk to you a minute? Okay, so he can't hear He still could have killed our vic Not under fifty feet of water That's the only place he could have picked up those sponge spores At that depth, water pressure would have blown out Paez's inner ear Put him in the hospital He didn't do it Champagne and cocktails came back negative for contaminates Our poison is still a no-show But did we find anything? There were traces of milled calcium sulphate on the condom wrapper Chalk? It might lead us to somebody else who had sex with Noel So, we are looking for someone who is around chalk all the time What did the guest book say? DMV helped me out with this Sophia Ananova, 24 years old Take a guess what she does for a living? Myrtle Shores Day School.
Third grade Hey We've got a problem No DNA match to our swimmer But there were human skin cells on that spear Not from our victim Adam Cassidy I did a full run Profiler Plus and coFiler We don't have the murder weapon We ran tests on all of the blades and all of the spear points from that boat Well, we're missing one Maybe it's at the crime scene And fifty feet of water Or somebody's hiding something Speaking of which, um, at the marina I hid something When I was processing the flashlight, I sneezed You contaminated evidence? Why didn't you tell me? I wanted to, I just didn't know how Okay, Eric, we all make mistakes What's important is we don't make them very often and we never withhold information I messed up Don't let it happen again I won't Good.
'Cause I'd hate to lose the only CSI in Miami who can process a crime scene in fifty feet of water Great I know we've talked to you once but we need to follow up God, I can't believe this I'm going to lose my job What you do on your own time is your business Well, I appreciate that Mmm.
But when you commit a crime it becomes our business Okay Can we hurry this up a little? I'm got later gators in five minutes Horatio look It's the same brand Looks like a match It is a match It is a match I try to be safe Is that a crime? No, not a crime But murder is I didn't have sex with that man Listen, we've all been there The morning after you wish you hadn't Just doesn't make it so I'm telling you the truth That condom was yours It was in your bag I know It was exciting, wasn't it? To be that intimate with someone you hardly knew You changed your mind It wasn't like that I mean, I fantasized about it, sure but I would never actually have sex with a stranger Do you smoke? Yeah Well, I mean, I did I've been trying to quit Good luck with that Nicotine patches? Mm-hmm Nicotine is actually one of the most toxic of all poisons more lethal than cyanide or cobra venom, believe it or not Yeah, but seven to 22 milligrams per nicotine patch is not enough to kill someone Mm-mm, but 50 milligrams is That's only three or four of those patches right there First you get seizures as the nicotine moves through the central nervous system Followed by paralysis The lungs collapse, the heart stops beating It can happen in five minutes Did Alexx do a second tox screen? Alkaloid salts came back positive Traces of cotinine metabolites Noel peach died of nicotine poisoning Okay, but then how was the poison introduced? It wasn't inhaled, the dosage would have been too small and it wasn't ingested, he would have tasted it, right? Trans-dermal absorption She stuck a couple of patches on him We found no adhesive residue She could have worn gloves applied liquid concentrate directly to the skin We're not making this case Let's go back to the body H5 H6 Well, here it is The exposure site is between K-6 and L-6.
Oh, my Confirmation Nicotine was introduced through the penile tissue It gives a whole new meaning to the term "members only.
" Yes, it does Guess who won the Carson Cassidy Adam's won it every year since Huh Well, this knife belongs to Carson but we can't prove it killed his brother The test for blood was negative? Inconclusive, as were the matches to the wound track You know, I used to have this summer job scraping boat hulls A lot of bilge contaminants in the water I used to have to clean my knife every night Blood might have gotten inside the handle His brother's keeper Sevilla is ready to file the arrest warrant on the teacher Tell her to hang on a minute, will you? For what? We got her Do we? Well, she had the nicotine patches and the condoms The problem is, is that the box of patches is full She bought a new box But distillation takes time So where did the nicotine come from? That flower bed was filled with roses, wasn't it? And crawling all over those roses are what? Aphids How do you get rid of a pest like an aphid? Insecticide.
Nicotine is an insecticide One of the oldest known to man It's been in use since the mid-1800s And that would explain our dead mosquitoes Have we processed that garden yet? We went through the patio and the toolshed I don't recall seeing any heavy-duty insecticide Have we talked to the gardener? Yeah, I keep the insecticides locked in my truck Some of that stuff is dangerous Mm-hmm Red kill.
Forty percent nicotine sulfide solution Oh, really? I could have sworn I locked that Oh, yeah, we got a couple of prints Off to the lab they go Adam must have borrowed that knife We already know he borrowed a spear gun Look, you've got no witnesses You've got no case Would you mind taking off your shirt? There are your witnesses, hundreds of them from a deep-water barrel sponge You and Adam were down at least fifty feet It took about two minutes to get there You must have already have been entering that hypoxic state So Adam shoots you with a spear gun I don't think he was aiming for you You were both oxygen starved, running on adrenaline It was like a dream Like my hand wasn't my hand That would be the hypoxia talking You were delusional That's not supposed to happen Free diving makes everything clear It's a trip down to primal instinct Killing your own brother doesn't get more primal than that I already told you Noel danced for a lot of girls that night A lot of girls wanted him Enough to kill him? Here we go Hmm What's that? These are Noel's phone records for the last month He called here over 107 times And most of those calls were less than a minute in length Why would he do that? Well, Nikki mentioned to me that he was seeing someone new and based on those records, I think it's you But you weren't the one who wanted him It was the other way around Noel was obsessed with you He pursued you, even tried to make you jealous by going off with Nikki He wouldn't end it, so you decided to end it for him You took the condom out of Sophia's bag Added nicotine and insecticide We found your fingerprints on the bottle in your gardener's truck And after the party, you let noel come to you one last time You knew he couldn't resist Poisoners are like kids with their homework They want to show the math What are they doing? The other day, while you out there with Detective Sevilla You inadvertently provided me with the smoking gun Horatio See, I'm guessing that inside that thing will be nicotine and on the outside will be your epithelial cells You could have poisoned yourself Well, that's why they call it "safe sex.
" Not for Noel He didn't understand He was in love with you So what? Why is it always about what the man wants? His decision his orgasm his rules So, you killed Noel l because he wouldn't play by your rules Is that what you're telling me? At least he gave me a new kind of thrill Well I hope you enjoyed it because it's going to be your last You going to release the body? Yeah.
His mother's here Just have to sign the death certificate Not the kind of diploma he was after, though, huh? Not the kind you frame You okay? You need a couple more minutes? No, but he did